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tv   Wolf  CNN  January 14, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PST

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they are available. please stay tuned. brianna keilar is sitting in for wolf. it starts right now. i'm brianna keilar in for wolf blitzer. up first, chilling new images provide more details from inside the kosher market in paris where four people were killed in a terrorist attack. we're working to get access to the pictures and will have them for you as soon as we can. these are still pictures from surveillance footage. it was obtained by cctv. they show the attacker believed to be amedy coulibaly with what appears to be a handgun. he's wearing fatigues has what looks like a bulletproof vest on. other images show employees apparently taking down surveillance cameras on the orders of the gunman bodies of some of the four people killed by coulibaly can be seen on the floor. a baby stroller sits abandoned
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in the aisle of the market. you see people huddled together you see groceries scattered on the floor. all this unfolding just hours before police stormed that market and killed coulibaly. let's get some perspective on these new images. we have chief national security correspondent jim sciutto joining us now from paris. jim, you've seen the images. we're still trying to get some access to them. but what stands out to you when you look at them? >> reporter: they're harrowing images from inside this kosher market in the very midst of the attack in what would be an otherwise mundane scene, an image of a small little grocery store. but you see the fear playing out in those images. you mentioned a stroller abandoned. there was a child hiding with some of the other people who were in the store at the time of the attack in a refrigerated room downstairs, possible it belonged to his parents. not clear. but also you have a moment there where some of the hostages who
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survived are in one aisle, because of the time stamps apparently after the initial hostages were killed. so they would have been witnesses to murder there seen on tape soon afterwards. and then as you mentioned just operationally that the attacker clearly called on the staff and the shoppers in the store to take down those cctv cameras after they were running for some time. but at one point, he figured out that would not be a good idea for police to have a vision inside the shop. so they were then forced to take down the cameras. >> i want to talk about some of the new information that we have coming in and then see what you think about it. we have this video statement, the commander of aqap al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, says the terror group picked the target, laid out the plan, financed the operation. he described the kouachi brothers who carried out the attack as heroes. the statement says that radical american cleric anwar al awlaki was the mastermind of the
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attack. both kouachi brothers may have met with awlaki in yemen. and this american-born cleric killed in an american drone strike in 2011. new pictures have emerged of the gunmen while they were on the run. the images published by a french online journal from surveillance video at a gas station. and you have the commander of al qaeda in the arabian peninsula saying the attack on the "charlie hebdo" offices was years in the making. why the claim of responsibility now? >> reporter: well the timing is interesting, clearly they want to claim responsibility they want to claim credit for this attack to happen on the day when another edition of "charlie hebdo" comes out. it's possible it's tied to that. although it is a week to the day from the attacks. with claims of responsibility like this i'm told you have to take them with something of a grain of salt it's not 100% established that this was commanded, controlled directed by aqap. that said there are substantial
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ties. we know the kouachi brothers who carried out the murder here at "charlie hebdo," that they did travel to yemen. it is believed they received some training from aqap in yemen. there's also a money trail that both french and u.s. authorities are tracking they believe the attacker is given $20,000 in yemen to carry out an attack at a future date. what's not clear is the degree of direction. and that's something that's going to continue to be looked into in the investigation. >> jim sciutto for us in paris, thanks. let's talk now about those aqap claims, about this video. we have national security analyst peter bergen cnn global affairs analyst and managing editor of courts bobby ghosh. peter, why did it take so long for aqap to say, this was us? >> al qaeda didn't fess up to 9/11 until years later. claims of responsibility including, by the way, for failed attacks, aqap the group that's claimed responsibility
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for paris, about three days after the failed christmas day 2009 attempt to bring down northwest flight 253 over detroit claimed that. there's often a lag. i think we're making more of it than it's meaning. >> we shouldn't read too much into it. >> we shouldn't. >> you have this video, there are claims that are linking this attack to ayman al zawahiri to osama bin laden. what do we read into that? >> as jim said, this is a claim. there's not doubt that there were connections between the kouachis and aqap. how much they ordered, conceived and carried out this attack on instruction from yemen, that we don't know yet. it might be an opportunistic claim that well, this is something that happened, and our name has already been mentioned, let's take as much credit for it as possible. the reference to al zawahiri seems to me to be pro forma.
