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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  May 6, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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just sign into my account to pay bills manage service appointments and find answers to your questions. you can even check your connection status on your phone. now it's easier than ever to manage your account. get started at happening now in the "newsroom," a test run of his deadly descent. how the germanwings co-pilot practiced the maneuver the same day he crashed another plane into the alps. more than just an inspiration. new information about the texas gunman and how isis recruiters may have been involved.
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plus -- the baltimore police commissioner surprised about the charges against six of his officers in the death of freddie gray. now another surprise. one of those officers filing his own legal challenge. let's talk in the "cnn newsroom." good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. let's start in baltimore where mayor stephanie rawlings-blake is about to announce a new partnership between her city and the u.s. department of justice. it comes a day after a visit by the new loreattorney general. we'll bring this news conference to you live when it happens. also in the news this morning, a jaw dropping new report shows that the co-pilot who deliberately crashed a
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germanwings jet into the alps made a practice run with passengers onboard. he did it five times on an earlier flight the same day of the crash. the co-pilot a germanwings on march 24th, investigators say he purposely flew the plane into the french applelps while the co-pilot wasco-pilot was locked out of the cockpit. >> reporter: chilling details that emerged from accident investigators saying that he had gone through the scenario on the outbound leg of this flight. he was flying at 7:30 in the
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morning and the scenario was identical to that of the fatal crash. the pilot stepped out of the cockpit. lubitz was left alone. instead of dialing in 35,000 feet into the autopilot, he dialed in 100 feet. quickly dialed it back to the altitude of 35,000 feet and then seconds later the air traffic controllers ordered him to descend to 21,000 feet and he dialed in 100 feet instead of 21,000 feet. and before the pilot could get back into the cabin, he put it to assigned altitude of 21 this feet. the pilot probably had no knowledge of any of this. when you dial in these descents it's a controlled descent. it's not like the nose suddenly drops. it was a controlled descent and air traffic controllers ordered
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it. he had gone through this scenario before and it just adds a whole new dynamic to the idea that he had taken the plane down on that next flight over the alps. >> it was a very well planned incident. jim, thank you. in texas, investigators believe at least one of the gunmen in sunday's attack had contact online with isis operatives. elton simpson on the right exchanged tweets with two isis members, one american and the other british. and while there are doubts that isis plotted the attack one u.s. official says the terror group certainly provided more than just inspiration. now the grieving mother of the gunman killed with him accuses simpson of trying to turn her son into a killer. ed lavandera following all of the latest twists for us. good morning. >> as you mentioned, a lot of focus really on elton simpson the 30-year-old gunman who drove here to garland on sunday night along with his roommate from
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phoenix, arizona. a lot of focus on simpson. but the mother tells a local affiliate that elton simpson must have just brainwashed him. she's talking about her son. i'm not saying he's that gullible but to be convinced to do something like this is beyond me. investigators trying to piece together the movements and conversations that these two men had over the last few weeks. two law enforcement officials tell cnn that simpson was in touch with a jihadi overseas an american who is believed to have moved to somali back in 2008 and alerted these men about this cartoon contest that was going to be taking place in garland on this past sunday. so this talk about whether or not they were inspired by isis or just the length and what extent of their communications
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with isis sympathizers around the world and this is really pointing to the issue that many law enforcement officials here in the united states are the most concerned about is this kind of inspiration and tracking these kinds of people here in the united states that might not be getting direct training but might be inspired by that. carol? >> i understand that family members are speaking out this morning as well. >> they have been. there have been several family members who they consistently have been saying they did not notice any of these kinds of radicalization in their relatives and in these two men. there were no outward signs that pointed to them being radicalized in this way. >> all right. ed lavandera reporting live for us from dallas. thanks so much. in the meantime the u.s. is trying to hunt down four isis terrorists. it's now offering a bounty up to $20 million. terrorists include a spokesman for isis and the chief in charge of the group's suicide bombers.
