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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  January 19, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PST

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accomplices of the terrorist at the kosher supermarket. a source telling cnn their dna was found on a magazine clip that belonged to the gunman. let's head to france where the investigation into the kouachi brothers is revealing more and more missteps. cnn's senior international correspondent jim bitterman joins me from paris with more. hi jim. >> hi there, carol. this is just coming out this morning and it sounds similar to what we heard in the united states after 9/11. basically about failure of intelligence agencies to communicate with each other and to understand what happened here you have to understand that in fact there's an exterior intelligence agency interior intelligence agency and there's also an intelligence agency charged with surveillance and the communication between those three and among those three was apparently not very good. there were a lot of things that happened. for example, the surveillance part of that equation they were not conducting surveillance on
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the kouachi brothers computers. they were watching their telephones and they did not, for instance pass along something that might have been very vital which was an alert between the surveillance agency and the domestic intelligence agency in february of 2014 until june of 2014 and at that point they dropped off radar. the two brothers dropped off radars of the internal intelligence agency. a lot of communication errors which may have contributed to the fact that they missed planning for "charlie hebdo" attack. i think we're going to hear a lot more about this in coming days because one of the things that politicians on both sides of the aisle here are talking about is some kind of an investigation into what did go wrong and why there wasn't more advanced communication.
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>> with a growing number of raids across europe foreign ministers from several european nations are scrambling to find a way to prevent more attacks from happening tackling the issue at a meeting today in brussels belgium. they say one way to do this is by working with muslim countries. >> we start obviously with a discussion on how to counter terrorism not only in europe but also in other parts of the world being the mediterranean, africa i'm just having now before we start a meeting with the secretary-general of the arab league as the threat is not only the one we faced in paris but also spreading in many other parts of the world starting from muslim countries and we need to strengthen our way of cooperating together. first of all with other countries and then internally. >> amnesty international calls islam a phobia one of europe's biggest challenges leaving the muslim population there more
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vulnerable to radicalization. after heavy clashes in yemen, the country's interior minister says rebels and the government just agreed to a cease-fire. this is new video coming in from clashes outside of the presidential palace. the u.s. is particularly interested in what's happening in yemen and is closely monitoring the situation there because yemen is home to what u.s. officials consider the most dangerous branch of al qaeda. it's the same branch that claimed responsibility for the "charlie hebdo" attack. barbara starr is at the pentagon with more. >> reporter: cease-fire or not, whether it lasts or not, the situation in yemen very much on the radar of u.s. officials especially due to their concerns about the safety of the u.s. embassy there and u.s. diplomatic personnel. a u.s. navy warship remains offshore. that would be the platform from which helicopters would go to the embassy if there was a
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request by the state department for the military to evacuate it. we must be very clear, there is no such request at the moment. the military always planning organization has plenty of forces on standby if the situation were to deteriorate to that point. yemen is a big concern right now as these huothi shia rebels have launched attacks across the capital. the concern remains the same. can the government of yemen hold? can it maintain its fragile control over the country? is this a country that's about to absolutely disintegrate into sectarian warfare and of course the problem is that leaves the door wide open for that al qaeda organization in yemen to grow even stronger with no government if that were to happen and no central control if that were to happen. carol? >> all right. barbara starr reporting live from the pentagon. i want to continue our
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discussion right now. the pentagon's readiness for a possible evacuation of the u.s. embassy there. lieutenant colonel james reese serves as a cnn global affairs analyst. welcome. >> good morning, carol. >> so i guess we have a warship off the coast ready just in case the embassy is evacuated. >> we do. >> that's a plus. >> yes. it's what we call power projection. they have all these assets. it has marines. they are trained to do noncombatant evacuations if need be and if the ambassador -- they don't want to do this. they want to hold out until the last possible minute. if the ambassador says we need to evacuate we can project power and get everybody out safely. >> why do they want to wait until the last possible moment and why leave the decision to diplomats? >> again, we want to be able to do diplomatic and political aspects with the country. we want to hold off. with the military in coordination with the state
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department wants to be able to tell the state department don't put us in a position where we have to do a forced entry and fight our way in and fight our way out. it's an art to decide when we go. >> a scary art. let's talk about yemen itself and if the government there totally disintegrates and what that means to our fight against isis and al qaeda. >> sure. you know the whole peninsula you have to keep in effect is predominantly sunni especially with saudi influence right above yemen. the houthis are shia based. it's a huge clash between sunnis and shias in the islamic world. if that collapses, we have another safe haven allowing al qaeda in the arabian peninsula to have place where people can train. >> another syria? >> another syria. another somalia. another libya. it's a safe haven that are popping up in areas we have collapsing the entire government. >> if that happens, how might the united states react?
