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tv   CNN International  CNN  April 25, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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>> they're shifting a little bit. >> they're going to have a target painted on their back. >> that is a real threat. >> i would just like to thank the last participant for committing a class 4 felony. >> this is a big operation now, there are no more games. this is cnn breaking news. and hello, everyone, i'm natalie allen at cnn center, and we begin with breaking news. a powerful 7.5 magnitude earthquake has hit nepal, less than 50 miles from the capital of kathmandu, cnn ibm reports that their building has been shaking from the aftershocks. witnesses say some areas have collapsed. there were no reports of casualties but tremors were felt as far away as new delhi.
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>> this was a 7.5 magnitude. and it happened shortly afternoon on saturday, about 77 kilometers northwest of kathmandu in nepal. but again, the tremors are making their way across portions of india, even felt in new delhi as natalie reported just a moment ago. but this is all preliminary. in terms of the magnitude of the quake, we're still getting information on social media and particularly twitter. people have been very active describing the scene as the tremors continue on this scene. you can see on the television screen behind me just how the u.s. geological survey, and the map gives us just an idea of where the center of the earthquake was. here is nepal, the epicenter of
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the 7.5 magnitude earthquake, again just west of kathmandu. i'm going to step off the screen to talk about the particular region. again, kathmandu is the capital of nepal, in the valley, surrounded by the himalayans. and in many other countries, nepal is not that particularly sustained for earthquakes like this. the reinforcement of buildings in nepal have been of major concern. you can see this is just to the northeast of india, where you can see the outskirts of this shake map, indicating some of the tremors being felt again near the border of nepal and into india, with these tremors still being a concern, obviously, people needed to take cover as quickly as possible. and this is actually a weather forecast for kathmandu as perhaps what is a search and
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rescue recovery going forward from some of the destruction that is being reported in that region. this is going to be a serious concern just in terms of weather forecasts and as this earthquake and the subsequent tremors unfold going forward over the coming hours, something we'll monitor very closely here, natalie, in the meantime, we'll send it back to you. >> all right, thank you, and once again we hear reports of building collapses in kathmandu, no reports of casualties, but if we receive video we'll certainly bring it to you in the news room. other stories happening now, we are close to the commemorating day in turkey, thousands are expected to honor the civilian army corps after the invasion nearly a century
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ago. earlier, britain's prince charles and australian prime minister tony abbott attended a service. the impact hoped to get turkey out of the war back in 1915 and clear the way for allied navy, but the mission failed. and they paid tribute to those who scaled the cliffs while under fire. >> it was the hardest possible test and they did not flinch. the campaign was a failure, of course. the only really successful part was the evacuation. but the survivors of gallipoli and their reinforcements went on to become some of the world's finest soldiers. >> australians in thailand also laid wreaths at a memorial there in all, 130,000 men on both
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sides lost their lives in the eight-month battle for gallip gallipoli. and we're learning more about the efforts to free the hostage. weinstein and the italian hostage giovanni lo porto were killed. the sources say that giovanni's family spent money to try to earn his release. but later, the suspects changed the deal demanding other prisoners be released in exchange for him. and new on the drone strikes and a controversial technology. >> reporter: warren weinstein spent more than 40 years traveling the world to make it a better place. he spoke several languages and
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served as a peace corps director in pakistan, and could have retired. but instead he worked as a contractor. he wore traditional clothes. his colleague, janet wise, met with him the day before he was kidnapped. >> a man of very high integrity. i would have to say he spent his life, his career, promoting the interests of the united states. so it's a real loss. >> it seems that i have been totally abandoned. >> reporter: weinstein spent the next four years in the hands of al qaeda terrorists. they used him as a bargaining chip, first demanding a ransom, then, pleading against the terrorists. he appealed for his release. >> so i again appeal to you to
