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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  February 23, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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because i think everything should just work. works? works. works! works? works. works. girls on the run. britain struggles to track down three teenager whose want to join isis. a new report says israeli intelligence contradicts netanyahu. we welcome our viewers in the united states and all around the world.
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i'm zainasher. >> i'm john vause. and this is cnn newsroom. we begin with heightened security at the mall of america, one of the biggest shopping centers in the united states. >> this comes after al shabab terror group called for lone wolf attacks on several major malls. and while the fbi down-plays the threats, others are urging caution. here's our pamela brown. >> reporter: the new video which cnn is not showing, calls for attacks against specific malls in the u.s. canada and great britain and is calling for lone wolf attacks similar to the one on the mall in kenya. that mall was attacked nearly two years ago by al shabab. 60 people died during the four-day standoff. today, in an effort to keep shoppers coming westfield, the owner of some of the malls
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mentioned in the video released a new statement saying quote, there is no imminent threat. but less than 24 hours earlier, the homeland security chief suggested something different when asked about the mall of america, one of the shopping centers mentioned in the video threat. >> if anyone is planning to go to the mall of america today they've got to be particularly careful. >> reporter: they suggest that he was suggesting caution saying it's unlikely the somali terrorist group has the capability to launch an attack. what's more likely is those who are inspired especially those living near the mall of america. >> you have a small community there in minneapolis, they're unemployed young men, a lot of young men turning to islam, and they're just hoping that someone will pick up the flag and attack the mall of america. >> reporter: cnn has also learned the fbi and department of homeland security have sent a
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joint warning asking law enforcement agencies to stay vigilant. today the mall of america tested its readiness, and the fbi has long conducted mock attacks at u.s. shopping centers. but the shootings in malls in the past few years, including this one in nebraska in 2007 show how shopping centers can be easy targets. >> anyplace americans congregate is open to attack. we're open society. you can't arrest somebody for having a bad thought. and with the availability of chemicals and automatic weapons in this country, we are at risk. >> reporter: national security experts say it's difficult to fully protect all the different types of soft targets in the u.s. like trains, movie theaters and sporting events. pamela brown, cnn, washington. and aside from potential terrorist attack at malls, there is another thing that the u.s. has to worry about. according to nsa chief mike
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rogers terrorists are changing their tactics because of intelligence leaks made by former security contractor edward snowden. >> and isis militants have showcased their brutality in a new propaganda video. rogers tell us our jim sciutto, snowden's leaks are making it more difficult to prevent attacks. >> i think it has had a material impact on our ability to tell what terrorist groups around the world are doing. >> reporter: do you have new blind spots that you didn't have prior to the revelation? >> have i lost capability that we had prior to the revelations? yes. >> reporter: how much did that concern you? >> it concerns me a lot. >> six nationals are now banned from leaving to go to syria for jihad. the french interior minister says they're going after 40 more people after a new law.
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the travel ban lasts about six months but it can be renewed. about 400 french citizens are believed to be fighting with militant groups in iraq and syria. british prime minister david cameron will go before parliament in a few hours to answer questions about the country's terror response. his country criticizesdcriticized. turkey says they are not to blame. >> reporter: a country such as britain, renowned for scotland yard has not closely followed three girls about whom there were previous allegations. we were informed three days after they left heathrow. this is a reprehensible, condemnable act for britain. >> others say police may have
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ignored signs that these girls would be leaving for syria, and they also point to social media activity as well. atika shubert takes a look. >> reporter: they crossed through security and immigration, three schoolgirls from east london. a 15 year old and 16 year old. they flew from london to istanbul believed to be hided for the border of syria. but what convinced the girls to leave their families and head to syria and were there any red flags that their families and police should have noticed? police talked to the girls about the dangers of traveling to syria. but the school principal insists they were radicalized online not in school. >> access to social media networks at the academy is also strictly regulated. students are unable to access twitter or facebook on academy
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computers. with such measures in place, police have advised us that there is no evidence that radicalization of the missing students took place at the academy. >> reporter: social media chats indicate that at least one of the girls were in touch with a woman who left for syria at the age of 19 more than a year ago. she runs a blog urging young muslim women to join isis giving them step by step instructions in what to bring, how to dress and what to expect upon arrival in isis-controlled territory. in fact analysts say women are some of the most successful recruiters for isis online. >> as far as radicalization and recruitment goes women are better equipped at recruiting other women. they feel more comfortable talking with other women, saying what is it like what can i expect when i get there, and having a woman communicate with you brings down the threshold for feeling comfortable to leave. >> reporter: but the families of
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these three schoolgirls hope they will be stopped from entering syria before it's too late. a late attempt to spare the lives of two convicted drug traffickers in indonesia has failed. a judge rejected the appeal from the men after the country's president denied clemency. what was the basis of this appeal and why was it denied? >> reporter: well they have been on death row now for ten years in bali indonesia. the attorneys say that the president did not follow all of the procedures in rejecting the clemency appeal. they went to the administrative court to try to have that overturned. the administrative court said simply that they do not have the authority to yoefrl the president. what does this mean?
