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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  January 16, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PST

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verviers. an operational cell. the raid killed two suspects. wounded one more. that wounded suspect is now in custody. that raid one of several, as many as ten that took place in four cities in belgium. officials say it foiled an imminent major terror attack. at this point, authorities do not say that there is any connection between the raids in belgium or any connection with the raids in belgium or attacks here in paris last week. sources do say the attacks here in paris led to information that may have sped up the timing of the belgium operation. a lot of developments in france and in belgium and across europe. i want to bring in isa soares in our paris bureau tracking the developments an across the continent. good morning, isa. >> reporter: good morning, john. europe was already on edge. now it is on high alert. europeans waking up to the fact that they could possibly up to 20 terror cells active within
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europe. this coming from a western intelligence source telling cnn overnight. this cell can consist up to 120 to 140 people. ready to strike across germany, france, belgium and the thethe the netherlands. the same source telling us the imminent threat is in belgium and netherlands. these are mostly europeans, we have been told that have gone to syria and radicalized and coming back to strike here in europe. we know about 3,000 or so europeans have left to syria and we have learn ed about 500 have returned in recent years. those 500 breakdown as much. 250 going to the u.k. 200 to belgium and 70 to france. given the attacks here in france and latest activity in belgium.
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we have seen intelligence sources stepping up the raids across europe. breaking in the last hour paris prosecutor telling cnn that 12 people have been held in paris. they are still in custody. they are expected of providing logistical support to coulibaly. coulibaly is the man responsible for the four deaths inside the kosher store. they are being held at this hour. we have learned through le monde, the french newspaper that hayat boumeddiene, she is the partner of coulibaly, believed to have been between four months to five months pregnant. breaking the last 15 to 20 minutes, we have heard several media companies and media online have crashed. we do not know if they have been hacked. we know le parisians and others
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are not working at the moment. they all appear to have the same server. the server company telling cnn it has crashed. they do not know if it has been hacked. worth remembering in the last 24 hours, france security defense chief saying 19,000 attacks have taken place in the last week cyber wise. now germany with two arrests that took place in germany overnight. 11 raids happening across the country there. one of those people was supported isis there in terms of equipment and financing and logistics. the other person we have learned is a man involved in a recruitment ring recruiting jihadists to four chechen jihadists. you are starting to get a picture of the anti-terror raids in belgium, but germany.
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all of this happening as we heard with another isis video appearing online. three french speaking jihadists saying more attacks are on the way. they said and i'm quoting here. we are going to come to europe and more operations across europe. cnn could not independent confirm the authenticity of the video. unnerving set of events and the enormous amount of terror activity. john. >> isa soares for us in paris. of course the biggest operation we saw overnight was that raid in belgium in the town of verviers calling it a terror cell planning an imminent attack. the belgium media reporting that the target to have been belgium police. all of this happening as
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secretary of state john kerry is visiting paris. meeting with the french president and foreign minister and discussing the fight against extremism. the secretary was behind me here shortly ago for a memorial at "charlie hebdo." the secretary of state came here and laid a wreath with the french foreign minister moments ago. this all happening as we understand there were 12 new arrests or detentions overnight of people in france believed to be connected to the attacks here in the city one week ago. i'm joined by terror expert fabrice magnier. 12 people believed to be tied to amedy coulibaly. does that number believe to be a terror cell to you? >> sure. a terror cell includes people
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prepare the action people who do the action and people who support the action. and people who permit the escape of the attackers. a number of 10 or 12 people. it could be a good number you know sufficient number to provide such an attack in paris. >> we are learning at the same time a western intelligence source tells cnn as many as 20 sleeper cells across europe with 120 to 180 people involved planning attacks right now. does that surprise you? >> it's not surprising. it is not a surprise for the authorities in europe. especially western europe. maybe it is a surprise for most of the french citizens to learn about this but you have to know that our police is doing a huge huge job for the last ten years to stop those implementation of the terror cell on our grounds.
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so that's new for people but not new for the military and police authorities. >> this morning, fabrice, we are learning most of the major french media web sites are down. we do not know if they were hacked or not. we do not know the cause of this. however, french officials have said as many as 19,000 hacking attacks since the physical attack since "charlie hebdo" 19,000 cyber attacks. is that new? >> it is new on such a large scale. if it is true and i can believe it is true it is new for us. that means we are facing now a new war of communication between parties. we have to come to different measures on a large scale to avoid this.
