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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  January 13, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PST

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terror alert in france. overnight, new threats from al qaeda. officials not taking any chances. deploying thousands of troops to protect jewish schools and institutions. investigators hunting for terrorists on the run. this happening as the world mourns and says good-bye to several victims of last week's deadly attacks. we are live. welcome to "early start." i'm christine romans. nice to see you this morning. it is 4:00 in the east. 10:00 here in paris.
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welcome to viewers around the world. this morning, france at the highest terrorist alert level, i should say. at least 10,000 soldiers and 8,000 police officers deployed across the country. 4,000 at jewish synagogues and schools alone trying to stop the attacks the city saw last week that saw 17 people debtad. the report in the associated report. a terror cell active. members still at large. overnight, a new threat from al qaeda north africa branch. they posted on the internet. today, france pays the cost. it mentions the coalition fighting isis. it talks about france's lame media undermining our prophet.
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the terrorists initial target "charlie hebdo" they have not been stopped. the surviving members of the magazine have a new issue at the ready. it ships today. once again, the prophet muhammad is on the cover. joining me to talk about the latest is jim bittermann. let's talk about the new threat from al qaeda. north africa and mali. in a sense, it is new, but going on for a while. >> reporter: it has been john. the fact the french have been in mali since 2013. a large number of troops there to help support the government to help al qaeda against north africa threat. these have been under these threats from various anonymous sources all along. this one today, in connection with what happened here of course takes on a different tone than the previous one. the fact is they know they are under threat. the prime minister said they are
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under threat. >> reporter: you can ignore nothing. the surviving members have been preparing a new issue. >> reporter: they went to a newspaper here called "liberation." they have been working last week with the computers and printers there and come up with an edition which will be just as daring as all the others they put out here. it depicts the prophet muhammad on the cover and has prophet wearing a sign "i am charlie." the banner overhead says all is forgiven. it will be just as daring and probably provocative as everything else. >> reporter: jim, the enormous uptick in violence i'm told by officials here this cannot be
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sustained indefinitely. >> reporter: it should be said these are additional troops to what have been on the streets since 2003 in that area. they declared the high level of terrorist alert. they put army on the troop on the streets at this point. they had them on the streets since. this is 10,000 new troops. they now have more troops serving in france on the streets because of the terrorist threats than overseas. >> reporter: shows you the complications facing the country right now. this as the investigation goes on. jim bittermann thanks so much. now the police the associated press is reporting the idea that there could be members of a terror cell on the loose here. officials worried. the french prime minister says he believes the attack kosher supermarket attack had accomplices. three of the terrorists behind the attacks, kouachi brothers and coulibaly are now dead.
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coulibaly's girlfriend hayat boumeddiene, she is on the run right now. believed to be in syria. as i said the french prime minister says they could not have launched attacked without help. operational help. financial help. there is fear that many of these people could still be operating in this country. let's get a look now on the investigation and on the concerns that there could still be people at large. let's bring in eric mclaughlin in paris with me. >> reporter: hi john. that's right. french prime minister saying he has no doubt there was some network at play. now it is a matter of tracking down the accomplices. he pointed to last week a number of arrests were made. he says the government is now doing everything it can to dismantle what appears to be a larger network. meanwhile, there is new surveillance footage from turkey and istanbul airport showing
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26-year-old hayat boumeddiene, the girlfriend of the kosher supermarket attacker checking in. authorities now say they believe they tracked her last known location to an area near the syrian border. she is believed to have passed through syria. she arrived, they say in turkey five days before the ""charlie hebdo" attacks. experts say if she reached isis it will be difficult to do that. they are also expressing concerns about her potential propaganda value. for now, the focus very much being on determining what if any connections these men had to larger terror networks. john. >> reporter: there are reports this morning, cnn reporting the suspects, the kouachis and coulibaly met with the same recruiter in 2009 in this
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country. you saw the picture of hayat boumeddiene entering turkey. she had a man with her. who is that man? interesting questions facing this country right now. erin, our thanks to you. happening now, the bodies of the four french jews killed in the attack on the kosher supermarket are in jerusalem. set to be buried at a funeral that begins in just about an hour. the prime minister benjamin netanyahu agreed that they be buried in the holy city. cnn's atika shubert joins us live from the cemetery. >> reporter: good morning, john. many are filing in. many from the french speaking community here in israel. we have seen a number of family members arriving. clearly overwhelmed and distraught. we expect the funeral to get underway in an hour. the prime minister will attend as will the president. this is a state funeral.