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instruct your workers for my release. >> reporter: the italian aide worker, giovanni lo porto, was finishing his studies when he was kidnapped. the drone strike was a tragic mistake, admitted president obama, when he spoke today at the department of justice. >> we all bleed when we lose an american life. we are not cavalier about what we do. and we understand the solemn responsibilities that are given to us. and our first job is to make sure that we protect the american people. >> reporter: but the killing of warren weinstein was not just a mistake, says janet wise. >> to say we're sorry, it was an accident when we killed an american while we were assassinating other people, i think the american people really need to rethink just exactly
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what our country has become. >> reporter: weinstein and lo porto dedicated their lives to the service of others, but their deaths may lead many to ask just how effective the drone strikes have been in protecting american lives. cnn, atlanta. migrants continue to try to flee the middle east and africa in droves as we reported it is a very dangerous thing they're doing. the italian coast guard said that 300 migrants were pulled from the boat on the edge of sinking, the operation off the coast of libya also involved local fishing boats helping out the area. this man here so thankful to be alive he dropped to his knees in prayer. italian authorities are expected to soon charge the captain who is accused of running a ship that capsized last weekend. more than 800 people presumed
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dead in that disaster. the 27-year-old tunisian denies being at the helm. he appeared in a sicilian courtroom. and rescue crews, and international correspondent ben wideman went on a trip with the police. >> reporter: the salvatore police calls out on the radio, giving the coordinates. it's about 15 meters long with 150 people on board. he is part of the crew of an italian finance police surveillance plane in the mediterranean. >> this group of migrants is
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lucky, they have been rescued by what is a very active and wide-ranging rescue effort. we're only about 45 miles off the libyan coast. >> reporter: within minutes, a smaller boat dispatched arrives, the plane's high-powered cameras capturing the moment when it moves beside the dinghy. the lieutenant police has done this more times than he can count in his 28 years with the finance police. but he still can't get used to seeing these dinghys there in the water. we can't leave people, he says, we would feel guilty if they disappear from the screens, as long as we can see them, we're like guardian angels. those are human lives down there. his plane flies out of an
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italian island every day. the island is italy's southern-most area, close to the african coast. >> in this situation, we have been lucky, because luckily -- the coast guard was in the area. it was approximately ten miles distance from the target we intercepted. >> target is how they describe whatever they're looking for. his plane has no weaponry. during the flight, they also came across a half submerged fishing boat and a partially deflated boat, but no people. one group of migrants was lucky today, perhaps others were not. ben wideman, cnn, over the mediterranean. well, the vast majority of
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these dangerous sea crossings start in libya, and the european union is pledging new action they hope will stem the flow of migrants. one option under consideration, taking military action against boats used for human trafficking before they leave shore. the head of libya's army told cnn he does not think that is a good idea. >> military action against libyan territory is an unwise decision. you need to deal with the libyan crisis as a whole. we are a sovereign country that needs to be respected despite what we are going through right now. we will certainly not cooperate, because we were not involved in resolving this issue. the decision was taken without consulting the legitimate libyan side. >> the united nations refugee agency has been calling for more european involvement since the beginning of the migrant crisis. the group's high commissioner
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spoke earlier with cnn. >> what should be built is a cooperation between europe and the authorities of countries on the other side, and of course libya is the big problem, because in libya, there is nobody in charge at the present moment. but there should be a corporation in order to have a comprehensive set of actions to crack down on smugglers and traffickers, and namely, to make an effort, as determines that the effort of the countries in the world will have fighting the smuggling of drugs. i think we need to have against the smugglers of people even more determination than the one that was shown against the smugglers of drugs. >> well, according to the international organization for migration, more than 1500 migrants have died trying to reach italy by boat this year alone. and parts of covered ash in
