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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  February 4, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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bones, if you will. >> much more in the situation room as well. dana thank you very much. that's it for me. i'll be back 5:00 p.m. eastern in the situation room for our international viewers. amanpour is next. for viewers in north america newsroom, brooke baldwin starts right now. here we go. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you very much for being with me. we have to begin with the heart stopping video of this plane crash that we now know has taken the lives of more than half the people on board while others. i've seen this so many times today. you're speechless. the cab. it clips. they're just injured. let me talk about those whose lives are lost the number killed. we have just learned now stands at 31 people. a total of 58 were on board. the transashay flight headed to a coastal town in china and doomed caught on someone's dash
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cam. this is obtained by taiwan affiliate tvbs perhaps incredible about this the footage of the aftermath. the toddler you see here and all the people around they're among at least the 15 survivors and bloody bruised and remarkably they're standing. seated here in this raft on their own and they made it out of this. here again, the crash much slower speed. you can see how this atv 7462 hits this taxi clips this bridge and goes over the side into this river. this was in the city of taipei. little context for you, this is the second deadly crash transasia experienced just in the last seven months. family members of those on board were quite distraught and angry. >> we had to contact the airline
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first. the airline didn't pay attention to us. they're busy confirming information. their attitude is terrible. >> we bring in our cnn aviation correspondent richard quest. let's just begin with, other than it's so rare -- >> that is the point. think about every single plane crash where a plane falls out of the sky, this is what happens. the difference here of course is we have realtime pictures which brings home the awfulness of it. let's bring this in detail. well let's start. the plane takes off. gets to about 1300 feet and then it starts to fall out of the sky. we know the propellers are turning but on this particular one, you can't see too closely on that last picture. the propellers weren't giving some form of turning but not providing sufficient lift. we believe that the pilot made a
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may day call to say he'd lost one of the engines. that's not being confirmed. we haven't heard that yet. if that's the case then the issue becomes why wasn't the aircraft able to continue to fly. which of course it's entitled to do and built to do so and then you look at how the plane was being piloted. as the plane stalls starts to fall out of the sky. you can see it's level and then the wing drifts down quite dramatically to the left. >> why is that? i've heard people say he was aware and ditch away from the city the tall buildings and the people just too early to tell. >> i mean it's flying straight to there and then that turn. maybe he was trying to aim for the river. maybe he was trying to turn away from the buildings. we don't know. or it could have been an aerodynamic effect of one of the propellers not turning, not feathered properly maybe the rudder.
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there's a thousand and one reasons why the plane might have suddenly done that very sharp left turn bank that took it off to the side. >> why is it that incredibly a number of people survived? is that based upon where they were seated in the aircraft as it hit the water? >> luck. >> luck. >> pure unadulterated luck. it's where they were seated in the aircraft. some people will happily be tweeting me saying ah but we've heard it's safer to sit at the back than the front because the front hits first but then you've got tail strikes. the reality is the statistical difference of where you're sitting in the plane is so small that you really wouldn't want to base any judgment upon that. in this situation, the plane hits the wall goes into the river first and the front part of the fuselage goes under the water. look at where the plane is in the water and you see it headed there.
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that's the propeller. it looks like it stopped turning. but it probably hasn't. looks like it's just fallen off. bear with me. here we go. >> no worries. >> sort that out. on we go. and you see, it looks at the propeller stop turning but hard to tell from this particular picture its exact air form but it's the front of the aircraft that eventually goes into the water first and that's what happened. >> to your point, i mean this is exactly what planes look like when they crash but so rare we actually see it. >> the 370 into the ocean, this is what airasia flight 8501 would have looked like but you would never see it like that. >> richard quest, thank you. earth shaking retaliation. that is what a key u.s. ally is vowing after the horrific murder of one of its own.
