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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  May 7, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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be rough. i didn't find that the case at all. the thing about the military and i'm sure it's true of every profession. people want the best athlete on their team. if you're going to war, you want the fastest runner and the best paratrooper. so if you're the best paratrooper, running as fast ultimately the good leaders say i want carol on my team. >> sharing inside what it takes to get to the top in the military. the next inside newsroom starts right now. >> good morning. i'm carol costello thanks so much for joining me. the power of terrorism, the perils of the internet. on capitol hill alarming evolution of terror recruitment and use of social media by groups like isis. among those who testify national security analyst peter bergen.
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turning now to sunday night, the attack in texas, one of the slain gunmen returns home. nadir soofi will be buried today. he's one of the two men who targeted the event that offend many muslims by featuring cartoon images of the prophet mohammed. we're learning more about his accomplice elton simpson who had online contacts with isis operatives overseas. in phoenix where soofi and simpson shared and apartment. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. we've been hearing all week from the people who know elton simpson is that they don't understand this. the elton simpson they know is measured and calm. he's not violent. now we're actually getting to see the elton simpson they know. his 2012 video where he reflects on faith. >> come together and pray five times a day as brothers. >> reporter: for the very first
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time we're seeing and hearing from elton simpson himself, known as ibrahim to his fellow muslims speaking in a 2012 video to raise funds for his new mosque reflecting on his faith. >> a form of weaponry to go out into the real world and use that weaponry to shield you against the tricks of satan. >> or satan. cnn also alert calling in members of the mosque for what's described as friendly interviews trying to find out why this seemingly soft-spoken man would take this violent turn. vok ab alone feels he knows. he's the pastor at the church. he worked with simpson three years at his delivery company. he remembers arguing theology with simpson for hours upon hours. >> when you heard the news and you heard it was someone you knew who did that what was your reaction? >> i was surprised but not
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shocked. i wouldn't put it past him because i understood the sincerity of his beliefs. he expressed to me admiration specifically osama bin laden, he used the word hero. >> why do you think he took that step. >> he was a student of islam. the more he studied, the greater his intensity grew. my guess is he looked out at this and was close enough and thought no one was doing anything to protect his honor. something had to be done and he knew he was going to do it. i'm sure he knew he was going to die. my friend wasn't a fool. he certainly knew he was going to die. >> he influenced the other gunman nadir soofi, says his aunt. >> i think it had to do with the other man that was living with him. i think he preached to him so much. >> no one else not the mosque not neighbors, friends or simpson's families say they saw
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any signs. >> a big surprise to the family he converted to islam. they didn't know how extreme or how detailed. >> what makes pastor mallonone different? he asked. >> do us all well to understand islam, multifaceted nature of it overcome the fear and get to know people. >> these conversations, carol, both in the secular as well as theological that are critical to preventing future attacks. head to baltimore just a minute. the mayor will hold this news conference soon. see many community leaders, elijah cummings standing with her. they are going to announce this one baltimore initiative and talk more about it voerks when the mayor takes to the podium we will take you back to baltimore live. back to terrorism now, though. senate lawmakers hold a hearing on social media and terror
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recruitment today. fears are intensified that a bigger isis attack could be in the works. officials now trying to track down clues about this man, an isis-linked hacker in his early 20s who exchanged tweets with one of the texas gunmen. a former hacker they are saying is extremely dangerous. >> i didn't think he was a threat at all up until a point where he was video chatting on skype with me dressed as black power ranger holding up ak-47 which i thought was a rifle but fully realized it's a fully automatic machine gun. i thought that guy is a threat. he's extremely dangerous and not someone that should be taken lightly. >> let's talk more about this man and his online presence with senior tech correspondent and security and ethical hacker
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david kennedy. thanks to both of you for being with me. >> thank you. >> samuel i want to start with you. tell us more about this hacker and how he operates. >> there's more evidence emerging hussein was in contact with the two shooters via twitter, the two shooters in texas. he's a british hacker who is believed to travel to syria in 2013. he's one of the most accomplished hackers fighting for isis. don't think they only have boots on the ground. they have online digital strategy. many believe this man on the screen they believe he was behind the hacking of sarah palin, nasa nato united nations, american and israeli banks. >> david, that's kind of scary. capable of hacking into all these things. what else is he capable of? >> seeing it as a massive
