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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  January 16, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PST

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yemen. the terrorist hot bed south of saudi arabia where killers of last week's magazine attack,er is cherif and said kouachi went. >> reporter: what's key is for french investigators to establish the links in reality between here yemen and those attacks in france. al qaeda in the arabian peninsula's 11-minute statement suggest a u.s. citizen killed in 2011 by u.s. drone strike anwar al awlaki was running that attack. what's vital for french investigators to work out is after that 2011 death there were continued conversations or resources passed from here yemen, to the kouachi brothers. we know potentially one of them came here as early as 2009 and maybe cherif traveling under his
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older brother's passport came here in 2011 and may have returned to france with tens of thousands of dollars. that's vital information because there are other cells around europe. do they have links to the al qaeda hotbed here in yemen. of course now a quiet day after friday prayer here in the capital but much anger on the streets at the image of prophet muhammad offensive to so many muslims being published again in "charlie hebdo" magazine in the latest issue. the government angry considers yemen being scapegoated but this is a failing state. a lot of questions still to be answered by yemen. when did the kouachi brothers come here? where did they train? who did they get resources from? a lot of answers still to come from here. >> let's talk with deborah
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feyerick more about the raids that swept across much of europe. hundreds of people suspected. dozens of people arrested. tell us more. >> what we're learning from a western intelligence source is there could be as many as 20 cells throughout europe and that may include as many as 120 to 180 young men. many of them returning from syria but also people who have been in the country who are providing different kinds of support, whether it be logistical support or transit support. one of the people who was arrested last night in that raid where we saw all of the shooting they were providing logistical support in the form of firearms but also documents. they are making sure that people returning from syria are getting what they need to be able to move very easily through not only the country they're in belgium in this case but also other countries as well. there's a lot of activity. authorities have had these men on radar for a time between weeks and months. right now the urgency has really
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been ramped up because of what happened in paris. doesn't mean that it's directly connected but there's enough information that's being developed for people to understand now is go time. >> so these cells in belgium, who was their inspiration? you heard nick paton walsh reporting that yemen thinks it's being scapegoated and the information isn't coming from here. >> inspiration is ideology. that's the main point to keep in mind. inspiration is not a person. it's not even necessarily a group. it's an ideology. when you look back al qaeda core is where it began. then you had these breakout groups and now you have al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. you have this brand of religion that's turning people into these violent acts or promoting people to go do these acts. they look at isis. isis is an offshoot. you see a splintering of a hardcore ideology that's getting even more hardcore more radical, more extremist the more
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these groups get away from fundamentals of islam is. >> what about the united states and cells here? >> that's a huge concern. that's a huge huge concern. it is a very different population on some levels. you're going to have the lone wolves who are going to come to the united states but to get into the united states is more difficult than it is to get into other countries but you have a huge wave of immigrants that came up from north africa that came from the middle east and that's the population you're dealing with now in the european union. here they have to come sort of individually. they don't have the same kind of support structure that they do in a place like france or belgium or europe where even the paris attackers got together and trained in a park. that was their neighborhood. that was their gang. if you begin to look at some of these cells we call them as little more than criminal gangs intent on creating maximum violence maximum damage.
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it takes on a bit of a different aura. everyone is afraid of terror. that's what terror is about. terror is about uncertainty. that's the capital of terrorists. if you look it's different between what is going on but i'll tell you a number of security people i talked to here are saying they are grateful that what is happening is europe is not happening in the united states. doesn't mean it can't. we saw the tsarnaevs. but it's a different degree right now. >> many thanks to you. i appreciate it. let's head to belgium where the threat was described as imminent. frederik pleitgen is in brussels with more. hi, frederik. >> reporter: we heard the belgium government made a decision to put its arm on standby. troops are getting ready to deploy at sensitive sites across the country. across the country is where you
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had a lot of terror raids that happened overnight last night. there were 12 sites in all that were raided by the police. the most violent one as we said happened in a town 40 miles outside of brussels where two alleged jihadist were killed and one injured. 12 sites many in the brussels area. the police confiscated a lot of weapons and communication equipment and also police uniforms and they say that the main target of the attacks that were supposed to happen that they say were imminent that could have happened within hours of that raid, maybe a day, it could have been hours, were directed at police officers. they say a jihadist most of them coming back from syria wanted to kill police officers either on the streets or even in police departments and again that plot they said was "imminent." belgium is taking precautions now. the police officers who are of course considering themselves to be targets now have been told not to walk on the streets alone and to always wear their
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bulletproof vests and to take their weapons home with them as well so they can protect themselves. this is a country on edge taking security precautions and that certainly has drastically escalated its measures here to protect its population. >> frederik pleitgen reporting live from belgium this morning. thank you. one of the founding members of "charlie hebdo" is leveling sharp criticism at the late edit editor editor. this is rather surprising coming from one of the founders of "charlie hebdo." >> we've heard it from other people outside of the magazine but we haven't heard it from anyone on the staff. this is the founder, one of the founders of the magazine. it's been around for decades as you know. he called the editor charb risky
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by doing so. >> he wrote an article detailing that. >> it's been translated into english. he said i'm upset with you charb. may your soul rest in peace. you see the editorial tensions but they were happening within the magazine about how far is too far when it comes to something that's so provocative and offensive to some muslims. >> good to know they were talking about. that's what you're supposed to do is debate such issues so you can be more responsible. >> we heard editors in the past say they knew the risks over time and they would rather take risks than not. we saw a protest in pakistan today against the new cover and that's one illustration of how provocative and offensive it's been to some people. >> a french photographer was killed in that demonstration, right, in pakistan? >> injured. we are gathering more information about it.
