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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  February 23, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PST

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tackling terror. egypt wants to unite against isis. how do they do it? a live report moments away. and malls on alert. how law enforcement is responding. and big night for "birdman." we have all the big winners and must-see moments. lady gaga "the hills are alive." >> "birdman" and the "lego
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movie" are the two i have seen this year. >> we will have all that for you. good morning. welcome to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm john berman. it is monday february 23rd. the president of egypt is calling for an arab force to fight isis. the sign that middle eastern countries are heeding president obama's call to step up in the fight against isis. jordan and uea offered to send assistance for egypt to help libya. i want to bring in cnn's ian lee with the latest from cairo. ian, this is a call to arms. >> reporter: it is. good morning. we heard from president sisi was a state of union address from egypt. right off the top was the fight against isis. egypt fighting on two fronts.
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battling them are northern sinai and they had 13 air strikes targeting isis in libya after the brutal beheading of the 21 egyptian christians. he talked about the pan arab army saying the need for arab force is growing and increasingly needed every day. he didn't give many details about what this force would look like and who would happen but we know that arab countries have offered assistance for the battle. with the need that the egyptian military's main role is to defend only the egyptian border. if asked by arab brothers they could be there to protect the region. john. >> is there a sense of how the call is resonating with the people in egypt and other arab nations?
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>> reporter: here in egypt, the call has seen as fairly popular. listening to the speech, it sounded like the egyptian leader. this call will be received somewhat warmly. we know many arab countries are dealing with the threat of isis. this is something the arab countries are concerned about. this is the first time we have heard a president call for a and arab army. it will not be easy to accomplish. >> ian lee, thank you. defense secretary ash carter is in kuwait on an unannounced visit to consult with intelligence officials on the fight against isis. this on the heels of the isis released propaganda video that shows peshmerga forces captured
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by isis. cnn cannot confirm the authenticity of the video. in it the prisoners call on peshmerga to give up the fight on isis. cnn correspondent ben wedeman following the story for us from erbil. good morning, ben. in terms of the propaganda value videos we have no way of knowing if it is true or the motive. it clearly is a threat. >> reporter: it is a threat. a threat to the kurds and kurdish forces that have been fighting isis now since last summer. what is significant in this video is in fact that they don't -- they are not executed but the threat is there. during this nine-minute video, where you see them paraded in cages on the back of pickup trucks through what we believe is the city south of kirkuk. during the video, you see still
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photographs flashed on the screen of some of the egyptians who were beheaded in libya last month. obviously, the implication is this could be the fate of these 21 men as well. despite this in fact, on the frontlines it is a different picture. we understand there were two attempts to break through kurds lines. both were successful. one battle to the south of here according to kurdish officers more than 50 isis fighters were killed when they tried to approach the kurdish lines. coalition aircraft also came into play there. in a separate incident to the west of here near the syrian border isis force again, tried to approach the kurdish lines. more than 30 killed there. despite the fact the kurds tell you time and time again, that they need heavy weapons, they
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are able to keep isis at bay. christine. >> thank you, ben wedeman. five minutes past the hour. chilling threat from the group al shabaab has shopping malls stepping up security. this video calls for attacks on malls in canada britain and the united states. specifically naming the mall of america in minnesota. officials walking a fine line. heightened vigilance and some downplaying the security level. let's go to erin mcpike with the latest. >> reporter: secretary johnson is stressing anyone heading to the mall of america should be careful was a striking comment. government officials started walking back comments and continued throughout day. i asked him if he wanted to revise what he said. >> do you regret the comments you made this morning? >> no. >> reporter: i also asked him to explain how americans can be
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more careful when they go out to big public places. if you see something, say something. pay close attention to the developing story. a spokesperson for dhs, quote is not aware of any specific credible plot against the mall of america or any other large shopping center. >> it is becoming a less and less relevant statement because you and i won't necessarily know about when the next bad actor is going to strike and try to murder several cops on the beat. >> reporter: and yet the mall of america beefed of security. mark dayton said he was in close contact with the safety commissioner on sunday trying to
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keep tabs on what they can prevent. thank you, erin. the family of the slain isis hostage speaking out against the u.s. policy of refusing to pay ransom to terrorists. the white house confirmed the death of kayla mueller earlier this month. mueller's father tells nbc news the family pushed for success in the change in the u.s. policy hoping to save kayla's life. >> we understand not paying ransom but on the other hand any parents would understand you would want anything and everything done to bring your child home. we tried. we asked. they put policy in front of american citizens' lives. >> kayla's mother marsha says she believes the u.s. under estimated, in her words, how powerful isis was. turkey is concerned that
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isis is moving closer to a key historic site in syria tomb inside syria, but long been regarded as turkish territory. the guards and remains have been moved to another site. the tomb has been moved over the last several decades. it is symbolic importance to turkey. hadi escaped house arrest imposed by the rebels last month. hadi issued a statement he is still the president of yemen. the rebels kidnapped his nephew. no word on his nephew's fate. more than 70 people dead after a ferry capsized in
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bangladesh bangladesh. it is unclear how many people were on board. the ferry operators do not keep records. the ferry accident last summer on the same river left 45 dead. two people dead and 15 wounded in a protest in eastern ukraine. the deadtonation of the remote-controlled bomb is suspected by a terrorist. the mayor of jerusalem and his body guard jumped out of the car to stop a knife attack. the attacker struck an ultra orthodox jewish man. that is when the mayor sprang into action. the attacker is said to be an 18-year-old palestinian who was not authorized to live in israel. ten minutes past the hour.
