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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  January 30, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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speak to other sports. i can't even speak to nfl because i haven't had dialogue with officials in las vegas about how that could happen successfully for las vegas and the nfl. a stadium would be a big component to that. i'm not sure that exists now. i understand the passion from fans in las vegas and their interest in football. >> neil reynolds united kingdom. can you tell us the thinking behind the move to early kickoff times in games in london 2:15 and whether that moving to earlier time shot would enhance time slot or expanded package in uk? >> it's something we experimented with here. it was successful as our fans had a national window on sunday morning. fans said we love it.
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we'd like to see more. we also had a tremendous reaction in london with our fans. at that particular week last week, last year, it was 1:30 the game. our fans were able to go to the game in the afternoon, some coming there other parts of the europe were able to get home. we found it was a positive change. we wanted to expand with more. we did that this year. all three games will be at 9:30. we found it's a terrific thing for fan on this side of the pond also. we'll continue it. i'm not sure it has anything to do with long term future of whether the franchise is there. we're excited about the continuing growth of the popularity of nfl in the uk particularly london. we're going to continue to learn every year from our experience and continue to try to give them more football which is what they want. >> mike reese with
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covering the patriots. i'm curious, has the nfl ever tested the air pressure of footballs in the middle of a game? how important is that as a frame of reference in this patriot's investigation? >> just so i'm clear, when you say middle of the game do you meanwhile play is going on? >> at halftime. >> i think we were clear we tested them at the championship game at halftime. >> have they been tested as a frame of reference related to a that? >> i don't know the answer to that question. that is something i presume ted wells will look into. we'll provide that information. >> commissioner new york times. i understand this is ultimately not your decision but do you believe you personally deserve a pay cut for your performance? >> that's up to the owners. they evaluate my performance, my compensation every year.
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i don't argue. >> hi commissioner sports business journal. four years ago you challenged owners to get to $25 billion league revenue within a 15 to 17 year time frame. do you think you'll reach that objective? >> the challenge wasn't just to owners. it was to all of us. we wanted to make sure we were continuing to grow the league not only in popularity but also opportunities to grow revenue. i don't know whether we'll get there. we're working towards that goal. it's something that we think is practical. but we want to do the growth in the right way. the most important thing is everything we do has to become high quality. it has to be done in a way that reflects well in the nfl. we're not going to pursue revenue without an important aspect of how does that impact our brand? how does that impact what we're doing to make sure we're
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delivering on what we need to deliver to our fans. it's a goal but it's not something we're going to overlook other important objectives for. >> heather yacco, nbc news 11 in arizona. >> i see you. >> thank you. why do you plan on having super bowl xlix in arizona this year? do you feel the ball controversy has taken away from sunday's game. >> what was the first part of your question? >> why you went with arizona for super bowl xlix? >> arizona earned it. we've had a great experience here in prior years. they put together a winning bid our ownership selected. they deserve it. i think the proof is in pudding. they've done an outstanding job. we couldn't be happenier with
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the hospitality, plans. this community has wrapped their arms around every opportunity and made the super bowl bigger and better for our fans and nfl overall. we're thrilled about being here. we look forward to coming back. >> commissioner buffalo news. in light of the new ownership in buffalo, what's your perspective on the need for a new stadium? what would be the timetable in your mind for when that should be built? >> they have new ownership. terry and kim have been very focused on the stadium. i think that's one of the things they're evaluating with their franchise. what's the next generation of stadium? i think that's an important consideration for the buffalo market in that region but also for nfl and terry and kim. i do believe that a stadium long term is going to be needed in that marketplace.