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they recognize zawahiri as being their overall leader. there's a tendency to ascribe everything to him. i wouldn't put too much emphasis on that myself. >> and then something that's striking is that aqap is claiming responsibility and you can both weigh in on this -- claiming responsibility for the "charlie hebdo" attack but not for the kosher market attack. and yet you would sort of think that the two are very much connected, these were all associates. what do you think about that? >> i think that gives the claim of responsibility on the "charlie hebdo" attack more credibility. they're saying the other attack wasn't something they had anything to do with. i listen to what people say. when one of the kouachi brothers said awlaki financed me the last words he ever said when he was alive in an interview with a french journalist why not take that at face value? we have so much information in the system about this al qaeda
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in the arabian peninsula link and now this claim of responsibility. to me it seems an open-and-shut case. >> coulibaly has taken -- has said in his video that he pledged allegiance to isis. so it would be awkward for aqap to take -- >> actually that was us for them to say that -- >> when you have it directly from the man's mouth to the point about taking people at their word. what it shows us is that on the ground the distinctions between the two groups don't always matter. to people carrying out this attack -- we've seen it in syria over and over again. al qaeda-associated elements and isis-associated elements are perfectly capable of working with each other. the differences such as they are are at a high level. but for the foot soldiers mid-level commanders doesn't matter. >> "london times" reporting there's increased chatter about public beheadings which is something that people have been concerned about not just in
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london but now this specific report of this. do you think this is a real threat peter? >> happening in the west? >> in london. in england. >> hard for me to assess. rigby used a machete and the soldier who was killed in 2013 -- it's plausible. certainly we've had by the british account, 500 brits have gone to syria. many returned. the british told me there's no way we can follow all these people. so it's not out of the question. >> certainly does terrorize the population when they're worried about going about their normal day. >> which is exactly the point, creating terror. >> bobby and peter, thank you so much. republicans in the house of representatives got their ducks in a row. they approved a new bill today to fund the department of homeland security through september. but the republican-backed measure would also roll back president obama's executive actions on immigration. that includes the 2012 order
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that ended deportations of so-called dreamers. the bill now goes to the republican-led senate. but president obama has vowed to veto any bill that takes aim at his immigration orders. as it stands funding for the department of homeland security is set to run out at the end of february. coming up long lines across paris this morning to buy the new issue of "charlie hebdo" magazine. we'll talk about the controversy that it's creating. we'll get reaction from the muslim community. and also ahead, a major development in the mystery of airasia flight 8501. stay with us for that. (son) oh no... can you fix it, dad? yeah, i can fix that. (dad) i wanted a car that could handle anything. i fixed it! (dad) that's why i got a subaru legacy. (vo) symmetrical all-wheel drive plus 36 mpg. i gotta break more toys. (vo) introducing the all-new subaru legacy.
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chilling new images provide
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more details from inside the kosher market in paris where four people were killed in a terrorist attack. we literally just got access to these pictures. we are trying to show them to you for the first time now. as we talk to chief national security correspondent jim sciutto, joining us from paris, i'm hoping we'll be able to display these. these are striking and they show the chaos and the terror that are inside of the store here. this picture is perhaps one of the most striking to me, jim. it's the picture of the stroller abandoned here in one of the aisles because we do know that there was a child inside that was a child who actually took refuge with some adults in a freezer. we don't know if this stroller belongs to that child. but you certainly might make that leap. >> reporter: that's right. several of them managed to escape downstairs without the knowledge of the attacker.
