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tv   Fareed Zakaria GPS  CNN  January 11, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PST

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car.fá the president arrived fairlyi] earlier than we had expected, and there he is. we thought, we think that he has invitedlpwbçquugñ the iz rasraeli prime minister as well or the israeli peoplelp who have lost their loved onesu at the jewish supermarket,i] the grocery u d polarized u society. europe isok facing very, very heightened anti-immigration anti-foreigner anti-foreigner, anti-islamic wave right now. it is very interesting to note to this point that one of the e keyñrd
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her father was known for anti-semitism, and she, herself, has had to denounce that, and she has done so. however she has taken up a different kind of extremism, and that is the islamic phobic extremism and it is very, very ugly and difficultçó political and cross currents here but certainly the president francois hollande wants to come to pay the ñirespects, and speak to theq jewish leaders and try toe1 assure them that france is a place that the jews can live in peace, because the evidence over the last years and months have shown that there!kst( a spike in the anti-jewish attacks. it is interesting when you were speaking to simone of the jewish community in paris, while she cannot advice theok jewish commune community to do, she says she and her children will stay and fight this wave. >>lp a very, very defiant
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statement, and one that is admirable as with well. >> france has had a complicated relationshipçó with the jewish community and one of thee1 first moves after theñi frenche1çó revolution was to give the jews citizenship which is something that at that point inçó history was note1p europe, aok although the idea that presidente1 sarkozy was someone who had a hand in aiding. and ite1 is just afterñr 1:00 in ,y( united states and just after 7:00 p.m p hererc/s in paris. andxd we are here watching president hollande waiting for his colleague president netanyahu to join him at the grand synagogue which friday night didñie1 not hold services
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because of the attack in the heart of the jewish community at a supermarket where one of the terrorist sxd terrorists attacked and killed indeed the world and killing four people. hat neighborhood to u shutdown for the day, and the synagogue shutdown for the day in aa5 horrifying exampleu of fear5a andu lack of security inçóu t has seen the biggest rally in recent memory, and in fact so biglp here out at the place de le republique,ñr and the route of the two, that the prime minister has not been able to put a figure on
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the number of people who turned out, again saying it is unprecedented and that france had not seen in rerecent memory this d course was called to remember those who were kill at the supermarkete1 killed ded friday, andxd also, to remember those journalists and others who wereqfá killedt( at the charlie hebdo magazine.qzv- and also a massive response to the barbaric series of attacks that has takñren place. they say here in france they have never seen such a huge outpouring, and people have never demonstrated such unity as they have here in thee1 day of mass rallies. they started even before theçó official rally began. the official rally isñi actually over, and yet tens of hundreds oft( thousands of peox are still
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on the street, and yet last night, over 700,000 people stille1 rallying. >> and you aree1 hearing the national anthem being play and sung here. and the republique and also heard on bag pipes, and there is music and vie lynn being played at -- and violine1e1se1 being played and yesterday there was axd cello player, and therefá is president hollande at the synagogue, and we are waiting for the sighting of presidente1 benjamin netanyahu at the synagogue. and you talked about how it is a day of mourning for thelp -- i believe that is president netanyahu getting out of the car if you want to flash back to the scene there outside. well, i am not sure who that is. >> that is an islamic leader.
