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tv   Wolf  CNN  February 9, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PST

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welcome to our vauiewers in the united states and around the world. we've. watching the president of the united states and the cans lore of germany speaking out on several critical issues right now. first and foremost the escalating dangerous situation in ukraine. we heard the president say that that option of the u.s. providing military equipment to ukraine, that's on the table, it's being considered but president obama insisting he's made no decision no decision at least not yet. the chancellor of germany angela merkel making it clear she opposes any such military equipment going to ukraine right now. let's go to our senior correspondent jim acosta. he's still there. give us your analysis of what we
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just heard on the situation in ukraine from the president and the chancellor. >> reporter: a much emptier room here. you heard the president and the german chancellor spend a lot of time during this press conference trying to portray a united front when it comes to this issue of ukraine and russia. if you listen carefully, these two leaders are on very different places right now when it comes to arming the ukrainians. the german chancellor saying she's very much against that idea. the president says the option remains on the table. it's something that his national security team is looking at right now. it's an option that stays on his desk until after the talks on wednesday. and it's interesting to know wolf the president was sort of doing on the one hand and on the other through many of his remarks saying it's still an option on the table. he said that the prospect for a military solution in ukraine is
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quote low. so really sort of dashing any expectations that a lot of people have on capitol hill that perhaps the president is going to go in forcefully with a lot of military weapons for the ukrainians. but at the same time the president acknowledged and even though he said that these sanctions that have been applied on moscow and the russian economy has had an effect. he acknowledged during this press conference as he has in the past that they haven't changed vladimir putin's calculous. it's interesting spags that they find themselves in. putin maneuvered these two leaders into a position where they're on separate pages when it comes to this question. a couple of other things we should take note of during this press conference. there's within some talk as to whether or not the prime minister of israel benjamin netanyahu, might cancel or postpone his upcoming speech to the members of congress. he didn't answer that question
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but he said say that he would not invite angela merkel although he says he loves angela merkel he would not invite her to the white house if she were two weeks from an election. but he tried to say to members that what's the rush is what the president said about that. he said you know i think he did tip his hand somewhat in terms of this looming dliend for a framework agreement. he said if they were not close to a framework with iran when it comes to the nuclear program, he didn't see a usefulness of a delay or prolonging those talks if they doesn't transpire in the near term. it's nice to have a friday news conference. on a monday there's still a lot of work to be done on all sides. >> the president seemed to take an indirect swipe at the prime minister of israel saying that angela merkel wouldn't ask for a
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meeting with the president of the united states two two weeks before an election. why would the prime minister want to come to washington two weeks before the schedule election. we'll have more on this part of the story coming up. i want to get back to ukraine, our chief political analyst gloria boar jer is with us. what do you think of the way that the president handled these clear difference of opinion that seems to be emerging betweenening la merkel and president obama? >> i think that both of these leaders like each other an awful lot. they went out of their way to describe their differences not as major threats no any alliance between the two countries. president obama said if we have tactical disagreements. and the word tacktical is really important. it's different from strategic. that doesn't mean that we're any less united. and i think she gave a clear signal. this is important to the
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president. that if he did send arms to ukraine, that she would not complain about any unilateral moves by the united states to do what ith might have to do. i think they were dancing around it as they do. because the president hasn't made any final decision here. but i think they've agreed that they might have to disagree in the end. >> you were just there, jim sciutto in ukraine. you traveled with the secretary of state jim kerry. you spoke with high ranking ukrainian officials. how are they likely to react to what they heard from the chancellor and the president? >> frankly disappointment. you have a sense of a desire from urgency from the ukraine official and the western diplomats involved on the ground. i did not hear urgency in that press conference. on the question of new sanctions, the president said we'll continue the sanctions as they are, give diplomacy a chance. on the issue of arming ukraine,
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no rush to make a decision there either. and that's at the same time in the same press conference where the president and the german leader described this as not just a threat to ukraine but to europe to peace in europe. a threat to nato. you heard that from angela merkel. so you have all of that a threat to ukraine and the whole region in our allies and yet, well, listen, we have to talk this through, we haven't made a decision on that. i will say that the public disagreement on there, an acknowledge nlt of the disagreement with the germans on arming does seem to indicate that he's at least prepared to make a decision that differs with america's chief ally in the region and that could be significant. >> and she might be prepared to live with it. >> has to be quite frankly. >> exactly. >> very quickly on another important issue that came up in the news conference the negotiations with iran to end its potential for having some sort of nuclear weapon.
