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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  January 30, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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dam smith on negotiating with terrorists and how the u.s. must fundamentally change its relationship with saudi arabia. "outfront" airs on saturday cnn international. "ac360" starts right now. good evening. thanks frp joining us. we begin with breaking news on the measles outbreak that began in california and spreading tonight. state health officials say the number of measles cases in california has risen to 91 with 54 cases now in disneyland. cdc said measles cases reported in 14 states this month with most tied to the disneyland outbreak. in arizona with the super bowl two days away there are growing concerns the virus could spread further when expected million people converge for the game. more on that in a moment. in arizona, seven measles cases linked to the disneyland outbreak and 1,000 people have had contact with the patients. among those at risk a toddler in phoenix. stories a window into what's
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driving this outbreak and who may pay the price. senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen has more. >> reporter: one family in double danger. last week, 3-year-old maggie jacks were exposed in arizona. now eli just ten months old and too young to be vaccinated is showing signs of the virus that can cause deafness brain damage or death. >> i'm obviously scared. i send out texts to my family and my facebook messages and i say, please pray for my son. >> reporter: if eli does have measles, it's quite likely he gave it to his sister and could be in grave danger because maggie has leukemia. her immune system wiped out by chemotherapy which also would have pretty much wiped out any immunity from her own measles vaccine. what is your biggest fear for maggie? >> my biggest fear is that i lose my child. or short of that she gets a
5:02 pm
severe case and becomes deaf. my family has been through enough. we've had a rough go of it and i don't want her to have to go through anything else. >> reporter: we talked to the centers for disease control and they told us to not get anywhere near eli or maggie so we asked parents to take cell phone for us and we're also not going to get near their father that's because like many adults he has only limited immunity to the measles. we can talk to their mother however, because blood tests show that she does have full immunity. and this is how the jacks children were put in danger. four members of one arizona family went to disneyland in december. they refused to vaccinate their children and they came down with measles and went to the clinic. that family gave measles to a woman at the clinic and she, in turn exposed 195 children including maggie and eli. what would you say to that family if you could talk to
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them? >> your children don't live in your little bubble. they live in a big bubble and my children live inside that big bubble with your children. >> you don't vaccinate your kids? don't take them to disneyland. >> reporter: we spoke with dr. jack wovls man, who refuses to vaccinate young sons because he said vaccines are toxics. could you live with yourself if your child got another child sick like really sick got complications or death, could you live with yourself if that happened? >> i could live with myself easily. it's an unfortune thing that people die but unfortunately, people die and i'm not going to put my child at risk to save another child. i'm not going to sacrifice the well being of my child. my child is pure. it's not my responsibility to be protecting their child. >> reporter: tim jacks, a pediatrician said the pain brought on by vaccine refusers
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left a double whammy. >> it's a big deal emotionally. looking back it brings to mind some of the same feelings we had when we first got maggie's diagnosis. >> reporter: for now, they can just pray their doctor recovers from leukemia and doesn't get measles. >> elizabeth, i mean just unbelievable that their family of four going to disneyland and going to a clinic get one person infected and that person then exposes more than 100 others. i mean just explain again how easy it is to pass along measles. >> reporter: right, so anderson you and i spent a lot of time this fall talking about ebola and how you had to have close contact, live with someone, eat with someone. that is the opposite with measles, one of the most contagious viruss known to man. if you sneeze if you cough, that can give someone measles. if i had measles and i was in the room and i left that room
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and you entered that room two hours later, you could still get measles from me even though i'm not even in the room anymore. >> i'm surprise bid the doctor who refused to vaccinate kids because there's no medical evidence in pure reviewed studies that show there is a danger from these vaccines. we've reported this over and over and over again and for him to say his child is pure and not really seem to be all that concerned about others in the community, it just it's an odd way to look at citizenship. i guess in phoenix, where obviously the super bowl is taking place sunday is there concern among health officials there about the possibility of measles spreading? >> reporter: yeah we talked to folks at the cdc and the state, arizona state health department county health department they don't seem panicked about it but they do seem concerned in the same way they're concerned about the flu and other diseases. really all they can do, anderson sis to tell people don't
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come to the super bowl if you're feeling ill. aernz, here's the problem. you can spread meedsles and not even really feel sick. have a runny nose and a headache. if you paid for super bowl tickets with a runny nose you're still going to show up. if you feel a little bit sick you can still spread measles. >> i appreciate the report elizabeth cohen. there's more than measles in the headlines. commissioner said allegations that the footballs were deflated and will enforce the rules. roger goodell spoke with reporters at the annual pre-super bowl news conference today. he said no judgments have been made yet about so-called deflate gate and didn't want to jeopardize the investigation by speculating. rachel nichols was there. >> you faced a lot of problems with a wide range, but a lot of the issues have in common is the conflict of interest. when you do something like hire an outside investigator like