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leaders of france who is coming yet againe1 now to say presumably in thise1 synagogue what he has said publicly in the media and toçó many, many journalists over to the pastt( several days that he has been taking part in many televised panels and debates about the horror of what has happened herew3 in france. firste1 starting with the attack on "charlieuhebdo" and culminating at the jewish kosher grocery store where dozens of people were taken hostage, and ordinary shoppers preparing for the is asa sabbath and four of those were killed even before the police stormed to5a(5a seeing of the imam at the ending
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the events with prime minister netanyahu and president çó hollande, and often there sñiis a cry in the united sta x@]! ìc% are the moderate muslims,xd and where are they? but we are seeing them out en force here today. and not in my name, and we havexd seen the9! women outñi there with the sign je suise1ñrlp jewish. and thank you for joiningçó4u us, rabbi rabbi. for the f+jtá time ofz ñ shutting down the grandfá synagogue
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shutting down for the first time since world war ii and what are you feeling now? >> well, a strong foreboding, and at the same time, this ise1 a extraordinary show of solidarity, a sol1du$at sign # identification with our community and indeed with all of thefá victims is ane1t( enormously reassuring and important symbol and one a that will leave a verylpçó positive mark. >> rabbi, the kind of anti-semitism that we have seen not only this thet( last week in france, in paris, but also there was a shooting at the jewish museum in belgiume1 last year, and there have been other incidents throughout europe, i'm sure that very troubling not just to youñi but to everyonee1 around the world or everyone whoçó cares about this
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issue of human rights, what is it like in london? i have notñi heard of anyw3 similare1 situation in london and it is almost as if england and the uk standçó alone in surroundede1 by theñi european kuncountries where anti-semitism is a problem? torrent society and many jews havake1 moved to london for that reason. there is a concern in mapland europe. we had that shooting of three people at the jewish museum in brussels last year. there was a murder of ae1ñi rabbi and three young pupils at a jewish schoole1e1 in ñi2012 in toulouse, and we in britain have been expressinge1 our views to the leaders the in europe that things are turning dak for jews.
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and when it starts to hit a sign it is ae1 bad sign for everybody because the hate for jews never ends with jews. >> rabbi, we want to interruptq you for one second because you can see the pictures of benjamin netanyahu greet inging the french president at the grand synagogue here in paris. now we are hearing from the french colleagues that the french president will not stay for the whole service.u- prime minister netanyahu5ae0ok of course will and he will also give a speech there which we may be able to cover. as we see them walk ging further into the heart of the synagogue there, can iu ask youuxd because we vhave been talking, and you have been ta &ng to jake about the riding5a tide of e1anti-semitism, howñ]5a you feel though that thm@3 of the rising tide of islam
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phobia, how do you see it affecting politics and culture, but your community as well. >> it is terribly important for us to fight against the direction of globalization of hatred at the moment. i mean, we haveu to say that europe should not be be importanting a message of tension ande1 hostility from the middle east but it should be exporting a message of coexistence from europe to the middle east and the factñr is that one of the really heartwarming stories in the very tragic episode islp the fact that it is a muslim employee at the kosher store who saved many of the jews being held as hostage, so there is very good news there as well.e1e1t( >> rabbi, the prime minister of israel benjamin netanyahu is
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walking into the grand synagogue of paris right now, and there are a lot of cheers and obviously, a warm welcome for him at the synagoguelp having gone through alpe1 tough time having not held sabbathçó ervices because of the terrorism there in the heart of theq jewish communitye1 in paris. what should prime minister netanyahu say to the crowd today? what do you wantw3 him toe1 say? >> i want him to say that it is important fore1 jews havee1 always been in this situation, and do not be afraid and they have always had a sense of solidaritye1 worldwide and they have given comfort to one another, and they have not found it where they have been living, and right now, they have been joined with a vast form of thee1 french public
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and there the has been a sense of time andi] courage for real standinge1 firm in faith. i hope that is the message he isfá going to deliver, and of course ever every jew in the world knows tpthat there is some place to go to if need be that we certainly hope it is not necessary in the case of france or any other european country. >> you say that, and you say it at a timeñixd when the prime minister and netanyahu there actually said, you know to the jews of france don't forget that israel is your refuge, and weo7oq have seen it, and been reporting quite extensively on the huge spike of the number of french jews who d ance there, and3w others gone back to e1israel. what dt3 you suggest to frenchñi jews today, to stay?ok
