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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  January 12, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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s don't matter. everybody need to fight against them to show the world we are fighting against them. we will never give up. >> that does it for us. cnn special report double been watching this live. >> hello and welcome to our viewers here in the united states. and, of course all around the world, i'm rosemary church. >> i'm errol barnett. a lot to get to for you this hour. coming up unveiled the cover of the next person is out. >> the move to protect sensitive sites around the country. >> the flight of asia flight 801
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investigator s investigators begin to track down the black box at the bottom of the sea. >> u.s. president is talking cyber security. we are seeing more defiance and vigilance in france in the wake of last week's terror attacks. >> that's a satirical magazine has now released its latest cover, and it's quite bold. it features a cartoon of mohammed, he's holding a sign that reads -- that's been the rallying cry especially against demonstrations in the haig. >> the french prime minister says the terror threat is still very much present. some 18,000 soldiers and police are on patrol across paris. government officials are casting doubt on a report from the associated press that up to six terror suspects remain at large
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following last week's attacks. u.s. intelligence agents are looking closely at two videos involving a paris attacker. he appears in one video, pledging allegiance to isis. investigators want to find out when it was made and whether others helped him. >> authorities studying a new video of his alleged accomplice and companion. jim chutesciuto has more. >> companion of the kosher shop attacker entering turkey from madrid just five days before the attacks. accompanied by an unknown man, she hands her passport to an immigration officer and continues on her way. from telephone logs turkish authorities say she stayed in a hotel, then crossed into syria, january 8th. one day before the siege. today french authorities made clear, she is not the only
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suspected accomplice still at large. >> translator: there was complicity and networks and maybe finance also. i don't believe in the idea of a loan wolf. >> which terror group ordered these attacks remains a mystery about about. one shopper pledges allegiance to jihadi. >> you attack isis, we attack you. >> u.s. officials believe at least one of the gunmen in the attack trained in yemen with al qaeda in the arabian peninsula and may have met with one of the group's leaders. before he was assassinated in a u.s. drone strike in 2011. today france remains on its highest alert level.
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officials are concerned that additional terror sleeper cells may have been activated. >> the president of france asked the armed forces to secure vulnerable areas of france due to the scale of the threats which exist for our country. >> a group of young men who met on athletic fields to play soccer. over time it grew into something more dangerous. the men radicalized leading to the violence we saw here in paris last week. now the subject of a massive manhunt. >> senior international correspondent jim bittman is in paris. i want to start with the heinous attacks in paris last week. talk to us about that. >> it's out, it hasn't been out to the public yet rosemary, it will come out tomorrow.
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it is out to the press. they're going to print 3 million instead of 1 million, which is what we heard earlier. 3 million copies of the newspaper of the magazine. one of the ironic things here is that basically charlie abdel was not read by very many people in france at all. it's normal circulation was about 30,000 copies 1/20th of 1% of the french population it had become elevated the way it has, and if it was the intention of the terrorists to shut down charlie hebdo, they did the exact opposite. this is a day of remembrance heroes mary there's a couple things going on this morning. the president is going to be at a remembering ceremony for the three police officers who were
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killed. a policewoman who was shot and the two that died in the attack. there's going to be the burial in israel the four jewish victim the of the attacks, they're going to be buried this morning. there will be touching moments throughout the day, on a more practical level later on this afternoon, we're going to hear from the prime minister about his plan for reforming the terrorists alert levels and what kind of things he's going to propose with the measures he believes will be necessary. he's going to bring those forward to the national assembly for a vote. >> we mentioned the government officials are casting doubt on the associated press report that suggests up to six terror suspects remain at large following last week's attack. what more are government