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at the end of march there's a deadline. the president seemed to say they're not going to extend the deadline. but they need a framework agreement by then. he also made it clear he has a serious disagreement right now on the worthiness of these entire negotiations with the prime minister of israel. >> on the prime minister of israel, you know the reason congress doesn't conduct foreign policy the president does, is there are a lot of things going on. we were going to have the first visit of the new afgan president and prime minister to the united states right at the time of netanyahu's speech. they're going to delay the trip. there's a sound reason that congress doesn't get to call the foreign policy shots. this is an example of where the united states has something else going on that was important that these this speech to congress has interrupted. >> this is obviously a very very sensitive issue right now.
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i guess the izsraelisisraelis at least the government, the prime minister thinks it basically a waste of time and the president doesn't sfl that's the thing. but you have seen an increased public debate in israel the possibility of maybe changing plans. there was an interesting comment from the president there, a bit of a public jab at the israeli prime minister saying well i suspect angela merkel would not request a d.c. visit. >> that may be because the president is not as popular as he used to be back home in germany. >> true. >> but there was a clear -- >> you know where that message was going. >> -- game that's being played. >> it's sensitive issue. i want to walk over to jake tapper. jake all of this is happening right now, the crisis with ukraine, the war involving isis right now. you heard the president say at one point the goal is to destroy isis. we didn't hear him use that phrase degrade and ultimately defeat or destroy. he immediately went in and said
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the goal right now is to destroy isis. the world has been outraged he seemed to be suggesting by the brutal murder of the jordanian pilot. there's a war going on in the middle east right now with isis. there es ooh a lot going on. >> right. one of the kurdish leaders saying to the arabic language newspaper that the borders in the middle east are being redrawn with blood. it is very gruesome and ugly battle over there. and there are those -- we heard from the former acting director of the cia last week saying that they cannot -- isis cannot be defeated unless there is ground force, a ground force level of about 100,000. there are calls for 10,000 american troops to go there and lead. although the president has said there will not be boots on the ground. there are generals drawing up plans now trying to figure out
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how isis can be defeated and destroyed, not just degraded. >> this is a serious war going on in the middle east. there's another war going on in the ukraine. there's a lot going on. much more of the breaking news coverage coming up right after this.
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we turn to the war on isis.