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we have to involve more experts to attack the radicals to be able to put our system down. because now we are thinking about economic systems and industry. those terrorists they want to instill terror in the minds of people. and then they want to bring our economy down. this is a an major challenge. we have to act quickly to race against the clock. now because we need money to face those new threats. in a period like the economic crisis we have to act quickly before it is too late. >> fabrice, a raid in belgium overnight. there was an arrest yesterday morning in belgium with someone who could have been connected to the attacks here perhaps
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providing weapons. you told me belgium is a country known as a large weapons trade. a lot of weapons coming through belgium belgium. >> we have to consider belgium as a hub for people across europe and movement of traffic and weapons across europe. it is not a surprise to have seen those terrorists like coulibaly maybe locating weapons in belgium. >> we have heard in belgium like so many other western countries in europe right now, there have been people fighting in syria or iraq. returning to those countries right now. that is one of the biggest fears facing officials in belgium, france and germany and netherlands.
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fabrice, thank you. christine, we are standing outside the memorial for "charlie hebdo." it was moving to see the secretary of state here. we spoke to the mayor of the district. he said he does feel safe right now because of the enormous police presence. he doesn't know how long that presence can last. christine. >> john in paris. we will follow the latest on the paris attacks and terror threat across europe all morning long. first, new information about this man. the man the fbi says planning a capitol hill terror attack. in court for the first time in just hours. what we are learning new this morning. breaking overnight. u.s. troops now set to train syrian rebels in the fight against isis. details on that next. i've been called a control freak... i like to think of myself as more of a control... enthusiast.
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terror groups which are bringing attacks against germany and belgium and france. two were killed in belgium after police spoiled their plot to carry out an attack in that country. meantime secretary of state john kerry is in france this morning where he will meet with the mayor of paris. the move comes after criticism that the u.s. did not send a high-ranking official to the unity rally on sunday. breaking overnight, the pentagon sending 400 troops to train syrian rebels in the fight against isis. in this spring the trainers will work in saudi arabia turkey and qatar. the u.s. will send hundreds of additional military personnel to provide security and other support at those training sites. in court later today the ohio gunman arrested by the fbi on thursday for plotting a violent attack on the u.s. capitol. we know more this morning about
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20-year-old christopher cornell. what brought him to the attention of authorities and what his parents are saying in his defense. cnn's alexandra field is in cincinnati with the latest. >> reporter: christine, christopher cornell. the man accused in the plot to bomb the capitol and shoot victims as they fled from the buildings. he was known around the community. local authorities telling us he was the lone demonstrator in 20 2013. he wasn't arrested at the time. he was holding a sign saying 9/11 is an inside job. he is facing serious charges accusing of attempting to kill a u.s. officer. we will attend a hearing later today. his parents say their 20-year-old son did not have the capability or resources to pull off an attack like this.