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the jordanian fighter pilot, mua muatha muatha. if it wanted to shock, it succeeded but terrorize jordan into banning the u.s. led offensive, failed. top tier security officials just met declaring quote unquote relentless war against isis. already now, jordan executed by hanging the iranian suicide bomber whose freedom isis demanded the jihadi prisoner with ties to the terror group and this swift revenge here savered by the father and he wants more. >> i demand that revenge should be bigger than executing. is annihilated. >> joining me now, atika
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schubert. when you look at the numbers, that could mean 250 islamic militants in prison and two others on death row. what are you hearing about the potential of future expedited executions? >> reporter: well it's certainly a possibility but i do think we have to remember that these are, the two executed this morning, had already been convicted and were already on death row. it's simply that for a while, jordan had suspended the death penalty for a while. clearly, it resumed again this morning. so we could see further executions but what we are more likely to see is the ramping up of air strikes carried out by jordanian planes. in fact the u.s. official has told cnn that jordan has specifically requested to do more air strikes. so that is working its way up to coalition command structure as we speak, but there is no question that king abdullah is under tremendous pressure to hit
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isis and hit isis hard. the big question is going to be whether or not public opinion will hold for the next few days weeks, and months. what we could see is a change of opinion if for example, another pilot is downed or another family finds itself in the same traumatic position. isis may not only be trying to disrupt the jordanian governments in the coalition but trying to drive the we think between the public. >> in the wake of the brutality in the video with its pilot, one of the big concerns of the other hostages that isis has, particularly the two western hostages do we know anything about them? >> reporter: we know that isis is holding a number of hostages for example, from president obama's interview with nbc recently that there is a woman hostage, a female hostage being held by isis currently believe she's an aid worker. 26 years of age and that she was
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kidnapped around august of 2013 but that's really all that we can say at this point. and of course the other hostage, western hostage well known is john campily, british journalist featured in a lot of isis videos. it's unusual because he featured prominently giving these sort of reports, sort of mock news reports from inside kabani inside the isis heartland. what the position of these two hostages remains unclear and how to get them out is another matter all together. >> atika schubert. thank you very much. up next a man who survived being held prisoner by isis. one detail his captors never mentioned the koran. plus a train collides with an suv causing the deadliest crash in the history of one new york rail system. we'll speak live with someone who survived this.
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and in the murder trial of former nfl star aaron hernandez, the victim's mother takes the stand today and it actually gets awkward from the very first question. we'll share that with you. stay with me. you're watching cnn. [ male announcer ] take zzzquil and sleep like... the kids went to nana's house... for the whole weekend! [ snoring ] [ male announcer ] zzzquil, the non habit forming sleep aid that helps you sleep easily and wake refreshed. because sleep is a beautiful thing.
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i'm brooke baldwin. just in, we are now hearing about this chilling new video that's just been released showing isis supporters in the unofficial isis capital of raka in syria apparently cheering as they were sitting around and watching the video of the caged jordanian pilot burned alive. in fact apparently at one point, a child said he would, quote, burn the pilot himself if he had a chance. in jordan it was met with prayers and protests.
11:15 am
much of this anger centers not just on the 27-year-old's death but the way he was killed burned, an act condemned by the prophet mohammed. a man who spent more than 10 months as an isis hostage who says despite what they preach these isis militants care little about religion. >> it was more hammering than teaching us about the koran. it has nothing to do with the koran. so nothing to do with koran. it doesn't seem to do with koran. >> hmm. talk about that with filas filas gugis. in the arab world and the chair of contemporary middle east
11:16 am
studies. a pleasure to have you on. >> mine too, brooke thank you. >> let's just begin. that was a hostage who was speaking with christiane amanpour and here saying in his time being held by these captors, never once heard or saw any mention of anything from the koran. point being that this is not noble islam as king abdullah has said. >> brooke for your own american viewers, if you want to understand the so-called islamic state or isis by looking at the standard theology i think you're missing the picture. this is not about miz lamb. this is not about religion. it is about the faith and about power power, supremacy. and yes, they use religion according to their own interpretation, for example, take the methodology of burning
11:17 am