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ted wells, into the patriots investigation, you're still paying him and robert kraft, who owns the patriots, still paying you. so even when you do everything right in one of those situations it opens you guys up to a credibility gap with some of the public and even with some of most of your high profile players. what guys can you do in the future to mitigate the conflict of interest issues? >> well, rachel, i don't agree with a lot of the assumptions you make in your question. i think we have had people with uncompromising integrity. robert muller you asked me the same question last fall with a conflict of interest. their integrity is impeccable. somebody has to pay them rachel. unless you're volunteering which i don't think you are, we will do that but we have the responsibility to protect the integrity of the league whether we have an owner that's being investigated or commissioner
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that's being investigated. they're done with the highest level of integrity and quality. >> rachel nichols joins me from phoenix. what did you think of the response he seemed sort of irritated. >> reporter: yeah it was just surprising and disappointing, frankly. this is an issue that has been brought up time and time again in the nfl community just to this week at the nfl's largest event. one of their most high profile players, richard sherman in the seattle seahawks said he thought there was a conflict of interest between roger goodell and one of the owners, robert kraft, who owns the new england patriots and the investigation into deflate gate. this is coming up and the way the nfl keeps getting into its own way. doing honorable investigations. they don't separate themselves enough sometimes for the general public or sometimes even their own players to think that they are doing a good enough job. so what i was hoping roger goodell would say is hey we're looking into ways to fix this problem. we want to earn back the public
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trust. he didn't choose to take that opportunity, hopefully will in the future. >> i mean in the ball controversy, his relationship with robert kraft i guess has been raised as you mentioned. it's well known he has a close relationship with him, right? >> reporter: yeah there is a recent gq article that referred to robert kraft as quote, the assistant commissioner. in goodell's own office. this keeps coming up. we have the baltimore ravens organization attend ray rice's disciplinary hearing. guess what the baltimore ravens they have a vested interest in whether ray rice gets punished harshly or not or comes back on the field for them. there's all kinds of issues on a tread of these situations the nfl faced where they have conflict of interest problems. if they could separate those out a little more they might be able to solve these issues more quickly and not have own players taking pawn shots at them. >> there's questions about the
5:10 pm
timeline of this investigation. is this really something that is going to take as long as the nfl seems to say, some raising suggestions that they basically kind of want to kick down the field, pass the super bowl so they can get the attention off it for the super bowl? >> reporter: well tom brady certainly raised a lot of eyebrows when four days after this incident was supposed to have happened they said no one from the nfl even reached out to talk to him yet. they are going to talk to the patriots players after the super bowl. there's a lot of people with raised eyebrows there and then there's people on the other side patriots fans are saying wait a minute the nfl doesn't have proof here. they're going after our team in an unfair way. again, you are inviting questions if the process is muddy, if you can clear up the process, people then are more accepting of the results when they eventually come. >> rachel nichols, good to have you on. thank you very much. rachel. there's all sorts of theories about how the footballs are deflated. we thought we'd ask who made
5:11 pm
them. gary tuchman went and here's what he found. >> reporter: before any nfl player receives a football from his quarterback, his team receives the footballs from here. the wilson sporting goods football factory, in tiny ada, ohio where every single football that's used at an nfl game or nfl practice is manufactured. and it's been that way for 74 seasons. >> putting the laces in. just one long lace. >> reporter: donna putnam is closing in on 30 years with wilson. she's aware of the scandal now known as deflate gate. she's heard speculation maybe the football lost air due to changing temperature or weather. no way, she said. >> this ball will not leak unless you put a needle in it and let the air out. >> i am responsible for all the football production that comes out of this facility. >> reporter: dan rooeg l is the factory manager, a 34-year-old veteran, a former high school
5:12 pm
wide receiver who wants to be diplomatic in the midst of this nfl investigation but also doesn't want people blaming his football. so the quality control of these balls, are they manufactured in such a way that they should not lose air on their own when they're brought to an nfl arena and played in cold or snowy weather? >> yes. >> reporter: as a matter of fact, the proper psi at all times? >> yes, that's correct. >> reporter: this is the only factory in the world where the sole business is the manufacturer footballs. about 3,000 to 4,000 balls made here each day and 15% of them go to nfl teams. about 50% of the footballs go to teams ranging from college to pea wee. in another 30% sold in stores and online. they include these, official super bowl xlix game balls and 108 of them have been sent to the super bowl site to arizona.