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one of them was an infant, about 2 years old. they were taking refuge in a freezer which they managed to turn off. just one way they survived. now we're seeing the attacker, amedy coulibaly. he's wearing body armor. you can see he has one of the hostages with his or her hands up against the wall just a moment of fear. not clear if this is one of the hostages who survived or did not. but otherwise mundane scenes from inside a kosher market which turned that afternoon, just this past friday, into a location of terror. deadly terror as it would turn out. >> you can see what appears to be a gun actually on the right side the gun that he appears to be holding there to the right. can we move to the next picture here? these are pictures that were captured on closed circuit television. some of them actually show on
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the gunman's orders some of the hostages pulling down the cameras. this -- i don't know, jim, you can see this. what does this appear to be other than some of the hostages gathering? this seems to be that very same room. >> reporter: it does. it seems to be a different angle of the same room. the person with white hair in the lower center of the screen looks to be the same person that had their hands up against the wall in the previous shot based on the color of his air and the color of his shirt. it's hard to tell who the figure is at the very bottom center of the screen where there's an attacker or another hostage. we know after some time during the hostage-taking that the attacker ordered the hostages to take down the cctv cameras. he must have realized at some point that this would be a way for the authorities to see inside perhaps make plans for a raid inside the shop. and there are other images we
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have where you can see the hostages reaching up close to the camera to take them down. >> and can we pull up one of those pictures so that we can see this? it's really just chilling. this appears to be one of the hostages who is taking down the camera. he has something in his hand. i don't know if that's part of the camera. but this is one of just a couple of these where under the gunman's orders they were told to dismantle this closed circuit television system, jim. >> reporter: that's right. it does seem -- it's hard to tell for sure. but it does seem that this one follows the previous photo, that you had perhaps the hostages preparing to climb up to take down the camera. and now you have a closer shot succeeding that as they do. >> let's pull up another picture. can we pull up another picture? we're waiting on these. these literally just came in.
10:17 am
we just got access to these photos these brand-new photos showing the scene inside of the kosher market where amedy coulibaly -- this again, is the picture of the stroller in the -- the abandoned stroller in the supermarket aisle here. there are other photos that show groceries strewn about, people gathering. this is amedy coulibaly on the left holding a gun with someone with their hands -- a hostage with their hands up against the wall. we have other pictures to show you. we're going to try to get access to those. we'll be bringing those to you as soon as we can. we want to go to lieutenant colonel james reese. he's a former delta force officer. he's our cnn global affairs correspondent. let's get more now from him on these newly released pictures that are from inside of the kosher market attack. here with me as well we have
10:18 am
national security analyst -- that's not true. we don't have peter bergen with us. we're going to go to colonel reese. you're seeing these photos for the first time. do they tell you anything new? >> if i'm looking down i'm looking at the pictures as i'm trying to speak to you. the one picture -- two before the one we're looking at right now. that gentleman is reaching up as jim sciutto was saying, trying to pull the camera down. you have the terrorist here watching -- what's going on there is he is putting in what we call an exit bar. looks like that's probably a back door or service door on the grocery store. in a lot of these places they have security bars so at nighttime after they close the shops down the bars go in so no one can kick the doors in and rob the place. so the terrorist is -- coulibaly is doing a pretty good job of strong-pointing the grocery store because he knew eventually
10:19 am
the raid team was going to be coming in to get him. so he tried to keep everything to one place that he could try to control and that was the front door. >> and we'll recall that when he was taken out by police he really made himself very visible to police at the front of the store through glass. so this is to you, what level of i guess, sophistication is this where he's gone in here he has a hostage securing the back door and he has hostages dismantling the cctv? there's one photo we have -- and we're still waiting for another that i've seen -- where there is a hostage up on a stool in the middle of the store taking down one of these cameras. what level of sophistication is this colonel? >> he's thinking about it. he is going through the steps of what we call strong-pointing his objective. and he's going through the process. it's a decision-making process which tells me that -- we've
10:20 am
been talking about this for over a week now. and jim sciutto and i have been going back and forth. i'm not sure these guys were really set to be martyrs. you think about it. what we've seen in the past if they really wanted to martyr themselves why wouldn't they keep the cameras on so they could have this aspect they knew would get out later for propaganda? he's going through a process trying to strong-point it looking for a way out eventually. >> oh, really? before i come back to that, i want to describe what we're seeing. to be clear because this was something i wasn't sure of. that is not a body on the ground. we don't know what that is. it appears there's some sort of -- i don't know if it's a shopping cart on the right, seems to be a bag hanging from that or a chair. maybe that's a coat. we don't know. you can see the chaos that all of this -- the chaos as part of this with the groceries on the floor. this is a new picture you haven't seen before in to us from the closed circuit television inside of the kosher
10:21 am
