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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  January 15, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PST

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a and the arabian peninsula is claiming responsibility for last week's terror attack on the french magazine "charlie hebdo." hello and welcome to our viewers here in the united states and, of course, around the world. i'm rosemary church. >> i'm errol barnett. thank you very much for joining us or staying with us at. at this moment it's 9:00 a.m. in paris. we're learning new details about the terror attacks there including information about who helped carry them out. first, al qaeda in the arabian peninsula claims it had been planning the "charlie hebdo" attack for years, calling it revenge for insulting the prophet muhammad. >> the group released a video saying u.s.-born cleric anwar al awlaki was the mastermind behind the plot. he was killed by a u.s. drone strike in 2011. >> we want to get you live to the german parliament now as they observe a moment of silence in the wake of the terror attacks. let's listen in.
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wee we are standing by for chairman america told deliver a government declaration on security in the aftermath of the paris attacks. there have been a number of demonstrations throughout germany and some opposing immigration and essentially anti-islamist demonstrations followed boy counterdemonstrations. angela merkel trying to make the point that germany should remain unified, particularly considering its history. a moment expected here shortly of silence to commemorate the victims of last week's attacks. as soon as we see angela merkel we will cross in and hear what she has to say. we'll mark it for you as it happens live. for the moment, we'll continue with some other developments that we're following. al qaeda also in the arabian
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peninsula praised the grocery store siege carried out by amedy coulibaly. we're getting new information about coulibaly and report of an alleged accomplice. we're joined live from paris. good morning, great to see you once again. many long hours there. let's address the investigation and, of course the wider security sweep that's taking place. first, what do we know about this potential fourth suspect? >> reporter: good morning. yes, we're hearing from a french newspaper saying that investigators believe they have found a fourth accomplice. someone who may have helped may have driven coulibaly to the kosher store. now fif you remember the prime minister of france mentioned to cnn not long ago that he believed there must have been more accomplices. not perhaps, not a trigger person but perhaps someone who helped organize.
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this is start to get a picture. according to the paper, we know that authorities found an apartment belonging to call bale ing toing to coulibaly. and inside there was a huge stash of weapons including flags belonging to isis. also inside a set of keys keys that -- motor bike keys. the police made a connection it belonged to a french man who lives in the suburbs of paris. we don't have a name until he's identified. it is believed this man perhaps drove coulibaly to the store. interestingly enough we're hearing from french prosecutors saying there was a connection between the weapons, the weapon used with coulibaly and another
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incident. on the day of the attacks at "charlie hebdo," there was an incident where a jogger was shot wounded. the ballistics from this match ballistics from the coacher store. they believe this is an accomplice. we're hearing the man they're searching, the fourth accomplice could be on the run already. indeed could be in syria. >> that's the investigation. more generally speaking we've seen a massive support for free speech. people lining up still to get their copy of the new "charlie hebdo" cover. i:ically at the same time you've got a sweep happening where a controversial humorist was taken in for what he posted on facebook. he's now been released. the comedian du donet. >> reporter: he was released yesterday. he's a very famous comedian here and probably around the world.