5:13 pm
>> very proud and excited to see the footballs on the field thinking maybe i sewed that ball they're playing with. >> reporter: each ball sent to nfl teams is calibrated with the proper air pressure for nfl games. there's a lot of uncertainties on the playing field but here in ada, ohio they say there's no uncertainties abts their football. you take pride in the ball. >> absolutely. >> you don't blame the ball. >> absolutely not. >> reporter: gary tuchman, ada ohio. >> set your dvr to watch "360" whenever you want. chuck hagel the possibility of american troops back on the front lines in iraq and that's far from all he's saying that got people talking tonight. the fallout from mitt romney's not making a third round for the white house. details on that ahead.
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outgoing chuck hagel, appears to be leaving as well. speaking out in at least what he's saying and may not be so eagerly received to the white house. he's talking to barbara starr who joins us now. in terms of what he said what did you tell you that surprised? >> this was pretty extraordinary. only a few more days in office and started talking about the
5:18 pm
release of detainees from guantanamo bay. the secretary of defense has to approve all of those due to national security concerns. is it safe to let people these out of gtmo? the secretary for the first time talking about his friction with the white house, the pressure he's being getting. >> you've been cautious? zbli had the responsibility and play my own game here. it's because by law, i am the one official in government charged with certification with release of detainees. i take that responsibility very seriously. >> have you had pressure? >> we've had a lot of conversations. >> a lot of conversations. he also talked to you, barbara, about putting u.s. troops on the
5:19 pm
ground in the fight against isis. >> reporter: this is the other big ongoing question around the pentagon. will the pentagon will military commanders give president obama a recommendation that a small number of u.s. troops should go on the front lines with iraqi forces to help them locate targets, do that kind of thing. hagel said it could happen. he's not, you know, it won't be his recommendation but he pointed out not ready yet to make the recommendation but it could happen. he talked about a small group forward deploy. that alone would be very significant and there are other ongoing military commanders general dempsey, joint chiefs general austin central command raising this prospect. it's not a done deal but it's one more voice indicating that recommendation could wind up going to president obama. >> all right, barbara starr, appreciate it. thanks. the republican presidential politics the third time will not be the charm for mitt
5:20 pm
romney. on the other hand nor will he be a three-time losing. former massachusetts governor instead shut the door on that. >> i've been asked and will certainly be asked again if there are any circumstances, whatsoever that might develop, that could change my mind. that seems unlikely. accordingly, i'm now organizing a i'm not organizing or taking donations. they're maybe plain relieved. joining us with reaction is dana bash. >> what happened between then and now? >> he did was mitt romney is known to do. the closest advisors long time friends and confidants not only
5:21 pm
do polling but more importantly gather information from key supporters key donors and in states around the country in order to wage a viable for the republican nomination. today what many of his advisors insist is that it was a doable path. and 47% moment and other issues and what's something we're not going to be able to shaked. shaken off, i should say. and the day, mitt romney did something, anderson he's not known to do. instead of the data, he went with his heart. his family he's been through this twice before would have to go through another grueling
5:22 pm
process. he would have to go through another grueling process. we're told his wife ann was firmly behind him and at least some of his sons and decided tfts too much and decided to let somebody else try. >> in terms of establishing candidates i'm guessing you could say it helped jeb bush chris christie any idea who could throw support behind him? >> i'm not sure. friday night, he's actually having dinner with chris christie in new york city but i'm told that it's because this was something that was planned long ago, that they're actual friends, not political friends but real friends. that's why this dinner is taking place. he's, i'm told not going to formally endorse jeb bush or anybody in the near future to let the process play out. it will be interesting to see though how he wants to kind of fit into the dialogue about the republican party because his advisors i talked to with him
5:23 pm
say he does very much want to be involved. it's kind of hard to do that during the primary process that's very long without picking somebody. so we'll see how he does that. >> fascinating stuff. dana barb frm. we'll bring you the forecast and the fatal hit-and-run. was it intentional or a terrible accident? will the driver's history of prison time make a difference in time in court? sunny hostin and mark o'mara continue. financial noise financial noise financial noise
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welcome back. many summers ago, you may remember they teased to jaws the tag line just when you thought it was safe to go into the water. still feeling the bite from a massive winter storm and when you thought it was safe to go back outside, there's a sequel. like jaws 2, it's not quite as scary as the original and like jaws 2, could be a big of a mess. new englanders facing another foot of snow or more. miguel marquez in portland maine, tonight. what's the latest there, miguel?
