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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  February 18, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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isis savagery. the west reacts to the latest claims of atrocities. an ugly scene caught on tape highlighting the lingering issue of racism in football. still no sign of mh-370 but the search goes on. the latest this hour. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and arld the world. i'm zain asher. >> i'm john vause. great to have you with us. this is cnn newsroom. we begin this hour with new allegations of brutality of isis and the u.s. president's plans to fight the militants. iraq claims isis is harvesting organs from some of its victims and selling them on the black market. >> president obama says
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extremist groups like isis do not represent islam. he spoke wednesday at an international summit in washington. >> al qaeda and isil and groups like it are desperate for legitimacy. they try to portray themselves as religious leaders, holy warriors in defense of islam. they are not religious leaders, they are terrorists. [ applause ] and we are not at war with islam. [ applause ] we are at war with people who have perverted islam. >> in the meantime an iraqi official claims that isis recently burned as many as 40 people near the town of al baghdadi. >> chief u.s. security correspondent jim sciutto has the details. >> reporter: with isis locked in battle with iraqi forces in al baghdadi eyewitness accounts from the western iraqi town claim the terror group is burning the bodies of soldiers
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and tribesmen killed in the fighting to desecrate them. today, the pentagon indicated it's now analyzing evidence of the incident. >> certainly wouldn't surprise any of us here if it turns out to be authentic and true given the kinds of atrocities that this group continues to wage against civilians. >> reporter: and another startling claim, that isis is harvesting human organs from its victims in iraq and selling them on the black market in europe for profit. a dozen doctors in mosul who refused to operate were murdered. >> translator: these are, in fact crimes of genocide committed against humanity that must be held accountable before international justice. without even mentioning the traffic of human organs. >> reporter: cnn has not been able to confirm the claims, and the ambassador offered no proof.
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the u.n. however, tells cnn it is investigating and questions how the terror group could run harvested organs out of a war zone. if true, what could be driving the terror group's extreme tactics. isis financing has suffered as the u.s. air campaign has destroyed many of the lucrative oil facilities. while isis recruiting remains strong more and more attracting women and highly educated people these extreme atrocities often filmed get attention, which in turn further fuels recruiting. >> they basically peeled people away from al qaeda, guys who were part of the bin laden network, they see that isis is now the vanguardy jihadi organization. >> reporter: the u.s. state department says it's aware of the teachdeeply disturbing comments and has no reason to doubt them
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based on isis' past atrocities. jim sciutto, cnn, washington. in the meantime libya's foreign minister is asking the u.n. to lift its arms embargo so it can fight terrorism. egypt says more should be done to stop arms going into libya out of fear that groups like isis will get their hands on them. egypt launched a series of air strikes on isis militants this week after they beheaded 21 egyptian christians. a u.s. military court has thrown out the 2007 conviction of david hicks, the first guantanamo bay inmate ever convicted. he pleaded guilty to providing material support to terrorist. but it turns out that was not a crime when he was taken into custody in afghanistan in 2001. >> so i'm sure nobody is surprised by today's long awaited acknowledgement by the government of the united states
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of america of my innocence. even the australian government admitted i've committed no crime. it's just unfortunate that because of politics i was subjected to 5 1/2 years of physical and psychological torture, that i will now live with always. >> hicks was transferred to australia after his conviction where he served nine months of a seven-year sentence. police in paris are investigating an incident of racism between a group of apart chelsea football fans and a black man trying to board a metro train. the group taunted him, even pushed him, and all of it caught on video. here's cnn's alex thomas. >> reporter: it's a stark reminder to bosses of the world east most popular sport about the need for constant vigilance. ahead of the match, men who appear to be chelsea fans push a black man off a paris metro
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train. they're chanting "we're racist, we're racist, and that's the way we like it. wind spread condemnation was swift. chelsea said we'll support any criminal action involved in such behavior and should evidence point to the involvement of chelsea season ticket holders, the club will take the strongest possible action against them, including banning orders. this anti-racism video featuring top players was made by europe's governing body uefa. officials say they're appalled but can't take action because the incident happened away from the stadium. the paris prosecutor has opened a case and is investigating. the paris incident comes a day after the former italy coach was criticized for saying there were too many black players in italian youth football.
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chairman to the coaches, i could go on but we see a swhoel lot of people who have significant positions in football as leaders making racist comments time and time again. that gives us a sense that football is tied up with these sort of attitudes and behaviors. >> we're never going to completely stop racism. that's the unfortunate side. i don't think the governing bodies of world football of football in general are doing enough to crack down.
