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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  May 6, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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naked images and send them to the government to protect herself. >> we'll see you tomorrow and also laurie segall's special saturday night. i'm brooke baldwin. thanks for joining me. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. you ain't seen nothing yet. the ominous warning from an isis member to the united states after that failed terrorist attack in texas. i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." the national lead the two gunmen who opened fire at that muhammad cartoon contest are not the only americans who have been drawn to the black flag of isis. today investigators are looking into their tweets as isis warns this shooting is just the beginning. the politics lead two dudes from a town called hope. mike huckabee in an interview will tell me why more money doesn't equal more problems for him in the heartland in 2015 as former president clinton defends his cash to cnn. and breaking news in the sports lead, it's official.
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tom brady, according to his assistants is very very particular about the air in his footballs. the nfl now saying the team that went on to win the super bowl may have cheated to get there. good afternoon, everyone. i'm jake tapper. we have breaking news. severe weather, a tornado on the ground in oklahoma. you're looking right now at live images from our affiliate kfor. meteorologist jennifer gray joins us now live from the cnn weather center to talk about this breaking story. jennifer what are we looking at here? >> ominous skies in oklahoma for sure. that's caddo county. we were watching a couple of minutes ago what looked like a funnel cloud. you see it's broken up a little bit. that funnel cloud has lifted. but these are ominous-looking skies. we have an active tornado -- you see that funnel cloud in the middle of your screen -- those are earlier pictures.
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but that's a scary situation. if you are in caddo county in oklahoma find your safe spot get into your storm shelter if you have one. put as many walls as you can between you and the outside. there is that tornado warning. caddo county that's until 3:15 central time. for the next 15 minutes or so it is impacting cities of cement also cyril and it's moving to the northeast. oklahoma city needs to be on the lookout for this in the next hour or so. because this weather is not going to let up. well see off-and-on showers and thunderstorms pop up throughout the rest of the evening. the afternoon as well. this is all part of a larger system impacting states like oklahoma, kansas, as well as texas. these storms will continue to fire up through the afternoon and evening hours. all pushing generally in the west to east or southwest to northeast direction. so we are going to see the potential of very gusty winds,
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damaging hail as well as the possibility of tornadoes. so just as we've seen just the past hour 30 minutes, we could see more of that as the evening progresses. >> that's right. in fact the chopper pilot just saying the cloud we're looking at there, the one that's so ominous, is getting larger and lower to the groufend. ground. that's from our affiliate in oklahoma. jennifer will continue to track this storm for us. thank you so much. let's turn to the national lead. investigators currently feverish ri retracing the steps behind these two men behind that terrorist attack in texas. they're looking into what if any ties they may have to other isis sympathizers here in the united states. one of the gunmen appears to have been in communication with a british isis recruit in syria and an american jihadi based out of somalia. now investigators are digging deeper into simpson and their
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media activity. thankfully the only two people killed were the gunmen. both men believed to have driven from phoenix to garland, texas. they came there with the intention of opening fire at an event featuring controversial cartoons of the prophet muhammad. pamela brown is live in phoenix where friends of the attackers are being interviewed by the fbi. pamela we just learned investigators also questioning members of a mosque that both men attended. >> reporter: that's right, jake. we should say the fbi is not officially commenting. what we've learned from talking to people here on the ground in phoenix, the fbi agents have been interviewing members at the mosque. they've been interviewing family members of at least one of the gunmen, alton simpson.