the captured jordanian pilot. 99.99% of islamic scholars, theer theorists basically prohibit such a thing. only god can really use fire. and yet, isis rely on a single radical preacher called ebantania. a long time ago for viewers who said quote unquote. if they kill you, kill them if they burn you, burn them. one particular radical religious preacher use and abused by isis in order to do this savage killing. the reason we should not really focus on religion the idea the strategy behind it is to strike terror and fear in the hearts of the people of the states that are basically part of the international coalition to basically convince their
11:18 am
followers, the rank that the so-called islamic state is standing tall the resilient, strong bleeding their nose of its enemies. it's not religion here. it's about politics, about using barbaric methods in order to terrorize its enemies and basically convince its cheerleaders that basically it's winning. it's limited. the title in arabic the title of the video, burned called an arabic sadul. in arabic means to unburden cleanse the chest out of hate. that's what it's about is to basically provide the rank and file with isis of the particular brutal message to convince the setbacks in kubani in iraq we're still killing the enemies of our, you know, islamic, so-called islamic state. >> but faraz, despite the bar
11:19 am
barrism and how it's against the religious teachings, how many jihadi wanna bes are scholars? we talked about, there's a video of others standing around cheering on the burns of this young pilot. do you think this could be a moment where some members of isis say enough is enough? i can't imagine it would, sadly. >> no brooke. and i'm sorry to say, i hope and i pray that once you're part of isis we have reports in the last few months that there's some internal bleeding. more and more in particular foreign fighters are basically trying to get out of this particular hellish place. still a very small flow of young people. i've written a lot on this particular phenomenon. we did a study on basically what do potential jihadists go to iraq and syria, what kind they
11:20 am
basically buy before joining this organization? i would think islamic thinkers by extremist militants. guess what books say? the islam 101 is the purchase. islam 101. what does it tell you? they can be brainwashed. basically taught whatever isis wants and that's exactly what isis is trying to do to convince them they are being basically have the most authentic vision of islam. when we talk about it, it's a very complex and costly fight. it's not about military. it's about ideology. how do you respond, basically counterbalance this savage vision of faith and humanity as well? >> let me ask you response from
11:21 am
jordan specifically. every single expert i had on the show yesterday, i asked in the wake of this video, do you think jordan will expedite this execution of the failed female suicide bomber? every one of them said no. it is not jordan's way. instead, we now know two people hang on death row. your response to that? >> i'm sorry to say, i was not surprised, we had known jordan was going to execute a day before in fact. there is a great deal as you know, brooke a great deal of anger, a great deal of rage. a great deal of many calls in jordan for event, even the father as you had him on your show. you had a quote by him. not only wants to revenge in terms of basically executing militant extremists but he wants basically a deeper evolve evolvement in the war against isis. my fear and this is my fear, brooke that this is not, jordan should not really fall into the trap of isis. jordan should not really act out
11:22 am
of, you know in order to really exact vengeance against isis. jordan is a state, a respectable state, respect the judicial system values and rules but the reality is in the short-term my take on it you're going to see a more intensified jordan and the coalition. in the long-term, is that there are question marks because they reel a position in jordanians for a deep and prolonged involvement in the fight against isis. >> please come back. you've written so much about this author of the new middle east protest and revolution in the arab world, also with school of economics. thank you so much sir. see you again. >> coming up next the deadliest crash in the history of one new york rail system after a train crashes into an suv. i'll talk to a passenger who was on that very train, what it was like in those moments after the crash when passengers scrambled to escape. you wouldn't do half of your daily
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deadliest accident in the history of new york's metro north commuter rail system. this was a collision between the train and this suv, the suv driver stuck on the tracks at the height of rush hour. a county official telling cnn the railroad safety gate came down on to this car. the driver got out, tried to lift the gate up, she managed to get back into her car but within mere moments, that is when the train hit. the collision was so incredibly intense, it pushed the suv 400 feet knocked the third rail of the track into the first train car. investigators say five people inside that first cab were killed. mostly burned beyond recognition. witnesses describe the scene. >> there was a passenger that ran past face and
11:28 am
people were pulling the windows off the emergency window screaming, yelling, it was just total panic. >> once i knew the train was on fire and giving any instructions it was when i knew it was time to get off. i heard people by the doors, broke open the glass, opened up the emergency doors. eventually i made my way out of the car. which was also very difficult because i think there was maybe 12 inches of snow on the ground. >> that last passenger you just heard from be talking to him live in the next hour but joining me now, another passenger, alex bernyay. he took the train into the city not afraid despite what we saw, the deadliest accident my goodness. glad you're okay. thank you for coming in. so you were the third car back. >> correct. >> describe for me what you heard, what you saw when it hit.