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it was in core achkarachi earlier today. this photographer was working for the french news wire. it may be a coincidence. it may not. there is curiosity about that because there is concern about retaliation. >> it happened at the french consulate, right? >> they were trying to get to the consulate and were pushed back by water canyons and rubber bullets. our producer in islamabad is reporting that investigation is under way to find out who shot at this photographer to find out more information about it. this is the first big protest and first violent protests we've seen in the wake of that muhammad cover being published. we've seen complaints from a number of leaders and offenses in the middle east but the first actual protest that we have seen. >> thanks. i appreciate it. a young man accused of trying to join isis and his parents come to his defense and suggest social media is to blame for his troubles.
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we'll talk about that. also the president needs with one of our top allies at the white house. the british prime minister david cameron. the fight against isis tops the agenda but it's not the only concern for the united states and the u.k. an important announcement is promised. we'll talk about that too. [container door opening] ♪ what makes it an suv is what you can get into it. ♪ [container door closing] what makes it an nx is what you can get out of it. ♪ introducing the first-ever lexus nx turbo and hybrid. once you go beyond utility there's no going back.
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president obama and british prime minister david cameron are meeting at the white house right now. in two hours they'll host a press conference and they are expected to talk about social media and it's role in
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recruiting terrorists. authorities convinced his little brother and sister to fly to turkey. the mother blames social media. she has a message for isis recruiters. >> reporter: you have spoken against isis and muslim extremists that try to recruit young people through social media and the internet. do you feel without that influence your son would not be in the trouble that he's in right now? >> i think that would not have happened if it wasn't for social media and the internet. he would never be in the situation he's in today. >> what is your message to those who try to recruit kids to extremists to isis. >> to leave the children alone. that's my only message. stop recruiting these children. they're too young. they don't know what's going on there. they are small. they don't understand what they are getting into. what they are getting -- just
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leave the children alone. they are too young. not to misuse these children their lives and innocence. people are misusing the children's innocence. the children are gullible. they are vulnerable. their thinking skills have not completely developed and these people are preying on that and they're misusing them. i want them to stop. to leave children alone. >> still, can you blame social media alone for enticinge inging young men and women to fight alongside isis? it will be a big topic of conversation today at the white house. cnn's michelle kosinski is at the white house. good morning, michelle. >> reporter: much has been made of this argument. it's really been sort of sweeping headlines especially around the internet. david cameron would love for
7:16 am
google and instagram and snapchat to share more information from authorities when they try to investigate terror. in britain he can ask entities to do that and by law there they need to comply. if an american company even though it has people online in britain were to do that that would violate u.s. law. the british are now wanting to talk to president obama about what maybe could be done about this especially as regards encryption. it's very easy to make an argument for privacy in this case but the fbi agrees with david cameron to some extent and they have this very compelling quote this week that said well if you're going to go along with that argument should we make a car trunk that can never, ever be opened by a police officer during the course of an investigation or how about somebody's apartment. those are private spaces too. but sometimes the argument is there police need to get in there. we know that social media
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entities fiercely guard their privacy and they market themselves to the people online. you know i'm stopping myself. there's been a lot of argument over how much information they're willing to share with advertisers and other entities and things like that. this is up for debate. the white house so far has really played it safe. they don't want to take any sides. they say that privacy is a huge concern that needs to be protected. fighting terror and sharing information is also extremely important especially today. there needs to be some kind of balance here. how that will end up that's what we're waiting to see, carol. >> all right. and the president and the prime minister will be speaking around noon eastern time correct? >> reporter: yeah. we expect them around 12:20. they are supposed to take questions too. we're not sure that will happen on time but we do expect some pretty tough questions there. >> i'm sure there will be. michelle kosinski reporting live from the white house this morning. thank you. still to come in the
