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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  February 7, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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from her wife in november. we have more in then "newsroom" and it all starts right now. happening right now in the "newsroom," new air strikes against a major isis stronghold. >> behind me this is most important piece of territory isis still controls in northern iraq. >> the u.s. now trying to gather intel whether american ground troops should help keep them 23r78 taking over america's largest city. and a video allegedly showing cops beating a man on a sidewalk. wait until you hear who tracked down the evidence. and the false story of brian williams being in a represent nearly shot down in iraq. we'll show you how the probe is now widening.
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hello, again, everyone. thanks for joining me. i'm fredericka whitfield. artillery is raining down in eastern ukraine. the fighting between pro-russian rebels fighting for autonomy and ukraine's military force has seen absolutely no break for several days now. peace talks between russian president putin and his european counterparts didn't revive a cease-fire that has been in that tatters since september. how heavy this is fighting now. earlier when we were talking, there was a lot of shelling going on. >> reporter: literally since you began talking i'm hearing off to my right repeated shelling. you can probably hear that blast there. it hasn't really let up much in the past morning. and intermittent throughout the day. it appears to be impacting what
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is perhaps the ukrainian military behind it but always so hard to know who's firing at who and who's to blame for so many in indiscriminate civilian deaths and you can hear repeated impacts often consistent with rockets being fired. >> what about the citizens there? what are people saying thinking and feeling? >> well i'm sure you just heard that succession of rocket blasts too. a lot of horror here. people are terrified. they are often unsure quite where to go. the streets below me are deserted. the occasional car goes through and they are running out of food and we saw how people simply looking for food were blown away by one artillery shell last friday. horrifying scenes sadly increasingly common on both sides of the lines. both militaries and armed groups
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armed with heavy weapons quite capable of wrecking destruction in civilian areas here. i should point out this noise you're hearing behind me is the back talk to supposed peace talks the remarkable sight of vladimir putin meeting angela merkel and others. it didn't result in much. angela merkel said she was unsure of success in that track and joe biden saying ukraine had the right to defend itself. that could be what you're hearing. and we just heard from the ukraine president saying although he doesn't think there's a military solution to this war here certainly the thing to do is not arm ukraine. when they're defenseless, they're open to other acts of aggression. very loud behind me in donetsk. i'm sure in the coming days
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we'll learn who is trying to hurt who and who died. obviously, this is not a suggestion at all we're near a negotiated settlement fredericka. >> thank you so much from donetsk donetsk. earlier, vice president joe biden had strong words for putin over the crisis in ukraine and at one point saying this was testing europe and america. give us a sense of why, you know biden has taken this very strong word approach? >> reporter: well fred very strong words from vice president biden today, aimed at specifically at vladimir putin. he says it's time for russia to not agree just to peace but to actually show action on that. this comes at course at a time the white house is considering and debating whether they should send lethal aid to the ukrainians to help in this crisis. vice president biden today, he didn't make a specific mention of that in term debate going on
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in the white house but he spoke more broadly about the need and the right for the ukrainians to defend themselves. here's vice president biden today. today. >> given russia's recent history, we need to judge it by its deeds, not its words, don't tell us show us president putin. too many times, president putin has promised peace and delivered tanks, troops and weapons. so we will continue to provide ukraine with security assistance not to encourage war, but to allow ukraine to defend itself. >> reporter: now, here at the white house on monday there's a very important meeting going on between president obama and german chancellor angela merkel. that is happening at the white house. merkel has already come out. she is opposed to sending any more additional lethal aid to ukraine. she does not want to see any additional weapons into this
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conflict. the white house internally is going through a big debate whether they should do this. of course, key at the ender of that debate if they do send in more weapons, what will putin's reaction be? will he counter with adding more weapons of his own in ukraine and what that means for violence on the ground. a very heated discussion at the white house what the next step is. >> then today, on the sidelines of the munich conference secretary of state kerry met with the russian foreign minister who expressed optimism optimism? >> reporter: ye.s. the secretary of state met with him on the sidelines about munich meetings. then the came out and said he's against peace and like to see a withdrawal of heavy weapons in the region. the conversations taking place between france and russia and germany over the last few days have given him some confidence.
