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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  February 8, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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"newsroom." i'm poppy harlow joining you from new york. it is 6:00 eastern. a lot to get to this hour. the american-led coalition is pounding isis targets in iraq and syria. a cnn crew watching near mosul are reporting multiple explosions inside the city center. also taking a big role in this week erndz's air strike jordan. jordan's air force joining back with the coalition forces bombing isis positions inside of syria. jordan promising to fly more missions against isis upping the ante after the death of a jordanian pilot at the hands of isis. also two u.s. senator, a democrat and republican both want to send american weapons directly to the kurdish fighters the peshmerga forces fighting isis in iraq. both virginia's tim cain and ted cruz of texas say they do not want u.s. troops sent to fight isis at this point, calling for the kurdish peshmerga forces american boots on the ground and that coming from senator cruz. if isis was trying to frighten
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or intimidate the world by killing the jordanian pilot burning him alive and doing it so publicly that attempt has backfired. how jordan went from the neighbors from the sidelines of this war to all in. >> reporter: it was a grisly video showing lieutenant colonel muath al kaseasbeh burned alive. now it has galvanized the arab world in the battle against extremism. regional countries led by jordan are stepping up their participation in the coalition attacking isis. >> this is definitely not the u.s.' war. this is definitely our war. >> the uae has also announced it will send a squadron of f-16s to fly side by side their jordanian counterparts as they carry out air strikes. muslim cleric too, have joined in trying to discredit the group's ideology. >> translator: we tell the youth islam did not carry a message of
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sabotage and destruction. it only came to serve humanity to achieve world peace and to bring mercy to the world. >> reporter: atrocities committed against sunni muslims by isis are unifying arab leaders to find a common strategy but beyond the strong rhetoric a lot of challenges need to be overcome. for one, many experts believe aerial bombardments alone won't dismantle the so-called caliphate that extends from syria to central iraq but there's no indication that countries like jordan are willing to put boots on the ground at this stage. and relying on the forces already there has its own shortcomings. in iraq the country's weak army has relied on shia militia back by iran to draw out iran a strategy that may further sideline the sunni minority. in syria, a u.s.-planned so-called moderate fighters that can take on the extremists is still weeks away. all along, isis expands its
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tentacles of terror. >> egypt, the sinai province militants loyal to the group killed 30 people last week. in libya's capital, tripoli, gunmen linked to isis reese endly attacked a hotel frequented by foreigners and on saudi arabia's border to, iraq militants aligned with isis left three guards dead. from abu dab toe amman arab capitals recognize the threat posed by the militant group. what is less clear is how to overcome am doestic challenges and political challenges to rid the region of the plague of extremist ideology. becky anderson cnn, amman. becky anderson thank you for that report. let's get straight to buck sexton a former cia counterterrorism analyst. thanks for being with me. it's good to have you. >> good to be here. >> huge step up by jordan and the uae after they pulled back
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in december in the fight. i wonder if you think there comes a point where we can hand over much of this to our allies in the region? >> quite honestly i think they're looking to us to do considerably more because there are limitations. >> so no? >> no. what's happened here is there's been a change. it was acceptable for a while to box isis in and to contain them to the greatest degree possible and that's what the campaign has been doing while they try to galvanize allies on the ground and create the forces necessary to take back territory in iraq and on top of that take back territory in syria. what's changed is the jordanians are saying we don't want to wait around anymore and we don't want to wait for you guys in d.c. and washington to come up with a grand strategy to deal with this and we don't want to co-exist or be near the isis group and we want to eliminate and destroy them and so they're more aggressive now than they have been in the past. >> the air strikes now, a campaign three-month long tough campaign and the air strike
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bombardment of kobani did drive isis out and it took an incredible amount of force from a number of party, and i want you to listen to what john kerry, secretary of state said about it and get your reaction. >> we've disrupted their command structure and undermined its propaganda taken out half of their senior leadership and squeezed its financing and damaged its supply networks and dispersed its personnel and forced them to think twice before they move in an open convoy. we are forcing them to change tactics. >> this coming in the same week that senator john mccain said on our air we are losing the fight against isis. much more needs to be done by the news secretary of state kerry's assessment is so rosy as to be disingenuous. when you look at a map of isis-controlled territory which is the best indicator of how powerful the group is and how entrenched it is it hasn't budged very much. sure we have prevented them from taking baghdad.
