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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  May 8, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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that set. 800,000 bananas funding 1,000 projects from 800 teachers at nearly 400 schools. >> incredible. >> that's great. >> they will be so grateful. >> they will. happy friday everybody. it's time for "newsroom" with carol costello. >> those are beautiful words. happy friday right back at you. thank you so much and have a great weekend. "newsroom" starts right now. happening now in the news room tom brady dodges on deflate gate. >> i have not had time to digest it fully and when i do i will let you know how i feel about it. >> i wonder if he still stands by these comments. >> i would never do anything to break the rules. >> why is his agent calling it a sting? british prime minister david cameron will stay in power. what does this mean for
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relations with the uk? and then a serious warning, hundreds and maybe thousands of isis followers are inside the united states. how does law enforcement handle those threats? let's talk live in the cnn "newsroom." >> good morning. i am carol costello. thank you for joining me. we do start this hour with breaking news on the economy. a major sigh of relief on wall street today as we learned moments ago, 223,000 jobs were added last month, a much needed boost after disappointing numbers in march. the unemployment rate ticked down one notch to 5.4% and that's the lowest level in seven years. our chief business correspondent, christine romans is following the numbers as always. tell us what it means. >> a sigh of relief on wall street and main street carol. in march we saw jobs were not created briskly, and 85,000 jobs
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created, and that was a worry, but a brisk recovery. the trend here is what is important, you are creating jobs again and again. the unemployment rate falling to the lowest in seven years, and 5.4% and that is important, the trend going down down down. nurses were hired, and hospital workers were hired, and people that work at clinics in the health care centers away from hospitals, lots of hiring there, and computer system design, and management consultants, and construction and you get my drift, a lot of different kinds of jobs created and some of them higher paid, and we saw wages go up 2.2% and that's an important number there as well. african-american male unemployment and that's a number we have been watching and talking about it aggressively since baltimore and over the past year or so 9.2% and the first time since 2008 below double digits.
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a drop in the black male unemployment rate. now i will go back to 1975 for you. why going that far? this is a really important chart you will be hearing more about as the 2016 presidential race gets underway in 2016. this is the percentage of the american population considered in the labor market either they have a job or are looking for a job or are unemployed and they have not dropped out. this is too low. there are too many people not included in the labor market that have to be pulled back in and find a place here, and this is still a weak spot of the recovery overall. i like what i see on the overall job creation and the trend and the unemployment rate and there are broad base jobs created carol, some more than just retail workers. >> you say 65% of the population today -- less than 65% are not
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working? >> no this is 65% of the population less than that in the mid-60s are part of the labor market. you want to see that number much bigger. >> today is it? >> today it's right down here in the mid-60s the way it was back in the '70s. this number needs to be higher. if this number gets higher it will suggest more people are in the labor market and are involved in the labor market. you will be hearing this a lot over the next few months as we go through the 2016 presidential election. >> thank you. celebrations today for prime minister david cameron. in a land slide he is holding on to power proving every poll wrong. earlier today camera tweeted this picture with the caption, quote, here's to a brighter future for everyone. moments ago we heard from the prime minister outside dowding street. e i will now form a majority
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conservative government. i have been proud to lead the first coalition government in 70 years, and i want to thank all of those that worked so hard to make it a success. >> the scottish national party also earning big gains, winning a staggering 56 out of 59 seats. richard quest has more. >> reporter: carol, big ben, westminster, the heart of british government and today the entire landscape of uk politics littered with the casualties of political leaders who failed to get any support. instead, david cameron on the big red bus remains standing with his tiny majority but absolutely unexpected cameron and his conserveativesconservatives. we thought it was going to be a hung parliament and horse
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trading and lots of deals to be done and in the end, none of it and the electorate clearly decided cameron should be given a further chance to rule, and a complete wipeout of the other parties, and an extraordinary night in british politics. major issues particularly the uk's role in europe. cameron has promised a referendum in the future. that has to happen by 2017. all of that is in the future. for now, carol, an extraordinary day when the british public have woken up and wondered what on earth did we do? richard quest, cnn, london. >> thank you, richard. what does this mean for america and its relationship with the uk? let's bring in our cnn international international correspondent, nic robertson. not on a double-decker bus.
