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tv   CNN Tonight  CNN  January 12, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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few allies, but plenty of deadly enemies. >> this is cnn tonight. i'm don lemon. tonight breaking news, the world on high alert. the french prime minister warning the country must remain vigilant. one report claiming six suspects may still be on the loose. 18,000 soldiers and police deployed across the country. officials say sleeper cells may have been activated. u.s. intelligence agents reviewing frame by frame, new video of shooting suspect, amedy coulibaly. we'll ask a former jihadists what clues he sees on the video. cnn has obtained video of the
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"charlie hebdo" magazine. it hits stand on wednesday with a record one million print run. on the cover, a cartoon of the prophet muhammad. dozens of world leaders joining more than a million people at an anti-terrorism rally in france. the white house admitting an official should have been there. will u.s. relations with france suffer? also breaking news news in the news of flight 8501. investigators have covered a key piece of the wreckage that will help determine what caused the jet to crash. we'll beginning with the developments in the paris terror attack. jim sciutto is in paris for us this evening.
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jim jim, britain's intelligence service warning that al qaeda is planning a massacre. are there more sleeper cells preparing to strike? >> well, the big question here in france is are the remaining suspects at large in these paris attacks? it's been a burning question since the moment nearly a week ago when the gunmen stormed "charlie hebdo." the french prime minister telling cnn that it's likely there are accomplices still at large. there was a quote that as manias six suspects -- unclear whether it's suspects involved in the attack or associates of the attackers, but still a question that french investigators still have to answer. frankly, they don't know the answer yet. that's why you're seeing such an enormous show of force across france. thousands of soldiers and police preparing for the worst possibility. the level of concern tonight is
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very severe. >> jamal beggal is being called al qaeda's chief recruiter. and tonight there's news that two of the terrorists are connected to him. what do you know about that? >> he was al qaeda, core al qaeda, based in pakistan formerly held by bin laden. al qaeda's chief recruiter in europe tied to not only the "charlie hebdo" attackers, but also amedy coulibaly, who took that kosher market. this draws a direct line to overseas terror organizations and to this point, the discussion had been is aqap which the "charlie hebdo" attackers said they were tied to, you also have amedy coulibaly saying that he pledged allegiance to isis. now you have a direct tie to core al qaeda in pakistan. it's a confusing mix of allegiance but direct lines to overseas terrorist
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organizations. why do we care about this back home in the u.s.? because each of these groups are ones that u.s. counterterror officials believe pose a real threat to the u.s. and it shows them active in a way and with an m.o. that has been different from their m.o. in the past. it expands the severity of the threat tonight. >> hayat boumeddiene had believed she was in the kosher market at the time of the hostage takeover. but we now have video showing her entering turkey on january 2nd she left for syria on january 8th. that seems to rule her out as an active participant in the grocery store attack. as of now, there's no indication of who the man is that's traveling with her. what do you know about her involvement? >> here's the thing. even if she left before the attacks, it is still believed among french authorities that she was directly tied not just her personal relationship with amedy coulibaly who took the kosher market companion or
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wife but clearly a personal relationship there. but there are descriptions in court papers here that she might have been the more radical of the two, that she encouraged him, pushed him to be more radical. and in addition to that she had direct ties through phone call records, to the wives of -- or at least the wife of one of the kouachi brothers who attacked "charlie hebdo." so she was integrated and somehow connected to the plot there, even if she wasn't present on the days that the attacks took place. the sad fact is that she managed to get out of the country before french authorities could get her, and she's effectively disappeared into syria now, so that's one lost lead in this investigation. >> stay right there, because i want to bring in my panel and we'll talk more about that. paul cruickshank and also lieutenant colonel james reese, retired delta force commander and ceo of tiger swan. paul you just heard the news
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that the two paris terror suspects are connected to al qaeda's chief recruiter in europe. and said kouachi traveled to yemen, roomed with the under wear bomber and prayed with him. are most of these radicals connected? >> i think the short answer is yes, in france these attackers were connected and that some of them had connections back to al qaeda suddenly in yemen. one of the kouachi brothers believed to have trained with al qaeda in yemen. perhaps even both brothers trained with the group. and the brothers may have met with anwar al awlaki the american terrorist cleric who was someone determined to recruit people like the kouachi brothers for attacks back in the west. they also mentored by this guy beggal very much part of the al qaeda set-up in afghanistan before 9/11. he was recruited by senior al qaeda leaders to launch an attack on the u.s. embassy in