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let's talk about that bounty and if those bounties will lead to arrests. let's talk about this with christopher. welcome. >> a pleasure carol. >> is it a good idea, these bount risies bounties? >> i don't think they'll do any good. one of the things isis has done is to create a territory that it controls completely. so it's not like in the past where we had terrorists with bounties on their heads moving around in pakistan or other place places where they may be fingered and apprehended. they're operating in secure territory. >> if i remember correctly, there was a $25 million bounty on osama bin laden's head and that was never paid out because they had inside sources and that's the way they tracked osama bin laden down. >> it's not like people think i'm going to get rich and turn
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in osama bin laden or abu bakr al baghdadi. there's a $10 million reward on his head by the way. these people we're talking about recently renounced are in the 7 million, 5 million, 3 million category. nobody wants to risk being hunted down forever by a bunch of jihadists if they turn these guys in and they have to be close to them to turn them in. >> i want to focus now on elton simpson because this is -- it's just so hard to believe that this kind of young man could be radicalized. he grew up in a christian home. i know his basketball dreams ended with an injury. he did have a job. he seemed to have friends. he had a good relationship with his family. so how could such a man become radicalized just by reading stuff on social media? >> it isn't just reading stuff on social media. i think that we have to recognize that the so-called islamic state has one of the most sophisticated social media
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operations and internet operations we've ever seen. it's not about hacking. it's about seducing in fact. and they use every means at their disposal. i've been looking recently for instance at the way they pick up the imagery from video games, from war games, things like "call of duty" in order to lure young men who are playing these games sort of into the psychology of fighting a holy war. i suspect that kind of thing is what happened with simpson. i think as they study what he was doing, i think it will be important to look not only at who he was sending e-mails to or who he was chatting with or who he was tweeting but what sort of games he was playing. >> all right. christopher dickey, thank you for your insight. i appreciate it. still to come hillary clinton is taking a stand on immigration. how she is slamming her republican rivals next.
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in any moment now, the mayor is about to announce a partnership between her city and the u.s. justice department after a visit by the new attorney general, loretta lynch. six officers were charged in the death of freddie gray.
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they just tested the microphones. we expect this news conference to start any minute and when it does shs does we'll bring you back to baltimore live. hillary clinton takes a stand on immigration. she called for comprehensive immigration reform while slamming her republican rivals. >> make no mistakes today not a single republican candidate announced or potential is clearly and consistently supporting a path to citizenship. not one. when they talk about legal status that is code for second-class status. >> dana bash and jeff zeleny are covering all things clinton campaign. dana i want to start with you. how are republicans reacting to hillary clinton's plan? >> you know i actually expected the very very large number of
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republican candidates to kind of come back at her quickly and hit her on a whole host of issues relating to her statement on immigration. it hasn't happened yet in that mass responding kind of way. there was one republican pretty new republican candidate carly fiorina speaking to erin burnett last night who did respond. listen to this. >> unfortunately i think she's pandering. i think we need to start with some basics. we need to secure the border. >> she accused her of pandering. the one thing i actually have heard, carol, from republican aides to candidates across the board this morning is that they actually saw what hillary clinton did as trying to pick a fight with republicans. remember she has been taking income from a dozen republicans constantly for months and months and months on a whole host of issues. and in this particular case some of them felt like it's time for her to pick a fight with them.