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>> i have been very blunt, christiane, if france lost the jewish community, it would havee1 lost its uoul.5a- france exists because of the first revolution that it declared in 1769 that all human beings remain in equal right. and france carries the liberty, and if they cannot guarantee( that liberty to jews and others, then they have lost their liberty. so if they can't do that it then it is in the interest of the whole of france and the whole ofkz:%uut that if it is not safe there, then it is not safe for anyone frankly. >> we are told that playing at "jerusalem is gold" written in the six-day war in 1867. and we will bring you the sound
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from the event as soon as we can. >> and you mentioned, rabbi sack the unique character of the country, and the revolution in the 1700s and what it brought to the country and thelp world and toçó triy to create and accept all people as e equal. of xdcourse that echoed by the french prime minister over the weekend ande1w3 addressed that france would not be france without thexd jewish population, and anti-sec)"%m5b j_sp(q here. do jvu$ink that the new generation ofxdxdfá politicians can do something to make jews feel reassured here? >> well i think that a much further stronger stance against radical religi"-$ and political extremism is called for. the fact is that extremiste1ñie1 preachers have bneen able to
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function more or less unhindered for many years. they havee1t(e1 radical iz dized muslims and some of it has happened oitsi÷ek= europe, but some of it inside as well, but this kind of extremism cannot longer be tolerated because we have seen the cost in human lives. i think that france has to get really tough with anything remotely e1resem bli anbleingó[ anti-semitism or ) threatens basic human freedom. >> and e1rabbi, this is not ae1 but, but i want tr talked aboute1 it thee.ce1 rapprochement and unity march, and that is
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festering the whole of europe and the united states, and everybody wants to see a two-state solution as a departurelp point foró[ more peace and unity in the world, and what is your view on that right now? >> christiane, iok once asked a jordanian politician, a senior politician, what is goingñ to bring the jews and theq israels together, and he said, our shared tears. we both know whata5 it is to lose people to violence5a. there is a group in israel called the e bereaved parents group of israelis and palestinians who have lost children in the current reign of ter terror and current reign of violence, and they have come tohku$er simply because they know the grief of what it feels like to lose a child. i think that moments like thisç= when the whole5a of europe really pgt) ráh(áájjujt)q) in paris to affirm our shared humanity in the face of grief is a moment, a
10:18 am
window ofv just open hearts and minds to one another between israel anl@3 d over history of rescuing a bless inging from what seemed to be a curse, and if this moment is making a deep impressione1 on both thee1 prime minister netanyahu and palestinian mahmoud abbashtwho knows, bute1 jews alwaysnb know to expect the unexpected and somehow or another, we know that good things can come out of tragic ones.fáxlñ >> if you are just tuning in you are watching e1cnn, and i'm jake tapper andfá u is christiane| amanpour and we are currently waiting for sound from a very significant and symbolic event at thew+áttjtut in paris where the french presidentçóe francois hollandee and prime min
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ministerñi benjamin netanyahu have entered the grand synagogue which was closed down friday night which was closed for the first time since world war ii after a terrorist attack on ajf kosher supermarketfáe1 friday in one of three terrorist attack ss starting a at the q"charlie heb hebdo" leaving at least 14 people dead. >> and we have been speaking with rabbiñi sacks in5a london ande1 he will be sti(v fter we tj.u$is break. killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher brighter denture everyday.
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we listening to an event and watching images from an appearance byñr israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and frenchq president francois hollande and they rare there symbolically telling the jews of france ha that they>!tqe1 safe. the grand synagogue of paris was shutdown on friday note1 holding is a bath sabbathe1q services s for and killed because they werexdj at a kosher supermarket in one of manyht+ááju)áu acts carried out here by extremists in paris,ok france,e1e1 starting with the
10:24 am
uú-á journalist journalists. i'm here with my colleague christiane am mananpour and there are thousands of jews here who are e fleeing because they are afraid of being attack and killed. >> that is exactly right. as we aret( watching the services in the synagogue this evening, ite1 is importantv attack in france and on the very values that make up france, and5ajf first on the democracy and freedom u o freedom and expression, and the value of human rights all hold dear and people fight and died to serve and to preserve that areu being defend and g(>u(ported today, and sam benoit is with us and he is one of the hundreds of5a0nvhousands if not mille14 !
