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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  January 23, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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brian brian, live 11:00 a.m. eastern for all of our viewers. thanks very much. that's it for me. i will be back 5:00 p.m. eastern in "the situation room." "newsroom" with brooke baldwin starts right now. here we go top of the hour. i'm brooke baldwin. we have breaking news from the nfl now specifically responding to the so-called deflate-gate involving the new england patriots and questions as to whether or not they cheated. we have heard from the coach and the quarterback, both of whom saying they have no idea what happened. the heart of this the 11 of the 12 balls -- each team brings its own balls. they are inspected. they were played. here is what we have from the nfl now official. they are saying this. they said they have conducted over the past couple of days
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nearly 40 interviews. let me paerdread part of this statement. a couple of points as i have skimmed through this we heard tom brady talking yesterday in that news conference the headline there, he said he had no idea about these under inflated balls. and he said he had yet to talk to the nfl. one of the key lines here -- they are not saying they talked to tom brady. but the nfl does say over the past several days nearly 40 interviews have been conducted, including of patriots personnel, game officials and third parties with relevant information and expertise. here is the other point that i want to bring to you. while the effort supports that footballs that were under inflated were used by the
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patriots in the first half the footballs were properly inflated for the second half and confirmed at the conclusion of the game to have remained properly inflated. so this is the first time we are hearing this confirmation this acknowledgement from the nfl saying yes, in that first half balls were under inflated but they were at proper inflation in the second half. we will be on this for you throughout the next two hours. i have two guys who will come on, both of whom -- one currently played eds in the nfl. right now, the lives of two men hang in the balance. the race is on to save these two japanese hostages being held by isis. the deadline for the $200 million ransom has passed. no word on the fate of the men.
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this is the same scene we have witnessed too many times before. isis' hooded killer putting his knife to the throat of the hostages threatening to behead them. the mother of one of them has just made a tearful and direct plea for hess life. >> translator: to all members of isis he is not an enemy of isis. i really think he is a man able to help you as your friend once you get to know him. over the past three days simply i can't understand what was happening around me. when i consider again how my son has caused inconvenience and troubles for so many people i will take this opportunity to apologize again from the bottom of my heart. >> joining me now are nick robertson. this broadcaster has reportedly been in touch with an isis spokesperson. what do you know about that?
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>> they seem to be dealing with the japanese nhk rather than with the government according to the government spokesman earlyier today. they hadn't heard anything. the issue of whether anyone is willing to pay the $200 million rans ransom has been avoided in detail to stay away from a complete denial. there's no indication that's happening in the background. obviously, what we have heard a lot from the japanese government is their position that the support that they are giving in syria is not in terms of military aid. it's humanitarian to help the people there. kenji's mother emphasized that. she said she had been crying for the last three days but that her son, 47 years old, he goes to war zones because he wants to save the little children there. this real emphasis on the humanitarian side of what he
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wants to achieve. >> sadly, we hear from the mothers and similar reasons why these men and women go overseas to try to help. let me ask you about these two japanese hostages. surprising detail fwrzs to the troubled past that may have led one of them to travel to syria. >> certainly. perhaps the misjudgments or missteps they made on the ground according to one record. kenji told a syrian he was working with that he wanted to go to raqqah the town the headquarters for isis because being japanese and not american or british he felt safe that he wouldn't be threatened. the other haruna security contractor contractor he had had something of a troubled past before he went to syria. friends reported they were troubled by his view that now he
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got to syria he had found a mission in his life to help people. for friends, particularly friends of his, that was deeply concerning and worrying that he had immersed himself in this way. >> nick robertson, thank you very much. in the middle east two leaders are gone from power. now one region critical to the u.s. war against terrorism is at a crossroads. saudi arabia buried its king. a cautious reformer and u.s. ally who died early this morning. this comes just one day after its neighbor yemen witnessed its president, prime minister cabinet resign. the saudis do have a new leader the 90-year-old king's half brother. as for yemen, that's a different story. it's not clear what who is leading the country, a place key to an al qaeda branch. al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, aqap the one