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i have to say that's a much different read than we've gotten from other leaders coming out of those same conversations. as negotiations continue without an end or cease-fire here the violence continues. >> at the white house, thanks very much. a turning point in jordan's fight against isis what the interior minister is saying about the brutal murder of the jordanian pilot, muath al kaseasbeh. the state of jordan is entitled to retaliate against this terrorist organization and we will pursue it wherever it is the beginning of an ongoing process to wipe them out completely. jordan and coalition partners have launched dozens of news strikes in syria and iraq and many rain down in isis in the iraqi city of mosul. here's phil black. >> reporter: behind me is the most important piece of territory isis still controls in
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northern iraq. mosul. it is iraq's second biggest city you can see here at the tom of mount zartak one off the closest positions of the fighters the peshmerga, who have drawn a line around the fighters. from here, there is a commanding view from mosul and the south and towns surrounding it and still occupied by isis as well. on this day, overhead has been the constant sound of aircraft fast moving aircraft. we have seen what appears to be a slower moving larger reconnaissance aircraft of some countdown, and then frequently repeatedly often very close to one another, the sound of large blasts in the distance. it is a hazy day, not the best day to view mosul from this location but you still have a very clear idea of what lies between the lines that have been established by the kurdish fighters around the south and southwest of this city and that
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no man's land in between, leading up to mosul itself. >> joining me right now from northern iraq is phil black. phil you've been to several locations on the front lines there, what have you been learning? >> reporter: what we've seen fred is that indeed the kurdish fighters on the ground have had circuit suk significant success pushing isis back in kurd ishish territories and holding them and they're still holding those positions. it shows isis is not able to move forward and claim big tracks of land the way it once did. the fighters on the ground believe they're winning and that does not mean victory is imminent but there is still mosul that they need to reclaim. the same ones that let isis take it in the first place will help
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them. once it is built and remotevated it is expected a large operation offensive made to clear that city. that still remains to be seen. >> phil black, thank you so much from iraq. and the family of an american hostage is pleading with her captors to contact them privately. the parents of 26-year-old kayla mueller is hoping her daughter is still alive. isis is claiming she was killed on a jordanian air strike on an isis target. but jordanian officials say there is no evidence she is still dead. 100 miles north of phoenix, what are you learning from that area? >> reporter: what we know is that the family has tried to be secluded. they haven't spoken out in front of cameras, but they have released a statement. they want people to know something about their daughter that she is someone who had a life of service and cared about
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others. they also sent a message directly to her captors. here in part is what it says. to those in position of responsibility for holding kayla and in adherence to your warnings and concerning for kayla's safety we have been silent until now. after going extraordinary efforts to keep her name out of the media throughout the world. by securing the cooperation of journalists throughout the world her name was released. this news leaves us concerned. you told us you were treating kayla as your guest and as your guest her safety and well-being remains your responsibility. they are at their family home with spiritual council as well as surrounded by friends and family. >> thanks so much. keep us posted. we'll have much more from the "newsroom" after this. fitnes s! here's our new trainer ensure active heart health. crowd: yayyyy! heart: i'm going to focus on the heart.
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new attack is an intelligence isis and iraq in syria. there were 26 air strikes overnight according to central command and we're learning the united arab emirates has ordered f-16s into jordan. and frank mancona, a former military attache. good to see you. how significant is it that these f-16s are sent to jordan? >> this is pretty significant. after the downing of the jordanian pilot in december the uae halted its operations and said they were not close enough to the operation in case one of their pilots goes down. this puts them closer and the united states has moved assets to be closer to the action.
11:16 am
the uae made a comment, we responded. i think the coalition is a little stronger right now. we have the jordanians conducting operations over syria and looks like the uae will come back into the fold and restart its operations. this is a welcome development. >> when the uae said it would suspend or hold off having its fighter jets engaged because they too, were concerned about any of their pilots going down and falling into the hands of isis and i guess a reconsideration a newer vamped pledge saying the uae pledged unwavering and constant solidarity with jordan. it seems that is a circuit step up that the arab community, a significant step that the uae, jordan we collectively want to dismantle destroy isis. will that inspire other arab
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states to invest more in this coalition? >> one would hope. of course the uae, jordan all of these monarchies in the region feel threatened by isis because isis has said they are going to get rid of them. jordan would be next on the radar and after jordan saudi arabia. the saudis have a potent military force and we want the saudis more engaged. the uae brings a lot to the fight but the big dog is saudi arabia. they have very capable armed forces and we would like to see them more committed. if we can get back to striking targets in syria, those arab countries we will be much better off. the iraqi portion of this with the western ally seems to be pretty much under control >> is it your feeling isis may have miscalculated their response from arab nations given the death of the jordanian pilot? >> it is. i think they grossly
11:18 am
underestimated the jordanian response. there were a lot of divisions in jordan and i think isis was trying to capitalize on it by drive ing driving wedge saying it was not an jordan problem, an american problem but certainly not of the jordanians. i think this treatment of this pilot, brutal killing of the pilot making it public has galvanized the jordanian public in support of the king and the car and now jordanians are going after isis with a vengeance. and the war. they're doing it concert with the coalition, the only effective way to do this. >> rick always good to see you. thanks so much. they took an oath to serve and protect. investigators say two police officers attacked and lied. we'll show you the key piece of evidence authorities say caught them in a cover-up.