10:25 am
millions of people who have turned out today at the place ÷8q w has today el helped you if it has? >> well, this is a historical day. for me nothing can be achieved absolutely nothing iffáu we do not learn from what has happened in madrid, london, boston, sidney brusselsfá and here. and if we manage to find the solution, it is going to be together or nothing. and for the moment everybody in his corner is trying to find solution, and that will not be achieved that way. so what içó think that after this day, the unity we have shown is that it will help our peopleq who govern >> let me ask you a question,
10:26 am
first of all as a member of the jewish community in france, and many of us in journalism have been covering the fact that jews feel besieged because there are so many anti-semitic attacks not just in france, but ifq europe in general an attack inq brussels and as one of many examples and most recently at the kosher supermarket, what is it like? is ite1 truly a day by day fear for your life situation? can you explain for the people who don't live here. >> let me say that i'm a frenche1 citizen and very proud tolp be and especially w3today. and we are a nation, and we have showed it today. jewse1 muslims, christians atheists, all e1alike, this islp the best proof thate1 we stand united. as to theñr jewish communeity,
10:27 am
there is no doubt that e1çó anti-semitism is on the rise, and unfortunately in this beloved country whicñis called france where it is the largest jewishe1 community heree1 and something has to be done. i heard the okquestion who askede1 whether jews should flee certainly not. certainly not. i understand those who leave, but we have to do everything to the really encourage the jewish community here to s(ivbecauseok we are the sentiment of the e repub republic. >> sam, standby, because i want to go to rabbi jonathan sacks, and you have just heard what sam benoit has said. that must make your heart warmer. >> well sam is right.u- jews have played a huh(art of france this the arts and the
10:28 am
sciences and the music and the culture, and it would beñr a total u)agedy to not be there in france. they have a hugex . for france, and france5a is a huge symbol of liberty in the modern world so i back everything that he says.5a- >> sam, jake and i were noticing that one of the leading muslim officials of this country is many that synagogue as well. i have seen him on television, and talking and denounce everything that has been happening 5at(here. do you feel, and i mean, you said that we are all french, do you feel that this will last beyond today? >>jf well a leader of the muslim community suggested something which is really very urgent to do. he said thatfá we shq[qd havew3 an
10:29 am
?;- arjenmento whichp, is a separation of the politics and the religion, and i was very proud that it was a muslime1 leader who suggested it because i think that everybody should have tryñre@(p&hc% to help to achieve that aim which is far from being reached right now. e> and it must be a moving day though, as christiane and i have been talking throughout the day though to have the muslims, french, that we have seen here out in full force holding up signs saying not in my name, and holding up signse1 saying je suisçó charlie, and also holding up signs je suis jewish and something that i have not seen. >> well do notñie1 belp blind. we have problems in this country, and though it does not seem to be the right day to
10:30 am
schools, children did not want to respect the one minute of silence and it is not a majority. we have always, and still do, and we are united and we havee1 showed it excuse me and i will say it again, and we have always made the difference between the fanatics, minority and majority of citizens of muslims who have behaved as good it iscitizens, and we have to do, and the muslims haver to do the arjanmg÷(= to separate thew3 church and the state. >> which the united states does not do. e< yes, this is a must and a necessity and emergency. >> thank you. and we appreciate it sam, and hopefully more of this will come of it than more than one daye1ok of
10:31 am
w3q liberte. thank you. >> and we want to go now to a manxd who has been jailed after 9/11 and denounced for his radicalism, and now he has denouncede1 radicalism, and so how doi] we stop these young people from around the world and france and thed the world to stope1 from becoming radicalized to become holies to kill people? >>fá well, responding to rabbi sacks, there is a challenge among certain vocalxd minority movements who not only glorify this action, but lay the foundation, and the intellectual foundation of thedç,su blasphemy massacres at charlie hebdo
