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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  January 12, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PST

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the world united against terror. world leaders joining millions in france in an unprecedented show of solidarity. that country reeling from terror attacks that killed 14 people as isis repeats it threats against the west. live coverage breaking down the developments and what comes next. good morning. welcome to "early start." i'm christine romans. it is monday january 12th. 4:00 a.m. in the east. welcome to the viewers here in the u.s. and world. france and the world standing together in the wake of the deadly attacks on the satirical magazine "charlie hebdo" and the
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supermarket. at least 7 million people rally rallying in a march on sunday. it is the biggest such gathering in french history. among the million, 40 world leaders, including britain's prime minister and germany's chancellor but not top u.s. official. the rally was peaceful despite the size. french police sources telling cnn that terror sleeper cells were activated over the weekend. in the u.s. nypd and other law enforcement on alert after an isis video re-released. that calls for followers to rise up and kill officers and civilians. from paris, cnn's frederik pleitgen joins us. fred what a game changer to see the people take to the streets. something new and amazing happening in that country.
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>> reporter: yes, something amazing, christine. something where you can feel that this nation really is redefining itself and redefining the way it wants society to be organized. i'm outside the headquarters of "charlie hebdo" the satirical magazine where 12 people were killed. there are still people coming out here paying respects. there is still that sea of flower. we can see it five days after the horrific attack the pain still exists here in paris. meanwhile, a lot going on in the investigation. one thing that has happened is the french prime minister has made news. he says he will massively beef up security at jewish institutions. at least 5,000 security personnel at jewish schools. one of the places that was hit was a jewish kosher supermarket by amedy coulibaly. the hunt is still on for the
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last remaining suspect in this week's terror attacks. police say hayat boumeddiene was the girlfriend of amedy coulibaly, the man who hit the supermarket. he killed four hostages before police shot and killed him. we got news from the semi official turkish agency. they say boumeddiene went to turkey on january 2nd. they say she was tracked by authorities and now believed she made her way into syria on january 8th. they believe she is now out of the reach of investigators. that is something that is very important moving forward because, of course, she is one of the primary suspects that investigators would like to speak to find out what could be behind the plots. one of the interesting things she was implicated in the acts that amedy coulibaly perpetrated
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and police now are saying that apparently she left the couple try country before any of this kicked off. they believe she was part of the wider plot. police are investigating a park where many of the radicals associated and stayed together they managed to find the apartment that amedy coulibaly apparently used as a weapon stash there. they found propaganda and weapons and explosives there. it seems as though he was preparing this for a long time. there was a video where he pledged allegiance to isis. you see amedy coulibaly sitting in front of an isis flag saying this was in retaliation for the campaign in syria. that is interesting because we know the other two people who perpetrated the attacks at "charlie hebdo" pledged allegiance to al qaeda and arabian peninsula.
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it is interesting to see what connection there is were and how close these were. for more on this i'll bring in our senior international correspondent jim bittermann. jim, can you bring us the latest on the investigation and what is going on today? >> reporter: fred one of the things we just heard this morning from the prime minister is he believes without a doubt that coulibaly had an accomplice. we are not certain whether he is referring to boumeddiene, the woman that fled to syria, but he may be indicating there is someone else out there that was an accomplice that helped coulibaly in his attack on the kosher supermarket. we are waiting for more information about that. some specifics. this afternoon christiane amanpour will be talking to the prime minister. maybe she will get more information from him at that point. a couple of other things he said this morning that are interesting and bit surprising,
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actually. he said that they are going to better enforce the idea that radical islamists in prison should be separated. anybody with radical intentions should be in separate prisons or cells so they are not allowed contact. one would think this would have been done over the years. he will ask the parliament for a law about that. he also seemed to indicate he would be in favor of a parliamentary investigation, a commission to look into all of the various security questions that have been raised by the attacks last week. they are considerable. how many people were involved exactly. are there more sleeper cells out there? how in fact did the kouachi brothers carried out the attack at "charlie hebdo." how did they know the editorial meeting was taking place? they must have had inside information or surveillance to