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so we talk about anti-racist campaigns and kick it out of football but i think that's just a front. i don't think the governing bodies are doing enough. if you slap people on the wrist, it will continue to happen. >> reporter: because chelsea's captain john terry was banned and fined in 2012 for racially abusing another player some say this club has a particular problem. but anti-racism campaigners will argue the issue is much, much bigger than that. alex thomas, cnn, london. >> we should note chelsea has the second highest number of supporters who have been issued ban orders. >> and it's players that have to deal with racism on the field as they're playing. coming up ukraine's president says his troops' withdrawal was planned and organized but what was left behind suggests otherwise. we'll take a look at the devastation in a key railroad town.
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asking for u.n. peacekeepers after government troops were -- >> he says he wants a firm world reaction to what he described as russia's brutal violation of the peace agreements. >> nato's secretary-general is urging russia to withdraw from eastern ukraine and respect the cease-fire. russia has denied sending troops or equipment across the border. >> the city has been described as the most dangerous place in ukraine. fighting has taken a huge toll on the civilian population there. once home to some 25,000 people. now only 3,000 to 4,000 remain in this soviet era town and it holds key strategic value to both sides in this conflict. the rail and highway junctions connect the rebel held strong hold of donetsk and luhansk.
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>> nick paton walsh has more. >> reporter: we're heading towards a town where something has happened that has profound implications for european security. a town vital to both sides, at the heart of a flawed peace agreement, is falling to separatists as we drive. the ground around it changing hands fast. hours earlier, this was a ukrainian checkpoint. apcs still smoldering, bodies left behind. locals emerging unscathed. the ukrainians mostly retreating. of course it's better now we're not being shelled, says this woman. but they have no pensions. it gives the separatists the borders that they ideally wanted and a massive blow for diplomacy, because this happened on the supposed fourth day of a cease-fire.
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he shows us what he says is a booby trap. but it's clear the men who fled here faced a far better equipped enemy. the fighters here like victor this is a moment to saver with his brother. the point is, we survived the kiev hunter, he says. next to kiev, then berlin victor adds. merkel can make us tea. hard to separate joking from ambition when their enemy collapsed so fast. here they left behind armor and a massive stock of artillery shells. even their better missiles. not the orderly withdrawal that the president claimed. it's not hard to imagine the fear felt here, when you see the destruction the men lived through. this fight for land is happening in some of europe's most desolate communities.
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ukrainian soldiers fled this coal mine having held it for five months. simple lives from poor towns, dragged into a bigger game. victor explains the mine used to give work to miners and salaries. but who knows how long till it works again? he thinks russia will help and i ask, hasn't it already? the fight is continuing but if presidents still call this a cease-fire when will it stop? nick paton walsh, cnn, eastern ukraine. right now, diplomatic pressure is building on russia to do something to halt the fighting. matthew chance joins me live now from moscow. so matthew, the city's fall is a huge victory for the russian separatists, but also a clear violation of the cease-fire. at this point, what options do the international community have
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to keep russia and putin in check? >> well the options that the international community have are pretty limited and none are good. much will depend on the next step of the pro-russian separatists and their russian backers. the hope i suppose at the moment, is that the territory that includes this city that's already been capture willed be sufficient for the rebels and their sponsors in moscow. and the fear is it won't be enough this will be used as a springboard to take more territory. this is the concern. if that happens, well the options are, as they've already been laid out, international sanctions is that are already in force against russia. they appear to have little impact on its policy. there's a debate still raging in washington about whether or not to arm the government in kiev.