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that would have been catastrophic. they still have mosul and a city of a million, a million-plus people and we have to take that back but to say that they're no longer parading around in enormous convoys with flags saying here we are with theis legalic state and we're in charge and they've shifted their tactics, and this is doing the minimum. even if you were to tally up the air strikes in recent months you'll see it's a much slower pace than bosnia and iraq. >> because you heard even you know senator ted cruz saying a republican we need to arm the peshmerga, but at this point we don't want to send ground troops in. >> arming the peshmerga would be a good step, and the islamic state has had a long time to set up in and they know we're coming and they're very aware of that you will need some u.s. deployed presence and u.s. special operations forces in some capacity if you want to be successful and do this in a reasonable timeframe. we can hope that the iraqis will get it together with the
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peshmerga, but even if that's true and that's a very big f you've only now taken back the part of iraq under islamic state control and their main base of operation is still in syria and the free syrian army is fledgeling and there's no hope of them taking over rama any time soon and this is something that the administration is slow rolling and they're saying you need to step it up. >> stand by. we'll talk to you about more later in the show. we appreciate it. also our phil black has been meeting with kurdish peshmerga troops who are in this fight against isis on the front lines in iraq near where we were discussing the isis strong hold of mosul. let's hear from phil's report from erbil. >> reporter: what we've seen from the air are, in fact what we've seen from very close to mosul, sustained air strikes around there. what we've seen in various front lines around this region and kurdish forces dug in and really having already pushed isis back considerably now holding defensive lines and keeping them
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from moving further into this territory once again, what they appear to have done successfully is really set up a perimeter, not just around mosul itself but one that protects all of this kurdish territory and the kurdish fighters the officials we talked to they explain this as phase one of the operation, if you like. this containment of isis. this protection for kurdish territory and cutting off mosul. what comes next is the operation to free mosul itself. the timeframe for that well there's a lot of speculation about just when that could begin. officials havinged as soon as april and the kurdish fighters say they're willing to play a part, but don't want to do the heavy lifting. they think it could much longer because what it comes down to is rebuilding the iraqi army rebuilding retraining and remote straighting this military force so it can take that arab city and the same military force that fled and abandoned mosul when isis first moved into this
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region so it is a big asking. >> phil black, thank you for that. let's talk more about this buck former cia looking at how you strategically deal with situations like this. we haven't talked that much recently about turkey. we've got an incredible incredible force in turkey and i wonder if you think the u.s. should be calling more or if turkey should step up more on this. >> we certainly have been asking the turks to do more in securing the border because of the fighters that have been flowing in and quite honestly continue to. even despite the efforts of the turks which have been accelerated because we've been putting pressure on them and you mentioned cob any and this is a town of 40,000 and when you look at how long it took and the effort it took. >> three months of sustained air strikes. >> that tells you about how effective these air strikes can be on their own. you have to allow kurdish fighters and this is a town of 40,000. look at how difficult, prolonged, protracted that fight was and now you look at mosul and over a million and you don't
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know because so many have fled and it was a city of 1.6 million in years and that is a city that is essential to the sunni-arab heartland of iraq and it has a significance of the islamic state. >> they used it in their propaganda campaigns saying look how great life is under isis. >> this is exactly how they're trying to prove that they're a state and if they can administer a city that's that large and that important and hold it by the way, they're certainly operating like a state in mosul. >> bud sexton thank you. thanks for joining us. coming up we'll talk about the issues that have become known as lady al qaeda. the taliban wanted to exchange a hostage for her. so did isis and why did these terror groups put such a value on this woman. who is she? we'll also talk about other women who are going overseas or attempting to to join isis. that's ahead. i've been called a control freak... i like to think of myself as more of a control... enthusiast.