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recruiting campaign in different countries. it's not just boots on the ground actively going on -- u.s. sent com attacked by isis as well as other social media sites. this is kind of the new norm where you have terrorist organizations hacking into organizations and recruiting people. we saw this in texas, unfortunately, and it's something that's going to continue to happen. >> i know the u.s. government set up this program where they are trying to go on the offensive against the online recruitment. how is that working? >> there's always this argument about whether we put boots on the ground in syria or not. maybe the bigger argument we need to have is whether we need took have more boots on line. the responsibility of the social media companies to combat this. i want to read you what the ceo said about how bad his platform is at fighting online bullying. quote, we suck at dealing with
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abuse and trolls on the platform and we've sucked at it for years. i'm frankly ashamed at how poorly we've dealt with the issue during my tenure as ceo. it's absurd. there he's talking about bullying. the type of people who go after kids in high school. my question is if he thinks they suck dealing with bullying how can we expect online platforms like twitter and facebook to deal correctly with terrorism online. >> okay. mr. ethical hacker david, why can't the folks that run -- why can't they be more effective? what's the problem here? >> things have changed. you look at what al qaeda tried to do, go to an extremist forum to find other extremists that have that type of ideology. so many different platforms, so difficult to track these, techniques to make it anonymous and visible, common well-known practices that make it significantly harder for law enforcement, twitter, facebook to identify a lot of these problems.
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so it makes it a lot easier for groups to get their message out and into the mass public. so we have a technology problem where you can cover your tracks hide yourself and it's really difficult for law enforcement. >> i'd just like to add, though if you try to upload a rihanna song to youtube, it will come down automatically because of the copyrights because these platforms invested so much money because they felt pressure from the industry like music, like television so we need to put the same pressure on platforms to take down terrorist propaganda isis videos immediately automated just the way they do for rihanna. >> i can't disagree with that david. >> i can definitely see a point for that try to get to automated fashion of taking it down. they are very creative especially hacking movements. they are going to find different ways to try to circumvent this. it's a problem we need to focus more on the government side try to identify ahead of time these groups and finding where they are at and taking them down. >> hopefully finding answers on capitol hill this afternoon.
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thank you so much for joining me. a big election going on across the atlantic right now. it has major implications for the united states. voters across uk going to the polls to choose a new government decide who will become the next prime minister. what will the election mean to the u.s. nik robertson kofrgt election -- covering the election for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. one of the extreme views the conservative party put forth as its manifesto, it will have a referendum on taking britain out of the european union by 2016? why has it done that rise of smaller parties, uk independence party, pulled the fringes somewhat in that direction. how will the rest of the world see this in two year's time the election that set the country on course for that.
7:11 am
at the moment appears the country had a referendum in and out of europe they would stay in europe. that's the picture at the moment. these elections also have other consequences. if you look at scotland north of the border we remember last year scholarship had referendum to cut themselves off. you know take themselves out of the united kingdom, get independence with scotland. they lost that referendum. but right now in scotland the scholarship national party is expected to win the vast majority of seats in scotland. that's huge. it's a massive change a real landslide. they will go from six members of parliament to 50 something members of parm. that's huge. that will have an effect on british politics and potentially as well lead to scotland getting that independence that it's looking for. these elections have never been so close in britain before. it's never been a situation where we had smaller parties making a significant difference. at the moment no one is expected
7:12 am
to get a clear majority neither conservative or two principle parties here and how they will form a government. that's still in question at the moment as well carol. >> all right. thank you very much. i have to interrupt you. i'm sorry about that. i have to take viewers back to baltimore, the mayor is speaking. >> you might see a collection of people here but in essence, what you're looking at is one baltimore. as mayor i have been so in creditably inspired by the overwhelming generosity of the community that responded in a way we do in baltimore. we came together. [ applause ] >> so many communities partners residents, foundations, institutions they all called and said how can i help? what can i do to rebuild.
