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tv   New Day  CNN  January 14, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PST

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massacre. we have complete coverage for you, let's begin with senior international correspondent nick payton walsh in beirut. nick? >> this video, 12 minutes in length lays out the command structure as they claim in detail. it refers to how the head of al qaeda was involved in giving instructions and the operational command was carried out by an american a now-deceased american anwar al awlaki killed by an air strike in 2011. it refers to the kouachi brothers as heroes but it doesn't mention that amedy coulibaly, was one of those, purely a coincidence, good fortune, they say. what is interesting to note that lac lac, anwar al awlaki who was killed three years ago, so potentially kouachi brothers has been intimated by yemeni and u.s. and
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french officials, if awlaki did mastermind investigators trying to investigate the claims made in the video. the interesting part is they don't claim coulibaly, who gave allegiance to isis he attacked the kosher grocery store. intimations of al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. perhaps trying to claim more of the spotlight of aqap. >> one question if the brothers if one of the brothers did use the other brother's passport was that possible just because they looked alike? >> they do look comparatively similar.
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obviously you have to ask yourself quite what level of scrutiny is given of border crossings, when someone does something like that the issue being that the younger brother may have used the older's passport. said had made multiple trips to yemen, starting in 2009. the underwear bomber who tried to blow himself up in christmas 2009 on a plane to detroit. said had been to yemen many times, perhaps potentially that made it easier maybe had a multi-entry visa for cherif to use his passport to go in. >> so many dots to connect in the aftermath. nick payton walsh, thank you. the new issue of "charlie hebdo" on sale quickly selling out around paris, one week to the day after masked terrorists
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tried to silence the exercise of free expression. new video captures the attackers moments after the massacre at "charlie hebdo." the now-dead brothers are seen celebrating on the street a mere reflection of their depravity. look at the calm the he's of the weapon and their know-how just before opening fire on police this is a window into the threat that foreign training provides let's get more from john berman live in paris, good morning, john. >> good morning, chris, were you standing right where i am right now. and the video depicts this area not even 100 yards behind me. so it is eerie to see those pictures that dramatic new view. the new issue of "charlie hebdo" on the stands we went to newsstands all around the city we couldn't get our hands on one. there are lines of 100 people at the newsstands everyone being turned away all the issues all the copies were presold, there's that much interest. and today, more than any day
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i've seen yet, there's an enormous security presence on the streets. even before the news that al qaeda in the arabian peninsula taking credit for the attacks, perhaps having to do with the release of the new issue of "charlie hebdo" with the prophet mohammed on the cover again today. chilling new video captures terrorists cherif and said kouachi, moments after they carried out the horrific attack on the offices of "charlie hebdo." the video reveals one of the terrorists shouting -- we have avenged the prophet mohammed. just outside the magazine's offices. the gunmen reload their automatic weapons before slipping into their getaway car and start driving down a narrow road. lights flashing a police cruiser blocks their path. the hooded gunmen get out of their car and open fire. >> they're cold-blooded killers, they're calm cool collected.
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they go about their business. that just shows you what we are up against. >> hours later, the brothers rob a gas station 50 miles northeast of paris. these surveillance images show what appears to be an rpg, rocket-propelled launcher strapped to the side of the brothers as they steal gas and food. >> how they held their weapons, suggested that they had some kind of formal training. >> it was known that the older brother, cherif moved in jihadist circles. in 2008 he went on trial for his involvement in a network smuggling islamist fighters to iraq. in this newly uncovered video from the moments just after his conviction cherif tells a reporter quote, we are just young kids from the suburbs, that is all, we get passionate we talk like this but there is nothing more. investigators are now taking a look at the money trail, trying to find out how the brothers
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financed their trips to yemen and how the terrorists got their high-powered weapons. >> what we've been able to accumulate over the last six days sarksis a tremendous amount of data. >> three million copies of "charlie hebdo's" new issue hit the newsstands this morning. already sold out at markets across paris. prior to the release, one of the surviving cartoonists known as luze held a press conference at times, his emotions overwhelmed him. reflecting on the motive behind the bloodshed, luze said the terrorists were once kids, they drew like us then one day they perhaps lost their sense of humor, perhaps their child soul. >> john berman stick around with us we want to bring in cnn law enforcement analyst and former fbi assistant director tom fuentes, to give us more analysis.
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tom, let's talk about the video, the new home video that's emerged of these two gunmen in the moments, basically this is their getaway video. tell us as an investigator what you see in this video as the kouachi brothers are yelling, following the massacre? >> alisyn the appearance of that when i first saw it was they've just shot two dozen people killing more than half of them and then they're out in the street basically celebrating in the end zone. holding up their finger one, which usually means one god, allah, in terrorist circles. but calmly reloading the one gun, checking it fixing if it has a malfunction, handing it back to the brother who gets in the passenger side. and they gather their equipment get in the car, start to drive. then they're confronted with the other police car. calmly get back out of their car, open fire cause that car to back up. the police officer to retreat, who is severely outgunned and
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obviously has bullets coming through his windshield. and that squad car backs up until it backs into a car on the cross street at the end of the street. but just the cold-blooded business-like manner that they conduct themselves is chilling. >> so tom, exactly. what does this tell you, about who they are and how they were trained. are they just hopped up on adrenaline here? or is there more? >> i think they're just dedicated in their mind to their cause and i think that you know when they get, when these individuals get this training and this is the fear of the foreign fighters coming home. whether it's our country or any of the european canada australia, other countries, the fear is that they get programmed to do something, like this. and like human drones they get dispatched. and you don't know when they're going to strike. they don't know if it's going to be next year or three years or five years. and most services can't watch them forever. i mean it's coming up that this
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is part of a huge network that you know should have had more coverage. but that's kind of the nature of this. i think that you know when you talk about connecting the dots. this goes back it precedes isis it precedes even the main body of al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. this goes back to bin laden in 2001 plot which was simultaneously as the plot was being prepared to attack us on 9/11 there was a simultaneous plot in al qaeda units within seven european countries, including france to bomb the u.s. embassy in paris, the same week as our 9/11 attack and to bomb a nato facility in brussels and a few other sites in europe. it was thwarted by the authorities with work together the various intelligence services law enforcement, the fbi was involved. in thwarting that attack. but what happened is when the dozen arrests or so were made it was made our 9/11 attack had
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just happened a couple days earlier. so you know obviously no one knew in this country because of the coverage of our own 9/11 attack but that was a huge thing. many of the subjects were put on trial in belgium. in paris. including jamal gamal, one of the main coordinators of that. as i recall i don't think any of the dozen or so people convicted in the multiple countries even got more than ten years. so basically all of these terrorists are back out. >> it's what a context you've just given us. john, from your time on the ground there, what have you learned about their background and what led up to this attack in terms of the money and the planning for these brothers? >> well authorities here all wait up to the prime minister say based on what they have seen, they believe they must have had accomplices, they're talking about both the kouachi brothers and amedy coulibaly, who staged the attack on the
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supermarket. the operational planning the financing. a lot of focus now on where they got the money for the guns and their weaponry. there's some disparity about how much money it would have taken. i've been told by security sources that kalishnakov rifles have been readily available sips the wars in yugoslavia since the war in europe it could take 500 to 1,000, to 2,000 euros to get them. they apparently had quite an arsenal and quite a high level of ammunition as well. in the sources that i talked to also point out look at the web that is being weaved right now as they trace the contacts with the various people involved in these attacks. you have the girlfriend of amedy coulibaly now believed to be in syria. she was at the border in turkey with a man who they think may have contacts with jihadist groups in afghanistan and pakistan. plus you have this man we just learned about yesterday, arrested in bulgaria believed
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to have had contacts with the kouachi brothers prior to the attacks. he was arrested there on january 1st. so you can see this web getting bigger and bigger and bigger in here. that's why the security presence has been boosted so visibly today. because they just can't rule out the possibility there could be more people in this city in this country planning an attack. >> there are so many threads to this web. as you say, john berman tom fuentes, thanks for the background, we'll check back in with you throughout the show. you have all of these different leads in terms of individuals to track down. you also have different groups to deal with al qaeda in yemen saying paris was us. and now you have its larger affiliate, al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. aqap releasing a how-to guide for making bombs, using items typically found in an ordinary kitchen. that has security at airports in the united states stepped up in a big way. it's not known how effective additional screening will be but it's going to cause major
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travel delays for millions of americans. renney marsh joins us live from reagan national airport with more. >> you know at u.s. airports across the country, passengers can expect random checks that could include swabbing of the hands, they should also expect random luggage checks. all of this could happen even after you have passed through security and have made it to the gate. again we're live here at reagan. this all comes after concerns that terror groups have the ability to essentially create hard-to-detect explosives. the heightened measures come after aqap clad in theal qaeda in the arabian peninsula. they publish in their latest issue of "inspire" magazine a how-to guide to make household bombs. the concern is that the nonmetallic ieds or certain
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explosives can get through airport screeners, specifically metal detectors. so the security concern, body scanners can detect these sort of splosives, metal detectors can not there are smaller airports that only have metal detectors. back to you. >> rene thank you very much. let's head over to michaela with more. >> we begin with a bizarre story, the fuselage actually we've changed stories, the fuselage of airasia flight 8501 has been found. that's confirmed by indonesian officials who say they have an underwater photo. also report they have successfully downloaded the contents of both the cockpit voice recorder and the flight data recorder from airasia flight 8501. officials expect preliminary report on cause of the crash to be released in the next few weeks. an alleged plot to kill house speaker john boehner by either poisoning him or shooting him. the former bartender, a former bartender, this man, 44-year-old
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michael hoyt is now undergoing a mental examination, the charges he planned to murder the speaker after being fired from his job at a country club in october. north korea denying any involvement in the mass i have been cyberattack at sony. the north korean ambassador is demanding the u.s. provide evidence. the white house hit north korea with new sanctions this month after the fbi said the country hacked into the movie studio's computer system. and the ambassador went on to say north korea will participate into a joint investigation into the hacking scandal if the u.s. agrees. if you're counting on a tax refund the irs says you might have to wait longer to get it. the reason? budget cuts in a memo to staff, irs commissioner said people who file paper tax returns may need to wait an extra week or more. same goes for filers with issues or any questions that might require a review. don't worry if all of this tax talk stresses you out.
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that's bit of a silver lining. the cuts mean fewer audits a bizarre kind of silver lining. a silver lining nonetheless. >> you found the gud stuff in there. >> they audit a very small number of people. a lot people get refunds. the big reason is this takes time to go through paper and they use software to go through the e-filings, so it's going to be much faster. i know you have to change everybody has habits but it's something worth thinking about. michaela thanks so much. severe weather in the forecast freezing rain targeting the mid-atlantic and the south with snow in the southern rockies making this morning's commute a mess for millions of people. let's get the latest from meteorologist chad myers, how is it looking? >> well i-95 and i-64 don't look that good. certainly slick spots all the way through. it did have an ice event there overnight from raleigh up through the triad, into the north that's where the ice was, here's where it's going now. even light snow in d.c. you'll see some flakes on the ground
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there. it may be even around the beltway, could have a slick bridge or overpass most of the icing event happened down here across the carolinas, all the way from about charlotte north there have to raleigh. a thin glaze of ice still possible on the roads from north of hampton roads, still snow from about fredericksburg over to salisbury, maryland. it is still 7 in detroit. 5 in chicago and 18 in new york. and we're talking about the big warm-up. well here's drumroll please the big warmer air. how much warmer? a balmy -- 35 tomorrow for you in new york. 35 that's as good as you get and that's after the warm-up and the snow is still in the southern rockies. as you said. guys back to you, enjoy 35. >> wow, let's turn on the air conditioning. >> 35 is hot. >> chad's effort at irony failed miserably and only now puts him on the list of those who need a snowball in the face.