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i'm from western new york. i love ralph wilson stadium, but it's got to compete against new stadiums that have a lot of very important features that that stadium doesn't have. they're going through that process. we'll certainly work with them cooperate with them. if we can be helpful, we will. >> roger from the new york post. richard sherman alluded to possible favoritism on your part toward specific owner, specifically robert craft and gq quoted calling him an executive commissioner. how do you react to this? will you avoid having your picture taken at owner's houses before conference games? >> no i won't. i was at the craft's resident with ticket season holder
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sponsors media partners the night before as part of a championship party. that's part of what we do. i was there to participate in a program with our partner cbs taking questions from the audience. it's something that i do on a regular basis. so that's not unusual. it's also not unusual i work closely with ownership, particularly someone like robert craft who serves on multiple committees. the broadcast committee, we spent an awful lot of time on that. he's on the finance committee. he works on several important league initiatives. so professionally i have relationship with him. i also admire respect, and think highly of him on a personal level. so there's no hiding from that standpoint. since he knows me so well and thoughs me and that i'm not going to do anything to
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compromise the integrity of the league i think he has no doubt i'll do the right thing for the nfl. >> roger, jesse coal, bleacher the question about deflate gate game. how is throwing a deflated ball drastically different from throwing a spinner in baseball which is not considered the worst crime in the world -- a suspendable offense, maybe a few games. how do you see it differently? >> i can't really respond to what happens in baseball and other ports. we have rules. we're a league of rules. there are 32 teams, partners every fan expects us to follow those rules. if there are rues that dictate the pressure in footballs or rules about how the game is played between the white lines, we're going to enforce those rules.
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they'll be enforced whether they're enforced with penalties, financial penalties, suspensions, draft choices. any number of things can be used in the context of that if there's violation of those rules. whether a competitor advantage was gained or not is in mind whether the rule was violated. when rules are violated, we'll take that seriously. yes? >> from san diego tribune. minutes ago the mayor in san diego announced a task force to explore the stadium getting built there. you've been complimentary what dean has done in terms of getting that done there. can you speak to fans there about how important it is? do they need a new stadium? has dean can done enough to demonstrate he's tried to work things out locally?
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>> the answer is we all have to work together on this. so from a fan perspective, charger standpoint from the nfl standpoint from public officials and the business community, this is a shared responsibility. dean and his family have worked 10-12 years trying to get a new stadium. they need a new stadium for the chargers to be successful long term. it's one of the oldest stadium if not the oldest in the league. we need that for fans. it's important for the franchise to remain competitive. it's important fuor fans. fans expect amenities. i'm glad to hear he's got a task force going. they've been working at this 12 years. it's something we need to see tangible results sooner rather than later.
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>> roger jeff duncan. happy mardi gra. >> happy mardi gra to you too. >> a lawsuit has been filed in new orleans for saint's owner vinson. in question his mental a queuety, physical ability to run the team. in your opinion, is he mentally and physically able to run the team? should saint 's fans have concern about the stability of the organization and future of success? >> jeff i spoke to him just the other day. he was going in the office as usual. he was in complete control, energetic, excited about getting to the office asking about league issues. as you know he's been one of our more active owners in the league on various committees. they obviously have a dispute going on which is always unfortunate in this case. it deals with succession as
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opposed to current management. tom is a man of great integrity and man enthusiastic about the nfl, saint, new orleans. somebody that demonstrated to me he's got complete control over what he's doing to make sure that organization goes in the right direction. yes? >> hi. dan from the london times. just following up on london. you've got support over there from the government and media and your scheme play 60 introduced in london schools which is fantastic. what more does london need to do to progress the game there and somewhere down the line a achieve a franchise? >> i would tell you london has done not only everything we expected but more than we expected. they're responding to the game better than we ever dreamed with more enthusiasm more passion. you see it every year.
