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tv   CNN Tonight  CNN  January 21, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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not guilty again. -- captions by vitac -- this is cnn tonight, and i'm don lemon from o.j. to expatriot aaron hernandez and charges against nfl players have yet to shock us. his trial is to begin just days before his team is sett to face the seattle seahawks in the super bowl xlix in fact. >> and meanwhile, the pats are in hot water. did they deliberately deflate game balls? is there a culture of cheating in the nfl or what it takes to win. and why does america love to hate the patriot ss anyway? i will toss it around with nfl pro pete najarian here on set with me.
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and also the box office hit "american sniper" is a hit, and what happens when box office spills into real life? and we will have so much more tonight. i want to start with aaron hernandez charged with first-degree murder in the death of oden lloyd. susan candiotti has the story >> reporter: the last time that the new england patriots played in the super bowl in 2012 aaron hernandez was on the field. this time he's sidelined. on trialr for murder pleading not guilty. no longer getting plays from his old bosses coach billelichick and bob kraft, pause they are on the prosecutor's list. they fired the star tight end
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the day he was led out of his home in handcuffs. arrested for the the murder of semi pro player lloyd. and it seems that there is a mountain of circumstantial evidence against the star tight end who plead not guilty. 18 months later the case is not the same. >> the universe of damning evidence has shrunk. >> reporter: shrunk next to a defense team scoring victories, and the biggest being a text message sent minutes to his sister before he was killed. he writes nfl just so you know. the judge ruling it is not admissible and enough proof that lloyd knew he was going the die. >> the if the jury believes that he was aaron h hernandez before he was killed, it is not enough proof that he was involved in in the murder. >> and yet the prosecutors say they have surveillance showing that he was getting in a car
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with hernandez and co-defendants ernst wallace and otis artise who has also plead not gilluilty. and then a mile away, aaron hernandez holding what was the alleged murder weapon, but it was never found. >> there is no murder weapon or a witness that is credible would testify that aaron hernandez would do it, and there is no such witness. >> and the judge is blocking any mention that hernandez is indicted for two more murders in boston. prosecution witness alexander bradley can't say that he is suing hernandez for allegedly shooting him in the face a few months before lloyd's murder. will the state overcome any weaknesses? >> so there is still a good amount of circumstantial evidence against aaron hernandez, hernandez, but it is not the slam dunk case that it seemed to
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be. >> reporter: and will hernandez' e fiancee be a star witness? prosecutors suggest that chianna jenkins may be meeting with prosecutors to discuss immunity. will she stand by her man? well, don, we won't know unless and until she takes the stand. >> thank you, sue can san candiotti, you cannot write the stuff. i want to bring in cmn sports anchor and also former nfl linebacker pete najarian. ands i said rachel aaron hernandez is 23 at the time he was arrest and at the time to a five-year 40 million clrz contract and do you think that people expect too much from young athletes when they get too much too fast? >> well, you can't spin this out
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into a larger picture. look, for every aaron hernandez accused of murder there are literally thousands and thou thousands of young professional athletes with money who are not being charged with murder. this is a bizarre case, and the entire nfl world is watch, because you look at the contract number and he e did not sign that much longer before this crime came to light, and so you a guy that the nfl and the new england patriots trusted with a lot of money and prestige, and it all went wrong. >> and mel, you say it is a slam dunk case and why do you say that? >> well, you know, it is not necessarily a slam dunk case on the criminal charges, don, because there is no eyewitness and they never recover the gun. however, in the state of massachusetts, we have what is called joint venture liability meaning that they don't necessarily have to get aaron hernandez as the trigger man to get him on the first, second degree or manslaughter. all they have to do is to
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convict the other two and say he was a material part of the crime, don, and it will he will be found guilty under massachusetts law. >> and how does a coach or teammate not know if their teammate is involved in serious illegal activity? how do you know not thae? >> well, a lot of time the e coaches and the players and the management they turn their head don. they don't want to mowknow your personal life and you rare a man, and you are 20-plus years old and they expect that you will conduct yourself in the right way and they don't want to know. the nfl doesn't want to know and the teams don't want to know until it is a point of extreme, and then they have to step in, but they'd rather step out of your personal life. >> and christine, what is the lesson for the rookies or the nfl? >> well i agree with rachel, it is hard to extrapolate anything from this one story, because it is so horrendous allegedly, so and too much too soon is a