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certainty, major concern over who could take care of that power vacuum and what that could mean to the west. houthi rebels have taken over the palace. here with mee are. mr. ambassador i want to begin with saudi arabia and pivot to yemen. beginning with saudi arabia immediate terms, what does this mean for them? >> well it doesn't mean a lot in terms of change. the pattern in saudi arabia has been continuity. the royal family works very closely together. it's unlikely that we're going to see any dramatic shifts. the king himself it been ailing for some time. i think that for the near-term,
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continuity is going to be the centerpiece here. over the long-term, you know the saudi royal family is coming to the end of the line of the sons of the founder of saudi arabia who have since his death in the '50s ruled the country continuously. but there is now a member of the generation the grandchildren, who is second in line. he is a very close friend to the united states. so i think there's a lot of hope that the relationship will stay on an even place. >> paul to you, which i think is a different answer in yemen right next door what's the immediate situation as far as a power vacuum? you have aqap we mentioned the houthis. what's the situation there? >> it's a very concerning situation. we don't know what's going to happen next. the president has resigned. the houthis haven't totally
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taken over. they may want to form a coalition government with some of the sunni factions in the capital or they may take over the whole thing entirely. one thing is for sure al qaeda in yemen is benefitting from all this chaos in yemen, this political uncertainty. >> why? >> one of the main reasons is because if the houthi take over that's going to be a big problem for the sunnis in the country, all the sunnis triballess will be very angry. al qaeda will exploit that for recruitment purposes and expand their presence in yemen in the central areas of yemen, the tribal areas of yemen. this is a group that has says its top priority to attack the united states much there's a potential it will have more recruits even more resources to do that in the future. >> what about though as we have been talking, as we have been covering the war against isis in iraq and syria, iran popped up playing an interesting role there. now also iran is popping up
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playing a role as it pertains to yemen. walk me through iran's stance on what's happening right now. >> of course at the core of the matter is the rivalry between iran the great shia power and saudi arabia the leading sunni power, especially in the gulf. the saudis actually consider the iranians were backing the haw think houthis. eventually i think the iranians did come to believe this was a good idea. and they have been caught red handed with ships is being intercepted carrying weapons, ammunition and the like. so they are clearly involved. the interesting thing is that the houthis are a branch of shia
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islam but not the same kind as the iranians. in fact historically they have had close relations with the sunnis almost unique in the world of islam. so there may be more of a basis for a coalition. but i do believe that the near-term prognosis is for more chaos. and that is going to be quite a problem. the houthis and aqap have been fighting battles for years now. the possibility that this will become an iraq-like situation can't be excluded. it can't be excluded that the south is going to separate from the north. >> so then paul as i'm hearing and urnyou were saying before this would be great for aqap which would be bad for the west. what would the u.s. want as far as -- yemen and this president has -- we have been giving them money. you can argue over where it has been going. but they have been a key ally
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for us in terms of fighting terror. >> they have. and the big question is will there be an ally now in yemen if the houthis take control? they are anti al qaeda. they have been going against al qaeda in central parts of yemen. there's a lot of fighting even today between aqap and the houthis. but the houthis are anti-american as well. it's unlikely you get the same level of cooperation as before. >> who is our friend? >> exactly. in a couple of minutes, right here on american soil a woman who wanted to become a bride of isis learns her fate. c cnn has this exclusive jailhouse interview with this want to be jihadist. the measles outbreak is growing. the vaccination debate. breaking news from the nfl saying yes, those footballs were under inflated last sunday.
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you are watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. we have to keep talking about measles. it's making a frightening comeback. if you ever think you could be in danger even if you had a vaccination and a booster shot years ago, you could be. ground zero for the measles in disney land amusement park in california. more than 50 cases are linked to disney land. health officials say 82% of the patients were not vaccinated. taking you back 15 years, cdc declared the united states had eliminated measles. measles, they are skyrocketing because more and more people are refusing vaccinations. i go back to the cdc. they say more than 600 cases were reported last year. let's talk about this with the former cdc disease detective.