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officials saying about that? >> i think it's a little early to say who they're looking for and how many they're looking for. i think they're still trying to figure out, and we heard this from the prime minister yesterday in his interview with christian christiane amanpour they're still trying to figure out how large this cell may be how many people may be involved. to put a number on it at this early stage is a little bit uncertain i would say, i think that's what we're hearing from police officials overnight. they were saying that the idea that there's just six out there or up to six, whatever is perhaps a little bit naive, that there may be a lot more than that the kind of people they're looking for, i think in at least in terms of the charlie hebdo attack may not have been trigger men, people who support troops apartments and weapons and got the weapons, after all when they raided his apartment yet yesterday they found all sorts
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of heavy weaponry which had to be smuggled into the country. i think they're looking for the people that would have helped these two. get their weapons and as well and other items. it's more a look at the network that may be out there, it may not be limited to just six. rosemary? >> indeed. piece by piece, we are learning more about the background to these attacks the last week in paris. jim, thank you very much. >> it's just past news midday in indonesia, searchers have recovered the cockpit voice recorder of the air asia jet that crashed last month. let's connect now with david in gentleman kara indonesia, with the latest on all of this. the black boxes as we call them absolutely key in solving this mystery. two components on the status of
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the flight data recorder and the flight voice recorder. what do we know? >> the pieces of the puzzle starting to come together. i have to refer what's going on here, it's absolutely pouring rain in jakarta. it's monsoon season in indonesia, we've been talking about the weather deciding the pace of this search how conditions can change in the blink of an eye here and in the search zone. this is just one example of that. the good news is that weather conditions we're told much better a few hundred kilometers northeast of us out at sea in the search zone. the cockpit voice recorder reports saying it's been picked up, communication fairly difficult, officials, senior search officials saying they're not sure yet, but we do know they were 100% sure about where that cockpit voice recorder was, and would be able to pick it up within a short amount of time. still waiting for news there. here the block box, the other one, the flight data recorder is in a lab.
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analysis has begun on that we talked to one of indonesia's top transport safeties. he told us the download on that should only take about an hour that is because of the condition of the black box was so good he said no outward damage from fire water or the impact itself. errol? >> i know it's still early, and of course it will take some time for information from both data recorders to be received and processed, but based on the way that the tale a portion of the tale was removed from the sea a short time ago. based on the small pieces that officials do have to look at what is the leading theory as to how this flight went down? >> there are a lot of theorys out there, he had one of the search and rescue officials saying, the plane exploded when it hit the water. exploded is a tricky word. i think search officials and investigators will agree the plane broke apart, that's what the evidence shows. whether it happened in the air or on the surface, one of the
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lead investigators telling us it is just too early to speculate. what do they have is those critical pieces of information the flight data recorder which will reveal answers to the questions. let's wait and see what the data actually says. >> very encouraging news. david live for us in a very rainy jakarta, indonesia this afternoon. thanks. to another story we're watching very closely. pope francis arrived for his week-long visit in sri lanka. they are struggling to emerge from the shadows of a decade's long civil war. >> the 21 gun salute along the
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lines of his message of reaching across religious lines, he will meet later with delegations from sri lanka's major religions. details on the hackingal a top u.s. military site. a turnout for an anti-islam rally in germany. what protesters are saying about last week's terror attacks in paris. stay with cnn. enthusiast. mmm, a perfect 177-degrees. and that's why this road warrior rents from national. i can bypass the counter and go straight to my car. and i don't have to talk to any humans, unless i want to. and i don't. and national lets me choose any car in the aisle. control. it's so, what's the word?... sexy. go national. go like a pro.