supermarket, a gathering of hostages. what's unclear to me here colonel reese, is you've got eight hostages gathered here. i would imagine they're not necessarily seeking refuge but that coulibaly's very aware of where they are and he's just having them congregate here or do you think they could be hiding? what do you think? >> yeah we've seen this -- history in hostage situations is the hostage-takers need to get control of the hostages. so they want to put them in a place that -- like mice in a corner they want to push them in a corner put them into a room put them into a place that just one person can control a large amount of hostages so they don't lose control inside because once they lose control inside the area they've taken, that's when everything breaks loose and that's usually times -- we start to look for
10:22 am
times to conduct a raid when chaos starts going in and the hostages lose control of the situation. >> i want to bring in bob baer our intelligence and security analyst, former cia operative. bob, what you don't see on the camera here that is very fascinating is as all of this is going on there were a number of people who had sought refuge in a freezer that it appears coulibaly was not aware of, right? >> i don't think so. he was a one-man operation and it looks to me like he didn't really case the place in advance. a truly professional takeover they would look at all sides, find a way to bar the front door hijackings and hostage-takings i've seen before, people knew what they were doing, intended to stay a long time, took more preparations. looks to me he simply went after this supermarket because it was an anti-semitic attack and
10:23 am
because of jewish customers. >> so you read this to be maybe less sophisticated in that he was sort of winging it? >> i think he was. i think this was -- the attack on the magazine was the centerpiece of this operation. and it looks to me like he was part of a pick-up team. the statement coming out of yemen today didn't really embrace the attack on the supermarket. >> that's right. >> that was probably coordinated on the ground in paris. they said as long as you're going to do the magazine, "charlie hebdo," let's do the supermarket so it's a two-pronged attack. but other than having an automatic weapon he didn't look very prepared for this the fact that the phones still worked and people called in. he wasn't in there for the long term. >> that's right. we have more pictures ahead that we are going to show you after a quick break. we'll be talking to our experts and telling you what these pictures just in to cnn here in
10:24 am
the last couple of minutes -- what they show us what they reveal about the kosher market attack in paris. stay with us.
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10:28 am
because it seems like looking at these pictures this one right here let me describe is amedy coulibaly who appears -- you can see in his right hand at the bottom of the screen the weapon that he's holding. and this is one of the hostages appearing to secure the door with a security bar. so this tells us obviously he's going in there perhaps -- this is what bob was saying -- to try to survive this, right? is that what you read in that, colonel reese? >> yeah, i do, brianna. bob said before i agree with him, i do not believe this was a planned attack by these guys. but we need to make sure that when we see these events -- sometimes people -- we think these guys are dumb and they're not. he got in here. it was a chance contact. he took it down took these people hostage and then he went through a thought process. he went through a decision-making process and
10:29 am
said i have to defend myself now because they're going to come after me. i truly believe he did this because he heard reports that the brothers had been held up north and this was the chance for him to maybe take some of the pressure off his brethren there in the network by doing this. but he went through a process. and in this picture right here it's kind of interesting, photos that were released last week that they found in his apartment and everything are very similar. he has a flak vest or a vest underneath that's kind of -- the you have the gray and green and brown pattern. that pattern is the same pattern of flak vests that the germans and the danes wore in germany in the early part of oef. and on top of it he has a black assault vest that he carries his ammunition in and any other type of equipment. that's what he's dressed in right there. >> operation enduring freedom,
10:30 am
is that what you mean? >> yes, that vest he has on, that pattern of dress in the flak vest he's wearing. >> which tells you what? it's military surplus? >> yeah, military surplus. i was talking today, a lot of these things you can literally buy off ebay. you can order off ebay. >> wow. so bob, this is what you're seeing in a way -- you were speaking to this -- that this is sort of improvising because he didn't cut the phone lines, he didn't have maybe a complete knowledge of the layout of this market. there were people successfully hiding in a freezer which seems a place that would be obvious to try to hide maybe or seek refuge or just to go down and check. is that what you're reading here this was improvised? >> totally improvised. one person going in there to stand up against an assault team -- and i'm not sure whether that was gign that went in there
10:31 am
or an ordinary police s.w.a.t. team he didn't stand a chance. once the shooting starts these guys are dead once they try to resist this. and the fact that he had hostages in the freezer, he couldn't have known one of them wasn't an undercover policeman with a weapon who could have taken him down. but normally when they take over a police like this, it needs multiple people. as i said you have to secure the front door and cut off all visibility to a police assault team. it's standard operating procedure for terrorists or guerrillas. >> you're looking at what appears to be a hostage dismantling one of those cameras inside the market. gentlemen, stick with me. i want to mention some breaking news we just got in. the u.s. believes that the al qaeda in the arabian peninsula claim is authentic. that is the video that was
10:32 am
posted in which we see aqap the commander of aqap claiming responsibility for not this kosher market attack that you've been seeing these photos of but the "charlie hebdo" attack on the magazine where the kouachi brothers were responsible for that first attack. again, this is coming from the office of the director of national intelligence. it says quote, we assess the aqap video claiming responsibility for last week's attack against "charlie hebdo" is authentic. we have a quick break. we'll be right back with our breaking news. when it comes to good nutrition...i'm no expert. that would be my daughter -- hi dad. she's a dietitian. and back when i wasn't eating right, she got me drinking boost. it's got a great taste and it helps give me the nutrition i was missing. helping me stay more like me. [ female announcer ] boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a delicious taste. grandpa!