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>> well we'll have to go in there and take a look. if we have to pull our embassy out, that really puts us in a bad position to have an idea of what's going on on the ground. only way we could react is to give the government the sunni government of yemen, support to push back rebels and now again we're in another conflict in the middle east. >> cnn will look at the battle against terrorism tonight with two cnn special reports. at 9:00 p.m., jake tapper goes inside the paris attacks and at 9:30 p.m. eastern, they anchor the war within islam looking at what can be done to eradicate violent extremism. still to come, they protect us when we fly but this morning the faa is cracking down on its own security. we'll talk about that next. well, a mortgage shouldn't be a problem
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we want to take you back out to yemen right now because cnn has a correspondent there, nick paton walsh, in the capital where the presidential palace is that has come under siege by rebels. there is a cease-fire in place right now. is that holding, nick? >> reporter: tough to tell. the problem with cease-fires is things can go wrong quickly. ten minutes before you joined
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me we heard sustained exchanges of automatic gunfire right behind me in the distance. that would be problematic. rebels on the streets don't know who is shooting at who. it could fall apart. it's been a messy day frankly. the presidential administration under sustained artillery jewelling. already started with presidential staff trying to make themselves feel more secure by cutting off roads around their key buildings. the rebels didn't like that and both sides blame the other side for that. right now we see a strange calm. i was at the u.s. embassy and for families working there it's a calm situation. there is no sign of them imminently going anywhere at all. it's a tense city certainly because that political deal which is supposed to come after the cease-fire that really hasn't been hammered out yet and
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the the closed door negotiations are going on and there's a third problem in this. we don't know what the ex-president who has a lot of men who doesn't quite know what he wants. that sound of gunfire will come back as it gets darker here. >> i want to go back to the u.s. embassy. you said you visited. it's under heavy guard. u.s. marines are guarding it. you said it's relatively calm. how close is the u.s. embassy to the presidential palace? >> quite a long way away. we're not far from some of the embassies here. it's perfectly calm in that area and there's a large hill between that and the area where much of the fighting has happened.
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that embassy always had substantial security procedures and it's very well protected area. i saw the u.s. marines myself around there. it seems quite safe at this stage. there's no sense of imminent departure of anybody. they say numbers aren't diminished and consulate section is open. while everyone is on edge taking every precaution they can, we're not looking at a situation here where necessarily they will be called into action imminently. >> nick paton walsh reporting live from yemen this morning. thank you. an faa safety inspector making an unsafe move carrying a gun onboard a plane in his carry-on bag. the inspector was arrested last week for flying from atlanta to laguardia airport with a gun in his carryon bag. the federal employee used his badge to bypass tsa screening. two men were charged with smuggling more than 100 firearms on the same route. one of the men also an airport employee who skipped security
7:15 am
checkpoints. aviation and government regulation correspondent rene marsh is following the story and is live in washington. good morning. >> good morning, carol. flat out this should not happen. the tsa and the faa are now investigating this case. the federal employee was traveling with a 22 caliber gun in his carry-on. he did not have the same security clearance privilege in new york and that's where tsa agents discovered the gun. now, atlanta's hartsfield airport has been under the microscope for security procedures following the recent incident last month where a baggage handler was accused of using his security clearance to bypass security checkpoints to smuggle guns onto multiple new york bound commercial aircraft. now, the faa has suspended this practice of allowing safety inspectors to bypass security checkpoints while it looks into this most recent incident.
7:16 am
tsa also saying that they are taking this breach very seriously. they say that they are considering or will put into place new procedures which could include additional employee screening. >> so why should anyone be given a clearance? >> well the argument is resources really. there are so many employees, airport employees, faa investigators like this one, who go in and out of the airport and tsa just does not have the manpower to screen every individual who has business at the airport. so they prioritize. and many of these employees do get that clearance. however, the faa making the move at least temporarily while this is investigated to stop that program that allows their own employees to circumvent tsa checkpoints until they figure out why this happened and how this happened. >> rene marsh reporting live from washington. thank you. checking other top stories for you at 16 minutes past the hour.
