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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  March 2, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PST

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probably the most important speech of the prime minister's career ahead of him tomorrow. >> kate will be leading the coverage from jerusalem tomorrow, the prime minister speaks right during this show tomorrow before the u.s. congress. thanks for joining us at this hour. the legal view with ashley banfield starts right now. los angeles bracing for angry protests after a police shooting in one of the city's poorest neighborhoods. we'll show you the deadly confrontation. it was caught on video. the assassination of one of vladimir putin's most outspoken critics. it take on more intrigue with his haunting words in a cnn interbefore he was gunned down. and a georgia woman now with just seven hour to lives before the state carries outs its first female execution in 70 years.
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our today's protests and petitions too late to save her life? hello, i'm ashleigh banfield. well come to "legal view." los angeles is once again at the center of a controversial police shooting. lapd officers shot and killed a homeless man on sunday. the video shot by a witness shows the struggle. disregard some of the action that you'll see in the front part of this melee. it's the action in the back. pay attention to the strug until the back. that shooting happened on l.a.'s skid row. a robbery suspect confronted by police and it ended when police say the man on the ground reached for an officer's gun. cnn takes a closer look at this event. >> the video taken by a witness in downtown los angeles beginning with an altercation
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between police and a man on the street. we don't see what caused the incident to turn violent bub the man appears to throw punches towards one of the four officers on the scene who were trying to arrest him on suspicion of robbery. it escalates ending up on the ground. you hear someone say what sounds like, drop the gun. then the sound of a taser goes off. then more shouting that sounds like drop the gun yelled twice. a struggle continues and five shots are fired. suspect lies motionless in the street. police say the suspect attempted to grab the officer's gun. >> during the attempt to detain him, this individual resisted our officers. they struggled with him, they tried to tase him a couple of times. that was ineffective and ev eventually the struggle occurred where they were struggling over one of the officer's weapons. >> three officers fired their
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weapons including a supervisor. >> this is early stages of the investigation and that analysis is based on one video which shows a portion of the incident that occurred. we want to wait until all of the videos are in, all of the witnesses are interviewed and officers are interviewed before we make a judgment as to whether this was proper or not. >> joining me now is sara side near on location live now. what's happening in terms of the explanation to what led to that we just witnessed in that video? >> reporter: we just this last two minutes just got done speaking with anthony black burn. that is the person that took the video that has now gone viral and that the police are now looking at. he described to me that he was about 100 feet away. so really, really, really close to what was going on. and he said initially that by
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the time he got there, police had asked this particular person to get up against the wall that he was under arrest and then i'll let him explain what happened from there. >> while he was on the ground being tased, i didn't see him reach for the officer's gun. they said he's going for his gun. but i know the officer's gun is right on his side in that leather on the holster is so thick, you know. but now he probably would apparently touch the tip of the gun. so they, you know, being nervous or whatever, he's going for my gun. but that was too excessive for them to shoot him five times while he was already on the ground. you're tasing him and then you end up shooting him five times. >> reporter: when you took this video, though, did you have a clear shot from your eyes? because video sometimes is much more difficult to see.
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did you see with your own yeas him reaching for the officer's gun? were you able to see that? >> no. with my eyes i didn't see him reaching for the officer's gun. i didn't see that. >> reporter: but police say that is indeed the information they have been given from the three officers. and i'll have you know, it was three officers who ended up shooting and firing, ending up killing the support there that you see on the sidewalk. his lifeless body lying there. the whole time anthony blackburn was rolling video. but before the videotape started rolling, he said the man was tased by police once before, tried to get into his tent, got into the tent and police pulled the tent up over him and then tased him again. so police themselves said they didn't use the taser several times and it was ineffect chul. you do see him jumping up and looking like he's swinging at police, trying to fight with the police. they get him on the ground and