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know that. there are a lot of questions that happened over the past few days. we had the feel-good moment yesterday. now is the time to get real. the president has had a big security meeting this morning to talk about the issues. we heard from the prime minister to get specific over the next few days. one would hope anyway. fred. >> reporter: jim, there are a lot of questions. a lot of short-term questions as to how the investigation moves forward and long-term questions as to how france may want to reorganize and which laws may be enacted. in all of this there is one bizarre figure named farid ben benyettou benyettou. what is the role he might have played? >> reporter: he is a very odd character. he is a self proclaimed imam. he was at the heart of about six
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or seven young people like the kouachi brothers and coulibaly. all of whom apparently were first playing football together and later on got into radical islam with benyettou in this park in paris. they became known as the cell. as they became more radicalized, it became the attention of french police and they were put on trial in 2008. there were a number of them found guilty including benyettou found guilty of conspiracy to commit terrorist acts. benyettou served time for that. when he got out of prison, he in fact decided to go straight. that is what he said. he trained as a hospital assistant and the unbelievable irony of this he according to press reports this morning, he in fact was at the hospital
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here in paris as an assistant working there this week. one of the victims or maybe several of the victims from the kosher supermarket attack were taken to that hospital. so it is a height of irony that this once radical imam has a job in a hospital where some of the victims of the terrorist attack he was involved in at least radicalizing the people that carried it out. he was a hospital an tenant. since then the hospital has taken him off the duty roster as one would think. it is a very odd set of circumstances he would end up at the hospital where some of the victims were treated. >> reporter: thank you, jim bittermann. another interesting twist between the attacks that have been going on over the past couple of days between all of the players here and try to
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uncover what exactly led to all of these attacks taking place. thank you, jim bittermann. you will give us more. christine, it has been so interesting the past couple of days especially yesterday with the unity march where france acknowledged it has a problem with radical islam. at the same time it had moderate muslims standing up against that. i want to give you a story. i was at the unity march. a group of muslims came up to me. they wanted to show the world they stand with the jewish population here. in fact one of them had a poster on her chest saying i am jewish. they were sickened by the events the past couple of days. they realized this was an attack on french civil society. the unity march was civil society fighting back. christine. >> fred pleitgen in paris. thank you. as fred was saying 3.7 million people in attendance for the unity rallies. with the highest level american
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official as sunday's anti-terror rally in paris was ambassador jane hartley. john kerry was in india attending a summit. president obama stayed in washington. the absence of top level officials is drawing criticism. cnn's erin mcpike is in washington with more on the administration's decision. >> reporter: christine, keep in mind when president obama travels anywhere in the world, it activates some security protocols that could, of course be distracting and take away from the overall significance of the event. but the white house did send u.s. ambassador jane hartley to the event and the deputy homeland security secretary was in paris for meetings as was attorney general eric holder. he met with some foreign leaders on counterterrorism efforts. he addressed that on state of the union.
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>> we have seen these kinds of attacks in the united states. we have seen things like this in the united kingdom and nairobi and canada. this is the nature of the new threat we must confront. we can, i think, successfully confront it if we share information in a way that we have not in the past and do a variety of other things. i am very concerned about what we saw this week in france. >> reporter: we also learned sunday that the white house will be hosting a summit on countering violent extremism. that will take place on february 18th. >> erin mcpike, thank you. we are following the latest development in the paris attacks all morning long. first, breaking news in the search for airasia flight 8501. one black box recovered. the other has been located. we are live with new developments next.
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happening now. people around the world standing with france opposing terror. officials in france say more than 3.7 million people attended the rally in paris on sunday following last week's terror attacks on "charlie hebdo" and a kosher market. 40 world leaders linking arms ahead of the march. a remarkable show of solidarity against terrorism. there was no top level u.s. official among them. the final suspect in last week's attacks is still at large.
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an international manhunt under way for hayat boumeddiene. the girlfriend of the man who police say killed four hostages in the jewish supermarket before police shot and killed him. police say her last known location was on turkey's border with syria. now to the latest on airasia flight 8501. divers have retrieved one of the two black boxes. recovered under part of the wing. i want to bring in david molko with the latest for us live from jakarta, indonesia. this is important in the search for what happened to the jetliner david. >> reporter: christine, that is right. certainly probably the biggest development we have seen to date. we saw that tail pulled out of the water a few days ago. the discovery and recovery of the flight data recorder from flight 8501 absolutely crucial.
