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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  February 8, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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by vitac -- hello, and welcome to our viewers in the united states and across the world. i'm errol barnett. >> i'm rosemary church. right now on "cnn newsroom," soccer fans clash in europe. more than two dozen dead. world leader plan to meet in a desperate push to stop the fighting in ukraine. the question question is will russia's president show up. and australia's prime minister tony abbot will get to keep his job for now. a number of moving stories we're keeping our eyes on. we begin in cairo. deadly clash there between
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football fans and police have prompted egypt's government to now suspend premier league matches indefinitely. >> state media stay at least 30 people were killed in clashes out a stadium. this amateur video shows part of the confrontation as it unfolded. [ crowd noise ] >> the interior ministry says it all started when fans tried to force their way into the stadium, but some people say they were teargassed by police as they walked through an open entryway. cnn's ian lee had more now from cairo. >> reporter: another bloody night for egyptian football. thousands of fans of the club went to support their team. many though wouldn't return home. police dispersed the crowd with
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teargas after accusing the fans without tickets of trying to forcefully enter the stadium. chaos ensued around a metal gateway. fan responded on their official facebook page calling the incident premedicated murder. many of the deaths resulted from a stampede according to the ministry of health. the incident took place before the match which still continued, ending in a draw. angry family and trend outside the morgue blamed the police and president. a father told me about his son. this comes just three years after a football massacre left over 70 people dead in the mediterranean city of port aid is. until recently fan were banned from attending matches. gyp's general prosecutor is opening an investigation into the incident.
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cnn, cairo. the leaders of germany, france russia, and ukraine are set to meet face to face in belarus on wednesday. the summit is a new attempt to reach a lasting peace agreement in ukraine. >> however, russian president vladimir putin says wednesday's talks may not even happen unless some key issues are settled first. meanwhile, many are fleeing the rebel-held city of donetsk after a sharp increase in shelling there. the ukrainian military says it killed 70 rebels over the weekend and lost 12 soldiers. all that violence is taking a heavy toll on civilians living in the hardest hit areas. a rebel leader says at least eight were killed over the weekend in donetsk. nick paton walsh shows us the damage and despair that people are dealing with there. >> reporter: while this is the backdrop to peace talks, donetsk is finding a routine of picking up the pieces. here lived and died val mir,
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home alone when the shells struck. these frogless may have been meant to hit a separatist base nearby. idiots the man says. around these shops a day earlier shells landed. a woman died. two others wounded. each loss dragging this self-declared republic further away from ukraine. it's so often in civilian neighborhood like it that shells land. both sides will continue to blame each other for firing them. the net effect is so often clear amongst the residents of donetsk. and it fuels the loathing they have for their government in kiev. way out toward the rest of ukraine is complicated, so the donetsk-to-moscow bus this day is full, we're told. she says they're all fleeing the shelling. take a look at what one stray shell did to one warm happy family life here.
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he shows where it landed in the bathroom. shrapnel through windows and walls into the girls' bedroom, wounding their mother in the kitchen. nobody died here but child's innocence certainly lost. "why are they destroying us," he says. "the why is the west supporting the kiev government?" the family sheep dog was killed. "these are private homes," he says. with the what are we meant to do? kill us and not take up arms? why are we fighting?" he says he never wanted to fight in the war but is now thinking about it. the violence here fermenting the kremlin's narrative this is a nato-backed war on ethnic russians. with each torn home greater the challenge of making ukraine whole again. nick paton walsh, cnn, donetsk.