10:32 am
offices.ñr we have to stop this, and stope1 challenging it but we have to not when it is jfviolent, bu tt the intellectual foundation for this attitude. we must within the community start building a resilience againstuthat, and that is in the muslim communities, and frankly, this is an opportunity for us to start beginning these communicationsu arounde1 the blasphemy within ourt(q communities that can get somebody lynched within certainrcontexts, and it is a huge, huge issue. >> and so, do you agree with what sam benois just told us and many in the so-called re reform and attempted reform movement said that will there needs to be a separation of the mosque and state ine1 the islamic world which there is most certainly isn't? >> well, yes. absolutely there needs to be a
10:33 am
separation. there is no such thing as anyone approaching politics without their own values,q e)jp difference of imposing them on others others, and that is the key thing here. andçó the other thing that i would say is that we are beginning to see the other voice,e1 and you had irshadçó manji on the show, and you had other re theologians whoe1 are coming to the fore and beginning to be çó heard and so more need to come forward and i would bexd particularly disturbed if not just this attack in france and the "charlie hebdo" offices led to a massçó exodus of the french jews because theñr french commune communities in the communities were a are religious models to be at home and at ease with their societies and÷ manye1e1
10:34 am
communities have learned a a great deal from them, and so it is a shame if it has led to a mass exodus, and i vz aas a muslim would plead with themçó to staye1 in france and stay there because that where you belong. >> to theiafrench jews. yes, and tell us how you would de-radicalize and how did you come in from the cold? >> well, it is a long process and is the subject of my autobiography, and it is a long processñiñi process, and what is the focus because once somebody hasxd adopted that process, it is a long time to pull it out, a although we should continue the try, but in trying to stop the 16 and 17 and 18-year-old naive teenagers from not going this the first place, it is a strongñr count#ytzv narrative to bebunk the
10:35 am
other. someñi say sitit is a multiconspiracy, but it is absurd, because the elements within thesei] muslim communities have to stop burying their heads in the sand, and they have to just as we welcome and embrace the signs of solidarity just as the attackñi that happened ing australia, we muslims embraced thefá solidarity shown by non-muslims saying any hate crime against muslims we stand by you and likewise, it is time to showjf solidarity to other communities, jewish and otherwise to say we won't stand for the violence when it comes to you and we will be at the5a forefront when it comes to challenging this discourse. and that is crucial for loosening up the mindset in the long term. >> what is the attraction of radicalization? i understand that prescription for challenging the
10:36 am
falsehoods and the conspiracy theories and the importance of obviously of larger society's embracing and welcoming immigrant commu6i5% no matter the faith, but put yourself or fá explain are from your ownlp personal experience whyxdfá the 16 17, 18-year-olds disaffected muslim boys become extremists and end up by the kouachi bro:d"" p &hc% brothers? >> well, in no particular order, there is a sensexd of grievance, and in my case it is thee1 bosnia genocide, and i'm a lot older than the kids joining this these day, soçóe1fá a grievance that leads to identity crisis, and then a sense of not belonging in the european society, and that is a partially responsibility of the mainstream society to do more of thee1 integrating the communities, and building that cohesion, and
10:37 am
in fact, they do bear ae1 responsibility of that because you can't be muslim and british, and in fact your only space is caliphate. and then the othere1e1 part is ka charismatic recruiters, and also thee1 role that ideology plays the civilization, and i call it islamism, and the lpism is to deprofess my faith, and that is what is generally what leads to ñiradicalization. >> thank you for sharing your experience and views. wee1 appreciate that so much. and we are!8práing for those tuning in to have the prime minister of israel benjamin netanyahu and the president of france francois hollande grand synagogue in paris which
10:38 am
was shutdown for uxp irst time since world war ii because of the terrorist attacks. wee1 are going to squeeze if in a quick break here. we will be right back.fá the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq.
