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tv   Wolf  CNN  May 11, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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hello, i'm wolf blitzer. 1:00 p.m. in washington, 6:00 p.m. in london, 8:00 p.m. in jerusalem, wherever you're watching from around the world, thanks very much for joining us. in what certainly looks every bit like a slap in the face by saudi arabia king salman aziz is no longer coming to washington this week. the last-minute change of mind not only takes the king out of a security summit at camp david with the u.s. and other gulf arab states but keeps him out of
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a planned one-on-one meeting at the white house with president obama. we get more from cnn's becky anderson. >> it is the gold embossed invitation seldom refused. a dinner date at the white house. yet, of the six arab countries invited to sit down with the president, only two are sending their heads of state, qatar and q 8. ill health was always going to keep oman and the aue sheikh ka alisha fa away. the biggest no show is saudi arabia's king salman aziz. saudi officials say he's staying in riyadh to oversee a cease-fire supposed to go in effect in yemen tuesday. the white house has sought to downplay any rift with riyadh or the other gulf countries, noting that saudi's crown prince and his defense minister would be at the meetings but that hasn't stopped speculation that monarch is snubbing the president, but a
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closer look at those who will be in the room may paint a more nuanced picture. the gulf region is currently undergoing a generational transfer of power. meaning leaders like the saudi crown prince mohammed defense minister mohammed bin sallman or the premier are key power brokers who shape jcc relations with the west now and into the future. with them around the table, the u.s. president will not only have the chance to better get to know the arab region's future leaders, but the opportunity to allay their doubts about washington's deal with iran. the uae's ambassador says they will press for a new security framework committing the u.s. to more than just the gentleman's agreement to the past. >> and cnn international becky anderson joining us live from abu dhabi. sounds to me you're on the scene over there, becky, that these leaders, they're still
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pretty worried, some of them opposed to what the u.s. is planning on doing as far as this nuclear deal with iran is concerned. they see iran very much of a threat to these countries and not very happy with what the obama administration is working on. is that the read you get over there? >> yeah. i think you're absolutely right. look is this a snub? on paper, perhaps, wolf, it might look like this but you have certainly from this generation as i pointed out got a bunch of emerging leaders crown prince level who already have ownership of what are strategic, not least those of defense and security. if this were about a photo op this lineup would look a little wanting, but this meeting is about much more than that. the u.s. and the gulf need a re-set. there is a trust deficit, perhaps on both sides. certainly suspicion here about what the u.s. intentions are in
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the middle east. one source put it to me, wolf, this meeting will be regarded as positive by washington's arab allies only if they get more than simple assurances that the nuclear deal won't end up creating a more expansionist iran. does that mean a full-on security treaty? i'm pretty sure that would be top of their list of takeouts from washington but if nothing else i think the supper and camp david gests are looking for closer defense and security cooperation and for that wolfe, clearly military equipment including someto some reports, defense systems similar to israel's iron dome. in yemen, iraq and in syria, particularly in syria, they see the interference of iran and from the arab gulf perspective, there has been a litany of broken promises and inconsistent u.s. policies which leave the distinct impression that obama's understanding of the middle east and perhaps that of iran is
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completely detached from those of this region. that appears to be the sense here as these guys get ready and set for washington. >> becky anderson thanks very much. s last week the u.s. secretary of state john kerry was in riyadh for meetings with king salman and other members of the saudi government and spoke about negotiations with iran and the cease-fire arrangements in yemen. let's discuss more with kimberly dozer and from irvine california bob baer cnn security and intelligence analyst, former cia operative. it seems to pe the president of the united states on april 2nd goes into the rose garden kimberly at the white house, announces six leaders from the gulf cooperation states will come to camp david for the extraordinary summit in the aftermath of this tentative deal worked out with iran and gets the rsvps, two yeses, four
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regrets. it's pretty humiliating, isn't it? >> on the face of it it looks like a snub like king salman was not happy with what he thought was going to be discussed. a lot of these high-level meetings happen with much decided in advance and there are a lot of question marks out there. what kind of military assurances is the u.s. going to give gulf states that if it makes the deal with iran that they will be protected. but the other thing going on i just got off of phone with a high-level u.s. official in riyadh he says that king salman's popularity is soaring with his people because of the campaign in yemen and it really is about staying there during this cease-fire that if he left it would be seen as if he had taken the hand off the tiller. >> bob baer what's your take on what's going on? it looks like a snub. >> wolf, i think it's a snub. friday it was announced he would