11:29 am
>> well a lot of commuters, we have our headphones on kind of zoned out for that hour so i was listening to an album in and out of sleep and the train pushed me back in my seat way more severe than i had ever experienced and -- >> sharply? >> yes, almost like skidding it was happening so fast and at that point, i took my headphones out and it was silent on the train. usually you can hear some humming, like the h vac and there was no noise. so all the other commuters in the car were looking around and at that point, the conductor announced we had struck a car and -- >> when you heard that when the conductor comes over the speaker and said you hit a car, did you understand what that meant at the time? >> made sense but i didn't get the magnitude of the condition of the front car. and no one really did until we got outside. >> how did you begin the process
11:30 am
of getting out of the train? was there an orderly evacuation? were you just bailing out the windows? how did that work? >> well shortly after that announcement people started pushing through to the second car and said it smelled like gas, and move towards the back. i grabbed my stuff and joined the crowd. at that point, we were all kind of pushing towards the back waiting for instructions but the focus for the first responders was at the head car. so we were just kind of waiting there until we saw people walking outside the train and they were kind of shouting at us get off the train, get off the train. so at that point, someone broke the glass lever and opened the door. no one in our car was jumping out of windows, but we had to jump out of the door into the snow. >> jumped out of the door into the snow and then you see the fire and then you realize the magnitude. >> yes. and we all headed back to the
11:31 am
crossing by the taconic. a staging area a lot of first responders. it was very reassuring in that regard people were really helping out. >> incredible and on the scene as quickly as they possibly could be. unreal. something that you do every single day that this could happen, alex we're glad. thank you so much for taking the time with me. i really really appreciate it. next we have some new developments today in the murder trial for former new england patriots star aaron hernandez. emotional today as the mother take it is stand but it's the prosecutor's question that raises eyebrows here. we'll share that moment with you from inside the courtroom. stay with me. oh yea, that's coming down let's get some rocks, man. health can change in a minute. so cvs health is changing
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former nfl star aaron hernandez, his fiance carried what could be this key item into the basement of her home the day odin lloyd was killed. was it intended to hide the murder weapon? that is the strategy prosecutors may be taking here. the prosecution showed images from hernandez's security camera that they say showed schianoxi ya shia ynna jenkins, the home she shared with aaron hernandez. miguel marquez is live outside of this house. let me begin with the strategy so far. we know the prosecution showed this video.
11:37 am
then the hug. what's going on? >> reporter: they're making the links here. they're saying at the time of his death, they were very close and then they have since grown apart as all of this has happened. they have intimated that shyanan took the black bag to the basement. where she was going, not very clear. shaneah saying after she saw her with the bag, asked to borrow her car and took off for a car hour. the murder weapon may have been in that bag but that's clearly where we seem to be headed. >> i wanted to ask you, the victim odin lloyd's mother took the stand and in previous days got up in the courtroom weeping and had to leave. she took the stand today. what was it the judge asked her to do? >> reporter: before the jury
11:38 am
came in they showed a picture of odin lloyd, a cleaned up picture, a head put her head down and identified her son. she began to get emotional. as she got up the judge said you'll be called back in a moment when the jury comes in i don't want you to show any emotion when we're showing pictures of your son. it won't be fair. we don't want you seeing cry or showing emotion. i know it's tough but it has to be. she agreed. technical testimony she gave. she did not cry in front of the jury. she got off the stand after only a few minutes and it was done but it must have been an extraordinarily tough day for her. >> i'll talk to my attorney next hour to see if that's typical of a judge to ask someone like that or harsh. miguel marquez. taking critical action in the fight against isis. one, about to step up strikes
11:39 am
and the other stopping them. why and will the murder of that jordanian fighter pilot prove to be a turning point in this war? ally suefon former fbi special agent, will join me next. od job. i like it when my toothpaste lets me know too. that's why i went pro. go pro with crest pro-health. for an intensive clean. i can really feel it deep cleaning my mouth. for a 4x better clean try these products together. that was a great check up.