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effectively the final legal avenue has been exhausted here and the process will now continue. authorities in indonesia have been saying that they are likely to move the pair from their current prison in bali to an island prison where they will be executed and they expect to move them by the end of this week. once they arrive on the island it will be 72 hours from that point on. and they'll be executed by firing squad. the pair have been on death row for ten years. part of their argument for clemency is that they've been reformed and rehabilitated. indeed the prison authorities have attested to that fact. the australian government has made numerous appeals as well to the nooiden authorities trying to have a stave execution. now the president of indonesia has made a point of continuing with these executions saying this is part of a get-tough policy on drug smugglers.
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it's been a very popular move in indonesia and supported widely amongst the population, but it is causing a strain between indonesia/australia relations. they say they will leave no stone unturned to get a stay of execution. the legal avenue has been exhausted. the only hope now is some sort of a political compromise. >> you mentioned that diplomatic relations have been strained between indonesia and australia. there's been some criticism to the australian prime minister who has been blunt about leaking foreign aid for these. what impact did that have on the fate of these two men? >> reporter: the critics say it had a negative effect on the two prisoners here. basically what the prime minister said was australia and indonesia have had a long and close relationship australia gave significant aid, over $1
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billion in aid to indonesia after the 2005 tsunami. that was seen in indonesia as effectively saying that aid was conditional, because we did something for the indonesians, they need to do something in return that aid is now a transaction rather than something given in good faith. it has, since then, there have been efforts by the australian government here to take some of the heat out of that debate with indonesia. and that has reasonably successfully been achieved. but there's still this gap between what the indonesian authorities here want to do which is ultimately to execute the two australians, and the australian government's efforts, it has been a fractious relationship. you've reported on it just last year indonesian authorities withdrew their ambassador
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recalled him back to jakarta. when these executions if they do indeed take place, it is likely again, to really be a test for the relationship between australia and its largest neighbor. >> stan as always, great to seek speak with you. we appreciate the background. stan graham in indonesia. >> that could be a grave mistake. >> the bottleom line is we will never know what really happened. a fed jury has found two palestine groups liable. >> 33 people were killed including americans under a special terrorism law. the groups will have to pay more
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than $655 million in damages to the american victims' families. >> we're going to take steps against their assets. they have assets in the united states in israel. we're going to go after bank accounts and money that they are getting paid on a monthly basis in israel for instance. and we're going to put pressure on those who negotiate with them those who have relationships with them to make sure that the palestinian authorities respect american law, an american jury ruling and pay their debt. and later this hour we will speak with a terrorism financial analyst, used to be with the treasury department. also coming up we'll have details on the undercover sting that's left two british politicians suspended. stay what us.