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the fbi is trying to piece together how one of their subjects slipped through the cracks and was able to drive from here in phoenix to texas and launch this attack. and law enforcement want to make sure there are no other associates who also want to launch an attack this as we're learning an isis fighter in syria who may have played a role in the attack tweeted out a warning just recently warning of other attacks to come in the west. tonight an ominous warning from a key isis operative who u.s. investigators believe could be connected to this week's shooting in texas. you ain't seen nothing yet, the tweet thought to be from an isis recruiter and hacker. one u.s. official says hussein is quote, a real problem and could be inspiring other americans to launch attacks in the west. >> he's been somebody that they can follow that they can get information from and it would appear that he possibly helped
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instigate this attack in texas. it would appear that he might have had some foreknowledge of this plot. >> reporter: the british hacker is believed to now be in syria. in britain, he was convicted of computer offenses. hussein was linked on twitter to one of the two attackers of the prophet muhammad cartoon exhibit, elton simpson. u.s. investigators are still trying to determine what degree hussein inspired or had a role in the attack. hussein tweeted, the nights have been sharpened. soon we'll come to your streets with death and slaughter. a law enforcement official tells cnn, investigators were led to open an investigation in recent months. law enforcement are able to use all available resources to keep tabs on him. he was monitored but not under constant surveillance. >> this is a lone wolf attack. you have two individuals that don't appear to be part of a
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broader conspiracy. and identifying those individuals and keeping tabs on them is difficult work. >> reporter: officials believe simpson and sufi drove from phoenix to garland, texas. guns in their car were bought legally lyly according to officials. the inside of their apartment was relatively barren. they did retrieve at least one hard drive which is now being noised. analyzed. a neighbor close with the family say they're in shock. did they have any indication that he had extremist leanings, that he sympathized with isis, anything like that? >> none. no indication at all. such a big surprise to the family. >> reporter: and i asked about how the family had no idea about his extremist leanings considering simpson was the center of a terrorism investigation and charged by the fbi for wanting to go to somalia. but i'm told at that time the family didn't take it seriously.
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they thought he was just mouthing off and they felt like the fact the judge dismissed the charge backed up their feeling that it wasn't anything serious. i spoke to the brother of elton simpson today. he was visibly shaken up and he called what happened tragic. >> pamela brown, thank you so much. appreciate it. let's turn to our other breaking story in baltimore. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake saying this morning she wants to make sure police in her city are held accountable so something like what seems to have happened to freddie gray does not happen again. and as part of that effort the mayor is asking the department of justice to investigate her own police department. evan perez is now live for us in baltimore. evan is this a signal from the mayor that she doesn't trust members of her own police department? >> reporter: jake, i think it's a reflection of the general distrust of the police department which the police commissioner described himself to us yesterday saying that he
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knows they're part of the problem. the mayor called for this pattern and practice investigation by the justice department. this would be the third investigation into this case that follows the freddie gray case. the justice department is investigating the death as well as carrying out a compliance program for the police department. and so now this would be a much more invasive look at this at what is happening here with this police department jake. >> evan perez in baltimore, thank you so much. in our politics lead today, he is the newest member of the 2016 club and he's well known to many, including, especially conservatives. so why isn't mike huckabee doing better in the polls? he has a theory. he'll explain it to us next.
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. time for the politics lead. he's the other man from a place called hope. former governor mike huckabee the latest republican entrant into the 2016 presidential field. in you listen to him, he sounds a lot like the other hope native to occupy the oval office, former president bill clinton. the same "i'd like to have a beer with that guy" cachet. and the from something to nothing origin. >> here in this small town called hope i was raised to believe that where a person started didn't mean that's where he had to stop. i always believed a kid could go from hope to higher ground. >> joining us the latest member of the 2016 republican class, former arkansas governor mike huckabee. sir, as always good to see you. thanks for joining us. >> thank you, jake. great to be with you today. >> i covered you as you remember when you ran for president the first time back in 2007 and 2008
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for a different network. in the years since then you have been become a rather big tv star on fox. you have very high name recognition, high likability among republican voters and yet in the latest quinnipiac poll of likely iowa caucusgoers out this morning, you're running fifth. why do you think you're not on top? >> well i think until yesterday, a lot of people didn't believe i was going to run. and no how many crumbs i left on the trail to make it obvious i was headed to this direction, it's the constant thing we faced. well tell me he's going to run and i'll think about it. i believe those numbers will change. but the most important thing at this point is now i can tell people without any hesitation, i am running for president. i'm not just thinking about it. i'm doing it. and i know why i'm doing it. i've done this before and i know how to lead and govern. i think people deep down want someone who can lead this country. >> if you'll permit me a horse