7:13 am
many didn't wait for an answer they just got busy started working to heal our city. what we know about baltimore is we love our city. this is our home i've been talking about the fact we've gotten so much national and international attention for the devastation that our city has seen i was excited about i know all of these cameras will be back after we've covered and see our victory after this tragedy. we also know if we are going to have real healing in our city recovery it has to be creative and overarching effort for all this effort in baltimore, all of
7:14 am
this financial support and all of this good well. we don't have time to wait we don't have resources to wait. we have to come together and make sure that we are using all these resources to the maximum capacity. that means we have to work together as one baltimore. we need to be deliberate. we need to be thoughtful. we need to be innovative. we need to ensure that this conversation about recovery is centered in the communities that we seek to serve. with one baltimore we will coordinate across our city to advance collective solutions, to systematically support inclusive city and a city that will provide for all of baltimore's neighborhoods. this is pout more than government. this is a once in a lifetime effort to begin to attack the system's systemic inequalities that impact all aspects of our city. [ applause ]
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this will impact areas under one unified vision so we will create opportunity in every community, to make sure every community succeeds. i remember a conversation i had with senator -- >> let's step away the baltimore mayor trying to draw the community together to tell the people of baltimore that her office has ideas to deal with the underlying causes of what happened in baltimore in the coming weeks will we'll keep you posted. still to come severe storm outbreak spotting dozens of tornadoes in the heartland and the threat isn't over yet. >>who... is this?! >>hi, i am heinz new mustard. hi na na na na >>she's just jealous because you have better taste. whatever. >>hey. keep your chin up.
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tom brady responding after the game controversy swirled after they raised concerns balls used by new england patriots in the first half were underinflated. the commission report wells report to try to figure what happened. it reads in part quote, based on the evidence it is also our view it is more probable than not that tom brady was at least
7:20 am
generally aware of the inappropriate activities involving the release of air from patriots game balls. okay. that's pretty noncommittal but damming at the same time. pretty darn upset about the whole thing. in the past hour released this statement. tom made himself available for nearly an entire day and patiently answered every question. it was clear to me the investigators had limited understanding of professional football. for reasons unknown wells report with all of tom's testimony, most of which was critical because it would have provided the report with the context it lacks. despite the wishy washy language in the report should tom brady and patriots be penalized? let's talk about that. with me anchor and super fan john berman super fan and agent and former linebacker chad brown. welcome to all of you.
7:21 am
>> shy start with the emotional part of the story john berman front page news globe and herald did you see the cover of their papers today. >> they are pretty upset. on emotional scale you saw resignation. his face now is one filled with anger. this statement of his agent is fascinating. they call the report significant, terrible disappointment omits key facts. listen to this line more probable than not league cooperated with colts in perpetuating a sting operation. he essentially accuses the attorney who did the report of using it for billing purposes to make money. brady is showing a big sets of gripes here. >> big set of gripes john berman but i want to read to you one of these tweets from tom brady in the report from january 19th. he's talking to these two guys in charge of inflating the balls properly. tom brady, you goo, johnny boy?