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there's a tussle that happens there. but no one in the neighborhood was expecting to see what they saw when the officers ended up opening fire. there is an open investigation happening now with the police and the district attorney's office which is the norm here in los angeles. three agencies take a look at this and investigate it. until they get through the investigation, there is other videotape that's out there. police say that at least one of the officers was wearing a body camera. and there is videotape from one of the areas nearby, one of the homeless shelters that has surveillance video. they know that does exist. there's a lot for them to go through to try to determine if this was a lawful shooting. >> i mean that's fantastic. the more angles the better. clearly when you're 100 feet away, you might think that's close but that's not right there on top of the action. stand by for a moment if you will. i want to bring in paul call len
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and. a supervisor was one of the three that discharged a weapon. does that make a difference? >> well it depends on the qualificatiications of the super and whether he has good judgment. supervisors make mistakes like others do as well. we've got to see the video to determine if this was a justifiable use of force. >> did you see it with your own eyes or through the lens of your camera. there's a big difference when we're looking through an iphone. that could be a critical issue with an witness. >> not only that witness but all of the witnesses that were there, including the brother officers involved in this arrest. their statements are going to be critical in this situation. what we're talking about is a gun grab. it's true police officers are typically trained in a continuum of force which essentially means you meet force to counter the threat. but a gun grab is unique but a
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gun grab can turn an unarmeds assay lent or suspect in moments into an armed suspect. so the escalation can be immediate. now that being said, what is a gun grab? is it just flalg and maybe touching the holster or is it reaching for and actually pulling it out? remember, many officers yusz these duty retention holsters which have hidden snaps and buckles. >> it's not easy. >> it's not easy to accidentally draw that weapon unless you want to draw that weapon and you know how to draw the weapon. that will be critical in reviewing whether or not this was a justified use of deadly force. >> the other issue is the number of times they said drop the gun. you can hear it on the video. you can hear the tasing. all of this has to be important in whether they decide whether the right protocol was called for. >> it's hard from that heavy pix latd video to get a sense of what's going on. why would they be saying drop
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the gun if the suspect didn't have a gun in his hand? i mean i don't -- maybe they would be making it up or maybe they mistook something elin his hand for a gun. that's a critical factor. if he got the gun in 4his hand, the police will say it's fair game and they had to right to shoot to defend themselves. >> does it make any difference, danny, that there were five or is there a blue wall of silence or a blew collusion, doesn't mean if there's one officer telling the tore story or five they will all have the same story? >> let's talk about the five. the five being there are going to be give a statement. it will be interesting to see exactly how much or if at all they differ. if they do, that will be critical. but the mere fact that five officers are present during an arrest is nothing unusual. as we said before, when it comes to gun grabs, the exka las vegas is instantaneous. it can go from a run-of-the-mill
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arrest to a life threatening situation. and remember also the police officers apparently knew beforehand this was a robbery suspect, which is a dangerous felony and the officers can factor that into their decisions. >> so sara side near, i know in the lapd is taking this seriously. they're on it and answering oush questions. what are they doing today? >> reporter: they're continuing to investigate and they're trying to get as many videos as they can and look through them and also go through as many witnesses that they can to talk to each person that was out there at the scene, including the officers. there were more than four around the suspect. there were two other officers that came up. there was another person involved in this, you'll see it on the video, who seemed to grab a baton and the officers ended up taking her down. plus you have the person who initially called in the call that they were being robbed. that person has also been talked to by police. there's a lot for the police to
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grow through to try to sift through. but they're very clear. they said, we're not making any judgmentss as to whether the right thing was done here. we're investigating and we'll determine that after we get all of the facts. >> i think that's a critical issue after the facts come in. thank you for that. danny and paul, thank you as well. stick around. we're expecting the lapd to hold a news conference live in the next hour. so maybe some of these questions will be answered and maybe some of them are going to take time to answer. coming up next, israeli prime minister, he's here in washington today and it's a storm. but he's trying real hard to calm the storm, especially ahead of a big speech to congress tomorrow about iran's nuclear program. we're going to hear what he told the pro-israeli army today and why some in congress don't want to hear a word of this tomorrow. eh, you don't want that one. yea, actually i do. it's mucinex fast-max night time and it's got a nasal decongestant. is that really a thing? it sounds made up.
