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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  May 4, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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ing. breaking overnight from garland, texas. a shooting raising serious concerns and questions. two men pulled up outside a venue holding the contest for people to draw cartoons of the prophet muhammad. the men jumped out of the car and started shooting. a security guard was wounded before two police officers shot and killed the gunmen. cnn's ed lavandera is in garland, texas with the latest. ed. >> reporter: john officials here in the dallas suburb of garland garland, texas say the shooting erupted ten minutes before the prophet muhammad art contest was supposed to be wrapping up. it is not known if the organizers were targeted but that is the suspicion law enforcement is operating under. this event had been in the works for some time and gotten a great deal of publicity and great deal
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of law enforcement surrounding the event. in the back of the building a s.w.a.t. team was on stand by in case violence erupted. the shooting took place and lasted in 15 seconds. there were two men who drove up to the civic center in garland, texas, jumped out and started shooting. they wounded a garland independent school district officer. that officer has been treated and released from the hospital. he will be okay. those two suspects were quickly gunned down in the parking lot of the civic center of garland, texas. officials do not know the identities of the suspects but fbi investigators are on the scene beginning the process of figuring out the motive. this was an event that was controversial. the organizers describe it as a free speech event. those critics of these
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organizers which included a keynote speech by a dutch right wing politician on the target list of islamic groups around the world, they say this was nothing more than an anti-islam event. a great deal of controversy surrounding all of this and what many officials here in garland worried about, john, has taken place. john. >> ed lavandera on the scene in garland, texas. authorities were worried that the suspects' car contained an explosive device. the goal was to disable any possible bomb in the car. as ed mentioned, those attending the contest to draw cartoons of the prophet muhammad claim it was not anti-islam, but pro-speech. they had a s.w.a.t. at the event
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because obviously they thought there could be trouble. >> we had additional officers hired for the event by the school district. we had talked with them and preparing for the event in case something like this happened. >> it is a pro-freedom of speech. why would anybody have to describe it as anti-islam. it's pro-freedom. that's what we're here for. we are freedom protesters. >> this event was not anti-koran. this event was not disparaging of muslims or the koran or prophet muhammad. >> the keynote speaker for the event was the right wing dutch politician. after the event, he tweeted thank god the heroes of s.w.a.t. prevented the worst. the mayor of garland says most of the people at the event were out of state. we have no sense of who was
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behind the attack. we know it was controversial before the event started. many residents of garland unhappy it was coming to their community. cnn political commentator ben ferguson who lives in the area told us about it. >> many people in the community that did not want this event anywhere close to their homes. this area is an area that is -- i'm right now probably 12 miles way from it. you have walmart and sam's club and grocery stores and houses. it's close to a school. this is a convention center for the community. on a much smaller scale than major city's convention center. this is more of a mom and dads come together to have art shows and galleries and basketball games. this is a true community and the vast majority of the community very conservative by the way, community, they did not want this. >> we don't know who the two gunmen who were killed are just
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yet. this does come after similar incidents overseas in france and denmark. the perpetrators of those attacks had links to terror groups. cnn's nic robertson joins us. nic, we have seen this depiction of the prophet muhammad. unusual to see this in the united states. >> reporter: and that was precisely that in paris. the hit list. who was a controversial figure because he had drawn a cartoon of the prophet muhammad. he and his coworkers were targeted from the satirical magazine "charlie hebdo." the two gunmen there appeared to be associated with al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. the scenario we saw in
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copenhagen a month later has striking similarities in texas. a cartoonist attending a freedom of speech event. lars vilks, drawn a picture of the prophet muhammad he was also on an al qaeda hit list. the gunmen pulling a weapon and trying to shoot into hean event he was attending. the security who were with him, danish and swedish security returned fire. the gunmen turning outside a synagogue and killing a guard outside on duty there. the scenario of gunmen showing up and being chased off or shot at by security is what prevented further casualties. that gunmen in copenhagen later
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we found out he had associated himself with isis. pledging allegiance to al bagdadi. >> we have to find out who the gunmen are in texas. nic, thank you. it raises questions about free speech and the issue of provocation. thank you, nic. new this morning, the people of baltimore, the first morning without a curfew that they are waking up to this morning. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake lifted the curfew in place after the riots of more than a week ago. these were the riots that followed the death of freddie gray who was seriously injured in police custody. the mayor said the national guard will now spend days winding down operations in baltimore. she joined in celebrating the reopening of a shopping mall that was closed after the violence. >> right now, i'm confident. what we saw over the past few days is not just the resiliency