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time for an early start on your money. european and asian stocks are up thanks to the agreement with greece and eu creditors. the greek drama continues. u.s. stock futures are down slightly. stocks close to all-time highs here. on friday the dow popped 155 points. the s&p 500 notching a record high. markets cheering greece's four-month bailout extension to pay its bills and stay in the eu. greece must have new reforms by today. the deadlines have been sticky for markets. breaking this morning, honda's ceo stepping down after six years. he will step aside in june. he is replaced by the managing officer. the air bag controversy have been linked to six deaths so far. all of the deaths in honda cars. the relative thaw we saw on
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sunday in the 40s, that's a memory. winter temperatures are back with a vengeance. in texas, more than 1,200 flights are canceled in and out of dallas. let's get an early look at the weather with meteorologist pedram javaheri. >> rain showers from southern california to portions of south carolina. big area across the i-10 corridor. rain showers and northern tiers of alabama and southern tennessee. certainly getting icy and snow taking place. that is a concern back to the west in texas. expansive region for advisories and warnings. ice in the region. texas into dallas don't be surprised to see sleet accumulate. the ice threat is going to cause disruption on the interstates to austin and waco and dallas. the snowshowers will be accompanied as well.
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the light side in north texas. 2 to 4 inches. 1 to 3 in little rock. in colorado 2 feet possible in the higher elevations. the high temperatures ranging from 12 in chicago to 20s in new york city. it felt nice yesterday. 13 minutes past the hour. "birdman" is on an oscar high. the washed up film actor beat out "boyhood." julianne moore honored for "still alice." eddie redmayne won for portraying steven hawking. >> i saw zero of the award show. >> i love how up to date you are on pop culture.
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>> it started so late. i had to wake up to be with you. >> in the next half hour i will tell you everything you need to know about the oscars. >> thank goodness. 13 minutes after the hour. two british girls on the run this morning, apparently headed to isis. their families are crushed. what is being done to bring these girls home. and ot e to go into a fight when you've got somebody that's got your back. having chantix as a partner made it more successful. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix helped reduce my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some people had seizures while taking chantix. if you have any of these stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix or history of seizures. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these
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using invokana® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may increase risk of low blood sugar. it's time. lower your blood sugar with invokana®. imagine loving your numbers. ask your doctor about invokana®. this morning, the family of three british teenagers believed to be headed on syria to join isis are making a plea. saying we are not mad at you. remember how much we love you. following the story for us is atika shubert. atika, three young women vanishing to join the fight with isis. these families must be so upset. >> reporter: they are
1:18 am
devastated. they say there is no sign their children were talking to or interested in politics in the middle east. one said they were going to a wedding and they disappeared. take a listen to what the sister of the girl schools had to say. >> she is an "a" student. to convince young girls of that age that are vulnerable. it's just wrong. it's evil thing to do. you are breaking up families. we want her to come home. if you are watching this baby please come home. mom loves you more than anything in the world. you're our baby. >> reporter: the reason the families are speaking out and police have issued those unblurred photos of the girls is they are still believed to be in turkey. they may not have crossed into syria yet. they want to let them know they
1:19 am
should come back home. >> atika, what is the investigation showing how they got the money to get there and in direct contact with, i guess people in isis? >> reporter: one thought is a classmate left for syria a few months ago. they are looking to see if they followed their classmate. they seem to be in contact with amoud. this is a 19-year-old school girl from glasgow who left for syria last year. she was giving advice in a blog for anyone wanting to join isis. it is possible they were in contact with her. she may have given them the advice to make the journey in turkey. >> thank you, atika shubert in london. almost unbelievable that girls would use -- in a western
1:20 am
country with all kinds of rights to join an islamic caliphate. >> all kinds of questions who recruited them. 20 minutes after the hour. i have to tell you, it was a night i will never forget. the 87th annual academy awards. "birdman" no remakes tolation to me comes out on top. we will have all of the big moments and surprises next.