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unusual to grant a state funeral to civilians. it goes to show the impact this attack has had on many people here. as part of the ceremony we will hear from leading rabbis and read from the book of psalms and light candles for family members they lost in the attack. they will conclude with the burial and go to the site. we do expect that to get underway in an hour. we expect possibly thousands of people to attend. that's how much of an impact this has had here in israel. john. >> reporter: really an international outpouring of support. atika shubert, thanks so much. there will be a memorial service today for the three members of the police force killed in paris. that will be attended by president francois hollande.
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homeland security secretary jeh johnson will have the department enhance the security levels at federal buildings. secretary johnson calls the measures precautionary. he adds there is no specific credible intelligence of an attack planned. they are just increasing their general posture of alertness. back to christine in new york. christine, i know there are questions more than in the united states than in france about why the u.s. did not send more senior leadership to the march here on sunday. the white house has a response now. that's right, john. it was, i would say a crescendo of controversy here of the president or vice president or secretary of state not being there for the unity rally. in a rare admission of or the obama administration said it made a mistake failing to send a higher ranking official to the rally on sunday. more than 40 world leaders
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joined more than half a million parisians. the highest level was jane hartley. jim acosta has more. >> reporter: christine, the white house did something extraordinary. they made a mistake and not sending a top official to paris for the march. officials won't say who got it wrong. only the decision on which to send to the rally was not made by the president. josh ernest refusing to say why jane hartley was the highest ranking official. bruyn we should have sent someone with a higher profile. that said there is no doubt that the american people and this administration stand behind our allies in france. >> reporter: the white house had options with the secretary of state in india and eric holder
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in paris. the president was at the white house and biden at home in wilmington. the white house suggested the security needs made the trip to paris difficult. the secret service should have pulled it off. the agency was not asked for notified about a trip. it would have been a challenge, but he did not say it was impossible. jim, thank you. "charlie hebdo" is ready to put out a new issue. the cover released overnight. showing the cartoon of the prophet muhammad with the sign "je suis charlie." it includes the words all is forgiven. cnn and others have chosen not to show the "charlie hebdo" of the prophet. the magazine is not backing down. the new issue on sale tomorrow will be eight pages instead of the usual 16. circulation will be huge. about 3 million copies. the magazine was able to publish
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the issue with help of rival publications and donations. we are covering latest on the paris terror attacks all morning long. breaking news for the search of airasia flight 8501. both black boxes found. both black boxes out of the water. this as divers find the main wreckage of the plane. we are live with the latest on 8501. plus one person killed and dozens more hospitalized as smoke fills a d.c. subway. that is next.
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happening now. france remains on edge this morning at highest level of alert after the attacks that left 17 dead last week. 10,000 troops 8,000 police on the streets across the country. investigations underway trying to connect the terror attackers to terror cells french officials believe are still active. this morning, the issue of the magazine the attackers tried to stop "charlie hebdo" is on the way to news stands with the cartoon of the prophet muhammad on its cover. turning now to breaking news to the bottom of the java sea. divers recovered the black box and main fuselage. it was located northeast of the tail section. the second black box from airasia. the cockpit voice recorder buried beneath a mangled wing. these are huge developments for
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investigators trying to figure out what brought in jetliner down. i want to bring in david molko. he is tracking the latest from jakarta, indonesia. both of the black boxes have been recovered. still have to recover the bodies david. >> reporter: christine, the pieces of the puzzle finally starting to come together. let's be clear who is saying. this a senior search and rescue official. his name is cipriati. he has been in front of the cameras where they have been staging ships and helicopters. he is saying quote, divers have found it, the fuselage in a location northeast to where we found the tail. i have not received the full report on this yet. he is saying they have found the main body of the plane. of course that is where it is believed many of the passengers and crew are on board and trapped. we are trying to follow-up on this with transport safety
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investigators and military and anyone else on the frontline who may have information or pictures of the sea floor. the cockpit voice recorder now on the way back to jakarta. a second piece of information with the flight data recorder we saw come back yesterday. i spoke to one of the top investigators for the national transportation safety committee today. he said that flight data recorder is in great condition. doesn't appear to have damage from fire or water. no cracks that would let saltwater in. he said that could have been downloaded in a couple of hours. we will see what happens as investigators begin to piece together what may have happened. the big news christine, of course, the potential discovery of the fuselage according to one official. christine. >> david molko in jakarta. thank you for that. isis is claiming responsibility for a cyber
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attack that took over the twitter and youtube accounts of the central command. officials suspended both sites and scrambling to determine who is behind the breach. our pentagon correspondent barbara starr has more. >> reporter: christine, the pentagon is making the point whoever conducted the hack attack against the twitter and youtube sites had no classified information by doing the attacks. those are on commercial servers and the classified systems remain secure. or at least the pentagon hopes so. the messages were disturbing. many aimed right at u.s. military troops. one of them saying american soldiers we are coming. watch your back. we know everything about you. your wives, your children. another round of threats from people who claim to be associated with isis. there were also documents posted online.