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when i was back last fall you can see the passion and understanding of the game. every event we have explodes with interest. we are continuing to advance our interests over there from the standpoint of playing more games. the more media coverage we have obviously leads to better understanding of the game on a national basis. we are working with sponsors working with fans directly. already, the three games we have here the report i had yesterday was just a couple thousand tickets that may be sold out by now. that's three games in an incredibly short amount of time. their passion is obvious. we want to continue to respond to that fan interest. if we do we don't know where it will go. there's great potential in london for the nfl. yes? >> dave briggs cnbc. the average ticket is over $10,000 make ago it the most
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expensive super bowl and sporting event of all time. there's concern the free market is not dictating prices that it's being fixed and manipulated. is there concern? is that something the league has looked into? >> just to be specific to your question i think you meant on secondary level the prices are at that level. that shows the incredible fan demand. we obviously follow that closely. we follow the various secondary ticket marketing companies. we want to make sure that our fans are protected. we will follow that closely and make sure everything is done to protect the fan interest as this game continues to increasekreescrease in popularity. we want to make sure the game remains successful. i want to thank the people of this region in arizona starting with the bidwell family who
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without them their leadership the work they've done we would not be here. so we thank them mike and his entire family for the tremendous work. i'd also like to thank of course the governor who i had the pleasure of having dinner with last night. the work he's done cooperation, various regions who have been wonderful. we want to thank all of you for that work. david brewso and jay perry. they've done an extraordinary job. we thank them for that work. >> roger mask ingy washington post. you wrote of i think creased penalties and lower threshold of standard of roof and owners ralph identifying those.
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have standards come up in any case since then? do you consider burden of proof to be in effect as you move forward investigating this case is this. >> we have the truth that's what our fans and clubs want. what we want to do is make sure we find that truth. if there are violations of the rules, we take them seriously, particularly when they deal with integrity of the game and rules. the standards are always re-evaluated. we will make sure that if the penalties that exist in any given circumstances don't fit those vieolations we'll adjust that and increase that. that's important as we continue to make sure the league is run in the appropriate way and with the right integrity. >> okay. thank you. enjoy the weekend. >> all right. so you've been watching last 45 minutes, the nfl commissioner roger goodell there in phoenix,
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arizona, couple days before the big event on sunday the super bowl xlix. pats taking on seahawks. what you've been listening to is a number of different questions toward the commissioner who's had the post since 2006. everything from why did you pick arizona as a location to # investigate into deflate gate to relationship with robert craft to should his pay be docked bass o based upon his performance this last season. let's open up. a lot of people on this panel. we have cnn commentator and writer for espn. chris sims gabrielle sherman wrote a piece quoted in that gq piece. former new england quarterback backed up brady '01-03 and
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williams formally with the baltimore ravens. rachel nick ols and also christine floating around. the gentlemen to my right. gabrielle, with you. let's get right to it. you said the question you would have asked is how can goodell be unbiassed in this investigation into the deflate gate because of his clearly very close relationship to the owner craft? >> he dodged it in this press conference. craft helped make him commissioner 2006. he sits on the committee that determines goodell's 44 million dollar pay package. to me that's a clear conflict. i don't think he gave a satisfy ri answer. >> he said listen he said i was
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with season ticket owners. this was before the championship game. you see bob craft and roger goodell and their wives hanging out at craft's house. to you chris, when you see all of this. he said specifically his words on deflate-gate we have made no judgments on that. what was your take away? >> i don't think they have made judgments on that. the issue i have, ex player media, all of us alike. nfl always seem to have protocol when it comes to governing the players of nfl. off the field incidents, drug violations whatever it is. when it comes to governing themselves you don't see a policy in place. it's like we're going to make it up by the seat of our pants. that bothers me. i'm interested to see how this whole thing plays out because of the robert craft issue. everyone around the nfl knows he's one of the more powerful owners in this league.