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even though it might make them more able to resist the russian advance, it may not alter the outcome of the war. so as i say, those are the options. none of them particularly good. >> and mai know that john kerry called urging them to stop launching attacks. we shall keep an eye on it. matthew chance live for us there in moscow. thank you. coming up here on cnn newsroom the latest on the search for malaysian airlines flight 370. it's been norly a year since the flight vanished. also greece could be out of cash in just a few weeks. we'll tell you about the latest request for help from the eurozone. i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24,
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the nikkei in tokyo closing out at a 15-year high up by a third of 1%. partly because of some cautious optimism that there may in fact be a deal in the works on the problem of greece's debt. >> greece is expected to ask for an extension on its loan agreement with the eurozone. the country could be out of money within weeks and the current agreement is set to expire at the end of the month. >> germany has been reluctant to
10:20 pm
negotiate a partial extension without promises of economic reforms. they want greece to work out an extension on the full bailout program. authorities have raided two officers belonging to banking giant hsbc. earlier this month, the news organization reported the bank's swiss arm helped clients hide $100 billion in swiss accounts to avoid taxes. hsbc says it is cooperating. well there is massive congestion at several critical ports along the u.s. coast, as dock workers and their employers remain locked in a month-long contract dispute. more than two dozen ports that serve as thoroughfares for u.s. imports and exports are affected. if this drags on the ripple effect across multiple
10:21 pm
industries could cause serious damage. here's our christinea leshi. >> reporter: in december mcdonald's battled a fries shortage. everything from nike shoes to electronics to salt to blue jeans flow through 29 ports across three states making up 70% of the goods the u.s. buys from asia and nearly half of all american marine trade. >> we're getting to a point, a breaking point where the system is really collapsing under its own weight. we're experiencing significant delays in backlogs. >> reporter: the headliner is auto parts. asian automakers are slowing or even halting production because essential parts aren't arriving in u.s. factories. fuji heavy industries maker of subaru is reportedly paying $59
10:22 pm
million a month to airlift parts. but the disruption goes way beyond cars. experts are calling it a potential crisis for u.s. meat. the north american meat institute says the industry is losing $85 million a week in exports. and oranges, grapes and apples are left rotting on the docks. washington state scored its biggest apple harvest in history this year and growers were anticipating huge sales in china. instead, producers are dumping spoiled apples into canyons. all this and it's not even a full-on strike. a total shutdown could cost the u.s. $1.9 billion a day, according to the national retail federation. until 20,000 dock workers come to an agreement with their employers, a lot of commerce is left out to sea. >> it's been nearly one year
10:23 pm
since malaysian airlines flight 370 disappears over the indian ocean and the passengers of the families still don't have any answers as to what happened. >> but that is what is motivating crews to continue the search. they are not giving up hope despite the daunting size of the search area and the challenging conditions. officials are saying they will find this plane. >> our anna coren joins was the latest. she is in perth, australia. the story seems to have slipped away from the headlines, but the search has gone on all of this time. how much of that search area has been narrowed down? >> reporter: that's right, john. the search area is about 1,000 nautical miles from where we are standing here. this is where the search vessels come to switch crews after a month and a half out at sea, as well as restocked with supplies and fix any equipment. two of the vessels are here at
10:24 pm
the moment and will be heading back out in the next few days to what is a priority search area. it's about 60,000 square kilometers, and that's been narrowed down from an area that was initially thought to be 1/2 the size of the united states. so it has narrowed down but it's still an enormous expanse of water. but it's what is on the ocean floor that is really important. they are scouring every single inch of it. nothing is being missed. but they're experiencing some horrendous conditions below the water, the that pog aopography. so once again, just causing a logistical nightmare for that equipment. and then above the surface, the weather has been just chaotic. they've encountered three cyclones on this last trip as
10:25 pm
well as waves up to 16 meters high. incredible swells out there. it's not even winter. winter is when it is absolutely bleak. so they're trying to cover this priority search area before the end of may. they say they are on schedule and they also say, john if mh-370 is in this priority search area, they will find it. >> anna thank you very much. anna coren live there in perth. this is such a difficult milestone, especially coming up to the china new year. thanks, anna. still to come here, the battle against violent extremism is on the table at the white house, while terror attacks are on the rise across europe. plus a look at why jeb bush seems to be distancing himself from his family dynasty. stay with us. so,as my personal financial psychic, i'm sure you know what this meeting is about. yes, a raise.