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none marked classified. one marked official use only. it had information about the locations and addresses and phone numbers of key military personnel. so it is a concern. what officials say the bottom line is right now in today's world, once again, warning the troops just like the rest of us to be very careful about what they post online. christine. >> barbara starr, thank you. a chicago area teenager faces arraignment for allegedly trying to travel overseas to join isis. the 19-year-old was arrested at o'hare airport in october. he was about to leave for vienna en route to turkey. he was preparing to meet with an operative to transport him to syria. and accused boston bomber marathon dzhokhar tsarnaev has a
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friend charged with lying to the fbi. a hearing is scheduled, but the deal is not including a deal with dzhokhar tsarnaev. the fbi and officials investigating a deadly smoke scare in the washington, d.c. subway. hundreds of people evacuated when the smoke filled the six-car train at the metro station. one person died. 80 others taken to hospitals. two in critical condition this morning. passengers say the situation was pure chaos. >> a lot of people vomiting sick i feel sick. we don't know what it was. >> there was no oxygen. people start panicking and hitting the floor. >> i had the stocking cap breathing through it. other people were breathing through their jackets. >> still no word on what caused all that smoke. one fatality and two in critical condition. the keystone oil pipeline bill passing the first hurdle in the senate and moving lawmakers
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a step closer to a veto showdown with the white house. vote for construction of the pipeline included 11 democratic supporters. the bill passed the house last week. supporters hope to win final passage next week and have it sent to the president who has threatened a veto. it is looking more like mitt romney will make a third run at the presidency in 2016. romney reportedly taking steps to reassemble his team and call for supporters and donors. romney has reached signals to seek the republican nomination in 2016. paul ryan says he is not running for president. ryan says he is at peace with the decision he made weeks ago and just announced monday. he is a nine-term congress member. he can make more of a difference in the house ways and means committee than republican presidential contender. new terror attacks in
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africa. boko haram slaughtering hundreds possibly thousands of people in the largest massacre yet. what we are learning this morning about that next.
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john berman live in paris. i'm standing outside the offices of "charlie hebdo." the magazine brutally attacked
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one week ago. you can see the u.s. ambassador to france jane hartley. she is at the site and laid the flowers at the memorial. there is a parisian official here showing her exactly what happened. pointing her to the key locations in the neighborhood where the attack was staged. where the police officer was killed on the street and where the car drove off after the attacks. so many people have come to this location over the last few days to pay respects. still bringing flowers. this is a growing organic memorial here on the streets of paris. of course, the ambassador's visit comes amid controversy. of course the obama administration was criticized domestically and also here in france for not sending a higher official to the huge unity rally here in paris. nearly 1.5 million people on the
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streets here. ambassador hartley is coming to our camera now. we will get a chance to ask her questions right now. ambassador, john berman with cnn. thank you for coming. >> absolutely. >> this is your first visit to the "charlie hebdo" since the attack. >> yes. >> what is your feeling? >> it is overwhelming. i marched in the parade yesterday. i saw the emotion of millions of people in paris and france. it did remind me a bit of our 9/11 and the shock that anything like this could happen. i'm here today to show my respects. respects to the brave people that died and our commitment to freedom and freedom of the press. >> our commitment to fighting terror no doubt, as well. do you have any updates on the investigation itself? there have been reports. the associated press reports concerns of members of a terror
1:27 am
cell. prime minister said he has concerns. do you have any information. >> i don't have any specific information. our governments are working closely together. one thing that has even strengthened during this time is our cooperation. i know we are working together and i know that that will continue. that is a positive. >> we heard president hollande thank president obama for the statements after the attack. there was a diplomatic snafu, if you will. the white house apologizing for the president and vice president and first lady not here for the rally. you marched in the rally. have you conveyed the message that the press secretary did yesterday that they wish they had sent perhaps a higher level official? >> you know, i marched and i
1:28 am
spoke to president hollande before the march. he was so positive about the u.s. and about our president going over to the french embassy and thanked us for everything that we had done. i have been in contact. they know our support. to be honest with you, i did not get into the logistics. i did march behind him. it was moving to see the french government march arm in arm. >> you have not been asked to convey the message that the white house press secretary did yesterday they regret not having sent someone else. >> no. >> this issue as far as you are concerned is over and done with? >> it is not my issue. >> right. it is the white house issue. you did march. what is your role going to be here over the next few days and weeks? >> well i'm going to the memorial right now for the slain policemen. secretary kerry is coming in as
1:29 am
well. we will be meeting again with key people in the french government. it is the same as it has been. i'm staying in touch with the people in the government. they have been fantastic to work with and we will continue working hard and honoring the victims. >> ambassador thank you so much for being with us. i'm sure the people here appreciate you coming by this memorial. >> i'm so sorry. >> nice to see you. >> thank you. >> so you hear the u.s. became u.s. ambassador to france jane hart hartley is here at the memorial. she is heading to the memorials for the three slain police officers. the u.s. has apologized it has not send the president or vice president or secretary of state. she has not been asked to convey that message herself to the
1:30 am
french leader. she is not involved in that process, per se. the mourning process in france and paris does continue. we'll be back with more news from here in paris and more news back in the united states. stay with us. can this decadent, fruit topped pastry... ...with indulgent streusel crumble, be from... fiber one. fiber one streusel.