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hostage james foley before his death last summer to secure one woman's return. her nickname is lady al qaeda. her real name dr. aafia siddiqui a mother of three who lived outside of boston. back in 2008 police arrested her and found a note in her bag referring to a mass attack. she says she was framed and she's in prison now in texas. why are these women so important for isis? she is of course not the only prisoner that they want swapped for hostages that they have been holding. joining me to discuss women rights activist muslim ireporter zunira. good to see you in person. we usually have you on remotely. i appreciate it. >> tell us first about this woman and why you think she's currently in prison in texas and
3:16 pm
why do you think isis wants her back so badly? >> it's not only her. isis has shown consistently loyalty, if you may, to women prisoners such as the one in jordan. >> who was just executed. >> completely but that woman, for example, we all have forgotten about her, in 2005 and they're saying we want that woman. they're showing loyalty and purpose for women. they're telling women, you have a role in this jihad that we are fighting and you have a role in this new culture we're building and we want you to be a part of it. from a woman's perspective in societies oppressing women and they're telling you, you cannot leave, you can't get harried. you cannot have a boyfriend and not have anything. >> it's very odd because this week cnn has been reporting our reporters on the ground saw pamphlets that isis members were handing out outlining rules of how to treat women as sex slaves saying when it is okay to enslave them how young women
3:17 pm
it is okay to have sex with. it seems bipolar of them. >> absolutely. absolutely. so i think this is like a propaganda strategy. we give you a role in all of these things so you make these women like hero but once you're inside and a woman in mosul were reporting, for example of mass rape if they were not wearing the proper head scarf. women under 45 cannot leave mosul. it is only above 45 can leave mosul because they are now above the marriage age. they are required to have sex. this is their jihad to have sex. it's a very patriarchal system to this new culture that they're trying to build, their vision you know? it's very patriarchal, but a very smart one, because they are giving them a role be it a sex fighter, if you may, and they're playing on the psychology. >> it's perverse. >> absolutely. >> you have followed an i report and been on with me before talking about being a muslim woman and how to explain to your daughter what isis is doing and how there's such a perversion
3:18 pm
and attempted perversion of the faith that you and so many live by. what is your take on this? >> well i completely agree with zainab. she is absolutely right when she says this is their way of empowering women. this is their way of saying you can be a baby making or sex slave or you can be in the front lines of you know making this caliphate. you can be there and say that, look this is what i'm doing to save the religion or this is what i'm doing to make a difference. the reason why they're highlighting these women is they're saying we're all for you. we're all about empowerment. we are supporting you. that's why we're fighting for women who are in the jail and when you talk about that you know, they're bipolar. they're very bipolar about other women and they're saying look if you're a muslim woman we're giving you a higher status and if you're a yazidi woman you can be used for other things. they have really used especially for women living in western
3:19 pm
societies, and if you come from a conservative family it's really a great motivating factor when you're at home and your family is telling you that your only role could be certain things that you can do and here it is through social media and through you find this higher purpose that you can do or achieve anything that you want and one of those things is paradise or even finding a martyr husband with isis. >> and zainab the head of the fbi's counterterrorism division talked about in an interview with cnn this week we've seen arrests made in multiple states in this country for women that have been on their way to the airport or arrested at the airport in an attempt to go join isis and to be a bride of isis for example. how do you think we can most effectively fight that what has clearly become successful online recruitments? >> absolutely. the fight against isis in my opinion has to enter into it one is the military which i'm not the expert on, but one is
3:20 pm
the ideology. the ideological fight and that one has to be done by presenting to women and men, to the youth in the middle east particularly with an alternative. >> in the teens. >> absolutely. the middle eastern population 60% of 350 million people are under the age of 30. these are unemployed kids who are college graduates and their dreams are crushed for a variety of reasons, employment and social reasons. so we need to create an alternative ideology. the alternative ideology has to have a purpose for them and a role for them and that is not being discussed, actually. all that we're talking is how do you combat isis military and we're not creating an alternative ideology. >> do you agree with that that there has not been enough of a conversation on that front? >> yes. absolutely. i think last time i was on too, poppy i said we have to look inward and only muslims can do that. we have to look at the translation of the koran and we have to look at the role of the women and really see are we in line with the modern times?