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two philadelphia police officers have been charged with brutalizing a man and then lying to cover it up. >> reporter: vindicated by video, nearly two years after he was beaten by police. 23-year-old najee rivera
11:25 am
receives a slice of justice. the two police officers indicted by a jury and arrested this week charged with police brutality brutality. >> the eye was beaten and swollen shut a broken nose approximately 20 staples from the top of his head having his head split open. >> reporter: it was may 29th, when veterans officers said rivera resisted arrest after they said he ran a stop sign on his scooter. in an initial report officers said rivera quote attempted to flee on foot after being pulled over. according to officers rivera then slammed an officer against a brick wall before throwing elbows at an officer during the struggle. officer robinson was even said to suffer minor pain. after watching surveillance video from the incident the grand jury determined the officer's story was a lie. >> the video undermined every aspect of the officer's account of the incident. another officer at the scene
11:26 am
thought mr. rivera had been shot since there was so much blood on the ground. >> reporter: it was rivera's girlfriend who found the video, the result of knocking on local businesses to see what happened and if it was caught on tape. >> it is embarrassing and brings issues you saw across the country. these guys do not represent the majority of police officers. >> reporter: the district attorney has dropped all charges against rivera. his attorney says rivera knew this day would come. >> it's unfortunate, you know, for the police department as a whole. they're all a pretty good bunch of professionals. we try to protect everybody in philadelphia, and they have got a tough job to do. it's a sad thing this particular incident occurred. >> given this kind of evidence are we looking at a plea deal? >> we reached out to the attorneys for both officers. they haven't gotten back to us as far as a plea deal. what we do know is that guy you looked at najee rivera settled a
11:27 am
$200,000 lawsuit with the city of philadelphia and in better spirits now according to his attorney. getting back to the attorney for the police officers they did send us a statement. i want to read officer robinson's statement first. kevin robinson has been a respected and dedicated member of the philadelphia police department the past seven years. he looks forward to clearing his name and getting back to protecting and serving the citizens of philadelphia. mr. wright's statement was a different attorney but along the same lines. he is a good cop who risks his life every day. when suspect ss flee they create risk fors themselves for the public and officers who bravely pursue them. and his attorney said he was scared and why he tried to leave. they're saying if not for that this would have never happened and standing by their actions. >> when you have the police chief who comes out and says what he say, it is interesting these two officers would stand by their statement. >> absolutely. >> nick valencia thank you so
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new venus swirl. and try new venus with a touch of olay with five times more moisturizers hello again. welcome back to the "newsroom." i'm fredericka whitfield. nbc news says it is launching an internal investigation into the claims brian williams made about being in a helicopter that was shot by an rpg in iraq back in 2003. the anchor's story first came under question when military veterans disputed the story. in a memo to staff this week the president of nbc said quote as you would expect we have a team dedicated to gather the
11:32 am
facts around us and we're working to the best next steps are. >> brian williams exaggerating some of his iraq war reporting is not silencing the story. >> reporter: despite a separate apology to nbc employees, the conversation is only getting louder. 10 years ago, the big chair was seeded to brian williams and now not saying he wants brian out. he says i have neither suggested nor demanded brian be fired. his future is up to brian and nbc news executives. those are hardly heart-warming words from his colleague. and these words are more supportive. i don't know the particulars of brian in iraq. i do know brian. he is an honest and decent man and excellent reporter and
11:33 am
anchor and brave one. and dan rather's name is not free of controversy. the #brian misremember is exploding placing him at historic events. the controversy has been growing since his mea culpa wednesday night. >> i made a mistake recalling the events of 12 years ago. >> reporter: he's not the only one having trouble with the fine details. the pilot who said he was flying brian's helicopter in iraq now admits he is questioning his own memory. yesterday, he told cnn the chinook helicopter did come under small arms fire. now, he's not so sure. several others say quell was actually piloting a different helicopter in the area. he said his nightmares are coming back and wants to forget. perhaps the only person to clear up this confusion is brian williams. >> why this internal
11:34 am