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"newsroom," troops heading to train syrian rebels but is it an escalation in the fight against isis or is the united states being drawn into a larger war against syria's government? we'll talk about that next. [container door opening] ♪ what makes it an suv is what you can get into it. ♪ [container door closing] what makes it an nx is what you can get out of it. ♪ introducing the first-ever lexus nx turbo and hybrid. once you go beyond utility there's no going back. she inspires you. no question about that. but your erectile dysfunction - that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved
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the syrian rebel army is about to get formal training courtesy of the u.s. government. the pentagon announced a plan to send 400 american troops plus hundreds of support staff overseas to train moderate syrian opposition troops. let's talk about this. we're joined by major general spider marks. executive dean at the university of phoenix. welcome. >> good morning. how are you? >> i'm good. is there really a syrian rebel army yet? >> that's a great question. i would say it's a group of folks dedicated on a cause to try to isolate isis and try to get assad in a box and that's really the hardeart of the problem right now. there probably at this point isn't enough of a group of fighters around which to coalesce and bring in additional fighters. that was probably the trigger point that the department of defense and this administration was looking for was to have enough momentum in syria so that
7:23 am
they could now open up these camps to begin training. the key thing as you know is how do you vetting in advance as barbara starr indicated earlier. >> do we have any idea how many moderate rebel fighters have joined the cause? >> the numbers are obviously -- what is key at this point, is there enough of a core that can hold together as you mentioned up front. and then the vetting process has to be done offsite, if you will. no one is going to bring a potential moderate syrian fighter into a camp in turkey or qatar or saudi arabia where there are u.s. trainers and there are ally and partner trainings trying to get this force ready to go unless that individual and group of individuals have been vetted. >> we've often heard this is going to take a lot of time. i think we've lost general marks. >> i'm right here carol. >> good. i couldn't hear your audio for a
7:24 am
second. maybe it was just technical problems on my end. i'm glad i still have you. i want to ask you this we always hear that it's going to take a lot of time to train these rebels and as you said we have to vet them. time is of the essence right now in light of what happened in paris, isn't it? >> it is. all of these events are clearly connected. i don't know that what occurred in paris and happened in belgium, certainly the barbarism of what's occurring with another form of radical islam in nigeria is the trigger event. i think the real trigger event is whether these moderate fighters in syria are prepared to accept more help and if we can provide that. that's how it comes together right now. certainly there's a time horizon but i don't know if it's completely tied to what we're seeing right now. >> general marks, thanks as always. i appreciate it. >> thanks carol. american personnel try to get syrian rebels up to speed, kurdish fighters are holding off
7:25 am
isis troops in northern iraq and syria. that includes the women's protection unit. cnn introduced you to these fierce women soldiers battling extremists threatening their way of life. it's one example that destroys the myth that all muslims are the same. not all of them are like hayat boumeddiene, the french woman police say is an accomplice to the man that killed four people in that kosher grocery store. i sat down with a woman who is editor in chief and expert on global women's issues. i wanted to know what it's like to be a muslim woman in the world today. >> there are always some brainwashed women. crazy people can brainwash anybody. what's unfair is this one example, this one story, is representative of everybody. i think that's the problem.
7:26 am
it just needs to change. i mean nobody wants to hear about the diversity. every now and then a story comes along. have you seen those kurdish women fighters who are literally on the ground. they are at war with isis. they are doing more than the u.s. military is. why aren't they on the front page of every single newspaper and magazine? >> we've done many stories on them. >> high-five to you, carol. >> what can be done to prevent terrorists from hijacking your religion? >> so much. it's not just muslims. we have a huge integration problem, immigration problem in europe. 40% of muslim youth are unemployed. it's a different story than what you see in america. there's a huge part of u.s. foreign policy has to put in. we have wars raging in so many muslim countries throughout the muslim world. it's completely unstable region. it's not just women that are suffering.