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we just saw a few moments ago the first pictures coming in of the black box. it is bright orange. flight recorder do not open painted across the side of it. that box will be transported back to jakarta. that is where investigators will begin the process of downloading the data. the box looks like it is in relatively good condition. investigators who do this all the time one in particular in australia that i spoke with when the black boxes are in good condition, it is like plugging a usb stick in the computer. the cockpit voice recorder the investigators are saying they are 100% certain where it is but weather is causing problems in the java sea. the deep currents we have been talking about for the past week and a half preventing divers from getting in the water to take a look at it. of course the flight data recorder discovered under one of the wings of the plane from
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flight 8501. they are still looking for the fuselage. it is believed where most of the bodies of the passengers and crew remain at the point. families saying do not forget about us. one gentleman who lost seven relatives on the flight say i'm really thrilled about the news about the flight data recorder. i hope this clears things up. i'm still missing members of my family. please do not give up search. christine, the president of indonesia promising the search and rescue effort will continue until all of those on board are returned home. >> important developments in terms of unlocking the mystery for the families. they just want their loved ones. the end does not change for them. thank you, david, for that in jakarta, indonesia. now to the slaughter unfolding in nigeria. boko haram militants wiping out entire villages leaving bodies littered in the streets. even burning some victims in
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this homes. it is feared as many as 2,000 people may be dead. i hope want to get to senior international correspondent nic robertson in abuja. nic, it is unimaginable the harm that boko haram brought. >> reporter: this appears to be the biggest attack so far. eyewitnesss we talked to spoke about the heavy gunfire. thinking the army was doing some training and seeing the army from the outpost nearby running away. the town's residents saying they saw hundreds of boko haram arriving on trucks. they tried to form a militia and they realized they were out manned and out gunned. one man hid for three days until boko haram finished the killing spree. when he walked out of there, he was passing bodies for five
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miles along the roads. he estimates as many as 3,000 people. a new tactic for boko haram. overrunning the military out of the area. burning the town down and putting 30,000 people to flight. over the weekend, boko haram using an incredible tactic. using three young girls as un unwiting suicide bombers. this killing over 20 people in those twin attacks on those crowded markets. christine. >> nic robertson in abuja. thank you, nic. taking a new turn. 20 minutes past the hour. secretary of state john kerry touching down in india. he will meet with the prime minister laying the ground work for a visit from president obama at the end of the month. the goal to boost trade with the two countries and promote sustainable energy initiatives.
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officials in india expressed an interest in making the country more hospitable to foreign investors. secretary kerry will travel to france on friday. time for an early start on your money. u.s. stock futures pointing higher to start the week after stocks fell on friday. the dow closed down 170 points. s&p lost about 1% as well. it has been a bumpy start for stocks. they made up early losses until friday put it down for the year. hackers declaring war on terrorists and retaliation for the attack on "charlie hebdo." members of the group anonymous announced #charlie hebdo. the group also named dozens of twitter accounts they say belong to terrorists. 21 minutes past the hour. millions marching in france uniting against terror as israel prepares to bury some of the attack victims.
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we are live with the new help being offered by benjamin netanyahu.
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the four french jews killed in the hostage standoff killed in the kosher supermarket will be buried tomorrow. benjamin netanyahu is filling the family's requests and adding any jews who want to immigrate to israel will be received with
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open arms. ian lee is following the latest from the mediterranean coast. ian, that is where many from france settle. why there? >> reporter: that's right, christine. a sharp increase in the number of french jews immigrating to israel israel. last year 7,000. this year, they expecting 10,000 people to come here. and this has been one of the main places they arrive to in ashdod. a french art center and apartment complex that caters to the french community. i talked to some of the residents here. many are new arrivals. a couple of weeks and months. the many reason was security. they did not feel safe in france. i talked to one mother. she said it wasn't just her security but of her four children. she said when they would leave their house, her son would take off his yarmekle. i asked the sense of security.
1:26 am
she said one that there were not enough security officials around them to secure the jewish community there and she said the government isn't doing enough to make an inclusive environment. they don't need the large security presence in the first place, christine. >> so interesting, ian lee. france will call up 10,000 military personnel to try to protect some of the sites. for many of the people they have already left. 10,000 expected this year. ian lee, thank you. 26 minutes past the hour. we are following the latest on the paris terror attacks all morning long. the unity and search for one possible suspect still on the loose. and the investigation into what inspired these gunmen in the first place. live team coverage after the break. [ male announcer ] stop! living with hair loss, that is. losing your hair is no fun and no one wants to be bald but there is hope. getting my hair back was the best thing that ever happened to me. i'm happy with the way i look now.
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breaking news this morning. world leaders joining millions marching against terror in france. france reeling from the terror attacks that killed 17 people.