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no classified information was leaked when isis sympathizer sympathizers hacked their accounts. a series of tweets began monday afternoon. american soldiers we are coming watch your back isis. >> the account was suspended. centcom's youtube page was also apparently hacked about. >> this is something we're looking into and something we take seriously. however, i just -- a note of caution to folks as they're covering this story, it's a pretty significant difference between what is a large data breach and the hacking of a twitter account. >> the white house press secretary there and officials say it's too soon to know who's responsible for the hacking. >> joining us now from los
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angeles with more background on cyber attacks is kevin mitnik the ceo of he joins us now via skype as we said in 1992 you were the fbis most wanted hacker you refer to yourself as the world's most famous hacker how easy would it be for you to work out if it was isis that hacked into centcom's twitter account. >> you would have to do an incident response to inch vest gate to try to track back what ip address logged into twitter. hackers can make it look like it's coming from anywhere. it's really hard to tell, but they could hack this twitter account through simply guessing a pass ward all the way through exploiting a vulnerability in twitter. it's unknown at this time how the hackers broke in. what i could tell you is that
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the cyber command did use what we call two factor authentication. imagine logging into your twitter account and you put in your user name and password all of a sudden it will text you a message to your cell phone, with a six digit code and then you have to put in your six digit code before you can log in. it's extremely likely that centcom didn't enable this feature, which would have protected their twitter account. >> that is a shock in itself isn't it? >> yeah i mean it's a twitter account, it's like no big deal contrasts us -- with the hack into sony, and you contrast us with all the hacks into major businesses to steal millions and millions of credit cards, this is really -- it's really not such a big deal we don't know if it was isis that did the hack what it really sounds like
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was a bunch of juv nails that got the password to the twitter account and made it look like it was isis. have you to remember that if this was a real terrorist group, what they would do they would actually keep very quiet and be able to get this ongoing intelligence for months and years, they would never ever go on to twitter and announce they hacked in. the only time hackers do that -- >> you say it's not a big deal but whoever has done this scores major points just showing the world how easy it is to get in there. and presumably from there to say we can do it here we'll do it somewhere else. we'll get right into whether they can or whether they can't. for the public they think, that was quite a thing they just did.
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>> it's kind of misleading this is twitter. they could have had an easy to guess password. maybe they used a speer fishing attack to attack the person who uses the twitter account. >> it will be interesting to understand the investigation. what i'm doing, i'm not saying it's not a big deal, but when we contrast the hack of a twitter account with hacking sony where all their extremely confidential information was put out. the millions and millions of credit card numbers that were stolen from a number of major brands it makes the twitter hack look kind of minor in comparison. if it was a terrorist group that was behind it it would be important, but i have my doubts. i don't really know i have my doubts it was actually isis behind this. >> people are very much on edge the timing is unfortunate, whoever is behind it.
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kevin mitnik many thanks for you joining us. >> thank you for having me on your show. still to come for you here on cnn an anti-islam rally in germany draws a record crowd, just days before angela merkel is expected to attend a rally on religious tolerance. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] you wouldn't ignore signs of damage in your home. are you sure you're not ignoring them in your body? even if you're treating your crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis an occasional flare may be a sign of damaging inflammation. and if you ignore the signs, the more debilitating your symptoms could become. learn more about the role damaging inflammation may be playing in your symptoms with
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germany. police estimate some 25,000 people ttended an anti-islam rally. >> it was europeans against the islamization of the west. marchers waived the german national flag claiming solidarity with those killed in last week's terror attacks in paris. >> in the meantime, critics of the movement say protesters are taking advantage of a tragedy, trying to insight hatred against refugees and foreigners. >> they are carrying the french flag here they feel themselves to be preservers of the christian west, they are certainly no christians at all or hopefully not, obviously the muslim extremists haven't done themselves any favors. there's nothing we can do about it. >> monday's march comes a day
9:24 pm
before chancellor angela merkel are expected to join a muslim rally in berlin calling for the opposite of what we just saw there, calling for religious tolerance. >> the anti-ids lamb demonstrations have shaken the country's image of itself as open to the world and tolerant. bill black has more from drez din. >> the police say 25,000 organizers they put it around 40,000. either way, the biggest turnout for a movement that actually predates the attacks in paris, this is a crowd that's been rallying regularly, under the banner of being against what they believe is the islamization of the west. in particular europe it started a few months ago, they were getting hundreds then a few thousands, now here in dresdin. it's ballooned enormously. enormously popular movement has built up and they're regularly getting tens of thousands of
9:25 pm
people on the streets. they believe this was their biggest showing because of those attacks in paris. primary concerns are islam, generally. they believe that it is growing in influence out of proportion to its size in membership here in germany, they believe there are real concerns about muslim'sability to integrate within german society they have a lot of concerns about the immigration situation in this country. bringing muslims here far too easily. this movement has been criticize criticized by the german chancellor. the leaders have hatred in their hearts but tonight those leaders took to a stage before these tens of thousands of people and said that they were right to raise their concerns and that has been proven by those terror attacks in paris. it is a strong growing voice here strong growing movement but it is not a unanimous view.