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xfinity customers add xfinity home for $29.95 a month for 12 months. plus for a limited time, get a free security camera call 1800 xfinity or visit drug made famous in the '60s. the mere mention of acid conjures images of hippies tripping in san francisco's ashbury district ground zero for the movement. instead of hippies, it's techies dropping acid not just to expand consciousness but also their prophets. that's right profits. week long series. cnn money segal back with me. we talk smart drugs and now dropping acid. >> as part of our series on sex
11:44 am
and drugs in the valley i want to pull back on drug use in the bay area so i asked some of the most innovative people out there what they're on. turns out, lsd. part is dpenependent on flexing your biggest muscle your brain. stay up all night and cope and the other part is creativity. the ability to think outside the box, to have the breakthrough moment a moment that could turn your millions into billions. >> the billionaires i know almost without exception use hallucinogens on a regular basis. >> tim veris wrote the book about optimizing your time. his lifestyle is a cult-like following. >> the creativity comes from drugs. >> the people i know trying to be very disruptive and look at the problems in the world that exist and ask completely new
11:45 am
questions. they might look at something for hundreds of years and see something completely different. >> i was actually in a science fiction convention with a bunch of friends and the grateful dead truck came on the radio and my girlfriend had a revelation. oh that's why people listen to the grateful dead on lsd. >> it was the fourth of july when kevin first tried lsd. he's been using for decades. he works as an engineer for cisco. >> how high is the premium on creativity in silicon value? >> everything we do is creative. creative solutions and lsd fits into that because we get the sort of magical breakthrough. the grateful dead show the drums
11:46 am
drums. the hard core debugs. i took lsd. wait the problem is in hardware, not software at all. i come back to work the next day, tell my manager i had an epiphany. he said great show. >> and there's scientific proof that lsd could do just that. one study funded by the u.s. government in the '60s took a group of scientists and set them out to solve 48 different physics, math and architectural problems. problems that the scientists themselves had been unable to solve. each scientist was guided through a psychedelic trip at the end of which 44 of the 48 problems found a solution. >> i moved here to work in the apple garage building apple ones. that was 1976. >> that's daniel kotke. one of apple's first employees and first we knew steve jobs as one of the most successful creatore companies in the world, we had him. >> steve said lsd was one of the
11:47 am
best things he did. why was that? >> it kpands your consciousness. it could have been mushrooms, peyote any number of things. steve was never interested in smoking pot. that did not expand consciousness. >> today, psychedelic researchers are having a renaissance. there are more studies now than there have been in decades. >> we don't know as much about the human brain or body as we think we do. i mean we're absolutely medieval. i think we'll look back in ten years at our behavior now and it's going to look like blood letting and the dark ages. >> brooke you see, i was just talking to tim there, like are people open about this? and he's like you know they're not ashamed of it at all. they just don't really talk about it openly but in small settings people exchange notes. >> looks like the guy when he went in with his epiphany some sort of code of what i did las night. a brilliant idea. it's interesting hearing dan kotke talking about dropping acid with steve jobs back in
11:48 am
college, but are there any, you know higher profile techies in sillicon valley out with during this currently? >> you would get connected to other people and a lot of folks didn't want to talk openly about it but people responsible for software that we are using today spoke a little openly about saying we got the idea for this during this trip. you know obviously, you have to talk about the dangers. one other one when doing the research that was interesting was francis crick, the dna structure. there's rumors that was discovered on lsd. so interesting when you peel book the curtains about lsd, the safety implications here. this is classified by the d.a. as a very dangerous drug that can cause pair knowranoia and anxious. but there's a resurgence in research and people wanting to know what are the applications? is there any safe way?
11:49 am
>> wow. all right. something you learn everyday. laurie segal, what about tomorrow? >> we talk about drug gis in the valley. we'll talk about sex in silicone valley and the guy behind hashtag, coined the hashtag on twitter and applies data and an analytics. and go to a high-tech swinger party and the phone is the modern day key. it's going to be interesting nonetheless, brooke. i promise you that. >> you had me there. thank you so much laurie segal. joining us for the weekly series about the silicon are optimizing relationships and their brains through swinging polyamory and psychedelic drugs all week on cnn. thank you very much. still ahead, incredibly powerful images of this tragic plane crash captured on dash cam
11:50 am
video. how some including a toddler managed to survive. and next we get brand new information about the isis video of that jordanian pilot burned alive. we are now hearing supporters watch the video, cheered the video, even mentioned president obama by name. what is next? is this war at a turning point? stay right here. you're watching cnn. if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis like me and you're talking to your rheumatologist about a biologic... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira giving me new perspective. doctors have been prescribing humira for ten years. humira works for many adults. it targets and helps to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers including lymphoma have happened, as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment get tested for tb.