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reuters reporting that indonesian investigators looking into the crash of airasia flight 8501 say there are no signs it was a terrorist act. after listening to the flight voice recorder officials say the pilots were busy handling the plane before the crash. they also say there were no sounds of explosions. all 162 people died. her movie "selma" is drawing people to the box office but yesterday they marched in selma, alabama, to honor the late martin luther king jr. the march from city hall continued to the bridge. in 1965 civil rights marchers were tear gassed as they tried to march across the bridge on a march to montgomery. a rare move by isis. what may have motivated a group to release a group of religious minorities. we come by almost every day to deliver your mail
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isis has done something completely unexpected in iraq. it's actually freed about 250 members of the yazidi religious sect. most were children and elderly people. >> reporter: the iraqi kurdish government and kurdish activists are trying to take care of an enormous number of prisoners from the yazidi religious minority who were released without any explanation by isis militants on saturday after they had been held for months in isis captivity.
7:22 am
these members of the yazidi religious minority describe one activist i talked to almost entirely elderly men and women. many of them filthy and hungry and sick after months in captivity. some of them mentally and/or physically disabled. we don't know where they were released. they were dumped by an isis front line and sent walking, those who could toward peshmerga positions near the northern kurdish held city of kirkuk. their release underscores a much bigger problem. the fact that when isis launched its military offensive last summer in northern iraq they took thousands of members of the kurdish religious minority hostage. many of them girls and women who have basically according to some survivors that i talked to been sold into slavery. modern day slavery where they have been used in many cases as effectively sex slaves. isis has been very public about this. they have justified this along
7:23 am
religious grounds and they've even issued instructions for what age, for example, someone can begin to have sex with their yazidi slave and under what condition they can trade or sell their slaves. this has been a devastating development for members of this religious minority some of whom have been forced to try to gather up money to pay ransoms to win back the release of their missing loved ones still believed to be missing and held hostage in the thousands at this date. >> ivan watson reporting. still to come in the "newsroom," boko haram's reach spreading into a neighboring country. the effort under way to free dozens of people kidnapped by the brutal group. you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. yeah, everybody knows that. well, did you know that playing cards with kenny rogers gets old pretty fast? ♪ you got to know when to hold'em. ♪ ♪ know when to fold 'em. ♪
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good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. this morning we're learning about more intelligence failures involving the two brothers behind the "charlie hebdo" massacre. a source familiar with the investigation says french intelligence agencies may multiple missteps even after american intelligence gave them a heads-up. among them a lack of communication and delays in circulating information as well as confusion over the brothers' travel. french authorities are trying to track down two people who may be
7:28 am
connected to the man who killed four hostages at that kosher grocery store in paris. they found two sets of dna in a car and a gun magazine belonging to the gunman. that dna not his. as the investigation goes on, european ministers are meeting in belgium to come up with a plan for fighting terrorism. cnn's phil black is there. hi phil. >> reporter: hey, carol. it's going to be an issue at the top of an agenda at the meeting of european foreign ministers today as they come to terms over the dramatic events in europe over the last couple weeks. first paris and while that was still being digested a major terror plot disrupted here in brussels. here in brussels there's been progress into the investigation to determine the extent of that plot which investigators believe was going to target police officers on the streets of this country and again it has international connections. most recently it is greek
7:29 am
police that arrested someone who is of interest to the authorities here in belgium. they are acting on information provided by the belgian authorities and they have arrested someone. belgium wants to extradite that person back here to this country to be prosecuted. so in total eight people are now facing prosecution over this attack. the one man from greece two people who have been picked up in france and five people who are currently facing charges here as well carol. >> as far as this meeting of the european ministers is concerned, what kinds of things will they be talking about? >> reporter: from the statements we heard so far, they are concerned with increasing cooperation not just among european countries although that's clearly a priority they say. trade of information. tackling this problem of islamist extremism in a more unified way breaking down borders between european countries to be sure that information and intelligence is
7:30 am
traded as quickly as possible so that these sorts of attacks can be prevented. they are also looking at increasing cooperation with other regions notably the middle east africa and arab countries. that's a priority they believe in order to determine the level of coordination that takes place between these terror groups not just from individuals that are here but those individuals who travel to places like syria and other middle eastern countries before returning here perhaps with instructions or perhaps being inspired to carry out plots following the names, causes ideas, of some of those groups taking root in syria. some good news to report in the wake of the deadly boko haram crisis in africa. at least two dozen of the 80 people kidnapped this weekend by militants in cameroon were set free this morning. an official telling cnn that the hostages broke away while soldiers were chasing the insurgents "back to nigeria from
7:31 am
where they came." we're joined now with the latest from there. >> on sunday morning, boko haram militants crossed the border into cameroon and razed two villages to the ground and took captive 80 people many of whom were children but cameroon's army and one particular battalion, the mobile intervention battalion, gave chase and managed to free at least 24 of them. so as you say, that is some good news and it comes as chad has sent 2,000 troops into cameroon to try and assist that country in its efforts to combat boko haram which since january launched far more brazen attacks into cameroon territory and not just cross border raids where in the past we have seen them attack villages kill, kidnap. now they are attacking military installations in cameroon and threatening the president with the same level of violence as they unleashed on northeastern
7:32 am
nigeria and that's why chadian troops have come in to reinforce the cameroonian ones there. >> thank you. still to come in the "newsroom," a second death tax. that's what a tax reform advocate says about president obama's plan to hike taxes on wealthy to give more relief to the middle class. we'll talk about that next. when the flu hits, it's a really big deal. the aches. the chills. the fever. an even bigger deal?