1:16 pm
race question. in order for you to win the nomination you're going to have to have a bloc of voters you win and expand it. in 2008 you were the clear favorite among evangelical voters, christian conservatives. in 2016 that space is really crowded. there's dr. ben carson, ted cruz marco rubio, scott walker, rick santorum and you're all vying for that bloc of voters. how can you differentiate yourself from all the other candidates competing for those christians? >> first of all, i think among evangelical christian, i'm not somebody who's just started talking about the message. this is who i am. and i have a long history of being consistent with this. but here's the secret my support in '08 and i think in '16 is not limited to evangelicals. i believe the heart-and-soul support i did have and have today is represented by the working class people across america who feels that washington is utterly
1:17 pm
disconnected from the lives they have to live. >> you said as president, i promise we'll no longer to contain jihadism we'll conquer it and deal with jihadis as we would deal with deadly snakes. what exactly does that mean? where would you send troops that we don't already have troops? >> it's not just about sending troops. it's about arming the kurds which we should have done from the beginning. they never asked us to come fight their battles for them. they just said would you give us some weaponry so we can fight ourselves? and we never did it. we never showed up. we put red lines in syria that we later erased and said, they're not really there. we picked the wrong side in egypt not once but twice and we pushed president al sisi in the arms of vladimir putin. time and again, our complete disastrous foreign policy has led us to a world that's much more dangerous. so it's not just about are we going to send troops all over the place? it's are we going to target the
1:18 pm
people who are out to kill us? and we'll make it very clear. you hurt an american and we're coming after you. and not just put an economic sanction on you, we're taking you down. >> you also said yesterday, quote, the supreme court is not the supreme being and cannot overturn the law of nature or of nature's god. if the supreme court ends up ruling in favor of same-sex marriage ruling that same-sex marriage bans are unconstitutional what are you proposing states do? >> well, i think states have to decide do they follow through with legislation and create a law? the supreme court can't create a law. they can invalidate one. but even then the legislative body and the executive branch has to enable legislation. executives have to sign it. they have to enforce it. the courts can't do that. the constitution is pretty clear about the limitations of the court. and if the court could overrule the other two branches of government in this or any other issue, then we have turned the
1:19 pm
court into the super branch of government. the constitution didn't do that nor did the founders ever intend it. >> in january, sir, you rented out your e-mail list to a group selling hidden cures for cancer embedded in bible verses for the low price of $72. don't you lose credibility by attaching your name to things like that? >> well, i never signed that letter. i have a huge e-mail list that i developed over many years. and we did, in fact, rent it out to entities. but, my gosh that's like saying that you run some ads on cnn, do you personally agree with all the ads on cnn? i doubt you do. i'm sure there are some for catheters or adult diapers, they're not products that you use or you necessarily believe in. i don't hold you responsible for that. and in that same way, i don't think people who understand how advertising works would hold me responsible for something that i didn't personally sign up for or endorse. >> with all due respect, sir, i think that's a false
1:20 pm
equivalence. we're talking about medical devices, catheters and adult diapers, and you're talking about something that i think a lot of people would consider to be huxsterrism interms of bible verses curing cancer. >> i just say that if people buy the advertising space, whether it's on your channel or in that case it was in essence my channel, it doesn't mean necessarily that i'm personally identifying with it anymore more than i would expect you identify with anything and everything that's sold on cnn. my guess is you probably don't control all these things. and i didn't run that part of my company. >> governor huckabee, thank you so much. hope to see you on the campaign trail. good luck. >> i'm sure you will. thank you, jake. following the breaking news in our national lead ominous pictures from the plains states. a tornado on the ground in oklahoma. you're looking at images from cnn affiliate kfor showing dark skies, what chopper pilots are seeing and describing as
1:21 pm
swelling clouds moving closer and closer to people on the ground, growing. earlier we did see a funnel cloud touch the ground. a warning was officially in effect until 4:15 eastern. but this is clearly still a very dangerous situation. the national weather service advising people in kansas not just in oklahoma, to take cover. meteorologist jennifer gray is watching it all for us in the cnn severe weather center. jennifer, tell us what's going on. >> all across the plains don't leave your guard down because this is going to be fluid throughout the rest of the afternoon. and the early evening and extending into the late evening. we do have that tornado warning in effect. it has been extended until 3:45 central time for caddo and grady counties in oklahoma. this is just to the southwest of oklahoma city. be on the lookout, about 18,000 people in immediate danger right now in chickashay. we expect these storms to hold together pretty well.
