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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 25, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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i have great credit. how do you know? duh. try credit karma. it's free and you can see what your score is right now . i just got my free credit score! credit karma. really free. happening right now in the newsroom in the bull's-eye parts of new york boston rhode island and connecticut all facing a major blizzard. snow totals of one to two feet.
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mayor bill de blasio of new york is expected to lay out the winter storm plans for his city in about 30 minutes. the nice room starts right now. hello again, and you're about to see some live pictures from boston. take a look right now, and new york, it looks so placid and gorgeous but this just might be the calm before the storm. a major blizzard hit an area all the way to maine. now a one-two punch, authorities warn another powerful worn -- some places could see up to two feet of snow hurricane force winds are expected along the coast. widespread power outages and there is coastal flooding to deal. airlines are already offering passengers the chance to change
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their flights for year. mayor bill de blasio holding that press conference in about to minutes. ivan cabrera is trafficking this new storm us. here we go again. >> here we go again, if we categorized winter storms the way we go hurricanes this past weekend storm would have been a cat 1, this one is a cat 5. this is the kind of storm we're talking about, this is a blizzard this is not just going to come with heavy snow but this snow is going to be measured in feet rather than inches this weekend. the next package that comes out in about a half hour the afternoon advisories the green you see here from eastern jersey into long island and new york and boston that is going to turn orange so it's going to turn to a blizzard warning from a blizzard watch. when all is said and done this
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is the kind of accumulation that we're talking about, not a three to six, or a six to nine inch storm. this is going to be 10 to is inches new york is going to get more than a foot plus. boston getting the bull's-eye as well, with a couple of feet of snow possible in the next 48 hours. you can go through an entire winter and not get this kind of a storm. at 11:00 on sunday moving through d.c. this is not a d.c. storm. it's filly and then in new york getting going by 10:00, this is snowfall onset, this is when the flakes begin to fwli. as we take you into monday evening, it begins for boston really getting cranked on monday night for boston continuing into tuesday, all the while, heavy amounts of snow two inch of snowfall rates, so what are we going to be seeing? airport and school delays certainly, but closures as well. so we're going to be looking at
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potential airport closures in new york specifically boston logan airport is going to be seeing closures. with trees coming down also with those gusts, we are going see the potential for coastal flooding as well. long island sound, coming up the hudson river, across battery park and into boston as well. a big storm, potentially a historic storm, we will be here throughout the entire event, today, tomorrow and into tuesday. >> oh, my gosh ivan that is pretty serious especially if you put it in hurricane standards, possibly like a 5. warnings and plans are being put in place by all kinds of authorities. cnn's nick valencia has details on the press conference by bill de blasio. >> something not to be taken
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lightly, as i've van was saying certainly the government of new york is already talking about the resources in place in the northeast for you. let's break down some of the resources, the national guard already has six dozen personnel, they will deploy 54 by 4 vehicles. port authority also moving as well 200 pieces of snow equipment at its airports thousands of tons of salt and sand for streets and parking lots. the state dot, 600 plows, 1,300 operate trs and supervisors worksing in that hudson valley and long island area. the dot for new york state says they have -- get your flashlights ready, make sure your phones are charged and if you are going to be hitting those roads, make sure your tires have chains on them.