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he and goodell have a good relationship. there's questions and information that needs to be released. no doubt about it. the the integrity of the game if this ends up being true there needs to be harsh penalties by the nfl on the patriots if we find it to be true. >> we heard from craft earlier in the week before belichick and brady saying i want an apology. we'll see if we get that. >> what jumped out at you in the news conference? >> the lack of discussion regarding domestic violence. i would have thought it would have been more prominent in his initial address. then also from the reporter's themselves. they seemed to be scattered or in a multitude of different ways. i wanted to see them hone in on that particular issue because that was the biggest scandal for nfl in 2014 and issue that means most to the society. i was disappointed on the lack of emphasis overall in the press conference with the issue of
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domestic violence. >> in the wake of the ray rice since denlt and policy the six game suspension. everything we've discussed. we'll see this domestic violence awareness ad on super bowl sunday. christine, should we say shame on goodell but also shame on media for not asking? >> i think we could say both. although, i think there was the sense that when he was saying they've learned it's humility and issues. that was code for the domestic violence story. i do feel that. i think that the nfl has done some things. no other league on earth has done anything. what was more interesting or as interesting to me was that early on there was a tone of humility from the commissioner. he seemed to get it. then when our colleague rachel nichols asked her question there was the surprisingly cynical response about somebody has got to pay for it rachel. >> let's go back to her
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question. i jotted it down. she was asking about a conflict of interest. she mentioned how they hired an outside investigator to investigate deflate-gate. they're telling me we have it. let's roll the question. >> rachel nichols from cnn. you have faced problems over the last year that have a wide range. a lot of issues have in common is conflict of interest. when you do something like hire an outside investigator like ted wells into the patriot's investigation, you're still paying him and robert craft that owns the patriots is paying you. everybody when you do everything right in one of those situations, it opens you up to a credibility gap with some of the public and high profile players. what steps can you guys take in the future to mitigate some of those conflict of interest issues? >> rachel i don't agree with you on a lot of assumptions you make in your question.
11:23 am
i think we have had people that have uncompromising integrity. robert muller is an example. you asked me the same question last fall about a conflict of interest. their integrity is impeccable. ted wells' integrity is impeccable. these are professionals that bring in outside expertise and perspective. their conclusions are drawn only by the evidence and only by the attempt to try and identify that truth. i think we have done an excellent job of bringing in outside consultants in. somebody has to pay them rachel. unless you're volunteering which i don't think you are, we'll do that. but we have the responsibility to protect the integrity of the league whether we have an owner being investigated or a commissioner being investigated. they're done at the highest level of integrity and quality. >> christine, just following up with you since you brought it
11:24 am
up. you can understand her question in the sense of conflict of interest. this money for this outside investigator would be coming from the league. at the same time who would pay for the investigator to investigate? >> raychelrachel's question was excellent. it's about integrity and conflict of interest. what he gave was an incorporate answer. their integrity is impeccable. the question was about conflict of interests. rachel nailed it. i was very surprised. i thought otherwise goodell struck a much better tone than december. i was surprised he took the jab at rachel at the end. unbecoming of the commissioner. something that will be discussed for hours and days to come. >> wally what did you hear? what jumped out at you? >> along with rachel's question which i thought was a very excellent question i think he
11:25 am
showed us this is business as usual. the questions about different franchises and obviously london and the upgrade of stadiums and all these things that they're looking for in the future i think roger goodell is a guy that speaks for owners and maintains business of nfl. you saw answers, as corporate as they may be that's his job to bring money, as much as he can to owners in different way. as long as that's at the forefront of owners involved craft and jerry jones of the world, that is going to be the main focus. all issues ex players have problems with current players have problems with will not be addressed. of course it was a tough year. how tough can a year be when you're making $44 million. a tough year is to lose your
11:26 am
job. on this decision the essence of a tough year would be to lose your job. >> damon last time we talked you brought in deflated footballs. one of the best questions was do you deserve a pay cut because of your performance. should he be hit by that? >> i don't think so. this guy's job is tough. let's face it. i'm going to look at positives here. there were great things i thought goodell mentioned talking about the safety of the game and improvements he's made. i can talk as a former player the outreach the nfl has done to us regards to getting our brains studying or furthering our education, i'm going to look at good things he's done. this is the toughest job in the world. greatest sport in the world right now. you're not going to please everybody. it's the highest super bowl ticket you can pay for on the planet. people love football.
11:27 am
it's not going away. there are tough issues to battle domestic issues fights concussions. not an easy job. as a former player, i think goodell is doing a fantastic job. >> chris, you're nodding? >> i agree with what he says. you can't put all blame on goodell nfl owners are a big part of this as well. all 32, not just robert craft. they have owner meetings in off season. they need to figure out fundamental flaws that are going on as far as protocols and governing themselves. the thing that jurched out to me especially about the craft press conference monday. the nfl has to stops the leaks of information about the deflate deflate-gate. i'm almost happy it's happening to an owner. there's player's information leaked all the time whether they failed a drug test or things of that nature.