investigation, in the case of dan rather as you brought up there was an external investigation. what's different here? >> that's right, in this case nbc hasn't decide wide they're deciding to go internal instead of external. apparently this is not an independent investigation because the people carrying it out work for nbc. the man leading the investigation, that said richard esposito has a great track record at different organizations and now nbc. he digs and digs to get the truth. i talked to one worker interviewed by esposito last night and definitely is an investigation going on. not just about the iraq story and williams' accounts about hurricane katrina. there have been several reports scrutinizing what he said about the aftermath of katrina and nbc looking into that and trying to fact check what their anchor has said over the years. >> it is still confusing as to
11:35 am
why why, if he was telling these stories stories, why producers he worked with photographers and soundmen he worked with it's as simple as asking them what do you remember? you were with him, when in iraq you're working with a natural of people. when in ca train naka katrina, you're working with a number of people. it would seem easy for nbc leadership to get to the bottom of these stories by corroborating with the people he's working with. >> i agree with you and i've been urging nbc to have those employees come forward and let them speak and tell their versions of the events. there's a sense in the television news industry williams is quite vulnerable here. he and probably not the only one, that he has exaggerated these stories in the past particularly this one about iraq we have seen several other versions. if he has done that he's not the only one. there's a sense of myth making or brand building you sometimes see not just among journalists
11:36 am
but among celebrities and athletes all the rest. journalists are in a special category of course. we are supposed to be the ones that do stick with the truth and facts and call people out when they stray too far and exaggerate. that's why, of course the serious credibility for williams. york i don't think his job is necessarily on the line? >> you don't? >> the fact people are even talking about it means maybe it is. it goes to show how much has changed in these last two or three days since the story surfaced. i guess the reason i say i'm not sure his job is on the line because he has bumped credibility and done dangerous work. he was in iraq and new orleans, not like he was there and over the years did embellish his story. >> he is very well respected and i used to work with him at msnbc and nbc but i do understand why this has to happen. >> if the viewers don't trust
11:37 am
him there's nothing left. that's the business we're in trust business. >> at first people were thinking it was just about this 2003 helicopter trip now we understand this nbc investigation might also involve some accounts he has expressed after his katrina reporting. in fact this is one example of a conversation he had, not one that he record but one in which he was asked about in this report. let's listen. >> when you look out of your hotel room window in the french quarter and watch a man float by facedown when you see bodies that you last saw in upon da aceh in nish and swore to yourself you would never see in your country, i beat that storm, i was there before it arrived. i rode it out with people who later died in the superdome. >> now, as part of this nbc investigation, the investigation editor esposito would be
11:38 am
looking into that his katrina reporting, and what his accounts have been whether there's any real truth to all of it? >> yeah. this one's murkier because it's not as if he was with six other people six other soldiers who can verify for contradict his account. that issue of whether it is possible to have a dead body floating down the street outside his hotel is what people have honed in reporters in new orleans and elsewhere. he was staying at a hotel right on the edge of the french quarter, the ritz carlton hotel. the hotel is among the highest grounds in new orleans. there were reports at the time it was one of the few that did not flood significantly. we have spoke to people -- i should be clear one of my colleagues spoke to a person who said there was some water outside the carlton. it was about waist high. the idea we're getting to this level of detail show this scrutiny brian williams is under and needs to be at this point because if people trust him and
11:39 am
regain trust they have to be accommodate his stories check out. an associated press photographer says he actually saw a body not far from canal street which is where that ritz carlton is in the french quarter when the water was high further up the street. outside the ritz carlton, conceivably someone else may have seep something, few. thanks so much. it is an awkward difficult subject to talk about involving one of our colleagues in the business. thanks so much brian. all right. imagine getting smarter, just by taking a hand full of pills? it's not science fiction. it's actually happening right here in the united states. are the side effects worth the risk? we will find out. ng people? why are we so committed to keeping you connected? why combine performance with a conscience? why innovate for a future without accidents? why do any of it? why do all of it? because if it matters to you it's everything to us. the xc60 crossover.