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of our city but also our communities coming together. we want to heal our city. we know we have challenges in baltimore. we know that there's work to be done. what you saw with the peaceful demonstrations and people coming together to celebrate baltimore is that will that we will get better and we will get through this and we will do it as one baltimore. >> i want to get the latest from the streets this morning. let's go to cnn's rene marsh in baltimore. good morning, rene. >> reporter: good morning, john. you remember the scene just days ago outside of city hall. the show of force has diminished here. we don't see the national guard and the police presence is small. you talk about the first night last night with no curfew. it was very calm. the national guard will complete its drawdown according to the governor in 72 hours. it will take 72 hours because they brought in some 4,000 people. in the meantime we are starting
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to learn a bit more about some of the six officers charged in freddie gray's death. i was in the neighborhood yesterday of officer william porter. he is 25 years old. he was hired in 2012 to be a police officer with the baltimore police department. he faces three charges, including involuntary manslaughter as well as second-degree assault. now, he is the officer who showed up to the van and called essentially to check up on freddie gray. when he got to the van, according to the state prosecutor freddie gray asked for medical attention, but did not get that medical attention. back in his neighborhood this lady who lives doors away from him, not only his neighbor but family friend. she says she has known officer porter for many years, since he was 10 years old. here's what she had to say about him. >> just a very polite very
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sweet young man. very innocent really. when i heard that it was his name i was kind of in shock and deeply saddened. because i don't know what happened. i guess the world doesn't know what happened at this point. >> you said when you heard the news you almost didn't believe it because it doesn't match up with the character of the man you know. >> absolutely does not match up at all. he would not hurt a fly. >> reporter: well baltimore police gave an overview just yesterday. they said since all of the protests and rallies began, 486 people arrested 113 officers were injured. now, as far as the economic impact a lot of businesses suffered because of the looting and the violence. the governor saying some 200 businesses were lost as a result of the rioting. many of them minority-owned businesses. many of them did not have insurance.
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there's that, john. although the tide feels like it is shifting here in baltimore, you have some 200 businesses in the mayor's own words that are lost. a lot of work to be done in baltimore. >> a great deal of work. thank you, rene. i appreciate it. time for an early start on your money. cristina alesci is here on that. >> we have action in europe. futures are up after a positive manufacturing report and u.s. stocks are following the lead. that is after the dow gained 183 points on friday. that pop helped stem the loss for the week. investors will watch earnings from comcast and tyson. the real action will come later this week with the ton of economic releases and finally the jobs report on friday. on a sad note, david goldberg husband of facebook executive
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sheryl sand sheryl sandberg. she said her career and marriage are intertwined. >> so sad. known as a progressive and feminist. he may have been more out front before sheryl sandberg. >> that's right. >> very sad. thanks. the race for president, the field is growing this morning. a new candidate declares himself overnight and another gets ready to make her announcement this morning. we'll have all of the details next. many wrinkle creams come with high hopes, but hope... doesn't work on wrinkles. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair has the fastest retinol formula... to work on fine lines and even deep wrinkles in just one week.
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body pain? motrin helps you be an unstoppable, i-can-totally-do-this- all-in-one-trip kind of woman. when pain tries to stop you, there's motrin. motrin works fast to stop pain where it starts. make it happen with new motrin liquid gels. we have breaking news this morning. police in the dallas suburb of garland, shot and killed two men overnight overnight. the men drove up to the venue of the organization of the contest to draw cartoons of the prophet
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muhammad. organizers of the event say it was designed to promote free speech. critics say for some time before the event it was provocative and anti-muslim. we will have more on that ahead. it will be an emotional day for ben carson. he will announce he is running for president of the united states. he will hold an event in detroit this morning. he tipped his hand in a tv interview overnight. just after the announcement dr. carson will travel to dallas to be with his mother who is ill. he had to cancel a planned stop the first official stop in iowa that was scheduled for today. carly fiorina, the former hp ceo and california senate candidate is expected to join the 2016 race today. fiorina will be the first woman in the republican field. after officially announcing she is expected to take questions in a live online town hall event.