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always a problem, and again, i would put aaron hernandez in a different situation because of the nature of the allegations and charges, but as we have seen the national football league is much more than a sports league. it is a cultural fe nonnonin the united states and from the patriot's story, and the ray rice story it has taken over our conversations in the last five or six months and so hopefully people watch this and learn from this and just as you can have positive role models you can have negative role models, and we can safely say that aaron hernandez is a thatthat. >> and susan, there are few correspondents who have put more time into this, and there is something called the patriot's way, and what does that mean? >> well it means winning. it is what you can do to the win, and make sure that the team does it winning, and the obvious
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follow-up is how far do you go to win? and there is rumors going back and talking about the secrecy and what they are not sharing with people, and allegations of cheating and cheating and even talk a few years ago of tom brady, and did he actually try to hide the fact that he was getting hair plug ss, and now i'm joking about that, but it is one of the things that was talked about at one point. >> that is a huge story if the that is true. now shgs now, mel, do you believe that there is, you know the patriot's way? >> look i think that whenever you have a team that is dominating sports the way that the patriots have everybody else in the nation going to be focus focusing on them, and trying to find the weakness, because you can't possibly recognize how the hell are they winning in the way they do, but i will tell you that robert kraft would have none of this b.s. on his team and the second that he caught wind that aaron hernandez was involved in anything illegal, the guy was not only sidelined b
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but he was off of the team. and i will tell you with what that is a hell of a lot more than i can say for many of the owner ins the nfl, don. >> is there a patriots' way, pete pete? >> yes, don. you spoke to it. when it gets to the top, the patriot's way is to address it and address it now. up to that point, it is about win, and win, baby that. what it is about. >> it is only cheating until you get caught. >> then you bend it and push it and push the envelope and every team is going to want to do that more and more. >> and we will do that and talk about the balls or the deflategate or whatever it is called. but before we move on with the segment, what about the analysis and the mentally and the physically of the rookie and everybody who is signing up for the nfl, and what do they go through any? >> and they go through the extraordinary amount, and the preinterviews and the combine and put you in every scenario you could go into and physically and mentally don, and they want to know who you are, and there is a real reason that aaron
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hernandez was not a first-round draft pick and red flags everywhere. this guy was the 113th pick of the draft and fourth round and john mackey award winner and slips to the fourth round. >> but pete knows, if you are good enough, they will draft you and if you are good enough they will play you and they don't ask you in the pre-draft emeetings, are you going to kill someone? >> well, it is a delicate line. >> and susan, what will happen now? >> well, the jury is going to go on a bus tour, and they are going to be taken not only to the crime scene, and they are also going to be shown a cell phone tower that the prosecutors suggest that will be able to pinpoint pings that came from huz cell phone the night of the murder and show where he was presumably at the crime scene, but they are also going to be getting a tour of the house, because the defense wanted to show off the elaborate home
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security system. now, they are also going to be be getting a look at the football jerseys and trophies and the prosecutors said they wanted it to be covered up, because it could unduly influence the jury but they said no. >> and in the house of a player, and for fan, that is going to be interesting to watch. >> and now, for the rest of the panel, stick around. when we come back, did new england cheat its way into the super bowl or doing what it takes to win? and why would you deflate a football? we are talk ging about the deflategate here, and we have a couple of the footballs here and pete is going to show aus difference here. there is a difference right? >> one of them you can catch, and the other one, you can't. >> the other one is a little bit tough. >> you want the go long here and change? >> all right. go long.