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"boyhood" versus "birdman." when the nfl wasenvelope was opened it was "birdman." you know the winner in best performance's don lemon? he breaks down all the winners. >> john and christine, congratulations to the winners last night. we hung out late. let's start with j.k. simmons. what a night it was for him. he said he was in the business 40 years and just turned 60. all of a sudden he is the name. he is winning for "whiplash." best supporting actress, patricia arquette. now she is somewhat of an activist. speaking out on women's rights and equal pay.
1:25 am
best director alejandro inarritu. he also won for "birdman." best actor, eddie redmayne. he did a fantastic for that training for months. best actress. julianne moore. not a surprise there. another movie dealing with issues. and best picture, "birdman." a surprise to many people. many people thought it would be "boyhood." that didn't happen. emotional moments from the writer of "imitation game." common and john legend had people crying for their performance. it was a night filled with fashion and joy and tears and i'm sure disappointment.
1:26 am
neil patrick harris was the host. the moment of all moments was when he walked out in his underwear. we enjoyed it. i hope you enjoyed it. i hope you get to watch it on dvr because i know you get to get up early. >> don knows about our schedules. he mentioned the moment from graham moore. the screen play for "imitation game." he said he almost killed himself when he was 16 years old. he felt weird and felt like he did not belong. for anyone who doesn't feel like you don't believet't belong he said stay weird. that was the most important moment. after that was the underwear from neil patrick harris. >> and lady gaga. you have been talking about "sound of music." >> it was really beautifully done. i was stunned how well she sounded. she obviously has great pipes.
1:27 am
can you hear it? ♪ the hills are alive with the sound of music ♪ >> i feel so incredibly austrian. >> john will sing after the commercial break. could a unified force stop isis? the president of egypt floated the idea. we will take you to cairo ahead.
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the battle against isis. is there now a new force ready to take on the terror group? a video threat to shopping malls from another terror group al shabaab. top officials are warning shoppers to be cautious but no sign of a plot. we will tell you what that means for the next shopping trip. and the envelope please. the academy awards. they're over in los angeles. you're probably still partying. the winner? "birdman." we will tell you what else won and who left empty handed. welcome back to "early start." i'm john berman. >> i'm christine romans. new this morning, the president of egypt is calling for a unified arab force to fight isis. it is the latest sign that the countries are heeding the call for the step up to fight terror. jordan and eua is offering assistance to help egypt battle isis in libya. how could a unified arab force come together? what does it mean for the
1:32 am
american-led coalition fighting isis? we will bring in the latest from cnn's ian lee in cairo. >> reporter: good morning, christine. this call came during a speech by president fattah el sisi. he talked about isis. the threat of isis right off the top. egypt faces it on two fronts. 13 air strikes against isis targets after the beheading of 21 egyptian christians. he did get to the pan-arab army. calling for a unified arab force to go after isis targets. he didn't give my details about what that would look like or what that would mean. he did reiterate that the egyptian military's role is to protect the country's borders. if the need arises they could be used in the region but only with the cooperation of quote, their arab brothers.
1:33 am
>> how is the president el sisi's call going to the neighboring countries? >> reporter: this pan-arab idea has been around for a long time. in the '50s and '60s. the late president championed this notion of a pan-arab army. a lot of mistrust back then with the arab countries. now, there is a bit more trust between them. we know isis is a real threat to many countries in the region. all over the region. a lot of them are already battling isis in that u.s.-led coalition. we will see if they actually heed the words of president sisi. >> ian lee in cairo. thank you. the defense secretary ash carter is in kuwait consulting with top military officials on the fight against isis. this on the heels of a newly
1:34 am
released isis propaganda video that shows peshmerga forces captured by isis. cnn cannot confirm the authenticity of it. in it the peshmerga forces were called to give up the fight against isis. we want to bring in our correspondent ben wedeman following the story from irrelevanterbil in northern iraq. >> reporter: john this video shows 21 men in orange jump suits and hands chained and one prisoner clearly under duress calling occurredn kurdish fighters to stop the fight against isis. we don't know what the ultimate fate is. during this nine-minute video, you see still photographs flashed on the screen of some of the beheadings of the 21
1:35 am
egyptian christians killed in libya last week. it ends without any clear execution of these kurdish fighters. now meanwhile, actually on the frontlines a different picture. isis has tried three times with three major assaults to try to break through the kurdish lines. unsuccessfully. over the weekend, an attack to the south of here in a place in which 50 isis fighters were killed by the kurds. there were also coalition aircraft involved in that action. to the west of here a similar attempt to break through the lines failed with more than 30 isis fighters dead. >> ben wedeman in northern iraq. thank you. a chilling threat from the terror group al shabaab has shopping malls across the country stepping up security. the al shabaab video calls for attacks on malls in canada britain and the united states.