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tax increases on the wealthiest americans is expected to be one of president obama's main messages as he addresses one of the biggest television audience of the year. a plan that's not sitting well with republicans so how will the president fare after tomorrow's state of the union? michelle kosinski is at the white house with more on the president's plans. >> reporter: looking at these tax plans, many reacted in
7:36 am
disbelief. does the white house really think that any of this is going to pass congress? but the white house this morning is saying these are the president's proposals. he's still going to put them forward. now it's time for republicans to present theirs. this is very much the start of a dialogue. a debate not unlike what the president has been saying that he's going to continue to do what he can in the face of congress' inaction during this past year that was definitely an interesting one. >> the president of the united states. >> reporter: president obama is getting ready to deliver his state of the union address and put a tumultuous year behind him that saw challenges to obamacare, scandals in the va and secret service and the rise of isis a return to iraq air strikes over syria and americans murdered. >> we'll be vigilant and we'll be relentless.
7:37 am
when people harm americans anywhere we do what's necessary to see that justice is done. >> not quite getting away from a constant war footing that the president emphasized in his last state of the union. obama has been battered by republicans over strategy and approval ratings down around the 40% mark and add in a flood of immigrants racial tensions and a violent end to obama's attempted reset with russia and 2014 ended with painful loss of senate to republicans in the midterm elections. but wait obama is now saying -- >> i'm still around. i got some work to do. >> reporter: in just a few weeks included ground breaking moves on immigration, cuba free college education, a victory lap on the economy. >> america is coming back. >> reporter: his ratings bouncing back as well. 2014 was obama's self-titled year of action with dozens of move on the climate, the labor
7:38 am
force and trade. he proclaimed obamacare a success and reached out on social media, sat between two ferns. now he needs to address the nation with resolve in the face of fresh cyber and terror attacks. are they having to rewrite it? >> things are going on as we speak. they're rewriting the whole thing now anyway. >> this is a president who now is sort of saying the battle for the middle class in this country has begun and in some respects this is the first shot in the battle of the 2016 presidential election because there's a fight for what the next american agenda is going to be. >> reporter: does he need to start with countering terror because of france? if you were writing the speech would you start with that? >> probably not. i think i would probably start with domestic. that's a good question.
7:39 am
>> reporter: in the last few weeks the president laid out a sort of road show prequel, a trailer for his state of the union. will that encourage more americans to tune in? if you had to wager on how many millions of people were going to watch, what would you say? >> 40 million. >> reporter: given last year saw the smallest audience in more than a decade that would be a success. what will be different about this state of the union is it's hard to say what surprises are going to be. the white house wants to put it out there piece by piece ahead of the state of the union and build momentum and try to build excitement and they also said they're not going reveal everything in this speech. it's going to be over time a kind of rolling announcement process that they have where they will release announcements during things like youtube appearances or town hall meetings. of course remember the president will be interviewed by three internet stars after the state of the union.
7:40 am
people are more generally focused on things like cinnamon challenge and makeup tips so that too, could be different. carol? >> i know we'll both be watching because of course we want to and we have to. >> reporter: absolutely. >> michelle kosinski reporting live from the white house. thank you so much. joining me now is grover norquist president of americans for tax reform a taxpayer advocacy group he founded in 1985 at president reagan's request. the president is talking about raising taxes on wealthy americans to pay for breaks for the middle class. it appears that 2016 is deja vu all over again. >> that's what he calls it. we know it's a massive series of tax increases and they'll hit everybody. he's talking about massive spending to go with the significant tax increases.