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>> reporter: i am happy. >> what does cameron's re-elect re-election mean for america and their relationship with britain? >> reporter: they are going to look at the vote in scotland and they are going to see scotland is heading for the exit doors of the united kingdom, and that's going to be worryur worrisome? why? because the allies over here in europe is the united kingdom, and scotland has socialists leanings and they want to get rid of the nuclear submarines based in scotland and that's worrisome because they are part of the nato defenses and that's needed when we see vladimir putin behaving in a way the russian leader has not for 25 years. if scotland breaks out of britain, and that sends a bad signal to the other separatist inside europe the united
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states would rather see a stronger europe and that's one concern, and there are others defense spending is another one as well, and we can talk about britain's position in europe, and david cameron's promise there will be a referendum where they will get the opportunity to vote to leave the european union, and that will be a concern as well. a weak europe means a weak alliance across the atlantic for the united states. there's a lot that is going to come out of it. as richard said there's a changing face of politics in britain, and it's radically different. maybe it will reset after a number of years, and right now it's different and there are big and new and nobody knows how to tackle them challenges on the horizon, carol. >> thank you. coming up in the next hour fareed zakaria will join me and talk about the impact of the uk election. he will be with me here in the
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"newsroom." breaking news and we are learning the justice department will launch an investigation of the baltimore police department. we are expecting an announcement from loretta lynch, and this comes, of course after the death of freddie gray after he suffered a spinal cord injury while in police custody. six officers now facing charges. evan joins us from washington to tell us more about loretta lynch's announcement. >> this is an announcement the city leaders in baltimore had asked the justice department to make. this is something that obviously the police department knows they have a problem with the community they are serving there in baltimore. we heard from the police commissioner, anthony batts, and they are going to announce at 10:00, we expect that they are going to investigate a pattern and practice of discriminatory policing whether or not the
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police are using excessive force in carrying out their work there. this is probably i believe, more than two dozen of these types of investigations now around the country during the obama administration so there is a lot of scrutiny on police all over the country, but baltimore is front and center now, carol. >> evan perez, i know you will keep an eye on things for us this morning. still to come in the "newsroom," tom brady breaks his silence on the nfl report, and why he is sidelining deflate gate, next.
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look at the footwork! most common side effects include ingrown toenail, application site redness, itching, swelling burning or stinging, blisters, and pain. smash it! make the call and ask your doctor if jublia is right for you. new larger size now available. tom brady may be talking but he is not tackling the deplate
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gate report. just like the boss brady arrived at the salem university last night by helicopter and he said he has not had, quote, time to digest the report." apparently 30s hours is not enough. >> are you that slow a reader? >> well my athletic career is better than my academic career. i am used to reading xs and os, and i want to be comfortable in the statements that i make. >> the tabloids slamming brady, and demanding hefty fines. pictures surfacing of the deflators, the two men behind the infamous texts. let's go to coy for the latest on this. >> first the wells report was
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released and it said brady was at least generally aware of the footballs in the title game. and the auditorium was full of adoring fans and brady made a play to the crowd and was having fun with it. take a listen. >> this is like a patriot pep rally. >> it looks like you picked a pretty friendly place to reappear. >> i don't have really any reaction. our owner commented on it yesterday and it has only been 30 hours so i have not had time to digest it fully, but when i do i will let you know how i feel about it. >> was the super bowl tainted? >> what do you guys think? neither do i. >> has this however, detracted from your joy of winning the super bowl? >> absolutely not.
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>> why not? >> because we earned and achieved everything that we got this year as team and i am very proud of that and our fans should be, too. >> brady was playing with the crowd. he has been floating like a butterfly with the topic, but his agent has been stinging like a bee. he said brady did not have any knowledge of the footballs being deflated and this is after he released a statement earlier in the day calling the report a terrible disappointment and saying it had tragic flaws. we are waiting to see if the nfl will hand out punishments, and will the patriots lose draft picks, and i am thinking in the next few days we should get some answers. >> many thanks to you.
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joe theismann is on the phone right now, the great football for the washington redskins. hi. >> hi carol. >> do you think tom cheated? >> i never have thought he's cheated. it's a very gray area when it comes to inflation or deflation of a football. every quarterback has the way they like it to feel. after all, it's the tool of our trade. everybody has different hand sizes, and everybody has different grips and weather and climate and altitude plays into it the inflation or deflation of the ball. listening to tom last night and looking at him last night, he doesn't seem like a concerned individual when it comes to this particular situation. >> no he seemed very at least and of course he was in a friendly crowd, so that would be easier. >> yeah if you are around friendly faces it easier to deal
6:18 am
with trials and tribulations. we have seen some punishments and the nfl in its statement -- i should say the wells report in its statement where it says brady was at least generally aware of the inappropriate activities of the two gentlemen. it doesn't say he did anything and it said he was aware as far as something happened and he doesn't say tom instructed any individual to do anything else, and they have to make a determination based on upon what took place, if the balls were deflated in any way there has to be some kind of punishment. the punishment they have to get this right. some of the punishment that has been dealt out has been appealed and reduced.