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you should also have that first aid kit. a lot of millions of americans are in the past of this storm, something to be taken very skiersly. >> that information from the governor. and mayor bill de blasio will be introducing the preparations to new yorkers will know how to plan their workweek. sarah, is weather has been very dicey there, we have seen you in that sideways very cold rain now it looks relatively nice the calm before the storm, how are people getting ready? >> yeah fred you can see here in boston there's already quite a bit of snow on the ground that's have earlier this weekend, and then just imagine this plus another two feet. that's what people who are enjoying this relatively nice day here in boston on the wharf, that's what they're talking about, they're saying look
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this is not something that's foreign to them blizzard like conditions or a storm that could bring that much snow it just means they know how to prepare for this. what they're really concerned most about is losing power, they're charging up their cell phones they devices tonight. because they know once the power is gone it could be gone for a while. they're concerned about that. the sun said also the city of bft's good about keeping the streets plowed but the reason they ask people to stay off of them is because here in boston there's a lot of cobblestone roads that even when they're salted after they're plowed, they're still very slippery. very hard to get around. and i spoke to a father who said this is a great opportunity to stay inside and play with the
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kids. no one taking this lightly, this is potentially a very large storm and nowhere really than boston do they understand what they need to do to make sure they're safe they're prepared and that they get through this safely. >> all right, we're wishing folks there the best. sarah, thank you very much. hang in there. another major story that we're following this hour a new ultimatum from isis and japanese hostage's life is hanging in the balance. an online post is demanding the release of a female terrorist in exchange for the japanese hostage. will ripley has reaction from japan. >> reporter: after hours of analysis by some of the p top
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experts here in japan and around the world, a videotape posted by an isis supporter, shows that a prisoner was decapitated and that heinous crime posted on the internet for the world to see. >> translator: a possible image of the murder has been released. it's a matter of the greatest regret. we have been analyzing the correct of this image and unfortunately at this point, i must say, it's highly credible. >> reporter: the father of the -- >> translator: i'm wishing it isn't true in my heart, if he were to return i would hold him in my arms. >> so much fear so much uncertainty, on the videotape you hear him pleading with his
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wife to talk to the japanese government and kwingsconvince thept to work out some kind of deal to help him walk back into the arms of his family. if that doesn't happen he could suffer the same fate as his colleague and feel the terrible brutality. two atlanta-bound passenger planes had to be escorted by military fighter jets following a credible bomb threat on twitter saturday. both the southwest and delta flights were grounded and searched by tsa agents. but nothing out of the ordinary was found. the delta flight had come from portland o'r oregon and the southwest flight arriving from milwaukee. >> now major seas where barack obama and his counterpart in
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israel -- they are holding talks in new delhi and announced a zeal allowing u.s. companies to cooperate on civilian nuclear power plants in rarely. they're also talking about the rise of terrorism in the year including iraq and syria. aaron aaron, while in -- what more was said? >> well the president said he is absolutely no plans to change the current u.s. terror strategy in yemen, and he explained why in a press conference this morning in india. >> yemen has never been a perfect democracy or an island of stability. what i have said is that our efforts to go after terrorist
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networks inside of yemen without an occupying u.s. army but rather by partnering and intelligence sharing with that local government is the approach that we're going to need to take, and that correspondentntinues to be the case. the alternative would be for us to play whac-a-mole every time there is a terrorist actor inside of any given country. >> but some high profile lawmakers who work closely on this issue are speaking up and saying continuing down this same path just doesn't working. senator dianne feinstein the ranking democrat on the intelligence committee and john mccain joined forces on cbs this more and they called for u.s. special forces to deploy to yemen and possibly other areas
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in the region. maybe not combat troops but more americans need to get engaged in yemen directly. feinstein stayed that intelligence sharing with regional partners won't cut it and her fix is putting more americans to collect more intelligence from the ground there. this is all happening at the same time the president wants congress to authorize the military campaign against isis. so he's walking a pretty fine line here. fareed zakaria is actually sitting down with president obama this week and you can see his exclusive interview on u tuesday beginning at 6:00 a.m. still ahead, another set back for crews trying to raise the fuselage of airasia flight 8501. when will they make another attempt? the aches. the chills. the fever. an even bigger deal? everything you miss out on... family pizza night. the big game.
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we're just hours from a huge never -- what kind of planning is being put in place, information about transportation et cetera as we embark upon a new work and school week. most likely a lot of delays will be taking place and even closures. we'll bring you the live press conference as it happens. meantime, crews are still hoping to lift the submerged fuselage of airasia flight 8501.