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he's known because he's so controversial. he is -- he was basically arrested for being apology jist to terrorist hate speech. he posted a comment on facebook that read i'm reading it out, "tonight as far as i'm concerned i feel like charlie kuehl baep -- the man behind those attacks in the kosher store." many people saying that he obviously sympathized with those comments. sympathized with the gunman. he's been in plenty of hot the water before. he's been accused of anti-semitism and created a derogatory salute. under a lot of hot water, he's been released. he's one of 53 others who were arrested for hate speech in france. many saying this is great the french government addressing a lot of the hate speech. on the other hand you know what we've seen the last couple of days is talking about freedom
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of expression. yet here we are not allowing people to speak. a debate i'm sure will go on in the coming days and months. >> i'm not sure if you saw it but last hour we had this fantastic debate. rosemary church just did it where we couldn't get to agreement on where that fine line is. it seems as though the comedian with what he posted on facebook some say that crosses the line. a debate certainly that will continue continue. reporting live from pair. thanks. u.s. president barack obama and british prime minister david cameron have written a joint ed coral condemning the paris attacks and -- joint editorial condemning the paris attacks and free speech. >> a statement, "along with our french allies, we have made clear to those who think they can muzzle freedom of speech and expression of violence that our voices will only grow louder. there are more than one billion muslims in the world. the vast majority of whom are sickened by the evil these
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terrorists claim to perpetrate in the name of islam. the united states and britain will ton work closely with -- will continue to work closely with all those who believe in peace and tolerance." >> al qaeda in the arabian peninsula says it was behind the attack on "charlie hebdo." if that's true and it is a major if, it may point to a major u.s. intelligence failure. barbara starr explains. >> reporter: al qaeda in yemen's video claim responsibility for the attack in paris raises significant concern far beyond france cnn has learned. u.s. and french intelligence services are urgently working to determine if al qaeda in yemen, aqap secretly communicated with the cowkouachi brothers. if it went undetected it means
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the number-one al qaeda terrorist organization targeting the u.s. and threatening to bomb aircraft can plot and plan without the u.s. knowing about it. >> aqap is the most dangerous affiliate associated with aq corps particularly in terms of external plotting outside of their region where they're located. tripoli remains possible the group had no direct orders from the aqap. the u.s. believes that al qaeda in yemen is using advanced encryption technology as one method to keep their operation secret from u.s. spying. that alone gives aqap huge room to maneuver. >> it could have ceded parts of europe and other parts of the world with these individuals who have been trained and instructed to attack when they feel appropriate, or they could have an ongoing cadre of individuals that come in and out of yemen and set them off at a time of
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aqap's choosing. >> reporter: the u.s. calculates aqap was already on the upswing in power for many reasons. senior leaders and the master bombmakinger al-asiri are in secure locations in yemen, still very much in charge. its safe haven areas are large and secure. it's continuing to recruit foreign fighters. all of this raising questions about whether u.s. drone attacks in recent years have even made a dent in the group. >> no one expected drones to have suffocated aqap and put it out of business. >> reporter: for now, the u.s. doesn't know how much of a role al qaeda in yemen played in the paris attacks. the u.s. intelligence community already deeply worried that al qaeda may have other plans up its sleeve. barbara starr, cnn, the pentagon. and in just about less than 30 minutes from now, we'll take a closer look at al qaeda's
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claim of responsibility and look into the man in yemen who may have played a key role in the "charlie hebdo" attacks. stay tuned for that. the paris attacks have the u.s. on alert for new terror threats. ed with the fbi arrested a man -- on wednesday the fbi arrested a man for plotting an attack on the capitol in the name of isis. pamela brown with details from washington. >> reporter: the fbi says 20-year-old christopher lee cornell was in the final stages of carrying out his alleged attack of debt thenating bomb at the u.s. capitol building and opening fire on lawmakers as they ran out. officials have been keeping an eye on cornell for months after a confidential informant tipped them off about alarming statements he allegely posted on social media about wanting to launch violent jihad. at one point telling the informant he had been in contact with people overseas. the complaint says, quote, that he allegedly said "i believe we should meet up and make our own
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group in alliance with the islamic state here and plan operations ourselves." this allegedly was a communication between cornell and the confidential informant and operative. the fbi says from there he began to take concrete steps toward reaching his goal researching how to build pipe bombs and studying buildings he wanted to target in d.c. wednesday he alleged low bought semiautomatic rifles. shortly after the fbi arrested him and charged him with attempting to kill a u.s. government officer, it's important to note officials say he did not pose a threat to the public during the course of the investigation. his father did speak to cnn and says he had no knowledge of this and was shocked by the allegations. pamela brown, cnn, washington. pope francis is expected to arrive in the philippines next hour. coming up we'll preview his five-day trip and what he plans to accomplish while he's there. sfroishls foundofficials have
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story. >> reporter: a horrific new tactic from isis raising a new generation of terrorists. a video released this week from the terror group reports to show a young boy executing two hostages accused of being russian spies. in the video, a young boy, about 10-years-old with long hair dressed in a black sweater and military fatigues, stands before the hostages armed with a handgun. while a bearded isis fighter stands next to the boy, reciting religious verses. cnn cannot verify the authenticity of the video but the boy pulls the trigger and appears to shoot both men once in the head. then fires several more times as the hostages slump to the ground. like previous isis execution videos showing the beheading of western hostages this one is carefully edited and choreographed with slick production. so it is unclear if the boy did in fact kill the hostages. the message from isis is clear.
