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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 24, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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twitter if you can spell smerconish. and please join me tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. an noon. i'll be hosting "state of the union." thanks for watching. hope you'll stay with cnn. hi there, everybody. good evening. i'm poppy harlow. you're in the "cnn newsroom." i'm joining you live in new york 7:00 eastern following governments on this hour on the scandal that threatens to overshadow the super bowl. new england patriots coach bill belichick says what everyone is now calling deflategate is a huge waste of time. he also slammed allegations suggesting someone in the patriots camp possibly deflated footballs bending the rules to help the pats win their last game. >> i'm embarrassed the talk about the amount of time that i've put into this relative to the other important challenge in
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front of us. i'm not a scientist. i'm not an expert in footballs. i'm not an expert in football measurements. i'm just telling you what i know. i would not say that i'm a mona lisa of the football world. >> want to go straight to our sarah gannon who was in the room for that impromptu press conference today when belichick defiantly defended his team. sarah? >> reporter: poppy, bill belichick, the head coach of the patriots held an unexpected press conference today to explain he conducted a series of experiments in the last few days to try and figure out why it is that several of the footballs that the team used during last week's afc championship game were underinflated. take a listen to what he said. >> we simulated a game-day situation. in terms of the preparation of the footballs and where the
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footballs were at various points in time during the day or night as the case was sunday. >> reporter: now, belichick also stressed that it's not his team not the equipment managers not the players who inflate the balls, it's officials. he said his team can recommend a psi, pounds per square inch that they want the balls to be inflated to and he said that quarterback tom brady likes his footballs to be inflated to a certain level but then they leave that in the hands of the official officials to measure the football theys provide and make sure they fall within the rule what is the psi should be when they're playing the game. he was also asked what's next, how do they prevent this from happening at the big game next week at the super bowl if as he alluded to this was an act of science, of atmospheric pressure messing with the footballs, and he said that was an important question, something he wanted to explore but was not
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something he felt should be addressed today. there is an ongoing nfl investigation. we have conducted more than 40 interviews at this point. the nfl also says they are examining other evidence as well. interestingly, the last time we heard from quarterback tom brady he had not yet been interviewed by the nfl. however, their investigation is ongoing and there is no time line on that investigation so it's unclear if we'll have any of the answers to these questions before the super bowl. >> sara ganim for us. thank you, sara. let's bring in espn columnist and senior writer l.z. granderson. you listened to this press conference i listened to it today. how much of this in terms of a lot of people making assumptions, blaming the patriots before evidence is out there, how much has to to with 2007 when the patriots got caught in spygate videotaping opponents?
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>> a great deal to do with it in part of what the patriots did but also what the nfl did. they destroyed all the tapes linked to spygate so something about this aura of skepticism with fans and with the media not just with the patriots but also now the nfl treats the patriots because they're kind of seen as like the crown jewel if you will of the nfl and some people think tom brady gets trited edtreated differently than other quarterbacks. so 2007 has almost everything to do with it but then also you have the added part where is tom brady is seen as being treated differently in the media than other quarterbacks and players. >> l.z. i read the full transcript of that, you know tom brady press conference on thursday saw part of it. he was asked tough, tough questions over and over again. do you think he's getting special treatment or are people hoading him to a higher standard? >> you have to remember this controversy began sunday at
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halftime. tom brady was in front of us talking about this and detailing till thursday after his coach's press conference hours after his coach's press conference. i don't think you need to hire olivia pope to prep somebody for questions when that you have many days to get ready for the media and not to mention he's used to answering tough questions in all his years in the nfl. i wasn't surprised he handled it as well as he did. i was surprised he thought the answers he gave in day were going to be enough to salts fi not just the fans but the media as well. >> interesting, bill belichick in that presser today saying look this is the end of the subject for me for a long time. he clearly says i'm done addressing it. he's going to be asked about it a lot on tuesday, media day ahead of the nfl, and in every opportunity journalists have with him. did you find -- i'm interested in how you found his demeanor today and the way he held this press conference.