7:16 am
so far we haven't seen so much of a response. one other thing i want to say is when it comes to the substance of what she proposed, certainly when she talked about a path to citizenship, most republican candidates don't support that. one lindsey graham wholeheartedly does. once republicans begin to respond, the biggest thing you're likely to hear isn't on the cammest estamnesty front but more on the idea that she's going to be more of an imperial president than even barack obama. that's something that gets huge applause lines from republican voters when you talk about the president. now that hillary clinton has said she would extend the executive order that the president did on immigration, that gives republicans even more meat on that bone to hit hillary clinton on the same thing. >> interesting. okay. in the meantime former u.s. president bill clinton is defending his wife overseas. jeff what can you say about that? >> he sure is carol. he's at a clinton global
7:17 am
initiative in morocco and spoke with our christiane amanpour and he pushed back hard saying there's no evidence to any allegations of wrongdoing or undo influence that his wife the former secretary of state, had while she was in office that's linked to any of those foreign donors. let's take a listen to what he said. >> we had a policy when she was secretary of state that we would only continue accepting money from people that were already giving us money. and i tried to recreate that policy as nearly as i can now during the campaign. even the guy that wrote the book apparently had to admit under questioning that he didn't have a shred of evidence for this. he just shortort of thought he would throw it out there and see if it would fly. it won't fly. >> he's not going to have the last word on this. this is going to be an issue in this debate. we've not heard from hillary
7:18 am
clinton herself on some of these specific allegations but the campaign is trying to pivot immediately. she's why she was talking about immigration and why she was talking about substantive policy as dana was saying. so many democrats have urged her to get on with her campaign and speak about what she wants to do. that's what she's trying to do. >> dana bash jeff zeleny thank you so much. i think i see the mayor of baltimore walking to the podium right now. let's go to baltimore and hear what stephanie rawlings-blake has to say. >> before i take a few of your questions, i would like to make some brief remarks regarding our ongoing efforts to reform the baltimore city police department. throughout my administration we have taken a number of steps to change the culture and the practices of the baltimore police department. i've worked with commissioner to build greater trust between the police and the community. our efforts have included the development and implementation
7:19 am
of recommendations from baltimore's first ever strategic plan for reform. dismantling the police unit known as violent crimes impact section, which had been the target of repeated citizen complaints for harassment and excessive force. a series of public safety town halls across baltimore in nine police districts where i solicited community input later incorporated into new ethics and situational training reforms. the recruitment of the department of justice cops program last october to launch a collaborative process to further enhance reforms. the adoption of new police schedule that puts more officers on the streets so that they can build deeper relationships with the citizens that they protect.
7:20 am
our department will have body cameras before the year's end. meanwhile, i've also fought before the general assembly in annapolis to make substantive changes to the state law enforcement officers bill of rights. those reforms would have assisted in the disciplinary process for those officers who engage in misconduct. while our legislative efforts did not win approval in 2015 i am optimistic that we will have greater success in 2016. we have seen results from these efforts. in 2014 citizens complaints allegeingeing excessive force were down 46%. police discourtesy complaints were down 53%. notices of lawsuits alleging police misconduct are down
7:21 am
dramatically in the last three years and our police department reports greater success punishing officers found guilty of misconduct in an administrative process. despite this progress we all know that baltimore continues to have a fractured relationship between the police and the community. recent events continue to demonstrate the need to press forward with these reforms. we have to get it right. failure is not an option. in order to achieve the kind of sustainable and significant reform that we want to see, that i want to see, that the citizens want to see in baltimore, i am requesting the department of justice conduct an investigation into the baltimore city police department. the department of justice has employed these investigations in communities across our nation to reform serious patterns and practices of excessive force, bias policing and other unconstitutional practices by
7:22 am