9:26 pm
tens of thousands have been rallying against this movement. calling for greater tolerance, greater understanding toward immigrants toward muslims this is a divide that predates the events in paris, but it does appear those terror attacks have widened that divide in recent days. >> phil black reporting there, that anti-islam message in the streets in germany, such contrast to what we saw at that unity march in france nearly 4 million people across the country gathering together saying we stand united. >> which is the preferable response to a terror attack when the aim is to divide people. you see some people blaming peaceful muslims for the acts of a few extremists messages like we saw sent this sunday which is a very loud message. we will be more powerful together than being divided like that. let's turn to the weather
9:27 pm
now. major travel disruptions are in the works for parts of northwest europe as several winter storms move ashore. >> we know someone who can help our traveling viewers with your logistics. more on what to expect. what's the outlook. >> the setup is pretty rough, pretty wild across the northwest of europe i think this is going to be one of those weeks that puts the reasons in perspective of the infamous characters they have across the northwest of europe. even snow across some of these areas, we can see wind gusts toward the middle portion of the week up to hurricane force. for about 75 miles per hour the wet weather streaming in across northwestern portions of europe. look at the northeastern coastline. these are going to be speckled resembling fish scales. any time you see that a 2,000 kilometer is comparable from los angeles to houston texas.
9:28 pm
when you see this area you notice severe weather, possibility. instability in the atmosphere quite high. certainly going to be windy and cool in the next couple days as well. around the southern tier of the heavy rain. not only that isolated windses and tornds around the south of the u.k. a lot of people are surprised to hear that this region had the highest number of tornados for any location in the world for its small surface area or land area. about 45 to 50 tornados touched down across northwestern europe and the u.k. is comparable to the u.s. state of idaho. quite impressive to see 40 or so tornados every year. it's an outside shot. it's a forecast. the winds from amsterdam could also cause a few issues with fog causing issues around there as well. tuesday night into wednesday morning. higher elevations snow possible around brecken beak national
9:29 pm
park. look to the north, here comes another one. powerful storm system with blustery conditions across that region. this is something for the middle portion of the week. i want to leave you with impressive footage coming out of saudi arabia. pretty impressive sight to say the least. this is not far from saudi arabia. 1500 kilometers of riyhad. how about some snow across some of the higher elevations of northwestern saudi arabia. we'll have more news coming up shortly. riving along, having a perfectly nice day, when out of nowhere a pick-up truck slams into your brand new car. one second it wasn't there and the next second... boom! you've had your first accident. now you have to make your first claim. so you talk to your insurance company and... boom! you're blindsided for a second time. they won't give you enough money to replace your brand new car. don't those people know you're already shaken up? liberty mutual's new car replacement will pay for the entire value of your car plus depreciation. call and for drivers with accident
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like a gold-plated soybean. reliably fast internet starts at $69.95 a month. comcast business. built for business. we want to check the headlines for you this hour. a new show of defiance from the french satirical magazine attacked by terrorists last week. the cartoon depicting the prophet mohammed with a tear in his eye. >> in the meantime 18,000 additional soldiers and police are patrolling in france against any further terrorist attacks. government officials are casting doubt on a report from the ap that up to 6 suspects from last week's attack remain at large.