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hillary clinton goes to las vegas today. the former secretary of state will hold a round table with young people at the high school. the focus is on fixing the immigration system. 25% of nevada is hispanic. president obama will be here in new york city in the bronx. launching an independent non-profit organization closely tied to an issue he has been dealing with for some time. closing the opportunity gap for young men of color. let's get the latest from sunlen serfaty. >> reporter: president obama is relaunching his my brother's keeper into a non-profit. this will have a goal of supporting young minority men.
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the president will use this as context to speak to the unrest in baltimore and the broader issues that are still in so many neighborhoods across the country like freddie gray's. as the charges were brought against the six officers on friday the president said it is vital the truth about freddie gray's death comes out. as the national conversation continues this week speaker of the house john boehner was asked on "meet the press" if the nation is in a crisis when it comes to law enforcement and african-americans. >> i do. i think if you look at what happened over the course of the last year you have to scratch your head. public servants should not violate the law. if these charges are true it's outrageous and unacceptable. >> reporter: the move by the president to launch the straight foundation to help young minority boys is a big hint at what he will likely do after his
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presidency. white house officials expect the president to be focused on this issue after he has left the oval office. john. >> clearly one close to his heart. sunlen serfaty, thank you. so say it ain't so. tiger woods and lindsey vonn splitting up. why the power couple says it is time for them to go separate ways. andy scholes will be singing "separate ways" and many other journey songs in the bleacher report next. you wouldn't do half of your daily routine. so why treat your mouth any differently. brushing alone does less than half the job leaving behind millions of germs. complete the job with listerine®. kill up to 99 percent of germs. and prevent plaque, early gum disease and bad breath. complete the job with listerine®. power to your mouth™. also try listerine® floss. its advanced technology removes more plaque. watching football together is great... but i think women would agree... ...huddling with their man after
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our sports report is a dating column this morning. tiger woods and lindsey vonn broke up over the weekend. dr. romance, andy scholes has more in the bleacher report. good morning. >> good morning, john. shed a sports tear for vonn and woods. they say their busy schedules doomed their relationship. they released a statement saying it was mutual and they would always cherish their time together. after finishing 17th at the masters, tiger has yet to play another tournament. he will play later on this week at the players. the second round of the nba playoffs. warriors having no problem in game one against the grizzlies. steph curry with 21 points and 7 assists. 101-86. according to reports, curry is going to be named the league mvp
2:24 am
later today. the nfl draft wrapped up this weekend, one of the coolest stories is about a player who went undrafted. seahawks signed nate boyar. he served three tours of duty. afterwards he joined the university of texas to play as their long snapper. he started for three years for the longhorns. he will get a chance to compete for a roster spot. it turns out manny pacquiao had a tear in his right shoulder on saturday night. he injured it training leading up to the fight. the nevada commissioner would not let him take a shot pre-fight to fight the pain. the rematch? it probably will not happen but you can watch the fight on has been saturday night at 9:00
2:25 am
eastern. a lot of people bummed it did not live up to the fight. it was an electric atmosphere. it will go down as the star-studded event of all time. >> may go down the last boxing match of all time. we have breaking news. gunmen killed after they opened fire on a contest to draw cartoons of the prophet muhammad in texas. new details about the attack and why police were so ready to respond. scott: appears buster's been busy. man: yeah, scott. i was just about to use the uh... scott: that's a bunch of ground-up paper, lad! scotts ez seed uses the finest seed, fertilizer, and natural mulch that holds water so you can grow grass anywhere! seed your lawn. seed it! headache? motrin helps you be an unstoppable, let's-rock-this-concert- like-it's-1999 kind of mom. when pain tries to stop you, there's motrin. motrin works fast to stop pain where it starts. make it happen with new motrin liquid gels.
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>> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. >> breaking news this morning.