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they're turning children into killers. >> unfortunately, there is a use of children for atrocities in many conflicts. we've seen this in africa and seen it before in syria. the difference is they're bragging about it, trying to axiality in this. it's -- exalt in this. it's disturbing. >> reporter: this is the the first time isis has portrayed a child carrying out the execution. the terror group has exploited children in previous videos. they call them the cubs of the caliphate. learning to fight in isis-run schools and training with automatic weapons. this particular boy has appeared in earlier isis videos. he says his name is abdullah that he's from kazakhstan and that he wants to grow up to kill infidels. this isn't the first time isis has used shocking images of children on line.
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a young australian boy hold a severed head in a photo posted last august by the child's father. and extremists who took his -- an extremist who took his children to syria to join the fight with isis. another fanatical group is using children to further their evil agenda. boko haram behind a deadly attack this week strapping a bomb to a young girl and setting it off in a busy marketplace. killing at least 16 people including, of course, the girl. just this week a chicago teen pleaded not guilty to charges he planned to join isis fighters in syria. his mother issuing an emotional plea to the terror group. >> we have a message for isis and social media recruiters -- leave our children alone! >> reporter: children used as pawns in a propaganda war in a global jihad, exploited, their innocence lost. what happens to these children as they grow up what kind of
12:18 am
adults will these terrorists send into the world. michael holm cnn. >> we of course hope that any young people watching any of those videos that they look and question where is their humanity. >> exactly. and you've got to understand as michaely pointed out, these are propaganda videos they are staged. and isis is going to be a long issue because they are trying to train the next generation. it's absolutely sickening when you see this -- >> it is. and vulnerable people out there who -- >> they seem to prey on. let the's move to another story. pope francis just finished a three-day tour of sri lanka and is expected to arrive in the philippines next hour. >> we have more from manila on the highly anticipated visit to the philippines. i think there are somewhere around what six million people expected to gather to see the pope at some point. what is the mood there ahead of his arrival, and i'm wondering if the weather will cooperate.
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>> reporter: there is definitely a happy news story. there's no doubt about that. the pope is due to touch down here in manila at 5:45 local time less than an hour and a half. as you say, people are feverishly awaiting his arrival. the level of excitement bursting at the seams. this will be the fourth visit from a pope to the philippines. and certainly pope francis, as you say, can expect as many as six million people six million people. it really is staggering to come here for open air mass on sunday. yes, showers are forecast. but i somehow doubt in this catholic country that that will deter people. back in 1995 pope john paul ii managed to have five million people gather in the park behind me. but pope francis when he takes the stage here on sunday they
12:20 am
are expecting as many as six million to come here. now as you can imagine, security is at an all-time high. there are more than 30,000 police and military personnel. certainly now they are lining the streets. once the pope touches down at the manila -- the military base he will be getting in his open-air pope mobile. this are three pope mobiles. he'll be traveling along a route which should take about an hour, traveling very slowly. to obviously say hello to all the faithful. there are expected to be tens of thousands lining the street to welcome him. he will then reside at the archbishop's residence. he'll be there tonight. tomorrow he will be heading to the presidential palace where he'll be welcomed by the president. the president, however, will be at the military base this afternoon. he will then give mass at the manila cathedral saturday. that's going to be a big day. he's heading to tacloban.
12:21 am
we know typhoon hayan ravaged parts of the philippines in november 2013. more than 7,000 people kill. the pope is heading there to meet with survivors and pay his respects to the dead. he's going to visit the mass grave there. and then sunday the mess behind me. the open air mess. and it -- the mass behind me. the open-air mass. and it will be a milestone without a doubt. an exciting time in the philippines. >> most definitely. thank you for joining us live from manila in anticipation of the visit from the pope, of course next hour. many thanks to you. we want to get you to a live event as we alluded to earlier. german chancellor angela merkel addressing parliament in the wake of last week's terror attacks in parisment let's listen in. unfortunately dweerngts unfortunately, we don't have translation at this moment. an important moment for merkel.
12:22 am
we had the anti-muslim rallies that were -- these were larger more powerful. in a nation like germany with its history, it's concerning to see what some call hate speech being so public. the crowds in the tens of thousands, angela merkel speaking after we believe there was a moment of silence, as well held a short time ago. we'll keep listening in. if there are major news developments we'll bring it to you later this hour. we'll take a short break now. an ohio man is accused of plotting an attack on the u.s. capitol. just ahead, hear what his parents have to say about the charges. plus a look at the women of terrorism. i'm only in my 60's... i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i got tax ban. tacloban. tax lobe an. of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you.