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growing list of states with confirmed cases of measles. based on cnn's account there have been at least 110 cases since january 1st. among the 16 states and washington affected california is the hardest hit. a majority of its cases resulted from a measles outbreak in disneyland last december. u.s. authorities have arrested six people on charges of providing materials and money to terrorists in syria and iraq. all six defendants immigrated to the u.s. from bosnia. three are naturalized citizens. officials say two suspects plan to join terrorists in battle. five were arrested in the u.s. and one-tom fuentes, arrests like these come from just one of roughly 1,000 open terror investigations. cnn's pamela brown talked to the head of counter-terrorism at the fbi about how difficult it can be to track down potentially
11:44 am
dangerous terror targets particularly how easy it is to recruit using social media. >> fredericka we got a rare chance to sit down and talk with the man leading the fbi's counter-terrorism efforts and he shared disturbing insight how isis is reaching into american homes to find their newest recruits and their next victims. of all the weapons used by terrorists one of the most dangerous is social media. >> they're using it successfully to spot assess identify target folks outside car zones. they're using it in europe and the united states. >> when you say target folks, how young are we talking? >> we've seen across the globe kids as young as 13 recruited by isil. >> 13. >> 13. >> are they in direct in some cases with isis militants
11:45 am
overseas in syria reaching out to them directly? >> what we've seen is individuals in syria reaching directly into the united states starting in public chats on different social media platforms and then moving to private chats where they continue to recruit, inspire and coerce individuals to either travel overseas or even worse conduct an attack in the united states. >> reporter: michael stinebach, the head of the counter- counter-terrorism investigation says isis is using this to contact. contact. >> there is intelligence on for intelligence is using social media to target law enforcement, targeting government officials. >> reporter: that threat led the
11:46 am
fbi to issue a string of warnings urging government employees to scrub their social media profiles of any information terrorists could use to find them. >> everyone is on social media these days. how do you get through the noise of someone who's just mouthing off versus someone who is a legitimate threat? >> that's the trick of law enforcement and the trick of the u.s. intelligence community, to work through that using data, using strong analytical skills. it's a full-time job and it's a challenge. >> reporter: something else he said that really jumped out to me there's been this deliberate focus by isis leadership to use social media to recruit people with sophisticated and specific skills like engineers and accountants, people to run the business end of their caliphate. >> thank you so much pamela. we'll be right back.
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what's that thing? i moved our old security system out here to see if it could monitor the front yard. why don't you switch to xfinity home? i get live video monitoring and 24/7 professional monitoring that i can arm and disarm from anywhere.
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hear ye! the awkward teenage one has arrived!!!! don't be old fashioned. xfinity customers add xfinity home for $29.95 a month for 12 months. plus for a limited time, get a free security camera call 1800 xfinity or visit as the united arab emirates sends f-16s into jordan now it ramps up the pressure on isis and brings the question what is the end game? the president of the islamic for rum for democracy and effort for the battle of the soul of islam as american muslim patriots fight to save his faith. welcome. >> nice to be with you. thank you for having me. >> what should the world's
11:50 am
muslim leaders be doing to stop isis from further warping islam? >> there's two things. first of all as the military target you cannot defeat groups like isis ideologyically. these are savages and militants who will only stop when stopped military. we have to ignite the coalition to strengthen. you can't get rid of isis without getting rid of the assad genocide against our communities and families in damascus and radicals radicals go into iraq. >> similarly to the slackic reform. the islamic state did not come out of mid-air, came out of islamic theocracy sies like saudi arabia and areas that whip apostates and target women and others. these are ideologies we have to counter. especially in the west
11:51 am
americans are in a position to address these in position and reform and counter political islam. >> when you say the coalition must strengthen are you also saying this fight against isis should mostly be an arab nation fight as the uae recommits its interest in fighting as jordan steps up its come barredbombardment. >> you have these arab countries moving in because they've been sucked into isis' propaganda to a country where assad is basically dominating. we have no intelligence and know what's happening on the ground because his military is preventing that from happening. yes, in some ways the arab countries have to lead this. in others they're the last ones to do the ultimate fix. ultimately not only getting rid of isis but regime change with assad has to happen. you have so many obstacles