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france after 9/11. the attack was going to be after 9/11. he was recruited before 9/11. he was actually directed in bin laden's house, to launch that operation. though he does not seem to have met bin laden himself. since then beggal has been in and out of prison. he's in prison right now. >> six terror suspects on the loose. how dangerous are these six suspects if they are still, in fact out there? >> well don, good evening. anywhere out there it's very dangerous. one of the things we really want to do terrorist cells, there's a doctrine to this. we've seen throughout history since 9/11 that the number ten really starts coming into, you have operating aspects and the folks that support. front office and back office. these people are important, especially when it comes to trying to find out where the link-up is where the money is coming from where the
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coordination is coming from these people are dangerous. it would be great to capture them and interview them and to find out where the links are, so we could break the network up and especially the world network. >> so, colonel, jim sciutto said hayat boumeddiene and the wife of coulibaly may have been the more radical of the two suspects. are you surprised that she is maybe the more radical of the two? >> no don, i'm not. and actually it's classic. you know some of these organizations really you know they say -- they depress women, but women are very, very good, very smart. i think it's a classic move by al qaeda to get more women involved in this. you never look at a woman, especially a muslim woman with a hijab on. with a man they continue to move. no one pays attention to them. you see that with the little girl in boko haram, the suicide
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bomber. we've seen other places where they have the burkas on and they're using them as suicide bombers, because our culture doesn't make a woman to be the principle aspect of a terrorist. so it's a great move by al qaeda. >> the pressure is on for french officials. how hard will it be to find her in syria? >> extremely hard. it's a sad fact. that's a loss. she's in syria. she's gone. the focus now is on trying to find suspects or associated of the known attackers here inside france before they attack again. that's the extreme focus. remember in this country, it's not just this sell it's another cells, because the numbers are daunting here 5,000 suspected terrorists in the country. that's an order of magnitude bigger than the problem facing us in the u.s. today. imagine the security response in the u.s. if you had 5,000
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people on your list of trying to keep track of them. imagine the sense of alarm. and that's why i have to say, just being here in paris for this last week seeing how the french have responded to this threat. people still, they're going to restaurants, walking the streets, going to the office we saw them out by the millions in that march yesterday. it's a really admirable, brave, courageous response to what's a very real threat. >> all right, gentlemen, thank you very much. lots more to talk about this evening. what clues are on the tape? u.s. intelligence officials are analyzing video of paris shooting suspect amedy coulibaly. and there were no high profile american officials at the rally in paris. what happened? the white house on the defense now, admitting it made a mistake. and a major break in the search for wreckage and answers in the airasia disaster. searchers have recovered a key piece of the doomed jet. we'll be right back. going to need you on the runway. (vo) theraflu starts to get to work in your body in just 5 minutes. (vo)
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intelligence agents analyzing the new video of amedy coulibaly, the suspect from the kosher market attack in paris, but what clues can we take from this tape? i want to bring in now evan perez. he joins us in d.c. evan we know that u.s. intelligence officials are now reviewing the videotape of amedy coulibaly. what are they looking for? >> well they're looking for to try to a sense of when he it was
7:15 pm
recorded. you could tell it was done in several different sessions. you can tell for example, that he has facial hair a little more facial growth before -- during certain parts of the video. you can also tell that some of it was recorded before the kouachi brothers carried out the attack on the magazine "charlie hebdo." so that among the things they're looking at. they're also trying to figure out whether this man had some assistance from perhaps a network of helpers there, because they believe that he was not alone, that somebody was either running the cameras for him, somebody was perhaps, you know assisting him in trying to get his message together. and now the effort is to try to figure out ho those people are. >> let's talk about here at home dhs, fbi, what are they doing tonight to make sure americans are safe at home and abroad really? >> well dhs is increasing the number of random screenings for
7:16 pm