7:27 am
everyone is suffering. there's a lot to do. what i think recently that is something very interesting is the role that muslim mothers have to play. the u.k. government has taken on this huge initiative to reach out to the mothers in muslim communities and just yesterday this mother in chicago, her son they caught him trying to supply arms or something to isis american citizens and they flat out told isis leave our kids alone. you guys are brainwashing your children. social media, leave our kids alone. i really think the mothers have a huge role to speak out more when they see activity in their communities. we can't just pin it on us and muslims. everyone has their part including the u.s. government and u.k. government. it's a huge approach and we have to be tactical and wholistic about it. >> it would be nice if we could work together. >> it would be nice just to talk. >> just to talk. so i would like to talk on social media. if you would like to add your
7:28 am
voice to this discussion head over to my facebook page. i would love to know what you think about this. breaking information from our crew in yemen about the trip that one of the "charlie hebdo" gunmen made to syria. that's after this.
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good morning. i'm carol costello. thanks so much for joining me. we want to take you now to yemen. home to the branch of al qaeda that claimed responsibility for those deadly paris attacks. one of the group's leaders saying the plan was years in the making masterminded by anwar al awlaki. he's alleged to have met with one of the paris gunmen. we're getting information on the trip that one of the kouachi brothers made to yemen. i want to bring in nick paton walsh. what have you found out? >> reporter: much of the focus is on when said kouachi and most likely his younger brother cherif were actually in yemen. we know there were a number of trips focused on 2011 when cherif is thought to have used his brother's passport to come into yemen perhaps legally and focus is did they meet anwar al awlaki in that same year who is
7:33 am
said to be the operational planner by al qaeda in yemen's lengthy statement. we learn today from an interior ministry official speaking to cnn that in fact in their data base of immigration here they believe that the first trip the first record they have of said kouachi coming to yemen is in august 2009. that is significant because it does mean it's possible that he was the roommate of the man known as underwear bomber who tried to blow up a plane in detroit on christmas in 2009. the official goes on to say they believe there were two or three subsequent trips after that lengthy ones going on potentially as 2012. that doesn't really tell you other information received but it's new detail and it starts to paint a picture here giving a sense of the exact dates in which the elder kouachi brother was in country and now the focus is who did they meet and what do
7:34 am
they bring back to france? carol? >> nick paton walsh reporting live from yemen. thanks for that interesting information. i want to talk more about that information with former cia operative and cnn intelligence analyst bob bare. thanks for being with me. >> good morning. >> what do you make of that? one of the kouachi brothers was in yemen in august of 2009 which says he probably roomed with the underwear bomber right, and then there were two or three subsequent trips. nick paton walsh said that painted a picture. what does it paint for you? >> i think nick is right. i think what we're seeing here this was more of an organized attack. it wasn't homegrown. the more evidence we see, the larger number of cells that come into play. the connections with belgium and spain all tell me that this was an organized plot. we go on about lone wolves and rest of it i don't think it
7:35 am
was. it was probably funded out of yemen. they were sent there to get training and guidance. looks like an organized attack with more evidence we see. >> remember back in september when president obama outlined his strategy against isis and used yemen as a success story on how u.s. fights terrorism. let's listen to that. >> the strategy of taking out terrorists who threaten us while supporting partners on the front lines is one that we have successfully pursued in yemen and somalia for years. >> were there successes in yemen? >> well no. i mean i don't think you could ever characterized it as a success. we did hit targets. we did assassinate al awlaki. that's not enough to stop a movement like this. the only thing that stops violent jihad is a strong
7:36 am
government where locals crush these movements at any place there's problems is where there's a failed state. yemen, syria, iraq you can go down the list. nigeria of course. and without a strong central government there's nothing the united states can do and there's nothing we can say. we just can't describe these places as successes. even pakistan is not a success of course. >> wow. so can you kind of help us explain exactly what's happening so in belgium there were those raids and they found guns there and they found pretty heavy weaponry explosives. they say there are 180 cells operating within europe. are those all connected to al qaeda, isis yemen, where? >> i really have a problem with those names. i just call it violent jihad. i know there is a competition between these groups but it doesn't really matter.
7:37 am
they are at war with the west with the united states. they will fight us where they can. these north african immigrant populations in belgium, high unemployment there's absolutely no hope for these people and what they're doing is simply getting on the internet and seeing this conflict in the middle east. they are showing up there. they are getting battle training and coming back home. as i said for a long time, as long as wars go on in the middle east and there are political black spots on the map, there will be blowback in europe. i would assume one day in the united states. we're much better off than europeans because we're able to assimilate our immigrant populations much better. >> bob baer thank you for your in in insight. i appreciate it. >> one woman possibly fled to syria. why can't they track her down? is she out of reach? we'll talk about that next.