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terror alert in france. new warnings overnight from al qaeda as the country deploys thousands of troops to keep schools and jewish institutions safe. hunting for terror cells. we are live in paris bringing you the new information this morning. welcome back to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> and i'm john berman in paris. it is about 31 minutes past the hour right now. we are standing outside the memorial at "charlie hebdo." the satirical magazine attacked a week ago. the u.s. ambassador to france jane hartley came to this spot
1:34 am
and laid a wreath herself. the mourning period here in france still very much continuing. even that as the investigation continues as to who exactly was behind these attacks. was it more than the three men who were killed here last week? france this morning is at its highest terror level alert. at least 10,000 soldiers 8,000 police officers deployed to sites across the country. they want to stop the possibility of another attack like the ones that happened here that left 17 people dead. a memorial service beginning in a few minutes for the french police force killed in the attacks. the mourning process does continue. the associated press reports they worry there could be an active terror cell still in the country. its members still at large. overnight, there was a new threat against france from al qaeda's north africa branch. they posted today, france pays the cost.
1:35 am
the post mentions french participation. it talks about the french media what they call the lame media underpinning our prophet. the terrorists initial target "charlie hebdo" has not been stopped. the surviving members of the magazine put together a new issue which will be released overnight and on the stands tomorrow. once again, the prophet muhammad is on the cover. joining me now with all the new developments is our senior correspondent jim bittermann. jim, we saw the ambassador here. there was a new terror threat overnight from al qaeda in north africa. >> reporter: you were on the air, but i don't know if you noticed, the police tensed up when she came on. they are wearing the very thick bulletproof vests with a plate that will stop kalashnikov
1:36 am
bullets. they have sub machine guns they are carrying around right now. >> traffic cops heavily armed. >> reporter: they are taking this seriously, as well they should. they had three of their number cut down in the last week. three police men killed. we will see an homage to the three killed later on today. in any case they taking it seriously. the reports this morning that afp is reporting that a frenchman was arrested in bulgaria with some connection with this. maybe on his way to turkey or on to syria. we are not sure. a lot of vagueness about that. there was the overnight report that you mentioned where ap was saying there were six people actively sought. basically we heard from the prime minister yesterday this is not necessarily they are after specific people. they want everybody that may have any connection at all that can give them some leads on to
1:37 am
any further activity by these terrorist cells. they are going after everything. using phone contacts and phone records and travel records and that sort of thing to field out who may be plotting something new. >> tapping something happening on two fronts. terror alert level raising. we saw with the police heavily armed with the special armor. the prime minister making clear they do believe there were accomplices. whether they had their eye on specific people, that is less clear for us. >> reporter: at this point, they probably do have specifics, but will not tell us about it. when they are ready to tell us they will photograph like they did last week. they will have names and photographs and say we are looking for these guys. they are not at that stage. >> jim, thanks so much. i want to talk more about the investigation and the word from the associate press of fears of a terror cell still at work
1:38 am
here. the three terrorists behind the attacks the kouachi brothers and coulibaly are now dead. coulibaly's partner, his girlfriend hayat boumeddiene, she is on the run. the french prime minister says the territory terrorists could not have done this without help. specifically financial help. operational help. could there still be members of that group still operating here in france right now and most importantly and could they still be a threat? this as investigators try to connect all of the threads. the western intelligence source the kouachis and coulibaly have now been directly connected to al qaeda's top recruiter in europe. that is a man in and out of french custody. both coulibaly and kouachis appear to have met specifically with this man. let's bring in erin mclaughlin in our paris bureau. she has been looking at these threads in the investigation. good morning, erin.