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e.u. ministers are meeting to discuss whether to expand against russia on the ongoing violence in russia. matthew chance joins us with more details on what we can expect. as the shelling conditions diplomatic talks go on. if you look at just the body language between german chancellor angela merkel presidents putin and hollande from friday when they met, it's obvious how tense the relationship is. what's the hope for what could be accomplished this week? >> reporter: the geopolitical relationship and the personal relationship between these leader obviously under some strain as a result of the negotiations and talks that they've had over several months to try and bring this conflict in ukraine to some kind of end. there's an obvious loss of trust between the europeans, the west, and russia. in fact only today president putin, the russian leader is in egypt. he again railed again the united
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states and the west saying that russia is not responsible for the conflict in ukraine. it's america and its western allies for trying to impose their will on the rest of the world. never theless the emphasis still at the moment is on diplomacy. the leaders of ukraine and russia as well as france and germany are scheduled to meet in minsk minsk, the capital of bull -- of belarus, on wednesday to try and fine a way to end the conflict. with this upsurge in violence in eastern ukraine, diplomacy is also being stepped up. over the weekend, the lord of russia ukraine, france and germany spoke by telephone. german official say a package of measures to try and reach a comprehensive settle. of the conflict was discussed. the next step a face-to-face negotiation in minsk, belarus. although after meeting that country's president on sunday
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vladimir putin hinted it was not a done deal. >> translator: i want to start our conversation today by informing you that i have just spoken with my colleagues in kiev berlin, and in the format in minsk. we're planning for wednesday if we succeed in settling the various suspense this we have discussed intensively over these last days. rip on friday the french and germ -- >> reporter: on friday the french and german had what they call meaningful and constructive talk. details are sketchy of a new peace plan on the table. a truce between the warring sides was already agreed last september also in minsk. the minsk protocol calls for heavy weapons to be pulled back, self-rule in eastern regions, and a buffer zone to be set up along the russia/ukraine border. it's afternoon the new plan envisions a much broader
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demilitarized zone to run along the current front lines. also different the timing. washington is already mulling supplies of arms to the ukrainian government and there's a growing sense in the united states and europe this time for a diplomatic solution is running out. as mentioned at the top of the report the european union foreign ministers are also motion today to essentially go -- give the go ahead to an increased raft of sanctions that they've been discussing for some time against russia. we understand that 19 individuals including five russians will face travel sanctions and other restrictions as a result of this increase in sanctions against russia and its cohorts in eastern ukraine over the conflict there. >> we can guarantee that the geopolitical and personal relationship will remain as frosty as it appears. matthew chance joining us this morning, 10:00 a.m. just past 10:00 a.m. in moscow. thanks. if we continue to get the
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snow we're going to get, we're going to shatter our budget for snow. >> boston mayor martin walsh is once again asking people to stay inside and off the roads as another winter storm heads toward the u.s. northeast. the national weather service projects up to a half meter of snow in northeastern massachusetts through monday night. winter storm warnings are also in effect for parts of new york city, connecticut, and role. these plays have already been -- and rhode island. these places have been hit many times already. let's see how much more they can take. karen, good to see you. you're bringing bad news here. >> i'm afraid so. it's the third storm in as many weeks. we shattered daily snowfall records, monthly snowfall records, and it look like this one considered a long duration snowstorm is going to impact this region. and they have really felt the brunt of winter over the last
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three weeks. that snowfall line primarily across interior sections of the northeast, all the way up toward new england. now ordinarily this type of system referred to as a clipper system moves fairly quickly, but it's not. we started to see the snow fall on sunday evening in massachusetts. even a little bit of an icy mix for new york city and for philadelphia. but pretty much from hartford connecticut, through rhode island all the way up to down east maine, that's the reference there to portland maine, that snowfall line is going to be very dramatic. we will expect the snowfall rates to be very heavy. we could see as much as 24 inches of snowfall in areas. and boston eastern massachusetts could be one of those areas that is hardest hit. they are trying to figure out where they're going to put all of the snow. they have something called a snowzilla that blows off from the railroad tracks and commuter train the ice and snow that is
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pile up across the region. you better believe all along the i-95 corridor it is going to be greatly impacted. by our estimates, it appears that some 3 million people in this portion of the country are going to be stymied by this two-day storm that is going to impact the region with boston already reeling under 159 centimeters of snowfall. i'll be back in 30 minutes to bring you some more. back to you. >> thank you very much. let's hope that people heed the warning being told to stay at home stay off the roads. every time that happens, there are less problems. but we'll be keeping a close eye on this. karen maginnis, many thanks to you. another middle east country is back in the fight against isis. details on the new fighter jets just arriving in jordan to add firepower. plus a new warning for the terror group. also coming up what's ahead for tony abbot after he survived a vote challenging his job as australia's prime minister.
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the spacex falcon 9 rocket launch schedule for is not was called off just minutes -- for sunday was called off just minutes before liftoff. there was a problem with the radar system.