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>> it was typical bill belichick. anyone who's seen him in press conferences are used to him not only dropping the occasional pop culture references as he did in that conference but also having a defiant sort of stance. i have a great deal of respect for him as a coach. i still think he's probably the greatest coach in nfl history, but he's also known to have at least a public persona that's a little bit cold and can come across as arrogant. i think that's what a lot of people saw. if you hadn't seen him before, that's just kind of how he is at least in public. >> you know, what matters here is the facts, and frankly that's just what we don't have right now. we have espn reporting 11 of the 12 balls were underinflated, the nfl corroborating that but that's it. are you concerned far too many people may have made their decision before the evidence is presented? >> we have what the nfl said itself. if you want to eliminate media
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companies including my own has said and look at what the nfl has said it said it too has found balls to be deflated. we know from science it's easier to catch and throw balls and more important easier to hold onto a football that's slightly deflated. if you look at the statistics the patriots have probably the best hands in football when it comes to holding onto the football. they only fumbled once in rushing and didn't lose that one fumble. way below what you see other teams in the nfl do. if they're playing with deflated balls that would help explain that. if. it's important in the context of the game the nfl figure out what's happening, whether or not the patriots are consciously doing this or as bill belichick hinted a by-product of science. >> who knows when we'll get a determination from the nfl. great to have you on. >> thank you. isis may be testing a new strategy after a chilling video of two hostages is released.
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the video appears to announce that only one hostage is still alive now that a ransom deadline for $200 million has passed. this is what these two hostaged looked like when isis released images of them more than a week ago. cnn is not airing the new video today from which kenji goto is holding a photograph that appears to show haruna yukawa beheaded. also today isis has a new demand to keep that remaining hostage alive. they want a woman held prisoner in jordan to be released. she was arrested in 2005. will ripley has more on how japan is reacting to this new video and the new demand. >> reporter: outrage in tokyo from the prime minister and other top officials strongly condemning this video which includes a graphic photo that is believed to be proof of the brutal murder the beheading of a japanese hostage, yukawa who
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went to the middle east dreaming of a new life with a fresh start only to end up in the hands of isis, di played in a propaganda video and now a picture purportedly of his body being distributed over the internet. another situation that has to be dealt with is kenji goto, the other hostage, the journalist whose voice purportedly appears on this video. hasn't been authenticated yet. they are not 100% certain that kenji goto is still alive and is the voice on that recording pleading directly to his wife, the mother of his two young daughters, to convince the japanese government to talk to another government the government of jordan and try to convince them to make a deal, to trade a convicted terrorist, partially responsible for an attack that left dozens of people dead, to allow that convicted terrorist to walk free in exchange for his own life. the new video also used goto
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who is well respected and well liked here in. panel, to shame prime minister abe saying it was his fault that his friend was murdered. but time is of the essence here. even though this video contained no deadline, no specific time frame for this prison release, we know from previous experience that isis will only keep a hostage alive in they feel a person is valuable to them in some way. this could end one of two way, some sort of a deal that would allow kenji goto to come home to japan and reunite with his wife and chirp or much more tragically. will ripley cnn, tokyo. >> thank you for that report. the latest demand by isis to trade one japanese hostage for this woman, sajida al-rishawi has everyone wondering who she is and why is she so important to isis. here's what we know.
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in 2005 60 people died when suicide bombers attacked three hotels in the country's capital. shortly after sajida al rishawi made a confession. she said she was sent to iraq to kill in jordan and this was her confession. " "it was almost unemotional and there was no mention of why she carried out the mission. sajida al rishawi is made to display a belt of explosives crudely linked with tapes, officials say, to a pack of ball bearings. >> reporter: my husband wore an explosive belt and put one on me. he taught me tow to use it. the targets were hotels. there was a wedding ceremony in the hotel. there were women, men, and children. my husband detonated his bomb and i tried to set off mine but failed.