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israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is in washington-for-what's become his most controversial u.s. visit. he just spoke to aipac and a big plan to speak to congress tomorrow. he opposes a u.s.-brokers deal with iran to reduce that country's nuclear program pen and he tried to calm the storm that's been ignited over his being invited by the republic house speaker, the same house speaker who neglected to notify the democratic president. >> my speech was not intended to inject israel into the american partisan debate. an important reason why our alliance has grown stronger, decade after decade, is that
9:16 am
it's been championed by both party and so it must remain. that's why the last thing that anyone who cares about israel, the last thing that i would want is for israel to become a partisan issue. and i regret that some people have misper sooefds my visit here this week as doing that. >> at least 30 democrats including vice president joe biden are planning to skip tuesday's address to a joint meeting of congress. they say speaker boehner's invitation without involving the white house is an affront to the president. all the while, secretary of state john kerry and the united states team are at the negotiating table overseas with the iranians. wolf blitzer joins me live. wolf, the secretary of state had some telling words early. israel's security is absolutely at the forefront of all of our minds but frankly so is the security of all other countries in the region, so is our
9:17 am
security, the united states. how odd and uncomfortable has this all become? >> it's extremely uncomfortable, extremely odd. and in terms of public perceptions, almost unprecedented, the fact that the prime minister of israel is here in washington. the president of the united states is not going to be sitting down with him. the president of the united states supposedly isn't going to be having a phone conversation with the prime minister of israel. the prime minister of israel accepting this invitation from the speaker of the house without giving the white house either on the part of boehner or the part of prime minister netanyahu any opportunity to weigh in on the timing or the protocol. it's almost unprecedented, the fact that so many democrats are going to be boycotting the speech tomorrow, that's a significant development. you have a former chairman of the democratic party, senator tim kaine of virginia, he says he's not going to go. you have some jewish members of the house and senate saying they're not going to go. it was handled extremely badly.
9:18 am
and they're now trying to fix it to a certain degree on the white house part. but the prime minister if you listen to his speech today, he was clearly trying to fix it. >> yeah. i'm not sure i understand exa kpabltly when he said i regret that became a partisan issue. 's not like it happened on the flight over here. it's been going on weeks. is this being arrogant or just higher bolic language coming from a high ranking democrat? >> there's no doubt that the israelis are deeply concerned about the u.s. negotiations with the other members of the security council in germany and switzerland right now. the israelis are very concerned about that. by the way that spans other parties in israel as well. having said that, everybody in israel seems to agree one of the major reasons that prime minister netanyahu wanted to come now, tomorrow will be exactly two weeks before the march 17th elections in israel.
9:19 am
and i think initially his political advisers thought if he came here at this particular time it would bolster his popularity in israel and try to help him get reelected. he's in a bitter fight right now. the polls show it's going to be extremely close right now. if his intention was, and i think it was at least in part to score political points back home in israel, i think that probably backfired. because as concerned as the israelis are about what's going on with the negotiations with i iran, they're also deeply concerned about any deterioration in the u.s.-israeli relationship and they feel the prime minister, the way he's handled the invitation to speak before congress contributed to a weakening of the relationship. and you have maf of the political staff in washington very upset with him, that's not good from israel's standpoint. >> prop to you, you've got a
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special report coming up, tomorrow starting at 10:00 a.m. eastern right here on cnn. the family of a 12-year-old who was killed by the cleveland police while he was playing with a pellet gun, the police thought it was a real gun. well that family is suing the city for wrongful death. just wait until you hear what the response from the city has been. ♪ miranda: ♪ i got red dirt stains on my boots and jeans. ♪
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so the city of cleveland today is sparking some outrage because the city of claiming
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that a 12-year-old boy who was shot and killed by police is responsible for his own death. you might remember this case. it was back in november when police opened fire on this boy, that mere rice. he was holding a toy gun, a pellet gun in a park with kids play. lots of calls came in. officers may have mistaken it for a real firearm. but the disturbing video shows that the shooting happened within two seconds of police arriving on the scene, just two seconds. the city's attorneys blame the boy in a court document that was filed in response to a lawsuit that came on behalf of that boy, his family filed it. now sut a lawsuit so the city is expected to defend itself. but this morning rice's grandmother told cnn's new day that he was disappointed that the city is blaming her grandson. >> no. no.
9:25 am
he did not cause his own death. he was just a kid out there playing. and to me if he was any threat to anyone out there, one of them kids would have went home and told their parents. >> so the case is far from over because the family's lawsuit is going to continue. and the criminal investigation that's going on parallel to this, into the cleveland police officer and his actions, the one who shot rice, well that's still ongoing too. officer timothy lomen has a checkered past as well. numerous complaints were filed against him when he was worked as an officer another police department in the cleveland area. one complaint documented quote a pattern of lack of maturity and discretion and not following instructions. that is just the tib of the icebe iceberg. i want to bring in paul callan and hln legal analyst joey jackson to talk about this. one thing i think people need to be aware of is that the city had to respond.