11:28 am
it always gets out are there. owners need to meet on those things and maybe tighten down screws behind the scene to get the nfl on one page. >> what about the whole picture when it comes to deflate-gate. when brady spoke sometime last week and was talking about it. he said he had nothing to do with it. he said he had not been interviewed by the in. how is that possible? >> i was boggled by this rt roingro ing -- by this report. they should have the best investigations in america. if you look at ray rice look at a deflate-gate they botch investigations. we know bounty gate was a completely botched investigation. goodell's predecessor vacated penalties goodell issued. this organization has proved itself incompetent when it comes to investigating. that to me i'm confounded by it. they have vast resources and should be able to get it right.
11:29 am
>> is it a goodell issue, everyone he surrounds himself with? how does that change? >> i think a little -- i think it comes back to goodell if you look at his in the ray rice testimony this fall. he showed himself to be out of the loop, not in on details -- >> he's the commissioner of the league. >> he seemed to be a guy that didn't have a firm hand on the wheel. he says he's not a lawyer and relies on his council. he doesn't have the big picture strategic thinking to handle these big problems. it flows from the top. i heard someone trying to get in. yes, yes go ahead wally. sorry -- >> i'm actually surprised that -- i'm actually surprised at ex players saying there's no accountability and that he's doing a good job. we as players are held to a certain standard and have to deal with ramifications of us
11:30 am
not doing our jobs whether fines, penalties and all things involved. it's a hard job you have to maintain even as players, but when you make a mistake, you have to pay something. yeah something is taken out of your check. i don't understand how we can honestly say this past season with resources just talked about that roger goodell did a good job. all of our jobs are hard across the board. if you're not fined or disciplined by your actions, there has to be some kind of irony involved some kind of thing looked at where goodell has to answer to somebody. the owners are not holding goodell to any kind of standard. it seems to me they let him run a muck he can do whatever he wants to, and make disciplinary action on any player across the league. >> run a muck. what do you want to get in? >> the truth of the matter is
11:31 am
as long as we keep tuning in and putting our money to nfl, there's to true impotence for nfl or good toll change anything. the buck doesn't start with him. it starts with us the people. if we're sick with players doing xyz and ownership doing xyz and concerned about cheating let it be shown through viewer ship and. at the end of the day, buck applies in our lap. yes goodell and owners should follow guidelines and principles. when they don't, we are the ones that ultimately are the ones that provide the backlash necessary for change. if you expect them to do it internally, as long as money is coming in it's not going to happen. >> i have a little more time. damon, let me hear from you. >> you heard him say all day long. he's trying to do the right thing. are you going to please everybody? no. are they going outside the box, hiring fbi to do investigations they botched or didn't do quite right from the beginning? they're doing that spending resources to try to get this
11:32 am
right. this is the greatest sporting event in the world. it's a tough job. there's no doubt about it. again, you're never going to please everybody. these are issues domestic violence cheating. it goes on everywhere. corporate america, all sorts of things. because of the nfl is the nfl, it's here in the forefront. this guy, in my opinion, not an easy job. much like being the president of united states of america. very challenging job. >> dude u.s. of america? dude -- slow your role man. that is not on the same level. >> slow your role. >> this brings america better for the super bowl. >> i get it. you're an ambassador for your game dude. slow your role. that's nowhere near as difficult as being president of the united states. he's in charge of entertainment. >> entertainment we all love. >> i agree.
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apples and oranges. thank you, thank you, thank you. the game sunday. we'll check in with rachel nichols later in the show. she is in phoenix. appreciate it. just ahead, a chilling moment in the murder trial of hernandez. the girlfriend of the victim taking the stand today. hear what she revealed. plus mitt romney surprise. big surprise in morning saying he will not run for president. for weeks, it sure sounded like he would. what changed? stay with me. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. ainment begins with the cloud. this is "titanfall," the first multi-player game built and run on microsoft azure. empowering gamers around the world to interact in ways they never thought possible. this cloud turns data into excitement. this is the microsoft cloud.