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earlier attempts to do that have failed. let's get an update from indonesia. >> reporter: stay two of attempting to raise the fuselage out of the water as they were incredibly close, a balloon was once again attached to the fuselage by teams of dires in the java sea, dealing with choppy seas. they took around four hours to blow it up it's a ten-ton balloon and this time the fuselage came out of the water, they were incredibly close and then a belt snapped and it went back down into the sea. hopes raising and sinking with the fuselage so now we understand from officials involved in operation to raise the larger part of the plane out of the sea, they are going to
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try to stroen and re-enforce the ropes that tie the balloon to the fuselage but there are also concerns that the fuselage is damaged, isles fragile, they're concerned about the walls that they may well be broken apart. so it is an incredibly delicate operation, but they believe this is the best way to get the victims out of the fuselage out of the water and returninged home to their families it is of course now almost a month to the day since airasia flight 8501 took off on the 28th of december and just two days later, found to be crushed in the java sea, families watching this operation with great hope and great sadness at the same time. they will try again if whether allows at first light monday. >>. let's talk further about the effort to recover the fuselage
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good to see you, again. all right, so we know that it's got a lot of jaggeded edges, broken and there is a lot that perhaps could cut these tethers or these efforts. why does it seem that every effort is futile? >> well they're getting there. often u you see bottom a couple of times. the problem is once they get it up near close to the top of the water from an engineering perspective, that's where it guesses difficult. you've all these sharp pieces you've got millions of pounds of water in this fuselage all of a sudden things get difficult to handle. >> because of the current? >> because of the current, because of the waves, and once you get it out, all that weight is on those straps that you're using to pull it out with. >> what are the options? is it just an issue that you just keep trying it over and
12:20 pm
over and over again and you keep bringing in more straps that are hearty enough to hold this kind of weight. >> this is their best option to try to take it out as much as possible in one piece, what they're trying to do is recover the bodies that are presumably in the fuselage. so they can't really send their divers in there on the bottom of the sea, it's too dangerous, there's wires, there's entrapment possibilities, they don't want to make any additional tradgedies as they're trying to recover this. this is the best way and the safest way to get it out of there at the same time. >> isn't it important that they need to recover the fuselage and that's going to give them information is it just the issue of the dignity of the bodies to recover? >> the primary focus is getting those bodies out. their loved ones would really like to have that part of this
12:21 pm
done and taken care of. there may be some evidence in there that's important or useful to the investigation. they've got a lot of stuff they're looking at right now. it's not just this piece of structure, they have got the information from the flight data and cockpit recorders. so they've got a lot to do. but the priority is getting those bodies back and getting them back to the loved ones. >> in the information from these black boxes, there were alarms that were set off, they don't know what they are but they have ruled out terrorism. >> yes. >> we'll be right back.
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at any moment now, we expect to hear some storm preparedness plans from new york's mayor bill de blasio from this location as soon as that happens, we'll bring it to you live. the entire northeast from philadelphia and further north are expecting a big one-two inch kind of storm which could start descending on those cities as early as tomorrow morning. we'll take you to that live press conference as it happens. >> pope francis recently made some comments about parenthood
12:25 pm
that caught a lot of catholics off guard. he apparently called for catholics to limit the number of children they have. on a flight home from the philippines, quote, god gives you methods to be responsible, some think that excuse me if i eyes that worth that north to be good catholics we have to be like rabbits. pope francis addressed the matter at his weekly general audience in rome saying this quote, healthy families are essentially to the life of society. it provides us with console laying and hope to see so many large families who welcome children as a gift from god. pope francis also reaffirmed the catholic church's ban on artificial birth control. so what does all of this mean for the millions of catholics around the world and what did
12:26 pm
the pope really mean? congressman edward beck joins me now. let's begin with this question about large families is the pope calling an end to the traditionally large family? is he talking to catholic families who also happen to have larges families or catholics who are planning large families? who was he talking to? >> i think what he was talking about is responsible parenthood it was never a goal that catholics have large families and that they be open to life and not artificially contra september it. he said sometimes you need to limit the size of a family for a woman's health for economic reasons and even in that very controversial document from 1968 the so-called birth control document it says in there that catholics have a moral responsibility to limit
12:27 pm