1:22 pm
you can see these pictures these are live pictures from our affiliate. and you can see that funnel cloud. and it is hovering about halfway down. we did see it touch the ground earlier. we have had multiple reports of tornadoes with this cell. as it continues to move north and east it's going to be a very dangerous situation. this is something we'll continue to watch. but you can see that funnel cloud right there hovering over the cities just to the west of chickashay. get into your safe spot away from windows, hopefully in your storm shelter. but do stay away from windows and get into that interior room. >> very serious weather in o oklahoma and kansas. we'll continue to stay on top of that story. coming up next a dry run just hours before the real things. investigators saying the germanwings co-pilot who crashed a jet into the french alps saying he practiced on an earlier flight. why didn't anyone know what he was up to? plus tom brady knew someone
1:23 pm
was deflating his footballs. that's what a new report on deflategate is now suggesting. we have the text messages between brady's assistants there that could be something of a smoking gun. coming up.
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. the world lead now, a chilling new revelation about the co-pilot of a germanwings flight who deliberately crashed his plane into the french alps killing up a 150 people on board. investigators today said that andreas lubitz seems to have done a practice run of the deadly descent just hours earlier. this is based on information retrieved from the plane's flight data recorder. this graphic will try to help show you how lubitz tested the autopilot settings on the plane. let's get to cnn aviation correspondent rene marsh. i guess the big question is how could he have done this without
1:27 pm
anybody noticing? it would seem like something that air traffic control or someone would pick up on. >> a few reasons. we know the plane was already on its descent to spain. and, yes the co-pilot changed the altitude settings. but the plane won't change course until a pilot either pushes or pulls a knob. in this case the plane did not leave its flight path. and that's likely why no one noticed. tonight new details in a preliminary report from french investigators suggest not only was the crash of germanwings flight 9525 intentional, but it was premeditated. french investigators say 27-year-old andreas lubitz practiced his deadly descent of a jetliner the same day he steered germanwings flight 9525 into the french alps. just before that deadly flight lubitz and the same captain piloted the plane from dusseldorf to barcelona. the flight data recorder shows lubitz briefly set the plane's
1:28 pm
autopilot to 100 feet before leveling off again. >> he certainly was exploring the aircraft and its ability to go up or down and not stop him from descending it into the ground making sure nobody would see him. >> reporter: according to the new report the selected altitude decreased to 100 feet for three seconds. then increased to the maximum value of 49,000 feet less than two minutes later, the selected altitude was 100 feet until it stabilized at 25,000 feet. the flight never left its scheduled path so air traffic control didn't notice the altitude changes. >> unless the plane is equipped to stream the data and they decide to stream the data of the aircraft performance from the flight and someone's monitoring it they wouldn't have noticed. it was clear the pilot didn't notice. >> reporter: it appears to have a dry run for what he would do later on that morning on board the very same plane during the flight 9525.
1:29 pm
lubitz waited until the captain left the cockpit, locked the door and set the plane's altitude to 100 feet. he directed the jetliner into the mountains, killing all 150 people on board. this is just a preliminary report. the investigation is still ongoing. germanwings, they refuse to respond to the findings all found in this 30-page preliminary report. >> chilling. rene marsh, thank you so much. appreciate it. in our politics lead bill and hill, are they a package deal? the former president pushed on his wife's policies, weighs in on what we in his words, would do if they find themselves back in the white house. what did bill clinton have to say to our own christiane amanpour? that's next.