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>> the iraqi woman was sentenced to death by hanging. despite her confession she pled not guilty in court. defense attorneys argued she confessed on television only after she was tortured by authorities. they say she was forced to participate in the attack by her husband but that she had no intention of detonating the sploichs. however, explosives experts testified the triggering mechanism on her belt had jammed. her lawyers say she accepted the verdict so i can verdict stoically. >> reporter: she asked what the verdict was and i said capital punishment. she asked if it could appealed. she said kill me or send me to my parents. >> she is related to a former aide of abu musab al zarqawi, the former leader of al qaeda in iraq. he claimed responsibility for ordering the bombings. he was killed in 2006 by a usair strike in iraq. joining me to discuss, cnn
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intelligence and security analyst, former cia operative bob baer. any chance the jordanians will release her in order to try to save the life of japanese hostage kenji goto? >> i think there are none. jordanians their prisons are full of people close to the islamic state and other terrorist groups and they don't play this game. they're not going to do it. especially this was such a devastating attack to the jordanians, that hotel attack in 2005. i would be very surprised if they would agree. >> i'm interested in your take on the fact isis has reversed course on what they want going from the $200 million demand they didn't get and now this. does this tell us anything about where isis is in terms of their mentality? >> first of all, we're not exactly sure this is the islamic state or isis that took two japanese hostages. it may be a copycat group.
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it still needs to be authenticated, the tape and the people in it. once that's done otherwise it makes no sense, but these people are not exactly rational. i don't think the japanese would pay $200 million for the release of these two hostages or one now. there's some personal connection to this woman which frankly i don't understand. zarqawi, this is a long time ago, long before the founding of the islamic state so, hay whooi they want her back is incomp incomprehensible to me. >> before we go this report out this week that u.s. and coalition forces have killed about 6,000 members of isis about half of what is believed to be their force on the ground. does that change the game for isis in any way or embolden them? >> i think they're desperate at this point and they're expecting an offensive against mosul. that's been leaked this summer. and they're going to fight back all the harder. but they have so this m recruits
4:15 pm
flowing into syria and iraq they'll be able to replenish this. i talked to a friend who was just this and a lot of central asians are showing up. they are replenishing their ranks and will put up a good fight for mosul. >> wow. it is a prolonged battle that this country and coalition forces are fighting against isis. bob baer thanks. >> okay. terrifying new levels of violence in ukraine. are there any hopes for this coming to a peaceful end? ♪ go! go! go! he's challenging the very fabric of society. in a post cannonball world! was it grilled cheese? guilty! the aquatic delinquency is a larger issue to this ♪ you did it again, didn't you? yup. ♪
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at least 16 people were killed and more than 80 injured in shelling. regional police blamed pro-russian separatists for the attacks which struck civilians just trying to live their lives. earlier this week a separatist leader se he has no interest in peace talks because his troops are on the offensive. ukraine's president used a dramatic prop to point the finger of blame squarely at russia. >> i felt felt the heat of the fragments of the russian missiles which hit my people and
4:19 pm
for me this is a symbol symbol of the terrorist attack against my people. the same symbol like "charlie hebdo" and the same way a symbol like a terroristic attack which was done by russian missile operating by russian officer against mh-17 flight of malaysian airlines which were killed 298 innocent victim from 17 countries. which demonstrate that the terror is not a problem of ukraine and not the problem of europe. this is a global problem. >> michael weiss, thanks for joining us. this hasn't been in the headlines for a few months really and now it is back in the headline rightly so because civilians are dying, people
4:20 pm
living in the crosshairs of this are dying. this ceasefire in september seems to have fallen apart the moment it began. >> never existed. it was kept at a low rumble but separatists were still firing on ukrainian army positions and vice versa. in the last swooefshlgs there's been an intense battle for donetsk international airport, which has now fall on the separatists. when president obama got up for the state of the union as he was speaking and saying, you know putin is isolated and being pushed back and all this, the ukrainians were losing. >> right. >> i think this is probably one of the worst days for civilian casualties since the war began. you guys have it a slightly lower death toll than what i've received. 30 civilians i think have been killed. >> okay. >> there's a haunting video that's been circulating on the internet. a guy in his car has a dashcam and he takes sortover video footage of the road ahead of him and all of a sudden this intense bombardment of shelling just blows up the stretch of road in front of him.