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more air strikes on isis targets ap the terror group release as new hostage video. it shows the brit irch hostage in the recording. cantlie says the video is the last film in this series. those are chilling words. jordan says its military has conducted 56 air strikes over the last three days and the capabilities of isis has been degraded by 20%. that according to the jordanians. they stepped up their attacks after one of its pilots was burned alive in a cage by isis. the uaa had suspended its involvement but it's set to squander an f 16 jet fighter accompany jordanian pilots on their missions. and relatives of an aid worker are still holding out hopes she's alive. isis claims that kayla mueller was killed in a jordanian air
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strike. but the group has offered no proof of that. her parents sent a message urging isis to contact them privately. at least a dozen coalition air strikes have been targeted in somo mosul. a city of nearly 2 million people. kurdish forces say they need better weapons, they need a lot more help from iraqi fighters. our correspondent phil black reports from the front lines. >> kurdish peshmerga fighters. he says isis is there. e with hear small rounds fly overhead and kurdish fighters respond. the exchange is no threat to this position. what the fighters do fear is the darkness of night, fog, mortar
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rounds and armored vehicles convert into massive suicide bombs. they say isis makes use of them all. we traveled north with peshmerga past the ruins of villages isis once controlled and climbed to the top of the mountain. isis held this position and its commanding view across a wind plane. the fighters point out the towns and villages factories and roads all still occupied by isis. and in the hazy distance its greatest prize so far, the city of mosul. overhead that circling aircraft is a constant presence. we hear regular thundering explosions from the direction of mosul. an air strike in the distance. they seem to be hitting every few minutes. is that normal? he says aircraft have been hitting the area around mosul
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very hard for several days. trenches and defenses stretch across the countryside. kurdish officials call it phase one of the campaign containing isis. phase two will be very difficult. retaking mosul. these peshmerga fighters say they're willing to join any effort to freeze mosul. but it comes count to the iraqi government in baghdad and its efforts to rebuild, retrain the iraqi army, the same military force that ran away and abandoned mosul when isis first came charging through the region. the peshmerga don't want to take mosul alone. as proof they show us this historic artillery piece. it's from england? >>y. >> how old. >> 1941. >> reporter: it was made in
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1941. >> yeah, made in 91941 in england. >> reporter: they have just 20 precious rounds left. from this vantage point it's easy to see the progress these fighters have made in the battle against isis. but also the great challenges still looming on the who horizon horizon. the fate of an american aid worker taken hostage by isis is uncertain. coming up, how significant are the air strikes being carried out by jordan right now. expert analysts are standing by. we'll be right back. for some every dollar is earned with sweat, sacrifice, courage. which is why usaa is honored to help our members with everything from investing for retirement to saving for college. our commitment to current and former military members and their families is without equal. start investing with as little as fifty dollars.
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welcome back. the fight against isis is clearly intensifying but the fate of an american aid worker taken hostage by the terrorist group remains uncertain. let's get some perspective on both of these angles from our experts joining us one our terrorism analyst paul crook shack and a cnn global affairs analyst analyst. guys thanks very much. i want to show the viewers some new video that we've just received. this is video from isis. it shows the british hot taj, john cantlie in the city of aleppo aleppo. watch. >> hello, i'm john cantlie. the last film in this series. we're in a city that's been at the heart of the fighting since inging since summer of 2012. >> in the record he says that the video is the last in the series.
10:23 am
what do you make of this? it's pretty chilling. >> it is if it is the last film, there's obviously going to be a concern about his status. we know that isis has executed beheaded murdered a lot of other western hostages. continue cantlie is the last one with them. he's been forced to appear in a series of propaganda videos. he's also been forced to appear in mosul as well. so not clear if isis is going to carry on fosrcing him to appear in a new series of videos or perhaps behead him like they beheaded the others. >> remind or viewers who john cantlie is. >> he's a british reporter taken into captivity in syria. he's been held by isis. he was takesen into captive tif at the same time as james foley,
10:24 am
the american journal live. but unlike foley and the others he's been used as an isis spokesman in the propaganda videos. forced to do this by the group. >> let me get your analysis. when he says i'm john cantlie in the last series of the film. he's referring to aleppo. when you see that what goes through your mind? >> well i agree with paul on his -- on john's safety. that's number one. but number two, what i really see is isis continuing to show them as a nation state. number two, they're attempting to drive the wenl and continue to drive the wedge between isis and their sunni backing and the iranian shia backing. right now they're trying to show we're the ones in here we're the aleppo. we're helping everybody. the assad regime is not.