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they believe their son was coerced. >> chris has never been out of cincinnati. i believe he was coerced in all this stuff. i believe the snitch filled his head. >> reporter: investigators had been following cornell morefor months. the fbi did not take action until he walked out of the gun store with 600 rounds of ammunition and two guns. lawmaker lawmakers were never in danger. he will back in court next week. >> thank you, alexandra field. house majority leader john boehner claims that the alleged plot to attack the capitol. he said the program tipped off the threat. the plot against the capitol was
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unsettling to him since he lives a few blocks away when he is in washington. secretary of state john kerry will meet with iran's foreign minister. he will seek gains on the nuclear attacks for iraq. after more than 50 years of isolation, new rules on trade and travel for cuba. new rules go into effect today. u.s. airlines will fly scheduled routes to cuba for the first time in decades. americans will travel to cuba for an approved purpose. they can bring back up to $400 worth of goods. time for an early start on
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your money. stock futures pointing to more losses. that follows a big drop in asian markets. dow on a five-day losing streak. all averages down for the year. if your new year's resolution was to finance or buy a house, mortgage applications jumped 50%. the largest increase since 2008 before the housing collapse. the average 30-year fixed rate mortgage is 3.66%. a 15-year is below 3%. we have not seen rates that low since may of last year. the benchmark rates keep falling. that could mean this is a good time to refinance. 18 minutes past the hour. convicted rapist and murderer charles frederick warner has been put to death in oklahoma. they used a cocktail of drugs that resulted in a botched death
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last year. warner's execution and one in florida were delayed for hours as the supreme court weighed in. josh mcnary, the colts linebacker accused of rape will not play in sunday's afc championship game. he has been placed on the nfl commissioner's exempt list while the league investigates. mcnary is charged with felony rape and battery and confinement over an incident with a woman in november. parents of the georgia teenager found dead in a rolled up gym mat two years ago filed a lawsuit. they claim the students of killing him and school officials of covering it up. johnson's death is ruled a freak accident. the suit names three high school students and seeks $100 million in damages. getting the flu shot is not
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national championship winning quarterback cardale jones will stay in school and not enter the nfl draft. brian mcfayden has more in the bleacher report. >> good morning, christine. over the month, cardale jones went from unknown to the late first round nfl draft pick. jones is a sophomore. after his play he could be a pick in the draft. now ohio state will have two quarterbacks coming back next season to compete for the job for jones. cardale says his work is not done in columbus. >> i feel it is the best move for me to go back to school. one of the most important things to do is graduate. when i make the decision to play in the nfl, i want to be done in school. i want to devote my time and
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effort in the film room and get better at playing the quarterback position. >> to the nba, cavaliers and lakers. cavaliers on the six-game losing streak. kobe seemed to enjoy it. james finished with 36 points. cavaliers snapped their losing streak. kobe and the lakers have 12 wins this season. a big trade in the nba sending austin rivers to the clippers to play for his dad, doc rivers. once he will hit the court, it will be the first time in a history a son has played for his father. don't look for nepotism. he says if he shows favoritism it is for blake griffin and chris paul. in a totally rational move a seattle suburb is showing support for the seahawks against the packers by banning cheese. that's right.
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bainbridge washington is banning cheese or cheese-flavored products. some are known for wearing cheese heads. the ban is for today and city hall employees. you know what i hear? a city in wisconsin that is actually banning nirvana and pearl jam. bands from seattle to be played on the radio station. >> they banned fog and rain too. >> right. starbucks. >> exactly. 25 minutes past the hour. a terror threat across europe. investigators warning up to 20 jihadist sleeper cells across the continent planning attacks. some threats called imminent this morning. we are live breaking it all down next. i know i have an 810 fico score, thanks to the tools and help on and your big idea is hot dogs shaped like hamburgers? nope. hamburgers shaped like hot dogs. that's not really in our wheelhouse...
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>> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. >> breaking news this morning. terror alert across europe. intelligence source telling cnn as many as 20 jihadist sleeper cells are operating throughout the continent. some threats are being described as imminent.
2:29 am
this as we learn new information about the terror raids in belgium and their ties to the paris attacks. we are live breaking down all of the information overnight. good morning. welcome back to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> and i'm john berman live in paris this morning. breaking news overnight. new information on the terror threat that spans four european countries. a western intelligence source tells cnn this threat involves as many as 20 sleeper cells. police in belgium went after one of the cells on thursday in a raid in the city of verviers. planning a major imminent attack. this raid killed two suspects wounded one more. the wounded suspect is in custody. belgium officials say this raid was one of just several across the country. it did foil an imminent terror attack. officials say they recovered