the size of family to not have children under certain conditions. so it's kind of like a misunderstanding to say that is the church has said have as many children as you can. >> when he talked got bunny rabbits, do not producely rabbits, i guess the interpretation was, this very new pope who has a very modern way of thinking at least he'sablying to the catholic church a very modern way of thinking, that contraception is okay? >> no because in his explanation he said the church has always said that natural family planning namely rhythm method abstinence for certain periods of the month was an acceptable and desirable way to limit the size of a family. he's simply staying that the church teaching gives room for that but a lot of people don't know got that don't know how to use it don't think it's
12:28 pm
realistic, so he's trying to get people to look at it again. he's also saying for nose who that does not work if a woman's menstrual cycle -- counselors namely priests, you've got to cut them some vac, you've got to give them a way out. so in an individual circumstances, deal with people according to the facts of their lives and don't hold them to rules that can't ably to them. >> did he offer this clarity because he had some questions and eyebrows were raised on that initial comment. >> i think on his plane ride home he says things that are a little loosy goosy, that later might be misinterpreted. he is trying to say we need to give people an open door we
12:29 pm
need to give them a way out, if all of the legality cannot apply. this is the ideal. the church always say the law is the ideal. there it is if you can't get there, how do we apply it to you? how do you live out your good catholic life and that's why we have individual counseling we have confession you deal with people as you meet them. >> it's a very serious topic, but it gets funny when you start talking about roberts and loosy goosy popes. president obama and india's prime minister have announced progress on a deal to allow u.s. companies to work together on nuclear power plants in india. michelle coz zin michelle coz zin sky is
12:30 pm
traveling with the president. >> reporter: we heard the president and the -- the world's two largest democracies, a relationship that they now say they are taking to a new level, covering areas like trade, export reform. climate change working toward a climate agreement, they said clean energy defense cooperation, new defense technologies they're working on together. the headline is a civil nuclear agreement. this is something that has been worked on for more than a decade, it really an impasse about six years ago. but there's an agreement nuclear
12:31 pm
material coming into india, being trapped by the u.s. apparently without going into any detail they have ironed out some of those differences, on the way to reaching full implementation of a deal. so that's something that we expect to hear from soon. something that would be good for the u.s. economy, and good for the indian economy as well as providing -- >> president obama celebrating the warm relationship with india. the president is fuming after house speaker john boehner invited benjamin netanyahu to speak to congress. >> i did not consult the white house, the congress can make this decision on its own. i don't believe we're poking anybody in the eye. there's a serious threat that
12:32 pm
exists in the world and the fact is that there needs to be more serious conversation about how serious a threat is from islamic jihadists. >> let's discuss further, joining me now, aaron david miller former advisor to several secretaries of state on the arab-israeli peace process. this is a big one, isn't it? this is bigger than just the difference between congressional and white house intervention isn't it? you write in the "wall street journal" that there's something to the timing of this when the -- >> you have a dysfunctional relationship between netanyahu and obama, and i'm going soap opera, adds in a republican controlled congress the fact that the iran negotiations are reaching the end game and there's major differences in the way netanyahu sees the world and
12:33 pm
the way obama does. s to in the elections march 17 and if you needed any more complications, and bingo, you get this extraordinary demonstration of miscalculation and misperception on just about everybody's side. >> this is less about netanyahu and his election and more about in the belief of some that the republicans are trying to undermind the president -- the republicans pachbt to finding -- it kind of outflanks the president. in iran, there are fundingamental differences of opinion. he welcomed home allan gross and he should have but not once did he refer to the iranian prisoners, or iran yang behavior. i think it just feeds the
12:34 pm
president's notion -- add to that the that october that the prime minister feels this is a free campaign stop in what could be a closely contested election and you've got a perfect storm. >> there is something at stake for netanyahu, his judgment his comp tense, in what way dow you mean? >> israelis understand their politicians, in particular netanyahu, if you compare it to -- having pushed himself to the front of theline, and made comments on immigration to israel without understanding the need for a strong french-jewish community. you put that together with what it's happening now and what could happen on march 3 during the visit and israelis wonder whether or not netanyahu has the
12:35 pm
capacity and the judgment to handle one of their more important relationships. that said, he still sits in a pretty strong position perhaps to put together the next israeli government. all right, in case you haven't noticed, there's a big old winter storm that's u brewing and it's being described as potentially major and destructive heading right toward the northeast. and in a moment we'll hear from new york city mayor bill de blasio about how that city will be getting ready, we're looking at some of the equipment right now that's going to be used during the storm but he'll talk about other preparations under way. don't let a severe cold hold you back. get theraflu. it has the power of three medicines to take on your worst pain and fever, cough and nasal congestion. theraflu breaks you free from your toughest cold and flu symptoms. so you never miss a day.