10:25 am
again, it's the slap in the face of us, the u.s. and the obama administration with the series of red lines that we did not take care of in syria. it's an incredible piece of cinematography. >> do you accept the latest comments come in not only from u.s. officials but others that isis is on the run right now, that they may be losing? >> i think isis is losing in iraq. that is -- i do agree with that. mosul, they are isolated up there. their supply lines have been cut off. but as you said in your previous showing here the lines have been redrawn and they will continue to be redrawn. and when this is all said and done what we see as a map today will not be of tomorrow. but in syria right now, even though the jordanians have picked it up, syria is still a save haven and that will be a major thorn in our side here until we come up with a policy on what we're going to do with syria. >> and paul the isis they've provided -- i want to be
10:26 am
precise -- absolutely no evidence that kayla mueller, the american 26-year-old aid worker they say she was killed in a jordanian air strike. they provided absolutely no evidence to confirm back that assertion up right sf. >> wolf that's absolutely right. zero evidence from isis. and they put out no more releases on this since friday when they made that claim. a couple of isis outlets made that claim. but no evidence that she was indeed killed which has obviously given the family some hope that she could still be alive. >> let's hope she is alive. thanks very much guys. don't go far away. president obama setting the strategy for taking on russia saying that vladimir putin's decisions are bad for russia bad for the world. we're going to get much more on the u.s. arming the ukrainian military. that's coming up.
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welcome back to our vauiewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer reporting from washington. let's go to ukraine right now. just a little while ago we heard from president and angela merkel. the two talk about ukraine and the potential of the u.s. arming ukrainian government troops. >> it is true that if in fact diplomacy fails, what i've asked my team to do is to look at all options. what other means can we put in
10:31 am
place to change mr. putin's call cue lose calculous. and the possibility of lethal weapons is the possibility that's being made. i've not made a decision yet. i've consulted with not just angela but will be consulting with other allies about this issue. it's not based on the idea that ukraine could defeat a russian army that was determined. it is rather to see whether or not there are additional things we can do to help ukraine bolster its defenses in the face of separatist aggression. >> there's in lull in the fighting. today in the disputed city of donetsk, it was rocked by a massive explosion of what may have been an armored depot. pro-russian forces have been
10:32 am
going grown. the russian president vladimir putin is in egypt. in an interview he put the blame on the west for the fighting in e kraun, saying the countries have been forced to divide. e denied claims that russia is providing troops and equipment to pro-russian forces in ukraine. the chancellor of germany and the ukrainian president and the russian president vladimir putin. let's discuss what's going on. jim sciutto is here in washington with me. our nick payton walsh is in eastern ukraine. nick we're hearing border fire behind you. what's going on? >> reporter: well wolf actually a change in what we've been hearing. recently we've been hearing the shelling impact over there. for the first time since i've been here i've heard the shell
10:33 am
fly over where we're standing at the moment. they're being shot from a new direction. we know little more than that. but we are hearing from a european diplomat with good knowledge of what's happening on the ground that -- investigating what both sides are doing here. -- amount of military movement both in donetsk and the republicans on the separatist sides. and that may suggest -- spris separatists side for their part -- [ inaudible ] >> nick i'm going to have you hold on for a second. we're beginning to lose some of you audio. i want to straighten that up and get back to you. we hear the mortar fire behind you. be careful in the meantime. jim sciutto is here with me in washington. the president was blunt. there are many in washington republicansance democrats, maybe within his own administration
10:34 am
saying it's e time for the united states to provide lethal aid to the ukrainian military. he' saying that may happen down the road. he's thinking about it but no decision has been made. >> there will be some disappointment in ukraine from the officials i've spoken with who are urgent in their need for help. because they feel -- the facts are true. they're losing ground and have been during peace negotiations for months now and without help they'll continue to lose ground. and the facts on the ground will become unkang lchangeable facts on the ground. you have them standing next to each other acknowledging that they may very well disagree on this. if they do disagree, the alliance will continue. and it is true that there are were more people in his administration as well as in his own party who have come around on this as the situation as declined on the ground. the trouble is you know you're still allowing time for a peace