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good to see you. >> hi brooke. >> how do you respond as a medical -- as a doctor when you talk to parents who say, you know what i'm skipping the measles vaccination? >> it's so important to remind parents, remind everybody that measles is so contagious. if you are not vaccinated and you walk into a room two hours after someone with measles has left the room nine times out of ten, you will catch measles. it's so easy to pass on to others. we can't think of it as trivial, especially in children. it can cause swelling of the brain, permanent deafness and even death. it's not to be taken lightly. >> i think it's worth underscoring what you said. if you go into a room two hours after someone else who had measles, you could get it. that speaks to the contagious factor. again, what do you say to parents who maybe brush that off
11:19 am
or whatever their reasoning is choose not to get their kids vaccinated what do you say? >> the vaccine is safe. it's 99% effective if you or your kids have had two doses. it's worth remembering that before we ever had a measles vaccine, every single year half a million americans would get sick with measles, hundreds would die. as soon as we had the vaccine, those numbers dropped by 98%. we know the vaccine works. the other thing is often people talk about vaccination as a personal choice. i choose personally not to get vaccinated not to get my kid vaccinated. when i speak to health experts, they say it's as personal a choice as deciding to drink and get in your car and drive. that's a personal decision. i choose to do that. actually your decisions and behavior have an impact on health and safety of other people around you. >> thank you so much. reminding parents here cdc recommendation. appreciate it. coming up next she was that
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7-year-old survivor who somehow walked away from the plane crash that killed her family. this was the little girl who walked in the dark and rain through the woods. we heard moments ago what may have taken down that plane over kentucky. plus dramatic video of this rescue at sea as a 75-foot fishing boat capsizes in the seas of the north atlantic. we have more of that for you. we will soon know the punishment for that american teenager who was determined to join isis. we talked to her. stay with me. ugh... ...heartburn. did someone say burn? try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast and are proven to taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm... amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. before larry instantly transferred money from his bank of america savings account to his merrill edge retirement account. before he opened his first hot chocolate stand calling winter an "underserved season".
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i know you remember that story of that 7-year-old girl who survived a plane crash that killed her parents, two other relatives. she was on the private jet that plummeted into the kentucky woods last month.
11:25 am
her father was the pilot. that brave little girl remembered to escape the wreckage walk away. she had been dressed, because they were on a vacation in key west walked about a mile sees a light on gets this neighbor to help. now just in to us today we are learning what may have caused the crash. george what are you hearing? >> the preliminary report from the ntsb all along we knew the plane was flying through tricky weather that day. now we know according to this report that weather may have very well played a factor in the crash due to icing, due to poor visibility and mountain obstruction and engine trouble. the pilot told the controller on the ground that the engines -- that he had problems specifically the right engine had failed. all of this before he could reach the nearest airport. that's part of the preliminary investigation. in the meantime in nashville,
11:26 am
illinois the community continues to struggle with what happened. their main focus is to care to the survivor. it has been nearly two weeks since that fatal plane crash that left a little girl without her family. felt worst here in the heart of the midwest, the loss of family. their funerals fresh in the minds of many. but there was one survivor 7-year-old sailor gutzler. >> we're all rallying around here. we're praying for her as a church. >> for the pastor of this church who oversaw the family's funerals he remembers vividly the feeling of seeing young sailor sitting in a pew in front of him. >> my heart is broken for her as a father myself and knowing how i would feel if one of my girls
11:27 am
was going through this as well. but again, we rejoice that she did survive. >> looking at the wreckage it's hard to imagine anyone could have survived. somehow she did. she managed to make her way through the dark of night, clearing through nearly a mile of brush and trees in order to find help. first responders in kentucky came together to talk about the crash. this lieutenant brent white with the state police was the second person on the scene that night. he just recently got a chance to see the 7-year-old for the first time to return her personal belongings. >> we were glad to see she was up and about. she had a st. louis cardinal red cast on her arm. she's an amazing little girl with a loving family. they're surrounding her, trying to support her at this time. >> you won't find memorials or the signs of mourning on the streets of nashville, illinois. folks here say it's oust t of
11:28 am
respect for sailor and her family as they focus on healing to help her move forward. beneath the surface, the emotions run deep. at the school that she attended with her sister the superintendent is offering support for students and staff coping with great loss at what many here are calling a miracle. >> a lot of questions that i think there will be for months and maybe years to come. it's something that we as adults can't explain much less kids. we're just doing a lot of listening and working through whatever we need to work through. we will get through it. it will be a long process. >> you know that really is what you hear from most people there. this phase that we will get through it. despite sailor's loss her extended family has really grown, especially there in nashville. >> i bet they have. thank you so much for the update
11:29 am