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the images5a of the grand synagogue in paris, you are watching t(ó[nn's coverage of standing with france, the unity rally whichfá is ending e1today with thee1 israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and ñfrance'su president francois hollande which closed the door for first time for sabbath services friday for the first time sinceçó world war iilp because of the terrorist attacks here in paris, france, andlp specifically the terrorist attacks on the jewish community, and friday being the place where four jewish frenchmñnt were =3 killed in a kosher supermarket by one of the now three deade1 terrorist s terrorists. i want to bring the in fareed zakaria of "fareed zakaria gps" to talk about t0eb attacks. fareed, i am wondering if you can shed any light on the
10:43 am
perception among these extremists, these islamic terrorists that those who blaspheme blaspheme, those who mock or criticize the profit mohammad should be sentenced to death. i am not( expert on the koran or islamic law, and what is the basic for that belief? >> look i'm not ap islamic expertlp either b, but the word blasphemy appears no word in the koran and the old testament in the bible talks about it a lot, and says that the blasphemists should bee1e1 stoned to death. the koran has no injunction that you can't show an image of the profit mohammad, and there nd-- of the prophet muhammad, andñi the idea that blasphemy is so central to radical islam does not appear ate1 all. it is a laterxd invention, and
10:44 am
this is the most important part, some of the government tas are very good in criticizing theçó terrorist s terrorists in standing in solidarity with france, they themselves have on the books lawrk against blasphemy, and they, themselves, jail and ha ras people for quote, unquote blasphemeing the religion or the prophet or things like that so you can't play both games and say blasphemy is terrible and punish and be surprisedjf whene1 the radicalñhk islamists take the laws into their owncetáy turkey has done it, and indonesia has done it, and i hope it is a wakeup call not just on the issue of violence and terrorism, but also this tkw5mu e1 ofçó playing with the term blasphemy which is a very loaded termr in any context and particularly in the context of mod modern islam. >> well we should point out that the freedom of the speech
10:45 am
and press that is so enjoyed in the united states has severe limitations even in placesñi like france. "charlie hebdo" was termporarily banned if in 1970 because it mocked a tragic f +ñ at a nightclub as well as charlest( de gaulle's death, and that is when they took the name charlie to change the nameçó toñi go on to publish publish..- solidarity by world leaders today at the unity :- n chancellor angela merkel, and prime minister of england david cameron andq american representatives at this march, and even though eric holder was here in france for ñ a meeting with other like-minded attorneys generals from europe, he was not at the march.
10:46 am
the united states was were you surprised that there was not a moreñr public display of americanu leadership in attendance atñr the event, and obviously, the united states is firmly committed to france's security and president obama and secretary of state john kerry who has said some strong things about supporting france in this u tough tough utime but were you surprised that there was not a world leader here, vice president biden or speakere1 of the house johng speaker of the house mitch mcconnell or somebody was not here? >> it was a mistake, jake. in some way ss this is a matter of symbolism, and after all, the number of people killed by the terrorists is not normalçó comparison to the country of france and why a charged event? because of the symbolism of what ,h ñi were doing, and the counter of the extraordinary rally has ha been a symbolic blow of
10:47 am
terrorism and in favor of unity, and that is the hallmark 1éú# to today's rally. it is about unity and about the world coming together, and france coming together, and it was odd in that context that when you looked at the list of extraordinary leaders there was not an american figure. i said why isn't this the reason that god q busy joe biden could have done it? i mean, john kerry was eloquent in his statement in french, but i think th"í john kerry should have been there. ore1 the president should have asked bill clinton to go or the president, himself, he t america stands shoulder to shoulder and not just with the france invented modern liberty
10:48 am
and not an exaggeration to say that. these are the twoe1 nations founded upon liberty in the late 18th century, aed on the stand t like that would have sent a very powerful signal around the world, and it is a mq&ì that possi americanñi dignitary of the likes that wexd are referring to speak over the house, pre aq.t. vicw3 also been observed that certainly the israeli prime minister,ó[ and king abdullah from jordan and the leader of the pal palestinian authority mahmoud abbas, and david cameron andó[ angel angela merkel, ande1 others have thrown also other security
10:49 am
details-9lp and also this visual march by th)"+orld leaders gave the impression they were marching from one point to another, and obviously, not that longçó that the world leaders, themselves, were marching. >> and jake it is important to point out that the united states is deeply involved in the struggle and helping these countries. if you wanted to look for the silver lining of from what i think is still a mistake it shows that the world that it is not just about america. ande1 many people have decided to think that islamic terrorism would not exist if it weren'ti]e1 &9w t what you will but this is showing that it is a struggle between the civilized world and a band of extremists that even if you take the united states out of it the frenchi] and the king of jordan and the prime minister of turkey andt(5a you know the civilized world is up
10:50 am
in arms about this, and that, you know, by taking america out of it for perhaps a moment youxd will recognize that even without america, the worl res from inside the grand synagogue of paris where the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is attending this a event with the french president, francois hollande. we're going to take a quick break and benjamin netanyahu will be speaking in a moment. we'll bring that to you live when it happens. back after this.