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1:33 pm
oklahoma. tornado warnings and watches across the plains states. jennifer gray closely tracking this storm system in the cnn severe weather center. jennifer give us the update. what's going on? >> we still have that active tornado warning on the outskirts of chickashay. it's 45 miles southwest of oklahoma city traveling northeast at 15 miles per hour. hovering right along i-44. we know that schools are keeping kids in until this storm is over, which is good news. so go pick up your kids after. this is a very dangerous situation. it's all part of a broader system. so we are going to continue to monitor it throughout the afternoon. tornado watches in effect for much of the night, jake. >> jennifer gray, we'll continue to monitor that storm system throughout the hour. our politics lead now, the clinton campaign defiant today. former president bill clinton firing back against allegations of potential wrongdoing including foreign donations made
1:34 pm
to the clinton foundation while his wife was secretary of state. some express the belief that questions about these donations to the foundation will severely damage clinton's candidacy. and while there are some polls indicating voters in some states have questions about clinton's trustworthiness, a new poll suggests more americans believe she's honest and trustworthy than they did earlier in the year before questions like these even began. in an interview with cnn's chief international correspondent christiane amanpour earlier today, bill clinton said the foundation's practices are transparent. he also talked about how his policies on crime while in office impacted racial tensions in cities like baltimore and he weighed in on a possible nuclear deal with iran. >> there is this book which has suggested that there are quid pro quos or inappropriate influence peddling regarding foreign donations, foreign government donations to the clinton foundations. did any of those donations ever
1:35 pm
affect secretary clinton's policy? >> no. she didn't know about a lot of them. and we had a policy when she was secretary of state that we would only continue accepting money from people that were already giving us money. and i tried to recreate that policy as nearly as i can now during the campaign. so there's just no evidence. even the guy that wrote the book apparently had to admit under questioning that he didn't have a shred of evidence for this. he just sort of thought he'd throw it out there and see if it would fly. >> he did actually -- what about the mistakes that the foundation itself admitted it made in tax filings conflating private donations and government donations? >> well there was no -- that was just an accident. people refile their taxes all the time. we reported all the donations from all the governments and the private sources. and last year for some reason nobody really understands they
1:36 pm
were put together. the year before they were filed properly. which shows you there was no deliberate intent. and there would be no benefit to the foundation for doing that. everybody admits that we are the most transparent of all the presidential foundations. and more transparent than a lot of private foundations. >> do you think you'll do anything with the foundation and the transparency into who gives you what if hillary clinton becomes president of the united states? >> well, if she becomes president, then we have to ask ourselves two questions. one is is what we did when she was secretary of state enough? yes or no and why? we'll have to cross that bridge. and secondly what does she want me to do? and i have no idea. she hasn't won the nomination yet. it's just barely begun. >> baltimore has been on everybody's screens all over the
1:37 pm
world, not just in america. and, yes, some police six were indicted for the death of this unarmed black man. hillary gave a speech recently and she decried the number of young black people in jail the over-incarceration over-incarceration. and it did sort of happen in your time the three strikes and you're out. is she moving legitimately away from your policy? do you agree with that? >> absolutely. first of all, let's go back and look at the whole fact. my criminal justice initiative was to put 100,000 more police on the street create more positive activities for young people ban assault weapons and limit the magazine size pass the brady bill and the republicans basically wanted to emphasize three strikes you're out and all that.
1:38 pm
but i wanted to pass a bill. so i did go along with it. and there was a whole movement toward emphasizing that especially that three strikes deal because we had evidence that a very small percentage of the criminal population created a very high percentage of the committed -- very high percentage of the serious crimes. the problem is the way it was written and implemented, we cast too wide a net and we have too many people in prison. and we wound up putting so many people in prison that there wasn't enough money left to educate them, train them for new jobs and increase the chances when they came out that they could live productive lives. i strongly support what she's doing. and i think any policy that was adopted when i was president in federal law that contributed to it should be changed. >> let's move on to some foreign policy issues. the deal that president obama is
1:39 pm
trying to strike with iran do you think it's a good deal and who do you think is going to win in this tussle between congress and president obama? >> well first, i think he did the right thing in agreeing to let congress review it. secondly, the deal is not done yet. that is they haven't filled in the blanks about exactly the -- how the inspection is going to work how long will they go on what are the fail-safes? and the flip side is if it looks like a good deal and the united states walks away from it i think it will be almost impossible for us to reinstitute the sanctions regime because our other allies won't agree if they think it's a good deal. you don't want it to be a sham. but if it looks like a real deal, i think it is a far safer course. >> our thanks to christiane amanpour. coming up he was the deadly american sniper played by bradley cooper in the movie version of his life.