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we have just obtained chilling new images from inside of the kosher market in paris taken during the siege where four people were killed. the still pictures these are from surveillance footage, they show the attacker believed to be amedy coulibaly with what appears to be a handgun in his right hand there. he's wearing fatigues what looks like a bulletproof vest. we've learned this may be military surplus gear he had. these are other images you're looking at right now showing employees or hostages apparently
10:37 am
taking down surveillance cameras on coulibaly's orders. in one of these photos you see some folks huddled there in that aisle. one of these photos there is a baby stroller that is sitting abandoned in the aisle of the market. you saw those hostages huddled together there. this is the baby stroller. we know there was a child about 2 years old who was able to hide out successfully. we don't know if that was his stroller. but certainly that was one of the good stories coming out of that was a small child that was able to survive all of this. all of this unfolded just hours before police stormed the market and killed the gunman. al qaeda in the arabian peninsula now says it was behind the attack on the french satirical magazine "charlie hebdo." the commander of aqap says the terror group picked the target laid out this plan and financed the operation. the statement says that radical american cleric anwar al awlaki was the mastermind of the
10:38 am
attack. one or possibly both kouachi brothers may have met with al awlaki in yemen. new pictures have emerged of the gunmen after the "charlie hebdo" attack the kouachi brothers what appear to be the kouachi brothers while they're on the run. images published by a french online journal from surveillance video at a gas station. u.s. officials tell cnn that they believe the claims from aqap about the paris attack is authentic. this is news coming in to cnn just minutes ago. i'm joined now by cnn pentagon correspondent barbara starr. we also have bob baer our cnn intelligence and security analyst, also a former cia operative. guys let's talk about aqap here. the fight, barbara, against isis has been in the public anti-terror spotlight. but how about operations against aqap like drone strikes? have we been seeing that those efforts are taking perhaps a
10:39 am
backseat to the fight against isis? >> reporter: the fight against isis involves a huge coalition, all kinds of fighter jets bombers, drones over iraq and syria. in yemen, you don't have those standard military targets. you have isis weapons and formations and troops in iraq and syria. in yemen, you basically have leadership individuals, a handful of very senior individuals and groups of fighters along with them. very tough to find them very tough to locate them and to launch drone strikes against them and it's really the u.s. and the government of yemen on their own. there aren't any other governments we know of that are involved. so it's a much more difficult set of targets. and drones the military the cia, they will tell you, drones can maybe push back a little bit against an al qaeda threat against a terrorist threat. but it's never going to be enough to make it go away. >> never enough to eradicate it.