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well the new issue of "charlie hebdo" magazine is on the newsstands we'll tell you what's inside and what response it is getting around the world and in the muslim community. plus answers about airasia flight 8501 are coming. the data is downloaded from both black boxes, now being analyzed. new information ahead. ion people. [ alex ] transamerica helped provide a lifetime of retirement income. so i can focus on what matters most. [ female announcer ] everyone has a moment when tomorrow becomes real. transamerica. thanks. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] fedex® has solutions to enable global commerce that can help your company grow steadily and quickly. great job. (mandarin) ♪ ♪ cut it out.
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so the new issue of "charlie hebdo" magazine is on newsstands around the world this morning. the surviving cartoonist the and journalists getting a big assist from the left wing publication
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which lent them workspace, helped them get the magazine to press. what's in it? what's the reaction of the world? let's get to paris and bring in cnn senior international correspondent arwa damon and brian stelter, brian, i'll start with you. fresh on shelves, we understand it sold out. you had a chance to look lieuthrough it. what's in it and what's the reaction? >> i haven't gotten a print copy. it seems to be sold out everywhere. the newsstands i've looked at are empty. they say come back tomorrow get a copy then. in the electronic edition i was able to look at yesterday, this is an unapologetic magazine. this is exactly what they've been publishing for years. they have barely any boundaries if any boundaries at all. that means poking fun at islam and catholics and the pope and mohammed all in the same page. >> nobody is spared. really arwa i'm curious what you have been hearing about
3:23 am
international reaction you'ring there in predominantly muslim neighborhood what's the reaction there? >> well here people are actually quite upset. because all they're seeing is the fact that the prophet is once again being used visual image of him has been created. and they're not really seeing beyond that. they still feel fairly insulted by it and aren't really looking into the fact that it was perhaps this message of forgiveness and a message of unity that was underlying the use of the prophet once again. a lot of people we've been speaking to here this is a very dynamic vibrant neighborhood made up mostly of an immigrant community, mostly of north africa but they're tired, also of having to justify themselves. they feel as having to constantly defend themselves as muslims, because minorities are
3:24 am
out there carrying out acts of terror. allegedly in the neighbor of islam. so there's still a fair amount of sentiment that they're being unfairly targeted. and also that you know it was perhaps unnecessary for the image of the prophet to be used once again. >> here in the united states we've heard some reaction from a u.s. muslim group. a peace advocate. we want to show you their reaction they disagree with the publication, but in a much more measured way, i think we have the full still if we can bring it up. just as "charlie hebdo" has the right to publish, we have the right to peacefully challenge negative portrayals of our religious figures, the answer to speech one disagrees with should not be violence but should instead be more speech promoting tolerance and mutual understanding. we're hearing that a london-based islamist cleric have called this cover an act of
3:25 am
war. >> and it is being viewed by that as some. it is again the depiction of an image of the prophet mohammed. and for a lost muslims, that is blasphemy blasphemy. the vast majority of muslims' reaction is one of anger, yes, that does not mean it is one of violence or that they desire violence. in fact a lot of people here that we've been talking to fail 0 to understand why it is there was a need to once again use the image of the prophet, because it was so provocative. because it is so provocative at this stage. you know even though not far from where we are right now, at the newspaper stand, it did sell out. within a few hours. 125 copies here in this neighborhood where you may not necessarily expect it. but there is that big question out there of why. given everything that has transpired over the last few days does the image need to be
3:26 am
used once again. >> brian, interesting to note that prior to this this magazine was not widely strubted around the globe, now i understand it's being published in 25 countries, in some 16 languages, do you think that's sustainable and this could be a new norm for "charlie hebdo"? >> that's right. magazine stores in my neighborhood where are you in new york were getting phone calls all day yesterday from people who want to buy the magazine in the united states. i think we'll see it for days and weeks to come. what's different about this than all other cases where there have been depictions of the prophet mohammed. we've seen many other media outlets pick up the image on the cover and republish it. we've seen it on television and newspaper stands. i wonder if the folks that arwa is with that it's going 0 to further upset and disappoint the people in that community. it's not just this one magazine many others are republishing it as well. what does the magazine do in the weeks and months to come? this is a triumphant day for
3:27 am
this provocative magazine. will they be able to publish in the coming weeks? while they are continuing to get support from other papers and magazines and say they will be back out in the weeks to come. >> we know that ebay has popped up. my producer said he saw a copy on ebay for $560. our thanks to brian stelter, arwa damon, thank you to both. we have news on another big story we've been covering here the crash of airasia flight 8501. investigators say they have the black box data. so the latest on the search for what brought down that plane is ahead. sir, we're going to need you on the runway. (vo) theraflu starts to get to work in your body in just 5 minutes. (vo) theraflu breaks you free from your worst cold and flu symptoms. (vo) theraflu. serious power.
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they have to end. unless you have the comcast business voiceedge mobile app. it lets you switch seamlessly from your desk phone to your mobile with no interruptions. i've never felt so alive. get the future of phone and the phones are free. comcast business. built for business. you're watching "new day" with chris cuomo, alisyn camerota and michaela pereira. all right, welcome back let's take a look at your headlines. al qaeda in yemen claiming responsibility for the attack on "charlie hebdo" magazine. a top leader warns of more tragedies and terror this as the magazine releases three million copies of its latest issue a week to the day after masked terrorists stormed its offices killing 12 people.
3:32 am
new video has emerged of the kouachi brothers yelling, seemingly celebrating in the streets following the magazine massacre. seconds before engaging in a gunfight with police. breaking news sks the fuselage of airasia flight 8501 has been found. indonesian officials say they have an underwater photo confirming this. they also report they have successfully now downloaded the contents of both the cockpit voice recorder and the flight data record frer the jetliner. officials hope to have a preliminary report on the cause of the crash in the next few weeks. we are learning more about the deadly incident in the washington, d.c. metro, hundreds of rush hour passengers trapped inside a train car as it filled with smoke. investigators are now focusing on the evacuation. the time it took to get people out. one person died. 80 more were treated at hospitals, the ntsb says the smoke appears to be the result of an electrical malfunction on the tracks. it could be months before they determine why the evacuation
3:33 am
took so long. dramatic new video of a confrontation, a fatal one between a montana police officer and an unarmed suspect. it captures the shooting and the officer's emotional reaction to what happened. we want to warn you the video is disturbing. this newly released dash cam video shows officer grant morrison sobbing. after taking the life of an unarmed man during a traffic stop last april. the billings montana police officer said he noticed the red ford taurus swerving suspiciously. officer morrison said he was on heightened alert after realizing one of the passengers was 38-year-old robert ramirez, a suspect in a shooting case that month. listen as the officer repeats orders to ramirez, who is reportedly high on methamphetamines at the time.
3:34 am
officer morrison said ramirez failed to listen to his commands to keep his hands up and instead reached for his waistband. >> get your [ bleep ] hands up i'm going to shoot you, i will shoot you! hands up! >> that's when the officer fires three shots. >> get down! >> his back-up arrives and reality sets in. >> i thought he was going to pull a gun on me. >> maybe he was, maybe he was. >> last week a seven-person coroner's jury took one hour to decide the shooting was justified. >> i wish i knew he didn't have a gun. but i couldn't take the risk. >> any officer knowing and feeling what officer morrison knew would probably dot same thing. >> officer morrison was placed on paid administrative leave immediately after the shooting and has since been assigned to a task force investigating prescription drug crimes. the chief of police in that area in a heartfelt post on
3:35 am
facebook said make no mistake there are no winners in this case. the ramirez family lost a son and this officer's life will be forever changed. >> sometimes they're depicted as callous after police shootings. or at least not caring and to see the toll that it took on him. >> well sometimes it's really too often, because the problem is that many of the officers don't want to talk about it they're afraid of the perception that it gives of them as being invincible. and they're afraid to reveal being men, you know how frightening so much of this job is. every day they go out, and they don't no who they're going to face and they feel that they are as much a target as anybody that they're policing. >> the random traffic stop is never a random traffic stop. it's always possibly the most dangerous. isis keeps growing, despite being the target of airstrikes in two countries, we'll look at why it's happening and expert analysis of the latest shocking
3:36 am
propaganda video released by the terrorists.
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3:40 am
executing two russian hostages with a gun. cnn cannot authenticate the video and there's no reason to show it. but the group does have a long history of recruiting kids. using their images repeatedly for propaganda value this isn't just happening abroad, the mother of a chicago teen is facing the teen is facing terrorism charges for trying to join isis here in the united states right in chicago. the mother has a powerful message for the terror group. >> we condemn this violence. in the strongest possible terms. we condemn the brutal tactics of isis and groups like it. and we condemn the brain high pressure washing and recruiting the children through the use of seshl media and the internet and we have a message for isis -- leave our children alone. >> it's a really tough example lieutenant colonel of the two types of islam. you know the mod ratserates of islam
3:41 am
and those using the face of it to pervert it. the need to take on isis is clear. the success in taking it on with military action so far is not and that's why we have cnn global affairs analyst, retired lieutenant colonel james reece. we can do this unfortunately pretty quickly. we're going to show you two versions of the map. this is the area of action right now. okay the orange shows presence the red is where it's really bad. you just saw the difference before and after the airstrikes okay? it's almost like we've made no impact. >> and they haven't made much impact also except in the you rates river valley going west to syria. this is the front line trace of the combat operations right now. >> what does that mean, front-line trace? >> it shows isis where they are
3:42 am
it shows where the iraqis and we are and the coalition and literally can show it's a chess game. it shows the trace, everyone can start seeing where the influence is on the map. >> to the uninitiated, it looks like you're having no impact and they're growing. how can it be possible with the sustained military action the airstrikes from the coalition, how no impact? >> we are gaining great ground. remember in the desert there's two things you're looking for -- >> does my map suck or ask there some subtlety here? >> there's some subtlety. in the desert follow the water. in iraq there's two places for the water, the tigress river valley going up north and the euphrates river valley going to syria and the west. up north we have gained some great movement up there with the iraqis have worked their way up from tajji up to badgeiji, to tal afar. the iraqis have brought those
3:43 am
areas back. in the euphrates river valley out in al anbar, the sunni triangle you still have the influence of ices and they've stayed static out there, have just kind of ballooned out a little bit. but they haven't pushed towards baghdad. i was in baghdad and basra and fallujah three weeks ago and people are going to work moving things you wouldn't know anything is going on in baghdad. once out of baghdad, things get more tense. >> you were there when it was all going down and heavy with the u.s. what is the difference if any? >> with the feeling you used to have of we don't like you, from the u.s. we don't like you, we know you think you're here helping us out, has that changed? >> you just don't see many americans these days there's not the influence you used to see where all the american vehicles and the flags and all that. i drove from basra to baghdad with my guys stopped for lunch, get gas and these things. no one paid attention.