1:40 pm
but what was it like for chris kyle's wife to move on after his death? she'll tell me next. plus he claimed his innocence at the time. but now the newly released deflategate report is suggesting tom brady might have known his footballs were intentionally deflated. what is the quarterback star saying now? if you don't think seize the trip when you think aarp then you don't know "aarp". get inspired with aarp travel. plan and book your trip online and get hot travel tips from the pros. find more real possibilities at
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i'm stateside. >> you're home? what are you doing? >> i guess i just needed a minute. >> we saw the heavy toll of war on a family in the hit film "american sniper." now in today's buryied lead the all-too-real struggles of a military wife now that her husband is gone. the widow of american sniper chris kyle the most lethal sniper in u.s. military history. his wife dealt with his constant deployments, his distinct behavior when he came home. and the reality for her is far
1:44 pm
from a hollywood script. she is a widow with two children coping with the loss of her father. and she gets candid about that in her new book "american wife". >> i stand before you a broken woman. >> reporter: taya kyle prefers to face hardship head-on. and she's had no shortage of opportunities. >> she means the world to me. >> reporter: chris kyle was the love of her life. he was murdered in 2013 by a fellow veteran. taya's husband was known as the deadliest sniper in american history, completing four deployments. he was also a bestselling author and the inspiration for the highest grossing war movie of all time "american sniper." she was his rock. and as taya laid the father of
1:45 pm
her two children to rest two years ago, she found the strength to laugh with him one last time. >> we was wearing a shirt that said do i look like a blankety-blank people person why was it important for him to be wearing that. >> we laughed through the hard times. and you have to have that release. it was one of those things, i'm really glad i did it. no regrets. >> reporter: in her new book out this week taya gives us the other side of the american sniper's story, the intimate details of her life with chris. >> two more and then go to bed. >> reporter: and the challenge of raising their two children without him. >> when i'm gone, you can look at the tape. >> reporter: one of the most moving parts of the book for me was bubba is a little tough guy. and he holds in his feelings when he's upset. >> yeah. >> reporter: one night you call him into the bed and you hold him and you ask him to -- i'm
1:46 pm
going to lose it right now. and you ask him to tell you what he misses about his dad. it must be very tough to deal with this on your own and then also have to worry about two other people and how they're dealing with it. >> it is. it's very insightful of you to pick up on that too, because i can't fix what's broken. i can't make it better. and that is a form of torture to any parent. >> reporter: taya kyle says there are times she senses chris' presence even hearing him sometimes. do you believe that this is chris' spirit? do you believe he's alive in your mind? have you come to peace with what this is exactly? >> right, no. it's a really fair question. i've asked myself that a lot of times. nuts and bolts, honest answer i feel like there have been times where i've definitely been touched and reached by him. and i cherish it.
1:47 pm
>> reporter: you have a moment with chris or chris' spirit where he says he's working on something for you, meaning he's looking for a man for you. >> right. that was -- at the time it was absolutely devastating. i feel like that's so true to who he was and is still -- that he just wants to protect and he wants to make sure that people are okay. and i feel like he might want that. he might want to fix it and make it okay. but there are some things that can't be fixed. and especially at that time i felt like -- i'm nowhere near wanting you to fix this because the only thing in my mind to fix it is to come back. >> and our thanks to taya kyle for that interview. coming up tom brady said he didn't even know the locker room attendants who deflated his footballs. but text messages seem to
1:48 pm
reflect a different story. the evidence released in the investigation next.