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plus for a limited time, get a free security camera call 1800 xfinity or visit in the fight against isis in this war against isis one u.s. ally ramping up air strikes while another key partner suspended them. right now we know jordan is quickly expanding its role in the u.s. led air strike on jordan's strongholds, plan for retaliation in the wake of the horrific horrific isis video that showed the young jordanian fighter pilot's final moments set on fire in a cage burned alive. u.s. official tells cnn jordan is in the process now of stepping up the air strikes.
11:55 am
at the same time the u.a.e. united air of emirates suspended air strikes on isis and demand the pentagon made a change. the uae called off air strikes for concern of its pilots safety and they asked the pentagon to move search and rescue operations closer to fighting zones zones. pentagon said no changes expected there. of course, the uae, one member of this massive coalition according to the state department, includes more than 60 members each pledging to help eliminate this threat posed by isis. we'll have to wait and see if this latest execution is a major moment in this conflict possibly pushing jordan or other names to step up in this fight. let me bring in former fbi counterterrorism ali soufan who served on the joint terrorism force with high level negotiations and author of this
11:56 am
phenomenal, phenomenal book "the black banners" inside story of 9/11 and the war against al qaeda. so nice to have you back. as always. >> great to be back. >> it's interesting. i think about so many different questions i want to ask you before we come on and have so much more knowledge you drop on me. let me begin with something you just started with. that the symbolism, perhaps, of this video, the notion that this young fighter pilot was burned alive could perhaps be actually isis saying to the rest of the world, this is what you do to us by these air strikes. >> well they are taking brutality to a different level, but if you look at this horrible horrific video, the brutal murder of this brave man, muath al kaseasbeh, they first burned him and then trying to stimulate what an air strike will look like because first, people get burned sometimes and then go down. that's not justifying the
11:57 am
craziness and the brutality and the mentality of isis and the people who carried out this horrific crime. >> what does that tell you about getting inside the minds of isis militant? be thinking that way? >> that decision definitely came from the leadership too and i think isis is scaling up to brutality because of its losses. isis is dealing with a lot of problems right now. they lost kobani. they lost about 30 villages around kobani. most of the global jihadis going inside syria, they're not really joining isis but actually gaining more ground also many different islamic groups part of the syrian opposition gaining grounds on the area towards turkish border. syria, sorry, isis lost many of their fighters in kobani.
11:58 am
hundreds hundreds. a lot of people are joining the group. there are reports of gaining a few thousand a week. i don't believe these things are accurate. what we see today that isis is trying to step up networks in places like yemen and pakistan. and i think cnn reported on some of these things. what we see and notice from sources on the ground they are not actually trying to challenge the global jihadi affiliates in these areas. like al qaeda in the arabian peninsula or taliban. instead, they are trying to set up networks for recruitment because they are really hurting and they need more people. also at the same time isis used brutality and use fear to control the population and that's something more the leadership of isis did than saddam used to work in saddam's military services. >> to your point, do you think that now we're reporting u.s.
11:59 am
officials saying jordan will be upping its air strikes, could that be perceived by isis as playing into their hands, that precisely what they want we are a superpower because you are bringing the fight to us? >> jordan needs to respond, absolutely. and they have every right to respond. now, it depends how they respond. if they up their air strikes, that is fine. because what isis wants now, isis wants a shock and awe moment. after the shock and awe moment they say from the west from the coalition, from everyone isis wants a battle that can show that they are fighting. the air strikes is a long-term strategy. it's killing them with a thousand cut. so they have hundreds if not thousands of their fighters are being killed in places like kobani and places like dae ya
12:00 pm
lee li in iraq. they don't have the global jihadi battle against infa dells or people who don't believe what they believe in. instead, they're being killed slowly. so that's what they are trying to do. they are trying to get an overreaction for us to have that shock and awe moment because this is a strategy of killing them with a thousand cut bleeding the organization to death. >> the key for the world or the west is not to overreact. to your point. >> not a short-term overreaction. we should have a long-term sustained attack against that organization. >> ali soufan thank you. >> thank you, brooke. i want to show this cr