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it was supposed to carry a weather satellite into space. they will try again on machine. it's also the second attempt by spacex to launch a reusable rocket this can land on a platform in the ocean. this of the first failed tampa from back in january when the rocket -- failed attempt from back in january when the rocket crashed trying to land. >> let's head down under. australia's prime minister tony abbot, has made it through a vote challenging his leadership. it's apparent a big chunk of his liberal party wants him gone. for more on this let's go live to australia's capital. tony abbott survived this no-confidence vote. but with 40% of his party voting against him, it's not the end of his leadership problems is it? >> reporter: no rosemary, that's exactly what political commentators are saying. it's not a matter of if he'll be challenged again but when. as you say, his leadership has suffered a major blow because of
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this vote in confidence. it was described as a -- a motion where 40% of abbot's party voted -- give him a vote of no confidence. moving forward, what does this mean? he has to win become those members of parliament who -- if a snap election was called at this minute the liberal party would lose. they will essentially lose their job. so the feeling is replace the leader in the hope that between now and the next election which is coming up next year that they can turn public opinion around. that of course is a huge, huge thing to do because with tony abbot in the job, he says moment an extremely unpopular prime minister. why is he so unpopular just 17 months into his first term in office? the reason being is a number of
11:18 pm
unpopular decisions that he has made while in government. he's backflipped on policies. he's -- his austerity budget which he put forward in the public last year really went down like a lead balloon. he's failed to get that through parliamentflation still. then of course the clincher in the deal as we know was his decision last month to give a knight hood to prince phillip on australia day. people saying why is this such a big deal. but for australians to give a knighthood to a brit is considered offensive. the voters feeling that the prime minister very much out of touch with what the australian public wants. but let's have a listen to what prime minister tony abbot had to say after that motion vote this morning. >> we think that when you elect a government when you elect a prime minister you deserve to deep that government and -- to keep that government and prime minister until you have a chance to change your mind.
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>> reporter: that very much being tony abbot's message. but he does believe this episode is behind him and the party. housewife, this may be -- however, this may be wishful thinking for tony agot. many believe that those ventures that push backward, this spill motion will do so in the coming week if not the coming months if the opinion polls do not turn around. >> yeah. you have to ask that when you look at the opinion polls. the voros iran really keen on keeping tony abbot there. 40% of his party are not there to support him. so why did this fail this time given really the most -- moment people don't. him there anymore. >> reporter: well, he very much had his cabinet behind him. that's already 41 votes. so he had that solidarity within his cabinet. as for the back ventures there
11:20 pm
really was that revolt. there was no other conternthat was currently stand -- contender that was currently standing. the name being thrown around is communications minister malcolm turnbull. he was the leader of the party in 2009 and lost his job to tony abbot. but many people are a big supporter of malcolm turnbull. certainly out in the electorate. he's extremely popular. he's also very popular with labor voters. this being the other political party. so for your hard-core liberals and members of the national party, many of malcolm turnbull's views, at least in past on climb change, same-sex marriage, go against what the liberal party stands for. whilst he is not loveded boy the liberal party, some would say he's despised by members of the liberal party, he may in the end be the person who is put in to lead the liberal party at the next election. as i say, that could happen in a matter of weeks if not months if
11:21 pm
those opinion polls which tony abbot is now at record low opinion ratings, don't turn around for him. >> we will be watching this story closely. anna coren reporting from there out the front of the parliament house in australia. many thank to you. still to come more questions being raised about brian williams. the u.s. anchorman and his iraqi war report. he's canceled now a scheduled appearance and an investigation is underway. we'll have more on that coming up.
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british singer sam smith used a breakup as inspiration for his debut album, and it worked. the newcomer won four of the biggest award at the grammys. >> he thanked that ex for the broken heart because it's making him plenty of money. kim serafin is senior editor at the "in touch weekly," and talked with many about sam smith's obscurity now to a pop star. >> i think he's even said he put his heart into these songs. and that if you know his music, obviously you know he really used his heartgreek create these songs -- heartbreak to create these songs. that's clearly what won him record of the year song of the year best new artist. he was a huge winner at the grammy awards. everybody was talking about him leading up to the grammy award. everyone knew he would do huge at the grammys. this of a huge night for him. you could tell he was so emotional and grateful to be there.