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the biggest scandal in this country has nothing to do with politic, and nothing to do with the celebrities behaving badly, but everything to do with of all things deflated footballs, and whether the new england patriots might have used them unfairly to get into the super bowl. rachel nickels has that story for us. >> reporter: the new england patriot s
7:16 pm
patriots and the seattle seahawks will take the field february 1st in arizona, but as happens all too often with the patriots scandal is brewing. the nfl is investigating allegations that 11 of the 12 footballs that the patriots used in the afc championship win over the indianapolis colts were underinflated which is an advantage since the underinflated pals are easier to catch and grip in bad weather, and sunday can's game was indeed played in bad weather. the underinflated footballs would only have been an advantage to new england since each team provides their own footballs. the footballs are inspected before the game by official and nbc is saying that at that time the footballs met regulations, but by the time they were inspected again at halftime they had reportedly had significantly less air as al allowed by the league rules. if the patriots were found to have let the air out deliberately the team could be fined $25,000 or docked future draft picks. a and the nfl is large areally
7:17 pm
reserving comment telling cnn that we are continuing the review and we will provide information as soon as possible but the seahawks are speaking out about the patriots and the quarterback tom brady. >> people somehow get a skewed view of tom brady that he is a clean utcut, and does everything right and never says a bad word to anyone, and we know him to be otherwise. >> and when i sat down with seahawks' pete carroll he noted the importance of following the rules. >> reporter: you are are one of the 32 stewards of the game and how important for the coaches to re relentlessly protect the game? >> it is absolutely important. we have seen the power of the league and how e efvery turn of the issues that have come up in one after another, and people have looked to the league for leadership, and you can see the league and the league office p trying to the figure out what is right and stand for what is right, and when we make the mistakes, we admit to them and fix them. when we send the message that is the right way to do things, and so we will see what happens with
7:18 pm
this. >> reporter: as for the patriots the team has stated that it is fully coop rating with the investigation, and brady laughed off the investigations. >> did you get the sense that you were able to grip the ball better than the colts last night? >> oh, i think that i have heard it all at this point. [ laughter ] oh god. >> reporter: but back in 2011 brady told the same radio station that he likes to use the deflated footballs. >> do you like to spike the football every time you score? >> yes, e once every three years, and when gronk does it he deflates the ball. i like that, because i like the deflated ball. >> and this is not the first time because the league fined coach bill belichick for taping the opponent's signals on the sideline. that is known as spygate. they were fined $250,000 and lost a first-round draft pick.
7:19 pm
it is because of the spygate scandal, don, that the patriots are not getting the benefit of the doubt here at least from not anyone outside of the boston area code not the fans or the league which is investigating the incident and hay shouldn't, because the reason that the colts were looking for deflated ball is because they had played them erlarlier and had a receiver who caught it and couldn't catch it and thought it was funny, and he brought it to the equipment manager, and said it looked funny, so when it happened again in this game they brought it to the attention of the officials, and so did this happen more than in this game and did it happen against the raven, and have they been doing this all season and christine brennan said this is our national sport. so this is important. >> and so that is important, and we want to bring in mel robins, and pete najarian, and so, do
7:20 pm
you think that the temperature makes a difference, and you say that there was an interception and it figured it out. >> and desean jackson had an interception, and they hand it to the coaches and the referees and they said, hey, we thought they deflated balls previously, and looked like they did it previously and baltimore warned about it again, and so there were a lot of reasons that it was checked normally and people don't do it normally. >> and i have these here shgs, and i can tell you to the difference and can you? >> 100%. >> and i was watching mike greenberg on yesterday, and he said that it is tough to, and he said this is what is about the expreg of when he talked about the pat's way or the new england way and when he talked about the difference of the balls, and listen. >> there's an old expression in sports that comes from nascar, if you ain't cheating you ain't trying and everybody is trying to find a way to bend the rules, and the patriots get caught more than anybody else. >> and christine brennan, is
7:21 pm