5:28 pm
>> reporter: anderson, we're going to need a bigger boat or at least a bigger snowplow here. 10 to 12 inches here across maine. the wind has started to kick up here in the last few minutes. so 10 to 12 inches in maine. this time of year but two feet of snow this is an 8 foot pile in downtown portland that's sloezing things down for folks here. another 10 inches tonight, perhaps. the snow is meant to be very heavy overnight. this wind and the piles of snow is what they're really concerned about and those temperatures the temperatures down into the single digits and with the windchill down below zero way below zero. the roads, the plows have been able to keep up with the roads for now. but with the wind coming in the temperatures dropping and more snow on the way, it is more and more difficult for them. they don't allow any cars to park alongside of the road right now in the hope that the snowplows at night can get through here and pile up the snow off to the side and then
5:29 pm
move it out of town ahead of the next storm. anderson? >> and so are people i see some cars moving by people are allowed out on the roads, yes? >> reporter: people are allowed out on the roads and pretty much life as normal here. people walking around saying this is maine, we can shrug this off but the fact they've had storm after storm after storm, that's where it gets difficult for emergency workers and the plows and just general life. fortunately, they haven't had a lot of electricity out because the snow here it's very light. almost like champagne powder like the ski type snow you'd have out west. they don't have the real icy stuff. if they get that they'll have a lot of power lines down and a lot more problems. >> more problems indeed miguel marquez, get warm. get some cocoa. unlike earlier this week chad myers will not be in the cold. he's back in the comfort of the weather center in atlanta. he joins us now. chad i'm sure you're thankful for that. where is this system headed that miguel was talking about?
5:30 pm
>> reporter: it was going to halifax, maybe a freezing rain event for halifax. i have a sunday plane ticket for new york so i'll be there for the next storm, standing on the top of the building again. here comes the snow augusta back down to portland, maine, where it's been snowing all day long. there's the storm. it doesn't bomb apart, doesn't come completely unglued like the one for massachusetts did last week. it's going to move up into atlantic canada and finally, it will be long gone. this is the least of our problems. this is a dusting for boston tonight and like you said four to six inches where miguel is this point in time. the next storm is out to the west and encounter a cold air mass. here the winds for tomorrow morning, it will be 37 miles per hour. it was even a 40 in there at some point, in boston tomorrow morning blowing in much colder air. look at new york city. by monday morning, the low will be 7. so there's not going to be any mixing here.
5:31 pm
this is all going to be snow. the storm is starting in phoenix, arizona, right now. they had rain for super bowl parties we talked about yesterday but now it's going to travel across the country and spread snow all the way from chicago all the way back into massachusetts, back into boston and some of this snow will be very heavy. i don't have an exact track. i don't know where this big band of snow will be but certainly through chicago, through cleveland, probably through erie and into the poconos. that's still five or four and a half days from now. we'll keep watching it. there's going to be a lot of piling up to do in boston. but that's 12 to maybe more in boston. if you already have three feet, where do you put it? how high do you have to keep throwing it as you're shoveling it? i don't think we need a bigger boat we need a bigger shovel. >> all right, chad. thank you very much. sadly,ly see you i guess on monday in new york. just ahead, the jurors in the aaron hernandez murder trial got a warning from the judge. question is will they be allowed to watch the super bowl on
5:32 pm
sunday? plus rap mogul shugnite with a fatal hit-and-run. turned himself in this morning. details on the case ahead.