on her. appreciate it. now to this absolutely incredible rescue off the northern coast of scotland. five fishermen battling cold waves as their ship is on the verge of sinking. look at this. the british maritime and coast guard agency gets calls after ship in distress. see the boat here pounded by giant waves and taking on water fast. the fishermen scrambling to climb on the side of the boat before it goes under. a coast guard helicopter rushes to the scene and a rope is being lowered to those trapped fisher fishermen. as a wave washes them off the ship and into the icy waters, one fisherman hanging on for dear life climbing part the propeller on the boat he jumps just as it was swallowed up into the freezing water. one by one the fishermen are
11:30 am
pulled up into the rescue chopper. the fishermen are being treated for hypothermia but everyone made it out alive. how about that? this american teen turned jihadist want-to-be. a colorado woman is determined to join isis. we will learn her fate. a live report for you next. breaking news now hearing from the nfl saying yes, evidence shows that those footballs used by the patriots last sunday were under inflated. thus far, tom brady and the coach seem united in not knowing anything. we will talk with their former teammates and get their take. stay right here. you are watching cnn. female vo: i actually have a whole lot of unused vacation days, but where am i gonna go? i just don't have the money to travel right now. i usually just go back home to see my parents
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you are watching inging cnn. a short time from now a judge will sentence an american teenager for attempting to join and provide material support to isis. she's 19. arrested at the airport ready to board the flight that was supposed to get her to an isis training camp. an exclusive visit from jail. why did she want to do this? >> reporter: she's not talking about her case because she's been advised not to do so. when i started talking to her through video conference at the jail she quickly said no comment. but she did say that she is not the same person who was arrested back in april. in fact she's even changed her
11:36 am
name. she's going by the muslim name amatula. she says that means female servant of allah. she seemed nervous, as you might expect a 19-year-old young woman to feel waiting their sentence after she admitted she met a man online a suitor she called him, who was believed to be an isis fighter. they shared an extremist form of islam that required violent jihad. she was planning to meet this man, marry him and become a nurse in an isis camp in syria. she told investigators that that was part of her plan when she was arrested back in april. almost a whole year this is coming full circle. they found that she had taken special training in military tactics and firearms that she was prepared and willing to fight if necessary. they also found shooting targets in her home at the time of her arrest that were specifically marked with number of rounds fired, with distances. they found that she had dvds and
11:37 am
lectures and books and articles about al qaeda, its affiliate groups. her parents said they had no idea she had such an extremist view of islam. she was a recent convert. really they believed she had done all of her research about the religion through the internet where they say she became a victim of these radical jihadists who seem to have such powerful and really strategic recruitment abilities. >> this whole narrative about these women wanting to wage so-called jihad and they are attracted to this life. i can't read enough about it. we will talk about this. appreciate you. she's not the only one out there. we have seen them before. we have seen them in the united states the u.k. and most recently in paris with the terror suspect hayat boumeddiene. joining me the director of the duke international human rights
11:38 am
clinic. jane, thank you so much for joining me. >> thank you. >> you wrote this piece. i read the piece in the "new york times" which i can't -- i can't wrap my head around anyone would want to join these groups but women in baltimoreparticular. you can tell me what roles these women think it's they are going to play. do you think they will go into combat? >> women joining the islamic state are playing a number of roles. they are being recruited, particularly luring other young women to come and join them in the group. they are fund-raising for the group. they are operating checkpoints and going on raids, because they are search womens in ways in which men can't. they are playing a key role as wives, as homemakers as nurses as the case of shannon connelly. but also important in terms of
11:39 am
helping to rebrand isis making it less of a terror group and much more of a state building exercise. very important to propaganda. >> as you point out in your piece, taking instagram pictures of being a normal girl drinking a milk shake and putting that out there. this is part of a quote in your opinion piece in the "times." despite stereotypes, the idea that they must be under men's influence or tricked into joining, women are drawn to groups by many of the same forces as men. jane back to the inequality bit. why would a woman want to join a group that would oppress them? >> in groups like isis they are being strategic about the roles of women. some of the push factors leading women to go are the feelings of
11:40 am
inequality, inability to practice their own religion in countries in europe is often cited why women are going. isis presents a different narrative. they put out a call pushing young women to come and join and build an islamic state in which they really promoted the idea that young women would be involved and be able to practice their religion. >> it's interesting, because you cite this specific example, this feeling oppressed, the ban on burqas in franzce. some women are angry they can't do that and so consider nod join the fight? >> particularly women from the west. we are seeing an increasing trend of which connelly is a part of young western women traveling to join isis. particularly talking about this issue of not being able to practice their religion the influence of attacks in their
11:41 am
countries. women bear the brunt of the attacks, particularly women wearing religious attire for example. we need to look closely at -- it's a complex matrix of factors that are pushing and pulling women toward groups like isis. >> such a problem, jane human rights clinic i appreciate your time. thank you. >> thank you very much. just ahead, did the american sniper tell the truth about some of his stories? cnn did digging. hear about his dark past. breaking news on deflate-gate. the nfl confirming evidence does show that the footballs used by the patriots last sunday were under inflated. who knew what when? let's talk with tom brady's former backup quarterback and tight end, next.