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trying to figure out the events that led up to the violence and find the one possible remaining suspect who may be still on the run. this as isis warns the west about new lone wolf attacks. we are live on the ground breaking down the developments overnight. welcome back to "early start." i'm christine romans. france and the world stand together in the attacks of " "charlie hebdo." at least 3.7 million people mash muching in the rally on sunday. among the millions 40 world leaders, including britain's prime minister and germany's chancellor. no top level american official. the rally was peaceful despite the size and renewed threats of terrorism in france and elsewhere. french police sources telling cnn, terror sleeper cells were
1:31 am
activated over the weekend. in nypd and in the u.s. security alert after a video released over the weekend. from paris, senior international correspondent frederik pleitgen joins us with the latest. fred, it looks like france has to take the symbolism from yesterday and move forward with policies to protect its citizens. >> reporter: move forward with policies and healing within the society. it was a wake-up call. i was at the large unity rally yesterday, christine. a lot of the people were saying that they believe that france is going through a time before "charlie hebdo" and after "charlie hebdo." many are rethinking how society needs to deal with this. one of the great things about the rally, there were people from the jewish community and
1:32 am
muslim community and christian community. one of the great things i witnessed is a muslim family or several muslims came up to me and they want to make sure this did not happen in their name. one had a poster that said i am jewish. that is a message they had. they stand with the jewish community. meanwhile, there is a criminal and anti-terror investigation that keeps going on. one of the suspects in this is amedy coulibaly. he was shot at the kosher supermarket which he raided under siege. four of the people killed will be laid to rest tomorrow. the investigation continues and the search is still on for his accomplice hayat boumeddiene, his wife. the latest we got a couple of minutes ago from the news agency from turkey was that they say they tracked her going to turkey
1:33 am
on january 2nd. that is significant. that puts her in turkey before the events here kicked off. that doesn't mean she wasn't involved in some way or shape or form. that doesn't mean authorities would want to talk to her. they want to know which networks are behind this and the suspects in all this might have had to do with each other. what is the terror web here moving forward for the investigation. the turkish authorities tracked boumeddiene to the syrian border. she went into syria on january 8th. that would be a big setback because boumeddiene is a person they wanted to talk. if she is in syria, in isis-controlled terrorist, she is out of the reach of investigators. isis plays a pivotal role in all of this. one of the things that showed up in a video of the husband of boumeddiene, pledged allegiance
1:34 am
to isis. the tape was found in a safehouse. they found an arsenal of weapons. one of the things that witnesses said when he raided the kosher grocery store on friday he was armed to the teeth. he came in literally guns blazing and shooting around. many of them said they realized he knew this would be his last day and that made him all the more dangerous. four people were killed in that raid. police now found that safehouse and found the stash and there was a video released showing him pledging allegiance to isis. there was an isis flag behind him. that is something that will be very important moving forward because remember if you look at the other two suspects in all of this the kouachi brothers they were affiliated with al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. the u.s. is working under the assumption that perhaps anwar al awlaki the american preacher
1:35 am
and head of isis of al qaeda in the arabian peninsula may have been the one to give the order. he was killed years back. there is a huge investigation going on. literally by the minute new details coming to light to portray this not as lone wolf attacks, but indeed as something where there was a wider web and at least a wider web of influence that could have led to this. >> a lot of work to do as they go through every point of contact of these people and try to really understand how far that web reaches. frederik pleitgen thanks. 3.7 million people in attendance. 40 world leaders. the highest american official at the rally was u.s. ambassador to france jane hartley. secretary of state kerry was in india. the absence of top level officials drawing criticism.
1:36 am
cnn's erin mcpike is in washington with more. >> reporter: christine, keep in mind when president obama travels anywhere in the world, it activates deeply complex protocols that could of course be distracting and take away from the overall significance of the event. but the white house did send u.s. ambassador jane hartley to the event and the deputy homeland security secretary was in paris for meetings as was attorney general eric holder. he met with some foreign leaders on counterterrorism efforts. he addressed that on "state of the union." >> we have seen these kinds of attacks or attempts of attacks in the united states. we have seen things like this in the united kingdom and nairobi and australia and canada. this is the nature of the new threat that we must confront. we can, i think, successfully confront it if we share information in the way that we have not in the past and do a variety of other things.
1:37 am
i am very concern ed about what we saw this week in france. >> reporter: we also learned early sunday that the white house will be hosting a summit on countering violent extremism. that summit will take place on february 18th. >> erin mcpike in washington. sunday's march echoed around the globe as thousands marched behind france. here in the u.s. demonstrators from boston to los angeles gathered to show support. in washington, d.c. demonstrators came together for the french embassy. the rallying cry je suis charlie. and they held a vigil and sang the french national anthem. and the empire state building was lit up in the colors of the french flag. we are following the latest on the terror attacks all morning long. but first, one black box
1:38 am
retrieved and one has been located. the new developments on why this plane crashed live after the break.