10:35 am
process which has the same partners in fact it's in the same city. they're going back to minsk where they negotiated the last time. >> that was back in september. >> exactly. >> turned out to not be effective. >> you have the same persons sitting across the table, vladimir put. and putin and the situation changing on the ground. they're willing to give that space. but people i spoke with on the ground in kiev ukrainian officials, they're extremely successful skeptical. >> nick i think we've cleared up your audio. set the scene once again. we're hearing mortar fire shelling going on behind you. the pounding. there's no break at all, right? >> reporter: very lit. there are hours when you do get a lull. what we've been hearing sounds
10:36 am
like longer range artillery. they are also times when you hear ground impact launched from a particular device. it's hard to tell who is firing at who, why or when but a lull at the time when the impacts come in you can presume it's the ukrainian military on the outskirts and then we hear outgoing as well. we heard outgoing fire from the town we were at this morning. quite remarkable what was down to nine story blocks of flat, a building torn right down the middle 37 and people for the first time coming out from basements. one couple told me they got out after five days of being in a basement. tack the kids out immediately and then came back for their possessions. another couple clearing out their home for the last time. no similar-- we're hearing from the
10:37 am
direction of the town the ukrainian troops hope to make a stand and. a very messy situation. hard to know quite where people are progressing on the ground and where they'll being pushed back to retreat. the heavy weapons are being fired by both sides. we've seen and heard that today. and this town donetsk used to have a million people in it but now very few out in the streets. there's heavy shelling and thick snow too, wolf. >> i want you to be very careful over there. it's a dangerous situation. the argument that the europeans make that if the u.s. provides anti-aing missile os anti-aircraft missiles it's only going to escalate the fighting and in the end the ukrainian military is no match for the russian separatists. they could really destroy the ukraine jane forces and effectively steal owl of the weapons that the u.s. might be
10:38 am
providing. why go down that road. >> no question. you heard the president saying you could send them weapons but no one believes that that's going to beat the russians. they just want to give the ukrainians some increased stability to defend themselves. on the flip side this is one of those situations where there really are no good options. on the flip side economic sanctions alone have not changed the russian calculous. and in fact the ukrainians continue to lose ground with economic sanctions alone. the decision before the president is yes there is a risk that this further escalates. on the other hand without doing this front line continue to move further west. and that's something that clearly the president, god knows the ukrainians and others want to avoid. >> if you're putin you say, they took over crimea and that seems like a fete a come plea. no one is talking about crimea anymore. >> haven't heard that talked about in a long time. >> during the joint news conference here in washington the germ man chancellor angela merkel and the president of the
10:39 am
united states, president obama, he defended his decision not to meet with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu on march 3rd when he's scheduled to come to washington. the house speaker john boehner invited the prime minister to address a joint meeting of congress in early march. >> we have a practice of not meeting with leaders right before their elections. two weeks before their elections. as much as i love angela if she was two week i way from an election she probably would not have received an invitation to the white house. and i suspect she wouldn't have asked for one. so you know this is just you know some of this just has to do with how we do business. and i think it's important for us to maintain these protocols because the u.s.-israeli
10:40 am
relationship is not about a particular party. this isn't a relationship founded on affinity between the labor parody and the democrat party or the republican party. this is the us-israeli relationship. that extends beyond parties and has to do with that unbreakable bond that we feel. and our commitment to israel's security and the share of values that we have. >> president obama added that while he and the israeli prime minister do have some differences on serious topics, he insists it has nothing to do with netanyahu's visit to washington. this is an extremely sensitive matter right now. my own sense that the prime minister at least when you hear israeli officials talking about it, given the fact he's supposed to address congress on march 3rd, exactly two weeks before israeli elections, he's looking
10:41 am