11:25 pm
>> yeah. he really sort of puts his heart and soul into his songs. i want to talk about beyonce because she has got 20 grammys so far. the second most awarded grammy artist or artist rather ever in history. can't she just retire now? she's done it all. i mean can't she just give someone else a go? >> you will think. you will think. no i think this is just the beginning of beyonce's career. you mention obviously she won several grammys including one for "drunken love," r&b performance with as we know, with jay-z. this put her over the top. she now passed aretha franklin as the most honored woman in terms of grammys. allison krauss has 27. i have no doubt that she will become number one in a year or two. every year she does something new and more brilliant. everyone loves her. and of course the performance she had at the grammys to do this kind of gospel performance, as well. she can sing anything. she can sing pop and gospel. i mean she does it all.
11:26 pm
there's nothing she can't do. >> i'm sure she will be number one pretty soon too. let's talk about the performances of the night. there were some interesting combinations. kanye west rihanna, and paul mccartney as well. then we saw usher and stevie wonder tony bennett and lady go ga. which one stood out the most? >> that's the best thing about the grammys, that they always put combinationsing it of people you this will never expect. obviously lady gaga and tony bennett, they won a grammy. they've done their song together. that made sense that they were together. but yeah i love -- people were really highly anticipating the kanye west/paul mckrtkccartney mccartney/rihanna mix. that was fantastic. and for pharrell to do a different "happy ""performance was nice. and it was nice to not see kanye doing his kanying. we expected him to say beyonce
11:27 pm
should have won. but it was nice to see him perform. that's what he does best. the grammy awards are known for unusual pairings. sunday of -- sunday was no different. katy perry didn't team one another artist. instead she helped president barack obama address the issue of domestic violence. >> right now nearly one in five women in america has been a victim of rape or attempted rape. more than one in four has experienced some form of domestic violence. it's not okay. and it has to stop. >> after the president's message, a survivor of domestic violence spoke about her personal experience with abuse before katy perry performed her inspirational song "by the grace of god." listen to your tv here because your tv may be listening to you. get this -- samsung smart tvs may be smarter than owners think. the tvs' voice rig feature can
11:28 pm
apparently eavesdrop on you, and whatever you say becomes part of the data sent to a third party company. samsung spell it's out in its privacy policy which, of course most people don't read. the south korean company sent a statement to tech crunch saying it doesn't sell the voice data but use its so customers can get the content they wanted. samsung also says users can disable the function at any time. >> a little creepy. >> considervery creepy if you consider all that you've said in front of your television. >> just think about it. let's take a short break. arab nations say the fight against isis is theirs and coming up, new details about what they're doing to wipe out the terror group. [container door opening] ♪ what makes it an suv is what you can get into it. ♪ [container door closing] what makes it an nx is what you can get out of it. ♪
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back to our viewers in the u.s. and around the world, i'm errol barnett. >> i'm rosemary church. let's update you on our top stories this hour. >> the egyptian government has suspended premier league matches after a deadly clash out a stadium in cairo. state media say at least 30 people were killed in clashes with police. authorities say this began when fans tried to force their way into the arena. tony abbot will stay prime minister of australia after surviving a vote to unseat him. abbott released a statement saying he plans to work hard to give the australian people the government they deserve. the prime minister has faced criticism for leadership decisions since coming into power in 2013. the leaders of germany, france russia, and ukraine are set to meet face to face in belarus on wednesday. the summit's a new attempt to end the increasing violence in eastern ukraine. russian president vladimir putin says the talks will only happen
11:32 pm
if the leaders settle other issues first. a verdict is expected this week in the trial of the captain of the wrecked "costa concordia" ship. the captain is charged with abandoning ship. people died after it ran aground in 2012. he could face prison time if found ghillie flag. jordan ready to wipe isis off the face of the earth. >> jordan stepped up air strikes and badded 56 key targets in syria. as becky anderson explains the middle eastern country says this is their fight. >> reporter: it was a grisly video showing lieutenant colonel muath al kasasbeh being burned alive. gruesome even by isis standards. now it has galvanized the arab world in the battle against
11:33 pm