10:40 am
i'm going to bring in bob here. but jump in with questions for him, barbara, in your expertise covering the pentagon. we heard barbara talking about drone strikes, they're not particularly effective, right? this is just sort of like bailing water out of a boat. you can never get all the water out of it. >> well, barbara's absolutely right. it's not a target-rich environment as would be described. there are no military targets. there are tribal groups up in the mountains. they all carry guns. it's impossible to tell who's al qaeda and who's just a militiaman up there. these places are unaccessible and they have been. on top of it, yemen is a failed state. there is no central government to speak of. the shia have taken over sanaa. we don't have any good sources in yemen. you have the leadership of al qaeda there hiding among the
10:41 am
tribes and the leader is a tribal member and he's being protected. and even if we could take him out with a drone, it would immediately -- a second command would replace him. and yemen is just a mess, frankly. >> reporter: i do want to jump in there brianna. bob, if this claim that al qaeda in yemen has made on the videotape today that it was responsible for the attack what does that really tell us? because it could suggest that maybe the kouachi brothers just didn't go home for three years and sit and stew about the state of the world. maybe they had communications in the last three years with al qaeda in yemen and maybe the u.s. and french intelligence services didn't know anything about it. >> i wonder about that. i also wonder why it took so long to make this statement. why didn't they do it the same day once the operations were finished simply announce it and have that tape ready?
10:42 am
it looks like they waited a couple of days. almost looks to me that it was a propaganda piece to counterpoise themselves against the islamic state because they are in competition. it mentioned zawahiri. i still think these groups al qaeda and even the islamic state who operates in europe prefer the strength of weak links. that is they simply train people, give them a little bit of money. tell them vaguely lyly what the targets are and all they have to do is get on the internet and say, this is a better target it's more vulnerable. i think these people are very aware that there's no safe communications between europe and yemen. they've read edward snowden's leaks, they know anything that goes on e-mail or on a cell call is interceptable. they would prefer just to send these people out. i wonder about al awlaki having planned this in advance, why did
10:43 am
it take three years? i think they're trying to build up his martyrdom, make him into some sort of hero that will draw more recruits. and in addition you've got this operation in paris which involves a guy that was -- swore allegiance to the islamic state. i don't think al qaeda had planned that. that's way too complicated. i don't particularly trust these propaganda statements. >> we understand it is an authentic video. but certainly the claims we can't say whether they are or not. bob baer thank you so much. barbara starr, thank you so much for jumping in there with me. i really appreciate it. one of the most wanted women in the world is on the run today. hayat boumeddiene is wanted in connection to the gunmen in paris. but she is just one of a rapidly growing group of women drawn towards jihad. the traffic jam. scourge of 20th century city life. raiser of blood pressure.
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10:47 am
syria and is more extreme than her boyfriend, amedy coulibaly, who killed four in an attack on a kosher grocery, later was killed by french police. boumeddiene is among the growing list of female jihadists leaving their homes in western countries to fight alongside isis or al qaeda, women like 19-year-old shannon conley who was arrested at denver international airport last april trying to board a flight she hoped would ultimately get her to syria. a few months later, three denver high schoolers, just 15 16 and 17 years old, ran away from home. they made it halfway to syria before they were stopped by authorities in germany, alerted by their parents. and who can forget colleen larose, known as jihad jane? last year she was sentenced to a decade in prison for her role in a failed plot to kill a swedish cartoonist who depicted the head of the prophet muhammad on a dog. 15% of isis foreign recruits are now women, up to 200 from 14
10:48 am
different countries. the average age, only about 18 years old. western views towards muslims might be what's driving many of them to extremism. >> translator: i don't want to be judged if i walk outside in any niqab. i don't want people to turn around and look at me. i want to be where i'm not going to shock anyone. >> there's now an appeal being made to women, it would appeal particularly to women who grow up in a western european or a north american context because they expect for equitable treatment. >> i want to bring in a former jihadist an ex-counterterrorist operative and the author of "undercover jihadi." do you think that's what's driving this or is it something else? this idea that sometimes muslim women are feeling sort of ostracized by mainstream culture so they turn to extremism.