for a face saving way potentially maybe to cancel that visit to washington if he could do it without losing too much faith only two weeks before a scheduled election. >> it does look that way. just spoke to an official in the israeli prime minister's office in the words of the official the pooim has received a number of questions regarding his plans. at the moment there is no change to his plans. at the moment. that clearly leaves the possibility of changing this. you've heard the criticism coming from inside israel as well as on this side of the ocean and clearly the prime minister has been hearing that and calculating the damage to the relationship. >> i'm sure he has been. we're going to have more on this story coming up as well. other news we're following, including north korea firing test missile ps. cutting edge anti-ship missile ps some some s. some say they are russian
10:42 am
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north korea showing off some of its new missiles. take a look at this. you're seeing the launch of what the country is calling cutting edge anti-ship missile technology. brian todd is here with me been following the developments suggesting that there could be russian design in these missiles? what's going on. >> these were test fired on sad
10:46 am
saturday. experts are telling us this is the russian made kh 35 e cruise missile of a copy of that missile. north korea may have reassembled if missls after secretly buying them from russia or a third country. one expert says this is a much more capable missile system than any other anti-ship cruise missile that north korea has displayed in the past. this one has a range of up to 160 miles, effective up to ships weighing 5,000 taunons. you saw the pictures there of kim kim jong-un. >> they've also displaidsyed a different type of boat much more maneuver rabble. they're exhibiting some new weapons capability here. and you know they also fired
10:47 am
five short range missiles on sunday. they did test firings on saturday test firings on sunday. again north korea assuming an aggressive stance here. >> their relationship with russia seems to be improving as their relationship with china seems to be deteriorating. and there's talk that kim jong-un might make his first visit to russia. this test comes on the eve of the south korea military test. >> this is just a few weeks before the u.s. annual south korea joint exercises. north korea does this every year. it will test fire missiles shoot out this rhetoric this inflammatory war like rhett reck warning the u.s. and south korea don't conduct these exercises. but there's more tension this year because of everything that's happened over the last couple of months. just last week north korea says it doesn't see any need to negotiate with what it called
10:48 am
the gangster like united states. it can fight the united states with cyber war and nuclear weapons. all coming on the heels of the sony attack. yes it's an annual point of tension with these exercises. >> you are a lot more coming up later in "the situation room"." we'll take a quick break. when we come back presidential politics here in the united states. new poll numbers are out. who's leading the rup pact of potential candidates. stand by. the shift in the global economy. you know, the kind that capitalizes on diversity across the credit spectrum and gets exposure to frontier and emerging markets. if you convert 4-quarter p/e of the s&p 500 its yield is doing a lot better... if you've had to become your own investment expert, maybe it's time for bny mellon a different kind of wealth manager ...and black swans are unpredictable.
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in a new poll, the republican field seems wide open but jeb bush does have a slight lead. let's take a closer look at the numbers right now. the former florida governor drew 16% support. that would be among likely republican primary voters. take a look at this. kentucky senator rand paul is not far behind at all. he's got 13%. and the wisconsin governor, scott walker he has 12%. the new jersey governor chris christie, he has 10%. let's get some context on what's going on. joining us our chief congressional correspondent, dana bash, and our chief political analyst gloria borger, and brianna keilar. all right, gloria a year before new hampshire -- >> wide open! anybody's race. you have to look at these numbers. obviously, jeb bush has the name recognition here but the you look at the top four, it's pretty close. i think what you have to consider is that because there is not going to be a big
10:52 am
democratic race, that you're going to have a lot of independent voters who are going to turn out to vote in the republican primary, because it's an open primary. that's probably pretty good news for jeb bush and chris christie. i think rand paul has made some inroads, but, you know, right now, it's kind of a toss-up don't you think? >> what's happening in new hampshire, though, it's interesting, among likely republican voters in new hampshire, that's slightly different than maybe -- maybe not so slightly different than likely republican caucusgoers in iowa. >> oh, yes, very different. they're sometimes two different universes when it comes to the kind of voters that these candidates have to appeal to. the fact that jeb bush is ahead, i think you're exactly right is name i.d. he actually hasn't been there in years. and as everybody here knows, new hampshire is the kind of place that likes to touch feel smell, talk to the candidates before they actually say that they're going to support them. but what bush is doing actually tomorrow is putting out on his