extremism. regional countries led boy jordan are stepping up their participation in the coalition attacking isis. >> this is definitely not the u.s.' war. this is definitely our war. >> reporter: the uae has also announced it will send a squadron of f-16ings to fly side by side their jordanianorjordanian counterparts as a any air strikes. muslim clerics have joined in trying to discredit the ideology. >> we tell the youth islam did not carry a message of sabotage and destruction. it only came to serve hume, to achieve world peace, and to bring mercy to the world. >> reporter: atrocities committed against sunni muslims boy isis are uni-- by isis are unitied leaders to find a common strategy. beyond the rhetoric a lot of challenges need to be overcome. for one, many experts believe aerial bombardless alone won't dismantle the caliphate that stretches from searyria to central
11:34 pm
iraq. reloying on the forces -- relying on the forces there has shortcomings. the army has mainly relied on shia militia backed by iran to drive out isis from key positions. a strategy that may further sideline the sunni minority. in syria, a u.s. plan to train moderate fires that can take on the extremists is still weeks away. all along, isis expands its tentacles of terror. in egypt, militants loyal to the group killed at least 30 people last week. in libya's capital, tripoli, gunmen linked to isis recently attacked a hotel frequented by foreigners. and on saudi arabia's border with iraq, a raid by militants claiming to be aligned with isis left three guards dead. from abdabu dhabi to iran arabs
11:35 pm
recognize the threat posed by the militant group wham is less clear is how to overcome domestic challenges and political considerations to effectively rid the region of the plague of extremist ideology. becky anderson cnn, amman. we should say make no mistake here. despite those damaging coalition attacks that becky mentioned, isis remains a powerful and determined force. for example, around the key oil-rich city of kirkuk in iraq kurdish peshmerga forces are dug in desperately trying to hold off an isis offensive against the major city. phil black is on the front line. >> reporter: an ominous symbol declaring a threatening presence. the black flags of isis flying above its fighters' fortifications. this is the view of isis positions from just across a short bridge just behind the defenses of kurdish fighters. they're known as peshmerga, and they're digging in here after
11:36 pm
isis recently surge north with a major offensive to try and take the city of kirkuk. the isis flag is just there. you see how close the opposing lines are. the kurdish fires repelled the isis attack. they've taken back most of the territory. they tell us that almost every night isis still tests their defenses. and the fighters here believe this in the next few days there's going to be another major push forward. these peshmerga are yawn their traditional lands, outside the iraqi borders. they're that you will stand between isis and the goal of taking another major iraqi city. this one rich in oil. the commander tells me isis attacked in thick fog and also set oil wells on fire to hide their advance. when conditions cleared, he says his men and coalition air strikes killed hundreds of isis fighters. the bodies of some lie nearby. hastily covered with earth. the threat is not only at the
11:37 pm
edges of occur kick. these kurdish security forces also patrol its inner streets. last week gunmen stormed the temporary headquarters of local police, detonating a car bomb outside. no one but the three attackers was killed but their able to strike backs up what security forces here suspect -- isis already has people inside the city. captain hamid tells me he's shore isis members have entered the city pretending to be refugees. on front lines across northern iraq isis has been losing ground to the peshmerga. but this new offensive and the proximity of that flag to a ski city shows isis has suffered little force against its opposition. attacks in baghdad kill more than 30.
11:38 pm
new attack hit the city monday morning. a suicide bummer detonate his explosives in a -- bomber detonated his explosives in a popular restaurant north of the city center. at least 12 were killed and dozens more wounded. in another area an ied went off on a busy street killing one person. these attacks come as the iraqi government fully lifted baghdad's curfew for the first time since the u.s. invaded become in 2003. iraqi officials say the risk of bombings and shootings has sharply decreased. hundreds of people poured into the streets and squares driving about, blaring music and dancing. north says it's tested what it describes as a new cutting edge anti-ship missile. state media showed images of kim jong-un smiling at the launch. the report says kim is satisfied with the rockets pyongyang is developing. analysts say the missile it russian made. the firing took place weeks
11:39 pm
before the annual military exercises. greece's prime minister says he won't seek an extension of the country's bailout. in a speech to parliament alexis tsipras said he will look for a bridge deal until a more solid grammy with creditors can be reached. mr. tsipras also says he plans to raise the minimum wage and provide free food and electricity to the weakest members of society. he says -- he's looking to heal the wound of austerity. sufficienting in silence. that's what a u.s. politician had to say about the parents of a female isis hostage. hear from one of the few people let into the mueller family circle. plus the new safe feature uber is rolling out in india after backlash over a sexual assault allegation. ...with the power of three medicines to take on your worst pain and fever, cough and nasal congestion. it breaks you free from your toughest cold and flu symptoms. theraflu. serious power.