domestic flights. you know earlier a few months ago, they said they were going to do more random checks of flights coming from certain overseas airports to the united states. they say that they're increasing some of that in the united states before people traveling domestically with hand-carried luggage. dhs also said that they're going to increase their presence at federal buildings randomly don, because one of the things that we know that we've seen in some threats from isis and also from al qaeda groups and that they're asking their followers to carry out attacks against federal law enforcement, u.s. law enforcement officials. and so the question is, whether there's a greater danger at some of the federal buildings. >> thank you, evan. joining me now, professor of security studies at university of massachusetts and the author of bombshell and undercover
7:17 pm
jihadi. you are a remember toformer jihadist. i want to ask you about the video of amedy coulibaly. he identifies himself as a soldier of the caliphate. let's watch. >> translator: you attack the caliph you attack isis we attack you. >> what stands out to you in this video? >> well just if you look at the backdrop of course you have your flag. this is just do it yourself terrorism. so the flag is a print-out. you know he's dressed in the white garb maybe playing a little bit on the martyrdom complex, wearing the white robes of burial but it's to resemble that. then you have the ak propped up just like bin laden had in his videos -- >> so who is he mimicking here? is he mimicking al qaeda?
7:18 pm
>> at the general level. remember isis is a product of al qaeda. so at some level they're generally the same. so you can say he's imitating al qaeda, but like he says he starts with al qaeda and then he ends up giving allegiance to the caliphate in mid 2014. >> so on friday a journalist spoke with cherif kouachi, claimed that he was sent by al qaeda in yemen and that anwar al awlaki financed this trip. now this video of coulibaly, pledging allegiance to isis. what do you make of that? >> so that doesn't take away from the al qaeda planning and directing. like i said al qaeda's said this before. don't seek our permission just go and conduct the attack. if it's a good attack we'll take credit for it. the fact that coulibaly and his wife are pro-isis gives consolation to the isis side.
7:19 pm
so both al qaeda and isis able to take credit for the attack. >> we've talked about people meeting in prison and becoming radicalized. they met in prison. you say they should be treated more as criminals playing terrorists rather than terrorist masterminds, why? >> well i don't think that they're terrorist masterminds. i think that mubin was correct a few days ago when he said that they were not particularly professional. they were amateurish and i think the fact that they left behind their identity cards in the vehicle after the accident demonstrates that you can have a certain minimum amount of training. but the moment something goes wrong, then that amateurishness emerges and they're incapable of making a snap quick decision and readjustment. i wanted to add one thing, don. and mubin did say this and i want to add to it. it's important to see these last will and testament videos because it does a few things.
7:20 pm
one, it makes sure the operative doesn't change his mind at the last minute. and it brands the attack. you don't have a last will and testament video. sometimes when we have this competition that you've identified don, that you may have multiple groups trying to have these claims of responsibility because they think it's going to make them more popular. i and think that's one of the reasons we see a last will and testament video to make sure the group that perpetrated the attack gets the so-called credit. >> the female suspect we've been discussing hayat boumeddiene, is believed to have escaped to syria. what role do you think she will play in future plots? >> is that for me? >> it's for mia. >> oh sorry. you know one of the things that we've seen as women who go and join isis, although they may think that they're going to have an operational role -- for example, the woman who left from denver who trained with the
7:21 pm
u.s. army explorers, as well as mahmoud who talked about on her twitter account and social media that she wanted to be a suicide bomber. the moment these women get to syria, isis is going to have them married off and pregnant pretty quickly. they don't have operational roles for isis. that's very different from al qaeda. >> you're not surprised that she may have been the more radical of the two, are you? >> no. we talked about this a few days ago. we anticipated this even before the lawyer for coulibaly was interviewed, that very often it's the women who are the ones who are ensuring that the man is radical, stays in the organization doesn't change his mind at the last minute. so we have to really dispel the myths that women are inherently going to be manipulated, or just following the men, or that they're inherently more peaceful. we have to know that women are not automatically more peaceful. >> how important is it that
7:22 pm
jihadists have a female companion? >> it's important in the sense of -- again, back to caricatures yp you have the myth that terrorists are men and most of the time they are. but it's a level of comfort. you're not going to really expect a couple. the caricature it's a bunch of guys looking to do something. so it changes the mix up a bit. but like mia said her involving herself, this is most probably a decision among the inner-most circle of the cell if there are other members of the cell maybe we'll find out later, but this was something that was probably arranged and agreed upon by the individuals conducting the operation. at the end of the day, that's what it comes down to. the event has to be successful and the organization has to be able to take credit for it. >> thank you both very much. the massacre of its staffers has not stopped "charlie hebdo." videos shows them working on their new issue. there it is there. it hits stands wednesday, featuring a cartoon of the prophet muhammad.