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welcome back to "the lead." today's money lead sure the cash rained down for floyd mayweather and manny pacquiao on fight night. but new lawsuits could hit their pocketbook hard. two groups of fans both say the fight was an outright rip-off and are suing mac yo'spacquiao's camp for fessing up about the shoulder injury. the lawsuit is being brought on behalf of people who made legal bets.
1:53 pm
and mayweather's ex-girlfriend sues as well. she is claiming his comments constitute defamation. the sports lead now, the new england patriots vociferously indignantly denied knowing anything about the deflategate super bowl scandal. now the air seems to be coming out of that balloon as it were. this afternoon, the nfl released the results of the investigation it began in january to determine why 11 out of 12 patriot footballs were underinflated in that playoff game against the colts. the 253-page report includes text messages that suggests quarterback tom brady likely knew footballs were deflated in the afc championship game they won right before their super bowl victory. let's go to cnn's rachel nichols nichols. these text messages are between a locker room attendant and an equipment assistant. what do they say?
1:54 pm
>> reporter: there is a long trail of text messages, jake, over several months. they talk about tom brady being unhappy with the inflation level of the football. they talk about one providing the other with a needle. they talk about the one who is being provided with the needle joking or maybe not joking about getting cash and sneakers for his services. and one of the staff on the equipment management talks about tom knowing he had a hard job. he says tom sucks, i'm going to make that next ball a blank balloon. he says, talked to him last night. he actually brought you up and said you must have a lot of stress trying to get them done. he says, i told him it was. he was right, though. interesting because according to ted wells, the investigator tom brady claimed in an interview he didn't even know this guy.
1:55 pm
and yet in the text message it says, tom brought you up. inconsistencies in the tom brady interview are highlighted in these text messages. there's no smoking gun video here. there's no video of someone deflating the football and tom brady sitting over him pointing his finger. there isn't that kind of definitive evidence. but there is this trail of circumstantial evidence and what we'll call in the civil court a preponderance of the evidence. and that's probably enough for the nfl. >> and back in january, brady held that big news conference said flat-out he had no knowledge of any wrongdoing. the nfl saying brady likely knew of inappropriate activities. what comes next for tom brady and the patriots? >> reporter: the nfl will digest this report and there will likely be serious discipline for tom brady. the nfl doesn't like being lied to. the report says we can't definitively report with video that tom brady is lying but it looks like it. they gave a lot of back-up for that claim.
1:56 pm
there will be a penalty for the rule-breaking in the first place, a penalty for what they perceived as lying about it. and we'll have to see how far it extends, to the rest of the team? they said that bill belichick, the coach, didn't have any knowledge of this. but we've seen the nfl in other cases, with the saints with the browns with the falcons, say that ignorance is not an excuse. and they have penalized high-ranking members of those organizations for things that underlings or in this case a player may have done. this is going to be a big decision for the nfl. we're talking about a golden boy of the league, tom brady. we'll have to see what they do here. there are going to be many eyes watching on this one. >> does this -- do you think this somehow ruins the sport in any way? is there always going to be a cloud of speculation of cheating when it comes to football in general or even just the patriots and their win in the last super bowl? >> reporter: look the nfl is a juggernaut. people are going to watch football games. we've seen that for sure over the last year or so.
1:57 pm
this is a bit of a teflon league. but the one thing that no sporting league can take over the long term is cheating. that's why the nfl office is expected to come down really hard here. >> rachel, thank you so much as always. that's it for "the lead." i'm jake tapper. turning you over to wolf blitzer in "the situation room." happening now, isis threatens america. an isis recruiter who may have been in touch with one soft texas gunmen is warning, quote, you ain't seen nothing yet. is another attack planned? murder reversal. the pilot who crashed an airliner into the alps made a test run before the fatal flight. could he have been stopped? federal investigation, baltimore's mayor asks the justice department to probe the city's police department and promises to bring in body cameras. but what do the feds have to say about mysterious
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