2:30 am
weapons, police uniforms in the raids. indicating perhaps the target of the attacks were against police officers in belgium. at this point, there does not appear to be a link of what was going on in belgium and the terror attacks here in paris. sources say that the paris attacks might have led to information that sped up the timing of the belgium operation. i want to get more right now from journalist chris burns. chris, you are in brussels. we have just been briefed by belgium officials with the information and details of the overnight raids. >> reporter: yes, john. in fact we are hearing through reports here that in fact this police headquarters federal police headquarters of belgium over my shoulder heavily guarded by commandos, could have been the target of the potential terrorist attack. in addition to that according
2:31 am
to reports here are that a high level belgium figure could have been part of that operation and could have been taken hostage and beheaded. this is something we cannot confirm from this end. this is what we are hearing in news reports. the operations over the past 24 hours, we are hearing there were 13 arrests in 12 different court ordered searches. an arrest this morning in the shopping district where a man had been linked to one of the searches where they could not find anybody there. they did find evidence and so they have arrested him right there in the middle of the shopping district. a few steps away from gucci. police are really stepping up their operations. also their security. this is level three of four now. it has been raised to three
2:32 am
across the country. courthouses, police stations and other places are being heavily guarded now because of this palpable threat the police are now finding out increasing amounts of evidence. john. >> chris burns for us in brussels in belgium. officials there just briefing on the details of this operation. as many as a dozen, perhaps more people now in custody. some of them say belgium officials did fight in syria. we believe alongside isis. have now returned to belgium. they are all belgium citizens we are told as well. when they conducted the raids, some materials, ak-47s and walkie talkies and radios cell phones a knife. fake police uniforms were discovered indicating that perhaps police were a target of
2:33 am
the attacks, the attacks that were foiled we think overnight in belgium. operations seem to be continuing in that country. more raids could be imminent. this is one piece of the puzzle in europe going on right now. a western intelligence source points to the possibility of many terror cells across europe. we want to bring in isa soares rise now. as many and 20 cells. germany and belgium and france and netherlands. as many as 12 to 180 people involved in the cells. >> reporter: absolutely, john. many people are waking up to the possibility of the terror cells. these groups are between 120 to 180 people. they are ready to strike in germany, netherlands and belgium. we are hearing and that the
2:34 am
imminent threat according to the source is in belgium and possibly the netherlands. who are the men? very interesting. i just heard from chris burns who perhaps they were in syria. this is the belief also. men who have gone to fight in syria and radicalized and coming back. we learned about some 3,000 europeans have gone to fight there. about 500 have returned. 250 coming to the u.k. 200 to belgium. 70 to france. given the fact we have seen the terror attacks in france police are stepping up the intelligence and chasing every possible cell across the continent. let me bring you up to date with developments in paris. in the last hour or so paris prosecutor telling cnn they arrested 12 people. 12 people held and still in custody in france for providing
2:35 am
logistical support to coulibaly. coulibaly, the terrorist behind the kosher store attack where four people died. we have learned le monde reporting overnight that hayat boumeddiene, the wife of coulibaly, is reported to be between four to five months pregnant. we have learned in the last hour that several media organizations online are down. we do not know if they have been hacked. we do know however, they are all using the same server. the server is saying it could be a hack. for the time being, they do not know. let's turn our attention to neighboring germany. there have been major developments happening overnight. german police telling cnn two men have been arrested. both of them in the 40s. there were 11 raids across the country. 11 apartments they searched. the two men, one is believed to be a leader of a radical islam
2:36 am
group in berlin. he is believed to have a job of radicalized people there and really support and recruit a network of chechen jihadists. the other man is suspected in his 40s, suspected of having joint isis backing. you start to get a number of the europeans going there and coming back and intentions. all of this is happening as we learned a report ed video from isis warning more attacks are coming to europe. three jihadists in the video saying and i'm quoting them here we are going to come to europe and there will be more operations across europe. cnn cannot independently confirm the authenticity of the video. nevertheless it is unnerving given what has happened not just in paris, but in belgium overnight. the fact that aqap al qaeda in the arabian peninsula has claimed responsibility for the attack in the kosher store.
2:37 am
now more threats coming from isis and what we heard in the last few minutes from chris burns in belgium, perhaps they were targeting police there with plenty of weaponry with them. john. >> isa soares for us here in paris. a lot of information because there is a lot going on all across europe right now. one thing the belgium prosecutor said clearly, he does not think there was any connection between the terrorist cells and raids that took place in belgium overnight that are still frankly ongoing in belgium and the attacks here in paris one week ago. no connection, he says as of now. a few moments ago at the ongoing memorial for those killed at "charlie hebdo" a visit from john kerry. he is meeting with president francois hollande and the french minister.