11:42 am
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11:45 am
back to breaking news. i have in my hand officially from the nfl the first time the nfl coming out with the statement basically saying yes, we acknowledge we have done our investigating, we continue to investigate. this is as it pertains to deflate-gate and the patriots and the game last sunday. 11 of the 12 balls not properly inflated. nfl says that's true. they say, while the evidence supports the conclusion that footballs that were under
11:46 am
inflated. >> wayne: usewere used by the footballs, they were properly inflated for the second half and confirmed at the conclusion of the game to have remained properly inflated. that's from the nfl. they are looking into it and continuing to investigate people and talk to people. let's talk about this with tom brady's backup from 2001 and 2003. also with me benjamin watson who plays for the saints. you have a super bowl ring. welcome to both of you. >> thank you. >> thanks for having us. >> all right. benjamin to you first. with tom brady as your quarterback, you were the guy catching his passes. did tom brady like footballs deflated? >> you are asking me a question from five six years ago. >> you got a good memory. >> i can't say he liked them deflated or over inflated.
11:47 am
he threw the ball -- each quarterback likes the ball different. there are ways quarterbacks are allowed to doctor the balls, whether dirt or scratching them with a brush. there are particular rules that are set for that. tom brady is no different. like every other quarterback i played with he has his specific i guess cocktail of how he likes to throw footballs. >> in '01 when he told this radio station in boston that he liked the balls deflated you don't remember his cocktail from five to six years ago? >> i remember the balls being brushed. i remember -- i know for a fact that a lot of quarterbacks use a mud composite where they rub the balls, they bake them and it gives them a tacky feel. as far as inflation and deflation, that was never anything that was discussed. >> show me your football. you brought a football in because you are trying to prove a point. >> i had to do the pepsi challenge for myself here. this football came out of the locker. had it pumped up to 13 psi.
11:48 am
the minimum is 12.5. i put it at 13 and felt it. yeah. then let's put this down at 11:0011. it feels like every football i have thrown in my life. quarterbacks we're particular about the grain of the leather. for me it was about the grip of my thumb on wanting the pebbles. it was never about the air pressure. i'm telling you, whether it's 13 or 11 you would have a hard time finding the difference. >> this is the getting into the semantics of tom brady at the news conference yesterday. he was flat out asked, are you a cheater? his answer i don't believe i'm a cheater. should he have set no? >> you know you have a great relationship up there with the media. tom was saying is he's not a cheater. i can remember being there in 2007 i can remember the whole spy-gate incident. what that did really for the
11:49 am
team was draw the team in closer. we rattled off 18 straight wins. i can imagine what's going on in the locker room right now. that's something we will watch is how the team responds. do they rally behind their leader? do they rally behind tom and the coach? do they play a great game? do they disburse? i'm guessing they will come together like we did in 2007. >> with spy-gate, since you bring it up and you were there in new england during that time there was proof that the team was punished. there was a fine. in this case thus far at least, there is no proof. we heard from roger goodell once upon a time and i think during the ray rice saga saying ignorance is no excuse. when you have both coming forward this week and saying i know nothing of what happened what's your response to that? >> the nfl is going to conduct an investigation. what we don't want as players, we don't want a witch hunt like
11:50 am
we saw in new orleans. we don't want the nfl investigating every player and pointing fingers without evidence. obviously they will say they don't know anything about it. maybe they don't or maybe they do. we don't know. the nfl will get to the bottom of this. any time you talk about the integrity of the game any time there's a question mark especially when it comes to a playoff football game with super bowl implications, there's going to be an investigation by the nfl. don't expect anything to be happen soon. these investigations take a while. look back to the dolphins case down there in miami. that took months and months before we ever knew what happened. the nfl will get to the bottom of this. it won't be long before we know exactly who knew what and when. >> i want to get to you but let me play a sound back. this is from the quarterback of the seattle seahawks. this is talking about this situation. take a listen to what he said. >> it's not going to have any affect on this game. it's not going -- nobody will