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wrorld leaders rallying behind france. here we see them locking arms in solidarity against terrorism on the streets of paris, but there was one notable absence. jim sciutto is back with us from paris. and the yesterday the notable absentee was president obama. what's the reaction there in paris? >> listen there's been disappointment since the beginning. i've talked to a lot of people on the street and french commentators. they were surprised, doesn't quite understand. still caught up in the moment here. such an incredible national turn-out. i think the french focused on the 3.7 million french who were here but there is confusion as to why the americans weren't here in a more prominent role. you saw the white house basically grant that today in a statement from josh earnest, acknowledging they should have sent someone more senior. >> jim, thank you very much your reporting. fareed zakaria is here.
7:28 pm
fareed do you believe that a higher u.s. official should be there or do you think the president should have been there? >> i think the president should have been there. i think that certainly there were many people who could have done. the key would have been to recognize the symbolism here and say, this is our oldest ally our closest ideological ally france in a sense invented modern democracy. to stand shoulder and shoulder would have been important. needed to be someone of stature. >> and that would be the president. >> the president, maybe bill clinton. >> so you're questioning why not higher presence why no u.s. leader in paris, isn't this why god invented vice presidents? and josh earnest responded. let's online. >> some have asked whether or not the united states should have sent someone with a higher profile than the ambassador to france. i think it's fair to say we
7:29 pm
should have sent someone with a higher profile to be there. that said there is no doubt that the american people and this administration stand four-square behind our allies in france as they face down this threat. >> higher profile again, you think it should be the president. but it's pretty rare for the white house to admit a mistake like this. >> it's very rare. i give them a lot of credit. this is one way to diffuse the story and stop us from talking about it but i hope what it reflects is a broader recognition that in this struggle symbolism is substance. after all, they only killed 12 people i hate to put it that way. why was it such a big deal? because of the symbolism. they attacked a symbol of democracy, the freedom of the press. and the response was symbolic. it was unity. it was not a vengeance. it was a way of showing we're not going to get divided on the basis of religion.
7:30 pm
we're going to come together. and in that symbol of global unity, the united states plays a pivotal role and i say this as an american not just a journalist it was sad my country wasn't there. >> the people marching that wasn't about policy change that was showing support and rallying against terrorism worldwide. you remember jacques chirac was the first leader to visit the united states after 9/11. and france as you mentioned earlier, our first and one of our biggest supporters. is this going to change the relationship? >> oh no. there's very strong cooperation, there always was. even during the height of the iraq war when the french disagreed with the united states on the iraq war, they were still very good allies. the french are very tough on counterterrorism. people have the impression that because this has happened, france is lax, but they're not. they're very tough. so i think they'll probably be
7:31 pm
as supportive. >> what about the idea that president obama, the administration is showing its support more directly by helping in the fight against terrorism by drone strikes and by other initiatives rather than just going as a symbolic act to paris to take part in this? what about that? >> i think the flaw in that thinking is to think of it as just a symbolic act. this is a case some symbolism is substance. because so much of the way that people think about these issues are, you know it's a battle of hearts and minds. it's a question of where the civilized world is. it's a question of are we coming together? and in those questions, the symbolism is the substance. barack obama recognizes the symbolism very well when campaigning. he's a master at it. he's a master at understanding how important it was to get the symbols right, to make the right speech at the right time. remember the reverend wright
7:32 pm
speech and he rescued his campaign with a great speech. but when governing, he tends to be more cerebral more intellectual which i appreciate and understand. but politics is also about substance. >> hasn't that been the criticism all along? that he's a better campaigner that many people have called him the campaigner in chief, you've heard that, rather than someone who does policy -- >> i'm not willing to say he's bad at it because frankly a lot of the decisions he had to make as president have been very tough and bold and he's made them in my opinion, by and large pretty well. but this is his weakness. he said it by the way in a tv interview. he said, i try to get the policy right. i don't worry about the optics and maybe that's a mistake. and he's right, it is a mistake. >> i want to get your reaction to this tweet. you were here and i don't think it came out in time. this is from rupert murdoch. okay a lot of people have taken offense to this. he tweeted maybe most muslims