7:38 am
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against the backdrop of terror raids in belgium, the hunt for hayat boumeddiene continues. she's the partner of the gunman involved in the kosher market attack and authorities are staging a massive search to find boumeddiene who is believed to have fled to syria. brian todd is in washington this morning. good morning, brian. >> reporter: good morning, carol. we have critical new information this morning on hayat boumeddiene whereabouts and her actions in the critical days before the "charlie hebdo" attack. the hunt for boumeddiene is focused on syria where it's gotten a lot tougher. maybe the only person close to the paris attack plot still alive and now the hunt for hayat boumeddiene is intensifying. >> right now she looks like the
7:42 am
key player in this story. she's alive as far as we know and her information is vital to cracking this thing open. >> reporter: boumeddiene's movements and her transactions are now coming into clearer focus. prosecutors say a belgian man recently bought a car from boumeddiene. inside his residence, documents that refer to the same type of gun used in paris by amedy coulibaly, boumeddiene's boyfriend. that's according to belgian media. a source close to spain's security services says coulibaly and boumeddiene drove from france to madrid. boumeddiene flew from madrid to istanbul. the man with her in this surveillance video in istanbul when she arrived, a.
7:43 am
a newspaper says he may be connected to a separate jihadist cell. cell phone pings show boumeddiene slipped into syria by january 8th. the day before coulibaly's hostage standoff in the kosher market. >> i think we'll never see them. they will stay in syria in the islamic state and maybe it will be back but i think she prepared the exit for a long time. >> reporter: coulibaly pledged his support for isis but his lawyer has said the girlfriend was the more radical one. she may be under isis protection. >> she's an asset for isis. she's a very good asset. she speaks french. maybe she can give advice for new targets. >> reporter: if he's with isis it will be much harder to find her and capture her alive but a u.s. official says law enforcement agencies from turkey france and the u.s. are
7:44 am
working together to track her. >> intelligence there will be all sources. it will be collection of electronic emnations. it will be satellite coverage and human intelligence which is critical. >> reporter: the former fbi assistant director says that western law enforcement and intelligence agencies will tap into another network here. he says they'll try to interrogate western jihadists traveling into and out of syria to see if any of them have seen or spoken to hayat boumeddiene. carol? >> all right. brian todd reporting live from washington. many thanks. still to come in the "newsroom," the fbi says his plan to attack the capital was ready to go. the u.s. terror suspect is just hours away from his first appearance in federal court. we'll take you there next. thanks. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] fedex® has solutions to enable global commerce that can help your company grow steadily and quickly. great job. (mandarin) ♪ ♪
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in a matter of hours, ohio terrorist suspect christopher cornell will be in court. agents claim cornell was writing alarming posts on social media about violent jihad. on wednesday he was arrested before his alleged plot could be put into action. cameras will not be allowed inside the cincinnati courtroom this afternoon but our alexandra field is covering this for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. we are expecting chris cornell to arrive at the federal courthouse in cincinnati in the next couple of hours.
7:49 am
he'll appear before the judge at 1:30 for his scheduled detention hearing. inside the courtroom, his parents are planning to be here. they have not spoken to his son since his arrest but they are speaking out in defense of him. christopher cornell was a high school wrestling star and his parents had hopes for a bright future but he didn't find his path after high school. >> breaks my heart. he had so much potential. he could have got a scholarship. >> reporter: recently there was reason to be hopeful again. >> he became a happier person. >> his attitude changed. he became a lot happier. he said when he prayed he felt calm and felt at peace with himself and with god. he became just happy go lucky. >> reporter: he grew out his beard and adapted islam after reading a lot about it and his parents saw signs his beliefs had really taken hold. >> he would come in at prayer time.
7:50 am
say his prayers. >> reporter: at the same time the fbi says he was planning a deadly attack. on wednesday, agents raided the family's cincinnati home seizing a book cornell had written in and a computer. online authorities say he told an fbi informant he wanted to commit violent jihad. over several months investigators monitored the plot as it was taking shape. authorities said pipe bombs would be placed in the capitol and people be shot as they fled the scene. >> i don't think chris ever wanted to hurt anyone. >> reporter: then why say it? why walk into the gun shop? >> i believe he was coerced. >> reporter: fbi agents arrested cornell wednesday after he bought two semiautomatic rifles and 600 rounds of ammunition at the pointblank gun shop and range in cincinnati. >> we had the forewarning he was going to come in but then also they greased the skids a little bit so things would go smoothly as part of the sale.