that true? >> well, it appears to be true at least over the last few years, don, but as i have been reporting, this story as rachel and others have i have found out a lot of laugh ss and giggles, and people saying, this is the kind of thing that happens all of the time and you should see what the quarterbacks do to shine up a football or scuff it up or aaron rodgers apparently like the overinflate and tom brady likes the underinflated football so the nfl is in a interesting situation, and this season of all situation, the ray rice situation, roger goodell is going to be looking at this seriously, but even though it is little thing compared to ray rice and domestic violence the nfl has to look into it because the pressure is on, and even in this big league the littlest things matter. >> and how does it matter? >> every game and every game and the league has a rule and they have to enforce it. if they want to change the way
7:22 pm
the ball is presented by each team, they should do it, but right now, it is doing it. and matt lineeinart tweet eded about it. >> and doesn't the referees handle the balls. >> well not to the extent is it lighter by a little bit, but the players are. >> and mel, aren't you a patriot fan? >> hell yes, don. i'm right here in boston right now. now. >> and what should happen to the team? >> well f it is true, i personally believe if you are a cheert, you nould have the goodies taken away and that means the win vacated and they should have the colts going to the super bowl. however, i want to point out that when the ball ss were taken away at halftime the patriots went on the score 28 more points so anybody that thinks that it would have made a difference in the win is smoking something, and secondly, you know the other thing that i want to point out, yes, brad johnson of the buccaneers 2013
7:23 pm
win winner admitted recently that he paid the ball boy $7,000 each to scuff up the balls. do i think that cheating is a great idea, of course not, but the nfl has much bigger problem, and p this this is a be bigger scandal than ray rice give me a fricking break, and if adam silver were in charge, they wouldn't p be going to the super bowl and so goodell is going to do what he did with the ray rice, and go beyond the super bowl and pull in the cash and then worry about it. >> i see where you are going, and john berman said this the patriots didn't need to cheat on sunday because the colts' players said dewayne allen, the patriots with were the bet erter team. not a story, they could have played with soap for balls and beat us. simply the better team. we have to continue to build, and he has #btm. so i have to do a lightning round here, and rachel with all of the allegations provetone be
7:24 pm
be true, should there be a punishment, and what should it be be? >> quickly, please. >> yes, if they rare true, then there should be a punishment, and they are not going to be vacate them and pull them from the super bowl but they could sus suspend bill belichick from the super bowl or part of next year if he is shown to be part of it. >> you are shaking the head no? >> no it is not bill belichick, but it is tom brady or the equipment staff, and financial fine and half a million and draft picks and make it hurt and not one first rounder, but two. >> and have to go christine, quickly? >> yes, fine and maybe a draft pick or two, but they won't resolve this until after the super bowl. >> mel? >> nothing is going to hurt unless they get yanked from the super bowl so whatever. >> deflategate. >> a that is right. >> there you go. you can have this back. >> okay. >> when we come back right. "american sniper" wait until you hear what a real life iraq vet
7:25 pm
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the hit movie "american sniper" is poised to clean up again at the box office this weekend. fandango movie buzz puts ate at the top of the list scoring 87 of 100 point ss. the success of american war movies like "american sniper" is no surprise as paul cameron explan sins now. >> squeeze the trigger and they will come. the american tradition paying at the theater to watch countrymen wage war overseas. rewind and box office smash hits are gary cooper playing sergeant york and john wayne leading from the sands of e woe gee ma. and pla toon captured the vietnam generation and dollars.
7:30 pm
and now it is "american sniperr" with bradley cooper playing chris kyle. >> the biggest film in january, and $89 million for the three-day weekend and $187 million for the four days friday through monday for martin luther day king weekend ap it is a brand new weekend. >> and some are questioning the if kyle is a hereo. every de-faced billboard or negative tweet equals free marketing and more publicity the upcoming death penalty trial of eddie ray ralph. and they say that american sniper success will impact the jurors and he bants the trial move -- he wants the trial moved out of the small texas town. and in the video afterlife the afghan fighter is now seeking asylum in the u.s. >> i can't talk to you about that. >> and despite the topical buzz
7:31 pm
americans are not ready to watch the depictions of the latest combat. some have struggled to reach hit level. >> strike zone and jarhead were not hits in the way of zero dark 30 and american sniper are. >> reporter: and despite the best picture, the hurt locker made just $30 million domestic and the american sniper made more than that in a day. >> it is a little bit more than a catharsis, because we wanted to see a movie of the people who are getting the bad people are in the scope of the sniper. >> reporter: and it has a long way to go to catch the reigning war hero champ. "saving private ryan" cranked out $87 million domestic adjusted for today's prices. and it won critical acclaim for
7:32 pm