7:41 am
what's odd is that if he really believed that any of this was a good idea he could have done it in 2009 or 2010 in budget reconciliation with 51 democratic votes. he had 60 at one point. this is a list of things he didn't do when he had democratic majorityies in the house and senate. it's a political document. the president told the business community for six years now that he wanted to reform the tax structure which is very damaging for americans. we pay higher rates, the business community pays higher rates than all of our competitors overseas or even in canada. he's been telling them he wants to do this and he wants to do this and none of that is here. it's all just tax increases and more spending. >> let's be specific about what the president wants to do. he is proposing $320 billion in tax hikes over the next ten years. 8% hike on capital gains.
7:42 am
new fees for big banks. increases in taxes for couples earning $500,000 and more and use that money to pay for college for some middle class people and he also wants a $500 tax credit for married couples and he also wants to find a way to pay for child care in this country. that's all worthy stuff, right? >> it's a series of spending bills that he's put forward, none of which he did in the stimulus package. you do have to wonder he's been always very good as a political spokesman or as a candidate. he's going back into campaign mode. governing mode would have been what are we going to do on tax reform? there's no tax simplification. he doesn't help people who save their money through 529 programs. he damages those and damages the educational savings account and makes them less attractive. >> let me ask you this. will you roll out a no tax
7:43 am
pledge in 2016? >> the no tax pledge has been shared with candidates for office going back to 1986. we have a majority of members of the u.s. house of representatives -- >> will you hold their feet to the fire like you did the last time around? >> the american people hold elected officials to their commitments. president obama promised he wouldn't tax anyone who made less than $250,000 a year. took him 16 days to break that promise. there are eight taxes on the middle class in obamacare. let's get rid of eight taxes in obamacare which hit middle income americans and make their lives more painful. >> let's talk about that for just a second. you say president obama wants a return to the jimmy carter era with higher taxes that can kill jobs. how can you say always raising taxes kills jobs when the president has raised taxes on corporate america. he has raised taxes through things like obamacare, right,
7:44 am
that impact small businesses and the minimum wage has increased in several states and cities yet job creation is growing at a rate we haven't seen since 1999. >> you are looking at three months. he's been president for six years. if you take his -- >> the economy is doing great now and we were in a deep recession, might i remind you, in 2008. >> let's compare this recovery to every other recovery since 1960. it's the worst recovery compared to all others. reagan's he's 10 million jobs behind reagan's recovery. the recovery is worse than everyone since 1960. a great three months this past year but compared to other recoveries this is a lousy recover recovery. millions of americans are out of work because he decided to tax and spend and slow growth rather than take resless regulation lower
7:45 am
taxes and have growth in the economy. we're paying dearly to this day for mistakes he made and he wants to do more of what didn't work. >> surely you could argue that he has done nothing to make the wage gap better for middle class americans, right? even republicans are lamenting the wage gap. mitt romney jeb bush ted cruz rand paul. as far as ideas go i heard only one. reform the tax code. that of course takes a minute. surely there are other ways in the meantime that can solve the problem the wage gap. what are those ways? >> we're 10 million people unemployed in this country because of the president's policies compared to reagan's policies. >> the wage gap, how can we solve the wage gap problem? >> by getting more people jobs. one reason you have a wage gap is because people don't have work. >> more people are getting jobs but their wages aren't rising. that's a fact. >> there could be 10 million
7:46 am
more people -- more than ten. that's a conservative estimate. >> that will drive up wages? >> you go from zero to your wage. the most important thing you can do is get people jobs and we want to have higher wages. the president's friends, the trial lawyers who are busy suing companies and individuals, are a tremendous cost on economic growth and they keep wages down. the president has not gotten free trade agreements ready to go years ago. he's not focused on those because organized labor has told him no. now he says he's going to. that would be helpful if he switched his policies. that's an important thing to getting wages up and having more growth in the country. we should be exploring for oil in more places in the united states. he's closekilled the pipeline. >> america's dependence on foreign oil has decreased. that's a fact. we've been drilling more. >> in private land. on federal land where the
7:47 am
president has anything to say about it it's gone down. not up. down. not up. the president's case is very bad on this because in the private sector and on private land and on state land that's where this new explosion of growth is coming from. if his epa regs went into stop that as they tried in other areas, we wouldn't have this growth. we avoided this because his epa has been kept out of being able to shutdown fracking. >> i'll only throw one more thing at you because i think it's confusing to a lot of americans. gas prices are almost $2 a gallon on average across the country, right? >> yes. >> that means states like north dakota which is a big drilling state, the people who own oil companies there are planning thousands and thousands of layoffs. help us understand that. >> two things. when you expand more drilling and bring out more oil, at some point the price goes down. that's a good thing. what we're looking to do now is find out where we can -- you
7:48 am
want a low price of oil and you want as much exploration as we can in the united states to help bring down prices. >> the layoffs are disturbing right, because those jobs have greatly helped the american economy. >> they have. we ought to be opening up opportunities to drill in other places such as offshore. people can move to new opportunities there. in an economy, there are always jobs being created and jobs being killed. the problem we've had is we haven't had enough jobs created as you have a mix in jobs turn over. that's always going happen in a free economy. you want more jobs created than ones disappear. that's what we haven't been doing very well for the last six years. >> i have to leave it there. thank you so much for joining me sir. i appreciate it. >> sure. still to come in the "newsroom," backlash over "american sniper." details on the controversy next.