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two gunmen are dead after they opened fire at a contest to draw cartoons of the prophet muhammad. i'll tell you what we're learning about the attack and the men behind it and why police were so quick to respond. welcome back to "early start." i'm john berman. christine romans is on assignment this morning. in garland, texas, outside of dallas the shooting raising serious concerns this morning. two men pulled up outside a venue at the contest where people were drawing the prophet muhammad. the unarmed security guard was wounded and police officers opened fire and shot and killed the gunmen. we have ed lavandera with more at the scene. >> reporter: officials in the dallas suburb of garland, texas say the shooting erupted about 10 minutes before the prophet
2:30 am
muhammad art exhibit and contest was supposed to wrapped up. it is not known if the organizers of the event were the ones targeted but that is the suspicion that the law enforcement is operating under. this event had gotten a great deal of publicity and a great deal of law enforcement surroundings the event. a s.w.a.t. team was on stand by in case any violence erupted. the shooting took place in less than 15 seconds. there were two men who drove up to the civic center in garland, texas, in a dark colored sedan. jumped out and started shooting. they wounded a garland independent school district officer. the officer has been treated and released from the hospital. he will be okay. the two suspects were quickly gunned down in the parking lot of the civic center in garland,
2:31 am
texas. officials say they do not know the identities of the suspects but fbi investigators are on the scene beginning the process of trying to figure out what the motive here was. this event was highly controversial. the organizers describe it as a free speech event. critics of the organizers those included a keynote speech by the right wing dutch politician who has been on the target list of islamic groups around the world, they say this was nothing more than an anti-islam event. a great deal of controversy surrounding all of this and what many law enforcement officials here in garland worried about, john has taken place. back to you. >> ed lavandera on the scene in garland. authorities were concerned that the gunmen's car may have explosives. the fbi did a controlled detonation at midnight. the goal was to disable any
2:32 am
possible explosive that may be in the car. as ed mentioned, those attending the contest to draw cartoons of the prophet muhammad say it was not anti-muslim, but pro-free speech. local police had officers and s.w.a.t. team at the event in case there was a possibility of trouble. >> we prepared for something like this simply because there were additional officers hired for the event by the school district. we had talked with them in preparing for the event in case something like this happened. >> it's a pro-freedom of speech. why would anybody have to describe it as an anti-islam. it's pro-freedom. that's what we're her for. we are freedom protectors. >> this was not anti-koran. this was not disparaging of
2:33 am
muslims or koran or prophet muhammad. >> the keynote speaker was ilk vildes. he said the mayor of garland, texas says most people were from out of state. many people from garland were unhappy of the event going to their hometown. cnn's ben ferguson has more. >> reporter: people did not want this close to their homes. this area i'm right now probably 12 miles away from it you have a walmart, a sam's club you have grocery stores you have houses. it's close to a school. this is a convention center for the community on a smaller scale than major city convention
2:34 am
center. this is a mom and dads come together for art shows and basketball games. people in the community are concerned. they did not want this. >> now this attack comes on the heels of similar attacks in france and copenhagen. we do not know exactly who did the shooting here in texas, but we know the attacks in europe did have terror connections. we are joined by cnn's nic robertson. put us in the international context, nic. >> reporter: attending the event in texas, he is on the hit list. a cartoonist was on the al qaeda hit list he was killed in paris at the "charlie hebdo" magazine where two brothers burst in and started shooting over the
2:35 am
magazine drawing the prophet muhammad. they were later to have connections to al qaeda in yemen. if you look at the attack in copenhagen lone attacker there where lars vilks on the same al qaeda hit list because he is a cartoonist depicted prophet muhammad. the reason why only one person was killed there and the death toll could have been higher lars vilks had two security with him. later, killing a guard outside the synagogue in copenhagen where a batmitzvah was taking place.