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announcer: every day across america, excess food is gathered by a network of good people at local food banks, giving hope to millions of children who struggle with hunger. they've earned their wings. and you can, too. together we can solve child hunger. support feeding america and your local food bank at happening now. people around the world standing with france opposing terror. look at the crowds. officials say in france more than 3.7 million people marched in rallies across the country on sunday following last week's terror attacks on "charlie hebdo" and kosher supermarket. 40 world leaders linking arms
1:41 am
ahead of the march. no u.s. top official among them. the last suspect in the attacks from last week are still at large. hayat boumeddiene. the wife of the man who killed four people in the jewish supermarket before he was killed by police. her last known location was on turkey's border with syria. now to the breaking news in the airasia flight 8501. divers retrieved one of the jetliner's two black boxes. discovered under part of the plane's wing. now efforts under way to recover the cockpit voice recorder. i want to bring in david molko live in jakarta, indonesia. important for investigators here this morning. >> reporter: christine, the pieces of the puzzle are starting to come together in a very big way. day 16 here of the search and recovery effort. two weeks since flight 8501 crashed into the java sea. yes, search officials have found the flight data recorder and they have recovered it.
1:42 am
we understand it is on its way back to jakarta where the downloading of the data the crucial information that can help give insight into what has happening during the flight and specifically the final moments of the flight. the search for the cockpit voice recorder the other black box, continuing. one official telling us we are 100% sure where it is. it is just a matter of time until we recover it. christine, it has been all about the weather for the past couple of weeks. you know conditions in the java sea in monsoon season can change in the blink of an eye. you get strong underwater currents, white caps on top, choppy seas. we are told divers are not in the water because conditions are so difficult. the bottom line is they know where the cockpit voice recorder is. the flight data recorder was found under a wing from the aircraft. they have the tail location. the pieces are coming together.
1:43 am
authorities are feeling fairly confident about the next steps forward and they have not found it yet, but they will find the fuselage of the plane. that is believed where most of the bodies. still more than 100 remain. christine. >> that is still really tragic for the families who want to know what happened but want to get their family members back. thank you, david. 43 minutes past the hour. now to the unimaginable slaughter unfolding in nigeria. boko haram militants wiping out entire villages leaving bodies littered in the streets even burning some victims inside their homes. local officials say villagers who fled into the bush militants tracked them on motorcycles. it is feared as many as 2,000 people may have died. secretary of state john kerry touching down in india meeting with the prime minister and he will host the president obama at the end of the money.
1:44 am
the month. government officials in india expressed an interest of making their country more hospitable to investors. the senate is expected to begin voting on the keystone oil pipeline. the republican-controlled chamber will vote to end a democratic filibuster before taking up the measure. the house is expected to approach the keystone pipeline bill by the end of the week setting up a showdown with president obama who promised to veto. in the wake of the hack attacks of sony and home depot, president obama is pushing for more transparency of breaches. in a speech today, he is expected to call for a national standard for the companies to inform customers been 30 days of the hack. he is pushing for student privacy moving to keep firms from profiting from information collected in schools as more teachers use tablet online services. time for an early start on
1:45 am
money. european stocks are higher. stocks got off to a bad start. they managed to climb most of last week. on friday dow closed 1% lower. oil prices sliding lower. crude oil trading for $47 a barrel right now. prices have been in a freefall for months. they seem to stabilize around $48 a barrel last week. falling again this morning. they plunged thanks to weak demand and supply glut. that is sending gas prices down. the national average for a gallon of regular, $2.13. the lowest price for gas in almost six years. the 72nd golden globes are in the books. the big hollywood party was a big night for first-time nominees. it was a night in which "boyhood" was 12 years in the making staked its claim as a bonafide front runner. the hosts, they did not
1:46 am
disappoint. cnn's stephanie elam has more from los angeles. >> reporter: christine, the golden globes are known for hollywood's biggest party and this year was no exception. in the third and final year as mistresses of ceremony tiny fay and amy poehler took jabs at everything from north korea. >> we celebrate all of the great shows we know and love and all of the movies that north korea was okay with. >> reporter: to the sexual assault allegations against bill cosby. >> bill cosby has finally spoken out about the allegations against him. cosby admitted to a reporter i put the pills in the people. >> reporter: george clooney was honored with the lifetime achievement award. >> amal whatever brought us together i could not be more proud to be your husband. >> reporter: common took home the award for "selma."