9:26 am
it was being sued. you have to file an answer. had they any other option, paul? >> i think what people have to understand is that this allegation that the child was acting improperly or negligently, it's horrible for the family that's suing to hear, you know, he's shot down by the police and they're blaming the kid? what could be worse than? but in lawsuits you generally allege that the other party was also negligent or acted improperly. so there's nothing out of the ordinary in terms of this in what we see in court every day. >> at the same time, joey, the city is also dealing with an investigation that's ongoing by the county. the county is looking into this. this could be a major criminal event. >> what we're speaking of is the officer's actions and whether or not they're indictable. should he be charged with criminality stemming from te vents of that day. there's a lot to unpack here, regarding the initial 911 call, the officer not being informed that they were relaying on the
9:27 am
911 call that it may be a toy gun. what you just also stated that the officer didn't have knowledge of that. but you also stated the checkered past of the very officer who fired that weapon within two seconds of being there. look, when you file an answer, there's something called comparative negligence. if you as the city can accomplish that the other person is more than 50% responsible for what occurred to them, then guess what, it's a complete bar to any recovery. it's called the comparative negligence doctrine. and the final point here, these are lawyers, not politicians. there's a political element to this of course and a very raw element. there's a 12-year-old that's dead. we need to be mindful of that. the lawyers in responding are trying to get the city out of liability. they're not trying to sue the family at this point. >> i do have a question about the city in particular. and that is this. they knew -- they should have
9:28 am
known that the background of this officer was that he was, quote, emotionally immature, that he was -- he had a dangerous loss of composure during live range training and and inability to manage his personal stress. so in the lawsuit from that mooer's family, they're suggesting that you should have known you had this kind of a guy who could be trigger happy. >> this is the most important part of their case because they're trying to establish that you knew this was a reckless dangerous officer, you gave him a gun, the right to shoot people and now we have a 12-year-old dead. >> you knew that she should not be been holding a gun. you knew he probably nould not have been on the police force. knew or should have known. >> there is an allegation that they didn't check these former documents from his former force in the cleveland area. you're absolutely right when you said there's a lot to unpack here. joey, paul, thank you so much. coming up, quite a disturbing new development in
9:29 am
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this hour. iraq is staging an offensive against isis and this time it's in that crete. iraqi forces doubling down on
9:33 am
their efforts to retake that city from isis, even though -- and they're even uniting sue any and shiite fighters in this mission. using ground troops, iraqi war plane. helicopters are striking targets in and around the city. and in case you're wondering how long isis has been holding it, they're held that crete since last year. in another development, isis has released 19 christian hostages. they let them go on sunday and they're expected to release ten more. the sudden reversal has a lot of people puzzled. all but one of the christian released were in fact from the group of 200 captured last week in northern syrian villages. in the latest development in the war against isis people calling themselves isis, supporters at least, have made online threats against twitter's founder jack dorsey and other twitter proi eyes because
9:34 am
twitter has been shutting down accounts that promote isis. sam burke is in london. how serious are there threats and how tasable are they? >> we don't want to become a mega phone for this group but they didn't just threaten jack dorsey, the cofounder of twitter and twitter employees, also their family members saying they're upset that their accounts have been closed down. what we try to do with the arabic speaking team here at cnn when we see the threats online, try to establish is this an account that we're familiar with or just some random person trying to seek attention president it didn't look like this is an official account that we're familiar with. but it disease look like a group that self identifies as a isis supporter. on your show in september we talked about a group claiming to use the same name, threatening twitter's head quarters in san francisco.
9:35 am
twitter is taking this seriously. a spokesperson told me earlier today the following, quote, our security team is investigating the veracity of these threats with relevant law enforcement officials. we've contacted the fbi and they won't comment on whether they're opening an investigation. but i think this all shows, ashleigh, the complexity of isis or the groups loosely or closely affiliated with it off-line and online. >> twitter is one social media outlet where a lot of the hateful messages are out there. are any of e other outlets being threatened as well or is this just twitter? >> just twitter is being threatened. it's important to know that this message was originally pogsed on twitter and has been deleted. but has since appeared on other seshl networks. it really is a game of whack a mole. we heard from a twitter official here in united kingdom that they have 100 people working round the clock to deal with these
9:36 am
reports from users about isis or groups affiliated with isis using accounts. but once it comes down one place, it just goes up on another place, just like the threats that we saw against twitter today. >> samuel burke reporting live. still ahead on "legal view." this is something you think you would find in a james bond movie. the kremlin and a cloak and dagger murder in the shadow of the build. but this is real and those officers presumably are al actually investigation an assassination of the russian president's most vocal critic.