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another round of brutal winter weather is slamming parts of the united states this time extending all the way to the south. more than 25 cars and trucks were involved in this early monday. no one was seriously hurt. >> the slick roads were a major problem throughout texas. but fortunately members of a jeep club in dallas volunteered their time to help cars and big
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rig drivers if they got stuck. and there is severe flooding in south america, leaving tens of thousands of people homeless. pedram javaheri joins us and there's bad weather everywhere we look. >> south america too, we are in the peak of summer. heavy rainfall is the theme. this is the heaviest rainfall climate logically speaking. eastern areas of peru have been getting tremendous amounts of rainfall. pretty remarkable stuff when you take a look at some of the thatched huts here that are giving way to the tremendous a water that has come down in peru. hundreds of families homeless in recent days. and heavy rainfall has the rivers bursting their banks. 20 people have lost their lives. some 200 schools have been damaged or destroyed across
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parts of peru from all of the rainfall that has come down. and this is bolivia. the government says they've september some 5 tons of aid, food mattresses mosquito nets. with so much water on the ground in this portion of the world in the tropical side you're going to run into a lot of mosquitos. it's been an issue with 25 fatalities and 17,000 impacted in recent days. here's the perspective in how much rain has come down. we're using nasa models. and you see around bolivia, all the way to peru, 300 millimeters, which is about 1 foot of rainfall in three days. in this area you see rain totals on the high side. in the beginning of the calendar your dry season what would be the summer months. them you work your way to
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another wet season. this looks to continue over the next coming days with additional rainfall. the united states has been well below norm. typically 10 to 20 degrees below average. the source of all this cold air, the siberian express. i want to take you to boston where we know two months from now, the boston marathon in place. it's a popular biking path. and the siekcyclists have taken it into their own hands. that's what it looks like in boston when you have multiple feet of snow on the ground. >> you have to love cycling that much to dig a hole to cycle through it. >> how do you know it's really cold in washington? >> how do you know john? >> the politicians have their hands in their own pockets.
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>> this is what happens. okay. political gridlock could be trouble for the u.s. homeland security department. funding runs out at the end of the week. and if congress does not act parts of the department could be temporarily shut down. jay johnson says that would be bad for america. >> a shutdown of homeland security would have serious consequence and amount to a serious disruption in our ability to protect the homeland. >> if a compromise cannot be reached, some of the department employees will be furloughed. others like airport security screeners would have to work they just might not get paid on time. the new greek government says its battle against austerity measures imposed under the massive european bailout
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will continue. the greek finance minister says the leftist campaign to undo the austerity measures will be camped. >> the reforms that we have tabled concern corruption tax evasion, and even worse problem, tax immunity which concerns the well-to-do in this country. there are provisions with dealing with the non-performing loans of the banking system. there is a very important chapter on the humanitarian crisis that has emerged as a result of the failure of the policies of the last five years. >> okay. we're going to take a shortbreak now. but when we come back what russia's president says about the possibility of all-out war with ukraine. stay with us. financial noise
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financial noise financial noise denver international is one of the busiest airports in the country. we operate just like a city and that takes a lot of energy. we use natural gas throughout the airport - for heating the entire terminal generating electricity on-site and fueling hundreds of vehicles. we're very focused on reducing our environmental impact. and natural gas is a big part of that commitment.
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okay. welcome back everyone. the russian president says that war with neighboring ukraine is unlikely. vladimir putin described any chances of war as quote, an apocalyptic scenario. he also said he did not see any need for another meeting to resolve the conflict like the one held last week in minsk. >> on monday kiev accused
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pro-russian separatists of continued shelling in ukraine. and they said they would not withdraw heavy weapons from the front lines until the assault stops. a recent cease-fire called for both sides to begin pulling back. but it has been repeatedly violated especially around debaltseve. reporters for britain's daily telegraph set up a sting, posing as employees of a fake chinese firm. the report alleges that two politicians were caught on camera offering their services to the made-up company in return tor cash. >> louis ford jones shows us the footage at the heart of this joint investigation. >> i get that. [ laughter ] >> reporter: jack straw and his secretly filmed discussing what
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work he could do for a private company. >> but it's what it is you want from me what i can offer you. a speech or something is $5,000 a day. i spend a lot of time reading and walking. >> reporter: he's filmed talking about making money outside parliament and appears not to mention the salary he receives for being an mp. >> i am self-employed. so nobody gives me a salary. i have to earn my income. >> reporter: this morning, the conservative mp denyied any wrongdoing and says any work he does is within the rules. >> that was a silly remark on my part. of course i have a salary as a member of parliament. what i was talking about was my various business interests. i don't have any salaries. i just receive payment for what i do.