2:36 am
>> tell me about this guy who was the keynote speaker. the dutch politician. he is controversial, no? >> reporter: he is controversial. he is known for having quick one liners that are known to rile radical islamists in the past. he has been particularly outspoken on issues about islam. he sees need to be in the public domain. this made him a target in the past. it is controversial in europe. he was banned back in 2008 from coming to the u.k. he was later able to get that overturned. this is someone associated in the european context with if you will expressing his views
2:37 am
using his freedom of speech that has drawn a negative reaction from the muslim community. >> nic, has there been any online chatmanter or anyone commenting on the attack in texas that would connect it to inter inter international terror? >> reporter: who i am going say we have to caveat. there was no credible warning we are aware of coming from the radical group that this was about to take place. this is not surprising. we see this with radical groups all over the world and particularly isis. isis tried to claim these men involved in the incident in texas had pledged allegiance to isis in the same way the gunmen had in copenhagen. there is no way at the moment of knowing if that is true. the reason that there appear to
2:38 am
be truth and validity behind the connection in copenhagen is the pledge of allegiance was found after the gunmen's death prior to the attacks. he was killed in a shootout with police later that day. at the moment there is nothing credible but already we're seeing isis in the radical inspired way trying to take credit for it. >> the identities of the gunmen unknown right now. the investigation just beginning. nic robertson in london. thanks. the streets of baltimore, everyone waking up in the city with no curfew for the first time in a week that as we learn more about the police officers charged in connection with the death of freddie gray. that's next. ♪ ♪
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stand firm. just wait. [click] and move only when you hear the click that says they're buckled in for the drive. never give up till they buckle up. new this morning, the first morning after the curfew lifted. the mayor stephanie rawlings-blake lifted the curfew after the riots that started last monday. the mayor said national guard will spend several days winding down. she joined in celebrating the reopening of the shopping mall that was closed following monday's looting. for the latest let's turn to cnn's rene marsh. >> reporter: there is a difference outside of city hall.
2:43 am
you don't see the national guard this morning. you do not see a large presence when it comes to police officers. last night was the first night in the city of baltimore where there was no curfew and there were no problems. you talked about the national guard. we know the drawdown is happening this week. the governor saying it will take 72 hours before it is complete because they brought in some 4,000 people. now baltimore police department gave an update yesterday. they say that since all of the protests and rallies began, some 486 people arrested they say 113 officers were injured. as far as economic impact goes when you look at the looting and rioting that was happening early last week the governor said some 200 businesses were lost as a result of all of the rioting. many of the businesses were minority owned and many did not have insurance.
2:44 am
even as the tide begins to shift here in the city of baltimore, many business owners still feeling that impact. the economic impact. john. >> that will take a long time to recover. thanks rene in baltimore. let's take a look at what is coming up on "new day." alisyn. >> john great to see you. we will follow the breaking news. two gunmen killed outside an event in texas that featured cartoons of the prophet muhammad. we will look at what officials know about the gunmen and talk to a cnn producer inside the event and pamela geller. chris cuomo is reporting from baltimore now the six officers are charged in freddie gray's death, how solid is the case? we have an exclusive interview with the baltimore state attorney who levelled the charges. all that and more at the top of the hour. thank you. the race for president is
2:45 am
intensifying this morning. the field getting larger. a lot larger today. a new candidate declared overnight. another candidate about to declare in a few hours. we'll break it all down next. you get used to food odors in your car. you think it smells fine but your passengers smell this.. eliminate odors you've gone noseblind to for up to 30 days with the febreze car vent clip. smells nice... so you and your passengers can breathe happy. in this moment your baby is getting more than clean. your touch stimulates her senses and nurtures her mind.
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just love the music.
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the republican presidential field is going to double this week. a bunch of candidates jumping in. carly fiorina and ben carson. they will announce this morning. former arkansas governor mike huckabee will follow suit tomorrow in his hometown in arkansas. yes, he still believes in a place called hope. what will all these mean to the field? let's bring in cnn reporter m.j. lee. before we start, dr. ben carson is scheduled to make his formal announcement this morning. he tipped his hand and announced already in an interview with affiliate overnight. let's watch. >> i'm willing to be part of the equation and therefore, i'm announcing my candidacy for president of the united states of america. >> of course the campaign said he will announce it later this
2:50 am