law enforcement. such an investigation is essential if we are going to build on the foundation of reforms that we have instituted over the past few years. i'm asking the department of justice to investigate if our police department has engaged in a pattern or practice of stops, searches or arrests that violate the fourth amendment. i am asking that they investigate what systematic changes or systemic challenges exist within our police department that can contribute to excessive force and discriminatory policing. at the end of this process i will hold those accountable if change is not made. we cannot be timid in addressing this problem. i am a mayor that does not shy away from our city's big challenges. at no other time in our city's recent history has any
7:23 am
administration brought this level of resources to the table to change our police department. while the past few days have been some of our darkest the city has ever seen we've also seen a resilience that sets baltimore apart in times of crisis. we will need that resilience as we move forward to continue reforming this police department. thank you. i'll now open it up to questions. >> reporter: mayor, is this a full scale civil rights investigation? >> patterns and practices, yes. >> i'm willing to do what needs to happen to reform the department. it's clear that more needs to be done. i'm committed to working with the department of justice as they conduct their independent investigation and i will make sure that whatever they find we need to do to repair the relationship with the community
7:24 am
and have a department that our citizens deserve, i'm determined to get that done. >> reporter: talk about on whether everyone will have a body camera and how you'll roll that out. a lot of people want to know that this isn't going to happen again. it's been now a little over a week. can you talk about lessons learned? >> i think it's too early to have that conversation about lessons learned. we're still doing our post-incident review. with respect to businesses we're very focused on all of the security at all of our businesses and how we can work better together. we want to make sure that they have cameras and we want to make sure that we get that footage to the police department so we can hold those individuals who are responsible for the looting and damage responsible. having the ability to hold them
7:25 am
accountable will help make sure that something like that doesn't happen again. if people think they can do it and there are no consequences you know it sends the wrong message. with respect to body cameras, i have tasked my administration with doing everything we can to cut through any bureaucrat red tape to implement body cameras as soon as possible to say everyone over the city i don't want to give false expectations. this will be the largest department in the country that would have a full body camera program. we are working very hard to make sure that we fast track it. at the same time make sure that we get it right. >> did you speak with loretta lynch yesterday about this? what's her response? >> i did speak to her about it. a couple of things. the department of justice had been encouraged by the progress we had made with the collaborative review. they were also very keenly aware
7:26 am
of the reforms that we had already put in place. the work had been done in baltimore under my administration to reform the police department and to get it right, this relationship between the community and the police. in our conversations, it was clear that for me that i needed to look for any and all resources that i could bring to my city to make sure that we get this right for the community. we have to have a police department that believes wholeheartedly in community policing and working in partnership with the police to have safer communities and in order to do that we have to find a way toward that foundation of trust. this relationship can't go anywhere without that trust relationship. that's why i made the request for pattern and practice review civil rights review so we could start to heal.
7:27 am
so we could become a safer city but also a better city. >> did ms. lynch say commit to doing this investigation? >> they have to do a review. i'm making the request. they'll do their evaluation and get back to us. she understands the urgency of this request and i do not believe they will delay an answer. >> as you announce this review into police practices, one of the officers in the gray case is saying that he did not do anything wrong in stopping gray because he says that gray's knife was illegal. what do you make of those reports and have you seen evidence or pictures of the knife? >> i made it very clear that my goal was to make sure that my police department did everything that they needed to do to ensure that we got the information, all of the investigative material to the state's attorney so she could make that determination.
7:28 am
that's done. my continued commitment is to make sure if they have any other requests of the police department in order for justice to be sought in freddie gray case we'll make sure that we continue to cooperate. as for specifics of any case that's out of my hands. it would be inappropriate for me to comment on that. >> one more guys. >> we'll break away from this news conference. the last moment, joey jackson is with me now. this knife, one officer charged said it was a legal arrest of freddie gray because he was carrying an illegal knife. his lawyer wants to see that knife. the state's attorney so far isn't turning over a picture of in a knife. should she? >> eventually absolutely the knife will be turned over. >> why eventually? why not now? >> there's a process. it's called the discovery process. if you're going to represent someone's interests, you need all of the information the prosecutor has to do that