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you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. mitt romney big news today. he bowed out with a phone call today with a phone call to supporters.
11:38 am
maybe the third time would be a charm when it came to a run for the white house. romney told supporters he could have ron the republican nomination if he had tried. here he was. >> one poll showed me gaining support and leading the closest contender 2-1. all leading in all four early states. i'm convinced that we could win the nomination but i fully realize it was a difficult task and hard fight. i also believe with message of making the world safer, providing opportunity for every person regardless of neighborhood they work in and working to break the grip of poverty, i would have the best chance of beating the democrat nominee. that's before the other contenders have had opportunity to take their message to voters. >> a couple of weeks back romney surprised the crowded field of possible republican contenders when he revealed strong interest in a 2016 bid.
11:39 am
bowing out does not erase romney completely from the 2016 power play. he's free to lend support and list of wealthy donors to republican of his choice. let me bring in chief political analyst gloria borger. the last time we talked on tv it was all about this meeting between these two gentlemen. bush and romney in utah. they went ahead. we assumed they would talk about the battle for donors. that's the only thing that happened. what changed, happened in that meeting? >> it was interesting because in talking to people after that meeting in the world of jeb bush i can tell you they were surprised today when mitt romney announced he wasn't going to run. i don't think he gave any indication to jeb bush he was thinking of getting out of it. they talked around it a lot but didn't get into the meat of the matter. i think what happened here though regarding jeb and mitt romney is that when jeb bush decided to go all in on this
11:40 am
race, mitt romney sort of said wait a minute. if i'm even thinking about it i have to let people know. i don't want all donors and campaign staff, you know all machinery, to go over to jeb. so what he did was kind of jumped in half way and knew that he had to make a decision about jumping in all the way pretty soon. he gathered a bare bone staff, old friends, supporters advisors at a big meeting last week. laid it all out for him. i think he then decided in the end -- i think it was a combination of heart and the head. this is a man that believes he should be president brooke. he looked at difficulty he would have in gaining the nomination and the question of whether he wanted to put his family through it. even though he believes he should be president. >> for a third time -- >> tough call for him but said
11:41 am
no. >> well we know tonight he's having dinner with chris christie and their plus ones. according to dana bash reporting, don't look for him to endorse anyone any time soon if at all. who else in the field could be floating out there? >> you know and dana is 100% right that he's not going to endorse anybody soon. i think it was very clear to me today by the way that his little speech that he gave was not an endorsement of jeb bush at all. he was a talking about the future fresh faces et cetera et cetera. bush is not exactly a fresh face. i think that when you talk to people in the world of mitt romney things they were saying about jeb was that he's untested, rusty ias a candidate. they think he wouldn't succeed
11:42 am
in the republican primary. who's he going to endorse? he might sit back and surprise us. by the way i might add some republican candidates don't want romney's endorsement. they're the antiestablishment crowd. we don't know yet. >> so we way. we wait we wait. >> we do. >> thank you. appreciate it. coming up next new england digs its way out of this week's blizzard. i'm thawing out over days in boston. another storm is dumping more snow. we're live in maine where it is already falling. in the murder trial of former nfl star aaron hernandez t victim's girlfriend has taken the stand today. we'll share with you what she revealed ahead here on cnn.
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actually i don't think we're to the middle yes unfortunately. by new england standards, it's been a record season so far. another storm is boosting totals, and more snow is on the way. miguel marcus is in portland maine where two feet of snow fell earlier this week. isn't a that fun to you miguel? chad meyers is with us as well. miguel i'm so sorry i'm not out there with you, but it looks beautiful. >> reporter: it is absolutely i stunning. in maine this is considered a dusting. the two feet they got a couple of days ago a, all over portland. down the pile we go. keeping the roads open. it's snowing as hard as it has all day. expecting four to 10 inches in the portland area. streets amazingly are the in good shape based on how much snow they've had last several days. they're hoping to keep up with
11:48 am
it. freezing temperatures they're most concerned with. north of maine, very cold temperatures and high winds expectsed later tonight. the worst of the snow will be overnight tonight. that's what they're looking at here. certainly mass mass the same thing. some schools have closed government office buildings. for the most part these mainers are tough, getting to work and getting about their business. they're keeping a close eye on roads and keeping everything up and running. >> i saw that bus head on past you. in maine, they know how to do this. so does massachusetts. chad the story isn't just the # snowfall. it is cold cold cold. >> and getting colder. the next cold front drops things 5-10 below 0. wind chills 30 to 40 below 0. i loved the picture of you brooke and jennifer gray in the snow. you looked like twins.