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welcome back to our viewers in the united states and around the world. you're watching cnn newsroom. i'm john vause. >> and i'm zain asher. the headlines at this hour an iraqi official says isis burned alive up to 40 people during its recent attack on the town of al baghdadi. meanwhile, the u.n. says it's looking into allegations that isis is harvesting human organs from its victims to sell on the black market. cnn is not able to verify either claim. a u.s. military court has thrown out the 2007 conviction of david hicks, the first guantanamo bay inmate ever convicted. the australian pleaded guilty to
10:28 pm
providing material support to terrorists but it turns out that was not a crime when he was captured in 2001. french authorities are trying to identify the people chanting in this video. they were taunting a black man trying to board a train in paris. chelsea called the incident abhornet. the battle against violent extremism is the focus of a summit under way at the white house. >> it comes with a rise of terror attacks in europe one that world leaders are eager to stop. here's our nic robertson. >> reporter: shot down as he attacked police. his killing spree over. the terror attacks triggering multiple questions here. just two weeks out of jail where did he get the expensive weapons? was somebody helping him? did somebody direct him to attack the cartoonist and the
10:29 pm
synagogue synagogue? and the intelligence service knew he was getting radicalized in jail. and they miscalculated thinking he wasn't an imminent threat. all across europe counterterrorism officials are facing a similar and growing threat. in the past decade or so 61 different terror attacks from madrid to london and beyond have killed 451 people across europe. in paris, the recent murderous targeting of cartoonist and a kosher supermarket reveal radicalization as an issue in jails there, too. this french prison warden told me his concerns. >> sometimes we are too -- it's really hard to do. >> reporter: not just short of prison staff, but intelligence operatives, too. two of the attackers if paris
10:30 pm
had been under surveillance. but as with the danish killer intelligence services judge them not a threat. uk officials routinely face the same dilemma. >> if the security services want to monitor somebody 24 hours a day, you're talking about 30 people to monitor one. >> they're talking a lot more individuals than they ever have been which makes it difficult to try to prioritize those individuals. >> reporter: isis propaganda has gone viral. more than 4,000 men and women left europe to join them and other terror groups. and even harder to spot and stop sympathizers like the danish and one of the paris gunman who never left home both pledging allegiance to isis shortly before their attacks. >> we've seen at least 20 plus in europe since two years now.
10:31 pm
>> reporter: one of the lessons learned of the paris attack weakness in terror coordination learned when a suspect found in bullgaria bulgaria. >> couldn't be transferred to paris because of lack of legislation defining them as jihadists. so those gaps are leading to run their abilities inside europe and possibly could be exploited by the terrorists. >> reporter: and that is a worry. terrorists are learning too. >> it's a learning process that the terrorists are going through to adapt to see what works and what doesn't. >> reporter: in denmark, and across europe the challenge learned better, learned faster than the enemy. nic robertson, cnn, copenhagen, denmark. italy is raising some concerns about the spread of isis and its influence into libya. >> the italian foreign minister on wednesday calls for urgent
10:32 pm
international action to stop libya from falling into chaos. authorities announced plans to deploy soldiers in cities across italy to guard against possible terrorist attacks. >> this map shows just why italy is so concerned about the situation in libya. bottom line they're not far apart. there's been a surge of refugees fleeing libya by boat. as you can see, the shortest route to that safety to get to europe is slowa italy. we're going to take a break right now. but coming up punishing parents with overweight children. it could soon be a law. we'll tell you where, coming up. stay with us. discover card. hey! so i'm looking at my bill and my fico® credit score's on here. we give you your fico® score each month for free! awesomesauce! wow! the only person i know that says that is...lisa? julie?! at discover, we treat you like you'd treat you. get the it card and see your fico® credit score.
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should parents be punished if their children are overweight? some lawmaker in puerto rico think so and they're considering a bill that would fine parents over $800. >> 28% of puerto rico's children are considered clinically obese. the measure put push parents to make healthier choices for their children. there are no shortage of critics when it comes to this idea and dr. duranda is one of them.
10:36 pm
doctor thank you for being was. on the surface, some day this might not be a bad idea. look what happened with the tax on sugar drinks in mexico. that led to a decrease in consumption there. berkeley california passed a similar measure. in some respects, a fat tax can work. >> it appears that the underlying premise for this is that some people acquire obesity by choice and getting rid of obesity is only a matter of deciding to do so. but in reality, major medical and scientific organizations, such as obesity society or the american medical association, have declared that obesity is a disease, like diabetes or cancer. which means that just like these diseases you don't choose obesity. obesity chooses you. >> so in every single case you're saying that anyone who is
10:37 pm
obese, who is overweight that's because of a medical condition, it's not because of lifestyle choices? >> well lifestyle choices can still lead to many conditions many diseases. but the solution is treating them or trying to prevent them. but penalizing someone because you were not able to get rid of a disease is medically ill-informed. >> why not take a closer look at the fast food chains that have invaded the islands there in recent years? >> there are many ways one can combat obesity and it be be done at various levels. obesity should be combatted at an individual level, at community level, at policy levels and all of the above. you can also try to improve access to health care provide more information, provide