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if you're just joining us, we want to recap our breaking news that we had at the top of our news cast, a powerful 7.5 magnitude earthquake has hit nepal, less than 50 miles from the capital city of kathmandu. witnesses say some buildings have collapsed. we're getting video of the aftermath. there are no word on casualties, we'll keep checking on that but we do know that tremors have been felt as far away as new delhi, prime minister modi will be reaching out to help. this shows the buildings that have collapsed there. now derek van dam has more on
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the earthquake. >> it is the infrastructure that i'm concerned about at this particular time, natalie, especially in the nepal and kathmandu region, which is the capital of nepal. this is the most recent information from the u.s. geological survey. 7.2 magnitude, we hear reports of two consecutive earthquakes, about 35 minutes separate from each other. of course, the second one slightly weaker. is this would be an aftershock or a tremor from the first main earthquake, which is provided in this information. it is about several different reports, anywhere from ten or 12 kilometers deep, this is significant because the more shallow an earthquake the more shaking you will feel at the surface of the earth. so going forward, this is going to be a concern, obviously, there is going to be some destabilized buildings and structures, people need to be
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aware that aftershocks and tremors are still possible going forward especially with an earthquake of this magnitude. this is from the usgs, the u.s. geological survey, this is what is called a shake map, this is difficult to see, a lot of information coming to us as we speak, social media and the internet. we're starting to see this particular area, right around the epicenter, where you see the shading, that yellow line, extending out about 35 kilometers from that epicenter, that was about 37 kilometers from the city. kathmandu was well within the boundaries of feeling the intense shaking. of course, we have also had reports near the border of india and nepal, shaking was felt, as well. even as far north as new delhi,
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with preliminary reports of the aftershock felt in that region. that could lead to some localized property damage, as well. the first earthquake, again, at 11:41 local time, tremors were felt 27 seconds after that earthquake struck. again, aftershocks, just as a warning for anybody watching our coverage, you want to get in a safe feature within your building or get outside of the building if you can. look out for the destabilized structures. going forward i talked about how the building structures within nepal and kathmandu will make the recovery effort quite difficult. likely, going forward it could be a recovery effort over the next several days. the weather looks tumultuous, but right now, that is what we
12:22 am
have from the weather center, natalie. >> all right, thank you, we have somebody on the line who was in kathmandu -- we don't have him right now, we just lost our connection. but he was in kathmandu visiting from california. so we hope to get him on the line and talk with him about what he felt and what he saw as far as damage. so we'll try to reestablish that. for now, we'll turn to the other phenomenon from nature that we are following, that volcano in southern chile that suddenly woke up after 50 years, with two eruptions this past week. now that forced people from their home towns, some watching this say that this volcano could erupt the third time. the volcano left nearly 60
12:23 am
centimeters. we have more from chile. >> reporter: these days, all eyes on southern chile on the volcano, watching, waiting. we finally made it. it's taking a while, none of the airlines would fly in for at least 24 hours. the volcano erupted for the first time in more than 40 years on sunday. a second eruption just a few hours later. now, we work our way closer to the still smoldering crater. past one, two, three checkpoints to get into the exclusion zone. we're finally in the town that is completely blanketed in ash, it is hard to breathe when you roll down the window. the sheep, the cattle, they're trying to get them out now. but if you just look ahead, there are clouds of ash wherever
12:24 am
we go. this is one of the first towns evacuated. residents now allowed back for a short time to clean the ash off their houses and save what they can. the first thing we did was to grab the dogs and run, he says. now we're cleaning up because it's going to rain soon and it will make the ash very heavy. family and friends scrambling to clean off roofs before they collapse under the weight. literally buckets of ash fell on the town of encenita, but when we talk about the ash it's like gravel. it fell so fast and heavy, right here at the restaurant they were preparing the meal. they left the pots, the pans, the food is still sitting out. now bracing for a possible third eruption that experts warn could be on its way. ash covers the landscape here like a blanket of snow.