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. two free climbers reached the top of el capitan on wednesday after a nearly three-week journey. the rock formation at the yosemite national park in california is more than 900 meters high. >> steep, as well. tommy caldwell and kevin bjorgenson did it only using hands and feet. we have the latest. >> reporter: this was considered the world's hardest climb. that's because the pair are using just their feet and hands to scale that massive 3,000-foot wall known as el cap unanimous yosemite national park to become the first in the world to free climb the formation's down wall. they did have ropes and other safety devices in case there was a fall. they did fall from time to time.
12:26 am
but they achieve the impossible. tommy caldwell kevin bjorgenson doing that free climb. you're talking about a journey that goes all the way back to december 27th. they did have some supporters who were sending up supplies and food to keep them going. going down will be easier than going up. that moment five years in the making. >> president obama tweeted congrats. >> a nice picture, too, the white house twitter account posted this image. the president next to a painting giving the presidential thumbs up. president obama said the climbers remind us that anything is possible. >> snow has blanketed much of northern ireland and scotland as a winter storm moved in on wednesday. >> our meteorologist joins us
12:27 am
now from the international weather center to tell us when it will thaw out. >> the kids are liking it though. 90 schools closed bus service halted. some motorists in ireland saying that the drives that typically take ten minutes are taking well over an hour. treacherous across the areas hard hit. the radar imagery showing light snowfall but big cities seeing temperatures above zero celsius. that's good news. out of northern ireland, the border south there on the icy waters. the windy conditions, of course kicking up nice swells out there. the hurricane-force winds translates to 75 miles per hour around portions of the u.k. to the western coastline at least. and snow accumulations, the big cities don't seem to get in on it anymore with heavy
12:28 am
accumulation possible toward the higher elevation. yes, still plenty of winds in the fork. that is the culprit for delays. still seeing the reds dublin up to 90 minutes possible. stockholm and madrid delays from 30 minutes to potentially 90 minutes continuing through the region. some of the most powerful winds happening across the northern tier of scotland. it eventually spread east where we expect more impacts across scandinavia. the snow perspective, heavy snow in the forecast across the alps. that is going to be good news for skiers. looked into some of the major towns across the region. not much in the way there. a ski resort, fresh powder on the slopes across the region. speaking of snowfall the u.s. state of ohio. the image shot with an iphone 6. the ireporter here saw this on his windshield. he clipped on one of those macro
12:29 am
lenses to his iphone 6, did a magnification some 21 times on his windshield. this is what he saw. he's a schoolteacher, high school teacher, and he says pretty incredible. his words are "it's amazing to see how beautiful the design and patterns found in nature are." the that absolutely of the case. the temperature was minus 20 celsius when he was outside. the windchill of at least minus five fahrenheit. he said he only had a couple seconds to snap the photograph. wanted to share it. more news coming up.
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12:31 am
you're watching cnn. thank you very much for staying with us. i'm errol barnett. >> i'm rosemary church. in the headlines this hour an ohio man has been arrested for
12:32 am
allegedly plotting an isis-inspired attack on the u.s. capitol building. the fbi says 20-year-old christopher cornell planned to set off bombs and shoot people as they fled. he was arrested and charged wednesday just after buying guns and ammunition. french authorities have identified a possible accomplice to the man who killed four hostages at the that grocery store in paris. the newspaper says investigators believe the suspect may have driven amedy coulibaly to the store and has possibly flowed syria. searchers in indonesia have located most of the fuselage from sabreairasia flight 8501. officials expect to recover many of the remaining victims from the crash. the body of the plane was found about a kilometer away from the data recorders. experts have already pulled some of the data. >> the fbi says christopher cornell was in the final stages
12:33 am
of planning that alleged attack on the u.s. capitol and is now charged with attempting to kill officers and employees of the u.s. government. >> authorities say those charges were months in the making. his parents say they came as a complete surprise. we have more from wcpo has this side of the story. >> reporter: his most recent photo taken from jail. inside this apartment, the parents of 20-year-old christopher cornell are searching for answers. >> he was a good kid. i mean he would do anything in the world for you. he will not hurt nobody. >> he might be 20 but he was more like a 1-year-old kid. bare -- 16-year-old kid. barely left the house, played video games. best friend's a cat. >> reporter: his parents said chris left a note he was staying with a friend. they didn't know anything was wrong until agents began showing up at their door. >> he may have lost his way somewhere in there. but i believe he was really vulnerable and i believe he was coerced in a lot of ways.