3:21 pm
are women given that place that they're seeking when they're looking at this extremist agenda or extreme version of islam, and that can only be done through dialogue through involving women, through involving younger generations in the conversation. >> ladies thank you very much for being with me. we'll keep talking about this. it's incredibly important. good to have you both on the program. >> thank you. >> coming up next are some in congress putting our nation's national security in jeopardy because they don't agree with the president? we're talking about how funding for the dhs is getting held up. who is to blame, what is the solution and how great is the risk? that's next. ommmmmmm my new website on squarespace is designed to help you tuck yourself in at night. it features guided meditations soothing melodies, and stories to help you get cozy. ommmmmmm
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all right. the head of the department of homeland security says at least 30,000 employees could be furloughed if congress does not approve funding for the department by the end of this month. we're talking about a matter of weeks here that this deadline is approaching. right now the money is delayed because congressional republicans are tying the funding to a rollback of the president's executive order on immigration and therefore democrats are filibustering it. some folks blame the democrats. some folks blame the republicans. here's homeland security's jeh johnson this morning on state of the union. >> let's not forget that the department of homeland security interface wes the american public more than any other
3:26 pm
department of our government. at airport, at ports and so to just say, well we'll just make them come to work without pay, first of all is a real challenge for the working men and women of my department. second it means furloughing at least 30,000 of our department and cutting back very significantly on our operations. our operations to pursue homeland security. so this is not a situation to make light of. in these challenging times we need a fully funded department of homeland security. >> buck sexton political commentator is back with me. i know the republicans disagree very much with the president's executive order on immigration, but do you think it is the right move to tie that to funding the department of homeland security? >> it's certainly their right to do so and it raises an important -- >> is it the right move?
3:27 pm
>> i think it is. i wish they'd done more before they'd passed a budget. i wish they'd taken this up then but they didn't right after the election. >> right. this is sort of a secondary option. this one is probably pretty decent. they're exercising the power of the purse and what president obama has done is beyond his power as he himself once said and they are fully funding. the whole narrative of obstruction we heard is finally now switching over and now we have democrats openly filibustering this issue. >> they say this should not be tied to this bill and you need to fund the department that runs fema that runs the tsa, i.c.e. immigration, border security secret service. you need to fully fund it. >> you're talking about a small furlough of an enormous department that didn't exist ten years ago and the notion that we can't go a couple of weeks with a slightly decreased staffing. >> how do you know? >> it probably won't happen and that's something to force a discussion about whether president obama's executive amnesty should go through.
3:28 pm
the republicans now in congress have the right to say we're just not going to fund this and we'll fund everything else in dhs and it shows you how absolutely dedicated to this one idea democrats in the senate are that they're willing to stop the whole thing from going through and they're being obstructionist by the logic they've demonstrated and there's no other way for them to present this. >> it's interesting, senator ted cruz a republican saying this strategy is not my idea. this came from the republican leadership and he said i think they're basically putting themselves into a box with this. do you agree? is this a strategy that will be effective? what's the endgame? >> if nothing else it reminds the american people that president has overreached on his authority here and the democrats even up to the point of defunding temporarily a small portion of dhs. >> 30,000 employes. >> there are hundreds of thousands of people that work for dhs. it won't make a dent because it probably won't happen and it's important that the democrats don't actually want a government
3:29 pm
that functions better and now that they don't have the majority anymore, the rules have apparently changed, but most are realizing that no it's not how it's supposed to work. elections have consequences. >> we have to go. who will blink? >> i think republicaning will probably blink. >> can't believe you got me to say that. >> coming up next is it time for the united states to start spending money to send weapons to ukraine? senator john mccain and others say it could turn the tide helping ukraine defeat pro-russian rebels and others warn it could justice clat thing escalate things and make them worse. rowling. or is it just me? every minute between you and red lobster's lobsterfest feels like an eternity. and who could blame you for craving our largest variety of succulent lobster dishes all year? dishes like dueling lobster tails. with one tail topped with creamy shrimp and a second tail stuffed with tender crab. i was hungry already and now you show me