1:36 am
it specifically names the mall of america in minnesota. officials including homeland security secretary jeh johnson urging the heightened level. erin mcpike has more. >> reporter: anyone headed to the mall of america should be particularly careful was a striking comment sunday morning. government officials started walking back his comments right away. i asked him later if he wanted to revise what he said. >> do you regret any comments you made this morning? >> no. >> reporter: i asked him to explain how americans can be more careful when they go out to big public places. his bottom line was to stay vigilant. if you see something. say something. pay close attention to the developing story line here. a spokesman for dhs says quote the agency is not aware of any specific credible plot against
1:37 am
the mall of america or any domestic or commercial shopping center. >> that is becoming a less and less relevant statement because you and i won't necessarily know about when the next bad actor is going to strike and try to murder several cops on the beat. in brooklyn or some other place. >> reporter: and yet the mall of america beefed up security and a spokesman for minnesota governor mark dayton said he was in contact with the safety commissioner trying to keep tabs on what they can prevent. john and christine. >> erin mcpike, thank you. relatives of three british teenager girls headed to syria believed to join isis. the family members are begging them to come home. the trio was spotted on video
1:38 am
camera. it is believed they are trying to cross into syria from turkey. the sister of one of the girls, shamimi begum begged for a plea. >> she is an "a" student. she is so vulnerable. it is wrong. it is evil. it is really evil thing to do. you are breaking up families. we want her to come home. if you watch this baby please come home. mom needs you more than anything in the world. you are our baby. >> friends and family say there was no reason to believe the girls would do something radical radical. nearly 70 people reported dead after a ferry in bangladesh capsized. a cargo vessel hit the ferry and many passengers on the lower deck could not get out. it is unclear how many were on board. the ferry operators don't keep records. a ferry accident on the same
1:39 am
river last year left 45 people dead. rudy giuliani the former mayor of new york city is trying to clarify his message after an uproar last week when he said president obama does not love america. mayor giuliani writes in the wall street journal, obviously i cannot read president obama's mind or heart to the extend my words suggest otherwise, it was not my intention. i can only be disheartened as i did last august. when he interjected we tortured folks he undermined those who managed to successfully to protect us from further attack. bill o'reilly claims that recent allegations he embellished stories are an attempt to smear him and smear
1:40 am
fox news. o'reilly is defending himself against the mother jones article over the coverage of the falklands islands war. stocks are up around the world. u.s. stock futures are down a bit. after hitting all-time highs, the dow climbed 155 points. the s&p closed at a high. markets like the four-month bailout extension with greece and the eu lenders. greece must outline budget cuts by today, keeping the greece drama at the top of the money news. oil, the largest oil refinery strike in 35 years. it is getting bigger. negotiations with the united steel workers union fell apart on friday. the workers joined the strike.
1:41 am
6,500 workers at 15 refineries and production facilities. yesterday was nice. >> it was nice. >> it was amazing. balmy conditions here in the northeast. are they going to last? no. no they are over. it is freezing again. there is a wintry mix in texas. more than 1,200 flights canceled all across the country. the majority in dallas. let's go to meteorologist pedram javaheri for an early look at the weather. >> john and christine, good morning. good monday morning to you. look at the perspective across the country. just about every location across the country below average. some areas in northern and central texas, 30 to 40 degrees below average. south florida, you will be okay. western united states you will be okay. it will be above average. countdown is on for spring. march 20th. 25 days left. we are getting there. slowly but certainly get there in the next few weeks. temperatures this morning goose
1:42 am
egg in chicago. the windchill already pretty brutal. 22 below in minneapolis. 17 below in chicago. sitting in the teens and 20s in the capital. a clipper system comes through. light snow showers. nothing in the way of major accumulations. cold air will remain in place for the next couple of days. >> thanks pedram. damaging blow for the search for calm in ukraine. a deadly attack on a peaceful protest. can a cease-fire ever be established here? we are live in kiev after this. ring ring! progresso! i can't believe i'm eating bacon and rich creamy cheese before my sister's
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or go to try lifelock risk-free for 60 days and get this document shredder free -- a $29 value -- when you use promo code go. call now. two people are dead this morning, 15 wounded following an explosion at a pro-government protest in ukraine. the officials are calling the remote-controlled bomb a terrorist act. let's turn to our correspondent frederik pleitgen with the latest. >> reporter: the cease-fire is in a difficult state, john. one of the things the ukrainians have told us is they have a plan to pull heavy weapons back from the frontline area.