12:34 am
>> reporter: over the holidays chris worked a seasonal job in the stock room at kohl's. after that he mostly stayed in his room. >> he stayed home played video games. he was a kid. >> reporter: after high school chris was trying to figure out who he was. he was a vegetarian for a while then recently converted to islam. >> he said "dad you have to let people believe what they believe. i have my beliefs, and you have to let people believe in what they believe in." >> reporter: chris graduated from oak hills high school in 2012. for a while he was a wrestler. >> he had great sportsmanship. he was a really well wrestler. he was dedicated. >> reporter: one classmate who didn't want to show his face said he saw a different side. >> sit in class, you said something, he will just smile. he wouldn't even reply back. >> reporter: chris' stare stands out in his mind. >> he always had big, bulgy eyes. i mean it literally seemed like he could see through you. >> reporter: still, his parents say it was just a time of transition. there's no way they say he could
12:35 am
be planning what authorities say he did. >> he didn't have no money. he had $1,-200 saved up from working. >> i think he was a really vulnerable kid. just a big kid. >> certainly a difficult time for the family. meantime al qaeda in the arabian peninsula says it carried out the attack in paris. if that is true, one of the key players would be the terror group's commander in yemen. we have a look at who the leader is and what he's trying to accomplish. [ speaking native language ] >> reporter: nassar al asi, age 39 has trotted al qaeda's warped globe. he once fought in bosnia one biography says. then bin laden apparently took notice of his military prowess when he attended camps in afghanistan at the height of the group's haven there under the taliban in 1998.
12:36 am
dispatching him to the phillipines to spread the toxic brand on 9/11. after that attack changed the world, he found himself in his native yemen. it's unclear why, for six month only. afterwards he seemed to have devoted years to studying at an islamic university there. perhaps it was yemen's turmoil that drew him back to jihad in 2011. first becoming a senior figure mostly seen addressing the camera at length. here giving military lessons. in the last months he's made three striking statements. some say to recast aqap's image in the jihadi world where rival jihadists isis have risen in notoriety. he first paraded the savage beheadings familiar to isis. >> the prophet commended us to benevolence in everything even in killing. it is not from ben ever loans to
12:37 am
record the way of killing and slaughtering so sons see it or daughters or relatives. this is among the ugliest of matters. obama made a decision that caused things nog a completely different way -- to go in a completely different way than we expected. >> reporter: secondly he scolded barack obama's bid to use special forces to rescue american hostage luke somers saying they'd seek a different outcome. and at the close of the year "inspire" magazine, he called lone wolf attackers by the gunman who took over a sydney cafe the "lines of a lallah." today's claim, a bid to associate the older brand of al qaeda with the newest horror europe -- horror europe is reeling from. cnn, beirut. western intelligence agencies are scrambling to try
12:38 am
to locate the woman allegedly connected to the paris attacks. hayat boumeddiene is considered a key to unraveling the plot the to attack the kosher supermarket. many have been surprised that a woman could be involved with the terror group. as we report, she's far from the only woman to join the movement. >> reporter: boumeddiene is wanted for his mysterious role in the -- for her mysterious role in the terror attacks. the connection to her romantic partner, amedy coulibaly, has made her front-page news. >> she will most definitely be seen as a rock star. she's almost a trophy militant wife. >> reporter: and she's far from the only woman to take a radical turn as western women join militant islamic groups. their presence according to experts, often helped members fly under the radar. one reason why perhaps bum don't is seen in this -- boumeddiene is seen in this video, traveling with a man who may be connected to another jihadi cell. >> women are generally not
12:39 am
looked at as a potential terrorist. when a woman and man are paired up they won't be seen as an operational unit an operational entity. >> reporter: samantha luthwaite group up as a normal kid outside london and later turned radical. her husband, one of the suicide bomber responsible for the deadly london subway attacks in 2005. she is now known as a white widow and is linked to the somali terror group shabab. then there's this woman who grew up in an affluent neighborhood in scotland listening to cold play and reading harry potter books. in 2013 she left her family february syria. >> we are a modern muslim family. it was a big shock for us. >> reporter: her goal join the movement become an isis bride, and to martyr herself. tonight her whereabouts unknown, much like boumeddiene. two ordinary western women transforming themselves into the first women of terror.