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[vet] two yearly physicals down. martha and mildred are good to go. here's your invoice, ladies. a few stops later, and it looks like big ollie is on the mend. it might not seem that glamorous having an old pickup
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truck for an office... or filling your days looking down the south end of a heifer but...i wouldn't have it any other way. lo ok at that, i had my best month ever. and earned a shiny new office upgrade. i run on quickbooks. that's how i own it. welcome back. new dwms in a growing controversy over a u.s. anchorman's inaccurate report on his iraqi war mission. nbc's brian williams is canceling his scheduled appearance on the late show with david letterman. letterman's show was one of the places where william said he'd been on a military helicopter hit by an rpg in 2003. soldiers contradict the account, and we report that the network is now investigating.
11:43 pm
you know, it's a cliche in this business but it's true. journalists don't like to be the story. they like to tell other people's stories. right now brian williams finds himself as a big story. he's trending on twitter and making news at his own network. some the newscasts on nbc have covered the fact that he's taken a leave. ab -- leave of asend while the network investigators and fact checks some past claims around an iraq warnition in march of 2003 -- war mission in march of 2003. he said after the mission went awry that he was in a group of helicopters, one of which of struck by an rpg. he was not on that chopper. over the years, he started to imply that he was on the helicopter. and that he did directly come under fire. and basically exaggerated the story as time went boy. well earlier today i interviewed a pilot of the helicopter that was actually struck by the rpg. he says he noticed brown williams exaggerating the story
11:44 pm
within days of it happening. so far, no video or audio has come ford verify this account. but the pilot talked about it. and here's what he said. >> the fact is is that, you know mr. williams wasn't in or near our aircraft at the time. and it's -- it saddens me that you have so many other combat journalists out there that are in that type of situation you know seeing those things happen. more than highlight they don't tell the story like that with embellish. . >> he says he tried to let nbc about the error but never heard back. he says one more example of the murkiness surrounding the story. that's why nbc is conducting an investigation investigation, fact checking varying, about what happened. nbc presumably does have tape of all of its reports in 2003.
11:45 pm
so they can go back and see if brian william said thing about it on the air in the days and weeks after the incident happened. i am told by a soldier that they've been contacted boy the nbc investigators that are looking into this story. meanwhile, brown williams' leave of absence is happening. lester holt will start to fill in for him on monday night. it's unclear how long the leave of absence will last. there's open speculation in the tv business that he may not come back at all. williams says he will be become and will regain the trust of his audience. some of whom say he's being unfairly picked apart at this point. this is a story that is not going away for nbc. back to you. former u.s. olympian bruce jenner says he is cooperating with police as they continue to investigate the fatal car accident involving the reality tv star. police say jenner's suv hit a sedan from behind which spun that car into oncoming traffic. he issued a statement expressing his sympathies for all those
11:46 pm
involved in the accident saying "it is a devastating tragedy and i cannot pretend to imagine what this family is going through at this time. i'll continue to cooperate in every way possible." authorities haven't determined who exactly is at fault. you see where it took place here. they say there was no sign the paparazzi played a role in the wreck. the parents of an american woman isis kidnapped back in 2013 have largely been quiet since the terror group said she'll been killed in an air strike. >> over the weekend they released a statement appealing to isis to contact them and saying they hope their daughter kayla mural is still alive. -- kayla mueller is still alive. >> we spoke with one of the few people in the mueller -- that the muellers reached out to. we have the story. >> reporter: kayla disappeared in august of 2013. when did you hear from the
11:47 pm
family? >> about three or four days later. i actually happen to be doing a radio show. i walk out, and here's this man waiting for me. and it's carl mueller. he said "our daughter has been working in the middle east in a humanitarian way with different organizations, and she's been captured by terrorists. and i don't know what to do." >> reporter: that gives me chills. >> yeah. and as a father, i empathize with that. >> reporter: former arizona so ken bennett immediately connected kayla mueller's family with senator john mccain and others to get them the help they needed. >> in the phone calls after, you could still send the pain and the anguish of a father and a family wanting for their daughter. >> reporter: and bennett says her father carl mueller, always spoke about how proud he is of kayla. >> just to hear him talk about
11:48 pm
who she is and the love in her heart. it's always tough to hear him share who she is at a time when he's so anguished over the condition that she might be in. >> reporter: they have suffered in silence to protect her. you were one of the few people that they had opened up to. what do you think about that aspect of having to keep their pain hidden? >> well i think that's one of the most amazing pars of the story is that -- parts of the story is that out of love for their daughter they had to bear this almost alone. you know, we don't want to speculate on what has happened or what might happen. i just hope that she's still alive, and i know the family still carries that hope. and we keep them in our prayers and thoughts. another story we're following -- after a rape
11:49 pm
allegation against an uber driver in india, the ride share service says it's putting in a new measure to protect clients in that country. startinged with uber users can hit a pan -- starting wednesday, uber use curse hit a panic button in an app that tells local police they feel they're in danger. last december a woman claim an uber driver sexually assaulted her. protests broke out, and authorities temperature earlier took uber off the road. a coming of age name took 12 years to make won big at the british academy film award. coming up a look at that and the other big winner and what it could mean for the academy award later this month.