3:44 am
but -- >> hopefully a good sign. here's a bad sign. let's look at the expansion of isis influence across the entire region now. we'll take a global perspective. show that one, all right? that's the world view flattened out for you, look at all the black flags, not just in afghanistan, which is a concern, but you see them branching out. how do you reconcile that? >> i'm not sure we should worry about what what pot we're pushing all these bad guys into okay? i think a lot of places you're getting some radicalization like take afghanistan and people are just looking for, what's the flag the black flag, the white flag of the taliban. which one can i grab that has the most influence. >> you think it's hype? >> it's hype. i'm a redskins fan, you're a jets fan. kind of the same thing. what fan do you want to follow? but you can see isis they have a following. and they have some influence out there. which is important. >> so you're not just an analyst, you're a warrior. do you believe that the military
3:45 am
action is working right now? do you believe that it's being done the right way? >> in iraq i believe right now it is working. speaking with the iraqi people what i saw three weeks ago, we are letting the iraqis do it. it's slow. it is a slow process. >> is it the right way? >> well i think for the u.s. for the coalition, yes, it is we have to allow the sunnis and the shia here's what i think is great, chris, the iranians whether you like it or not, the iranians the shia forces are in iraq helping and they're doing a great job. >> they're definitely there. >> they're definitely there. >> i saw them. i literally saw them. >> because, that's a big point of discussion the u.s. doesn't like to say that. >> they don't want to work with them. but you drive the street and there's the militia doing a good job. >> i'm happy to hear you say that the fact that you got back safe is a sign of progress. lieutenant colonel james reece, thank you for the intelligence.
3:46 am
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president obama met with leaders of the new republican-controlled congress on tuesday, they discussed authorizing military action against isis. and all this comes as the president's strategy against isis is being challenged on many fronts. take a listen to senator john mccain. >> we have no strategy with which to degrade and defeat isis. the president may say it but there's no one in the entire administration who can articulate anything approaching it. >> all right so that's from senator mccain, avy definite perspective there. and it's clear that fighting isis will take the white house and congress working in lock-step. the question is is it even possible let alone practical. let's discuss, cnn political analyst, editor in chief of the "daily beast," mr. john avlon,
3:51 am
sirius xm host republican analyst, margaret hoover. you may do nothing else with your life. must do nothing else. so let's set the table here shall we. the congress is saying mr. president, give us the authorization for the use of force for further militariance against isis okay? he has not. let's start there with the state of play. why hasn't that happened? it's so obviously so clearly needed. >> it's clearly needed constitutionally. but there's two issues after the election there was a decision to punt to kick it to the new congress. the recent history of authorizations for military force with presidents isn't so good this side of the gulf of tonkin. there's an attempt to do good faith by the administration and congress is to try to get a method in place that doesn't exacerbate mission creep. but the administration seems to be saying look congress you take the lead on this congress is waiting for the president to
3:52 am
take the lead potential logjam. >> if fact i want to say is what john mccain went on to say, he believes we're going to need a lot more u.s. soldiers on the ground in order to fight isis in iraq and syria. is congress talking about that? >> well they're going -- look this is the time for americans to have a really thoughtful and robust conversation about what is going to be required in syria and iraq and what does american public have a stomach to commit. we couldn't have an honest conversation before election it was silly season. this is what happens in our democracy, there's an incredibly scattered approach to the authorization of military force from this administration which i think contributes to this the state of play the sort of are we going to do it? who's going to start, the chicken or the egg, back in june july susan rice sent a letter to congress asking to repeal the authorization for military force and a month later when they found themselves needing to bomb in northern
3:53 am
iraq they relied on the authorization of military force, so the administration has a mixed relationship with this particular authorization of military force. >> let's accept all of that is true, let's accept all of that as true constitutionally this is not in the weeds this is not sudden sutlety. you know you are at war with isis you know you know that you are airstrikeing them. congress has a duty to debate and either declare or not declare. by almost any reckoning, we're past that line. why isn't it on congress? >> it is. i think you talk to senators that are leading. >> they're not doing it. >> they're about to start. that was john mccain was saying yesterday, we don't have a strategy we need to talk about what our strategy is and as the new chair of the foreign relations committee. he has his own smaller bully pulpit to drive that conversation, to drive what he feels the strategy should be. think you're beginning to see what the debate is going to look like. >> the fundamental conflict behind the strategy here is
3:54 am
containment or defending baghdad a strategy to destroy? no it's not, that's one of the philosophical differences, ultimately where mccain will go is boots on the ground. that's a line in the sand the president has set, a big difference. one of the reasons, it's difficult for the united states to measure our progress. because we don't have boots on the ground that can do so. that's a major division between mccain camp and obama. >> yesterday was the first meeting of the new congress at the white house, with the president. did they talk about this? what's on their agenda? what's top on their agenda now? >> it appears they're talking about this. it appears they're trying to figure out where they can work together. there's divisions about the funding of the department of homeland security. because the republican party now and the leadership in the house, john boehner is having to appease some of his right wing base which a, looks terrible for republicans and b, it's not how you run a government. >> scattered leadership you're just indicting the obama administration that's going to fall on boehner's plate.
3:55 am
same criticism. >> same criticism, it does carry a little bit different weight when you're the leader of the free world, setting military policy for your country. >> the senate can't keep saying it's difficult to herd cats and i have to deal with my crazy caucus you have to do what's right and what's responsible. in the wake of paris, to politicize dhs fund something dumb. it's dumb practically. cybersecurity being a place for discussion of auf. but the keystone is a major flash-point. >> just so people know, 85% of personnel for dhs are essential personnel, people on the border they would still show up for work. this isn't as draconian as maybe being played out in the press. it's just dumb. it's dumb irresponsible. it's theatrics on the part of the tea party caucus which
3:56 am
isn't particularly useful for boehner, frankly, or for the republicans. >> we're exactly where we were a couple of months ago. in that there's not a lot of give and tarkske there's not a lot of common ground there's still things being held up. no one is willing to give pass what they cham is their comfort level. >> the crazy caucus has been contained to this one area and it frankly won't wreak real damage. i think what's going to be interesting and we should keep our eye on is the senate. the senate is going to be the moderating body. they're not going do pass any of this crazy stuff out of the house, anyway. john boehner has to say, okay you kids had your day. >> i don't like crazy caucus this is a logical reaction to a lack of leadership. it happens, i think what is odd is that and it does come out of that caucus is the us doing nothing in congress us judgment being obstructionists is helping the american people is doing our job. i don't get that logically and
3:57 am
it certainly hasn't worked practically. i don't think it's a crazy caucus. >> we refer to it in terms of the tactics, these are elected member who is have really truly sincerely-held beliefs about the president using executive action to pass -- the president himself didn't believe that he had the executive authority to pass that action. >> he said pass a bill. >> precisely. >> to your point, i appreciate you saying the guys are crazy. no they're not crazy. it's the tactic that i refer to as crazy. >> but there is this kamikaze caucus that wants to make ideological stands and are willing to go off the cliff to do it. that by many definitions is crazy. it's driven by ideology it's less interest in governing than grandstanding. there is a window. congress and the white house recognize we've got six months to get something done before silly season reasserts itself.
3:58 am
whether it's cyber, tax reform trade deals. but immigration and keystone are hanging around and politicizing things. >> i think education, i think no child left behind finding a compromise on that it's been open since 2007. that should be low-hanging fruit. leadership from both parties aren't saying they're going to work on it. >> wait until '16 begins it will get more crazy. >> i like kamikaze going. it throws off the tongue. >> he's a former speech writer. there's a lot of news this morning, we're following all of it. so let's get to it. al qaeda in yemen. now claiming responsibility for the paris terror attacks. >> it would suggest aqap is trying to push back into the jihadi spotlight. >> new video, of the chilling moments immediately after the
3:59 am
attacks. >> they're calm they're cool they're collectedth and they go about their business. >> unprecedented to see this type of urban warfare. >> walking out, engaging the police in a way that was very effective. this is a terror cell. >> announcer: this is "new day," with chris cuomo, alisyn camerota and michaela pereira. good morning, everyone welcome back to "new day." this hour we begin with breaking news for you. al qaeda's yemen branch claiming responsibility for the massacre at the "charlie hebdo" magazine. the terror group calling the kouachi brothers heroes of islam. >> a top commander says al qaeda selected the target planned the operation and financed it. the video message warns of more tragedies and terror to come. this as new video also emerges of these terrorists brothers in the moments after the massacre. let's begin our corage with pentagon correspondent barbara starr, good morning. >> good morning, chris. the al qaeda official on the tape is a key figure in al qaeda in yemen.
4:00 am
as you say, he claims that it was al qaeda that quote chose the target laid the plan financed the operation. he makes an interesting turn here he suggests that it was ayman al zawahiri the son of bin laden, that ordered the strategic attack the high-level attack on the cartoonists, but it was anwar al awlaki who has been dead since 2011 who basically on the ground in yemen ordered the attack. this is very interesting, because it's now believed that the younger brother, cherif kouachi, met with awlaki when he traveled to yemen in 2011. it's believed it was al qaeda in yemen that largely financed provided the money for the brothers for the attack. but why is this so important. this is a claim by al qaeda. the intelligence community needs to find out if it is actually true. because it goes to the point
4:01 am
that al qaeda in yemen still, despite years of u.s. drone attacks, has the ability to organize plan and carry out a very significant terrorist attack that they would have the command and control to carry this out. and right now, it is only al qaeda in yemen that has the ability to build and place, put in place potentially bombs that can get through u.s. airport screening, european airport screening. that potentially to potentially put a bomb on an aircraft is what makes al qaeda in yemen one of the top threats that the u.s. feels it's dealing with. so figuring out what exactly their role was in paris, now a top priority. >> chilling possibilities there, barbara starr, thank you. "charlie hebdo" releasing three million copies of its magazine around the world a week after masked terrorists stormed its office and slaughtered 12 people. this all comes as disturbing new
4:02 am
video emerges of the kouachi brothers holding a twisted celebration in the street moments after that massacre. for the latest let's get to john berman live in paris, good morning, john. >> good morning, alisyn. the chilling video you're just referencing was shot right here behind me on the street. it is dramatic. and as you say, extraordinarily chilling. it's being released right now as the security presence in paris is greater than it has been to date. 10,000 troops 8,000 police on the street. one of the things they are concerned about today is the release of the new issue of "charlie hebdo." it hit the stands this morning. and everywhere we went, it was already sold out. chilling new video captures terrorists cherif and said kouachi moments after they carried out the horrific attack on the offices of "charlie hebdo." the video reveals one of the
4:03 am
terrorists shouting -- we have avenged the prophet mohammed. just outside the magazine's offices. the gunmen reload their automatic weapons before slipping into their getaway car and start driving down a narrow road lights flashing, a police cruiser blocks their path. the hooded gunmen get out of their car, and open fire. >> they're cold-blooded killers, they're calm they're cool they're collected. they go about their business. that just shows you what we are up against. >> hours later, the brothers rob a gas station 50 miles northeast of paris. these surveillance images show what appears to be an rpg, rocket-propelled grenade launcher strapped to the side of one of the brothers as they steal gas and food. >> the videos get scrutinized a great deal. how they held their weapons, that suggested they had some kind of formal training. >> it was known that the older brother moved in jihadist circles. in 2008 he went on trial for his involvement in a network
4:04 am
smuggling islamist fighters to iraq. in this newly uncovered video from the moments just after his conviction cherif tells a reporter quote, we are just young kids from the suburbs. that is all. we get passionate we talk like this but there is nothing more. investigators are now taking a look at the money trail trying to find out how the brothers financed their trips to yemen. and how the terrorists got their high-powered weapons. >> what we've been able to accumulate over the last six days is a tremendous amount of data. >> as the investigation continues, three million copies of "charlie hebdo's" new issue hit the newsstands this morning. already sold out at markets across paris. prior to the release, one of the surviving cartoonists, known as luz. held a press conference. at times, his emotions overwhelmed him.