1:39 am
>> reporter: good morning, john. that is right. french prime minister saying the priority of the government right now looking for any accomplices to last week's terror attacks. he noted they already made arrests last week. the priority very much being dismantling what seems to be a larger network. meanwhile, new footage dated january 2nd from istanbul turkey. the airport showing the 26-year-old fugitive and girlfriend of the kosher supermarket attacker hayat boumeddiene passing through the airport with a male companion. turkish authorities spotted her and they were not tipped off at that point. they managed to track her to an area near the turkish/syrian border. it is believed she has crossed over. unclear if she is in fact with
1:40 am
isis. french authorities vowed to bring her to justice. if she has reached isis. it will be difficult to accomplish that. they expressed concerns about her propaganda value. the focus in france very much determining the nature of any connections these perpetrators may have to larger terror organizations. we know that the kouachi brothers one of the kouachi brothers trained with an affiliate in yemen. we saw the video of the kosher market attacker coulibaly, pledging authority to isis. these are things authorities are looking into right now. john. >> one question is who was that man in the video we just saw with hayat boumeddiene and what role did he play or might he have played. what is his relationship to the various people involved. erin i appreciate it. happening right now, the
1:41 am
bodies of the four french jews killed in the terror attacks on the kosher supermarket here arrived in jerusalem this morning. they are set to be buried in a funeral that begins in under an hour. the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu agreed to the families that they be buried in the holy city. we have cnn's atika shubert joining us now from the cemetery. good morning, atika. >> reporter: good morning, john. i believe the coffins have just arrived to the site here. the funerals are expected in a half hour. dignitaries have arrived. family members have been seated. the mayor of jerusalem is here as well as france's chief rabbi. what we expect to happen is that when we hear the master of ceremonies is just getting people seated. we expect to hear is from the prime minister benjamin netanyahu. we also expect to hear from
1:42 am
israel's president. we also will see the families light a candle for each of the victims. there will be prayers as well as readings from the book of psalms from the rabbis and the families will walk to the site where their loved ones will be buried. already we are seeing an outpouring of people from israel here. hundreds of people have arrived. many of them from the french speaking jewish community here in israel. it goes to show how much of an impact this attack has had on people here so far away. >> atika, it is remarkable to see the grief here in paris now traveling to jerusalem where you are. atika shubert, thank you for being with us. we have breaking news where i'm standing here outside of office of "charlie hebdo." the u.s. ambassador to france jane hartley visited a few minutes ago laying a wreath.
1:43 am
after she did that she came and spoke to me. we talked about the decision by the administration not to send a higher level official to the march. a decision the white house now says they regret. listen to what she said. >> well you know i marched and i spoke to president hollande right before the march and he was so positive about the u.s. and about our president going over to the french embassy and thanked us for everything that we had done. i had been in contact through these days. i think they know our support. i did not get into the logistics. i did march behind him. it was very moving to see the french government march arm in arm. >> the white house of course now says josh ernest says the white house regrets not sending a higher level official to the march. the ambassador told me she has not been asked to convey any
1:44 am
additional regret herself for the fact the white house did not send anyone else. as far as she is concerned, that matter is over and done. she is off to another memorial for the three police officers killed in the days of terror here. >> john i think the story about the supposed snub by the white house really was a bigger deal here than there. in france in paris, you have mourning grieving and a major investigation underway. a bigger story in the u.s. >> the french people you talk to you get a mix of opinions. they say we have enough to worry about without worrying about you and what you did or did not do. you being the americans. i think there were members of the french government who perhaps had a raised eyebrow. i think as time goes on as that iconic picture of 40 world leaders in a line there is reprinted and is part of world history and culture, you know
1:45 am
president obama will never been part of that picture. vice president joe biden will never been part of that picture. that fact will resonate here and the united states. >> john, i'm holding up the daily news. the picture is "terror, what terror?" the president holding a san antonio spurs jersey. that is who he met with yesterday. a day after the rest of the world leaders all together in paris for unity. it is an image that is top of mind here in the u.s. this morning. we will see how that goes. an apology was a wrong move. that is what josh ernest said. john thanks. we will follow the latest on the paris terror attacks all morning long. breaking news in the search for airasia flight 8501. we are live with that right after the break.