9:37 am
9:38 am
9:39 am
the assassination of a russian opposition figure, boris nemtsov is shaping up 0 as a
9:40 am
political theory worthy of the conspiracy netheorietheories. fortunately the big far gaj truck that's blink in the foreground blocks the view of the actual shooting. was at coincidence or was it not? now the woman who was actually with nemtsov that night is speaking out. his girlfriend, fashion model, says that police have been questioning her for the past three days, although she says she didn't see what happened and she doesn't know who killed him. >> translator: where did boris's killer appear from? >> translator: i don't know. i didn't see because this was happening behind my back. >> translator: and by description did this person react to your kb immediately or started calling? >> translator: when i turned i only saw a light colored car but i didn't see the make or number of the car that was leaving.
9:41 am
>> what may be also really bizarre is that nemtsov seemed to predict his own death just days before he was murdered. he told a russian news website this. i'm afraid putin will kill me. i believe he was the one who unleashed the war in ukraine. i couldn't dislike him more. nemtsov who was once a deputy hinted to the intrigue in russia last year when he sat down to dinner with our own anthony bourdain. >> good relationship with putin and his people around, right? >> right. >> have a good relationship with -- doesn't matter. either you're in the city. you have a chance to raise money to be successful, you know, to buy real estate in the south of france or in switzerland to open swiss banks, et cetera. but if something happened
9:42 am
between you or putin ore r or you and the governor, you would be in jail. it's very easy. >> and your company is dishand ld. >> the company will disappear. >> jam might il might be a bett option. ivan watson is live in moscow. hugh is this playing out where you are on the street? does people this it's at all possible a crime, a random crime or do they think the kremlin is involved here? >> reporter: well, i think some people are quick to blame the kremlin or at least the atmosphere of intolerance that the media has created saying that might have contributed to the brazen assassination. on sunday there was a march in honor of boris nemtsov that went through central moscow and there were perhaps tens of thousands of people who marched in memory of this man. but that is -- when you think
9:43 am
about it in a city of so many millions, it's a relatively small number. in fact i've seen somebody compare tight the outpouring of more than a million people estimated in paris after the attacks on "carley hebdo." compared to that, the number of people who came out in favor of boris nemtsov was relatively small. and perhaps it underscores the fact that he was, despite his international prominence, within russia he was a marginal political figurer. basically a regional council member and wasn't a major player in politics. >> is it possible that perhaps that rally, as large as it looked on the tv screen, is really just the beginning of a momentum that's gathering? this only happened a couple of days ago. you never know what can happen when social media gets ahold of it and there's really a ground swell about this. is the kremlin worried?
9:44 am
>> reporter: i don't know. the kremlin has promised to investiga investigate this. the kremlin called the murder a provocation. and putin himself has reached out to if family of nemtsov offering his condolences and condemning the attack. i asked some of nemtsov's supporters who were quick to accuse the kremlin, a close deputy who says basically nemtsov's blood is on president putin's hands. i've asked them if they think that this is going to be a turning point for russia. and some of the last liberal voices left in the country say it's far too early to tell. nemtsov's funeral will be taking place here in moscow tomorrow. and there's a terrible tragic coincidence here. his mother's birthday, her 88th birthday will be tomorrow. she'll be attending the funeral on her birthday, the funeral of
9:45 am
the death of her son. really awful. >> ivan, i didn't know that. thank you for that. ivan watson live for us in moscow. another story we're covering were the state of georgia is just a little over six hours away from executing the first female inmate in 70 years. you probably look at the clock with a bunch of times during the day. imagine how that woman is looking at her clock as the minutes count down to her scheduled death. might it be prevented? i'll tell you in a moment. hi, i'm henry winkler
9:46 am
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barring a last minute stay of execution, george ga tonight will put to death the first woman since 1945 in that state. this morning her attorneys filed an emergency request for a 90-day stay with the board of pardons and paroles. not to execute kelly gissendaner. they've already denieds her clem mancy, though. gissendaner is the only woman on george ga's death row, the only one. she's convicted of conspiring with a boyfriend to kill her husband in 1997. at the time, gissendaner tried to appear as the concerned and worried wife. >> if she's somewhere that he can get to a phone, just for him to please call home and let somebody know he's all right. if it's not calling me, to call his parents or something.