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a last-ditch effort to end ukraine's bloody conflict may be falling apart. just days before a critical peace summit russia's vladimir
3:33 pm
putin is hinting he may not show up and he is facing pressure to withdraw pro-russian separatists that have claimed more than 5,000 lives. a face-to-face negotiation is tentatively set for wednesday to take place in belarus, but putin says he might not show up if key points are not settled. the president weighing a decision on whether or not to send arms to ukrainian forces. some are urging him to send arms now and is so are some democrats. >> if we help ukrainians increase the military cost to the russian forces that have invaded their country, how long can putin sustain a war that he tells his people is not happening? that's why we must provide defensive arms to ukraine. >> president obama will soon have this critical meeting on ukraine with german chancellor
3:34 pm
angela merkel. merkel has warned that sending arms to ukraine even these defensive weapons may prompt more russian aggression. a short time ago i had a conversation about exactly this with u.s. congressman adam schiff and also with the spokesman for the group monitoring the fighting on the ground with ukraine. listen. >> but i don't think that the russians are going to back down from this continued aggression unless the costs are increased and one way of increasing those costs can help them defend themselves and no one is suggesting that the ukrainians can defeat russians in a war and i hope it doesn't turn into a full-fledged war and it can ebb hans the cost of the ukrainian sof rent p/e upon we have tried sanks alone and we have been patient for months and months as russia has continued to supply not only troops, but heavy equipment like tanks and at a certain point i think we need to step up to help ukraine defend itself. >> i think we should have taken the step to provide military support earlier.
3:35 pm
i really do believe there's only one thing that putin respects and that's a strong response and strength and weakness i think in invites further aggression and this is not only important to ukraine and this is also about ukraine's neighbors and whether russia will feel it has the right and political ability and the military ability of invading neighbors to protect ethnic russians and that's a very expansive doctrine with no limits. so i think it's vitally important that the west show resolve here and this is a way that we can do it. we tried first sanks only and it hasn't been successful and i think this is regrettably going to be necessary. >> interestingly, even when the sanctions have been up we've seen vladimir putin's approval rating and despite the crumbling economy has gone up and up and up and the approval rating from his own people and to you, michael, is there talk on the ground among ukrainians about sanctions and whether they believe any increase in sanctions either from europe or
3:36 pm
from the united states would work because some have suggested europe should stop for example, buying its crude oil and gas from russia and that that would maybe make a further dent. >> poppy, we've been here on the ground almost a year now. we have 400 monitors and two-thirds of them are in the east and from kiev what you've heard from colleagues friends and others is the per veiling sense of doom and what had happened in the past 48 hours or so the local currency has collapsed a lot, and in a country where many people for example, have their car loans and housing loans denominated in u.s. dollars or euros, that follow in the local currency makes things very very difficult. you also notice a slowdown in commerce. we've reported on that. fewer people going out at night, so the evening news all-day news is full of reports from the front line and also don't forget poppy, that the
3:37 pm
so-called mobilization that the ukrainian government announced the second mobilization is you know hitting home to a lot of families throughout ukraine because they're having to send their sons to the front line. >> all right. also coming up next, the latest on the deadly car crash involving former ol ichlympian and reality show star bruce jenner and we'll take you live for a report on the investigation. they lived. ♪ they lived. ♪ they lived. ♪ (dad) we lived... thanks to our subaru. ♪ (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru.
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>> all right. police now are saying bruce jenner was not being chased by paparazzi when he was involved in a fatal car crash yesterday afternoon in malibu. he was not injured but a 69-year-old woman in another vehicle was killed. five children two adults injured and hospitalized. let's go straight to stephanie elam and joins us now from right near the scene. what do we know at this point in time. there was confusion yesterday about what could have caused this and now there's this investigation? >> reporter: right. that's correct, poppy. what we do know is this was a four-car accident. there was an incident between one car and that white lexus. they had an accident and from what we understand from the sheriff's department is that bruce jenner's suv rear-ended that white lexus which then sent it out into oncoming traffic and it was hit by an oncoming hummer. the woman in that car did die. that much we do know. the investigation is ongoing.