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. welcome back. at any moment mayor bill de blasio is expected to hold a press conference he's going to talk about the nasty winter storm that is likely to hit the area during the next 24 hours. this brutal storm is expected to bring up to two feet of snow in some areas and winds up to 50 to 70 miles an hour along the east coast. we'll bring you that live press conference momentarily. all right, let's get some more on this storm and what to expect and how it's going to be impacting millions. adam cabrera with us now. >> it's a big one, and we had over the weekend, basically we just had a winter storm, this is a blizzard and this is a significant difference in that when you falk about a blizzard you add wind to the equation you talk about heavy snow but wind gusts 50 to 70 miles an hour. you're going to get some power line situations and coastal fwloog. this just in from the national
12:40 pm
weather service in new york city the blizzard watches have now been essentially upped to winter storm warnings. so we now have blizzard warnings for all of new york metro, long island southern connecticut and we still have the watches which will likely go to warnings in the next couple of hours from boston into rhode island. so again, blizzard warnings affecting new york city and that is now in effect through the next couple of days and we're expecting significant delays. delays and cancellations and snow totals anywhere from 12 to 24 inches from new york. i was reading the national weather service reports and they're basically calling for 20 to 30 inches of snowfall. >> oh, my gosh that's just wrong. >> in new york city in central park. we're thinking 12 to 24 i'm not quite ready to say 30 but that
12:41 pm
is certainly a potential for them as we head through the next 12 to 24 hours. one of our forecast models depicting very heavy snow. this is monday night into tuesday morning, that's where we're expecting the heaviest snow. the mayor is going to be talking about the potential state of emergency. you get the cars out of the way, there are areas that are snow emergencies so you cannot park there so that the plows can do their jobs and the rest of us may not find our cars once the snow hits because that's the kind of snow we're talking about. a couple of feet of snow will bury you car, and then the blizzard will move in with the snow blowing around into wednesday. so we're talking about people today getting into those grocery stores stocking up because they may not be able to call for delivery for take out. it's just not going to p happen.
12:42 pm
>> and parents, you're going to have your kids with you for a couple of days maybe three days so plan ahead. >> but it can be potentially really serious for the elderly and the very young. and people's pets don't leave them outside. thanks aaron, i know you're going to be back with us and we're waiting for that press conference us of new york any moment now with bill de blasio. when that press conference takes place, when # the mayor steps to the microphone we'll take that live, we'll be right back after this. surprised? in fact, america is now the world's number one natural gas producer... and we could soon become number one in oil. because hydraulic fracturing technology is safely recovering lots more oil and natural gas. supporting millions of new jobs. billions in tax revenue... and a new century of american energy security. the new energy superpower? it's red, white and blue. log on to learn more.
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with the smart phone came
12:46 pm
the explosion of social media sites. they allowed us to charge to the world. the future looked like this sharing a different kind of photo, one that's 3-d. >> programmable technology happens when light comes along and bounces off structures that are about the same size as the light. and if you can design these structures very carefully, then you can persuade the light to be fantastic things like form energies in free space. holoxica is developing technologies that could take us into the third dimension. >> i believe the future of the photo lies in three dimensions rather than two just because the world we live in is in three dimensions and three dimensional
12:47 pm
images -- >> we love to take a snap a photo, a memory that will never change. it's the way we share them that certainly will. >> all right, and in less than 24 hours, it's going to be quite the picture in the northeast of a whole lot of snow. meantime we're keeping a close eye on a news conference out of new york expected to start any moment now with new york mayor bill de blasio. when that happens, we'll take you there live. it is expected to be a monster of a storm. and we'll also check on details about how this storm is forming right now, take a look from space, this is kind of the birth bird's-eye view and is likely to do the most damage across new england and the northeast. more information on this as we get it, straight ahead. it's a really big deal.