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that's a $29 value. ♪ or go to try lifelock risk-free for 60 days and get this document shredder free -- a $29 value -- when you use promo code go. call now. happening now. france remaining on edge this morning at its highest level of alert. following the terror that left 17 dead. 10,000 troops and another 8,000 police on the streets across the country. this morning, the u.s. ambassador to france laid a wreath in front of the "charlie hebdo." investigators trying to connect the terror attackers to terror cells that french officials believe are active. the new issue of the magazine the attackers tried to stop
1:49 am
"charlie hebdo" is on the way to news standing across france and has a cartoon of the prophet muhammad on its cover. turning to breaking news to the bottom of the java sea, investigators found the fuselage at the bottom of the sea. the divers recovering the second black box. the cockpit voice recorder buried beneath a mangled wing. david molko tracking the latest developments for us live from jakarta, indonesia. important clue for investigators now. both of those recorders, black boxes are in their hands. >> reporter: christine, that is right. a major breakthrough with the cockpit voice recorder out of the water. let's paint the picture. the senior search and rescue official. he has been in front of the
1:50 am
cameras and on the other side of the java sea where they are staging the helicopters and ships. he is saying divers located the fuselage. we continue to try to get more information from him and other authorities. the transport investigators and military. those are the front lines. at this point, they have located the fuselage. christine, that is so important because it is believed that is where the remainder of the passengers and crew are on board. their bodies are resting with that wreckage. the body count has said at 48 for the past several days. they continue to identify remains. two more identified today. including one of the flight attendants. oscar desano. 36 total identified. briefly to mention the cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder. flight data recorder here in jakarta in the lab. the cockpit voice recorder on the way. we talked to a transport investigators. he said things are looking good.
1:51 am
especially with the first black box. it is looking good. they could begin to piece this puzzle together. he said the flight data recorder will tell us what happened and the voice recorder will tell us why. christine. >> thank you, david. 51 minutes past the hour. boko haram unleashing the deadliest attack in africa. new details coming up right after the break.
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this next story is difficult to imagine. imagine the scope of this. survivors of the large scale attack in nigeria say boko haram slaughtered civilians with no care. just unbelievable slaughter. endured days of violence at the hands of militants. local officials say death tolls range from the hundreds up to 2,000 people. for more on the bloodshed, i want to get more from diana magnay. it is really hard to understand what could be the motivation for just senseless brutal slaughter of hundreds of people. >> reporter: it's devastating
1:55 am
when you listen to what eyewitnesses said what happened. boko haram came in with rocket propelled grenades and took motor bikes off trucks and chased people into the bush and killed them. they burned them alive in their homes. they destroyed 16 villages and burning them to the ground. this violence went on for days. it is astonishing, but it is just an uptick in the violence that boko haram has been waging on the civilians of northeast nigeria for five years now. we saw an attack of various suicide bombings over the weekend carried out by children. a girl as young and 10 years old had explosives strapped to her chest which detonated in the market in the capital of borno province. further south, the nigerian
1:56 am
military did manage to repel boko haram militants from taking over a city. what we are seeing is the nigerian military making some headway against militants, but militants taking sways against the borders in northeastern nigeria. they attacked a base in cameroon. the cameroonian government managed to push back the militants and caused heavy casualties. all of this comes close to the presidential nigerian elections set for february 14th. the military says the death toll is far lower than what eyewitnesses have been telling us. the president hasn't mentioned the massacre north of the country. >> witnesses who said the government turned and walked away. new terror threats targeting
1:57 am
francis the country steps up security following the deadly attacks. we are back live in paris next. huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know you that former pro football player ickey woods will celebrate almost anything? unh-uh. number 44... whoooo! forty-four, that's me! get some cold cuts... get some cold cuts... get some cold cuts! whooo! gimme some! geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. whoo! forty-four ladies, that's me! whoo...gonna get some cold cuts today!
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terror alert in france. overnight, new threats from al qaeda. the country not taking any chances. deploying thousands of troops to protect jewish schools and institutions. investigators hunting for terrorists on the run. this happening as the world mourns and says good-bye to several victims of the deadly attacks. we are live with the development this morning. good morning. welcome to "early start." i'm christine romans. nice to see you. >> i'm john berman live in paris this morning. it is tuesday, january 13th. it is 5:00 in the east in the united states. france is at its highest terror alert level. 10,000 soldiers 8,000 police officers and 4,000 just to protect jewish institutions and


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