9:50 am
that's all i want, i want him home. >> that's 1997. we're almost two decades later. we're joined with the director of the prison theology program that kelly gissendaner participated in. reverend, thank you for taking the time to be with us today. what are your efforts right now to stop this scheduled execution just now six hours and ten minutes from now? >> there are a lot of things going on right now. a lot of people involved. as you know the attorneys have filed a plea for a stay of execution in the hopes that the board will hear some new evidence and reconsider some of what they've heard. there are petitions going around. i think there are over 100,000 signatures on one petition asking for clem mancy. and there's another letter going around that's been signed by faith leaders all over the country from many different faiths. my efforts are no trying to let people nona there is another side of kelly gissendaner, a
9:51 am
side that has emerged over the last 18 years of her incarceration. >> i know that is critical to a lot of people and then there is this other side where it doesn't matter one iota that ms. gissendaner has changed. they only look at the crime and that the legal system played out and that no matter what might have arisen since then, nothing went wrong legally. do you respect that? >> i do not respect that. because what's been to troublesome about this particular case is why have clem mancy if the 18 years of incarceration didn't matter. why have a hearing if what she does in the meantime doesn't matter. the board has the power to weigh these situations and see. and what i'm hoping they see is that there's a life that is of value in the prison and in our world right now. the whole prison system is built around the idea of rehabilitation. this is a woman that has been
9:52 am
rehabilitated. to deny that is to deny a lot of what the department of corrections is about. she also has been denied in this process -- this process has been a very torturous process. she's been denied a lot of things that any hey man being should have in this process. she wanted her chaplain of 16 years to be with her today and she was denied that request. she wanted to receive last rights from her cap lynn of 16 years and was denied that request. so part of it, too, is how this is playing out. there's a lot of these this you don't see until you're up close to it. >> it's so hard to speak in these terms when you're facing an actual scheduled death at the hands of the government. do you think that your actions with respect to kelly gissendaner are going to have an effect on her execution or do you think perhaps your work might change things down the line for others? >> i hope it's both.
9:53 am
i hope it has an impact. i hope people hear. i hope there's pressure on the board and the governor and just this whole state to see what we're doing. this is unconscionable. seeing it up close, it's not just an execution. it's been 18 years of spiritual emotional psychological torture that is continue in this time. >> what about the family who was so terribly affected by the murder of her then husband. >> right. >> how are they weighing in on this and her own children? >> right. you know, the family has been split by this. it's a horrible tragedy. it's a crime and it has had devastating effects on the entire family. doug gissendaner's parents obviously are devastated. i haven't talked to them. but they're clear they're waiving in on favor of the execution. i can't say i understand their anger and their hurt but i respect it and i imagine it's very hard for them to see people like my coming out in defense of
9:54 am
kelly. her children are also victims of this crime and they have been in the process of rebuilding a relationship with her and they do not want her executed. so i think that to execute her would be to revictimize them. make them victims all over again. >> well with, without question, really appreciate you taking the time to speak with us about this. and it is something we will be watching today. we watched this last week and then weather, of all things weather changed the scheduled execution. we'll certainly see if there's anything else. >> i hope we all kiep her in our prayers. >> thank you for being with us. as a reminder, kelly gissendaner is skengd to be executed at 7:00 p.m. tonight. the governor does not have the law on that. but the governor can appeal to the board of pardons and paroles to see if they will reconsider.
9:55 am
so there is still that last option for the phone to ring, so they say. there is another woman who could soon be headed to death row. jodi arias. a famous facing, a famous case and right now the jurors are in their second full day of deliberations can sidesing whether she lives or dies for the murder of travis alexander. will we have the same conversation in 19 years about her? that's next. every truck can tow a boat. every truck can climb a hill. every truck can haul a trailer. but not everyone can say they're the fastest-growing truck brand in america. guts. glory. ram.
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prosecutors in the aaron hernandez murder trial are trying to use his own texts and phone calls to link him to the crime. day 18 now of the former new england patriots trial. he's accused in the murder of odin lloyd back in 2013. lloyd for his part was texting with his sister sha key la just minutes before prosecutors say he was murdered. now she could testify today that they indeed texted back and forth and at what time. but she's not aloubed to say to the jury what the text actually said. his final text to let her know what who he was with said nfl just so you know. meaning aaron hernandez. right now a jury in phoenix, another jury trying to decide
10:00 am
whether jodi arias should live or die before murder, her ex-boyfriend travis alexander. this morning the juror returned to deliberate. you might remember she was convicted in 2013 but the first jury could not decide on her sentence. so they hung and now it's up to juror number two. and if juror number two can't decide, then arias automatically gets life in prison, no parole. we're going to bring you the verdict as soon as we get it. thank for watching. wolf starts now. hello. i'm wolf blitzer. it's 1:00 p.m. in washington, 9:00 in moscow. yfr you're watching from around the world, thanks strr much for joining us. unfirst were the israeli prime minister facing a friendly audience ahead of a troervel address. it


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