4:21 pm
>> there are also been reports that rebel forces may have used poison gas. the monitoring people on the ground there are saying this was used likely at donetsk airport. >> right. >> 80-some ukrainian soldiers saying they had multiple reactions to this. >> right. >> i'm wondering what you think should happen now. we've had some in congress calling for u.s. boots on the ground here should the u.n. step in here? what more can be done? >> there is a unanimity against ukrainians that at the very least the united states should be supplying them with weapons. when i say weapon i mean specific types of weapons or military equipment, surveillance drone which is they haven't got to monitor rebel positions, things like that certain kind of anti-tank missile. ukraine is one of the world's leading manufacturers in arms. it has plenty of ammunition and ak-47s -- >> something specialized. >> right, and we failed to do that. the only thing the u.s. has sent thus far is a certain type of
4:22 pm
armored vehicle, defensive equipment but not offensive equipment. >> for a lot of people watch inging this is so far away how does this affect me, what 'cause it mean geopolitically talking tact u.s. can you break it down for why this matters? >> yes, because in the mind of vladimir putin and the people voupding him in the kremlin -- when i say people surrounding and advising him, those who are most rah-rah about this war are the security services, the heirs of the kgb, military the oligarchs and the sort of business elites are touchy about what's going on. in his mind this is not a war for ukraine, this is a war against the united states. there was a "new york times" article published yesterday i think, somebody very close to the government said this is a holy war, he is on a holy mission to restore the russian empire. >> sure. >> the rebel leader said today in announcing or heralding this operation that kiev belongs to russia so this is a messianic
4:23 pm
mission here. this is probably the worst time since the end of the cold war in u.s./rulgs relations. >> wow. one-word answer yes, no are the u.s. sanctions against russia working? >> no. >> no. we have to do more. >> not to stop the war. >> michael weiss, good to have you on the program. thank you very much. >> yep. >> also weather so much instability in the middle east president obama planning to cut his visit to india short. where is he going? saudi arabia. okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals antioxidants and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition in charge™.
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president obama arrives in india in just a few hours. he is on air force one right now on his way there, but his trip will be cut short so he can visit saudi arabia following the death of saudi arabia's king king. cnn cnn's international correspondent is there. what will the sudden change of plans do to the trip he planned and all he hoped to see where you are? >> not much poppy, because he's only cutting short his trip by a few hour really just canceling his trip to the taj mahal, of
4:27 pm
course the iconic architectural wonder, the monument of love. president obama had expressed his desire to visit the taj mahal when he was here in india back in 2010 but he had to cut that trip short because of course he is going to saudi arabia. vice president joe biden was expected or supposed to actually travel to saudi arabia with delegation but the white house says plans were changed but a it turns out the president's departure from india and the vice president's plans actually coincided. so president obama will be going -- he will not miss out on much of the substantial talks that are going to take place, the bilateral talks. and of course the republic day parade happening on monday. that is the day in 1950 when india's first constitution was adopted and that's the day president obama and the prime minister will be sitting out in the open for 2 1/2 hours
4:28 pm
watching this extravagant pa ray, a real show for india culturally militarily and the symbolism won't be lost on anyone poppy. >> prime minister modi has really made waves since taking over and a lot of hope has been placed in him in terms of india's economic growth and development. can you gives us a sense of what's going to be on the agenda what the president and he would like to talk about most? >> reporter: certainly defense, trade ties because especially with the new prime minister india is looking to develop, to upgrade its defense equipment and the u.s. has shown an interest in being part of that india's growth, so india of course expected to surplus china in terms of economic growth by 2016 2017 according to the imf
4:29 pm
and the world bank. so trade is certainly top but symbolism in terms of the military parade the republic day parade, that's still the highlight of this trip, poppy. >> thank you for the report. we appreciate it. busy time ahead with the president visiting. appreciate it. coming up the movie "american sniper" is breaking box office records, talking over $100 million in the first weekend. it is based on the life of navy s.e.a.l. chris kyle and the book he wrote. but some question whether the book is in fact fully factual or if there is some fiction to it. we'll dig into kyle's story next. also take a look at this. it is not nice outside where i'm broadcasting live from. we're talking about snow up and down the east coast from new york to boston all the way up through maine. we'll have a live report. here at quicken loans, we take special