11:50 pm
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a powerful storm dumped more than half a meter of snow over parts of europe last week is now moving toward greece and turkey. our meteorologist, karen maginnis joins with us more on this. karen, what amount of snow do you think greece and turkey are looking toward? >> it look like they see as much as 30 to 60 centimeters in some areas. this would be across some of the highest terrain. we're also looking at the potential for some flooding rainfalls across southern sections of greece. also into turkey. but this is not going to be the end of it. this is going to be a fairly slow moving weather system. it's not going to move in and out in a day. it's gradually going wind its way more toward the east. so the middle east as we go
11:53 pm
later on in the workweek. we'll pick up showers and some cooler temperatures. and speaking of cooler temperatures it is going to be exceptionally cold all across eastern europe all the way down into turkey as well as into greece. we'll feel the effects more so the further north you go. and those temperatures are going to be running a little bit below normal. look at what we saw over the last 48 to 72 hours. some of the snowfall totals extending from slovenia into croatia and bosnia. in some areas, almost 0 centimeters of snowfall. the storm system has momentum going. in its wake we will see those daytime high temperatures running slightly below normal. it will be the overnight low temperatures this will be exceptional. we will see double-digit below zero degree readings. take a look. at sophia typically an overnight low might be between five -- minus five and minus
11:54 pm
three degrees. overnight lows expected there across wednesday. minus 12 minus nine. substantially colder air is going to be in place. as a result we go through time and look at going into tuesday. we still see moisture and very air fillering around, especially eastern sections of turkey. sandwiched between istanbul and ankra. the target zone for some of the heaviest moisture. in addition, winds out of the north could be brisk going into the next 48 hours, as well. rosemary? >> all right. karen maginnis many thanks for keeping an eye on what is happening there. we'll check in soon. >> thanks. a-list stars filled the red carp tet 2015 bafta awards in london. eddie redmayne won the best leading actor for his portrayal of than hawking in "the theory of everything." a physical performance. and julianne moore won best leading actress for her role in "still alice."
11:55 pm
>> the coming of age film "boyhood," took top honors winning best film best director and best supporting actress. the baftas are often seen as a prediction for the academy awards which is two weeks away. we can also talk about the grammys. one of the biggest nights in music. this year's show of no different. we have a few interesting gnomes inging moment to share from the event. including a new trio on the scene. rihanna, kanye west and paul mccartney who teamed up to perform rihanna's new song "for five seconds." take a listen. ♪ >> pharrell williams paid tribute to the black lives matter movement before his song "happy" for which he won a grammy for best pop solo performance.
11:56 pm
♪ ♪ bring me down can't nothing ♪ ♪ can't nothing try to bring me down can't nothing ♪ >> that one of the more eclectic moments. and there was a moment when beck wins album of the year but was briefly joined on stage to accept the award with kanye west. that moment eerily similar to a previous award ceremony when west interrupted taylor swift as she was accepting an award. kanye thought it should have gone to beyonce. it was a whole controversy. beyonce watched this with jay-z with humor as did beck. beyonce of one of the artists beck beat for the album of the year honor. >> interesting he would want to relive that. >> everyone is saying oh kanye. here he goes again. >> please. that's it for this hour. i'm rosemary church.
11:57 pm
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