7:51 am
>> reporter: asked to help authorities in the sting, john dean sold cornell exactly what he asked for. >> i'm getting a lot of thumbs up today. >> reporter: how did he strike you? did he know what he was talking about? >> he struck me as someone who had done research but not a lot of hands-on experience with the gun. >> reporter: cornell never fired a gun according to his parents. they say he never talked to them about isis and he showed no signs of anger or violence. they say he spent much of his time alone. did he have friends? >> he had friends up until about a year ago. i think when he grew his hair out and his beard. >> reporter: on the day of his arrest cornell left a note with his parents saying he was going to live with a friend who would get them work. their son behind bars but his parents believe he'll come home one day. >> i feel that it wasn't him. it wasn't him. >> reporter: so christopher cornell has been staying at the butler county jail. he'll arrive here at the
7:52 am
courthouse with police and even though that hearing is still a couple hours away we are seeing a stepped up police presence at the courthouse this morning. we have seen some officers patrolling on foot and officers with canininge ings out here sniffing looking for explosives when you talk about a high profile case like this one. they are trying to do everything to make sure this courthouse is secure in advance of the appearance. >> we'll check back. alexandra field reporting live from cincinnati. more news ahead including coverage of the terror attacks in europe and concern about terror cells in france and belgium. i'll be right back. sir, we're loaded and getting ready to go... ...we're going to need you on the runway. (vo) don't let a severe cold hold you back. sir? (vo) theraflu starts to get to work in your body in just 5 minutes. (vo) theraflu breaks you free from your worst cold and flu symptoms. (vo) theraflu. serious power.
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this just into cnn. nasa and noaa say last year was the warmest on record. the global average temperature over land and water for 2014 was highest for all years since record keeping began in 1980. it beat the previous record warm years in 2005 and 2010. december set a record. combined global temperature was the highest on record. i want to take a moment this friday to have a little fun. a pizza delivery guy's tip is causing the uproar. as jeanne moos reports, he may end up making a bundle. >> reporter: pizza delivery man versus used car lot employees, who would you trust? instead of the delivery guy getting fired, the internet got fired up. shame on you all for how you treated that pizza delivery man. it all started when jared from
7:57 am
palace pizza delivered an order to f & r auto sales in westport massachusetts. follow the math. total pizza bill was $42. the used car employees chipped in and gave jared the delivery guy a total of 50 bucks. two 20s and two 5s which means $7 leftover. jared leaves with a 50. there's disagreement about whether he said anything about keeping the change before he took off. the car lot people complained to palace pizza's manager and jared comes back to return the seven bucks. >> it doesn't make sense why would you hand me a bill that you would have me drive back to have you give back. >> reporter: the man said he gave him all of the money the group collected and expected to get back the correct change. >> the manager apologized once for you. do you want him to apologize again. >> you got your $7 back so the
7:58 am
world is right now. >> oh no it wasn't. >> get out the door before i put my foot in your ass. >> reporter: insults flew. do you or someone you know want to be treated like crap? this is your go-to place. comments got so bad the car lot called police. by thursday afternoon, the owner of f & r auto sales apologized for actions that led to this embarrassing video. the owner offers an unspecified cash donation to the delivery man. he says the man in the blue shirt was not actually an employee and that the female employee has been fired. but will all that counteract the video? >> i want that [ bleep ]'s job. >> supporters of the delivery
7:59 am
guy set up a go fund me account for jared. wrote one supporter, once i messed with a pizza guy hasn't sold a car since. taking on the delivery man turned out to be biting off a lot more than a car lot could chew. jeanne moos cnn, new york. >> go jared. that's awesome. thanks so much for joining me today i'm carol costello. "@ this hour" with berman and michaela starts now. 'm john berman live in paris. we have breaking news. new terror threats spreading across europe. authorities now scrambling to
8:00 am
identify jihadists before they strike again. an intelligence source tells cnn the threat appears to involve up to 20 cells with as many as 180 people ready to launch attacks. france germany, belgium and also the netherlands. we're told that the belgian threat was imminent. the terror cell was on the brink of unleashing a major attack on police. police swooped in and launched a dozen raids and killed two suspected terrorists wounded a third and arrested a dozen others. german authorities say they arrested two men in berlin on suspicion of links to isis and in france police arrested 12 people overnight. these 12 individuals are believed to have offered some kind of logistical support to amedy coulibaly, the man who attacked that kosher market leaving 12 french jews dead.


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