4:05 am
reflecting on the motive behind the bloodshed, luz says the terrorists were once kids, they drew like us and then one day perhaps they lost their sense of humor, perhaps their child soul. >> an interesting development this more. we learned from french officials, they say that dozens of people here have been detained for condoning or defending terrorism. it's against the law in france to speak out against terrorism and if convicted, it could bring a sentence of anywhere from 18 months to seven years, so dozens detained including a very famous french comic, chris. >> thank you very much. what's happening over where you are, is having a lot of influence on what's happening right here. so let's bring in representative jim hines, a member of the house intelligence committee, democrat from kentucky. because of the new bomb video, because of what's going on in paris, do we have any specific
4:06 am
information of any threats here in the united states? any information about connections to these terrorists brothers? u.s. people who had traveled abroad? what are we learning about our connection to anything happening there? >> well chris, at this point there's no as other officials have said there's no specific threat to the united states. but that of course does not mean that we don't remain enormously vigilant. one of the things we see in these situations is that from time to time there are copycat acts. but to answer your question no at this point there's no specific and credible threat against targets in the united states. >> the early word from u.s. intelligence was these brothers these actors this is a one-off, this is a french thing. they wound up being on a u.s. no-fly list. that's why i'm asking it again. are we sure that you don't have members of the united states who may be back here now, who are somehow involved of this foreign training and loosely organized cell that we're seeing uncovered in paris? >> yeah of course we're not
4:07 am
sure. you know in fact this is one of the things that makes terrorism so challenging, of course we're not sure. we can never be sure that there aren't people in our cities who are in some way, shape or form related. that perhaps aren't related, but were inspired by anwar al awlaki who seems to have at least in my opinion, played some role in inspiring these guys. so no unfortunately in this in this game one can never be sure. but on the other hand from time to time you do get indications that there are possible attacks under way. we're not in that mode. but of course you cannot be sure that there aren't somebody who you know perhaps trained with these guys or maybe just simply never met these guys never been to yemen, but gets inspired by what in their twisted way they would consider the success of this act in paris. >> congressman i'm going to circle back to terror. we have a responsibility to address something that's going to have an impact here. let's pup putt up speaker boehner's statement, please about immigration. there's going to be a bill that's coming going to include amendments to stop the president's unilateral actions
4:08 am
on immigration. and the speaker reminded the president that he himself had stated publicly many times in the past that he did not have the power to rewrite immigration law through executive action. as you know the president's response to that has been yeah so pass a bill. but that doesn't really work legally and it hasn't worked politically. what is your position in terms of whether or not executive action is the way to go there? and if not, what's the alternative? >> well my position is it's a real shame that we find ourselves in a world where executive action was necessary. to try to move our immigration system to something much more sane and something we all would consider sort of more reflective of our values senate 500, 600 days ago passed a bill with very strong bipartisan support that had money for the border that had a mechanism for over a lengthy period of time and with a lot of penalties for people who are here illegally to make themselves right with the law and it never came up in the house, despite very strong bipartisan support in the senate. we don't need to be here.
4:09 am
>> but congressman, you are here in part because the president did something that is now allowing speaker bainer to focus on what he did instead of focusing on immigration. because he lass apparently high ground on having used executive action to do something that the president himself admitted he shouldn't be doing by executive action. so the distraction has now become the entire situation. >> let's be clear about what the president said he couldn't do. the president said he couldn't rewrite immigration law. technically and legally that is correct. what the president has done after waiting well over a year the president has said this is an urgent problem and within the law, i'm going to act with prosecutorial discretion a till-tested concept everywhere including within the oval office, i'm going to act to try to make the situation better. it's pretty clear from anybody who has looked behind the law that the president used to
4:10 am
exercise his discretion he has that right. i scratch my head on it it's so far beyond what i think most americans think is the right thing to do. for example, chris, you know the president's authority, the dreamers the kids who came here at age one or two or three, know no other country. the blackburn amendment, coming before the house today would basically eliminate that. these 600,000 kids many of them kids in college or the military who have come forward and said fine i'll take your deal i will stay employed pay my taxes, i'll stay right with the law. now all of a sudden the blackburn amendment on the floor of the house would say whoops sorry, we were just kidding. one and a half years from now you're going to be at risk even though you're working today or in the university today. of having an armed individual show up at your door and send you to a country you may never have been to. >> that's why the merits of the debate can't be gotten to quickly enough. and that's why the executive action now is being criticized as having been a distraction.
4:11 am
let's leave that issue there. we need to see the debate play out so the american people can make decisions about where they are on it let's go back to the war on terror. a couple of points of where we are in terms of awareness, the state department the white house, they seem to be wrestling, and that's putting it gently with how to define who is committing acts of terror. they don't seem to want to say islamic extremists or islamists. why? why are you getting caught up in vernacular in a situation that seems very clear? the people committing the acts of terror are muslims. how they pervert the faith, that's all something else. but why hide from that? it seems like pc run amok. another distraction. >> why do you want to be a little careful about that? the reason you want to be a little careful about that is number one, the single-biggest group of victims of islamic terror around the world are in fact other muslims. and therefore, chris, of course one of the very best allies we can have and by the way that we absolutely need to have is the support of muslims, the vast majority of muslims and of
4:12 am
course muslim countries and muslim leaders who regard these terrorists as absolutely appalling and who will be our allies. so if we're not a little careful about the language we use, if we just condemn an entire religion. if we condemn entire countries, it's going to be very hard for us to then work with those people in an alliance against what is a tiny fraction of extremists in that religion. >> 1.62 billion muslims, a very small fraction wind up perverting the religion and do something else. but that doesn't make the terrorists not muslims. it makes them bad muslims. it makes them ignorant muslims, misinformed muslims. but when you hide from the term "islam" you are feeding people's paranoia about islam as well. you defeat your own intentions. >> well look you know i saw a quote oert day, somebody said you know when there's this many bad apples there is a problem in the orchard. and to some extent i think that that's right. clearly there is some warped
4:13 am
segment within islam that is inspiring people to do this. but you know and there's it makes no sense at all. to sort of deny that fact. and frankly, look if i were a muslim cleric if i were a muslim leader i would be sitting back and thinking to myself my god, what has happened in this corner of my religion that's allowed people to hijack it in this way. we should demand of moderates and thoughtful islamic leaders that they stand up and very clearly condemn this stuff and that they have that soul-searching. but look when a guy like me or the president of the united states demands that of another religion you know that it looks at moderates had maybe do condemn this stuff and say what's wrong with you people? that's not a constructive dialogue that's going to urge both the alliance we need in fighting these terrorists but also urge the sort of soul-searching that i do think needs to happen amongst the leadership within that religion. >> congressman jim himes, thank you very much for coming on "new day." look forward to continuing the
4:14 am
conversation. 13 minutes past the hour. a look at your headlines. beginning with breaking news an official in charge of the search efforts for airasia flight 8501 says the plane fuselage the main body of the plane has been found. and this is photographic evidence of it at the bottom of the java sea. it's hard to make out, you can see the wings still attached there. this as indonesian transportation officials say they've successfully downloaded contents from both the plane's cockpit voice recorder and the flight data recorder. a plot uncovered, an ohio country club bartender stands accused of plotting to kill john boehner. the house speaker, by either poisoning or shooting him. 44-year-old michael hoyt is now undergoing a mental evaluation indicted last week on charges he planned to murder boehner after being fired from his country club job in october. a former mexico mayor has been charged in the kidnapping of 43 students prosecutors have obtained an arrest warrant for jose luis abarca and 44 others
4:15 am
in connection with last september's abduction of students, they were detained by corrupt police. authorities have maintained the mayor and his wife were the masterminds behind the disappearance of those students. a new york city college student is lucky to be alive, meanwhile after falling off her roof during a party. incredibly 23-year-old bailey slatery became wedged in a tight space between two buildings in brooklyn. keeping her from falling four stories to the ground. firefighters were able to rescue her from the tight space. the young woman suffered a broken leg. unfortunately now she has another problem, the landlord wants to evict her and her roommate. >> she's lucky to be alive. >> very lucky. >> what are the chances? >> i can't even -- crazy story. quite a tale to tell. what does the video of "charlie hebdo" gunmen moments after the massacre tell investigators? our experts are here to analyze.
4:16 am
some say different story, there she is hillary clinton, some say she may not run. they say it's not a fait accompli to play on some french. however, high-profile moves behind the scenes may be saying something else. john king will tell what you those moves are.
4:17 am
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4:20 am
engaging in a gunfight with police. and breaking news this morning -- we're getting yet another video from al qaeda, this one claiming responsibility for the massacre in paris last week. here to analyze all of this is cnn terrorism analyst paul cruickshank and former house intelligence committee member mike rogers. the claim of responsibility from aqap what do you see? >> it's a key development. a claim of responsibility from a senior military strategist in aqap. one of the two key official spokesmen, ali bin asri saying the group was responsibility for the attack they chose the target, they funded this. that anwar al awlaki the american terrorist cleric met with one of the brothers handled him and persuaded him to return to france to launch this attack. so a key new claim of responsibility from the group, they're saying that the leader
4:21 am
of al qaeda overall ayman al zawahiri provided the overall strategic collection to launch this attack. >> what took them so long to claim responsibility? >> it takes them a few days to get the message out there in hiding from the drones and the tribal areas of yemen. they've not yet offered proof that they were responsibility for this attack. there's no video from the brother. with the abu mutallib operation the underwear bomber. >> where do you begin? >> the intelligence community will have to go back and review whether this particular individual was at a training camp and obviously many believe that he was. where was it? did they know about it? was there something else some other action they could have taken to stop this event. they'll go through the after-action review. that will be very important. that may lead to a policy change
4:22 am
in how they handle activities in a place like yemen. what the intelligence community do is try to evaluate going forward, do we have the right resources applied to the problem here. this is very interesting. because we have seen a threat stream that for at least six or seven months that said that aqap was trying to plan an attack somewhere in the west. primarily europe. but not necessarily excluding the united states. some believed and the intelligence community would be a bigger event. this is a fundamental shift for them. if in fact that zawahiri did say we want some level of attacks, even if it isn't as spectacular as a 9/11 attack to move forward. that means that the game has changed a little bit, for both law enforcement and intelligence services in how they defeat and disrupt these attacks. >> let's talk about the female accomplice the one who went through istanbul before the attack happened. are you expecting to see some
4:23 am
communication or video from her shall. >> it's quite possible hayat boumeddiene is now expected of being in syria, isis or another group, maybe nusra will roll out the red carpet for her when she arrives. she may have extra videotapes responsibility from her boyfriend, or partner, amedy coulibaly. interestingly, aqap was saying coulibaly was not part of aqap. he joined in with the aqap operatives, the brothers in this attack it was their good fortune, aqap that he did that. >> meaning he was an opportunist. >> he was an opportunist. but he was a friend of these brothers for half a decade. it seems perhaps that the brothers recruited him into the operation themselves. rather than aqap. >> mike, let's talk about this home video showing the moments of these brothers kouachi brothers immediately after the attack at "charlie hebdo" as they were getting away. i want you to help us analyze what you see here as you look at this.