11:51 am
get suspended. nothing is going to happen. they will play this game. whatever they did, the risk/reward was greater. >> people get a skewed view of tom brady that he's just a clean cut and never says a bad word to everyone. we know him to be otherwise. >> let's go to his first point about they will play the game and move along. as far as punishment the nfl is saying in the statement, yes those balls were deflated the first half of the game. the question to you is what is the punishment? >> well you know i think along the lines with this investigation, you will have to go to the officials. my vision of what happens -- this is what i think. i'm guessing tom brady saturday morning after his walk through, 30 footballs are laid out in the equipment room and he goes through and picks out his favorite 12. again, it was about the grip. it wasn't about the air pressure. i guarantee you those 12 and
11:52 am
those backup 12 there, they go into this room where the officials check it two hours before the game. i want to know did the officials stick the gauge in all 24 footballs? what was it at? i guarantee you, my opinion, those officials -- this ball feels fine. that one is good. it's an ordinary process that it the officials do every single game that -- >> what's the puppishnishment. i hear you, but what's the punishment? >> down the road after the super bowl no doubt about it it probably is a seventh round draft pick. minimal. >> interesting. >> i would agree. >> okay. thank you both very much. >> thanks for having us. >> you got it. american sniper blockbuster, now stories from the past of this man at the heart of the movie raising questions. are some of the stories tall tales? we look back into that part of his story nest.
11:53 am
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"american sniper" is one of the biggest box office successes of 2015. it's just january. popularity has revived interest in the man it portrayed, the late sniper chris kyle. no one disputes what's in the movie. but some of the other stories he reportedly told his buddies appear to be dubious at best. let's begin with the incident south of dallas in which he said he killed two would-be carjackers. what was the story there? >> it's fascinating. these are a series of stories that haven't gotten a lot of attention as the popularity of the movie has exploded. the story goes that chris kyle was driving along a stretch of highway and that two men
11:58 am
attempted to carjack him while driving in a pickup truck. supposedly the way he told the story is that he essentially leaned on his navy s.e.a.l. skills, shot both men twice and they dropped dead. where the story takes a weird turn is that the way he told the story is that when police officers showed up they took his driver's license. when they ran his name it wasn't his name or address that popped up. he said that it was a phone number for someone at the department of defense. after the call was made that chris kyle was simply left to leave the scene without any charges. some people who have investigated this story, have spent months looking into it have never been able to verify it. one of the people that heard the story was a writer. he spent months trying to verify the story and couldn't. >> what it comes down to is, it was either a joke that he didn't say was a joke he was lying for
11:59 am
some reason that we don't know or it was evidence of an enormous conspiracy that no american is going to feel comfortable with. we don't know. the fact is he was killed and there's no possible way to get an answer from him now. >> he had written a profile of chris kyle. by the time he had gotten around -- he was going to ask chris kyle about it. he had been shot and killed. >> what about the story about how kyle says he went to new orleans after katrina and used his skills to kill looters? >> again, another one. he told friends in the days after hurricane katrina, that he had claimed to have been down there with a friend and on the roof of the super dome and depending on the story, that they killed 30 people there in new orleans. we spoke with the lieutenant
12:00 pm
general. he was the man who led the federal response there in new orleans. he said look if something that had been going on if something like that had happened i would have known about it. he says there is no way anything like that ever happened in new orleans. >> i know you have more tonight at 7:00. we will look for that full report coming up later this evening. thank you very much. let's move along. top of the hour. i want to begin with this. this deadline is just past. we are now waiting inging for word on the fate of the two men being held hostage by isis in the video. this is a familiar video, sadly, to so many of us. you see this masked man. does he something isis has never done thus far on camera asked for a ransom. asked for $200 million to be paid by friday eastern time midnight.