7:29 am
competently and you can do that in a way that doesn't impair your client's rights. in accordance with that process, it's turned over in time and that in time is not often what we criminal defense attorneys want which is now or yesterday. >> when city officials come out and say we'll be totally transparent, shouldn't they be totally transparent right away? >> they should. it would go a long way if we're talking about community trust and community relations, then absolutely getting the information out there so no one is in the dark about it is a good thing. the knife issue is very important, of course. just breaking this down to explain. you know, the big issue here the prosecutor saying there was no basis to arrest. in fact, perhaps he shouldn't have been chased in the first place. and in lacking that probable cause she charged false imprisonment which is confining someone with no right and against their will. the big issue though is there's a supreme court case illinois that says if it's a crime high area and you see someone it
7:30 am
could be suggestive of criminality and that could give you basis to approach and talk to and perhaps pat frisk but not to arrest. when they did pat frisk and found that knife, should they have arrested based upon the knife. if the defense gets that knife thrown out, suppressed not coming into court, in light of the fact that you know what? it was a legal knife. it was illegal and the police had a business basis, it could change the case. >> let's look into the investigation into the baltimore city police department. they're going to review a pattern of practice review. what does that mean? >> pattern and practice. what happens is that it's important to know they're dealing with a crisis here. the public clearly does not trust the police department and it didn't occur yesterday. so what the justice department does is they go in and they
7:31 am
investigate who are you stopping? when were you stopping them? why are you stopping them? when i saw who, who are the people? if they are people of color was it disproportionately stopped versus other people in the community. did you have a basis to do it. were you doing it properly? what they'll do is they'll go back and they'll look at the patterns and look at the practices to see whether or not they were acting in accordance with the law. if they were not of course there will be reforms recommended to be instituted. >> maybe the police commissioner will welcome this because he told evan perez there are problems within the police department. let's listen. >> it's clear the day i stepped on ground here in baltimore that there's a lack of trust within our community and the police department in certain parts of our community. we've been trying to do that from day one by being transparent and being open. when we make mistakes. i think we're going in the right direction is what i'm trying to say.
7:32 am
there is a lack of trust within this community period bottom line. that's going to take healing. that's going to take us acknowledging as a police department not just here in baltimore but law enforcement as a whole that we're part of the problem. >> okay. so the police commissioner has instituted his own reforms working on this for the past year and now the u.s. justice department is coming in. i wonder why he wasn't standing beside the mayor. >> well i think there's a reason for that. more so than that you mean during -- >> announced the partnership. >> that's a very good question. i also think that everyone kind of wants to maintain their independence. the mayor wants to maintain her independence from the county attorney. he wants to do that. batts wants to maintain independence. this goes to the critical issue of trust. the community wants to know who to trust. they can say that batts is doing
7:33 am
an investigation and we trust you but apparently not if the department of justice is coming in. if the public believes that federal government is in there looking at patterns and practices and something is going to be done by manner of reform and the public can buy into that and trust it i think everybody is in a better place and in a better space and that's what they're searching to do here. >> all right. joey jackson, thank you for your insight. i appreciate it. i'll be right back. when cigarette cravings hit, all i can think about
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we could find out more about where dzhokhar tsarnaev may spend the rest of his days if he is sentenced to life in prison. >> reporter: the defense has been telling the jury they'll show them what the alternative to the death sentence is and what his life would like like behind bars if sentenced to prison for the rest of his life. they are focusing on what his life was like before april 15th, 2013. marathon monday. they are talking about his family background. they called witnesses to testify about how his mother became progressively more religious to the shock and surprise of friends and family. they are talking about the mental health issues that his father suffered from saying that he was being treated for various psychiatric and physical issues and he was suffering from panic,