6:19 am
>> some say brady could settle it once and for all. if we would have provided the phone or text messages you have to understand tom is a member of the union, and the commissioner's office does not have subpoena power, and if the prominent player asked to provide their private communication absent a subpoena that sets a precedent for all players. does he have a point? >> yes, he has a point when it comes to privacy, also. when you look at the text messages cited in the wells report one of the guys basically says that he noticed the balls were at 16. well the national football league has a variance of 12.5 psi, and the balls are legally able to be inflated to and they referenced one at 16 so obviously there had to be air to
6:20 am
come out of that to get it down to an exception level. i see contradictions through the text messages and you and i could send a text to one another, and anybody could take an excerpt and interpret it any way they want and it's more confusing than it is cleared up. >> thank you for that. i do appreciate you being with me this morning. still to come in the "newsroom," a young police officer gunned down and a massive gathering of law enforcement coming together. jean . >> reporter: carol, 30,000 officers from around the country are expected here at the funeral of officer brian moore. we will tell you more about this young officer after this. it needs to be earned... every day...
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just outside of new york city a massive crowd of 30,000 mourners streaming towards a long island church to remember brian moore, the 25-year-old new york city police officer died on monday two days after stopping a suspect because he was fidgeting with a suspicious object in his waistband. the gunman whipped out a firearm and shot him in the face as he sat in a squad car.
6:25 am
moore was barely out of his teens when he joined the force, and his accomplishments are exceptional. and geniejean we will go to jean casarez. >> reporter: jetblue airlines as they have with other fallen officers offer free flights to any of the officers in the country to come here and honor the fallen officers. bus loads of officers have arrived, and they are coming and that helps to alleviate the parking situation. as far as extra security, on the rooftops you have the emergency services division of the nypd because it's a high security risk when you have so many officers in one location altogether. we have not seen yet the funeral
6:26 am
procession the casket coming from the funeral home and that should happen before the funeral begins at 11:00, and there will be a camera in the church so the broadcast of the service will be able to be shown live. a little more about officer moore, he was young, 25 years old, and it was a week ago he and his partner were on the anti-crime task force and in their unmarked patrol car and they were noticing a man looking for something, or changing something at his waist level, and from inside the car, moore asked him, what are you doing at your waist, and then allegedly this man turned and took the gun out of his waistband, and fired three shots in the car and hit and killed officer moore. that gun was stolen out of a
6:27 am
bait and tackle shop and a gun shop and nine of the guns have been located in new york city and one of them is allegedly what shot brian moore. we are here today to honor the officers and the officer that was killed here after almost five years on the force. >> as jean said moore was a special guy, a young officer, and he was the fifth new york police after shot in the line of duty since december and that's when two officers were ambushed for no other reason that they were wearing uniforms. anger over the recent police killings of unarmed black men have boiled over from ferguson to baltimore and beyond. here to talk with me is a the
6:28 am
founder of alba investigations. >> thank you for having me. >> 30,000 police officers are going to attend the funeral of this young officer. is that more than normal? >> it sounds a lot more than normal. usually it's 10,000 but 30,000 seems like a major number. why are they coming? there is a reason for that. i guess because of social media and what is happening to police officers and what the rhetoric against them is at this point, so they come and are showing unity. when you go to a funeral like this and you have 30,000 police officers and you are a police officer, you feel so good when you see all the lines of blue and you feel like you are part of something. >> so this is about more than brian moore's death, as tragic as it is? >> yeah, two other officers were assassinated and they are stick up for each other and they are
6:29 am
all basically one. >> it's ironic, moore was a baltimore orioles fan. it's sort of ironic isn't it? >> he had three tickets to go to that game, and that's why they honored him in that game. he is 25 years old and his father and uncle was a cop, and if you asked him what was the greatest job in the word i am sure he would say, i have the greatest job in the world. >> i asked you whether young people are as eager to become police officers today as they once were? >> i don't really think so. i think there is something lacking as far as being a police officer. i don't know if it's the money or what the reason is for that. maybe what kind of gratitude and what you are up against and now you see baltimore and what is going on with that so why -- you know the young kids
6:30 am
throwing rocks at you and you are backing up so why do you want to be a cop? >> used there was a waiting list to become a new york city police officer, but not today? >> today in new york city you can come and take the test every day. new york city police once you are on the police department you follow a certain pattern through life and you become ingrained to the new york police department and it's a mind-set and you do become one. >> thank you for coming on the set. >> thank you for having me. >> i'll be right back. [ jennifer garner ] why can't powerful sunscreen feel great? actually it can. neutrogena® ultra sheer®. its superior uva uvb protection helps prevent early skin aging and skin cancer, all with the cleanest feel. it's the best for your skin. neutrogena® ultra sheer®. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] he doesn't