1:47 am
however, they will not set that plan in motion and put plan in place until there is quiet on all parts of the frontline between themselves and pro-russian separatists. the separatists and signed an order to pull heavy weapons away from the frontline. it is unclear if that has happened. the big problem with all of that john is the organization that is supposed to monitor all this osce says it cannot do that. on the one hand they don't have an inventory of heavy weapons that are on the frontline and secondly the pro-russian separatists are not letting them get to the areas on the frontline. there are infringements of the cease-fire. ukrainians are telling us there were two incidents of troops shelled overnight. there was fighting over the weekend in the town of mariupol. they fear the pro-russian
1:48 am
separatists are pulling forces together. >> that cease-fire anything but solid. the oscars are in the books. the winners, the losers the hills are alive. the nearly naked host. look at the six pack. >> i have a one pack. >> when we come back. >> it's more like a tall boy.
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he's out there. there's a guy out there whose making a name for himself in a sport where your name and maybe a number are what define you. somewhere in that pack is a driver that can intimidate the intimidator. a guy that can take the king 7 and make it 8. heck. maybe even 9. make no mistake about it. they're out there. i guarantee it. welcome to the nascar xfinity series.
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ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage, my very dear friend. glong gadzingo. [ applause ] >> the nominees for best original song are? >> you want me to do it? [ laughter ] >> there's john travolta and idina menzel. i would think that was incredibly kind-hearted by ms. men menzel. >> neil patrick harris wore underwear and black socks. there's neil patrick harris. lady gaga sounded great. listen to her during "the sound
1:53 am
of music." ♪ filled my heart with the sound of music ♪ >> she really can sing. also you had "the grand budapest hotel" with a lot of awarding for cinematography. and patricia arquette giving a speech for women's rights. and graham moore said when he was 16 years old, he tried to kill himself. he said if you feel weird -- listen. >> i would like for this moment to be for that kid out there who feels like she's weird or different or doesn't fit in. yes, you do. stay weird. stay different. >> stay weird. >> what a great message.
1:54 am
>> that gives me goose bumps. >> if you were sleeping like me "birdman" for best picture. eddie redmayne and julianna moore won for "still alice." >> and if your parents are still alive, go home and thank them. >> i love him, too. patricia arquette won for best supporting actress. >> now you know everything you need to know. >> we are lucky to have you, christine. 54 minutes past the hour. >> remember when gas prices could not stop falling? that trend in a dramatic reverse. how high could they rise? how fast? christine romans with the answers next.
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let's get an early start on your money. stocks around the world, like a four-month agreement with greece and the eu creditors. stocks in the u.s. are lower. a record end to the week last week. the dow climbed 155 points and closed at the first record of the year. the s&p 500 at all-time high. john berman, look at the chart. the s&p is up 212%. that is exactly six years ago. west coast ports are back to life. we can report. the port workers union reached a five-year agreement over the weekend. operations finally in full swing.
1:59 am
it could take months to clear the backlog. the labor dispute was devastating for businesses. think about the american farmers and poultry and pork exporters. apple growers. they were not able to ship out that stuff. some of it rotted on the docks. gas prices are climbing. 28 days in a row. the national average for a gallon of regular is 2.30 dollars drivers are saving hundreds of dollars compared to $3 a gallon. gas prices are expected to keep going up into the spring. this spring season will not be that great. it is still much better than last year. "early start" continues right now. the battle against isis. could there be a new fighting force to take on the terror group? could arab nations be stepping
2:00 am
up to battle isis? a new terror video from an extremist group al shabaab opening up attacks on shopping malls in the west. why are officials playing down the threat? and the winner is? a huge night for the academy awards. we will not tell you what wins until later in the show. there were some big winners and surprises. stick around. >> the winning -- the winning film sounds like your last name. >> it does. "grand budapest hotel." no. good morning. i'm john berman. >> i'm christine romans. it is 5:00 a.m. in the east. the president of egypt is calling for unified force to fight isis. latest sign that middle eastern countries are heeding president obama's call to step up. jordan and the uea have offered to send


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