7:38 am
anxiety, depression ptsd and talking about tamerlan and how his interest in islam grew and how those who knew him testified to how he became more extreme and religious and how he was abandoning activities he liked like boxing and music feeling they conflicted with his beliefs in islam and at the same time we hear a little bit about dzhokhar tsarnaev the man in the middle of this case. we heard from a wrestling teammate who had nice things to say saying dzhokhar was a mentor and we heard from classmates and family members who say he was a quiet, shy, studious kid. his former brother-in-law is testifying right now remotely via videoconference saying he remembers dzhokhar as a kid with his books and his mother proudly posting his school assignments and high grades on the fridge and of course the defense is hoping that those are humanizing moments that will resonate with the jury but on the flip side
7:39 am
the prosecution seizes on moments like that saying these are signs that this is a kid who had love and support and confidence and still chose to make the decisions that he made and that is why the prosecution says that the death sentence is the only just sentence. >> is anyone on the jury giving away as to how all of this is going over? >> you know it's very tough to tell. unlike the first phase of this trial, the verdict phase of the trial, and unlike the first phase of the penalty phase when prosecution called forth those witnesses, they have a lot of witnesses, victims, survivors, who were speaking very emotionally in great detail about the pain and the suffering that had been inflicted on them. at those times you would see the jury really have an emotional and advisevisible reaction. the defense doesn't have those witnesses to draw from. they are looking for humanizing moments in which someone will see dzhokhar as a human that should be sentenced to life in prison and not the death
7:40 am
penalty. we don't see extreme emotional reactions from the jury that we have seen at various points earlier in the trial, carol. >> all right. alexandra field reporting live from boston. still to come in the "newsroom," to say there's a crowded republican field in the race for the party's presidential nod, that would be an understatement. look at what the candidates could do to stand out from the crowd next. apples fall, but the apples of your cheeks don't have to. defy gravity. juvéderm voluma® is the only fda-approved injectable gel to instantly add volume to your cheek area. as you age, cheeks can lose volume. voluma adds volume creating contour and lift for a more youthful profile. for up to two years. temporary side effects include tenderness, swelling, firmness lumps, bumps, bruising, pain redness, discoloration and itching. ask your doctor. juvéderm voluma®. defy gravity.
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jeb bush has been called a republican presidential front
7:44 am
runner by pundits and prognosticators but a new poll shows he faces a steep hurdle when this comes to winning over voters in the iowa caucus. bush coming in september in a new quinnipiac survey. scott walker leads the pact. ben carson ranksed sixth. joining me from iowa sara murray. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. like you said jeb bush is really struggling in these early polls here in the state and scott walker is having his moment. he's at 21% among likely republican caucus goers. that's a big number. i think what iowa voters like about him is they have this narrative of scott walker as a fighter. he's a guy that took on unions in wisconsin and he won. the other thing about iowa voters is they don't like the conventional candidate. and jeb bush right now is conventional wisdom. like you said pundits call him
7:45 am
the front runner. iowa voters don't want to just hand him iowa. >> for some reason that still shocks me. i understand exactly what you said but he's dead last in iowa. >> reporter: not only is he dead last but 25% of likely caucus goers said they definitely would not support jeb bush. i think that's a tough number for him. the other tough number is his unfavorablety number at 45%. the thing you can do when you buy ads is you can buy great ads talking about his biography and how he's different from the other bushes people might be familiar with but it's hard to bring those unfavorable numbers down. iowa voters just do not seem onboard with the jeb bush campaign. >> it's interesting. sara murray thanks. interesting. so that latest poll showing carly fiorina faces a challenge among iowa voters. 66% say they haven't heard
7:46 am
enough about her to make up their minds and in a possible bid to boost her profile, she sat down with comedian seth myers. >> the question is since there's-- you're a crowded group. one thing you would all agree on is how does that define you from other candidates when you start with the hillary part? >> everything about me is different. for one, i'm on your show. let's start with that. >> absolutely. we don't have enough chairs for all of you. >> i know. i know. >> gop hopefuls considered long shots for the nomination but could a presidential run pay off in other ways. let's talk to our guests.