7:33 pm
are peaceful but until they recognize and destroy their growing jihadist cancer they must be held responsible. >> it's incredible responsible. it begins by saying maybe most muslims are moderate -- how does it go? >> he said maybe most muslims peaceful -- >> so it's like 1.6 billion people. take just france five million muslims, the french intelligence says there are 5,000, that is their largest number whom they suspect and watch. 5,000 out of five million. if he can't do the math i will do it for him, it's 0.1 percent. so 99.99% are peaceful. and secondly he said they should be held responsible. as you know i've been saying from day one, moderate muslims need to denounce this come out
7:34 pm
against this. but that's different from saying they're responsible for the acts of .1% of the people in france who are muslim. >> what you're doing, you're not blaming anyone. you're saying people should stand up and speak out against it. >> and reclaim their religion. >> it's a very fair assessment. just really quickly, what's your reaction to the new "charlie hebdo" edition coming out on wednesday? >> you know it is part of a long tradition of french political satire which is much more -- much rougher than in america. >> because it depicts the prophet muhammad. >> yes, it depicts the prophet muhammad openly. if this were to be published on a college campus in america, it would be shut down, the students would be brought down for hate speech. france is not like that. i celebrate the fact that france has a rich tradition of political satire that says we're going to offend everybody.
7:35 pm
and i think it's important to remember we defend free speech not for the speech that we all agree with. we have to defend speech for the speech we find offensive. >> thank you, fareed. always good to have you here. . i want to talk more about terrorism here. boko haram stepping up deadly attacks in nigeria. major attack on a town and neighboring village systems is said to have killed hundreds up to 2,000 people. angelina jolie released a statement that says in part each new crime committed by boko haram exceeds the last in brutality. every time they get away with mass murder rape and the enslavement of women and children they are emboldened. we'll continue to follow this story. boko haram out of nigeria. and coming up the terror attack on the kosher attack in paris left four dead and it's causing concern among france's jewish community. but the disturbing trend of anti-semitism in france is not
7:36 pm
exclusive to this latest attack. more on that next.
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breaking news into cnn now. israeli media reporting that the bodies of the four men killed by amedy coulibaly in the siege on the kosher market have arrived in tel aviv. ian lee joins us now from israel. they will be buried there in israel. what's the very latest? >> well don, you're right. we're hearing that those bodies have arrived to ben gorian airport with their family members. they'll be brought to jerusalem. the road leading to the cemetery is lined with french flags. that funeral will take place around noon local time. that's 5:00 a.m. eastern time. we're expecting dignitaries and politicians, including the prime minister and president of israel. it's expected to be quite a long service as different yule ojys are given, but really today is going to be for the family members and friends saying
7:41 pm
goodbye to their loves ones. >> let's talk about the issue in france. nearly 7,000 french jus immigrated to israel double the number from the previous year. will this continue and is israel ready to receive them? >> well that number is actually expected to reach 10,000 this year don. i was down in ashdod a city on the mediterranean coast, where a lot of these french immigrants reside and i talked to one developer. he said that he has had a lot of interest from france in his apartments. a lot of people expecting to come there. talking to some of these residents, i asked them why did they leave, why they felt it necessary to get out of france. they said it boils down to security. they didn't feel safe anymore. one mother told me that her four children she would make them take off anything that identifies them as being jewish before leaving the house. when i asked them if their friends and family were going to follow suit soon, she said that almost everyone she knows is
7:42 pm
going to try to emigrate to israel don. >> wow, thank you very much ian lee, reporting from israel. joining me now is american orthodox rabbi and public speaker. rabbi, that bad in france for jews? >> don, let's see, 2012 we watched three children and their father slaughtered by a terrorist on a motorcycle. this past summer while israel was fighting for its last against hamas rockets, there was a pag rum at a synagog in the middle of paris that barely be stopped by police. a jewish store was burned to the ground. now the terrible story of "charlie hebdo." and the satirists were targeted for insulting the prophet muhammad. never an excuse for murder.