4:24 am
some say triumphant video of them. >> >> he's yelling there, mike he's yelling there, mike that we have avenged the prophet mohammed and he has his finger in the air. he's not concerned that people are taping him. he knows there are people on the roofs who have seen this. what do you see when you look at this. >> a couple of things. one of the analytical processes they'll have to go through is did they actually believe they were going to be killed during the course of the operation. and it's not inconsistent with other attacks where you would have this expression of their faith and why they committed these horrific acts of violence here. it that is not inconsistent with other attacks that we see, you have to ask the question they're clearly rearming themselves. they understand that they're going to depart the area. so was this a martyr operation? or was it an operation in which they hoped to repeat again
4:25 am
somewhere else? and that's what i think there's a lot of questions in this investigation will have to get there. again you have to ask in the subsequent footage of this film when it engages in the police the police were absolutely outgunned in this particular fight. so i think the police officer was prudent by moving his vehicle badge,ck he's getting attacked by two assault weapons, he had a pivotal defend himself. the french police the french government french policy is going to have to ask themselves. now we have a new level of armed terrorists in the country. obviously even the third fellow there had weapons, more weapons, more machine guns bombs in his apartment. the one that took over the coffee shop. and so they've got a new level of violence that they're just not quite used to seeing in france you've got two problems there. one you can see that they were clearly trained. they were very very committed. they engaged the police officer together. autumn of that denotes training. and they were very very well
4:26 am
armed. this is a whole new policy discussion that the french police are going to have to have. you can't send these folks out there with a pistol against guys with assault weapons and bombs. this is going to be a very interesting few months for policy-makers in france. >> even here at home. u.s. officials, the pentagon barbara starr was reportsing that the pentagon characterizes that attack as quote very sophisticated. you study videos like this paul. do you start to try to figure out what the source was? what are the clues you see in this video? >> they're trained, they're disciplined. they have enormous firepower, they don't just have kalishnakovs these guys had an m-82 rocket launcher. the question is what were they going to do with that rocket launch centre quite fortunate they didn't use the rocket launcher on the streets of paris. this is an unprecedented well-armed group. we've never seen an act of urban terrorism on anything like this level with these kind of heavy weapons on a street of a major
4:27 am
western capital. a lot of questions, where do they get these weapons from? could other co-conspirators still be out there and have access to these kind of really powerful weapons? >> paul cruickshank, mike rogers thank you so much. with the presidential intrigue side elizabeth warren has shut the door on a presidential run. but guess what a bunch of really motivated people are kicking it back open for her. john king has more on "inside politics." s it gets. wouldn't it be great if hiring plumbers, carpenters and even piano tuners were just as simple? thanks to angie's list now it is. start shopping online from a list of top-rated providers. visit today.
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4:30 am
here's a look at your headlines, beginning with breaking news an official in charge of the search efforts for
4:31 am
airasia flight 8501 says the plane's fuselage the main body of the plane has been found. this is photographic evidence of it from the bottom of the java sea. let's bring in david molko, live in jakarta. we're seeing the wing attached to the fuselage david. >> yeah michaela day 18 of the search efforts, this is the day search officials have been waiting for. not a celebration, when you see the pictures they are difficult to look at. especially when you realize that there are people most likely inside that aircraft. we have to pause and remember 162 passengers and crew on board that flight. 100, more than 100 of their bodies have not been recovered. when you look at the passenger manifest michaela five six, seven from the same families all headed to singapore, some to celebrate the new year. the search chief says the section of the fuselage is most of it about 100 feet. they say the plan is to put divers down in the morning. see if they can recover a lot of those bodies. if not, he says they may have to lift it out.
4:32 am
families have been waiting for answers, it appears now their wait may be over. michaela? >> more than 100 remain missing, david thank you for the update. a leak in a cooling system has forced the evacuation of the u.s. portion of the the international space station. russian media reports harmful substances were emitted, the crew is not in danger we're told. and they're now housed with the russian crew members while they assess what needs to be done. isis has expanded its reign of terror into southern afghanistan. afghan officials say isis fighters have clashed with the local taliban and are recruiting new members in the country. more than a dozen people have reportedly been killed in fighting between the taliban and isis. a new study reveals that you may be able to lose weight by lowering the thermostat. this is not something you should be telling my father. it's a study published in the journal "cell metabolism" reformers found being in a room as cold as 53 degrees, produces
4:33 am
cells that rev up your body's calorie burn. shivering for ten minutes could be just as effective as weight loss and exercise. >> why are we telling the world this? >> this is great news for me our furnace broke last night. i woke up this morning and it was 57 degrees in my house, which accounts for the new svelte allison you're seeing. 57 i've got to get that fixed. >> what do you keep the house at normally? >> i like at least 68. but i prefer 70. >> thrifty husbands around the world are cheering i can lower the heating bill. this is great. and wives are rolling their eyes. >> science. time for "inside politics," our political scientist, now here on "new day," mr. john king. how does' that segue, bet centre. >> i'm a 70 degree guy, but i'm going down to 50 now. lose a pound or two. >> put on a sweater. >> that is the great segue as we go "inside politics" this morning. put on a sweater with me this morning in his sweater jonathan
4:34 am
martin of the "new york times," julia pace of the "associated press." we were joking yesterday, yesterday was the day to decide it's time to advance your presidential campaign and you'll get the point in a second. let's start with reason number one. john podesta, the former bill clinton chief of staff, now president obama's climate change adviser. senior adviser, he's leaving next month, to be there, the question is if hillary clinton runs for president. but you don't leave a senior job at the white house unless you have a little private information that she's going to run for president, right? >> i mean this has been the plan for a while. john podesta came to the white house, said he would stay a year an then until after the state of the union. i think what's most interesting is the plan is in action now. you still talk to people and hear them say, well i'm going to work for hillary, if there's a campaign. if she decides to run for president. at the same time people could not start coalescing around a person like hillary clinton unless they know that this campaign is going to move forward. it's a matter of when she makes this officially official. >> officially official.
4:35 am
but john podesta leaving, jonathan martin tells me he has a better understanding of the calendar when she will make it official than we do. >> and there's this drawn-out bit of sort of theater in terms of all of us having to pretend that this is all hypothetical and you've got actual pieces in motion. the news i think and the podesta move. it's been long expected. is that they signal to the democratic party is that this hillary campaign is going to be different. we're going to have more structure, we're going to have somebody on top of the chart who is a pro, who has been in politics for really 40 years. working on campaigns. and i think that's what this is john podesta is known around washington known among democrats nationally. this is not going to be the sort of faction-driven campaign of '08. >> a lot of credibility with the liberal pace he founded the center for american progress, think tank. to that point, elizabeth warren we say there's the draft elizabeth warren movement.
4:36 am
there's rallies planned in new hampshire in the next couple of days. sometimes when she's asked the question the answer seems a little squishy, or we think aha, she was asked the question by "fortune" magazine. so are you going to run for president? no. i take that as a no. >> i take that as a no for now. >> for now? you just did it. >> i do if we've learned anything from mitt romney over the last couple of days no might not mean no when it comes for running the president. one of the groups doing the draft warren movement said we're not surprised she said no. she's currently not running for president because if she were running for president, we wouldn't have to have a draft warren movement. so there will be people around her, pressure still. she seems pretty definitive. but i don't think that's going to stop this liberal wing of the party from at least continuing to make an argument for her and then make an arguement for their
4:37 am
policies. >> she keeps getting asked this question. >> this is news because in the past she's used the future tense i'm not going to run for president. this is more kurt and to the point. but she could also tomorrow come out to move on and say, guys take down the draft movement i'm for hillary clinton. it's time to fall. she's not doing that the reason she's not doing that is because she wants to use the white building behind us the capital to leverage her standing to move her party towards a more populist orientation and use her stance to move hillary towards a more populist orientation. >> go to our politics page today on, how do you rate your candidates and crowd pac, an organization cnn partnered with for the ranking, uses financial contributions as well as your positions on the issues and as well as what you've said to sort of build an ideological spectrum it shows elizabeth warren and
4:38 am
hillary clinton much closer together by this standard than you might think otherwise. you can look at the republican candidates as well. one of them yesterday did something very important back home. delivered his state of the state address and b sent a clear signal that he's thinking of moving beyond. chris christie in his state of the union address talked about a new jersey renewal. said there needs to be an american renewal and said you know what washington needs some new leadership. >> we are a nation beset by anxiety. and it's understandable. economic growth is low by post war recovery standards. america's leadership in the world is called into question because of a pattern of indecision. and inconsistency. during this time of uncertainty it seems our leaders in washington would rather stoke the vision for their own political gain. >> he's a uniter not a divider. >> it's not exactly road projects in jersey city either. it's a very national orientation
4:39 am
there. it's not a secret he's running for president and my colleagues have a story today in the paper that he is going to create a pac to help him towards that end. it's not an announcement. i don't think that will come until later. but all the action around him, he wants to make clear to donors that yes, in fact he does still want to run. >> i think it was the timing that was most significant when you have romney and jeb bush who are making actual moves, he wants to be part of the conversation. he doesn't want to be the guy that's left behind. there are going to be fighting for a pool of donors that has a lot of overlap. it's important for him to send a clear sill sig nal that i am serious, i am moving forward. >> what looks like a crowded republican field. politico has an interview with rand paul in which he essentially says the rest of them they're all bums. he said you need a candidate. he said you need a candidate who reaches out to new constituencies is able to bring new people into the party. if we do the same-old same-old
4:40 am
candidates we're going to get the same old result. >> it's a bit self-serving. occasionally politicians are self-serving. he criticizes romney. said he would have been a good leader of the country, he's had his chance. jeb, he goes after on common core education standards. he's running, he's hired a campaign manager. jork pataki the former governor of new york when he made a trip up to new hampshire, he told channel 11 that he's close to making his decision to get in he framed it a when to get in not if i get in. who else? >> i think you're going to see a now more governors look at the race and i think you're going to see the possibility of folks who aren't in politics looking at this. it's january of 2015. 'tis the season. to borrow the cliche that i heard from senators yesterday talking about mitt romney the more the merrier. i think you're going to see that sort of approach. >> to the more the merrier, how much of that was a genuine, the more the merrier.
4:41 am
which a lot of them do think, you get eight or ten candidates in there, a mix of governors and senators might benefit the party. healthy debates, but how much the more the merrier when it comes to the specific romney question is a dodge. like really don't -- a lot of anxiety. they like the guy, but going to do it a third time? >> that was the recurring refrain. when i talked to senators the last couple of days was first of all, look in the eye of why are you asking me this question? i don't want to answer this question. and then secondly it was some kind of a euphemism or a dodge about he's a great guy, it's going to be a big field. look there's no great love for mitt romney. there's respect for him. as a kind and decent man. but there's no huge appetite among a lot of republicans that aren't tied for him to him to run for a third time. the same challenges he had in the last campaign, he still has. >> we'll watch in the weeks ahead whether all of those phone calls he's making now convince him. maybe not the third time. alisyn as we get back to you, we'll see who else joins the republican field. during this segment. did mr. cuomo get up and turn
4:42 am
the thermostat down there? >> he continues to question whether or not men and women feel temperature the same way. i smell a future segment for us john we'll get back to you on all that. >> have a good day. what should we call the paris attackers? that's a big debate this morning. do we call them muslim terrorists extremists? next we talk to an expert who says it's not any of those terms i just said. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda.