7:49 am
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>> would you be surprised in i told you the navy has credited you with over 160 kills? >> an unbelievable movie but a question arose this morning. this is the question. do you think snipers in the
7:53 am
united states military are cowards? it's not coming from me but from michael moore. he does. apparently he's not alone. the documentary filmmaker went on twitter last night and bashed the new oscar nominated bradley cooper feature "american sniper," a biopic about chris kyle a former navy seal. one tweets read my uncle was killed by a sniper in world war ii. we were taught snipers were cowards. we'll shoot you in the back. snipers aren't heroes. they're invaders and worse. cnn's brian stelter joins me now with more. i know it's michael moore. i was taken aback by this. >> me too. a lot of other people as well. it seemed to come out of nowhere. we don't know if he's seen the movie or not. the first step is you have to see the movie and then maybe you can comment on it. he's not the only one saying things like this. there's a billboard in los angeles for this movie. there's now graffiti over it with the word murder saying that
7:54 am
chris kyle was not a hero he was a murderer. >> and then seth rogen came out too. mr. north korea? >> he says he felt like this movie played like the movie that was third act in "glorious bastards." this movie mirrors a public debate that's happening about war. 13 14 years into the war on terror many years after most of our troops came home from iraq. no longer is the iraq war something that's being shown on movie theaters as a present day event. it's now history. history is talked about differently than events still progressing. >> like the vietnam war. >> the tone of movies changed after the vietnam war as well. it evolved over the years. no time until now has an iraq war movie been successful at the box office. "lions and lambs" and other films that came out years ago -- what was the one that won the oscar? "the hurt locker."
7:55 am
>> he's a compelling character. the way he died in real life was moving and sad. >> absolutely. and when i saw the movie, first of all, i thought it was the best movie i had seen all year. when it ended, everyone including me just sat there watching the whole credits. nobody wanted to get up. it was that kind of movie. incredibly powerful movie. >> two other people told me the same thing. when the movie ended you were emotionally spent. >> maybe that's why it's breaking these records. what record did this movie not break? we haven't almost ever seen a movie like this do so well in january but warner brothers did something very smart. it opened the movie in new york and l.a. at the end of 2014 and built momentum and got oscar nominations last week and then on friday opened across the country at just the right time. there was already interest in this movie. as a result of huge ticket sales, it will have more oscar momentum. it's a virtuous cycle.
7:56 am
it we opens debate about the iraq war. depend depending on your perspective, it's either pro-war or anti-war. >> i would like to know what our viewers think about this. they expressed strong opinions on my facebook page. thank you for the comments. they are strong. exactly what i wanted. thank you for joining me. i appreciate it. thank you for joining me today as well. i'm carol costello. "newsroom" with john berman after a break. the traffic jam. scourge of 20th century city life. raiser of blood pressure. disrupter of supply chains. stealer of bedtime stories. polluter. frustrater. time thief. [cars honking] and one day soon we'll see the last one ever. cisco is building the internet of everything for connected cities today, that will confine the traffic jam to yesterday.
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good morning, everyone. i'm john berman. new arrests reveal a widening web of suspected terror cells all across europe. in belgium, five more people now charged with participating in a terrorist organization. several arrests also in greece. among them an algerian man wanted in connection with jihadist cell that belgium police raided last week. belgium is seeking his extradition. in france two others are in custody arrested while trying to cross into italy and french are looking for two


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