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on day two of his murder trial, former nfl super star aaron hernandez, listened to testimony from the girlfriend of the man he's accused of killing. odin lloyd is that man. a semiprofessional football player. in opening statements, the defense said the two men were close friends, that hernandez had no reason to kill lloyd. jurors heard a different story today from lloyd's girlfriend and also got warning from the judge. susan candiotti joins me with the latest. happens to be aaron hernandez's fiance. what did he say on the stand today? >> reporter: you saw the dynamic of divided loyalties in the courtroom. when shaniya went on the court today, shia nah wasn't even in at all today. shania was used to contradict what the defense was saying in the opening statements when they
5:37 pm
repeated 40 times aaron and odin lloyd were friends. shaniya said they were the beginning of a friendship, only saw aaron hernandez off and on during the course of the last year when he and she would go over to visit and her sister at aaron's house. >> pictures of odin lloyd's body were also shown in court as well. >> reporter: yeah that brought up a lot of emotion. again, as you can imagine in the courtroom, they used a fire captain to introduce these photographs and you see a bullet hole in odin lloyd's chest and his left hand lying on top of his chest. and when this happened, as you can imagine, odin lloyd's mother broke down left the courtroom. wiping her tears as well and said, from now on odin must be told in advance when these photographs are about to be shown and that she no longer will be allowed in the courtroom. i'm told, anderson that she's
5:38 pm
okay with that. >> yeah i think the second time she got up to leave. i think she did the first day as well. i know the judge talked to the jurors whether or not they can watch the super bowl on sunday. what did she tell them? >> reporter: well it was one bright moment i guess you could say for them. she gave them a reprieve. everyone loves to watch the super bowl go ahead if you want to watch it watch it. but we've worked hard to seat an impartial jury here so if by chance there should be any mention of aaron hernandez during the coverage of the super bowl she said please turn away walk away leave the room. we don't want you to watch it. but anderson if you're wondering whether aaron hernandez is going to be watching the super bowl and former teammates play in the big game not going to happen. that's because the jail where he is right now, the sheriff will not allow anyone any detainee who is in a high security unit to watch tv.
5:39 pm
it's not going to happen. >> trial is set to resume on monday. thank you. quick program note at 9:00 eastern tonight after "360" in a couple minutes, don't miss "downward spiral,"mented there has a lod must be halger halls tolgd. >> reporter: recorded video of his deadly assault. his video is not been released yet by authorities but according to a new report out of france the gunman had a gopro camera strapped to his body and believed he shared his video with someone. this information comes from a french national security reporter who's been doing some joint reporting with cnn. three men have been arrested in connection with the gas explosion at a maternity hospital in mexico city. the men worked on the gas truck and were attempting to deliver gasoline to the building when the blast happened yesterday. three people were killed and more than 60 others were injured. the new york doctor who
5:40 pm
recovered from ebola is breaking his silence now. dr. craig spencer said he thought his sickness was minimal and we should all remember the ebola crisis still rages in africa. he blasted governors who mandated quarantines for health care workers. and tokyo is the world east's safest big city, by the economist who rated by personal safety with infrastructure health and digital security. maybe we should book a trip there, anderson. >> randi, thank you very much. a rap sheet as long as his resume but will that is suge knight left one man dead and one man in jail. sunny hostin, two very different takes on it. sir, we're going to need you on the runway later. don't let a severe cold hold you back. get theraflu... ...with the power of three medicines to take on your worst pain and fever, cough and nasal congestion. it breaks you free from your toughest cold and flu symptoms. theraflu. serious power.
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few successful individuals spent as much time in police cruisers, courtrooms as marion suge knight. he's been arrested on drug charges, assault allegations, done years in prison for violating prohibitionbation a bare knuckled man, shot at least twice in the last ten years and now this. yesterday, on a film location in
5:45 pm
southern california suge night ran over two men with his truck allegedly and killed one of them. and then fled the scene. he's in court, could be in prison for the rest of his life. details from randi kaye. >> reporter: did rap mogul suge knight stalk two men with red pickup truck and intentionally drive over them? authorities say yes. not once but twice. it started thursday when an argument broke out on the set of a movie night about the controversial rap group the nwa. witnesses say the confrontation on the set in compton, california later spilled over into the parking lot of a nearby restaurant. >> i noticed that they were arguing pretty loud. shug knight car driving forward. >> reporter: 55-year-old terry carter one of knight's long time friends was killed.
