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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  February 4, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PST

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it wasn't just the patriots. the red sox have had three world series duck boat patriots. the celtics, the bruins. >> i had not planned to ask you that. impressive. look at that. something to celebrate. thanks for joining us. >> "legal view" with ashleigh banfield starts right now. soon after isis telegraphed the revolting murder of a jordanian fighter pilot, jordan takes its revenge, hanging two jihadist prisoners. is this the tipping point? what will isis and jordan do next? desperate search for survivors continues. this accident captured on
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dashcam video, a plane with 58 passengers smashing into a bridge and plunging into a river. the freeze frame shots from a second video, equally terrifying. and it is sister against sister in the high-stakes aaron hernandez murder trial. the victim's girlfriend on the stand throwing her little sister under the bus for her suspicious behavior in the days after odin lloyd's death. hello, everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield. welcome to "legal view." if isis was trying to shock, infuriate, repulse the civilized world with its horrific murder of mu'ath al kaseasbeh, it more than succeeded. but if it was trying to terrorize jordan into abandoning the anti-isis coalition, it looks like it's pretty much failed. exactly 24 hours after news broke that isis had burned alive the jordanian fighter pilot that
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it had captured in december, jordan's king and his top tier security officials have met and they have declared a, quote, relentless war against the group that calls itself islamic state. already jordan has executed by hanging the iranian bomber whose freedom isis had demanded, along with one other jihadi prisoner. and a government spokesman warns of, quote, earth-shaking retaliation, a prospect savored by the dead pilot's father. >> translator: i demand that revenge should be bigger than executing prisoners. i demand that this criminal organization should be annihilated. >> i want to bring in cnn's atika shubert reporting in the jordanian capital of amman and joining me from washington is former jordanian foreign minister.
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what is jordan doing specifically militarily with regard to what it suffered through yesterday? >> reporter: we already now just have a statement coming in from the royal court quoting king abdullah as saying the response will be severe and that the blood of hero mu'ath kaseasbeh will not be in vain. specifically the king said this terrorist organization, referring of course to isis, is not only fighting us but the nobility of islam. so clearly the king saying he will continue this fight and in fact will bring that earth-shattering response. the question is, what exactly will that be? more air strikes or will there be other kinds of military strikes? for the moment, he seems to be getting the support from the street. throughout the day, we've seen
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spontaneous gatherings of people in support of the king as he arrived at the airport but also prayers at churches and mosques and other community centers all in support of furthering strikes against isis. but i have to say, i spoke to one man in the crowd and he said they want to see an increase of air strikes to in his words annihilate isis. but when i asked, what about ground troops to make sure you can regain ground from isis? he said, no, that's not something he wants to see. we'll have to see what the next steps from jordan will be. >> atika shubert standing by live in amman, jordan. if i can, i want to bring in the former foreign minister. you have very close relationship with the king. the king has released a statement. i want to read it to you in part. it said, the blood of martyr mu'ath al kaseasbeh will not be in vain and the response of jordan and its army after what happened to our dear son will be severe.
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severe, yes, and we're also hearing earth-shaking. but what exactly will that mean in your estimation, sir? >> i think the king is thinking about a two-pronged approach. one short term and one long term. in the short term, we can expect intensified strikes against isis. i do not think -- and i agree with the young man who you interviewed. i do not think that is going to involve ground troops but it will involve everything else probably. we don't know yet what that is because it is going to require careful planning. this is not going to be an emotional response, in my view. it is going to entail identification of targets to strike against. so the military campaign is going to be, i think, sustained and severe. the king has today the unity of jordanians in an unprecedented manner since at least the bombings that hit jordanian hotels and killed more than 60
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people ten years ago. and i think he's going to use that unity to make his point which he has been making often, that this is not just a military war. this is a war of values. this is a war to claim who speaks on behalf of islam, who speaks on behalf of arab civilization. and that is going to be the long-term strategy -- >> and what is that? that's the question. if this is a battle to counter the ideology of isis because perhaps it is more difficult to defeat them militarily than once estimated, what will be that counter ideology battle? will it be through intelligence or some other mechanism? what's being discussed? >> we're not just talking about a military campaign. we're talking about education and systems. we're talking about values. we're talking about instilling in people an open system, an appreciation for diversity and respect of other points of view.