7:22 am
john still nervous. so far so good though. i'll be all right. blaed brady:you didn't do anything wrong, bud. i could go on. there's plenty in the report to make you believe tom brady knew they were underinflating these balls. >> the problem i have with the report is it's all circumstantial evidence no eyewitness testimony, in controvertible evidence tom brady underinflated footballs. you have football managers alleged promise of shoes and autographed footballs. >> tom brady won't turn over his own text, why? >> has he a right of self-incrimination. >> see! there you go. why? you played football. you played football with tom brady. why isn't he turning over his text? >> i think there's perhaps
7:23 am
something he's not willing to reveal. we talk about circumstantial evidence. aaron hernandez is going to spend a long time in jail based on circumstantial evidence. while tom brady, there is no smoking gun that directly links him to the underinflation of footballs, it seems from this wells report that he at least knew what was going on and approved those activities. >> do you believe -- i wan to make it clear, chad, do you believe tom brady knew something something was going on? >> i think he and the equipment guys had an understanding of where tom liked the footballs. did tom say i want those balls underinflated below the standards, the rule the league has set. i don't think tom said that. i think he said i like the balls a certain way. the equipment guys to see to it those balls were to his liking. >> what does that mean chad parse that for me. deliberately saying deflate these balls so i'm cheating or i like these balls a certain size
7:24 am
is two different things. they are two different things what exactly are you saying? >> it gets into the realm of plausible deniability. i like a ball a certain way but i don't know what that specific air pressure is. an equipment guy know it's under, that's up to the equipment guy. tom is saying here, this ball feels great in my hands. make all the balls just like this. not stressing a specific number and the air pressure. >> okay. so again, if that is true why doesn't he turn over his texts? >> well you know one of the issues here all along is that he agreed to testify at all. unthe union rules he doesn't have to do anything. there's no subpoena power to this investigation. brady and his team are saying we went way further than we had to here. i agree with you, there's something incredibly sketchy and the mountain of circumstantial evidence points to the notion that something was going on.
7:25 am
i agree with chad -- thank you for your service with the new england patriots. i agree with chad brown it was likely a scenario brady made it clear how he linlgd it and equipment guys went ahead and did it without tom getting the number there. something went on there. the league has to decide how much they are willing to punish tom brady based on these circumstantial -- >> if tom brady isn't cooperating with nfl investigation that's a bad thing. shouldn't nfl retaliate just because he's not cooperating. >> you have nfl on of defensive after recent handling of ray rice and adrian peterson it took quite a hit in the public image last year. they are going to mete out punishment quickly and harshly here. i would expect an immediate appeal of any discipline levied against brady because his legacy is at stake. >> when you say harsh, what do you mean harsh? >> i can see a suspension long-term suspension. >> long-term? >> at least one year.
7:26 am
>> i would be shocked if they did that. >> i would be shocked if it's more than two games. >> robert kraft is buds with the commissioner. >> i don't think that's the issue here. the issue here again, wasn't the phrase generally aware is not planned and plotted it. generally aware is a pretty thin connection there. one or two games may be reasonable. that in and of itself tarnishes the legacy quite a bit. >> to a certain extent the problem i have with the wells report is the burden of proof was more probable than not. that's akin to the burden of proof in a civil trial, preponderance of the evidence. >> isn't that a burden of proof commissioner's office has laying out discipline in the league more probable than not? >> i think the issue for the league and roger goodell is not so much the crime of slightly underinflated football because the wells report lists those balls measured at halftime of the colts game and they were very slightly underinflated. i think the commissioner is
7:27 am
going to be much more upset about the attempt to cover up and spin some of this and not just be more forthcoming. that's where the punishment is going to coin. not the initial crime but attempted cover-up or trying to cover the crime up. >> all right. leave it there. john berman lee, brown, thank you. i appreciate it. i'll be right back.
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following breaking news. u.s. appeals court revealed nsa's massive collection of phone records is illegal. the ruling determines it exceeds the scope of what congress
7:31 am
authorized. i want to bring in our senior white house correspondent jim acosta to help explain this for us. good morning. >> good morning, carol. that's right. this is the program that essentially allows the nsa to sweep up all of this data from people's phone calls. not the content of those phone calls, when those are made who calls are made to. the nsa is collecting this data for years. the program was exposed by the nsaed leaker edward snowden. federal appeals court in new york looked at this program, found it to be illegal, that it exceeds the scope of the patriot act and there's a pretty damming section of this ruling from the court of appeals up in new york saying it exceeds the scope of what congress has authorized. now, this court ruling did not say whether or not the program was constitutional but it did basically find it to be illegal. carol, we should point out, though not only does the white house sort of agree with all this but members of congress
7:32 am
agree with this and they are trying to reform nsa's collection of this bulk metadata as it's called. there's a bill proceeding on capitol hill at this point that the white house would like to see signed into law. all of this is moving forward it appears on a legislative front. but the court has weighed in. for all those folks out there who were upset with edward snowden, all of his exposures of what's happening in the nsa, this is one particular program that he exposed that a federal court found to be illegal. carol. >> jim acosta reporting live at the white house. thank you. i'll be right back. thank you mom, for protecting my future. thank you for being my hero and my dad. military families are thankful for many things. the legacy of usaa auto insurance could be one of them. our world-class service earned usaa the top spot in a study of the most recommended large companies in america. if you're current or former military or their family, see if you're eligible to get an auto insurance quote.