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>> reporter: jack straw, too, says he hasn't done anything wrong. he's talking about work he can do when he finishes being an mp. >> i've acted with complete integrity integrity. there's nothing in these two interviews that i had with this as it turned out, bogus chinese, hong kong company that was improper. >> reporter: both have been suspended from their parliamentary parties and will now face investigations from the standards watchdog. >> these are very serious matters, and we have rightly very clear rules in this country, which is mps being paid to lobby, that is not acceptable. it is not allowed under the rules. i think it's right that both jack straw and malcolm rifki have referred themselves to be investigated. >> they will be banned from taking paid directorships or
10:28 pm
consultancies. today i'm writing to david cameron saying he should do the sail with his members of parliament. >> reporter: now they will decide whether any rules have been broken. >> and we have this footnote. jack straw says he has asked for a full transcript of the secret filming, but that request has not been met. okay well a scary moment for some bus passengers in south korea. a man and woman fell into a sinkhole. >> a very big sinkhole. look at this. the hole about 3 meters deep opened up right there on the sidewalk just as they got off a bus, the two passengers survived all of this with just minor injuries. >> that is a miracle. still to come reports say leaked intelligence documents contradict the israeli prime minister's statement. plus north korea unveils new military technology at u.s. and
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south korea prepare for their annual military drills. we have a live report coming up just ahead.
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wherever you are in the united states and all around the world, right now you're watching cnn newsroom. i'm john vause. >> and i'm zain asher. the mall of america in minnesota had a lockdown after al shabab called for attacks. the fbi says it's not aware of any credible threats against u.s. malls. the young scottish woman who
10:32 pm
became an isis bride believes she may have used social media to convince three british girls to join isis. they flew to turkey last week and authorities there are now trying to find them. and ukraine, it says is under attack from pro-russian separatists. a cease-fire called for both sides to begin pulling back last week. but it has been repeatedly violated especially around the strategic city of debaltseve. the move to stop death sentence has failed. they were sentenced to death for their role in a drug smuggling
10:33 pm
ring. the australian prime minister will visit iran. she will be helping in the fight against terrorism. >> it comes ahead of the deadline to strike a deal on the nuclear program. meanwhile, israel's intelligence agency may have disagreed with netanyahu's statement. >> al jierz says they received documents which challenge a statement made by netanyahu in 2012. >> reporter: the guardian and al jazeera say they have secret documents that claim israel's spy agency differed significantly with netanyahu on iran's nuclear weapons capability. you remember when israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu addressed world leaders at the
10:34 pm
u.n. in september of 2012. he held up that drawing of a bomb with a red line claiming that iran was less than a year away from reaching a milestone in its nuclear weapons capability. but the guardian and al jazeera claim to have a report a month after that speech showing that israel's intelligence agency felt netanyahu's statement was exaggerated. now none of the leaked documents published by either news organization gives a knew saud timeline. and cnn cannot verify these documents. for their part, israel says there is no discrepancy, they say, quote, there is no contradiction whatsoever between the quotes in the story allegedly from israeli intelligence and prime minister netanyahu's declarations on the iranian threat. cnn, jerusalem. another story we're following.
10:35 pm
a federal court in the united states ordered the palestine liberation organization or the plo and the palestine authority to pay millions to victims from attacks ten years ago. representatives say that this is justice. >> it's about accountability. it's about justice. as i said to the jury there's nothing that can bring the loved ones back. money has to stand in for other things because that's the only power this jury had. but the jury sent a very clear message that those who commit terror against americans will be held accountable in the u.s. court of law. >> the first attack included in the lawsuit was january 8, 2001 a shooting near jerusalem. other attacks span from 2002 to 2004. january 22 2002 the suit
10:36 pm
claims several people associated with the palestinian authority and the palestine liberation organization carried out a shooting in downtown jerusalem. two people were killed and dozens injured, including several american plaintiffs to this case. january 27 2002 a woman set off a suicide bomb in downtown jerusalem. one person was killed. at least 150 others were hurt. to march 21, 2002 the lawsuit says palestinian terrorists carried out a bomb attack in downtown jerusalem killing three people wounding more than 80 others. june 19 2002 a crowded bus stop in northern jerusalem was bombed seven people killed, more than 50 wounded. and on july 31 2002 terrorists bombed a hebrew university. five americans were included in the victims. terrorists bombed a passenger