3:42 pm
there were reports out there that this is a manslaughter investigation and what the sheriff's department is saying is that at this point it is an investigation into a traffic collision where there was a fatality. it has not escalated beyond that. they're still continuing their investigation to look for any more clues if there was more wrongdoing and at this point that's where things stand, poppy. >> and do we know if they are investigating everyone who was in the other vehicles? because i know there were four cars involved and obviously the attention gets paid to bruce jenner he is the celebrity, but police are saying no paparazzi. so do we know if they're looking at multiple people or just jenner who was driving one of them. >> they're looking at everyone. from what we understand they're looking at everyone who played a part in this accident and what would have happened. we also understand there were paparazzi around but they were not chasing them. you have to keep in mind for someone like bruce jenner and someone on a reality show with a public face and a public persona is going to be followed, but they were not chasing him. this is a different scenario
3:43 pm
from what we previously thought. they're look fog see how everyone could have played a part in this and the other thing that is playing out, pacific coast highway where this is taking place, it is a beautiful stretch of highway that runs along the pacific ocean. it has two lakes on both parts of it on each side of the highway, but you're distracted by the ocean for a lot of people and if you're driving and it's curvy and fast things can change very quickly so it is not some place that we're used to seeing accidents there on this part of the highway. >> so tragic with so many in the hospital and one woman dead. stephanie elam thank you. good to see you. other stories in the lead lines that we are following. brian williams taking himself off the nbc anchor desk for a few days. cnn confirming he will skip his planned appearance on the late show with david letterman and that was supposed to happen later this week. questions about his credibility are swirling after the anchorman admitted to stretching the truth
3:44 pm
about his experience while reporting from iraq. authorities in michigan have given the all-clear at a coast guard station after a man drove through the gates and claimed to have a bomb. the man assaulted one coast guard member before he was subdued. officials have not found links to terrorism and no bomb. legendary university of north carolina head basketball coach dean smith has died. he was 83 years old. he coached the men's program there for 36 years from 1961 to 1997. under his leadership the tar heels made 11 ncaa final four appearances and won two national championships. and with the measles outbreak spreading, the anti-vaccine movement is under fire but the people who support it do have deep pockets. we're going to tell you who is bankrolling this movement. that report from christine alessi ahead.
3:45 pm
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officials have confirmed the first case of measles in new jersey this year and 1 year old infant has not been vaccinated yet. also in chicago, the number of children who contracted the measles disease at a day care center that number is now up to five but these numbers have not seemed to deter those behind the anti-vaccination movement. joining me now is cnn money's
3:49 pm
christinaalesy. i am so glad you're with us and you did this fascinating report of the money behind it. not only does this movement have celebrity, so it's got a lot of money so who is bankrolling this? >> it's a group of passionate entrepreneurs and businessmen at the end of the day and what's most surprising is just how intent they are on spreading this message, right? despite mountains of evidence that says vaccines are safe and effective. they want this message spread on how poisonous they are and here's how they're doing it. >> have you ever thought twice about vaccinating your child? here's the money behind the message. let's start with the loudest voice. the national vaccine information center. they're the group that promotes the alleged risks of vaccination through flashy campaigns, billboards a jumbotronin times square but how does the fbic
3:50 pm
fund these camp cass. albert and claire dwoskin foundation the dwoskin family foundation funneled $250,000 from 2011 to 2013 to the university of british columbia to fund research including the study that linked aluminum in vaccines to neurological disorders. they also helped finance a documentary, the greater good which featured one of the study's doctors. the film profiles children who developed illnesses including autism and suggest vaccines are the cause. another wealthsy businessman, barry segal also touts the ties between autism and vaccines. he founded focus for health and it gave more than $170,000 to a similar advocacy group, generation rescue. former financier j.d. hanley and
3:51 pm