11:52 am
including including hezbollah law and iran and some are underequipped to deal with the reality what's happening on the ground in syria. >> do you feel like leaders in islamic states have felt kind of conflicted about whether isis is more the enemy or if assad is more the enemy? is there a real distinction? >> this is the reason why the west has that third path of liberty as the solution. sure the arab countries are conflicted. saudi arabia had hijackers on 9/11 created these monsters. they're conflicted because these islamists they create through the petro dollars and brotherhoods that will try to displace these monarchs and the other hand the monocrats want to control them and sort of a ying and yang on two sides of the jihadi coin. >> thank you, doctor appreciate
11:53 am
it. >> any time. thanks. hey! guess what day it is?? >>hump day! hummmp daaay! it's hump day! >>yeah! >>hey mike! mike mike mike mike mike! >>mike mike mike mike mike. hey! he knows! hey! guess what day it is! hey! camel! guess what day it is! >>it's not even wednesday. let it go, phil. if you're a camel, you put up with this all the time. it's what you do. (sigh) if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. ok... [meow mix jingle slowly and quietly plucks] right on cue. [cat meows] ♪meow, meow, meow, meow...♪ it's more than just a meal it's meow mix mealtime. with great taste and 100% complete nutrition, it's the only one cats ask for by name.
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most people dream about being starter but is it that simple? here's cnn money's laurie segall. segall. >> smarter faster stronger. >> reporter: harder better faster stronger it's not just a kanye west song. it's also and ethos in the tech world. >> gamma wave i warn you, doesn't taste great but it's worth it. >> reporter: you take all of
11:57 am
these and put them in your hand and take them. is that safe to do? >> it's totally safe to do that. i look back to my clenchollege days we had beer bombs, it's the thing to do. i have some of the most expensive pee on the planet. >> i thought this guy was crazy. he's the ceo of bullet proof, an entrepreneur and also known for experimenting with drugs, the smart ones. >> what i'm trying to do is age less quickly but most importantly i'm working on having the most energy and having a brain that works really really well. when i weighed 300 pounds i was having bad problems with brain fog, as an entrepreneur that's a problem. >> reporter: that combo he's downing is what's referred to as a stack, smart drugs known as neutropics. they could be anything from a stimulant like coffee or prescription.
11:58 am
nu nootropics smart drugs, they're said to enhance your brain and performance. they have become used in the tech world in part because of competition and long hours. it boils down to biohacking this idea we can control our own biology and program it to maximize results. it's hard to know how safe they are. people using these enhancers can suffer from side effects, headache insomnia nausea. many haven't been studied. >> i've used every class of drug you can emergency, eitherall different drugs, the list goes on and on. >> reporter: tim's body is essentially a living lab. he also practices biohacking anything that can control any part of his body he'll try. there are no limits. here in silicon valley you are your own athlete, only as good as your mind. smart drugs are way entrepreneurs are helping to achieve that marathon.
11:59 am
>> just like an olympic athlete willing to do almost anything even if it shortens their life by five years to get a gold medal you will think about what pills and potients you can take the difference between making a million dollars and a billion dollars is right here. >> reporter: let's say in 10 15 years if you do have some horrific side effects, will it have been worth it? >> i had side effects. when i was developing the diet i tried and extreme form that gave me food allergies i didn't have before. things happen. i'm still working to reverse that. i had food allergies to different foods. it was a relatively small risk. if i do find out down the road there are side effects, will it have been worth it? ye. the quality of my life is so much higher now than 10 years ago it's priceless. >> pretty intriguing. see more about sex drugs and
12:00 pm
silicon valley on the special tonight at 7:30 eastern time. still much ahead in the "newsroom." it all starts right now with poppy harlow in new york. -- captions by vitac -- hi everyone. you're in the cnn newsroom. i'm poppy harlow in new york. a lot to get to this hour. there are growing signs today of growing military conflicts on two fronts one a showdown from a former cold war foe accused of meddling in ukraine and the other in the middle east. peace talks with vladimir putin appear to be crumbing and crumbing fast as russian backed force unleash a fresh round of shelling in ukraine. our correspondent on the ground heard this gunfire. >> reporter: if you can potentially hear on the other microphone we have set up the sound of shells slamming into the area i was woken by this morning and now as