10:38 pm
environment for more conducive for healthful lifestyle. but all those things are necessary for prevention and treatment of obeseityobesity. but penalizing someone because you were unable to control your disease, that is illogical. >> how much of this proposal do you think is just simply another way for local authorities there in puerto rico to raise tax revenue? >> i do not know that but it really trivializes a big, serious medical condition such as obesity, into making people believe that it is only a matter of choice and nothing more to it. push yourself away from the table and you'll be okay. that was perhaps okay 50 years ago. there has been way more research and that tells us how serious of
10:39 pm
a medical condition a disease this obesity is. >> thank there is to the doctor who is with texas tech in lubbock, texas. he makes a good point, that often this is a medical condition. >> and you can't punish parents for something that is beyond their control. an astonishing discovery off the coast of israel. scuba divers stumbled across a 1,000-year-old treasure. almost 2,000 gold coins that have sat beneath the mediterranean. >> most of them come from a shiite empire from the year 1,000. it's not clear how the coins ended up under the sea. but the authorities praised dive divers who are reporting them and turning them in. oregon's new governor is making history. kate brown is the first openly
10:40 pm
bisexual governor in the united states. jeb bush a potential front-runner for the republican presidential candidate in the u.s. seems to be distancing himself from the family legacy. >> it's important for jeb bush to break away from his family because both of the bush presidencies ended with popularity issues. >> let's start off with what he said today in chicago. >> i love my brother. i love my dad. actually love my mother as well hope that's okay. and i admire their service to the nation but i am my own man. >> let's remind everyone who jeb bush is. he is the son of u.s. president george h.w. bush who served one
10:41 pm
term starting in 1989 and the younger brother of president george bush. as for himself, jeb bush served as florida governor for two terms. in 2002 he was the first governor to win re-election with 56% of the vote. and afterwards he started a consulting firm. as jeb bush hints towards a presidential campaign, he's trying to push away from his family somewhat. remember, his father waged a war against iraq and his brother launched a war in iraq and afghanistan that became hugely unpopular over time. now jeb bush is admitting mistakes were made in iraq during his brother's presidency. however, he was even more critical of the obama administration's policy towards iraq. but when it comes to defeating isis he did not offer a plan that sounded much different than president obama's. >> we have to develop a strategy that's global that takes them out.
10:42 pm
first, the strategy needs to be restrain them tighten the noose, and then taking them out is the strategy. >> and natalie, i know that some conservatives do not think that jeb bush is conservative enough. and my question is how is jeb bush doing in the polls with the republicans? >> let's look at this cnn poll from wednesday. 14% of republicans surveyed said they would pick bush for the nominee, just behind conservative mike huckabee. and whoever wins that nomination could end up facing off against hillary clinton. she leads the democrat's choice for president with 61%. so zain and john the country could see a bush-clinton ticket yet again. >> back to the future thanks for that. time to look at the weather. derek is here with. at least 20 states are under these wind chill advisories. and this is the coldest air that many people in this country have experienced for decades, for
10:43 pm
generations. >> and this air is coming straight from siberia. 20 straights under that windchill advisory. that's 130 million people in the eastern half of the united states. this is something we want to take seriously, because with windchill values driving 30 to 40 degrees fahrenheit below freezing it only takes five to ten minutes of exposed skin outdoors to feel the effects of frostbite. you can see that shading of purple and blue indicating our windchill advisories and warnings. that hard blue is a hard freeze warning. think about the citrus crops that grow near alabama, georgia and florida. those will be impacted as well. we could set easily with this arctic blast 100 record low temperatures by thursday morning and friday morning will be equally as cold for the eastern and central parts of the u.s. these are forecast overnight lows tonight. anywhere you see that red box highlighted, that is the potential for a record to be
10:44 pm
broken. chicago, 7 degrees below freezing. atlanta, 14. 29 all the way to jacksonville, florida. a place you don't normally see temperatures like that. and to make matters worse, another storm system across the same area that was inundated with a thin sheet of ice making travel very tricky between little rock and nashville. guess what? they have more ice on the way. time thing storm out, that's for friday night and saturday. all rain for the east coast. we are monitoring two different tropical cyclones one over the northern parts of the northern territory of australia. this is more significant in terms of strength but it doesn't have the amount of rain over the eastern parts of queensland. we do have the possibility of upwards of 300 to 400 millimeters of rain. you can see some of them sandbagging in preparation of
10:45 pm
the tropical cyclone. that's about 24 hours away from landfall and it looks to be strengthening, too. >> that's my part of the world. you've got to be ready. still to come the chinese lunar new year gala already has the power to reach almost 1 billion people. now the organizers want to make it bigger and better than ever. when heartburn comes creeping up on you... fight back with relief so smooth...'s fast. tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue ...and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum, tum tum tum...♪ smoothies! only from tums.