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photography tornadoes punish the plains and not over yet. widespread damage in oklahoma city. this video into our newsroom. homes and businesses simply unrecognizable. in all 51 tornadoes have now been reported. that is the largest outbreak we've seen in one day this year. some of those twisters coming two at a time. look at this dangerous tango. frightening frightening. >> look at the map, nebraska to texas. i don't have a real number. was there 30 50 we don't know. if one guy reports from the southeast, one from the northeast, it could be the same storm. the weather service has to look how much damage swaths are out
7:37 am
there. i can tell you there's a couple of tornadoes for sure because i can show you pictures. like this onee vernon, oklahoma on the ground no question about it after the storm had gone through parts of norman. here farther to the north, republic county, kansas into nebraska. look at that beast. that is a tornado. luckily no big buildings in the way. no homes, no schools, no cities in the way of that. obviously a lot of damage done there across parts of the country. something else yesterday, great pictures there. please don't do this. here is what happened yesterday. we had these high precipitation thunderstorms. a lot of rain. high precip. so if you're looking at the storm, you can take a picture of it there. that's no problem. you can actually see it. as the storm wraps up all of a sudden you can't see it anymore because the veil of rain that you have to look through is completely obscuring your view of the tornado. you can't see that through all that rain. there's no possible way to see
7:38 am
it. the tornado is there, you're seeing it. all of a sudden the tornado wraps around the rain wraps around and you can't see the tornado. here is what happened to one of the viewers here for oklahoma city stations one trying to show them what it was like. he got a little too close. >> got to be ready for it. i've got three coming on down power flashes. got to back out of here. i've got trees coming down on me. backing out, mike, backing out. power flashes. large power flashes. it's really cranking down mike. >> hang on. it is trying to move the car on me here. it is bad news. it's really cranking down to the ground mike. there's no doubt.
7:39 am
>> that was marc dill iard. got a little close, had to back out of the way. had he not backed up seen where it was, he would have been inside that cone. he's safe but please don't try it. i say it all the time. a weather radio and pickup doesn't make you a storm chaser. stay out of the way. >> it was good there wasn't any traffic behind him. >> wow. >> chad myers, thanks so much. i appreciate it. still to come in the newsroom new questions over the decision to charge six officers in the death of freddie gray. some of those officers are challenging the charges. we'll talk about that next. wait, what is that? a new outdoor cleaner from scotts - it's powered by oxiclean and it's chlorine bleach-free so it's safe to use around grass and plants. get scotts new outdoor cleaner plus oxiclean. clean your outdoor space. clean it. shopping online... as easy as it gets. wouldn't it be great... ...if hiring plumbers, carpenters
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baltimore state's attorney marilyn moseby faces pushback from decision to charge police officers. the debt of freddie gray does not support some of the charges against those six officers including second degree murder. bring in cnn national correspondent susan malvo. good morning. >> good morning, carol. i want to show you what happened here that just wrapped up. the corner of pennsylvania and north avenue. this is in front of the boarded up cvs that was just more than a week ago when that cvs burned out, on fire epicenter where the riots occurred. today a very important visual there. you see the mayor of baltimore as well as other church
7:44 am
community leaders, elijah cummings the congressman from the area a bishop there as well as young people who are all announcing this initiative. it is called one baltimore. it really is about trying to address critical issues that plague the community when it comes to education, economic opportunities and really trying to go through this process of recovery. a lot of praise for the mayor. we know that she's received some criticism of the last couple of weeks. from this group, they are dedicated to working with the mayor and really trying to find some solutions here. she just wrapped up this very brief press conference. carol, i want you to listen to how she put it in terms of the importance of what they need to do next. >> we also know that if we are going to have real healing in our city and a real recovery it has to be a coordinated and overarching effort to leverage all of this energy that we have in baltimore, all of this