12:25 am
and always in the background, the volcano once again sending up smoke. >> and we will keep our eye on that story as we said, some predict that it could erupt a third time. well, honoring the fallen soldiers of an historic world war i battle. next, why the fight for a turkish peninsula was a disaster for the allied troops. and we'll tell you how they're being remembered 100 years on. ♪
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(the lion sleeps tonight.) woman snoring take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. we have more information for you, two people on the line who
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witnessed this powerful 7.2 magnitude earthquake that hit nepal 50 miles from the capital city of kathmandu. witnesses say some buildings have collapsed, no casualties, but tremors were felt as far away as new delhi, and jonathan was visiting from california. jonathan, what can you tell us first of all about what you're seeing as far as damage from this earthquake. >> hi, so luckily around here there has not been too much major damage. there have been a couple of fallen brick walls and a couple of telephone poles. one that fell on top of a car. the roof fell and the driver was okay. >> so you're not hearing about anybody being hurt at this point? >> no, i have not seen anyone injured although i did see a car drive by, appeared like a tourist on a board. he was smiling, so i think he
12:30 am
was okay, half in, half out with the hatchback open. >> so where were you when the earthquake occurred, and what did you feel? we're seeing the picture that you just talked about, about the post that came out of the car. where were you and what did it feel like? >> so i was upstairs in a coffee shop. i was about to put my order in. and it sort of felt like big trucks were rumbling by. and i was not too sure about the building, nobody seemed to be too alarmed, maybe it was some trucks going by, then it got stronger and stronger, people started screaming, and ran out. and a waiter and i hit under the table. and when things died out, a bunch of us ran out into the street. and then after a while people started to come out of the more built-up areas. and we were probably three blocks out in the middle of an
12:31 am
intersection, which is why it's so noisy. i think there were a hundred of us here in the middle of the intersection, where anything could have fallen -- >> we're seeing pictures of people all squished together in the street. i guess you're in that. what are local authorities telling people to do, because there could be aftershocks. >> yeah, i felt a couple. they were really broad swaying motions. the authorities really have not been present around here. i have seen a couple talking to people and a police truck drive by. but that is pretty much it. i think we're pretty much by ourselves as far as we can tell. >> well, we appreciate you talking with us, jonathan, we're glad you're kokay. and yes if there are tremors or more that happens please call back and we'll talk with you some more. but interesting that you
12:32 am
happened to be visiting and you just went through a 7.5 earthquake. we want to talk to a journalist with the himalayan times. what can you tell us about the damage and whether or not anybody has been injured from this? >> well, the shocks and aftershocks are continuing. so there is only quick information available here. there are the landmark building in the valley known as the tall spire. it has come down totally. and there are -- there are houses that have cracked or fallen, not only in the valleys, urban streets, but a large part of central nepal has been hit by this earthquake. and the word we have from the villagers is that whole neighborhoods, buildings are down. it is in a way too early to know and not to arouse any kind of
12:33 am
panic, we have no information on the extent of the casualties, but when you you look at the buildings that have come down in a city, and some of the citizens that have come out, it seems like this is a massive quake, after the 1934 earthquake that hit nepal and nearby india. >> well, so this is very likely something that many of the people there have never experienced before. and you said you described one building that came down in particular. how did you describe that building? >> this building is a landmark spire of nepal, about 150 years old. it is in a mediterranean style, but in an old tradition of nepal.
12:34 am
actually a tall spire and it has come down in total. it was about 7.6 in the richter scale. it was never ending, the ground shook, it never ended. after that, many, many aftershocks which continued. so people are out of their buildings, out of their neighborhoods into any bit of open space they can find. and in these matters, even though the people -- they know enough that aftershocks can actually kill as much as the premier shock. so people are waiting for the aftershock and being very careful and they are being very scared. >> well, kanak, where were you when you talked about it lasting so long? where were you, the last guest couldn't quite figure out this was an earthquake occurring.