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the legend of chris kyle has grown to hollywood blockbuster levels. the man known as the "american sniper" is credited with 164 kills during his four tours of duty in iraq. his story has made him a u.s. military icon. but the movie and the glorification of chris kyle's life ignores some troubling stories. chris kyle and hi friends often told a legendary story. it involved an incident that happened to him along this stretch of highway southwest of dallas. the story goes that kyle was driving along, pulled into a gas station when two men attempted to carjack him while he sat in a
4:34 pm
pickup truck. he reached for a handgun and shot each man twice and they dropped dead, but this is where kyle's story takes a string turn. when the police arrived and ran his driver's license they didn't get a name or an adretsz. what they got was a phone number for someone at the department of defense. after a short conversation they let kyle go. he simply drove away. it's a story that kyle told writer michael mooney. mooney wrote a lengthy profile of kyle. he said kyle claimed there was video of the shooting but mooney could never verify the story. he says he went to every gas station on that stretch of road across three county asked local and state law enforcement officials, but nobody's ever verified the incident. >> so ultimately what it comes down to is it was either a joke that he didn't say it was a joke he was lying for some reason that we don't know or it was evidence of an enormous conspiracy that no american is going to feel comfortable with. we don't know.
4:35 pm
the fact is he was killed and there's no possible way to get an answer from him now. >> reporter: kyle also bragged that after hurricane katrina he and another sniper snuck into new orleans and shot 30 armed looters from the rooftop of the superdome. >> put those down weapons down! >> reporter: lieutenant general russel honore spearheaded the response. >> if somebody was shooting people around the supertome trust me we would have known about it and i can assure you no federal forces or anybody from the armed forces but there doing any sniper work. >> reporter: chris kyle also boasted in 2006 of punching out former minnesota governor and navy veteran jesse ventura for allegedly making disparaging remarks about navy s.e.a.l.s fighting in iraq. kyle bragged about it on a radio show. >> you slugged him good? >> i punched him. good. >> where did you punch him? >> bravo. >> reporter: ventura said the incident never happened and sued
4:36 pm
kyle for defamation. a jury sided with ventura and awarded him nearly $2 million. the case is under appeal. we asked a spokesperson for chris kyle's wife to help shed light on these stories, any details that might explain kyle's frame of mind but the spokesperson simply said she was not available to speak with us. she spoke at her husband's funeral alluding to the tough and emotional roller coaster of their lives. >> i don't need to romanticize chris because our reality is messy, passionate full of every extreme emotion known to man, including fear compassion anger, pain. >> ed lavandera, thank you for that report. "american sniper" earned a record $105 million in its premiere weekend alone. the film though also drawing criticism as you just heard. let's bring in two people who understand the job snipers do
4:37 pm
better than most. jeremiah workman was awarded the navy cross, the nation's second highest award for valor after leading his squad through a battle in iraq. he is the author of "shadow of the sword: a marine's journey, a war of heroism and redemption." an with us again former cia operative bob baer. thank you both for your service. jeremiah you knew chris kyle and know there are questions about what he may have done and didn't do. do you have any doubts? >> there's no doubt in my mind. you know i can't get into what happened on the side of the road in texas or on top of the superdome. i don't know. but what i do know is what the man did in combat and providing tremendous support to the marines in fallujah and ramadi and al anbar in general. and the man is a stud of the military. i mean he wrote to a lot of
4:38 pm
people and i think there's people just trying to bring discredit to the story because of the success. >> yeah. that's an interesting point. bob baer to you, not only are you a cia -- former cia operative, your wife was a shooter for the cia. so you have this perspective of someone who know what is it's like to be a sniper. what's your take? >> well she spent a couple years just in training with weapons. her job, for instance, was to sit in a restaurant overseas and she had what's called a quick-draw purse and she'd do backups for meetings. and, you know, once something goes very bad and you have to pull out a wep on in a crowded place, mistakes will be made there will be second judgments and, you know, i think it's called target acquisition is very very difficult. and, you know, in times of war, people will call into doubt accounts. but, i mean i think what the point is with chris kyle and the