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these are all values that will not spring up overnight and will require a lot of hard work in the country. but i think the king understands that this is an ideological battle that cannot be fought only through military means. and we have to present a counter ideology to these barbaric groups. >> how do you do that? christiane amanpour probably most eloquently defined isis as what has effectively now just become a death cult. there's little to do with islam, clearly they burned a man alive, it goes against every tenet of islam. how does one fight a death cult if you're just talking about ideologically? what mechanisms? >> well, you talk about on the political front about opening the political systems, giving people a voice in the systems economically. you have to look at the economic policies and revisit these policies in the direction of providing jobs for people and addressing the underlying causes
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that are causing some of the -- >> surely -- sorry to interrupt. i'm hearing what sounds like a diplomatic response. they're talking about earth-shaking revenge. there's a dichotomy between earth-shaking revenge and any kind of diplomacy. are you talking about diplomacy? >> not at all. i'm not talking about reaching out to isis. this is a group with which no compromise is possible. i'm talking about developing a counter ideology inside your own country and around the region that is more inclusive and more open-minded. i think the king understands that well when he talks about the need for diversity, the need for a dimpbfferent culture in t region, one that accepts different points of view. that's what i'm talking about. not reaching out to isis. this is a group with which no compromise is possible, in my
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view, and should be fought militarily. but you need to also couple that with providing inside your own country and in the countries of the region, providing a different environment that would not cause people to have any support for such barbaric groups. >> i got what you're saying now. i apologize. i mistook you for saying reaching out to these sympathetic to isis. i think this is the first of many conversations we could have on this topic. i welcome you back on the program any time. thank you for being on. >> thank you. moving on to another big story we're following. the still pictures are just as chilling as the video itself. a plane with 58 people on board clipping a bridge and crashing into a river killing at least 26 people who were on board. and the dashcam images from, ts
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a home fire or other emergency. you can help. please donate now. it is certainly the most terrifying piece of video that we have today. and by now you've probably seen a few frames of it, that crash of the commercial airliner in taiwan. the video comes from one of those dashcams. we now have two different views of this crash. believe it or not recorded by two different dashcams, one driving right behind the other one. from right out of nowhere it seems a twin turbo prop plane clips this bridge as it crashes into a river in central taipei.
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there were 58 people on board that plane, including children. the plane hit the water. and as horrific as this looks, incredibly, there are survivors. dozens of the people who were on board the plane were killed. several still are unaccounted for. the people did survive this crash, including at least one child. going live to beijing for more on that in a moment. but first, i want to show you what this frightening crash looked like and sounded like in real time to the person who was driving the car directly behind it. take a look. the woman is saying, oh, god, oh, god, how scary. this is another view of the crash from tvbs and it is from a dashcam a little bit closer to the accident site.
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the plane that you saw crash is an atr-72 operated by transasia airlines. i want to go live to beijing and cnn's david mckenzie, also standing by live with us is david soucie. first to you, david mckenzie, i understand there's news breaking in terms of the number of people who did not survive this crash, the death toll. what are they saying now? >> reporter: unfortunately, ashleigh, i can't bring you good news. 31 people at least have now died in this horrific crash. that number has been steadily growing as the hours tick by. they've managed to pull the fuselage of that plane out of the river onto the side, onto the bank. and what effectively they're doing is the grim task of pulling bodies out. but still extraordinary tales of
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survival coming out of this crash. we saw earlier a young child, a boy being pulled out of the wreckage by the rescuers, out of the wreckage, there was an upside-down fuselage and he seemed largely apparently unharmed, handed to an adult and taken away in one of these small craft. at least a dozen people survived this crash which has left many people stunned with those extraordinary images. ashleigh? >> david, just looking at some of the pictures, there are some people who are in the river being rescued, i'm looking at those, do you know anything about their conditions? we heard there were 15 injured. but some of these people in those images looked as though they physically weren't terribly injured at all. do we know if somebody completely survived unscathed while others were dead in the fuselage just feet away from them? >> reporter: we still don't know all the details. but if you can imagine the physical movement of that plane and the violence of the impact,
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it must have been absolutely horrific for the surviving passengers. it does seem some were able to literally walk off the fuselage and into the arms of the first responders. we are learning some more details now about the next steps that are being taken, the civil aviation authority in taiwan saying they're going to ground all 22 atr-72 planes that are operated by a variety of operators in taiwan. it's worth remembering that this airline had an accident -- a deadly accident just seven months ago when some 48 people were killed in an outlying island off of taiwan. too early to tell exactly what happened, of course. one other piece of news coming in, unfortunately, is that the three pilots or the pilots and co-pilots appear to have been killed as well in the crash. ashleigh? >> such sad news. david mckenzie reporting live for us, remarkable images and
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maybe even more remarkably from two different cars directly behind one another. david mckenzie, thank you for that. david soucie, i know you've investigated so many of these plane crashes. i have a lot of questions for you, specifically with regard to the angle of that plane as it was coming towards the bridge and ultimately to the water. i'm going to go to break. think about what the pilot was trying to do, the same thing that sullenberger was trying to do, trying to get those people to water to possibly land safely. we'll talk about that after the break. love it. but when i started having back pain, my sister had to come help. i don't like asking for help. i took tylenol but i had to take six pills to get through the day. so my daughter brought over some aleve. it's just two pills, all day! and now, i'm back!