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4:46 am
>> efforts by terrorists and violent extremist groups anywhere in the world. >> the threat posed by extremist organizations. >> we want to bring in the author of "in the land of invisible women" who has written an article just out this morning, in london's journal "the spectator" for the need to name this beast. quanta great to see you. why are they struggling so much with what to call this? >> the reason is there's a tremendous fear that they avoid impugning all muslims. and we understand that as muslims, but we also are concerned for instance, me personally to use the word the phrase "radical islam" suggests that all of my faith might be somehow radical. which i disagree with. but to identify a distinct ideology that borrows from islam. islamists i think is the best term and that's what they call themselves. >> islamists. with an s, not a c. you like the word islamists, because there's a long history
4:47 am
to it. explain why. >> islamists created a manifesto in the 1920s, egypt developed in prisons with certain idealogues the most famous of whom is hassan al banner. the use of the word islamists is a deliberate decision on their part. they've set out to deceive us and portray what is an authentic religion. borrowing language and metaphors from our religion but for an express it totalitarian ideology. >> the white house has not adopted the word islamists, it's close to the word islamic. but listen to josh earnest, the white house press secretary, just yesterday answering a question on why he won't call this radical islam. >> we have not chosen to use that label it doesn't seem to accurately describe what happened. we also don't want to be in a situation where we are legitimizing what we consider to
4:48 am
be a completely illegitimate justification for this violence. this -- act of terrorism. >> doesn't he have a point. that he doesn't even want to dignify it by bringing islam into the conversation. because many of the things that these terrorists say they're fighting for, cannot even be found in the koran. >> i do understand that. but i think there is a couple of deficiencies by avoiding the term islamists" we are committing ourselves to identifying only terrorists or physically violent acts i call them jihadism. the united states has an array of phrases for it but also therefore that leaves out nonviolent islamist ideologies that are also being propagated and that's what's come to play with the "charlie hebdo" crisis. this contraction on freedom of speech under the aegis, the false aegis of blasphemy is an islamist nonviolent assault.
4:49 am
in a different kind of war. so i think we are very limited in the united states when we avoid using this phrase. and we are using the word " "islamist" has been identified by muslim scientists reading arabic literature from their manifesto. so the correct word is "islamists" even though it gives everybody, muslims and nonmuslims discomfort. if we don't name the beast, my word that i you for this ideology that dares to portray itself as my religion it's distinct we're already hampering our approach in it. >> to your point about what's in the koran and what they claim -- blasphemy, the idea that these terrorists in paris, use the fact that the prophet was blasphemed is not in the koran. >> the koran actually does not identify blasphemy to be a punishment that a mortal exacts on another mortal. if it is a crime at all, it is to be judged between a man and
4:50 am
his maker. >> i want to read you something that kareem abdul-jabbar wrote about all of this a famous basketball player and a muslim. he said when the klu klux klan burn a cross in black family's yard prominent christians are not required to explain how these are not really christian acts most people realize that the kkk does not represent that's what i and oremus limbs long for, the day when these terrorists praising the prophet muhammad's or alla's name as they debase their actual teachings are realized as thugs disguising themselves as muslims. is it possible to separate what they're doing from islam? >> i understand. that's an intelligent assessment that they made. there is no getting away from the fact that islamism would never exist without islam. i do see them as very separate.
4:51 am
been identified by president cisse, the president of egypt. >> doctor it is always wonderful to talk to you. people can find your article online on the "spectator." thanks so much for coming in. >> thanks alisyn. >> what do you believe this violent phenomenon should be called. you can tweet us @newday. or go to i'm @alisyn camerata. >> interesting conversation. it's not just about language but the conversations. another topic when we come back. i don't have to tell you, it is tax season again. if you have plans to spend that refund you may want to wait. we'll explain why in a second.
4:52 am
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all right. time for cnn money now. christine romans here in the money center here with big news. good news for jobs. >> job levels are at the highest level in 14 years. 5 million job openings the most since january 2001. add that since 1999 last year. some economists say the job market is almost back to normal believe it or not. health insurer aetna raising the minimum wage to $16 an hour. that means at aetna 1500 workers are getting a pay raise. they want to keep their workers from leavin as the job market improves. get ready for delays in the tax rushes. budget cuts. people who file paper tax returns could wait an extra week or longer. the same thing for anyone with extra questions. good news for audits. al qaeda in yemen releasing new video claiming
4:56 am
responsibility for the "charlie hebdo" attack. an ominous warning. we will have more from paris. all the latest next.
4:57 am
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5:00 am
now claiming responsibility. >> it is said the arrangements for this operation were made by an wall al alaki. >> they say they have avenged the prophet muhammad. >> two individuals slaughtered 12 people. they're calm cool collected. time to stop and reload. >> 3 million copies of the new edition of "charlie hebdo" will hit news stands. >> there's people lining up trying to get the magazine. >> it's filled with the work of some of the slain cartoonists. >> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo, allyson cam pereira. >> good morning, welcome back to your new day. january 14th 8:00 on the east coast. al qaeda's yemen branch is claiming responsibility for the deadly attack on "charlie hebdo" magazine. >> the terror group says the
5:01 am
kouachi brothers were following their orders. a top commander warning of new incidents to come. we have complete coverage for you so let's get right to senior international correspondent anything payton walsh. nick. >> reporter: allyson, a 12-minute long rant for a known spokesman for al qaeda based out of yemen. they are clear they consider this quote, to be a turning point in their conflict against the west and they detail what they say was a kind of command structure behind carrying out the attacks against the hebdo meghle. they said that was a moment of good fortune in the attack at the kosher store. investigators say they have to piece the claims together with reality they believe connections
5:02 am
between them and the kouachi brothers. in the statement they say that a man al za wau had i was the init eighthor. they chose the target but then specified an american citizen, anwar al-awlaki had control over it. that's going to be key for investigators because he was killed by a drone strike in 2011. it raises an important point here that maybe the planning in this came to a head in 2011 and then the kouachi brothers laid dormant, a sleeper cell if you like to use that term in paris for a number of years and then decided to carry out this attack in the last week or so. quite a few clues that investigators will be looking through. anyone can be making these claims. the key point is how do they match up to the trail that they're going to be chasing now of the kouachi brothers around the world. alisyn. >> nick paton walsh, thank you for that. in parisian in paris
5:03 am
they're lining up to get their new copy of "charlie hebdo." the new edition selling out across the city exactly one week after heavily armed terrorists stormed the headquarters slaughtering 12 people. this all comes as shocking video surfaces of the brothers celebrating on the street following that deadly attack. let's get right to john berman who is live from paris. john what's the latest? >> reporter: good morning, alisyn. an interesting new development this morning. french officials tell us they have detained dozens of individuals for condoning or supporting terrorism. it is against the law here in france to speak out in support of terror acts. these authorities have now detained dozens of people including a very famous french person. you can be sentenced to prison time for this 18 to 70 years. cracking down on what they call hate speech here. this comes, as you said as they release this dramatic video of
5:04 am
the attack on the "charlie hebdo" offices right behind me. you see the terrorists driving on this street. it is chilling to see their calm eerie calculation. >> reporter: chilling new video captures terrorists cherif and farid kouachi moments after they carried out the attack on "charlie hebdo." the video reveals one of the terrorists shouting we have avenged the prophet muhammad just outside the magazine's offices. the gunmen reload their automatic weapons before slipping into their get away car and start driving down a narrow road lights flashing. a police cruiser blocks their path. the hooded gunmen get out of their car and open fire. >> they're cold blooded killers. they're calm they're cool they're collected and they go about their business. that just shows you what we are up against. >> reporter: hours later the
5:05 am
brothers rob a gas station 50 miles northeast of paris. these surveillance images show what appears to be an rpg, rocket propelled grenade launcher strapped to the side of one of the brothers as they steal gas and food. >> the videos get scrutinized a great deal. how they held their weapons that suggested that they had had some kind of formal training. >> reporter: it was known that the older brother, cherif notched jihadist circles. in 2008 he went on trial for his involvement in a network smuggling islamist fighters to iraq. in this newly uncovered video from the moments just after his conviction cherif tells a reporter quote, we are just young kids from the suburbs. that is all. we get passionate. we talk like this, but there is nothing more. investigators are now taking a look at the money trail trying to find out how the brothers financed their trips to yemen and how the terrorists got their high powered weapons. >> what we've been able to
5:06 am
accumulate over the last six days is a tremendous amount of data. >> reporter: as the investigation continues, 3 million copies of "charlie hebdo's" new issue hit the news stands this morning. already sold out at markets across paris. prior to the release one of the surviving cartoonists, louz held a press conference. at times his emotions overwhelmed him. >> translator: reflecting on the motive behind the bloodshed, louz said the terrorists were once kids. they drew like us then they one day perhaps lost their sense of humor, perhaps their child soul. >> i was at that news conference yelled. it was very moving. that cartoonist you just saw, luz, is only alive today because one week ago he showed up to work late at these offices after the horrible massacre there. today the magazine that he drew the cover for, it did hit the streets, but we went to newstand
5:07 am
after newstand and, chris, every copy already sold out. >> certainly going to get a strong reaction if for no other reason that john now it is a piece of history. on the u.s. side secretary of state john kerry is going to travel to france tomorrow to meet with french president francois hollande. joining us is marie harf. marie, good to have you on the show. thanks for joining us. >> happy to be here chris. >> obviously i want to talk about all things paris related, however, one question on the macro topic, the war against terror specifically the military actions against isis. are you -- you are probably aware, but it is not being well communicated to the united states people i think, that iran's fighters are actively present in iraq helping the battles there and are being embraced by the iraqi government and people. is that something that the u.s. is acknowledging, at least internally internally?
5:08 am
and why aren't we hearing more about it? >> well chris, i think a couple things. first, it's clear the u.s. is the one country that has unique capabilities that they can bring to help the iraqis in this fight. i think the iraqis understand that. clearly iraq and iran have a historical relationship and they will continue to have one. we bring unique capabilities to bear. i know the iraqis appreciate that we're bringing them weapons and training. >> what we're hearing is they're on the ground. they're making advances. there are more of them coming in. does the u.s. then have to avoid any joint missions where the iranians -- it seems like it's going to get very sticky very quickly. >> we're certainly not koord nighting with the iranians in any way in this fight with isil. what we're focused on is supporting the iraqis the kurdish forces as they are taking on the fight to isol. they have had some success. this is going to be a long fight
5:09 am
as we've said. >> we reported it marie. we had someone in iraq saying there are advances going on. back to france. let's close the circle on the decision not to go to paris. secretary kerry obviously would have been a great choice for that. the criticism really goes to the timing of the decision the accountability for the decision. do you know who made the decision not to send the secretary to the march? >> well secretary kerry was in india the day of the march. he absolutely would have been in paris if there was any way that his schedule would have allowed it. you know i think, as do other people how often he's traveled there, how close our relationship is and the white house has said they shouldn't have sent someone senior. secretary would have been there if he could. he's going there tomorrow as you mentioned. he's going to express condolences and have a number of meetings. chris, also as he said this relationship is much more than any one day or one march. no matter how important, certainly someone more senior should have gone. >> we'll leave it at that for now.