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imagine loving your numbers. there's only one invokana®. ask your doctor about it by name. we're expecting the new attorney general, loretta lynch to come out and stand behind the podium to announce a civil rights review of the baltimore police department. we will take you live back to washington when that happens. the san francisco police department under fire after a investigation showed homophobic and racist messages. this one said white power, and this one says get your pocket gun and keep it available in
6:35 am
case the money returns. let's talk about this with tom fuentes, a cnn law enforcement analyst and former fbi assistant director. >> good morning, carol. >> what do you make of this? those are not subtle at all. >> when i hear these stories or cops that sends those messages it makes me sick because it brings into refute the officers that are not like that. i think it's terrible and the cops that do this then make everything else questionable. we just talked about brian moore, the new york city police officer gunned down. that would have been -- if that
6:36 am
subject would have been pulling out and moore shot him with all of his experience and probably reaching into his waistband means something dangerous is going to happen and it turned out to be a pack of cigarettes as we shot him, we would be hanging more for being yet another white racist cop killing a black guy, and instead he is dead. that's the problem, when white cops do this, they endanger all the other good cops out there, and they are trying to enforce the laws and trying to use their experience to keep from being killed. >> how will the department go about figuring this out? >> they will go back to who these officers are that sent these messages and then how many cases were they involved in and how many arrests did they make? were the arrests possibly judgment calls that could be called into question based on you know their racist
6:37 am
activities? the times they arrested the black person or a minority member? in san francisco, i worked with the fbi for many years, and whites are the minority because of the asian population in san francisco, and you have a population in a city like that and it should be as diversed as any major city in the country. >> let's listen in and comment on the other side. >> this evidence by events in baltimore, staten island ferguson missouri and south carolina, and other places when a police officer engaged in misconduct there is is significant implications for following safety and for the public trust, and particularly in our minority communities. >> so he is saying it's not about a few bad apples but a
6:38 am
systemic problem across the country, do you agree? >> no it appears more systemic in some places because it only takes a few officers to do it and then everybody else to go along with it if they are even aware of it to not report it to senior officers and if you have cases like that and it turns out other officers reported it higher up in their chain of command, that's yet another issue for discipline to be taken against those officers or commanders that didn't take action. >> tom fuentes, thank you for your insight as always. appreciate it. still to come the attack in garland, texas, ringing alarm bells in the fbi. now the fbi warning isis is recruiting hundreds and maybe thousands of americans online. we'll talk about that next.
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some startling revelations from fbi director james comby, saying the fbi warned officials hours before the garland, texas, attack. he says the danger is far from over. he says isis may be recruiting thousands more americans online. barbara starr has more on this. >> good morning, carol. whatever warnings were given there is no indication the police officer on the street in garland who opened fire on the attackers knew anything about them and what they were up to. now federal law enforcement officials are saying simpson, in fact, did have contact with
6:43 am
known isis overseas and are they inspired by isis or directed by isis? it may not make much difference anymore with so much online activity going on. and comby had this to say. i want to read it directly. the fbi director saying quote, i know there are other elton simpson's out there, and it's like there's a devil sitting on their shoulder saying kill kill kill kill all day long. they are recruiting and tasking at the same time. militants, many of them isis adherents doing just that, and they are trying to get activity going that leads to attacks. later today, in fact state and local officials will have a private phone call with federal officials about some of this. comby.
6:44 am
it's supposed to be about this and you can sure bet this entire issue is going to come up. carol? >> i was just curious about what garland police are saying about the fbi warning. did it come in time? did it help them? >> it goes back to the police officer out on the street. the indications are they had some warning that this event, this prophet mohammed cartoon test if you will it was going to be the subject of anger and protests and possible attack, and whether they knew about simpson in particular it seems clear, the officer out on the street that opened fire on the ground at that site had no idea that simpson was there, and the fbi had been watching him and were concerned about him, and not clear that they had any direct knowledge that he had left his home in arizona and gone to garrland texas, at that
6:45 am
time. >> barbara starr reporting live from the pentagon this morning. thank you. on capitol hill the senate passed a bill. recent progress hinged on the edge of the crippling sanctions. lawmakers will review the deal and decide whether to fight it, and the house takes up the measure next week. passengers say they thought they were going to die. terrifying moments aboard a delta flight as smoke filled the cabin, next. this allergy season, will you be a sound sleeper, or a mouth breather. a mouth breather! well, put on a breathe right strip and shut your mouth. allergy medicines open your nose over time, but add a breathe right strip and pow!