battles, and yet, it was snubbed for the best picture. this film won, perhaps all isn't fair in shakespeare in love and war. paul vercammen, cnn. >> and now, another iraq veteran joining us. thank you for your service. >> thank you. >> and you have produced iraq veteran movies. and you say it is 12 year and this this movie, "sniper" was the greatest war movie of the time? >> yes, the post 9/11. it captures iraq more. >> and you said that hollywood is not interested in the iraq movies. >> well, not bad iraq movies and this is a good film and powerful story, and the narrative is terrific, and the acting is great, and this is a great film but a great film about iraq. it tells the story of veterans more powerfully and poignantly than done before. the other films were crap, and
7:33 pm
that is part of it, but the veteran community is universally about that getting it right. and you know it when you walk out if they got it right, and they got it right. >> and some of them beat up the veteran, and go off to war, and not everybody accepts with what they did or agrees with it and does it vindicate the people in the movie? >> no it is dividing people just like the war did. >> and why the controversy? >> because it is iraq. iraq is one of the most kon controversy moments of the time. and you put clint eastwood behind it and it is number one. i have seen it on the twitter and the social media and people are falling back to the pre-existing positions on iraq, and at the end of the day, it is getting cop versation, and connecting with with the issue ss to talk about iraq more than ten years in the last ten year ss. so we need to talk about it, and support the people and the snipers and everybody involved and including the iraqi people. it does not do a great job to show their side of it but it is
7:34 pm
going to generate a conversation fine. >> you have been following the conversation. and did you see what sarah palin said to some of the folks on hollywood? this is on facebook and she slammed some folks in hollywood and this is what she said. hollywood left us, and while caressing the shiny trophies while spitting on the graves of the freedom fighters to do what you are doing, most of america knows that you are not fit to shine chris kon rad's boots. is -- chris kyle's combat boots? >> well, it is a hollywood guy, and clint eastwood is a hollywood guy and so is bradley cooper but this is obviously some things that are controversy, and michael moore and seth rogen, but most of the veterans are standing behind it and most of the americans are saying it is and they are
7:35 pm
entertained by it. and it is looking at post-traumatic stress disorder and other issues. >> well shgs, they dealt with a lot. >> and they dealt with it heavily, and i don't want to deal with it too much, but it is dealing with the crisis -- sxwlu but not to the extent that some of the way tas chris kyle died. >> look at the end of the day, it dealt with it heavily, and as a veteran's ed aadvocate, it is opening up kon verysation. and we had a v.a. scandal that engulfed the country, and they didn't care, so maybe "american sniper" can get people to care. and other issues as well. >> and bradley cooper spoke to cnn, and this is what he said. >> i don't see this as a movie that promotes conservative values at all. it is not anything that clint and i spoke about. and all we wanted to make was a character study. if someone wants to take it to
7:36 pm
use it for their own political aded a jen da, it is up to them, because it is not a movie about the iraqi war. >> some people say it is propaganda and some say it lwill hurt the trials and the potential jurors for people who are -- >> well, it is unleashing a a lot of political arguments. >> for the man who shot chris kyle kyle. >> yes, it is a character study and the perspective of chris kyle and his story and book and seen through his eyes and his version of the war. it is his version and not my version of the war and other people's version of the war, and that is the takeaway for us, and that is why so many veterans are behind it. so many civilians are saying i think that i can start to understand now. and that is important in a country where less than 1% of the population is served. >> thank you so much. come on cnn any time. >> and hang out with the robots and footballs and everything else. >> sorry, i didn't have any props for you. >> that is okay.
7:37 pm
>> and now, we will talk about darren wilson and others who are familiar with the investigation say that the justice department will not recommend any charges be be filed against officer darren wilson, but the final decision is up to attorney eric holder, and a grand jury has decided not to charge the officer. and also a brazen attack. are some of the lawmakers going against the president and behind his back with one of our strongest allies? ves you options like that. [voice echoing] no one at all! no one at all! no one. wake up! [gasp] oh! you okay, buddy? i just had a dream that progressive had this thing called... the "name your price" tool... it isn't a dream is it? nope. sorry! you know that thing freaks me out. he can hear you. he didn't mean that, kevin. kevin: yes, he did! keeping our competitors up at night. now, that's progressive. for fastidious librarian emily skinner,
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i want to warn you about the video we rare about to show you. it is disturbing, because the israeli police are calling an incident shocking. it is a shocking terror attack and i warn you it sis difficult to watch. police say that a palestinian man boarded a bus in tel aviv and stabbing the passengers and at least 12 people. he was shot in the leg by police and placed under arrest, and today at the american embassy barred u.s. employees from using the public buses throughout the wes bank or israel or traveling to the border of lebanon.