5:10 am
let's go to something more important that's going on right now. how would you describe the men who committed these hoshlgrrible attacks in paris? >> i think we all would describe them as terrorists period. we've been very clear about that. we've said this was an act of terrorism. i know that there's a lot of talk about words and words are important, but what we're focused on is actions. working with the french to figure out how they were radicalized, who directed them looking at this new aqap video today looking out if it's authentic and real. words matter but we're focused on how you prevent this from happening in the future. >> right, but if the concern is to insulate moderate muslims from being lumped in with bad muslims, muslims who revert the faith, bastardize it for their own reasons, do you think it hurts the faith when these men and women identify themselves as muslims? >> we're not ignoring that.
5:11 am
we have worked closely with the muslim community in the united states and france and encouraged moderate muslim voices to stand up and say, this is not our religion. they are not acting in the name of islam. no one is ignoring the fact that they claim to be acting in the name of their faith. what we're saying is that's a perversion of their faith. that is not what islam represents. more than what we call them what we're focused on is how you fight them how you hold them accountable and how you prevent this from happening again. >> but you think that not using the term muslim or islamic or islamist as experts are telling us is the most ak our raitt way to define them is helpful in the, you know other level of this war, which is perceptual which is about the ideas and the understanding that we have about different faiths? >> well look chris, absolutely. i think there are some differences of opinion among experts about what to call certain people and certain things and certain terrorists who act in the name of islam as
5:12 am
they claim. we're not ignoring that fact at all. actually quite the opposite. we are working with the muslim community around the world to stand up and say this does not represent our faith. we are acutely aware of the fact that these terrorists try to use islam as a justification for what they're doing and it's not about us saying that's not acceptable it's about the rest of the muslim world saying that's not acceptable. >> let's go to the same problem in a different part of the world. nigeria. boko haram. horrific. about the worst we've seen in terms of their tactics. they spare no one. why is the u.s. not more involved in the active fight against boko haram? >> well you're absolutely right. the reports we're getting are absolutely horrific about the level of violence in boko haram right now. we are actively working with the nigerian military to help them build their capacity to fight this threat. they need to step up and do more. they know that. the nigerians need to move ahead with elections. we know boko haram is trying to use elections as an excuse for
5:13 am
violence to drive a wedge among the nigerian people and they can't let that happen. they need to stand up to these terrorists and say, we're not going to let you win. we're going to move forward with these elections. so we're working with them very closely, both military cooperation, security cooperation but also diplomatically to build their capacity to fight this. >> does it concern the united states that the leader good luck jonathan did not mention what recently happened with boko haram though he did condemn the attacks in france or at least offered his condolences to the french people? how does he ignore that? >> well secretary kerry has engaged directly with president jonathan in a number of phone calls over the past weeks and months to really work more closely with the nigerians on how they can fight this not just on the military side but as you said from a public side. perception matters as we've talked about today and we've talked about a lot before so obviously that's something we're talking to the nigerians about. how they can make very clear to their country, to their people
5:14 am
how seriously they take this threat. it's an ongoing conversation chris. >> marie harf. thank you very much for being on "new day" and addressing the issues. >> happy to be here. security is heightened at u.s. air ports after al qaeda in the arabian peninsula published a how-to guide for making a bomb from items found in people's kitchens. rene marsh joins us from reagan national airport on how the increased security will impact all of us. what's the latest rene? rr allyson, i canice rr. >> reporter: alisyn if you are flying you should expect higher security. as far as passengers go you can see something where a tsa officer may swab your hands searching for explosive residue. this is all a part of ramped up measures happening at airports across the country. the concern is these nonmetallic
5:15 am
ieds or explosionves that can make their way through certain airport scanners. the problem is only body scanners you know the airport screeners that essentially give you the outline of the flyer's body they can detect these nonmetallic explosives however, metal detectors cannot. we do know that the body scanners don't exist at all airports. some smaller airports only have metal detectors. if these explosives are nonmetallic, then you have a problem. back to you, alisyn. >> absolutely. that's what's so scary, rene. thanks so much for that update. there's more headlines. let's get over to michaela. >> breaking news. the fuselage the main body of airasia flight 8501 has been found. it is a significant development because that is where many of the passengers' bodies are likely to be found at the bottom of the java sea. indonesian officials also report they have now successfully
5:16 am
downloaded the content of both the cockpit voice recorder and the flight data recorder. new details about an alleged plot to kill house speaker john boehner by poisoning him or shooting him. the former bartender, 44-year-old michael hoyt is now undergoing a mental evaluation. he was indicted on charges that he planned to kill the speaker after being fired from his job. two parents of students killed at the sandy hook elementary school are suing the school district. the connecticut school district claims it has made major changes to keep children safe since that december 2012 shooting. talk about cutting out the middleman. check out this dog. black lab mix named eclipse loves going to dog parks so much she often goes without her owner, meaning she rides the bus without her owner. commuters on the seattle bus
5:17 am
route apparently are so used to seeing eclipse riding solo sits in the seat like a human, knows exactly which stop to get off for the park and off she goes. >> i must know more. >> i kind of love this. >> does she have a metro card that she carries in her color. >> i think she slips under the carrousel. >> how did this begin? >> i don't know. >> we must know the back story. >> i will do some digging. >> we have to know. >> thank you, michaela. back to our top story. a terror alert in the u.s. following last week's deadly attacks in france. the department of homeland security issuing new security measures that could affect you. isis wants you to know that it allows children to execute hostages. they actually put out a video showcasing this. we're going to take a closer look at how hopefully this backfires ahead.
5:18 am
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5:21 am
after last week's terror attacks in france growing threats on u.s. soil. the u.s. department of homeland security announced new security measures. joining us is republican senator, tom cotton. he's a member of the senate intelligence committee andersen nate arms committee. he's a veteran of the conflicts iraq and afghanistan. good morning, senator. >> good morning, alisyn. great to be on with you. >> we just heard a report from rene marsh about how airports are on hieltendeightened alert because there was a terror magazine that put out a call for kitchen bombs, homemade bombs that are undetectable by metal detectors at the airport or even as we understand it dogs. what does the tsa do about that? >> well, alisyn it's very
5:22 am
proper to be on heightened alert. we can't win the war in islamic terror on defense. we have to be on of fence. remember "charlie hebdo" magazine had been under threats. they had been attacked in the past. french authorities had protective members in place and there were still a massacre of 12 journalists and 4 parisian jews. we have to kill them over there before they come here. >> senator john mccain was on "new day" and he talked about what he thinks it will take to really put a dent in isis over there, and he talked about many more american soldiers on the ground. listen to this. >> we have to commit to really defeating isis and having a strategy to do so. that means more americans on the ground not from a large combat troops but a lot more americans on the ground to provide the capabilities that frankly iraq ri -- the iraqis don't have and there is a total absence of in
5:23 am
syria. >> senator, do you agree that it will take many more americans on the ground? >> alisyn we're currently not winning our fight against the islamic state. we've stopped some of their advances in iraq but again, you don't win wars on the defense, you win them on the offense. >> what does that mean? >> we need to increase the number of bombing missions that our navy and air force are conducting every day. those missions should be greatly advanced if we had forward air controllers on the groundworking with our local allies so they can sight in the bombs when they come in. we need to increase the presence of special operations forces as well because those are great force multipliers. as we saw in the early days of afghanistan. it didn't take tens of thousands of troops to topple the taliban. it took a few hundred troops on the ground to help the northern alliance get organized and become an effective fighting force. what we have to do is get on the offense. we are fighting to defend territory in iraq but take territory back and ultimately defeat the islamic state in syria where they started. >> what exactly are you talking about?
5:24 am
sending in you say, what 500 more soldiers to iraq and how would you get them into syria? >> well, alisyn that's a matter for the professional judgment of our generals and admirals. that's something we certainly want to hear. it's going to take more force on the ground in iraq and syria to protect our citizens around the world and here at home. we just saw an attack in paris, similar attack like that could happen here in the united states. and islamic terrorists are on the offense around the world. that's why you saw an attack like you did in paris, why boko haram just had its biggest massacre yet. former taliban in pakistan and afghanistan are associating. they want to kill us here in the united states. that's why we have to kill them here first. >> you reported a closed senate intelligence briefing yesterday. can you share with us if you were told about any credible threats here at home? >> alisyn i can't share what we were briefed on in a classified meeting of the senate
5:25 am
intelligence committee. i can tell you that the threat around the world is as great as it's ever been because al qaeda is on the march. they now control more territory than they did before the 9/11 attacks. this president has consistently minimized the threats of al qaeda. a year ago he called the islamic state the j.v. team. two years ago he said al qaeda was on the run and his re-election campaign said they were largely defeated. they're not largely defeated. they're on the offense. >> just yesterday the chairman of the senate intelligence committee richard burke told jay tapper that he believes it is possible that the kouachi brothers did have contacts in the united states. do you think that that's right? >> well senator burr and i obviously are monitoring the situation very closely and we're looking for all kinds of links, not just between the brothers that conducted the "charlie hebdo" massacre and americans but also with the terrorists in al qaeda and yemp men who just this morning claimed
5:26 am
responsibility for these attacks. just as they were responsible for the christmas bomber five years ago. those kinds of attacks on american soil are likely if we don't get back on offense all around the world against islamist terrorists. >> are you saying it's time to send u.s. troops into yemen? >> we just sent u.s. troops into yemen into december to conduct a hostage rescue that unfortunately didn't work. we have to be willing to send troops or drones or any other national power to kill terrorists or capture them wherever they are if they pose a threat to american citizens and our interests around the world. >> senator tom cotton thank you so much for joining us with your perspective on new day. >> alisyn there is a new isis propaganda video showing a child killing two men. why is isis using kids to kill. and "charlie hebdo's" issue now released. the cover is perceived as offensive. what's inside the magazine? we'll tell you.
5:27 am
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all right. time now forty-five things you need to know for your new day.
5:31 am
number one, "charlie hebdo" releasing its first issue a week to the day after they stormed the paris office killing 12 people. al qaeda in yemen now claiming responsibility for that attack. the main body of airasia flight 8501 has been found. that's confirmed by indonesian officials who also report they have now successfully downloaded the contents of both the cockpit voice recorder and the flight data recorder. for the first time isis fighters have entered afghanistan. they are clashing with the taliban and recruiting new members in the helmand province. north korea once again denying it had anything to do with that massive cyber attack against sony pictures. the north korean ambassador challenging the u.s. to provide new evidence. might have to wait a little bit longer to get a tax refund this year. the irs says those who file a paper return need to wait an extra week or even more. they're blaming budget cuts. good news fewer audits. visit
5:32 am
how often do you see someone talking on the phone or texting while driving, right? you do? i've done it. it's a bad habit. it can have deadly consequences. no one knows this better than the young woman you're about to meet. dr. sanjay gupta has the story of survival on this week's human factor. >> reporter: being stubborn may have saved her life. >> my mom didn't appreciate it nearly enough. i think it's my best characteristic. >> reporter: in 2008 on the day she graduated from college j.c. and her parents were in a car accident caused by a teenager talking on his cell phone. her mom and dad were killed. j.c. was given a 10% chance of survival. >> my pelvis was shattered. i had a damaged liver. my lungs were both partially collapsed and i had a traumatic brain injury which put me on the edge of death. >> reporter: j.c. fought back refusing to give in. >> i wanted my life back.