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wall street is loving their job support. christine romans is here to talk about the dow because it jumped more than 200 points already. >> a good main street number job creation for nurses and computer systems designers and hospital workers and accountants, that was a really good number, and now you are seeing main street -- wall street rather react. a big rally, close to record highs. another good day like this you could see record highs for the dow jones industrial average. there you go up 234 points here. it started because of the uk election though. that was the springboard this
6:50 am
morning, because you don't have a big drawn out uncertain government in the uk so overseas before u.s. markets even opened you had investors happy. then you get the jobs report. another thing about the away. some say the fed won't raise interest rates right away but the economy picked up speed after a slow first quarter. it's not too hot, not too cold just right. that's what investors are seeing. >> a happy friday. christine romans thanks so much. terrifying moments for passengers aboard a delta flight. the plane forced to land when smoke suddenly began filling the cabin. passengers recorded the harrowing moments. michaela pereira has more for you. >> reporter: you can hear the smoke alarms sounding off inside
6:51 am
delta flight. the cabin filling up with smoke fast. the faa says more than an hour after takeoff from ft. lauderdale the crew reported smoke in the cockpit and a problem with one of the jet's two engines. >> i started noticing a mist coming through and then i realized the mist coming through the cabin was smoke. i could smell the smoke. then i looked back toward the rear of the plane and it was dark. >> reporter: all 89 passengers were told to put their heads between their legs to limit the amount of smoke they inhaled. >> my god. >> people were coughing. some people were crying. >> reporter: the flight to new york immediately diverted to charleston. the pilot telling passengers what went wrong. >> apparently there was a malfunction in the engine having something to do with oil being burned and they were deciding to turn one engine off to avoid
6:52 am
more smoke. >> reporter: all passengers are back in new york safe and sound this morning. >> i'm not religious, but i clenched my fist and said okay god, i'm with you now. get us down please. i promise to be a good boy. >> i would have made that same plea. that was michaela pereira. delta says safety of its passengers is top priority. delta, as you might expect, is investigating that incident. the next hour of "newsroom" after this. >> my first jump in 1980 over a cornfield in ohio out of a cessna 182. i was in the plane. the older gentleman was in front of me and he climbed out the door and as he let go i was in mass panic. i was thinking this is the stupidest thing in the world. i was holding on with a death grip. go.
6:53 am
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full-time business. and then when i retired in 2010 we started a full-time sky diving center for first timers and experienced sky divers in oceanside, california. we do these once a year exotic sky drive trips somewhere cool in the world. it just kind of snow balled. no pun intended i just fell into it. we're here in costa rica. this is one of our yearly trips. i'm way too young to be this old. i won't move into a senior citizen gated community. i want to be out there jumping out of airplanes as long as i can and having fun. it's a pretty good retirement gig.
6:55 am
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good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. at any moment now we're going to hear from the new attorney general, loretta lynch. she's expected to announce a formal investigation at the baltimore city police department following freddie gray's death. he died of those fatal injuries
6:59 am
while in police custody. it also has to do with longtime accusations against the police department of excessive force. cnn justice reporter evan perez joins us from washington. he's covering this. what will loretta lynch say? >> i think what you'll hear from her is this an investigation requested by the community there in baltimore. not only from the mayor but also the governor of maryland also backed this request for an investigation into the police department. the justice department is already there. they're doing an investigation of the death of freddie gray to see whether or not his civil rights were violated in his death in police custody. at the same time last year the city asked the justice department community policing office to come up and provide some help in reforming the police department so already there's two parts of the justice department that are at work in baltimore related to the freddie gray incident and now we have a third investigation. this is going to be more
7:00 am
invasive. this is going to take a look at the pattern of arrests and whether or not there is something that the baltimore police are doing wrong and whether or not they are discriminating against african-americans and whether or not they have a pattern of policing that relies on excessive force. all of these things come into play in the freddie gray case carol. >> i know you sat down and talked with commissioner batts. is he for this? >> i had not asked him. i do know that he says that he knows they have problems. he knows that they have -- as you recall he said we are part of the problem. he's referring to the police department. so he knows they have to work on fixing training providing more equipment for his officers and trying to get them into the community there so that not the only interaction between the african-american com


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