2:38 am
kerry will be speaking about an hour from now from here in paris. i want to get back to the ongoing terror operation. not to mention the terror concerns across europe. joining me to talk about this is terrorism expert is fabrice mangier. i want to talk about the terror cells and raids. some of the things found, ak-47s and ammunition and explosives and walkie talkies and police uniforms. a lot of materials involved there indicating that they were planning an attack. >> that's clear. when you start to have police uniforms, that means they want to target police station or you want to use police uniform just to enter some security perimeter to bypass police officials. they were planning to target
2:39 am
police station or police in belgium. >> you told me the people you talked to here in france are very concerned about just that thing. police here in france feel like they are targets. >> yes, of course. as we have seen last we're, they were targeting soldier. all military forces, police forces everything which represents their forces would be targeted today. >> we learned as many as 12 people have been arrested in belgium in the raids. two killed. many more arrested at this point. some of them have returned from syria where they have been fighting alongside isis and other militant groups there. this is a real concern for officials here in europe. >> yes. it is a real concern because all of those guys fighting in syria and fighting in iraq or in mali
2:40 am
are now flying back to europe. it is very easy because we have borders. we just need to have a car to enter europe. it is quite difficult to control all of that flow actually. it is a major concern. we know in france we have over 1,000 jihadists to have known to have been there. when they are back they want to fight against our system and our democracy and armed forces and our economy. >> in belgium, they were able to stop them and able to follow a few of these men when they came back from syria. they launched that raid last night. killed two suspects and detained others. how can you keep that pressure up? they caught one cell right there. do you have the capability to catch more? >> yes. we have the capability to catch more. i would say it is not
2:41 am
confidentially in france. our police forces stop on a regular basis such attacks in france. people don't know about that but we have a very good intelligence and s.w.a.t. team works very well every day to stop those guys. >> we also learned overnight that 12 suspects had been detained here in france believed to be connected to amedy coulibaly. believed to be part of the network of logistical support for him. that number at 12. what could the suspects have done to help in the attacks here in paris? >> we can imagine. such a terror cell made where people had to get information about the target. they can attack themselves. then people will provide apartment to hide during the preparation of the attack. all of the people to provide
2:42 am
equipment. logistic means like cars. you said in belgium, jackets and talkie walkies and money and whatever. ammunition. explosive, rocket launcher or launcher or opg. they provide transportation from one point to another point. they are ready to strike. then apart to enable them to escape if they decide to escape or not decide to die during the action. >> fabrice mangier. thank you. the memorial behind me christine, it still grows by the day. we are expected to hear from secretary of state john kerry within the hour. christine. >> john in paris. thank you. 42 minutes past the hour. happening in just hours, the terror suspect accused of noting an attack to capitol hill that
2:43 am
man heads to court. new information we are learning about the suspect and the case against him. plus breaking news overnight. u.s. troops now set to train syrian rebels in the fight against isis. those details next. e financial noise financial noise financial noise
2:44 am
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be from... fiber one. fiber one streusel. break overnight, the pentagon sending 400 troops to train moderate syrian rebels to fight isis. officials say beginning some time this spring trainers will
2:46 am
work in sites in saudi arabia in qatar. the u.s. will send additional military personnel. in court today, the ohio gunman for plotting the attack on the capitol hill. we know more about 20-year-old christopher cornell. we have alexandra field in cincinnati with the latest. >> reporter: christine, christopher cornell, accused in the plot to bomb the capitol and shoot victims. he is known across the country, but he was known in the community before that. he was the lone protester at a 9/11 event in 2013. authorities say he caused a disturbance, but not arrested at the time.
2:47 am
he was holding a sign which states 9/11 was an inside job. he is facing serious charges attempting to kill a u.s. government officer. he will appear in court later today. his parents are coming to his defense. their 20-year-old son raised in cincinnati did not have the capability for resourcesor resources to pull off a plot like this. >> chris has never been out of submit. i believe he was coerced into all of this stuff. i believe this so-called snitch filled his head. >> reporter: investigators were following cornell for months when an informant tipped them off on the twitter activity discussing jihad. they not take action until he was walking out of the cincinnati gun store where he bought two assault rifles and 600 rounds of ammunition. because law enforcement official officials were tracking cornell's moves, lawmakers were
2:48 am
never in danger. following the hearing today, he will being back in court next week. christine. thank you. time for an early start on your money. another rough day for the stock market. futures pointing lower. oil prices have stabilized but gas prices still falling. the national average for a gallon of regular is $2.08. that is down more than $1.20 this time last year. the chief oil analysts said the oil slide has one big loser. >> i think both the united states and saudis are happy that we are hitting vladimir putin very hard in the wallet. he is the biggest loser in all of this. >> the russian government gets 50% of the oil and gas from revenue. those are put in place following the crisis, of course in ukraine. that is the big picture on the lower gas prices. 48 minutes past the hour.