10:53 am
website the 275,000 e-mails he wants to make available from his time as governor and the first chapter of his ebook. the reason why i mentioned that is the narrative that his folks want to push forward on that is that he was an incredibly accessible governor. that he e-mailed people about a raccoon in their tree at 11:00 at night. that's the kind of guy that they think will play well -- >> you know brianna the other poll involves the democrats and hillary clinton. and she is doing remarkably well, even though she hasn't formally announced everybody knows she's going to run. take a look at this. she dominates with 56% right now among likely republican candidates. so she's got a relatively easier path, i would say. >> that's right. she's head and tails above other democrats, and elizabeth warren is a distant second. there's really maybe two things that can change the math here. one would be elizabeth warren getting into the race. >> she won't. >> that's sort of our
10:54 am
understanding we would be very surprised if they were to do that. it seems the clinton folks are pretty confident she won't. but the other thing that won't change this math is hillary clinton getting in the race. we expect the one she does get in, things she's seen through more of a political lens that's not going to be great for her, but in the absence of any really strong contenders around here it looks like all things the same. >> is she doing well in new hampshire? because it's right next door to her home state of massachusetts. and a lot of people in new hampshire they watch those boston tv stations, they read "the boston globe," for example the "boston herald". >> yeah. >> that's probably why she's doing better than biden or some of these other potential democratic candidates. >> and the other -- and that goes to name i.d. but when you look at this poll and you're talking about favorability, it appears that there are one in four people who don't really know much about elizabeth warren -- >> in new hampshire. >> in new hampshire, yeah. so whereas everyone obviously knows who hillary clinton is, but keep in mind, in sort of this time, 2007, hillary clinton
10:55 am
was polled in new hampshire 15 points up above barack obama, and yet she won -- it was a squeaker, it was a stunner, the polls going into the new hampshire primary had her -- >> she won barely. >> this time hillary will be herself, right? because she's going to be running against herself. >> and can i just say one thing to dana's point about the sort of dissemination of 275,000 e-mails. there's a flip side to this. one is jeb bush, jeb bush is a micromanager. okay if he's -- remember, we had jimmy carter who was assigning the tennis courts to people at the white house. do you want to elect a micromanager, so it could work against him. but on the other -- on the flip side of that, is that he hands down the gauntlet to hillary clinton and to every other republican saying, okay i'm for transparency, folks. i've shown you my stuff show me yours, right? >> and the last thing i want to say about the poll on the republican side is rand paul.
10:56 am
new hampshire voters loved his father. they like his -- i mean, live free or die. he is the ultimate libertarian. they look his flavor of politicians. so it's not surprising that he's doing well and i would expect him to continue to do very well in new hampshire. >> and he's obviously very interested in running. all these guys. and some of the gals too are pretty interested in running for president of the united states. people say it's a long long time. it's not that long this summer, the republican debates and maybe even some democratic presidential debates will be taking place. so people have to start getting ready for all of that. guys much more coming up, as we cover politics here in the united states. that's it for me thanks very much for watching. i'll be back 5:00 p.m. eastern in "the situation room." for our international viewers, amanpour is coming up next. for our viewers in north america, newsroom with brooke baldwin will start right after the quick break. are you sure you're not ignoring them in your body? even if you're treating your crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis an occasional flare may be a sign of damaging
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here we go. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. thanks so much for being with us here on this monday. let's begin with the united states considering getting even more deeply involved in the most violent conflict europe has seen in years. >> [ bleep ]! [ explosion ] >> the sights and sounds of war in ukraine. this massive explosion wipes out a building outside of donetsk, an area now under control of these pro-russian separatists. we're told this is either a chemical factory or perhaps an arms depot. this attack there coming as the number of people killed rises every single day. more than 5,000 dead and nearly