9:33 pm
>> searchers have recovered the cockpit voice recorder that crashed last month. divers called the first black box from the under water wreckage monday. indonesian search officials say the plane exploded after hitting the water based on an analysis of the debris. >> back to our top story now, the french prime minister tells cnn he doesn't believe the idea of the lone wolf in the paris attacks. for analysis on that and the ongoing investigation, we call upon our national security analysts bob bear who joins us now live to talk about all this. first of all, how strong do you think the links really are to aqap and anwar al alaki. after all, he was killed in
9:34 pm
number of years ago in a drone strike. >> i think that's a good point. so many of these groups depend on the strength of weak links. they get their orders off the internet. it doesn't matter who they swear allegiance to. the islamic state or aqap. and it makes them almost invulnerable at that point, but it's not a cohesive attack on the west but it's -- they can escape from security service when they do this. they don't want to be -- i have to call back to sana or pakistan to get orders, that's when they get caught. they communicate by courier or sometimes with prepaid cell phones. generally, they go out there and act on their own, and sunni islam you don't need an imam to tell you what to do or a leader you do what -- you figure it out. >> that makes this stage of the investigation that much more difficult when now officials are looking for those who will have
9:35 pm
known that this was happening. the french prime minister for example, manual bowles as he tells christiane amanpour was careful to say, there may be other accomplishes the inquiry continues. what's your view if there are people in france right now that could have valuable information authorities could use. >> i don't think they're going to find a big sell myself. that's -- i don't know that for sure. you know -- yesterday would have been good -- >> >> like a one off, like 9/11 the train bombings and on and on. a group gets together they evade the police carry out an attack but there's no -- you know what i would consider an offensive against the west. and these things, i think are just going to periodically happen. it could get worse if the civil war in the middle east between
9:36 pm
sunni and shiite and there's more drones than the rest of it really drive this into a full pledged conflict we could see it get worse. my first alarm is subsided at this point. >> and how much concern should we make of the remaining suspect? believed to be in syria. i mean is that a nonissue at this point? >> i think it was a nonissue from the beginning. i think she was simply the wife. and she knew what was going to happen and fled you know would she know about other cells? there's no evidence for it yet, and she probably got scared and got up and left. i mean her nonparticipation the attack on the nonkosher grocery store tells me she wanted no part of this she didn't intend to become a martyr. >> i want to get your reaction to information just into cnn. al qaeda's north african branch
9:37 pm
has issued a warning to france just hours it off a satirical magazine charlie hebdo, what would be its latest cover. i'll read you a statement published on jihadi websites right now. as long as its lame media continues to undermind our prophet foe hamed, france will expose itself to the worst and more. that coming into us here at cnn from al qaeda's north africa branch or wing or affiliate, if you can call it that. bob, what's your response to that? >> i think it's a call to the faithful to the self-recruited self-indoctrinated people that have obtained weapons. or for true believers to go out and attack the police or whatever i wouldn't be surprised if we saw more incidents of people driving people over with cars. or attacking policemen with hatchets like what happened in new york city. the days of 9/11.