10:37 pm
bus killing 11 and wounding 50 others. this verdict could pave the way for more lawsuits against groups and organizations, especially those with deep pockets which allegedly fund terrorism. for more jonathan chance joins us from washington. he's a former terrorism financial analyst with the u.s. treasury and is now with the defense for democracy. so now that the pa and plo have been linked what are the ramifications for those organizations? >> well it certainly raises questions about the activities that those two organizations were involved in back during the second period of intense violence between 2000 and 2005. in order other words, it's pointing out what we already knew that yasser arafat had funds that he siphoned off to other groups
10:38 pm
that carried out some fairly gruesome attacks. >> this is the second verdict like this. the other one was about five months ago against the arab bank. hypothetically could legal action say, be brought against the saudi government for something like the 9/11 hijackers? >> well we already have a court case along those lines against the saudis, but i think we are now going to be looking ahead to this isis phenomenon. i think there are going to be some people looking at the ways that isis is gaining funds. we know of various financiers coming out of for example qatar or turkey or kuwait. so it's possible that individuals or entities could be held liable including the governments themselves. >> they can be held liable. but then the question comes, how do you get the compensation the huge sums of money out of these groups. the palestinian authority is
10:39 pm
pretty much broke. so assuming the appeal fails, how do lawyers get the money for their clients? >> it's exceedingly unlikely. the palestinian authority has almost no holdings whatsoever. they do have a sovereign weld vehicle, although it claims to be quite separate from the palestinian authority itself. the plo is an independent organization that may have extremely deep pockets, but their finances are not transparent. so at that point you would probably need to employ the services of a forensic accountant for example, to try to dig up what funds there may be here in the united states but i would assume that even before this case hit the dockets, the plo is smart enough to remove their funds from u.s. soil. >> the israelis are holding, what about $200 million in palestinian tax revenue? could the israelis hand over the money? >> they might. it's quite possible. by the way, that $200 million is actually about $100 million per
10:40 pm
month that the israelis withhold in taxes. so it would be entirely up to the discretion of the israelis as to whether they would be legally bound to do this according to israeli law. another thing is that legislators here in the united states have been itching to cut the funds of the palestinian authority. so perhaps they might deduct some of those funds and hand them to the victims of the terrorist attacks here in the united states and hand the balance over to the palestinians as one means of punishing the p.a. >> thank you. zain? the u.s. and south korea are gearing up for their annual joint military exercises. they're sure to raise a response from north korea as they do every year. pyongyang sees the drills as aggression and are ready to flexion military muscle of their own. paula hancocks is live in seoul for us. this sort of military show of might by the north koreans
10:41 pm
happens every year ahead of the military drills by the u.s. and south korea. i understand they're unveiling new technology this year. >> reporter: that's right. it's really in line with what we've seen most years. we saw just a couple days ago over the weekend, kim jong-un the leader was going to some live fire drills ahead of the u.s. and south korea having their own live fire drills. it is worth noting that the end of winter is traditionally the time when many militaries carry out these drills. but of course this time of year on the korean peninsula, tensions are a little higher. the bigger the explosion, the more impressive the fly by the bigger the smile. north korean leader kim jong-un appears to have a fondness for the military dramatic.
10:42 pm
as supreme commander of the army he spent more time visiting military barracks and soldiers last month than any other public appearance. the state ideology of military first is alive and well. >> a dictator managing his dictatorship needs to ensure that the military and security forces are loyal. so that's part of that going on surveillance missions or monitoring all of the commanders going out and giving field guidance to ensure that they are loyal. >> reporter: pyongyang spends almost a quarter of its national income on the military, according to state department estimates. far more than anywhere else in the world. a focus that comes at the expense of its economy and people. the military unveiled new technology this month, test firing new anti-ship missiles as well as regular missiles.