7:43 pm
despicable despicable. but where did the jews come into this? what did it have to do with slaughtering jews in a supermarket of all places? jews are afraid of external identification as jews. when you look to deploy an army of 10,000 soldiers -- 10,000 soldiers -- to defend your native jewish population? what does that say about the hatred the racism and the hostility? "selma" is big in films right now. imagine if we had to deploy an army then we would see that the south was about racism and the hatred and now the jews are the targets of this and we have to take it seriously. >> we were talking earlier about this and france has one of the largest jewish communities in europe 500,000 people. the muslim population rising in france as well the largest in western europe. is that creating this conflict this influx of people? what is it?
7:44 pm
>> i think france would not be same without its jews. i think democracy is how you protect your minorities how you make them feel at home. the best thing about, i think, electing president obama is telling the rest of the world how you need to be fair and inclusive to your minority. we were talking before don, as you mentioned, about "selma." it's about not only the protection but also about making them feel at home and part of the society. five million muslims there, but you have a smallest number as fareed zakaria mentioned, of radical extremists who kills muslims as well. remember the police officer that was killed was a muslim. another muslim defended those jews and hit them. you have an issue with anti-semitism and you have also an issue with anti-immigration. people will use -- >> so where is all of this coming from? that's a question that people here, who are watching in america, where is all of this coming from? >> it comes from the same place.
7:45 pm
hate -- >> with all due respect -- >> go ahead, rabbi. >> let's be honest. to separate the anti-semitism growing in france and in many other european countries, because jews don't feel comfortable in almost any place in europe today. it cannot be separated from constant islamic incitement. i think rule isa portraying islam the way it should be. having said that we're not hearing enough muslims condemning the insightment against jews. we're talking about cartoons of jews with giant noses in arab sponsored media. we're talking about hamas with a genocidal charter calling for the extermation of every jew on planet earth and people defending hamas. and not saying if you want to be seen with any kind of legitimacy and not saying you cannot have a charter calling for people to be slaughtered. i would like to see a million muslim march, not just three
7:46 pm
half million french women and women marching. muslims have to take the religion back from monsters. you can no longer say it's a small minority. on the contrary it's entering the body politic. because it's not being repudiated by the mainstream on a large scale. >> fareed just said the same thing, that muslims have to take their religion back. >> i think the religion has been hijacked by these extremists. but they are taking it back -- >> he said he wants to see millions of muslims march. >> i think that's a great idea. and i want to invite with that. let's look also about the history of what's been happening. iraq syria, afghanistan, these were the most secular places in the middle east. until 2003. then we see the rise of these extremists and they're connecting to certain policies. we need to separate extremists from regular ordinary muslims.
7:47 pm
we can't blame them for their suffering, because they're fighting this battle whether it's in iraq syria, and many other territories. i want to tell to rob, this is really something that we learned from "selma," when you uphold the supremacy of one ethnic group, it's not a democracy anymore. we need to reject that whether it's in europe israel or here in america. we can't have segregation as an answer. it's inclusion and unity. >> with all due respect -- >> go ahead. >> please. >> rule a i was going to say, with all due respect, you're excusing violence and that's very tragic. when you start bringing up that israel's policy it's terrible that jews are being targeted israel has to stop the segregation. israel is the only democracy in the middle east. you are a palestinian woman with israeli citizenship. no one tells you who to fall in love with you don't get shot by
7:48 pm
your uncle or brother because you fall in love with somebody your family doesn't approve of. you live a western life that israel protects. there's no segregation -- >> we got to go. >> so let's not -- >> that's not fair, rabbi. >> i want both of you to come back, because i think we need to -- >> this is unfair, and i really feel that you need to reflect on this based on what i've written and done. >> it is a time issue. thank you to both of you. investigators in the java sea have discovered a key piece of doomed airasia flight 8501, that's next.