9:38 pm
of a large scale attack it just -- i just don't see it and i could be absolutely wrong. but, you know let's wait and see. >> you are our security analyst, former cia operative, anyone who may be anxious at this hour you request take all that information coming into us. thanks for your insight here bob, we'll see you soon. >> errol, all four victims of the paris grocery attack will be laid to rest in israel in a few hours from now, their bodies were flown in from france a short time ago. israeli leaders are expected to attend the funerals in jerusalem. ian lee is there, he joins us now live with the latest. ian, this is of course a somber day for israel after days of tragedy and terror in paris, what's the scene there in jerusalem as the people of israel prepare to bury these four victims of the attack? >> you're right, rosemary it is a somber day here in jerusalem,
9:39 pm
the bodies arrived early morning hours to the airport just outside of tel aviv. they are transported to here in jerusalem, and the road that leads to the cemetery is lined with israeli and french flags. the ceremony. the funeral is going to take place around noon. that's 5:00 a.m. eastern time. we are expecting dozens of politicians and dignitaries, the israeli prime minister and president will be there. they'll be -- we're expecting quite a long service, there will be a lot of eulogies from different people. but really there day is about the friends and families saying good-bye to their loved ones. >> most definitely. ian, even before these heinous attacks, french jews had already been packing up and moving to israel fearing for their safety. and that number of departing french jews is expected to increase even more isn't it? with the prime minister
9:40 pm
netanyahu indeed welcoming anyone who decides that's what they want to do. >> we've seen a sharp increase in the number of french jus immigrating here to israel. in 2013 that number was 3400. last year it rose to 7,000 this year. they're expecting roughly 10,000 people. i was in ashdod a coastal city on the mediterranean, where a lot of these jews come from france and reside. i talked to one developer who also immigrated he's getting a lot of inquiries about apartments that he's building. talking to some of the residents there, many of them they came a couple weeks, a few months they did not feel safe in france any more there was a lot of blame to go around blaming the government for not providing enough security. saying there hasn't been done enough in society to make it so security isn't needed in the first place. one lady who i talked to told me
9:41 pm
that she wouldn't let her four children go outside unless they removed everything that identified them as being jewish. when i asked them about their family and relatives back in france they said that many of them are considering moving to israel. >> indeed and understandable under the conditions and circumstances that we've seen play out. ian lee reporting there live from jerusalem as we await a few hours from now, the funerals of those four victims from the attack there in the grocery store, the kosher grocery store. errol? >> the u.s. second of state john kerry is holding security talks in pakistan. he wrapped up a news conference in islam bads reporter michelle stockman is there and can bring us more details on kerry's visit. michelle we know the secretary of state gave pakistan some credit for its efforts battling militants. what else was just said?
9:42 pm
>> secretary kerry also said that the u.s. stands by the people of pakistan just as it stands by the people of france. both nations who have suffered very wounding terrorist attacks in the very recent past. this is an important message to pakistan. more than 130 school children were killed by taliban militants in a school massacre and this is a nation a u.s. ally in the fight on terrorism that feels it's made huge sacrifices in terms of lives lost in being a u.s. ally. that's an important message from secretary kerry. and looking at what's going-forward for pakistan there is an action plan that has been passed right after the attacks. and the prime minister said in that the country is committed to root out extremist groups. he even made a distinction saying there will be no difference between good taliban and bad taliban. that has been a demand of the
9:43 pm
u.s. for some time that the pakistani nation goes after all terrorist groups. senator kerry -- connect kerry also mentioned that in his speech that there should be no distinction. finally, secretary kerry said that looking ahead to the u.s. pullout from afghanistan. that the u.s. is not leading the region, but it's role will change in the region it will stay committed to helping pakistan in its counter terrorism efforts. >> we know that the statements go a long way to try to control the narrative, but the fact of the matter,the relationship between the united states and pakistan has been fraught since the killing of osama bin laden, the issue of information sharing, and the like. do you get the sense that that's a relationship that's improving or at the very least that that's what this trip is about? >> you know there has been a rocky relationship between the u.s. and pakistan dating back
9:44 pm
from post 9/11. we've seen after this attack, there has been a huge amount of outpouring of support, and it looks like the u.s. is pleased with the efforts that pakistan is showing, that it's making to crackdown on extremists there, supportive of high level talks, visits between top level officials in afghanistan and pakistan so it looks like it is going-forward. >> appreciate your insight. joining us this morning from pakistan. thanks very much. we're going to take a short break. still to come camaroon says boko haram was attacked. by the top minds in brain science. find more real possibilities at
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government officials in careroon say their army killed 143 militants who tried to storm a military base. that attack happened in the early hours of monday in the northern town just across the border from nigerian. one soldier died in that incident officials say the toll was the heaviest loss yet suffered by boko haram. >> this comes after a deadly blast of nigerian markets over the weekend. boko haram is suspected in at least one of those attacks.