4:39 pm
s.e.a.l. snipers is they kept our embassy from being mortared from the shia area of sadr city. they put snipers up there and anybody that moved in sadr city with a weapon they shot them and that's why there are a lot of americans that made it through this. >> jeremiah i want you to talk about this tweet. you may have seen this tweet from michael moore, the filmmaker, that defended a lot of veterans saying he was taught that sniper are cowards. my uncle killed by a snimer in world war ii. we were taught snipers were cowards, will shoot you in the back. snipers aren't heroes and invaders are worse. what's your reaction to that? >> michael moore who? that's my reaction is michael moore really brings nothing to the table. he's brought nothing to our -- to the conversation. i mean he -- you know, we fought over in iraq and afghanistan so that people could have an opinion about the war,
4:40 pm
but to say something like this about a man that has been killed or to say something about any of our service members that have paid the ultimate sacrifice is down right disgraceful. and i can assure you that if you said something like this-in front of me i would give you ptsd. it's down right disgraceful. >> yeah. i agree. you know michael moore, he never heard a shot fired in anger and, you know, when you got the military on the front line especially on a war like iraq where thins are really messy and it's never clear cut, you know the outsiders, they really have to know a situation and there's always been snipers in warfare forever and, you know with these bows and arrows at one time. it's just sort of a stupid remark. >> before we go quickly, jeremiah to you, as someone who fought in this war, this is the first big-time movie that's pulled in so much about the iraq war. it seems to be the first one
4:41 pm
that has really resonated on a broad scale with people focusing on the iraq war. why do you think that is? >> i think people are just -- when you're talking about navy s.e.a.l.s or special operators and throw in the word sniper i think that's just the recipe. people are intrigued and want to know about it. but for those of us, the marines that were there, we know that these snipers where the marines are special operators, they had our back did a wonderful job, and a lot of us are here today because of the jobs that they did and we thank them for what they did for us. >> we thank you for your service, jeremiah and bob. thank you both. appreciate it. some of the top contenders for the 2016 republican presidential nomination met in iowa. today that key state, looking at donald trump there, perhaps more interesting than who showed sup who didn't show.
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the first big gathering for would-be presidential hopefuls, ambitious members of the gop gathering in des moines iowa this evening for the iowa freedom summit. among the big names, sarah palin, chris christie. peeshgts everyone's talking about who's not there and the people that are there probably wish everyone was talking about them. >> to your first point, this is a big conservative event in iowa. jeb bush, perceived moderate established front-runner chose not to come. he's criticized the party's base for being too hard line on issues like immigration. this iowa freedom summit was sponsored by iowa congressman steve king known for inflammatory comments ant undocumented immigrant bus a number of conservative candidates and republicans including chris christie
4:46 pm
wisconsin governor scott walker came here to sort of introduce themselves to the republican base who's going to be really important in the iowa caulks come next january. as you said this is the starting gun of the 2016 race and anyone who's anyone in iowa republican politics is here. >> sarah palin was there, donald trump. are we hearing any potential bids in 2016? >> they are doing the dance that we start to see every four year where is they say they are interested in running for president. that's more to telegraph they're interested in letting people know they're interested so people write stories about them and they get booked on tv. look donald trump isn't going to run for president, if he did, he wouldn't win. sarah palin, while she had a window in 2012 i think that ship has sailed. both of them gave speeches here. donald trump was very punchy. he actually criticized mitt romney who's thinking about running for president again, saying he choked in 2012 criticized jeb bush saying we
4:47 pm
don't need another bush. they definitely got a lot of tension and threw a lot of red meat to the crowd. when you talk about candidates who are more serious about the race you have to talk about scott walker. he is a perceived mott ra from new jersey known as a bully. he actually connected with the crowd, told personal stories and jokes and left with a standing ovation. >> peter you'll be there a lot over the next year or so. >> reporter: that's right. >> thank you. coming up after a quick break, guantanamo bay, a mysterious death of a civilian worker leads to the shocking revelation, the sordid love affair between the gitmo commander and the dead man's wife. ♪ nice! gr-reat! a shot like that... calls for a post-game celebration. share what you love with who you love.