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that plane crash in taiwan earlier today without a doubt the most startling piece of video that we've seen certainly in aviation for quite a long time. here's a quick reminder if you're just joining us. take a look. that's just one dashcam that was rolling when that airliner smashed into a bridge as the car was driving and then went into the river with 58 people on board. here's another view from a few car lengths back. >> very riveting. so far we're being told the official death roll has risen. 31 people died in that crash. several people are still unaccounted for. and the numbers that are coming
9:23 am
out of taipei are that 15 people survived, some of them obviously injured. david soucie is a cnn safety analyst, former air crash investigator for the faa. i wanted to get your thoughts on the pilots and what they were possibly trying to do -- we rarely get this kind of -- i hate to say luxury. but to be able to watch a crash in real time, how much intelligence do you gather from th that? >> these are very informative but more importantly, the black boxes, what's recorded on there. from what i can see, this phase of flight just after take-off, the pilot reported a mayday and he also said something about his engine flaming out. that particular portion of the flight when you're just taking off is super critical as far as the lift and how much thrust you have going forward. if you lose an engine during that part of the flight, you are trained to continue to go
9:24 am
straight and land right in front of you. but i think in this instance, we may have an instance where the pilot tried to minimize the fatalities by making a quick bank to the left and trying to get the aircraft into the water which would allow for more survivability. unfortunately the pilots sacrificed himself in doing that by the way the aircraft went straight in. at this point, although it's preliminary, the fact that he reported there was an engine out, typically in that case, the jins are center line thrust. even with one engine engine out, he would have continued that flight and landed or crashed directly ahead of him at the end of the runway. he made a quick bank to the left and there's nothing that would have done that in my mind other than a left wing stall, which isn't the case here, or the pilot trying to navigate around to avoid hitting on solid ground. >> i'm glad you mentioned that. i don't know if you have a monitor in front of you. but we've been showing the still freeze frames of the aircraft
9:25 am
just as it tips its wing and hits the bridge. you can clearly see -- and many analysts have commented on that left propeller does not appear to be rotating at the speed that the right one does. so does that tell you that that was something that pilots had no control over or less control over or are you saying the true heroics of two pilots? >> it could very well be. it does look like that engine's not rotating. to be definite op that, you'd have to see the frame before and the frame after to know it's not something to do with the frequency of the camera itself. but nonetheless if that left engine has quit, you can also see that that propeller is being forced backward. it's not being pulled forward as though it had thrust coming forward. you can see that propeller appears to be going backward, which would indicate to me there was no thrust on it and the forward momentum was pushing the blade backwards or at least having that resonance effect on it. it's very likely that left engine was the problem.
9:26 am
but the fact that it went to the left is not necessarily indicative of the fact that the left engine failed because this aircraft has an auto feather. if that engine quits, the aircraft propeller would turn this way. in which case, it would be aerodynamic and wouldn't cause that pull to the left. in this case, either the auto feather failed, in which case you'd have the blades which aren't producing thrust and just producing drag, would drag it to the left. or the pilots are being very heroic and avoiding the stra straight-on collision into the ground and trying to get it to the water. >> do you know much about the atr-72, this aircraft? is it a reliable workhorse? what do you know about it? >> it is a reliable workhorse. but it has suffered its problems with weather and icing. seven months ago, this particular air carrier did have an accident. however, that was related to weather specifically, not to the aircraft itself.