9:48 pm
>> unhads of bodies remain strewn in bagaf from what's being called the deadliest massacre in the history of boko haram. a lot happening, let's bring in diana with more on the group's escalating violence. they've conducted a series of attacks over the last few years. the most recent attacks in which children were possibly used and got these casualty numbers as well. talk to us about what we know about what happened there the past week. >> let's start with this attack and what eyewitnesss are saying happened. in the early hours of saturday militants came into the town and 16 surrounding villages burned them to the ground unloading them from motorbikes chasing villages into the bush and burning them alive in their
9:49 pm
homes. this killing rampage lasted for days. the death toll varies widely depending on who you speak to some put it at hundreds others possibly as high as 2,000. that's why we're getting this quote of being boko haram's deadliest total. if it is closer to 2,000 as some have put it it would be the deadliest to date. bodies littering the ground. it's been impossible. there's a key military base in the town which used to occupied by multinational forces. they pulled out before christmas, so it was just occupied by nigerians and the nigerian military couldn't put up enough of a battle to stop boko haram carrying out this bloody rampage in the area
9:50 pm
which is right in the northeast of nigeria, just by the shores of lake chad as a result of those few days of violence thousands of people have fled into western chad. 20,000 have fled to the regional capital. and there are thousands more or hundreds more at least. apparently stranded in islands on lake chad. over last weekend. there were various other attacks. and i think it's important to mention that they were in towns along this very important route that goes from dogery down to abouja. this is the key route linking the northeast to the capital a third of that route was where attacks took place. a 10-year-old girl had explosives strapped to her chest. she was detonated remotely. as she tried to enter a
9:51 pm
marketplace with 20 people killed in that attack. and boko haram is believed to be behind it. on sunday two other girls used as suicide bombers one also just a teenager in a town a little further southwest a terrible week of carnage by boko haram, and this is just weeks before nigeria's presidential elections are set to begin. >> it's beyond comprehension. one witness said he was able to hide for three days before he left his village and saw bodies for miles. we will keep you posted on what happens in nigeria. we'll stay with you, we'll have more after this short break.
9:52 pm
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fifa has awarded cristiano ronaldo the babbon d'or for the fourth straight year. >> after 12 months of controversy. it makes it a nice change to be here. talking about great players not politics.
9:55 pm
>> it's the best. >> ronaldo. >> hope you're messing -- >> ronaldo. >> the fans may have been divide divided, you have to say it was a thoroughly well deserved second ballon d'or. after a year he held real madrid to that record 10 european crown, beating off messi and germany's gold cup winning goal keeper. >> should the winner of that trophy be a world cup winner in a world cup year? >> i think it's the best goal keeper in the world, no question about that. >> he deserves all the praise he gets. he's not doing anything. difficult and spectacular. i think he is the heartbeat and the megastar of this real madrid side and he's led them for many
9:56 pm
years to this peak they're at. he deserved this victory. >> german success was recognized with kessler taking home the women's world player of the year award and the men's coach of the year alongside callamon who took the award for women's coach of the year. colombia's rodrigez won the gold gong for the fantastic efforts in the world cup second round against uruguay. the party continues long into the night here in zurich it won't go on for long come tuesday for all the winners. it's back down to the business of winning this season's silverware. cnn, zuric. >> very cool. college football in the u.s. has a new champion. the ohio state university buckeyes defeated the university of oregon ducks by a score of 42-20. now, this game is a milestone. because it's the first time a
9:57 pm
champion came by way of a newly instituted playoff system. congrats to ohio state. that does it for me i will see you an hour from now. >> i'll be back after this short break with the latest from france. do stay with us. thanks. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] fedex® has solutions to enable global commerce that can help your company grow steadily and quickly. great job. (mandarin) ♪ ♪
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hello, everyone you are watching cnn. i'm rosemary church. just ahead this hour. we are live in paris with new details on the suspects behind last week's massacre. survivors of the attack reviewsed to back down. the cartoonists have new material. a major breakthrough in the air asia crash investigation. we're live in jakarta to see what searchers have discovered. we're live in the sri lanka capital where pope francis is making an appeal for peace and reconciliation.