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zlrchl they covered the alleged affair between his wife and neddleton. >> it is now in the interview of authorities. >> it is a crime under military law, officials have not sid that middleton is not connected to his death. they said initial indications are that terr's death was a suicide but there has been no final determination. >> a navel officer had an affair that was totally inappropriate. >> but the alleged love triangle has nothing to do with the guantanamo prison. >> inside the prison itself he has nothing to do with that. that is run by an intelligence
4:53 pm
agencies and everyone is well cared for. >> he has not been named a suspect in terr's death, and that it is important once again to note that the u.s. base in guantanamo is made up of an airfield recreational facilities, a chapel school and a golf course as well as the prison. he was described as the mayor of the base providing all of those services to those entities but not involved in anything concerning guantanamo's prisoners. >> susan, thank you for that report. now with me to talk about this story is former army jag officer jackie robins. this is a military investigation of top brass. give me a sense when you're dealing with someone who is like the mayor of this entire base.
4:54 pm
how does that change if at all, the investigation? >> well everybody's capitals are up when you have someone of that type of rank a general officer, he is in charge to his rank. it is two-fold now. you have a criminal investigation going on and you will have like a separate investigation going on. it is kind of what on in the birgdal case. when you have someone of that rank and stature, every is dotting their i's and crossing their ts. >> it is one thing to arrest him and to look at his affairs and if they were appropriate or not. can he be punished for having an affair with someone else on base
4:55 pm
and what kind of punishment can that hold? >> absolutely adultery is a court marshalable offense. more likely than not and what typically happens is an investigation is done. he will have a letter of reprimand. they're looking at is it service discrediting and adultery is viewed that it is. so in the military community, unlike the financial community, they would not care if titans of industry did this not in the same way. maybe a hedge fund manager, but in the military community, this is taken extremely seriously
4:56 pm
because it goes to their judgment whether they can lead and whether they have faith and confidence in him. this is taken very seriously in ways that maybe the civilian community maybe doesn't resonate. >> to hear that it is a punishable offense. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. a very sad loss from the world of sports to tell you about tonight. the great ernie banks will be remembered for a lot of things. as we report, there was so much more to this legendary baseball player. >> just over a year ago in the iconic wrigley field, ernie banks described what this place means to him. >> standing there it is a real thrill it's like my home my bible, my life.
4:57 pm
>> baseball was his everything and what a career. he was the first african-american to wear a cubs uniform. he was a trail plaz blazer. this shortstop and first baseman piled up 2583 hits. two back to back national league most valuable player awards. he racked up 512 home runs five seasons, hitting more than 40 homers. in 1977 he was inducted into the baseball hall of fame. he later saw a statue go up of his likeness outside of wrigley field. and then there was this. >> these are the recipients of the 2013 medal of freedom. >> seats among the ranges of bill clinton and oprah winfrey, this award from a white sox fan and the president of the united states would be one of his
4:58 pm
greatest honors. ernie banks died on friday at the age of 83. people who remember him know him as the guy with that smile who was always so optimistic ever so approachable, and exceptional at what he did. >> he was such a nice guy. i had the opportunity to meet him a couple times, and just always had a big smile on his face. >> it is mr. cub, you know he had such a title like that, and then to lose him is a huge loss for the organization and the city as a whole. >> he was so open and so generous with his whole life and so positive. and that is a rare quality in humans these days. someone who in the face of all of this that goes on in the world, that he could just maintain that genuine smile. >> love you, ernie. >> i had the good fortune of
4:59 pm
meeting him several times here in chicago and you could not have been in the presence of a better guy. just hearing his laugh would make your day. one game was never enough. let's not forget that famous phrase he coined sunshine fresh air, and the teams behind us. let's play two. >> i turn into a kid when i walk in here. this ball park is new to me now. >> to the best cub to ever play the game ernie banks will always be a special part of chicago and his presence all felt here in wrigley field. >> george thanks for that very moving remembrance of ooerpernie. stay with cnn and for more coming up. the new season of "inside man"
5:00 pm
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