5:46 pm
51-year-old actor cle sloane is recovering. knight's lawyer told reporters that carter called knight to meet him at the restaurant. he said carter was trying to break up the fight between knight and the others when he was killed. knight's red pickup truck was later found abandoned in westwood police say. his lawyer called it all a tragic mistake telling the l.a. times that knight had no idea he'd run anyone over that there was no damage to his car. the lawyer says knight was heartbroken after learning his friend was dead. >> there are witnesses that indicate that mr. knight was being attacked by a number of men, that they were beating him through the car window that he was making an effort to leave and tragically two individuals run over and one is expired. >> reporter: his lawyer says knight feared for his life. police have a different take. >> so far the people we talk to say it was a potential hack so we look at it like a homicide.
5:47 pm
>> reporter: casually puffing on a cigar as he made his way inside. detectives interview him and arrest him on suspicion of murder. setting bail at $2 million. suge knight founded death row records back in 1991 and not the first time behind bars. he spent several years in prison on violation of parole of assault and weapons convictions. before that knight was connected to another homicide. in 1996, he was driving a car when his passenger rapper tupac shakur was shot to death at a stoplight in las vegas. and there's more. back in 2005 knight was shot in the leg at a video music awards party honoring singer cannkanye west in miami. that's knight on the stretcher. last august knight was also shot inside a west hollywood club where singer chris brown was hosting a vma party. this time around his lawyer is confident he'll avoid anymore trouble telling reporters the rap mogul should be cleared
5:48 pm
sometime next week. >> randi kaye joins me now. certainly look relaxed going to the police station early in the morning. did he say anything to reporters? >> reporter: no they were certainly shouting questions at him, anderson as you can imagine but he's there taking his time walking to the police station and puffing on the cigar. he walks and tries to find a branch and stump there to put hizzy gar out. he was in no rush to get in there and talk to the detectives but they certainly had a lot of questions for him. >> isn't he facing more jail time for another alleged crime? >> reporter: he is. in november last year, he and another rapper allegedly stole a photographer's camera and normally wouldn't be a big deal but given his history of violating parole he could face up to 30 years in prison for the theft of that camera. but right now, of course his lawyer is much more concerned about getting him out of jail for this current case. trying to raise the $30 million bond to do so and hoping to have
5:49 pm
that incident behind him next week. >> thank you very much. let's dig deeper. sunny hostin a former prosecutor and mark geragos, a criminal attorney. sketchy. eyewitness reports that have been published. eyewitness reports saying another thing. we don't know. >> what we do know is suge knight's history, he's had a violent history, a violent past. i think in a case like this he's not going to get the benefit of the doubt at this point. his attorney said he was friends with these guys and he backed up and backed up again. so given that kind of fact pattern and given his past i think he's going to spend a lot of time in prison just waiting for the opportunity to be heard. >> also hard to imagine that you don't know you've run over
5:50 pm
somebody and killed them. or at least run over somebody. >> back up and run over them again. it smells of intent. that's going to be his problem. >> mark in a case like this the attorney saying he was trying to escape from a fight, essentially. is that reason for a vindication escaping from a fight, happen to run over two people? >> i've actually handled that very case and i know jim black -- >> why does that not surprise me mark geragos? >> and i will tell you, it's worked. i've tried that case and the exact fact pattern. and carried for 45 feet in pasadena and they ended up dismissing because there was no proof that they knew. i don't think they'll stay out of jail that long. it's entirely possible that he walks because remember this is going to be tried presumably
5:51 pm
unless they go downtown to indict him at the compton courthouse and he is a walking icon legend as he is in a lot of other communities. i wouldn't write off suge's -- >> you're saying in a case somebody hit somebody carried them in a vehicle and had no idea or said they had no idea? >> absolutely. i had a case where a guy was in a parking lot. there were other people threatening him, he backed up the car and hit a person. he drove forward, another guy dragged along on the bumper as he went along on the parking lot. charged him originally with attempted murder because god forbid and thank god nobody died but they ended up dismissing all of the serious counts and he walked. >> how much of this sunny, depends on eyewitness testimony and the willingness of eyewitnesss to come forward? >> i think a lot of it certainly will. i mean one of the witnesses is dead. he got ran over. certainly, there's going to be a problem with putting this case together.