7:42 pm
that is individualvideo from after the attack. joining us is the ambassador to the united nations. can we take a look at the disturbing and barbaric video that we have been looking at the video in tel aviv. and one woman was stabbed in the back. and one woman in hamas called it heroic attack for occupation of their lands, but you call it more than the lone wolf attack. >> when you look at this he stabbed 12 people this terrorist, but the one that stabbed this those 12 innocent people was palestinian incitement. they stabbed the people and iz lauw mick islam, they were stabbing the people, and the countries like iran and qatar who fund terror they stabbed those innocent people. they all have blood on their hands, as much as the terrorists
7:43 pm
who used the knife by himself. >> and i want to ask you about this because amnesty international is accusing israel of war crimes so that the military in gaza last summer and cite large aerial bomb and attacks on the civilian homes. what is your response? >> this is absolutely outrageous outrageous, and think of it. the palestinian authority that is in government with hamas and internationally recognized terrorist organization has the audacity to accuse israel the only democracy in the middle east -- hamas who committed war crimes this summer. i mean where are we -- i mean tomorrow morning, isis will be going out to the criminal court against the coalition forces and the united states fighting to defend the values that we all cherish. the world has gone mad. >> you mentioned isis because
7:44 pm
this is what cnn has learned tonight, that isis is recruiting in yemen and new evidence of a senior leader al qaeda in the arabian peninsula again calling for the western jihadists to stay home and wage attacks. if the government falls, could yemen become a terrorist state? >> absolutely. we have seen it. the problem is that we have to face radical islam. we can't just, you know, turn a blind eye to this, because they are going to go against everything that we cherish. against our way of life and it is not policy here or there, because they are trying to target everything that we connect to freedom of speech freedom of press, all of the equalities that we fought to maintain. they are going after our way of life. >> so then should the u.s. evacuate the em basbassy now? >> well, i don't know the exact situation, but the point that i want to make is that we have to stay united against the terror
7:45 pm
that we can see all over and we have to do that because this those terrorists are going after us and going against everything that we all believe in. against the values that we all cherish. and we don't have any other choice but to defend our life. >> during the state of the union last night, president obama brought up the negotiations with iran and he believes he can strike a deal with iran to get them to stop enriching uranium, watch. >> these sanctions the if they are passed at this time will make sure that diplomacy fails, and making it harder to maintain sanction and making sure that iran starts up its nuclear program again. that is why i will veto any sanctions that threatens to undo this progress. >> congress is itching to pass
7:46 pm
new sanction and the president believes that he needs more time and why now that he says he will veto it if they do, but why not give the president more time to try diplomacy? >> well iran they are one of the worst human rights abusers in the the world. they hang gays. they stone women. they imprison journalist and they hang approximately on average a person every seven hours. now, this is the regime that we have the deal with. this regime has tried to acquire and is acquiring nuclear weapons, and this is the biggest threat not just in the region but for the entire peace and security of this world. we will have to make shurure that they understand that they cannot pursue nuclear weapons and they
7:47 pm
have to do that and the only way to get their attention is to have sanctions that are really drilling into the regime in teheran. >> i want to talk about behind the president's back, the president of iran accepted a invitation to speak to speaker boehner, and do you think that he should do that so close to the election, and people believe it is interfering with the elections? >> well first of all, president netanyahu received an invitation are the congress, and it is a honor for the head of state, and any head of state to be invite ed by ed by the american congress, and hence by the american people, and especially today when iran poses such a threat to peace and security in the world, it is important for prime minister
7:48 pm
netanyahu to speak out on the dangers. >> and wechb with the israel's elections two months away? >> well, the elections are very much like everywhere else other things are going on, and we should keep an eye on it, but it is an honor for every head of state, and especially prime minister netanyahu to address the american people in the american congress. >> thank you, ambassador, and please come back to see us. morgan spurlock is here to preview his new series "inside man." and it is about robots. >> coming up next on cnn, it is, me! push your enterprise and you can move the world. ♪ ♪ but to get from the old way to the new you'll need the right it infrastructure. from a partner who knows how to make your enterprise more agile, borderless and secure.