9:27 am
so whether or not this has something to do with the aircraft or weather, the weather didn't appear to be something that would cause an engine out. could very well be from bird strikes, something where the birds get into the combustion section of this engine and cause that engine to fail. typically that's what -- wind bird strikes happen either on take-off or landing as you're approaching the ground. >> david soucie giving us analysis on this remarkable image, thank you for that. we'll continue to update our viewers on the search for the survivors if there are any or those who did not survive and become a search for bodies. there is this remarkable turn of events that happened in a courtroom in massachusetts. if you've been following the aaron hernandez murder trial, you probably have not seen something like this. the woman on the stand right there is the mother of the victim. and in any murder case, there is perhaps not more dramatic testimony nor a more emotional
9:28 am
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9:32 am
this is the murder victim's mother, ursula ward. and she is on the stand testifying live as we speak. but and this is a very big caveat, the judge needed to have a word with ms. ward before any testimony could get under way, before she had a chance to say anything to this jury. have a look. >> are you going to be recalled in a moment or two. it's very, very important -- i understand that this is very emotional for you. but it's very important that you manage during this time that you are testifying that you maintain control of your emotions and that you are not to cry as you are looking at any photo that may be shown to you. do you understand that? >> yes, ma'am. >> that is heartbreaking. that is a mother who lost her son to murder. that's a mother who has already twice had to walk out of that courtroom just during openings
9:33 am
and testimony when images of her son's dead body were broadcast to the court and over the television air waves. joining me now to talk about this morning's testimony is miguel marquez. i have heard that add admonishment before. how has she been managing through her testimony? >> reporter: it was an extraordinary moment for them to bring out the photo of the murder victim, odin lloyd, show it to her before the jury got in the room. she was forced to identify his body. both the defense and the prosecutor fought for quite some time before the jury was brought in over whether or not that picture would be used in court. so far, she is answering questions, just establishing the facts, who she is, where she's
9:34 am
from, what's her relationship to odin lloyd and how they got to be here in the u.s. it is going to be a tough day for her. as you mentioned, she's had a tough time all the way along so far and we expect that she is going to have a hard time holding back emotions in this court much as the girlfriend of odin lloyd did wh she was on the stand. >> and that's shaniya jenkins. her sister is engaged to the defendant in this courtroom and sitting over on his side. there she is. it's the highest drama that you can see. >> this case has split this
9:35 am
family, split these two sisters. they sit on separate sides of the courtroom when they are in there. basically her testimony was trying to establish just how close a relationship aaron hernandez had to odin lloyd. it wasn't clear that either side came off very well on that testimony. >> just quickly, isn't she effectively pointing the finger -- we just saw her pointing over and pointing over to what seemed to be the defendant or his fiancee. but is she saying, i think i saw my sister getting rid of the murder weapon, effectively, is that what she's saying? >> reporter: it is not clear. the prosecution basically saying that she saw her sister taking out a black plastic bag. what was in that bag, they didn't get to. the defense basically saying, it could have been anything. ashleigh? >> miguel marquez reporting live for us. pretty dramatic trial in fall river, massachusetts.
9:36 am
another story that feels a lot like the plot twist from a hollywood thriller. a prosecutor found dead in argentina. was it suicide or murder? because he was about to drop a massive bombshell about a cover-up involving a decades-old terror attack, at least that's the prevailing wisdom. drew griffin investigating this deadly mystery next.