5:33 am
in college i had the reputation that was the one that was going to save the world. >> reporter: her call to action came after the driver who caused the accident wasn't convicted. there was no law against the use of cell phones. >> i spoke at a press conference in pennsylvania trying to get a hand held ban and a texting ban. finally it went into effect. texting and driving is illegal. zbl i'm grateful that i have everything that i have in spite of having lost so much. part of life. >> i survived for a reason and with a purpose. trying to use my time on the planet to make other times better. >> reporter: dr. sanjay gupta, cnn, reporting. heed the message. heed the message.
5:34 am
>> so inspiring. >> back to our top story. isis is trying to lure the most impressionable and vulnerable it turns out into the ranks. children as seen in this shocking new prop maaganda video. why are they trying to join the terror group. and an historic day for "charlie hebdo" defiantly releasing its first issue just one week after that terrible massacre. the cover's of course controversial. the question is what else is in that magazine. we know. we will tell you.
5:35 am
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so isis has released a disturbing new video. it's propaganda. it appears to show a young child executing two hostages. cnn cannot verify its authenticity. hopefully it was staged. and obviously we're not going to show it to you. the point is this is what this group is about. it is not some brave band of warriors. they routinely recruit kids and use their images. this isn't something that only happens over there either. in chicago the mother of a teenager accused of trying to join isis sent the terror group a powerful message. take a listen.
5:39 am
>> we condemn this violence in the strongest possible terms. we condemn the brutal tactics of isis and groups and we condemn the brainwashing and recruiting of children through the use of social media and internet and we have a message for isis and the social media recruiters. leave our children alone. >> leave our children alone. that is the reality and that mother's going to appear on "a c360" tonight at 8:00 eastern. you're going to want to see that. how does this work? we have phillip mud. thank you for joining us mr. mu did dd. using kids it seems to be an act of weakness. why do they think it works for them? >> chris, it makes perfect sense to me. you have to understand isis is not a terror group. that's a western perspective. isis is a revolutionary group that wants to change society. they want to own geography in places like iraq and syria.
5:40 am
as we heard moving into syria, change the role of women, education. they want to change culture and recruiting children is the way to change culture in the next generation. before you believe that this is odd, it's unusual, that it can't work look at how this has happened around the world in the last few decades. sri lank ka we've seen efforts by abducting women in northern nigeria by boko haram. we've seen this by the taliban changing the role of women in society. 24 is a group that's trying to stage a revolution. it's not a group solely focused on this narrow ban of terrorism. >> is there a chance of back fire? you've been to these lands so many times. i have as well. these people love their kids just the way we do here. is there a chance they say, no, i don't want you to take my kid. i don't want you to make my kid a suicide bomber? >> there is a chance of back fire but it's a question of how much time you have to wait before you see that effect. for example, we've seen a lot of
5:41 am
success in somalia which i would have said in 2006 2007 is a very significant threat. we had kids from min knee app mow -- minneapolis going over to somalia somalia. african union, on the ground in somalia somalia, that wave of violence has been reversed by al shabaab. the problem we have chris, is in the west we want to say what's going to happen tomorrow what's going to happen next week. in my experience if you want to reverse this tide you're talking about 2025 2035. you're talking about a generation of military operations that are brutal to reverse what is not just a terror group to reverse a cultural revolution that isis is trying to spark. >> so how do you see it long term for a group like isis? >> this is an unpleasant conversation. let me give you two characteristics that i would expect to see not just because i'm looking at isis but because i'm looking at experiences in places like indonesia, the philippines, again, nigeria
5:42 am
somalia. a couple of the characteristics. overtime believe it or not there has to be some conversation with some segment about reconciliation. i'm not talking about this today. that is exactly right. let me tell you what i mean chris. i'll get a lot of hate mail. i don't like isis. i'm perfectly happy to see drone strikes go after them but over the course of time if they represent a geographic space and if they represent some september be imt among the people you're going to have to find a faction of isis like we've looked at within the taliban, for example, that says i don't like this extreme violence. maybe i can participate in some political process. now to be clear, that ain't happening today or tomorrow. that might be in ten years, believe it or not. the second and finally chris, let me tell you one thing that's going to happen in the interim. if you want to root out people who are recruiting and training child soldiers for the next generation what i have seen in places like cambodia sri lanka, nigeria, you will see over the next several years tremendous
5:43 am
human rights violations as iraqi forces people object to it they say, no no it can't happen again. it will happen again. they can't just fight isis in the battlefield. they're going to have to go in towns and villages and root them out. i would predict that's going to lead to tremendous civilian casualties and human rights violations in the coming years. >> well look. that's a horrible prospect. we hope that you're not right, but this is your business. you've seen it before. let me ask you something quickly about paris. >> yes. >> the concern is the u.s. intel community went from saying oh, no this is a parisian phenomenon with these guys saying oh, they're on one of our no fly lists. what's the chance they end up being connected over here politicians going sideways on us unknown, we don't know? what's the chance that this cell these brothers these guys over there wind up having had contacts in the u.s.? >> first, chris, if you want to talk about how politicians deal with terrorism in washington we need another show because i will go off on that. i'm tired about the way they
5:44 am
talk about things like sleeper cells in the united states. nonsense. if you want to talk about the issue of counter terrorism and data that might link the paris cell to the united states my guess is if you get one or two hops out, that is one or two steps out from the terrorists looking at phone and e. dmal at that -- e-mail data in the united states. one of them probably trained in yemen and was somehow a roommate of the underwear bomber who tried to take out an airliner five or six years ago. we're going to see some linkages in the united states. the question is how direct the linkages are. my guess is that they will be indirect and whether they suggest some imminent threat. in the age of data you're going to find some link even if it's not direct. one or two steps out from these guys in paris. >> phillip mudd what you have to say isn't always to hear but important to hear. thank you for joining us on "new day" as always. thank you. >> thank you. >> alisyn. the latest "charlie hebdo"
5:45 am
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5:49 am
we're trying to get to it this morning. if you're trying to get your hands on this magazine i sense you've had no success yet. >> reporter: i'm empty handed michaela. all of cnn paris, all of our reporters and producers, we only have one copy among all of us. that's how fast this magazine flew off news stands and kiosks this morning. it's before sunrise that they started cuing up waiting to buy copies. the distributor has said they're going to keep printing more. it was going to be 3 million, it's now 5 million. that's the starkest demonstration of how interested this country is in this. >> what are people on the streets of paris saying about it? what are the sellers saying about the magazine and selling out of it? >> reporter: well, we haven't sensed any trepidation on the part of the sellers. i've been curious. as you know this cover is of the prophet of muhammad. any depiction of the prophet of
5:50 am
muhammad is highly controversial and offensive. one person has brought it and put it atop the mass. this new magazine and the cover is selling on e bay for hundreds of dollars. people are putting it online for sale. new copies will start to become available tomorrow. we might see more along the lines for tomorrow. we talked to one person who said they've been to eight different news stands in paris trying to get a copy and couldn't do it. even some people who don't believe in the values or the opinions or in some cases the vile sorts of cartoons printed in the magazine do want to support it. we've heard that loud and clear today. >> let's talk about what's inside. i know you've had a chance to look at a digital version. is it sort of their standard lamb basting everybody, religion of all kinds but also a tribute to the writers who were lost and the cartoonists? >> reporter: it sure is. it's a doubling down of their points of view. this is a proudly secular magazine rejecting all religions
5:51 am
and mocking all relidge gongs having a lot of fun, in their minds, with laughing at the pope in the same way they laugh at muhammad or they mock islamic extremism. all of that is there. one of the few english cartoons is a rif on the phrase keep calm and carry on. it says keep calm and charlie on. there is a lot of appreciation that comes through in the pages for this country and this world's outpouring of grief and emotion of last week's attacks. the letter on the second page says charlie has made a lot of new friends this week. >> expect to see that slogan you mentioned on t-shirts and on places around the internet. talk to us here. folks in the u.s. are not going to be able to see the magazine in terms of get a copy of it. it won't be available here. are you sensing that the momentum is going to last overseas and around the world for the magazine? >> reporter: you know my wife was just saying that to me, mika'ilmick
5:52 am
mckayla. it appeared that it wasn't going to be seen. then they figured out an online release strategy so it was seen around the world for anybody who wanted to. i have a feeling we will get to that point with this issue of the magazine. a lot of folks in the united states are curious to see it for yourself. you're right, right now it's not on news stands or available. i think a distribution strategy might be in the works around the world. now whether this momentum continues into the weeks and months i think that's an open question. we know that the magazine has taken a week off, the staff has taken a week off. there will be funerals during that time. i expect more grieving during that time. they will be back at work on be a new issue later this month. >> it's not all business as usual. they have to deal with the trauma loss of colleagues mending, healing. i want to changing topics ever so slightly. follow me if you would. we've heard of al-jazeera
5:53 am
english which has an american counterpart in the united states. the editor sending out a communique to the staff. some are calling it an effort to minimize the paris terror attacks. what are you hearing? >> reporter: that's right. and now alg gentleman-jazeera is doing damage control. there was a series of e-mails internally that were never supposed to be seen by the public. they got leaked and have continued to leak out. they show a continuous debate at al-jazeera and whether it's appropriate to say we are all charlie, whether that's an accurate slogan or whether it shows a divide. there's been a controversy inside the news network. it's a real problem. al-jazeera is trying hard to be seen not as a middle eastern broadcaster. it wants to be seen in the united states and it's been very low rated in the united states for the past couple of years. they're trying to get traction. whenever a controversy occurs
5:54 am
it's never good. they're trying to distance themselves. >> to that point, do you think it will have ill effects on the efforts. the numbers for them have been a challenge. they are trying to grow this brand within the united states? >> reporter: they are. i've heard from a number of american employees at al-jazeera who say it's a very difficult situation they're in working there because they do feel like there's pressure from the network's owners in qatar to take a certain point of view. they want to be seen as being unbiased and totally balanced. these e-mails seem to undermine them. i recommend you check them out online. you see a vigorous debate internally how to describe the attack and how to treat it. >> all right. >> one of the issues michaela is whether it's appropriate to describe -- sorry. a little bit of a satellite delay. i'll catch you next time. >> we'll say good-bye until next time. thanks so much for your reporting there. >> reporter: thank you. all right. so how about this once a
5:55 am
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come over here. time for the good stuff. today's edition is one of our newest cast members. charlotte. this kid is 17 years old. he's no stranger to the fort lauderdale police. he's getting booked on juvenile charges. bad things criminal mischief stuff that you'll hopefully never know. while that's happening, that officer collapses. no one else is around just jamall. you know what he did, he kicked the chain link fence where he was. he started screaming and he alerted the other officers come come come there was a problem. the officers come. turns out franklin was having a heart attack. police say if it wasn't for jamall's quick thinking he would have died. now they're going to honor him. you see, you are what you do. you're not always just what you do. he did a good thing. isn't that nice? would you have done that? >> yes. >> of course she would.
6:00 am
>> that's good to know. that's good to know. >> one of our colleague's daughters visiting today. >> time for the "newsroom." let's get you to carol costello. carol. >> thanks so much. have a great day. >> move over. >> "newsroom" starts now. and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. we start


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