12:40 am
cnn, new york. want to spotlight another angle on this story. u.s. basketball legend cream abdul-jabbar is a -- kareem abdul-jabbar is a muslim who condemns the attacks in paris. earlier he spoke about how sports can play a vital role in bringing cultures and religions together. >> most muslims do not become muslim to indmulg murder and mayhem. it's a horrible thing. it's not what muslim is about. and we try to live lives of peace and harmony. you know we're there ourselves -- within ourselves and our neighbors. it's horrific. you know, it's something that we all have to fight, all of us muslims, non-muslims. we all have to fight that type of just irrational violence. has no place in modern life. >> reporter: is part of that being careful with our language and respect toward other religions? i know you were disappointed at
12:41 am
seeing the attacks referred to as islamic terrorism. >> yeah. i am because people who transit authority that type of violence really don't have an ideology other than to what i say. and that's what it comes down to. it has nothing to do with any ideology. people who resort to violence like it are -- they're not well. akron sport play a part in bringing freedom different cultures and religions together? >> it absolutely plays a part in that. when you spend all of your time trying to develop the talent for a sport and then you see people doing the same thing from a different culture and have the same interests, there's common ground there. i think sports has gone a great way to doing that. look at in the u.s./china relationship ping pong was the thing that opened the door a
12:42 am
sporting event. more news straight ahead. first, you just heard kareem abdul-jabbar's take on religious tolerance. we went to the streets of dubai to sample public opinion there about the new cover of "charlie hebdo." >> i'm a british muslim. i condemn what happened in france but i think by putting such an image on the cover of a manage is pushing a -- cover of a magazine is pushing a controversial much further than it has to go.
12:43 am
>> it's a nice cover because they know humans are tangible when it comes to belief. >> the recent publication in my personal opinion is just doing it for propaganda. i don't think it's necessary. i don't think anybody needs to do any kind of an apology. there are things happening world over. >> the last issue of "charlie hebdo," we're all against it because it's arising the anger of muslims and making us more anger. and it has to end anyways. so that's my opinion. [ male announcer ] you wouldn't leave your car unprotected. but a lot of us leave our identities unprotected.
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government soldiers in nigeria were able to thwart another attack by boko haram south of baga. >> officials said five terrorists and two anti-aircraft guns were captured. president jonathan has been criticized for a muted reaction to the violence while campaigning for re-election. we're joined now from johannesburg with more. and diana it is reported that local vigilantes actually helped
12:47 am
the nigerian military repel boko haram and chased them down. what is the security situation in northern rural areas? >> reporter: well, these vigilante groups have sprung up across the north defending young men armed with machetes and sticks basically, defending their communities. sometimes alongside the military and the police. often really because they believe that the military are going to flee and not defend their cities as was the case in baga. the vigilante group started in the regional capital of the state. it was one of the vigilante screening points at the market where that 10-year-old girl was detonated, strapped with explosives detonated last saturday. a fairly effective fighting force against boko haram. there are also questions about
12:48 am
whether these mini militia that are effectively springing up the territory there will pose problems in the future especially at a time when it is not boko haram militants committing hideous atrocities but also the military who themselves have been accused of terrible human rights abuses in the region. >> and why has president jonathan been so quiet on the issue? he's spoken out about what happened in paris in the attacks. he hasn't said anything about what's happening in his own country. and there's a lot of frustration there. >> reporter: it is extremely surprising that he hasn't bothered to come out and say a word about the massacre up in the north. irrespective if the facts are not known as we've seen from the amnesty pictures released today of the before and after in baga. you see the extent, we know a
12:49 am
massacre took place. and jonathan seems to be prioritizing the fight for the presidency over the fight against boko haram as sort of head in the sand type of approach. and i think that is the cause this -- that is because this insurgeryin insurgency casts such a pal over the campaign he's not addressed it. and many regret what's going on in the north, the campaign means many different things to them than it would in the north. president good luck jonathan hasn't even appealed to the international community for help. his spokesman made vague comments that they need more military hardware. but nigeria is a sovereign country, a functioning democracy, and a powerful economy. the fact that jonathan cannot control the insurgency fundamentally reflects badly on
12:50 am
him. >> it does. reporting from johannesburg, many thanks to you as always. errol? rosemary nasa says a scare aboard the international space station recently was a false alarm. the u.s. crew quickly relocated from the american section to the russian section after what they thought was a possible ammonia leak in the cooling system. a serious issue, but instead tests showed that the alarm was set off by a computer failure. they've returned to their side of the space station. we want to check out the weather. pedram is here to explain. what have you got the this time? >> we're touching on what's happening in the philippines. >> important guest arriving shortly. the weather may or may not cooperate? >> yeah. i think it's going to be very wet. it's what you expect in the philippines this time of year. absolutely. there is no dry season on the eastern coast of the philippines. they're used to this. this is the first of 20 storms that make landfall across part of the world. of course the important guest is what everybody's talking about.