1:47 am
i talked to the star between the similars between 1965 and now. >> in one way, sad, but also knowing what happened in selma and knowing what the people of the civil rights movement did, it was inspiring knowing we can move things forward. >> reporter: real world moments. >> je suis charlie. >> reporter: it was the coming of age drama "boyhood" filmed over 12 years that won with three trophies. best picture of the year and best director richard linklater. >> i want to dedicate this to parents. >> reporter: on the tv side, best drama and best actress for ruth wilson. "transparent" winning for series and jeffery tambor for best actor. christine. >> thank you, stephanie. millions marching in france against terror. the country on heightened alert
1:48 am
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sleep ♪ this morning, france is shaken but unvowed. 3.7 million people gathered for
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the rally. it is the largest gathers in france history. investigators are trying to follow all of the threads leading to last week's attacks on the magazine and kosher supermarket. combing through the backgrounds of the kouachi brothers who police say attacked "charlie hebdo." amedy coulibaly killed four hostages in the kosher supermarket and his wife, hayat boumeddiene, believed to be on the run and headed to syria. joining us now from cnn's paris bureau is dominique, the founder of the french institute for international affairs. good morning. thank you for joining us. let's talk first about that remarkable show of solidarity in paris and france yesterday. certainly a game changer for the french people. for every french resident this is the biggest defining french moment of their lives, really. how do you take that moment and move forward with policies that
1:52 am
help protect people but don't spark islam phobia? >> it was a moment of grace after three days of horror. the french felt good. i was myself in the demonstration. it was a demonstration for and not against. it was for freedom. for solidarity. among french men. there was a moment of i would say, resilience and determination. the french suddenly felt they were together. the world was watching them. they recovered their unity and also their president. the renaissance so to speak of president francois hollande.
1:53 am
hollande will not last. that is the issue. >> let me ask about the lack of top u.s. official there. a lot in the u.s. papers. u.s. secretary of state was in india on the way to landing in india. the president was in washington. when i look at the image of the german chancellor and french president and other european leaders. was this a moment for europe and the u.s. did not need to be there? what do you make of that? >> well, maybe it was a lost opportunity for president obama, but i don't think the french make much of it because president obama went to the french embassy in washington wrote a long note of condolence and ending the note with a resounding viva la france. i don't feel we were abandoned
1:54 am
by america at all. >> let me ask you about in france the largest muslim population in europe. you have second and third generation french citizens of algerian and north african and arab descent in some cases. how does the area move forward from here? it must be heart breaking that a few people who are french would turn against the french in this way. how does france heal from that? >> well this is a defining moment for the muslim community of france. they came in large number yesterday. there were scenes of solidarity and embrace between jews and muslims. but now there must clearly
1:55 am
differentiate themselves with the members of the community that did not behave as french men. it must not be only an emotional moment. it must be a defining moment. a wake-up call for them. they must adhere deeply to the values of the republic and show it every day in their behavior. of course it is for the french republic also to come and to impose law. there are terrorists in the suburbs of france which are no longer under the rule of law. this must stop. >> thank you so much for joining us. thank you for your insight and analysis. what was really a beautiful day yesterday in france after such an ugly event. we'll be right back.
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the world united against terror. world leaders joining millions in france in an unprecedented
1:59 am
show of solidarity. the country reeling from terror attacks that killed 17 people. as isis repeats threats against the west. we are live breaking down the latest developments and what comes next. good morning. welcome to "early start." i'm christine romans. great to see you today. i'm john berman. it is monday january 12th. 5:00 in the east. 11:00 a.m. in paris. we welcome you from the united states and also around the world. i'm standing just in front of what is now the memorial outside the offices of "charlie hebdo." the world this country so many people coming together against terror and the wake of last week's deadly attacks here on the satirical magazine and the jewish supermarket a few miles away. there were 3.7 million people marching in rallies across the nation. officials say that is the biggest turnout in france
2:00 am
history. among the millions of people 40 world leaders including the british prime minister and germany's chancellor. where was the president? where was the secretary of state? the event here very very peaceful. despite the enormous size and renewed threats of terrorism here french police sources tell cnn terror cells were activated over the weekend. but there were no serious arrests made in the march of millions. that is happening here. in the united states the new york police department and other forces are on alert after an isis video re-released. that video calling for followers to rise up and kill officers and police and soldiers and civilians. new york police officers taking precautions. the security presence in paris is beefed up. i am joined by senior


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