10:49 am
>> first and foremost radicalization is a very individualized process. and it can mean a number of things for a number of people. but identity and belonging does feature strongly in the cases of radicalization involving both men and women. >> and then what is the difference though -- the role of women who are going to syria to fight, say, with isis or not fight with isis but to be a part of isis. how different is their role from that of a man who does the same? >> traditionally speaking the use of women, especially in these jihadi groups, has been very rare. the use of women as freedom fighters or terrorists is quite regular since the '70s. various palestinian groups palestinian christian groups even were using women. so women have been used for a long time. we have this caricature and it
10:50 am
is true in the jihadi context they generally don't like to use women. al qaeda was not use women. i'm kind of thinking the girl -- hayat's involvement in this particular case might have been something just kind of planned up by her husband. isis itself and as you described, there's a lot of isis happening. they see narratives coming out from videos. they hear the call the caliphate is established. they've been theologically primed to go to this caliphate. they want to be a part of it want to play some role. if they can play the jihadi role it works well for them especially if they don't have a partner to get a partner. >> for instance the teens from colorado they all tried to leave america, not to fight for isis but become jihadist brides.
10:51 am
that fits what you're talking about as an isis or al qaeda cheerleader. is this prestigious for them to be married to a jihadist? >> yes. first of all for men it's prestigious to be jihadist. in powerful cultures we look at the men who have wives so and so. also if i can add, they're depicted as jihadi princesses. what they're looking for is a jihadi prince. they think there's a hero they're going to get married to and live happily ever after. >> thank you for your perspective. we appreciate it. we have much more of the
10:52 am
attacks ahead. searchers find the fuselage of airasia 8501. we'll talk about what this could mean for the investigation.
10:53 am
10:54 am
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10:55 am
mutual insurance. there's a new significant development in the search for victims of airasia 8501. searchers have discovered a portion of the plane's fusleelage.
10:56 am
this is huge. it's possible that many bodies will be inside of this part of the plane. divers will be searching the wreckage tomorrow. you may recall so far 50 of 162 victims have been recovered. many families waiting for remains of loved ones still. investigators have successfully downloaded contents of cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder. this is important they were able to do this successfully. the information on these are expected to reveal what caused the plane to crash definitively. officials say it will take several months before they have a final report released. here with me now peter golds, a former managing director of ntsb. i have two questions. one, is this big piece of the plane, it's very large. have you surprised they found a
10:57 am
piece this big, and what does it tell you about the crash? >> it indicates the plane hit the water probably in a horizontal position and did not break apart in midair. the tail might have come off separately in the last moments of the accident. it's looking more and more like an air france 447 type of accident. >> a stall where it falls out of the air three to four minutes and hits? >> that's right. >> okay. if the plane had gone into a dive you would have seen smaller pieces because that's a plane hitting nose first essentially concrete right? >> right. it would have been more destructive. this fuselage looks more intact. it will be challenging to go in and get the victims. i think they'll have to break the fuselage up underwater.
10:58 am
you don't want put the divers at risk. inside is going to be a maize of wreckage and very dangerous. the good news is indonesians have done a tremendous job of running this investigation. they've been sober, focused resources correctly. with both data a boxes recovered, we'll know what happened. >> and the information downloaded correctly. they'll be able to analyze it. this is my other big question for you. if there's going to be a month before there's analysis public or even put together by this team why does it take so long? won't they know the answers in the coming day or two? >> we can expect to get a formal report from indonesia sometime the end of the month. usually 30 days after the accident a report is issued. it's complex. they've got to sink the voice
10:59 am
recorder up with the data recorder. they've gotten it right so far. i think we'll see a solution to this tragedy some time soon. >> back to this piece of the fuselage really the majority of the plane that's been found. do you think most of the victims will be found inside this piece? >> i think you're going to see a large number of victims inside the fuselage perhaps not all. it's going to be very different to recover them quickly. the indonesians have done a good job so far. i don't envy them in coming weeks. >> how long do you think it will take for this procedure to get this part opened up? >> a number of weeks. they'll start to work around the edges. the key thing is can they lift in one piece or going to have to break it up under water? >> that's a monumental task. thank you for being here peter. that is it for me.
11:00 am
i'll see you here at 5:00 p.m. for the situation room. for our viewers in north america, "newsroom" with brooke baldwin starts right now. i'm john berman in paris along with brooke baldwin in new york. this is live coverage of extraordinary developments here in paris today. we have some video to show you. it is disturbing. pictures from inside last week's deadly hostage inside inside the paris kosher supermarket. a warning, these pictures could be distressing for some of you to look at. in surveillance video stills you can see the attacker clearly with what appears to be a handgun. you see him