his wife lisa founded generation rescue in 2005 but you may know the organization better by its celebrity face. jenny mccarthy. she has claimed vaccines caused her son's autism in various television appearances including cnn. >> without a doubt in my mind i believe vaccinations triggered evan's autism. >> generation rescue used mccarthy's face to raise awareness and money and some of that money supported one of the most controversial critics of vaccines andrew wakefield. the former doctor from britain whose 1998 study linking vaccines to autism sparked the current anti-vaccination movement. in 2010 the study was discredited and retracted by the journal that originally published it. england stripped him of his medical license. soon after he received $100,000 check to continue his research at his company strategic autism
3:52 pm
initiative. who signed that check? generation rescue. two of the organization's cnn contacted insisted they were not anti-vaccine but rather advocates for safe vaccines and the right to choose. the third did not respond to request for comment, however, most of their research finds fault with vaccines. >> now most of the doctors that we spoke to said these vaccine skeptics fall in three main groups. the anti-government type the types that don't want the government telling them what to do. there are also people who think that vaccines run counter to the natural lifestyle that they're trying to live and the third group is the group i like to call the conspiracy theorists. they actually believe that doctors make money administering vaccines. by the way, a 2009 study showed a third of doctors actually don't make money. they lose money by administering vaccines and let me tell you -- >> less people to treat. >> all of these arguments fall
3:53 pm
apart when you put other people at risk for disease and possibly death, unfortunately. >> it's uncredible something that everyone in this country has access to many of them some of them now saying they won't take them and many in the third world have no access to it and they would just give anything to have that. christina alesci fascinating report. big names speaking out, including actress amanda peet. i spoke to her about her biggest motivation. it is her three children and newborn son. >> part of the reason i'm here is because my son is only 9 weeks old so he can't have the mmr vaccine until he's 12 months old. so he's one of the vulnerable infants and if he contracted measles somehow, somewhere i think most people know that there is a 90% chance that the disease will be transmitted. it's one of the most contagious
3:54 pm
microbes out there. if my son were to get it he would be really -- he'd be in trouble and so it's important to remember it's not just about your child or your school-aged child. it's about -- it's about transmission and the rate of transmission and how these things could catch like wildfire and create a real outbreak. >> have you been acting differently now with your son in terms of where you will take him in public? he's only 9 weeks old because of this outbreak? >> you know i have to say it has crossed my mind when i think about taking him on the school run or not taking him on the school run it crosses my mind how many people in my school aren't vehicle ayn eighted. how many people at this birthday party aren't vaccinated? how do i know if he's safe? >> our thanks to amanda peet for that. >> coming up next boston you're about to get buried. another no storm bearing down on the city. how bad is it going to get?
3:55 pm
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all right. all of the public schools closed in boston tomorrow and tuesday. the mayor making that call a short time ago, tom sader watching this storm for us in the severe weather center. boston just cannot get a break. >> no. no in fact this is the third sunday in a row, poppy, that
3:59 pm
we've been discussing the snow. this is not a nor'easter. there's not going to be any blizzard conditions although winds will be strock and this is a clipper that typically dropped three to six inch berks you this is different. we have a front am system south of boston and 20 miles away and 36 and it's feeding moisture into this and this is a prolonged event. as the cold air drops southward and new york city will be mainly freezing rain and let's hope it's light and intermittent. if you have snow in new york it will be on tuesday morning and maybe just a dusting, but unfortunately from boston westward again, we're looking at the possibility of one to two feet and boston mainly around 15-plus, but the system moves out tuesday morning, but again we're looking at areas that have already picked up well more than they should, 58 inches as to this day in boost know and that's twice what they should have wooster, you've never had that much. boston not including buffer low and you can see where the snow is and we'll see here are the totals and here we go again for
4:00 pm
the third week in a row and the radar is showing that total and we're looking at another chance of accumulating snow late thursday into friday. >> tom satre, have a great week. we have a great lineup for you. cnn spotlight, whitney houston is next. thanks for joining me. have a great week. -- captions by vitac -- ♪ ♪ ♪ i found the greatest ♪ ♪ >> an unforgettable voice. ♪ ♪ the greatest love of all ♪ ♪ >> a troubled life. whitney houston's death silenced a musical legend and left behind a grieving young daughter. three years later -- >> 21-year-old female in the bathtub, face down p.d. is en route. bobbi kristina brown is