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all right. a big nor'easter is bearing down on the northeast, from philadelphia all the way to maine. live pictures right now of one of the pieces of equipment likely to be used in new york city. at any moment we expect the mayor bill de blasio to take to the microphone to talk about the city's preparedness for the big storm. mean nim, overseas a new leader in saudi arabia and political chaos in yemen are adding to concerns over stability in the middle east as our tom foreman explains the complexity of the situation could end up benefiting iran. >> there are good reasons that leaders all around the world are watching the middle east because the uncertainly there could affect many nations. it starts right here with saudi arabia. the death of the king there, the ascension of his half-brother to power theoretically would mean a continuation of existing policies an ally of the u.s.
12:52 pm
an influencer in the region but there are questioning about how that will proceed, we are these the largest exporter of 0i8 and that i military is a force to be reckoned with. what about yemen down here? yemen is in chaos. rebel forces are pushing the government. it's not even clear who is in charge or who will be in charge once the dust settles. we do know though that many terrorist elements have been at work in yemen for years. al qaeda in the arabian peninsula is down there, who nose where they wind up. what about up here? syria and iraq syria has a civil war for four years. iraq is doing its own rebuilding that continues, but we put them together because they have a common problem. that is isis. isis is trying to cave its nation its islamic caliphate out of the territory that spans that border. that's just four of the nations.
12:53 pm
there are many more that are causing uncertainly in that region. egypt continues to be an uncertain country in terms of its future. we don't know what's going on there as time moves forward. israel remains a strong u.s. ally but it could feel pressure from all this uncertainty, and relations with the u.s. are not the best right now. what about this one over here? iran. bug influence on the region already. if this continues, if things are shaky enough there, iran might be the big winner coming out of this with even more influence in the middle east. tom foreman, thank you so much from washington. all right. on the way, one of america's greatest athletes has passed. but ernie banks left quite the legacy, with on the field heroics and off the field class. we'll look back at the life of "mr. cub." don't let a severe cold hold you back. get theraflu.
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all right live pictures new york mayor bill de blasio walking on the for a press conference to discuss the preparedness for this big blizzard that is expected as early as tomorrow snowflakes
12:57 pm
will be falling from philadelphia all the way up to maine. we also understand from our own meteorologists here snowfall upwards of one foot to two feet in some places maybe even three feet of snow. along with a lot of snow we are talking about very potentially dangerous winds, winds up to 60 miles an hour. in some places it's going to feel like a hurricane, but we are also talking about it being blizzard conditions. let's listen into the mayor of new york on the kind of prepared preparedness that city is bracing for. >> i want everyone to understand that we are facing most likely one of the largest snowstorms in the history of this city in the recorded history of this city. the early projections for this
12:58 pm
storm are that it would easily be as much as 2 feet of snow potential pushing on closer to 3 feet of snow. so this literally could be one of the top two or three largest storms in the history of this city and we need to plan accordingly. so my message to all new yorkers is prepare for something worse that we have seen before. prepare to be safe. take every precaution. now is the time to get ready for this extreme weather. it is so important to focus on safety in these next few days. don't underestimate this storm. prepare for the worst, and we will all be able to get through this together. the agencies that are part of effort we're here in the
12:59 pm
sanitation garage and obviously sanitation leads the way in making sure we get through each storm. san tails, d.o.t. offices of emergency management obviously police fire all of the agencies will work together. they are already right now in a state of high alert, prepared for what will hit us starting tomorrow. i want to remind my fellow new yorkers that we are blessed with the finest workforce anywhere in this country ready for emergencies, tried and tested and proven many times over. and these agencies are working together to prepare for what's about to hit us. here at sanitation garage 2. you talk to some of these members of new york's strongest, you can see that they have a wins attitude, that they're ready for the storm, they have faced a lot of tough storms before an they know what they
1:00 pm
are capable of doing, and they're ready to do it. i remind you that the men and women of the sanitation department have 6,000 miles of roads they are responsible for clearing. that is as if going from here to los angeles and back. that's what they have to deal with and they are up to the task. how is that going to happen? 2400 workers per shift on 12-hour shifts 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. for each shift, and we will ensure that all hands are on deck for this crisis. we'll have nearly 500 salt spreaders out ahead of the snow falling. when at least 2 inch have accumulated, there will be 1500 snowplows on deployed to address the conditions. at the same time our colleagues at the department of transportation have their emergency pothole