11:49 am
>> she's adorable though. love her. >> i still think it was photo shopped. i think you're the same person. snow in parts of maine up to nova scotia st. johns. halifax gets an ice storm in canada. otherwise otherwise, here's boston two inches maybe. this is not a massachusetts storm. it's maine and parts of atlantic canada storm. there's the low moving to halifax, new brunswick and up to the north. even picking up significant snow here from this storm. it's the first one of the next two and second one comes in on monday. here's the biggest threat with the storm to the u.s. the winds. look at that. providence 41 miles per hour over night tonight. boston 37 miles per hour. that could knock down power lines if you get a gust around 50. that's all it takes brooke. there you go. temperatures cooling down. look at the low in boston for sunday morning, 10.
11:50 am
monday morning 2 below 0. that's real air temperature, what the thermometer on the bank is going to say there's the weather in the west coming in monday. i don't know if it hits boston new york philadelphia. model said first of all d.c. still too many days out there. you can see which way it's going, toward the eastern u.s. a big swath of the u.s. monday will have snow for sure. >> bundle up stay inside. that's my plan for the weekend. thank you very much. miguel enjoy the snow my friend. appreciate both of you. just ahead, first on cnn, one of the gitmo detainees released in the bowe bergdahl swap has tried reaching out to militants. we'll tell you what the white house has to say about that. also ahead, this awful story. an explosion near a maternity hospital. newborn babies their mothers,
11:51 am
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it was dawn in mexico city. this gas leak and horrific explosion tearing through a maternity hospital. three killed a nurse and two babies. dozens more were injured, many newborns n. the midst of the this horror police officers rushing into the chaos to save precious lives. rosa flores has the story. >> it's been more than 24 hours since the gas explosion sent shock waves through this mexico city neighborhood. you can see behind me crews
11:56 am
still working, sifting through the rubble. this hospital is a shell of what it was. it's been a pile of debris that first responders have been going through. i talked to one of those first responders a police officer, who's picture became very popular on social media because he has an infant in his arms. he's run agoning away from the scene. he says he's no hero. he's humble about what he says he did. he did anything and everything that any other human would have done. now here's what we know from authorities. mexico city mayor telling cnn what happened here. he says that there was a delivery truck that was refilling a tank at this hospital. a hose ruptured triggering this explosion. now we know that at least three people are dead including two infants and a woman. at least 70 others are also hurt including at least 20 infants.
11:57 am
as for the three operators of this delivery truck, all three were injured. all three have been arrested. as for the company that they work for, that company did release a statement saying that they are cooperating with authorities. rosa flores cnn, mexico city. >> rosa thank you. as this measles outbreak grows, one question you maybe haven't thought about? are fans going to the super bowl at risk? hear what health officials are advising. and behind bars arrested in a deadly hit and run, hear what happened in the moments leading up to that. before he opened his first hot chocolate stand calling winter an "underserved season". and before he quit his friend's leaf-raking business for "not offering a 401k." larry knew the importance of preparing for retirement. that's why when the time came he counted on merrill edge to streamline his investing
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oh, credit karma! yeah it's actually free. look, you don't have to put in your credit card information. whew! credit karma. really. free. hour two. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. thanks for being with me on this friday. big news from mitt romney. he is saying no he's not running for president 2016. we learned romney has a dinner date with high profile gop contender, none other than new jersey governor chris christie. romney and christie will