7:47 am
so first of all, i just want to center on the shear number of republican candidates because according to larry, the number could hit 2 11 candidates. seriously? >> it goes to show you that there will never be a dull moment but it shows diversity of the republican party and what's going on in this country? there is depth here. unlike the democrats. the democrats are concerned about just a hillary clinton or bernie sanders who doesn't have much choice. >> i get that. >> it's a little much when you talk about debates from logistics. that's going to be whittled down. most people welcome the different perspectives because we're at a crossroads and this election is crucial for the
7:48 am
future of this country. given when you start to break it down by tiers, you'll see that about five or six candidates will be the main candidates. we're still very very early out. i think if you remember at this point last time around you had giuliani -- in 2008 you had giuliani at this point. donald trump in 2011 was one of the front runners. it's going to change as people get to know these candidates and you start to have debates and different forums. it will change. >> the new yorker calls it running for president to build your brand. for some there's a genuine call to serve. for a number of candidates however, the chances of actually securing the nomination don't appear to factor into the decision to run. the article goes on to say after the race some candidates can earn hefty speaking fees get book deals and even tv shows. >> it almost sounds like hillary clinton. >> i mean doesn't the new yorker have a point, a small point? some candidates know they can't win. >> they may have a point to a
7:49 am
certain extent. 20 is a lot. >> let's be honest about it. some of these candidates know they don't have a chance. >> well i don't know if i would say that. i would say in this open field when you look at the coronation of the democratic party of hillary clinton which is a mistake, i think if the democrats party is about democracy, they would have a vibrant field. the republicans have a number of governors and senators and a lot of people with a lot of experience. >> i'm not saying there are not vibrant candidates because there certainly are. you're right about diversity. it's nice to see a diverse field. i'm talking about the candidates who know they don't have a chance. >> they might believe they have a chance. we might think otherwise. i think it's good for democracy to have folks out and have their voices heard and to articulate a positive message about why the last eight years have been bad for america. i welcome that debate. >> can 21 people on a stage articulate in a way american
7:50 am
voters can embrace? >> not at one time no. the presidential platform gives you the platform. for people that may believe that i don't have a chance but they think they have a message that's important for people to hear, this gives them the ability to do that. are some financially motivated? probably. it's politics. so i think that this is an interesting thing. unprecedented if i understand. >> we thought it would be fun to do a where are they now from 2012. post-election life involved a variety of activities. herman cain is a radio talk show host. ron paul founded the ron paul institute for peace and prosperity. he also established the ron paul channel. mike huckabee had a talk show and made millions of dollars on fox news. it is lucrative to run for president. >> sure is. i look back at the 2008 cycle and i think back to one hillary
7:51 am
clinton. we've seen the clintons raise hundreds of millions of dollars for the clinton foundation. what goes on the republican side goes on the democratic side. >> it's not party specific. it's the way america operates right now when it comes to presidential politics. >> it's great. it's great that these folks have had ex-poseure to the american people and they are awarded for their message. >> if there's a free market it's the american way. a quick point about polling. i found a couple interesting things. the reason jeb bush isn't polling well in iowa is because it's a retail politics state. you have to show up and talk to people. marco rubio and scott walker and these guys are in people's living rooms and local churches. that's the way caucuses work. it's why iowa is unique in the way that people campaign there. and jeb bush has not shown up there. and he can't expect to have any support. even though scott walker in iowa plenty so in that poll you saw that scott walker was ahead because he spent time there but
7:52 am
marco rubio has a more favorable approval rating versus scott walker which means that rubio is going to creep up there on walker and has a great shot at winning iowa. >> i have to leave it there. thank you for being with me. i appreciate it. one of those candidates in the crowded gop field will be on "the lead" at 4:00 p.m. eastern. jake tapper will ask mike huckabee how he plans to stand out against the republican opponents. that's today at 4:00 p.m. eastern here on cnn. yoplait greek 100. the protein-packed need something filling, taste bud loving, deliciously fruity, grab-and-go, take on the world with 100 calories, snack. yoplait greek 100. there are hundreds of reasons to snack on it.
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after a 50-year ban, the white house green lighted ferry services between the united states and cuba. u.s. citizens wanted to make that trip still must meet certain criteria set by the obama administration. in california unprecedented water restrictions. the governor ordering watering agencies to cut water use by 25%. the emergency mandate is the first in the state's history. cities or water agencies that don't meet requirements can be fined up to $10,000 a day. the case of fraud and deceit. the city of los angeles suing wells fargo for opening up accounts and credit cards in customers' names without them knowing it. employees have been opening the accounts in order to meet unrealistic sales goals and quotas. the company could be on the hook for a $2,500 fine for each account and have to pay back its
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