10:43 pm
washington was told there are concerns about the rate of pyongyang's development in a number of areas. >> the capabilities include several hundred ballistic missiles one of the world's largest chemical weapons stockpiles, a biological weapons program and the world's largest special operationing force as well as an active cyber warfare capability. >> reporter: in joint military drills between the u.s. and south korea, they are annoying to north korea. there's been a colorful uptick in anti-u.s. rhetoric. but most believe this should be a calmer training season than 2013 when tensions were higher on the korean peninsula than they have been for years. now this is a big year for north korea. it's the 70th anniversary of the
10:44 pm
founding of the country. they've developed a number of slogans and celebrations will be large. they believe any military action could be a distraction. >> clearly these training exercises are an ever-increasing strain on diplomatic relations between the north and south. paula hancocks live for us in seoul. thank you. the lawyer for 19 year old accused in the road rage murder of a las vegas murder has expressed some concerns about the case. erich nowsch made his court appearance on monday. police interviewed nowsch when he was high on marijuana, and they question whether the road rage encounter even happened. the teen is accused of gunning down tammy meyers after an angry encounter in a school parking lot. the judge will determine if the case should go forward. we'll take a short break. some people with android phones
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need to lower your blood sugar? ask your doctor about farxiga and visit our website to learn how you may be able to get every month free. now to los angeles where a lawsuit has been filed in the case of the superbug outbreak. the drug resistant bacteria called cre was carried by two endoscopes after they were both disinfected. the suit was filed against the manufacturers of these surge cal tools. olympus has been linked to two other deaths and nearly 200 other patients have been exposed. two 10-month-old girls born
10:48 pm
conjoined have been separated. >> it took a big team of doctors and nurses in texas hours to perform this operation. we have more now from the hospital. >> yay! >> first big step done. >> reporter: natalie hope and adeline faith will live separate lives in separate bodies. >> it's cool to see them coming out with their own bid. >> reporter: it is a big victory for them and the entire medical field. last tuesday, the girls' team of 12 surgeons six andes these yol gists worked to separate the girls. this morning, for the first time doctors confidently declare a surgery of this magnitude a success. before now, the doctors never let on just how much was on the line. >> we had some challenges there that we had to work through. but thanks to dr. mckinzie, our
10:49 pm
great pediatric heart surgeon, things are looking good now. >> reporter: the team worked for approximately 23 hours on natalie and 26 hours on adeline, with the official separation occurring approximately 18 hours into the surgery. it is anticipated they will undergo additional surgeries in the future. but for now, the family's just happy to keep reliving the moment they found out they finally had two baby girls. >> so far so good. [ applause ] >> that's a good story. >> that's beautiful story. >> the girls' family has been sharing their journey on facebook and are taking donations for the surgery and future costs of the kids. >> to find out more, it is
10:50 pm we love faith and hope. your android device just might be infected with malware. >> we explain how turning off your phone can activate the virus. take a listen. >> the anti-virus software company says that they have found malware in android phones and only lollypop 5.0. that operating system. it starts working when you push the off butt topon on the device. they convince the user that their phone is turning off, but that's when the virus permits whoever's behind this to take over the phone, make phone calls, take pictures. avg says the group behind this is making money because it uses your phone to call a toll number which charges up to $3 a minute. how do you know if you're infected? one way might be to click the on
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idea where it's at.
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welcome back everyone. this one is a bit of a head scratcher. a couple in india is leaving their entire estate to an unlikely family member. their pet monkey. the couple had a falling out with their extended family and they don't have any children.
10:54 pm
>> so ha! they adopted the monkey ten years ago after his mother died. the monkey is said to inherit the entire estate of thousands and thousands of dollars which includes a home and land. and we're following a successful company is nothing without a great staff. and these days bosses are having to think outside the box to keep their employees happy. >> here? cnn looks at one british company taking office creativity to a whole new level. >> reporter: from the outside, it looks like another kwants victorian house. but inside it's far from ordinary. here creativity is in abundance. >> this is a project that spans many markets around the world. >> reporter: the team gather data to brainstorm. >> it was all about using playful icons.
10:55 pm
>> reporter: and every time they seem to have a ball. that's because they're sitting on 81,000 white balls. an office now entirely converted into a giant plastic adult play ground that promotes the power of play. >> an app -- >> reporter: and where the staff work unwind and clear their minds. all with a low-pressure environment. >> i think to capitalize on this being a bit of fun, this is a completely non-goal-oriented environment. i think the worst thing you can do is say this is going to be the outcome. it's about getting away from the targets and goals. and i think what that does mean is that you come out being more productive more refreshed, more connected and more energized. >> reporter: the jump in follows the likes of google facebook and many others. who have pool tables and game
10:56 pm
rooms in their offices. >> reporter: do you think that the u.k. has a long way to go? >> there's been a real desire for something like this in businesses. because people like to work and say they work in creative environments but it doesn't cut it anymore. >> reporter: what this does is create a playful environment which helps foster the creative process. it's all about embracing a child-like mind-set, and for me letting off some steam. [ laughter ] isa suarez london. [ laughter ] >> i find it hard to get work done as it is. so that probably would not work for me at all. thanks so much for watching cnn newsroom. i'm zain asher. >> i'm john vause, rosemary church will be back after the break. you're watching cnn newsroom. the traffic jam. scourge of 20th century city life. raiser of blood pressure.
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luring schoolgirls. how isis appeals to young foreigners. secret security memos exposed. reports that israel's prime minister may have exaggeratesed iran's nuclear threat. south korea calls it military drills with the u.s. practice. north korea calls it a threat.