2:49 am
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secretary of state john kerry will likely meet with iran's foreign minister in paris today. they are seeking momentum on the
2:52 am
iran nuclear program. the two men held hours of discussions on wednesday in geneva ahead of days of the u.s. and iranian team. after more than 50 years easing rules for cuba. u.s. airlines will fly scheduled routes for the first time in decades. traveling and you can bring back up to $400 of cuban goods, including alcohol and tobacco. non cuban-americans can send up to $9,000 a year. and the budget battle lines are drawn. president obama will ask for an increase in spending when he submits the proposal for the budget in february. it comes at a time when the
2:53 am
republican-controlled congress appears to make deep cuts in spending. president obama finishes works on the state of address, we learned that joni ernst will deliver the republican reply. she said she is humbled and honored. getting the flu shot is not doing much to keep the influenza at bay. according to centers for disease control and prevention it will reduce your chances of getting the flu by 23%. officials previously said the vaccine is not as effective against the current strain. they say getting the flu shot is better than nothing. normally the flu shot is close to 60% effective. experts say wash your hands. 53 minutes past the hour. uber running into another roadblock. we will tell you where you won't be able to get an uber car with an early start on your money next.
2:54 am
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let's get an early start on your money. stock futures pointing to a lower open. the dow to a five-session losing
2:57 am
streak. the surprise currency move from switzerland has the move on the markets. the oil prices stabilized at $47 a barrel. gas prices are declining as the national average nears $2 a gallon. we mentioned u.s. airlines will fly to cuba. three airlines, jetblue, delta and united will book travel as long as they meet the expanded list of criteria. the united airline says it will originate from newark and houston. you will able to use credit cards on the island there. you may be able to fly to cuba but you cannot use uber in south carolina. at least not for a while. the public service commission
2:58 am
sent a cease and desist order. they do not have the proper proper permits to operate there. uber has not responded to our request for comment. terror threat across europe. investigators warning up to 20 jihadist sleeper cells across the continent. we are covering everything as "new day" starts now. 20 sleeper cells. >> there have been other arrests, not just in belgium. >> tracking the investigation, linking france to belgium. i heard two big detonations. >> two suspects on the property were killed. >> this group was connected to isis. >> there is a radical ideology out there. >> it is a very real threat. >> we're at a relatively early stage in dealing with it. >> i worry that it could come to the united states of america.
2:59 am
>> announcer: this is "new day," with chris cuomo, alisyn camerota and michaela pereira. >> welcome to your "new day," it's friday january 16th 6:00 in the east almost at least 20 sleeper cells ready to strike in europe. up to 180 jihadists poised to launch attacks in france germany, belgium and the netherlands. in at least two countries, this is being called an imminent threat? >> and major developments in france more arrests in paris connected to last week's attacks. several media websites in france this morning are dark. taken offline by hackers. all of this as chilling new video emerges of three suspected isis militants calling for a fresh round of carnage. stoking fears all over europe and here at home. we have every angle of the story covered for you. the way only cnn can. so let's begin with fred pleitgen he is in brussels for us. give us the latest on the
3:00 am
massive raid in belgium. >> massive raid part of it was really violent. alisyn. one raid in the town verviers 40 miles outside of brussels two people killed in the raid. a massive minute-long shootout that happened with weapons fired. there were raids all across belgium. and belgium is one of those countries where the authorities just said half an hour ago, that the threat was and is indeed imminent. they said there was a big jihadist cell consisting mostly of people who had returned or were returning from syria. and that their aim was to kill police officers both on the streets, as well as in police departments all across the country. they said that they've recovered ak-47s, handguns knives they've recovered communications equipment. and most importantly, they've also recovered police uniforms out of many of the places that they raided. and that of course shows them that these people most probably wanted to dress up as


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