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at last check, bobbi kristina brown was still, in her family's words, quote, fighting for her life, in a coma that her doctors induced to try to control brain swelling. but sources tell cnn the 21-year-old daughter of whitney houston is no longer in the suburban atlanta hospital that she was rushed to on saturday. instead, we're told she's been moved to emory university hospital downtown. the family lawyers say they're,
9:40 am
quote, investigating the events, end quote, that led ms. brown to being discovered facedown and unresponsive in her bathtub. they say she is not and never has been married to nick gordon, the man brown herself had been calling her husband on social media. if you have not been following the intrigue that is now boiling over in argentina, it is definitely time to start because this story begins with the mysterious death of a prosecutor who believed he was on the trail of a huge cover-up arising from a terror attack 20 years ago. a terror attack, though, involving no less than the president of argentina and the government of iran. and the word is that prosecutor wanted to arrest his own president. that's right before he was found dead. here's our senior investigative correspondent, drew griffin. >> reporter: slumped inside a bathroom of his 13th floor
9:41 am
buenos aires apartment, 51-year-old alberto nisman was found dead, a bullet to his head, a .22-caliber pistol by his side. some say it's suicide. but in a country where politics are as intriguing and complicated as the national dance, the conspiracy theories begin to twirl. at newsstands, at cafes, the conclusion is simple -- murder. led in part by a controversial 61-year-old president, cristina fernandez de kirchner who implies she knows it was no suicide, it's murder, all part of a plot against her. but the question lingers, who would do that? >> this is an institutional crisis because the prosecutor has been killed, murdered, suicide. but he's dead.
9:42 am
>> reporter: nisman was scheduled to testify in front of this congresswoman's committee, the very next day after he was found dead. his report details allegations that she says if proven true would reveal a bombshell about the worst terrorist attack in argentina's history, pointing to a massive cover-up between iran and argentina's ruling administration led by president cristina fernandez de kirchner. on saturday night, bullrich talked to nisman, calm and working by phone. >> 15 hours later, he was dead. >> reporter: since his death, nisman's nearly 300-page report has been released. >> the most important information in the investigation of nisman is that the argentine government wanted to take away the responsibility of iran in
9:43 am
the bombing. they want to destroy investigation of the argentine justice. that is the most -- >> reporter: you believe that's the core of what he found out? >> that is the core of the investigation of nisman. >> reporter: to understand the magnitude of the charge, you have to go back 20 years to one of the darkest days in the history of argentina's jewish community. on july 18th, 1994, a van loaded with 600 pounds of amoan yum nitrate fertilizers parked on this buenos aires street in front of argentina's jewish mutual aid society known here by its initials, amia, at 9:53 in the morning, the van -- for years, the investigation has
9:44 am
been mired in intrigue and allegations of incompetent police work. and finally in 2006, one prosecutor issues arrest warrants for eight iranian nationals all by now believed to have fled back to iran. but after 20 years, no one has ever been brought to trial or even arrested. it was the prosecutor nisman who first accused iran and iran's former president of being behind the attack. and on the eve of his death, it was the prosecutor now alleging his government and iran were conspiring to cover it all up. the allegation? cash-strapped argentina would get iranian oil. iran would get argentinen grain and this terrorist attack would remain unsolved. suicide or murder and news of a possible cover-up by his own government is yet another blow in his 20-year search for justice. this must have come as a complete shock?
9:45 am
his daughter paula died in the bombing. she was just 21. are they willing to tell the truth? you don't know. the truth, the facts in the investigation in the prosecutor's death are hard to find. nisman was under protection of federal police surrounded by bodyguards but on the day before his death, he reportedly told those bodyguards, take the weekend off. the investigating prosecutor's office mobbed daily by a rabid press has issued only tidbits of information on the killing. but those tidbits have fueled endless media speculation. one report that says no gunpowder was found on nisman's hands is what has most argentineans convinced this was a murder made to looked a
9:46 am
suicide, no matter how impractical it may be. the would-be assassin would first need to get through the security of the building, then get into the building itself, finally into a coded elevator and up to the apartment where you would have to get inside the apartment, kill nisman in his bathroom and then back out while locking the door from the inside. sounds implausible, yes. but this is argentina. nothing gets in the way of a good conspiracy. last week, president cristina fernandez de kirnlg chner appea on television in a wheelchair from her home. she believe the killers were rogue agents inside argentina. and the rogue agents are trying to incriminate her. she has announced plans to dissolve the nation's spy agency. but suspicions here took another leap this weekend when it was
9:47 am
revealed alberto nisman had drafted an arrest warrant for the president and her foreign minister dated last july. it was found in his garbage can. congresswoman bullrich says all faith in argentina's justice system has been destroyed with one bullet. >> the judge and the prosecutor are investigating nisman's death, if they say that it was a suicide, nobody will believe it. >> reporter: drew griffin, cnn, buenos aires. so he lied about using performance-enhancing drugs, he was stripped of his tour de france titles and his olympic cycling metal. you think that's it for lance armstrong? oh, no, no. now there's a brand-new one for lance. police say lance let his girlfriend take the rap for something that he did himself. wait till you hear what this fella's been up to.