morning. where does he fit in the field? >> carson is an outside candidate. he has an interesting life story. he will probably be the only african-american candidate in the republican field. the big question for carson is what is the slice of the republican population that really is captured by carson. if you want a woman to take on hillary clinton, you have carly fiorina. what is carson's appeal to the republican population and what will propel him to be a serious candidate? >> i think he is leaning heavily on the outsider. not a career politician. something really interesting. our heart goes out to dr. carson. his mother is really sick. he is having to cancel his events scheduled. >> he was supposed to be in iowa today, but we found out he is doing the announcement in
2:51 am
detroit and going to see his mother in dallas. >> that mother key to his personal narrative. he was raised in detroit. the mother told him you could not watch tv. got him off the streets. made him write weekly book reports just to get him through. he has a remarkable personal story. carly fiorina. the former ceo of hewlett-packard hewlett-packard. she barely registerings on any polls. >> she has really fashioned herself as the republican woman ready to take on hillary clinton. she has come out and explicitly said if i enter the race hillary clinton will no longer be able to play the gender card. she will have to speak about her record of secretary of state and senator and i will be her counterpart in the republican field. one thing to watch out for with carly fiorina, her time at hp. i have done reporting of her
2:52 am
time at the company. there are former colleagues who frankly think it is outrageous she is running for president. >> it did not end well for her there. >> it did not end well. the other thing is she has never held public office. she tried to run for senate in 2010 failed. does she bring the experience and does she have the gravitas? >> and mike huckabee announcing tomorrow. he ran and won in iowa. he won seven states. this is a guy with a track record in republican presidential politics. yet he has been a talk show host for a few years. >> he hasn't run since 2008. when he did run in 2008, he won the iowa caucuses. he did not have the national apparatus that is necessary to
2:53 am
be a top contender. the thing he has going for him, he has a strong following among the christian conservatives. will that be enough to propel him to the top? >> he is also leading the field in genuine like anability. m.j. lee, thank you for being here. we will get an early start on your money next. >>who... is this?! >>hi, i am heinz new mustard. hi na na na na >>she's just jealous because you have better taste. whatever. >>hey. keep your chin up. for years, heinz ketchup has been with the wrong mustard. well, not anymore. introducing heinz new better tasting yellow mustard. mmm! well, a mortgage shouldn't be a problem your credit is in pretty good shape. >>pretty good? i know i have a 798 fico score thanks to the tools and help on kaboom... well, i just have a few other questions. >>chuck, the only other question you need to ask is, "what else can you do for me?"
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time for an early start on your money. cristina alesci. >> we are green. futures are higher right now. that's after the dow gained 183 points on friday. that pop helped stem a loss for the week. today, investors watching earnings from a number of companies, including comcast and tyson. economic releases will be spotting the tape. let's switch gears a bit. floyd mayweather wasn't the only winner on saturday night. these wagers placing in nevada up to $80 million. that is double any previous boxing match. the bets were not on who would win, but how many rounds the fight would go and whether there would be a knockout. another fun story. avengers the big winner at the box office this weekend. it missed breaking the report by
2:58 am
the first film. ultron pulled in over $187 million. and a third movie is already in the works. expected to be released in 2018. >> big investment. not cheap. >> good bet by disney. >> thanks cristina alesci. two gunmen killed after opening fire at a contest to draw cartoons of the prophet muhammad. we have breaking news out of dallas when "new day" starts now. we have to stop this right now. shots fired. >> two suspects have been shot. >> quick shots. police starting running. >> the keynote speaker was supplies placed on an al qaeda hit list. demonstrations turn more into celebrations. >> the city's mayor lifting the week long 10:00 p.m. curfew. >> everyone has a right to be treated with dignity and respect. >> public servants should not violate the law. >> these officers did nothing
2:59 am
wrong. i'm announcing my candidacy for president. >> the 2016 race for the white house getting more crowded. >> i bring a different perspective to the table. >> good morning. welcome to "new day." it is monday may 4th. chris cuomo is live in baltimore with the latest in the freddie gray case and michaela is off today. we start with breaking news. two men killed by police in a dallas suburb after opening fire outside an event featuring cartoon drawings of the prophet muhammad and speeches on islam. the hundreds in attendance and the fiery director of a well known islam group and dutch politician placed on an al qaeda hit list. the fbi investigating this morning who were the shooters and what was their motive. cnn has team coverage on this beginning with cnn's ed lavandera on the scene in garland, texas. ed. >> reporter: good morning,
3:00 am
alisyn. the event was starting to wrap up when police say two men drove up and started firing. >> we are taking you to the auditorium further awayst getting started when two when drove up. >> breaking overnight, a deadly scene if a dallas suburb. two gunmen shot dead after opening fire and wounding a security guard outside an event center where a cartoon contest of the prophet mohammed was being held. law enforcement tell cnn the entire shooting lasted 15 seconds. >> we prepare for something like this. >> reporter: the security officer bruce joiner was treated for an ankle gunshot wound and released. this shows the moment when the gunfire erupted. an interview of the sponsor of the event cut short.


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