12:51 am
you look at the maps. this out of tacloban. the people excited. the only nation in asia that has nearly 90% of its population if the faith there as far as following catholicism. you look at the perspective, this is a ship that has pushed it 15, 16 months ago, the biggest typhoon to hit the planet. headache make auto -- makeshift signs on the wall there. folks hoping for a glimpse of the pope. and the first storm of the system. the name is a direct transition in thailand -- translation in tie land for the angel of thunder. appropriate name. it comes in 85 miles per hour. a tropical storm. we don't believe it has what it takes to become a typhoon. it will get wet around tacloban on saturday afternoon and evening which, by the way, is when the pope is planning to
12:52 am
come to town. models possible early saturday. heavy rainfall possible north of tacloban. tacloban falls in the area of wet weather. on sunday in manila the pope expected to depart from on monday. heavy rainfall makes its way through the region. the forecast 90% chance for rain on saturday. temperatures in the mid 20s. about 70 or so degrees fahrenheit. not bad. the purple outline, the archipelago, over 7,000 islands make up the island nation. the purple line indicates no dry season and wet from december through february. more news coming up.
12:53 am
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in your home for a full 90 days. included is our hassle-free guarantee. go to plug & protect is not available in stores so go to right now. that's it was a very close encounter for a few fishermen on a speedboat in zimbackia. >> -- zimbabwe. >> the hunters became the hunted for an underwater stalker. jeanne moos with the story of a giant hippo making waves. [ ominous music ] >> reporter: uh-oh, move over jaws. something's chasing the boat. is it a crocodile? is it a killer sfwhal better gun-- whale? better gun the engine. maybe they're going need a bigger boat. holy hippo! fishermen on lake cariba in zimbabwe managed to outrun the
12:56 am
hippopotamus. they tend to gallup along the bottom of lakes and rivers. >> i think they came across the wrong hippo that day. >> reporter: mike operates a tour operation where the fishermen were clients. if the hippo caught them -- >> it wouldn't bitten straight through the boat. no doubt. if the boat hadn't moved, it would have bitten the boat in half. >> reporter: you thought jaws had powerful journalist s-- powerful jaws so do hippos. don't fall for the cartoon image, beguiling eyes game -- ♪ >> reporter: this one wasn't hungry hungry. seemed angry, angry. the hip so considered to be the most dangerous animal in africa. said to kill almost 3,000 humans a year. at least the boat got away intact. beats having a bull elephant sit on your car while you're in it and then stand on it. authorities in thailand blame mating season. though mounting a silver sedan
12:57 am
seems counter-reproductive. the bull even kicked around the bumper but no one was hurt. i plead guilty. guilty of being clueness about how unpredictable and aggressive hippos can be. first i lost my heart to a hippo, then i almost lost my arm. it was 18 years ago when i was doing a show on a slobbering circus hippo -- she seems to like to be mocked. just kidding. just kidding. who says hippos aren't disarming? jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> a warning to you all. thanks for watching. i'm rosemary church. >> i'm errol barnett. "early start" from paris is next. folks in the u.s. everyone else stay tuned for "newsroom." new details about an arrest that may be linked to hyatt boumeddiene. stay with us.
12:58 am
12:59 am
1:00 am
terror threat on capitol hill. police arresting a man they say planned to setoff a series of bombs in an isis-style attack. new information about the suspect this morning and what his father is saying about the arrest. the french war on terror. searching for more terrorists on the run believed to be involved in the attacks here in paris and vowing to fight al qaeda. there are now claims by