12:35 am
did you realize as soon as it started you were experiencing an earthquake? >> it was an unreal situation, i was with my father and family and friends sitting down on the ground floor. and of course, you hit more when you're on the upper floors. but it was like a moving ship in a turbulent sea. it was swaying, i was trying to hold my father and an elderly neighbor, and my mother, who is unwell, to carry her out of her bedroom. and to come out to the lawn. so it was clear that -- it was clear to us right then and there, this is the earthquake, the big one that we have been waiting for. i have also written about earthquakes. we know all about the tectonics, how the so-called indian diplomate is pushing on the
12:36 am
tibetan diplomaplate and that l a big earthquake every 60 or 70 years. and a big one was due, now, i don't know if that was the big one, but it certainly felt like that. that was probably the most massive earthquake to hit central nepal since 1934. >> that is some very good information and we really appreciate it. this is 2015. so yes, it has been a while since this area has experienced something this big. >> what the earthquake seismologists tell us, this one was overdue. but i cannot tell you right now, and i'm afraid there will be quite a few casualties but there is no way to report to you at this point as to how many. i'm hoping that our air field, which is built on a sand bar, is
12:37 am
okay. just a minute. oh, and i'm just getting very sad news that the main complex, the traditional house of the king of nepal, which has been the tourist attraction, that it is down. and this would indicate not only the structure of heritage, but if the building in the square is down, in this case it also indicates that the inner city of kathmandu is much worse hit than the outlying areas where i am in right now. >> oh, my goodness, that is tragic news, because you also told us that a landmark spire that is 150 years, is down as well. also telling us neighborhoods have had collapsed homes. so i certainly hope the news as
12:38 am
you get it doesn't get much worse than we hear right now. we certainly appreciate you, kanek mani, we appreciate you so much talking with us. we want to talk to one representative, manesh, we just heard from kanek mani, who just tells us historic buildings have fallen in nepal, what are you hearing? >> well, i have not heard anything, because i myself have been injured in the earthquake. i came to one hospital, and there were four dead bodies that were brought because of the earthquake. and there were dozens of people being treated outside in the open. the casualties will become bigger, will go higher now, that is definite. and i was turned away because i needed some stitches because they were too busy with other
12:39 am
more serious patients. they had broken bones, legs, hands, people have been injured in the head. so it is quite chaotic, and this is the second hospital i have gone to and it is quite chaotic scenes out here. >> oh, my goodness, how were you injured? and you have not been able to get any medical help at this point? >> not yet, what happened was s running outside from the house, the earthquake swung me and took me off balance. and i hit against the wall. and i got a big cut which will need stitches. my stitches were not a priority for a hospital i went to. so i came to another hospital to get some stitches. >> manesh, are you walking all of this way to get to the hospital? >> yes, i am walking this way, because there are aftershocks as well. it was too risky, but the walk
12:40 am
was not very long but i did walk. >> and the last journalist -- >> there are a lot of casualties, a lot of old buildings in kathmandu. i saw a person whose head was totally crushed. i saw another old woman lying in the hospital who was dead. i mean -- because of the earthquake, she was injured in the earthquake. so i was told in the hospital that i just went to that there were four dead bodies, four people who died. i can see around me people -- people in serious condition, believ bleeding all over. so this is just the beginning in kathmandu. >> that does not sound like a good sign as far as what we're going to continue to hear as far as people being injured in this. how seeing any signs of police
12:41 am
and ambulances or rescue vehicles -- >> yes, as i walked to the hospital, i could see people -- all the people from these groups, standing out in the open areas. because aftershocks continue, as i was waiting in the hospital, people were rushing, taxis and drivers, cars, and the doctors at this hospital that i just went to did not know how to respond. and there did not seem to be enough preparations for this kind of situation. and the hospital was told to be evacuated. those people could be evacuated were being evacuated because we've always been told there is going to be a big earthquake. and because of the aftershocks people were not sure. i can see another dead body. so i counted five myself.
12:42 am
five dead bodies. >> in the hospital, you say? >> yes, i am at the hospital right now, i'm outside the hospital and everybody is being treated out in the open. they're trying to -- i can see somebody's heart is being pumped by a doctor nearby, trying to bring somebody back. so it is chaos, people are crying -- >> oh, my goodness, this is just tragic news. and you are right there at this second hospital trying to get help. you have now seen several people who have died, people are trying to be resuscitated. and manesh, what as you
12:43 am
experienced the earthquake -- you said you were thrown against the wall and got a deep cut. our last guest said this felt like it lasted a really long time. >> it did last a long time. it did last a long time, in all of these years i have never seen such a big earthquake. we get small tremors once in a while, but i do not know the exact magnitude of the earthquake but it lasted very long. and the houses were shaking. a building must have collapsed -- the floor in my house cracked. and it is a strong house. >> well, thank goodness you did. because as you say many of these buildings in kathmandu are very old. we've already alluded to the
12:44 am
collapse of historic buildings. manesh, we hope you get the medical care you need. manesh says he has been to two hospitals trying to get medical aide and has seen dead bodies and many people seeking medical care who have been through this earthquake. as you see on your screen now, a 7.9. we have also heard from a reporter based in india. and sunima is getting information that sherpas are reporting from mount everest that this earthquake triggered avalanches on mount everest. and we do not know the conditions of the climbers, if they are safe, that were with these sherpas on mount everest. so that is another part of the story that we will be checking into. from what we've heard so far from the three people we've talked with, it looks like kathmandu has taken it really
12:45 am
hard. according to our reporter there are deaths, there are injuries, people are out in the streets and historic buildings have collapsed there. according to one of our reporters this very likely is the worst earthquake that this area has seen since 1934. so we'll continue to bring you more pictures and talk with more people. we'll take a break, more news right after this. body pain? motrin helps you be an unstoppable, i-can-totally-do-this- all-in-one-trip kind of woman. when pain tries to stop you, there's motrin. motrin works fast to stop pain where it starts. make it happen with new motrin liquid gels.