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a thatthat is is morgan spurlock right there and he is going to be kicking off a new series tomorrow night, "inside man." and we all wanted robot b, but you some. you have freaky robots. >> yes, the robots in japan are much more accept and much more further ahead than we are. and i brought a friend with me.
7:53 pm
>> yours is making noise. and i remember as a kid and i watched "lost in space." and danger will robinson. >> and yes, the arms did this. >> and we have come a long way aways. >> and starting to become a reality reality, and that is amazing, because we had a vision of being in the homes and helping us ux a and now they are a little more humanoid and more real. >> and look at this, this is dying to meet it. this is machinoid, i met him last week in chicago at the trade show. >> and did he say hello don? >> yes shgs, he did. >> can i get a high five. >> okay. high five. >> up high. >> most excellent. >> you see, this is one of those things that you want to do as a parent to get your kids excited
7:54 pm
about robots as i am and to have someone interact with it and build it or start to understand how the robotics work and matter, it is a great way to have this entry point with the young person. >> and where are we going, and did you learn how to work these? can you work them? >> of course i can. >> let's do it. and where are we going with the whole robot thing? >> well, the reality is that the robots are xoing to be a part of our lives arewhether we like it or not. we will have robots in the homes, and ones that entertain us and this is an entertainment bot. bot. >> is he hanging out in in my house, and i say, hey, maccenoid will you get me a beer? >> yes. >> and you might say, you want to dance. >> yes i want to the dance. i like hip-hop. >> oh sweet. he can dance. >> and you can see, he is breaking it down.
7:55 pm
nice. >> who needs another human in the house. [ laughter ] >> amazing. >> nice. >> and even through something as simple as this as an entertainment robot in the house, you will be more comfortable to have things like this around, and that is what is next. >> and you also did "cars" right? walk with me. you did "cars"? >> yes, the self-driving cars. >> lead me by the hand. >> you want to grab him by the hand. >> and pick up his hand. that is amazing. >> what did you learn about that that? >> well, the self-driving cars are going to be a reality in the next five years. i worked with the folks in stanford who have a self-driving racecar. >> that is so fun. >> i agree. >> and we can go around a track with no driver and to go around
7:56 pm
wo no is something that scares you the death, but it is what is to come. >> and this is all robotics. >> yes it is working off of the satellites and real time you know the real time recognition software to gauge the road to how close to the edge and when to ratchet and brake. this type of the technology and a.i. is getting into more and more devices and things in our lives, with which i find it to be exciting. >> we with should get one of the robots to check footballs to make sure they are not deflated. >> yes, we will send one to new england for the super bowl. >> all right. come back to see us. >> okay. season 3 with morgan spurlock "inside man" premiering right here tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m. what does this guy have to say about it? >> my pleasure. did you hear the one about the vacuum cleaner? >> i did not. >> i am not surprised. it sucks. [ laughter ]
7:57 pm
>> we will be watching. thank you very much. >> good job there meccanoid. cold medicines open your nose over time, but add a breathe right strip and pow, it opens your nose up to 38% more. so you can breathe and do the one thing you want to do sleep. add breathe right to your cold medicine shut your mouth and sleep right. breathe right. and look for the calming scent of new breathe right lavender in the sleep aisle. meet the world's newest energy superpower. surprised? in fact, america is now the world's number one natural gas producer... and we could soon become number one in oil. because hydraulic fracturing technology is safely recovering lots more oil and natural gas. supporting millions of new jobs. billions in tax revenue... and a new century of american energy security. the new energy superpower? it's red, white and blue. log on to learn more.
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"ac360" starts right now. good evening and thanks for joining us. a lot is happening in the last several hour ss including word of a decision on federal charges against darren wilson in the case gains of michael brown. first, the message of al qaeda in yemen. a message to foot shoulders in the west telling them to stay home, stay home and kill like the rampage in paris. pamela brown has laid developments. she joins us from paris. first, nick payton walsh. from the spokesman, he talks