10:51 am
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welcome back to cnn's live coverage of the unity rally here in paris france. standing with france is what we're calling our coverage. you're looking at live pictures from inside the grand synagogue in paris where israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and francois hollande are having an event, a show of safety and security a show of unity. the synagogue closed its doors, did not hold sabbath services for the first siem since world war ii. specifically the anti-semitic attacks at the jewish
10:55 am
supermarket on friday. i'm jake tapper with my partner christhian amanpour. we've been referring to a tidal wave of humanity. now we have a better idea of how many people. >> indeed. as you say, an hour ago the interior ministry was saying it's unprecedented and we cannot give you the numbers. now they're telling us according to various news reports here 1.5 million people turned out in paris. across the country, it was more than 3 million people. that you know is something that goes to the heart of how this has touched this country, but also so much of the rest of of the world. people tuning in and we have viewers, obviously from the united states and all over the world. people have been tuning in to this disaster that has gripped this country since wednesday. this fundamental, two-pronged attack on the very freedoms that we all hold so dear. and the freedoms and the values and the democratic system that france gave the world.
10:56 am
so we've been here at the place de la republique because on wednesday francois hollande said they have attacked us for what we are, they have attacked the heart of this republic and this republic is all about liberty, equality and fraternity brotherhood and sisterhood. and everybody has come out to defend that and to say no to say no we will not be intimidated and we will not be forced to be silent and we will not be forced to be ashamed of being jewish and being unable to live our lives. this has been something that the whole community has galvanized around. we're charlie, we are police. remember they were killed as well and we are jews. we are all french together. >> as we prepare to go to the synagogue and you and i wrap up our coverage of today's events, there are a number of moments. one, a police helicopter flying above the crowd and the crowd
10:57 am
applauding. and chanting merci, a la police. i believe that's what they said. >> which is quite rare by the way. >> thank you to the police because at least two police officers have been among the 17 killed by the terrorists in the last week. another very moving moment was when one of our correspondents spoke with a young french muslim woman holding a sign saying i am a jew. obviously she's not a jew but she's expressing solidarity with the jewish people of france who feel attacked and besieged not just in the last week but in the last few years. those are two of the moments that stick with me. of course all those world leaders standing arm in arm. >> that was pretty incredible. so many french people here and we've heard french watching around the world have taken so much pride and support and their hearts have been filled, they tell me by the immense outpouring and by just the very sight of a veritable united nations of heads of government
10:58 am
world leaders, heads of state, foreign ministers, others kings and queens who have been here and marching marching who have got on a bus, who have come to march and who have joined the people in order to be able to say we stand with you. the most important thing, as everybody says is let today be not just about today but about tomorrow. >> right. >> and let tomorrow bring coordinated action real unity and a real change to some of the fundamental issues that need to be taken to task over here because of all of this. i think you and i have talked about this many of our journalist colleagues have talked about this. as we see that written on that lady's hand and we're not afraid on that huge dummy crayon. as people hold up their crayons, remember that this is personal for our community. this is about the freedom to express ourselves. the freedom to speak, the
10:59 am
freedom to be democratic and that there is the puppet in the form of marian who is the lady that represents -- >> the goddess of liberty. who is civilized in that famous painting of the french revolution and also in the statue behind us. there she is in immense puppet form. something else you said that has stuck with me today is the image that idiot whose name i won't mention, the terrorist who killed the four innocent people as well as the police woman the day before the image of him in his isis video proclaiming his allegiance to the islamic state, declaring himself a soldier, completely wiped away. that seemed like a compelling image when it was first released. what the beautiful french people have done today and the world leaders have done today, saying that's not the image we're taking away from this day. we're erasing that image and replacing it with this sign this show of solidarity 1.5 million people coming forward
11:00 am
and saying we are french, very moving. >> indeed. that tidal wave of humanity that was called for has shown up. there is the french eiffel tower as we move right now to frederick owe to carry on our live coverage. hello everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm fredricka whitfield in atlanta. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. you're looking at live pictures from paris at the grand synagogue, a symbolic and very poignant message being sent with the french president, francois hollande sitting alongside the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu at services there. this on a day when millions of people