7:49 pm
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i just got my free credit score! credit karma. really free. more breaking news tonight. a big discovery in the investigation of airasia flight 8501. searchers have found the cockpit voice recorder. that report is from reuters. i'm joined by david molko and david soucie. david, a big discovery in the investigation of this flight. they found the black boxes and now the reports say they have found the cockpit recorders. what do you know about it? >> absolutely don. the pieces of the puzzle are
7:53 pm
starting to come together. out in the search zone what we can tell you, conditions have been great since this morning. the underwater currents that were making it really hard for divers to get down there, they have eased up and divers have been in the water for about four and a half hours at this point. we know that they have a read 100% confirmed on that cockpit voice recorder. it's a matter of time before they get it. entirely possible that they have recovered it. communications a little bit difficult out there. search officials saying they haven't gotten confirmation yet, but that could come at any moment. don, one other thing, the other big priority out in the search zone right now, trying to locate the fuselage of flight 8501. it's believed that that's where the remainder of the passengers on board the flight their bodies more than a hundred are believed to be with that wreckage. >> tell us where the boxes will be sent for analysis and how long is it expected to take before we learn what's on them?
7:54 pm
>> well it's going to be -- >> david molko. >> the flight data recorder is actually here in jakarta, just to clarify. it came in late last night. we talked to one of the lead investigators with the ntsc like the ntsb, the guys who will look through this and figure out what happened. he said the download should start this morning. conditions on that black box, so good no signs of fire damage. so cracks, meaning potentially no water leaking in. he said that download could take just about an hour. of course piecing together the details will take quite a bit longer. >> all right, i have two davids here and i should be more aware of that. david soucie these are the keys in solving the mystery of what happened to this flight? >> it's a major milestone. the important thing is get both the cockpit voice recorder and the flight data recorder. when you put those two together
7:55 pm
it tells the entire story about not only the movements and the physical things that were going on but the mental things and the communication. two pilots who spoke different languages, it will be interesting in going forward if that played a part in what might have caused this accident. >> what can we tell if anything from the condition ever the plane sections that have been recovered, as well as what we're hearing about how the debris has been spread about david soucie? >> yeah there's two things there, don. one is the debris spread which is a good point. it would indicate that because we're talking only about a mile or so that the aircraft probably didn't suffer an in-flight break-up of a significant amount. especially once they find the main body of the aircraft if it's within that mile then you could pretty much state that it did not come apart in the air. mh17, it was seven or eight miles when it did come apart in the air. so it's much different that way. the other thing that we'll be
7:56 pm
able to tell from that wreckage there's some speculation that it kind of had a rupture at the point at which it hit the water. i'm not convinced that's the case yet because of the way that it was retrieved from the water. it's very possible there was some damage. >> i have to run. thanks to both davids. appreciate it. we'll be right back. startup-ny. it's working for new york state. already 55 companies are investing over $98 million dollars and creating over 2100 jobs. from long island to all across upstate new york, more businesses are coming to new york. they are paying no property taxes no corporate taxes no sales taxes. and with over 300 locations, and 3.7 million square feet available, there's a place that's right for your business. see if startup-ny can work for you. go to
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>> a lot to cover tonight, a lot of breaking news along with the search for airasia 8501 we'll continue the breaking news on that and i appreciate you watching. i'm don lemon. i'll see you back here tomorrow night. ac 360 starts right now. >> good evening, thanks for joining us. things are moving fast in the wake of the paris killings. the question now, are there more members of the terror cell than just the three who are dead and the woman who is on the run? new reports suggest the answer could be yes. we are also learning more tonight about the lengthy paper trail the killers had and their terror connections they apparently made long before their deadly rampage last wednesday. we also learned as if we didn't know just what paris strong means. this is what it looks like in the city yesterday, a unity rally drawing more people than turned out to mark the liberation of paris during the second world war. said one