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for viewers just joining us, our breaking news this hour, a powerful 7.9 magnitude earthquake has hit nepal, less than 80 kilometers or 50 miles from the capital of kathmandu. witnesses say some buildings in the city have collapsed. two historic building among them. our cnn journalist on the ground in kathmandu is telling us the hospital he visited was a chaotic scene.
12:49 am
there were several people with gashes to the head, broken bones, he also reports seeing dead bodies. tremors have been felt as far away as new delhi, prime minister modi says he is working to reach out to people affected. also we just learned that sherpas from mount everest have reported avalanches as a result of this earthquake. unknown whether any of the climbers have been affected by that, as well. but it looks like we are going to hear from the initial reports we're getting of more injuries, and damage to this area that has been rocked by a 7.9 magnitude earthquake. so we will continue to bring you anymore developments. well, documents from a 2009 internal investigation show officers thought oklahoma
12:50 am
reserve deputy robert bates was given special treatment during training. the 73-year-old has been charged with manslaughter in the shooting death of eric harris earlier this month. bates said he meant to use his taser rather than his gun. the investigation showed bates did not train for as many hours as was required. the tulsa news report shows that some supervisors were told to forge bates records. his lawyers call the results a misunderstanding and misstatement. we'll take a short break right after this.
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former u.s. olympian and reality star bruce jenner says he is becoming a woman. in an abc news exclusive interview with diane sawyer, jenner says he has always been confused by his gender identity but that his brain is much more female than it is male. are you a woman? >> yes, for all intents and purposes i am a woman. people look at me differently. they see you as this mac h krma,
12:55 am
but my heart and soul and everything i do in life, it is part of me. that female side is part of me. that is who i am. i was not genetically born that way. as of now, have all the male parts and all that kind of stuff. so in a lot of ways we're different, okay? but we still identify as female. and that is very hard for bruce jenner to say. because why? i don't want to disappoint people. >> well, following his interview, jenner is expected to share his new life as a transgender woman in a reality show for the e channel. the episodes will debut july 26th. and a venezuelan woman trying to get the attention of president maduro threw a mango
12:56 am
at him. she said she has trouble finding a place to live, so she wrote her name and phone number on the fruit. mr. maduro, who was not hurt, had it on a tv show, invited her on a show and promised to get her a place to live. we want to recap again our breaking news this hour, a 7.9 magnitude earthquake has hit nepal near the area of kathmandu. our reporters, we have talked to them at this hour, they say they have seen injury, a chaotic scene, and two hospitals have also seen dead bodies at these hospitals. that historic buildings have collapsed. they're expecting aftershocks. we even have a report that sherpas on mount everest reported that the earthquake spawned avalanches. and we do not know the fate of any climbers that were on mount everest and near the area of the avalanches at this time.
12:57 am
again, can't tell what that picture is right there. but we do know that a landmark spire, 150 years old collapsed and another very historic building has collapsed. we'll continue to bring you more information in our next hour. my colleague will be here for you in just a moment. you're watching cnn.
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>> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. we begin this hour with breaking news. a powerful 7.9 magnitude earthquake that has hit nepal, less than 50 miles or 80 kilometers from the capital city of katmandu. witnesses say some


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