5:52 pm
we do have the injured person who is still alive and capable of testifying. >> the lawyer claims is a friend of suge knight. >> that's right and may be reluctant to testify. but when you have eyewitnesss, he'll have to get on the witness stand and say, i made a mistake. thfts an accident. i didn't see anyone but then his record comes in his history comes in. let's be very clear. he has a very violent history. yes, he, you know rose to fame as a football player. >> sunny, there is -- >> the death row record ceo. but his trade is violence. >> but should that matter in a case like this mark? >> it's not going to matter because everybody -- >> how could you say that? >> that's no secret. it's no secret. suge knight is not a boy scout. whether he gets on the stand or doesn't get on the stand, everybody knows suge knight's history. >> some cases, you argued somebody's criminal past should not be germane to precedence
5:53 pm
served their time. >> sure and i've said that many times but in a case like this this is different because it's sort of a he said she said. without the surveillance video tapes, he has to get on the witness stand and say, this was an accident. does his word really matter given his past? given his history, given the fact that the jury will know that he trades in violence? the jury will know he's been accused of hanging his art outside of a window to exact pay from them. this is the type of man that trades in violence. why would he not have been violent here in retribution for an argument that apparently happened on a movie set? this is his stock and trade. i can't imagine that that isn't important. >> again, i'll be interested to see how many witnesses. >> well, then again -- >> quoted in the paper. >> mark? >> i was just going to say, sunny, you could often say, well yeah his history is if he got mad at somebody he would
5:54 pm
shoot them not run them over with a car. >> i don't know if that's a great defense. you would know better than i, mark. you might try it. mark geragos, thank you very much. sunny hostin as well. fascinating stuff. all right, deflate gate finally makes the ridiculist. you've been asking for it. be right back. i have an 810 fico score, thanks to the tools and help on and your big idea is hot dogs shaped like hamburgers? nope. hamburgers shaped like hot dogs. that's not really in our wheelhouse... you don't put it in a wheelhouse. you put it in your mouth. get your credit swagger on. become a member of experian credit tracker and find out your fico score powered by experian. fico scores are used in 90% of credit decisions.
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5:57 pm
time now for the ridiculist. with the super bowl coming up this weekend, we have no other
5:58 pm
choice. we've got to add deflate gate. a choice with this. i don't know why they're finding such a deep well comedy in this story. some have been underinflated but what's so funny? truthfully i'm not really a football guy. let's look at tom brady's press conference to ferret out the source of the humor. >> to me they're perfect. i don't want anyone touching the balls, rubbing them one ball may feel good i'm not squeezing the balls i don't. some guys like them round. some like them thin. some guys like them brand new. some guys like old balls, they're all different. some guys lock them away. >> some guys like old balls. sorry. excuse me. all right there? crew liked that one. where have you gone bee vis and
5:59 pm
butt head? comedians gripped this tightly. snl into the new knowledge of tom brady's equipment. >> i'm not worried about the air pressure in the ball. that's nerd stuff. that's honestly above my pay grade. you make $26.5 million a year. >> is that a lot? i don't know things! i'm not a banker. i'm not a science computer. >> the question remains if tom brady didn't know anything who is behind deflate gate? on jimmy kimmel live multiple people have come forward. >> i deflated the balls myself. i did it. i'm the perpetrator. >> i acted alone. >> it was me. >> it was me. >> it was all me. >> it was totally me. i am the locker room guy. >> tom brady had nothing to do with this because he was too busy being awesome. >> who are you going to believe, tom brady, the greatest man in
6:00 pm
all of humanity or a bunch of [ bleep ] on twitter? >> sure there's a lot of deflate gate on twitter, including hands down the best theory to emerge so far, brian donald son, late night with seth myers, maybe this ball just let out a big sigh after looking to tom brady's baby blewues. glad to get that cleared up. that does it for us. thanks very much for watching. have a great weekend. see you monday. tonight, aaron hernandez. he was a rising nfl star racing toward greatness. >> what's the meaning on your farm? >> arm? >> it's up to me to make