9:48 am
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and for drivers with accident forgivness,rates won't go up due to your first accident. learn more by calling switch to liberty mutual and you can save up to $423. for a free quote today,call liberty mutual insurance at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. welcome back. now for some top stories we're following. former rap mogul marion suge knight suffered chest pains in court after he pleaded not guilty yesterday to murder charges in a fatal hit-and-run. and he had to be taken to the hospital for this. 23450ig9 is accused of running over two men, killing one of them following an argument. he's facing up to life in prison
9:52 am
if he's convicted. right now, we don't have any word on suge knight's condition. a potential juror in the movie theater shooting trial in aurora, colorado, was kicked out of the jury pool. this is strange. it happened after she ripped out her hair in court. all of these details according to our affiliate kdrv. apparently the woman showed up tuesday morning with her grandchild who she claimed was not vaccinated. she said she needed day care but day care wouldn't accept the child. and at one point, she fell to her knees and ripped out large chunks of her hair saying the trial had brought up traumatic memories. i'll remind you, she was kicked out of the jury pool. lance armstrong is in trouble again. and guess what? it's for not telling the truth again. this time, it's got nothing to do with riding bicycles. he's already the donkey of the
9:53 am
bicycling world for the doping and steroids things. but now according to police reports, armstrong and his girlfriend, yep, he's got one, they were out partying, driving home and they hit a couple of parked cars. lance was behind the wheel but he decided to tell the police that it was his girlfriend driving. he let his girlfriend take the rap for the crash. he lied. he threw his girlfriend under the bus and now he's busted. oh, lance armstrong. paul callan and danny cevallos are here. you're looking none too pleased with this story. should we expect anything different from a guy who lied to the world and then get angry at people who suggested that he lied? but ultimately the question i have is, why is he not charged with something far more serious than two misdemeanors? >> he still could be charged, i
9:54 am
suppose, if this thing blows up in the press. he's charged with leaving the scene -- >> what about obstruction of justice? lying to the police -- it was his girlfriend who admittedly lied at the beginning. she says she did it because she's not famous and it wouldn't hit the papers if she wrecked out two parked cars but for him it could be destructive. >> first, she's the one who more than likely could face those obstruction charges and false reporting to police. the old rule is that you don't have any constitutional duty to speak to the police. but if you do and you lie, then you can be held criminally liable. on another note, you talk about -- to criminal defense attorneys, the world of getting your girlfriend to take responsibility or put this in your name or use your credit card and i'll pay you back, this is nothing new. this happens all the time in the world of criminal defense. it is -- >> lots of gentlemen out there,
9:55 am
huh? >> sad tales of, yes, very persuasive men convincing their girlfriends to put something in their name that later on gets them in trouble. so this i hate to say does not come as much of a surprise -- >> those following the hernandez case, think about hernandez. one of the big pieces of evidence in that case is the fiancee removed the alleged murder weapon in a trash bag on orders from her boyfriend. what's going to happen to her? she got indicted for perjury. these are women standing up for their men and they're paying the price for it. >> she's not facing any charges at this point. i'm still going back to lance and the fact that he was behind the wheel. she admitted he had been drinking. she then changed her story to say, we brought the drinking thing up as a red herring, that's why i was driving. then she admitted, i wasn't driving. but at the same time if he was driving and he didn't report that and he allowed this to
9:56 am
happen and he left the scene of an accident, why is that not obstruction? >> it is the crime of leaving the scene of an accident without reporting it. it's not obstruction because the crime itself, it's a crime to leave an accident scene without reporting it. so he's guilty of that -- >> but colluding with your girlfriend and telling them it's her? >> ladies, stop dating these guys! just knock it off or don't put anything on your credit card, don't put the house in your name. knock it off. >> he has a girlfriend? seriously? danny, paul, got to leave it there. thank you. warning, warning! thanks for watching, everybody. "wolf" starts after this break.
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