7:45 am
financial support and all of this goodwill. we don't have time to waste. we don't have resources to waste. we have to come together and make sure that we are using all of these resources to the maximum capacity. that means we have to work together as one baltimore. >> so carol, obviously, important they show this unified front. behind the scene a lot of different opinions about what should happen with these six police officers how the city should move forward. we heard a lot of colorful phrases specifically from bishop scott walker thomas who said there are a lot of people in the community who feel lost in the sauce. those are his works. but they have to look at the bricks and the sticks coming forward. that's all about recovery about rebuilding inside that community. carol, there are many different ways of doing that. but if this baltimore has attracted the activists, politicians, even musicians, this is ground zero for them in
7:46 am
terms of getting out a message how they feel about justice, about police brutality, community development. later today we are going to see the republican presidential candidate ben carson before religious leaders who spend 36 years working in baltimore mostly as a neurosurgeon. he's going to be talking about what he thinks is important to do here. finally prince is holding a conference on mother's day asking people to wear gray in honor of freddie gray and his family. we understand carol, that these tickets rapidly being sold out, the highest cost the highest ticket now, carol, going for nearly $500. >> suzan malveaux reporting live this morning. thank you. still to come in the newsroom mike huckabee in it to win it for 2016. he's leaving that nice guy image behind. we'll talk about that next.
7:47 am
7:48 am
branding is important with a presidential run, voters getting a sense of who you are and what you're about. for candidates running a second time and lost it's time to rebrand. hillary clinton went from tough as nails to a grandma with experience. mike huckabee's image shifted too. as "politico" puts it times change and mike huckabee has changed with him. he says his party doesn't want sweet talking guys. this time around he thinks the republican wants somebody who
7:49 am
can eat nails and spit out tax and mike huckabee adapted. huckabee showing his not so soft side this week when he took a swipe at president obama's policy. >> dealing with radicals who chant death to america and fund bombs and rockets to israel is nonsense. when i hear our current president say he wants christians to get off their high horse so we can make nice with radical jihadists, i wonder -- i wonder if he could watch a western from the '50s and be able to figure out who the good guys and the bad guys really are. >> with me now to talk about this republican strategist and cnn political commentator anna navaro, a and noelle political strategist. good morning to both of you. >> good morning.
7:50 am
>> seems like republicans are toughening up and democrats are softening. >> i don't know that mike huckabee is rebranding. he is a nice guy, a good guy, his persona. he's funny. he often uses humor as part of his political message. he's witty, equipy a preacher at heart. we saw him have great success with that personality with his identity in the debates in 2008. i don't think you're going to see the end of that mike huckabee. surely this time around you have had -- you're going to have eight years of a democrat presidency and there's things for republican candidates to be critical of unlike 2008. i think you're going to still see the mike huckabee we know. >> i kind of disagree with that anna. i always pretty much agree with ana. a. i always pretty much agree with ana. >> you're going to ruin my
7:51 am
reputation. >> i do think mike huckabee has changed his tune. he's a lot harsher than he used to be. when he ran the first time he was the sweet talking, tea drinking southern guy. he's the guy that wrote the book and lost 100 pounds and talked about that a lot. this time around he's not that. >> i think he found out how difficult it was to raise money. i think running before you can find out what people want and what they don't. wheel he's still going to be the evangelical right wing running candidate, i think he's found out it's better to take a position to be hard as nails, to really hammer obama or really hammer in this case hillary clinton. so i think you're going to see a much tougher huckabee so he can be taken very seriously in 2016. >> you have to admit, ana, that resonates with many republican voters that tough talk. >> again, i think it goes back to the fact that we're going to have lived through eight years
7:52 am