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♪ ♪ celebrating the start of a new year, from singapore to laos hong kong to malaysia. in myanmar, revelers took part in the traditional dragon parade. >> and in manila they rode the es ka heycalators up to the stock exchange. >> each year nearly everybody in china gathers at home to eat traditional foods and watch the variety show put on by state media. now organizers are trying to reach a global audience. cnn's david mckenzie is in beijing for us. david, walks through how much
10:49 pm
preparation and planning goes into the cctv xwalgala show. i also imagine it's nerve-racking for the performers given there's 700 million people watching. >> reporter: that's right, zain. i want to walk you through one other thing. this is a temple fair. it's called the first day of the new year. thousands of people throughout china come to these fairs where they eat food sometimes give each other red envelopes of cash. this is the start of the lunar new year. it's kicked off with the variety shows, which is really a marathon of entertainment for chinese. and it's become something of a national habit. this temple school is famous for its gravity defying kung fu. still, after three months of pain staking rehearsals, they may not make the cut.
10:50 pm
there is intense pressure says their coach. each rehearsal is also an inspection. up until the last minute the show isn't confirmed. the show is the annual new year gala on state tv. at one of its final rehearsals it's a menagerie of chinese opera singers, dancers and acrobats all competing for coveted slots. this school has performed in the gala before but it's huh ming's first time. i'm so excited, she says. i used to watch them perform on stage, but now it's my time. the new year's gala is an old school variety show. a five-hour marathon. heavy on song dance, and communist party style patriotism. it's a cultural phenomena in china, drawing more viewers than the oscars emmys, and vmas combined. the audience numbers are
10:51 pm
staggering. around 700 million people watch the gala every year and they tweet on social media 50 million times a minute. so this is a key propaganda tool for the communist party. and now in what seems as a power push they're taking the gala global. buying newspaper ads and primetime advertising space in the heart of times square. they've even done deals with twitter, google and youtube, all sites banned in china. but after more than three decades on air, the gala struggles to be relevant with the younger generation. last year, young chinese flooded the internet with pictures of their grandparents napping through the marathon show. for the performers, though, it's very serious business. i want to perform my best he says, so i can bring the best show to the people in china and
10:52 pm
the world. they do call the gala, after all, the biggest show on earth. certainly hundreds of millions watch the gala every year. i still haven't figured out, zain whether people love to watch it or love to hate it because it's just a firestorm on social media here every year with people sending in snarkey comments about the performances. but they are trying to push it onto the world stage. we'll see how well they do with that. >> i cannot imagine the butterflies in the stomachs of the performers knowing there's almost a billion people watching. david, thank you. >> it may be a new lunar new year in china, but looked like the same old pollution behind david. north korea's supreme leader
10:53 pm
is sporting a new haircut. >> just in time for the lunar new year. it's kind of a little hollow on top. a little closely shaved on the sides, and those eyebrows look like they've had a -- >> i'm not sure if any haircut can mask the personality and the character behind this lead erer. >> in north korea, this guy is a trendsetter. many people will now want to look just like him. i think it's worth having another look at. it's very special, because this is the new look. let's have another look. maybe not. there it is. what they've been trying to do with kim jong-un all along is trying to make him look a lot more like his grandfather, so that they can keep the whole
10:54 pm
family dynasty going. >> okay, everyone. thanks for watching cnn newsroom. i'm zain asher. >> and i'm john vause. stay with us. errol barnett and rosemary church will have the latest news from around the world after a short break. you're watching cnn. >> hi, guys. >> nice to see you. -- captions by vitac -- [engine revving] [engine revving] ♪ introducing the first-ever 306 horsepower lexus rc coupe with available all-wheel drive. once driven, there's no going back. lease the 2015 rc 350 for $449 a month for 36 months. see your lexus dealer. you get sick you can't breathe through your nose suddenly, you're a mouth breather. a mouth breather! well, put on a breathe right strip and shut your mouth.
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disgusting new allegations against isis. there are claims the group is using human organs to make money. football's race problem. a black man pushed away by fan of the world's most popular sport. and collapsing under pressure be. no one's sure parts of the u.s. can take much more snow. hello, everyone i'm errol barnett. hello, and welcome to our viewers in the united states and across the world. >> and i'm rosemary church. thanks for joining us. it is 10:00 a.m. in iraq's anbar province where local officials are accusing isis of killing at least 40 people by burning them alive. >> here's some of the latest information we have. this report comes as the terror group tries to continue its land grab as
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
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