of the obama democratic presidency and a lot of people on the republican side in particular are very unhappy with make of his decisions, particularly on issues like foreign policy but also some domestic policy issues. yeah being critical of this administration scores points with republicans. i still think it's very hard to rebrand yourself. i know hillary clinton is trying it. it's very hard to rebrand yourself after the age of 50. i don't think you're going to see -- unless you are madonna, you cannot keep reinventing yourself. i think mike huckabee who is a very experienced politician knows that. he's a very well-known commodity in this country. he's been on fox news. not only has he been a governor not only has he been a presidential candidate, he's also now become a very successful media personality. so he can't all of a sudden become, you know the world is burning, the sky is falling guy and go completely opposite to what he has been his entire
7:53 am
life. >> okay. since we're showing that picture of hillary clinton while we're talking about mike huckabee let's talk about hillary clinton, shall we? she's trying to rebrand but not really but i don't quite understand where she's going. >> she needs to do some rebranding. i think that's why she's hopped on immigration. >> republican strategy. >> in all fairness i'm a gop strategist. of course i'm going to say she needs rebranding. she's had a lot of scandals. she's had a lot of controversy. she had the e-mails, benghazi. one after the other after the other. >> the interesting thing about that this quinnipiac poll shows none of that is resonating at least with her supporters because her support in iowa has remained virtually the same. >> the clintons have really what i call a teflon brand. i don't think much sticks on them. people really love the clintons. if you look back bill clinton was one of the key people that people wanted to endorse when they were running for office as a democrat. the family as whole, chelsea,
7:54 am
bill hillary, have a favorable brand even with all the scandals that come out and all the things that look have an appearance of being kind of shady. >> what do you think, ana? >> i think she is attempting to rebrand. again, i think it's difficult because she is such a known commodity. i almost think she's overcompensating in 2016 for where she was in 2008. we didn't see her embrace the woman factor in 2008 the way she's embracing it in 2016. i think it's going to be more difficult than she thinks. i also think on immigration and some issues like gay marriage immigration, it's almost like since they have practically no other candidates these six debates the democrats announce they are going to have frankly, i think hillary clinton could debate hillary clinton from 2008 when she was against giving undocumented driver's licenses. the last time i heard hillary clinton talk about immigration
7:55 am
last year, she was calling for deportation of central american kids on the border. now calling for deluxe mack daddy comprehensive immigration reform. okay. that's fine. which hillary are you? people can see through the distraction, she's trying to make these policy -- >> i will say more than one candidate has tweaked their immigration policy. some candidates haven't talked about it at all. they are going to have to eventually. >> absolutely. one of the advantages that someone like a marco rubio or someone like a jeb bush or ted cruz has is the fact they can explain their narrative in spanish, fluent spanish. >> ted cruz isn't but you are right on jeb and marco. he's from texas, the castro brothers ted cruz their spanish is not what you think it would be. >> okay. we have to leave it there. ana navaro noelle appreciate
7:56 am
it. 55 minutes past. iran says it released marshall islands cargo ship it seized more than a week ago. the crew on board is said to be okay. iran insists the seizure was not politically motivated but instead was due to a debt owed by the shipping company. in a bed to save dzhokhar tsarnaev's life they are planning to call a well-known death penalty opponent to the stand. sister prejean gained notoriety, "dead man walking" based on her book of the same name. they hope she will convince jurors to save tsarnaev's life. whole foods opening a new lower cost chain of stores. they are hoping the markets will attract younger shoppers. whole foods ceo describes new chain as quote, hip and cool. set to open next year. thanks for joining me. i'm carol costello. "at this hour" with berm & and
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brady fights back. terribly disappointed. his agent blasted deflategate report. oh my what happens now? >> will a nun take the stand in the boston trial. inspiration for "dead man walking" why legal teams in boston at odds over this. >> is there a campaign to discredit the prosecutor in baltimore. new links that prosecution against the six officers just doesn't add up. hello,


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