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be coming to camp david, backtracking on the president like this will do nothing for his relations with the united states. and let's face it the saudis have a longs list of grievances against washington. from the invasion of iraq in 2003 we're currently bombing sunni muslims in iraq and syria, we've done very little to get rid of bashar al assad in spite of our promises. refusing to deliver advanced weapons to saudi arabia that they could use in yemen, they are angry with us and there's also the question this is a persistent rumor that king salman has some form of dementia and don't know what his health is at this point. on the other hand his son is a very powerful figure. mohammad bin salman controls saudi oil, a key player in this so the saudis will have a decent representation at camp david. >> look all the -- even the deputies number twos coming are
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important in their representative countries but clearly, kimberly if the president of the united states invites you and makes a big deal about it in the rose garden saying they're going to camp david, he doesn't go to camp david all that often and only two of the leaders can show up four have various reasons, two of them aren't feeling well two others don't want to come it does sort of underscore a serious problem, despite efforts by the white house including right now the white house press secretary josh earnest trying to play any serious rift down. >> it does look like spin from the white house and it does look like a snub in that this would have been an amazing photo opportunity. then again, why would you use the office and come here and give him that kind of respect if from the saudi point of view the u.s. is going to possibly grant iran a privilege of getting off of the sanctions, and maintaining its nuclear
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capability why not come to the united states after you've gotten assurances that your nation is going to be protected, and also that the u.s. will give gulf nations some sort of military parody with iran in future. >> yeah. apparently they want real assurances bob baer the u.s. will be there. they're nervous about iran with sanctions going to go away billions of dollars flowing into iran they don't trust iran for a moment. if you speak to some of the leaders they sound like netanyahu sounds in israel he doesn't trust the iranians doesn't like this deal. it's ironic you get the gulf sunni states on the same page as the israelis are right now. but they want a real assurance be from the united states that if something were to happen the u.s. would be there major non-nato ally status something along those lines. is that realistic? >> no. i think we failed the saudis. let's be frank about this wolf.
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you have this war on yemen, an existential war for saudi arabia that has to win, last week the hue houthiing killed a lot of saudis firing across the border. you have hezbollah, which hezbollah has acknowledged this lebanese hezbollah is backing the houthis, you have an iranian hand in this and the iranians are moving everywhere and seemingly in the saudis' eyes, paranoid recognizing with the united states over this treaty. if this occurs you will see the saudis striking out independently and the alliance with saudi arabia is going to be weakened seriously. >> bob baer kimberly dozer, thanks very much. we'll stay on top of the story. other news we're following including some explosive alleges surrounding the killing of osama bin laden. one investigative journalist says we don't know the whole story. we'll assess a live report from
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mutual insurance. . for our north american viewers coming up at the top of the hour a vigil in hattiesburg, mississippi, for two police officers shot to death saturday night during a traffic stop. the mayor says it's the first time the city has lost a police officer in the line of duty in 30 years. 34-year-old benjamin deen on the left was named officer of the year back in 2012. he was married with two young children. 24-year-old liquori tate on the right was a rookie graduated from the police academy only last joint. earlier today his sister told cnn how she had spoken with him
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shortly before he was killed. >> i have this security alert on my phone where if i press the power button three times, it will send a message to him for him to call me right away, and i accidentally pressed it while in the store looking for a mother's day gift with my younger siblings and my grandmother and he called me at 6:59 just saying that i was just checking on you because i got the alert and that's how he's always been. he's -- i've done it accidentally several times in the past and he would always call to make sure i was all right. i didn't know that would be the last time i would hear his voice. >> moments ago, the attorney general of the united states loretta lynch issued this statement praising the fallen police officers. the murder of these young men is a devastating reminder that the work our brave police officers
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perform every day is extremely dangerous, profoundly heroic and deeply disserving of our unequivocal support. all americans owe these courageous citizens a debt of gratitude. the department of justice stands in solly dairy with our brothers and sisters as we mourn this most recent loss. four people are in custody in connection with this crime they're due in court later today to face multiple charges. the officers' deaths mark a disturbing trend in police being killed in the line of duty. last year 51 police officers around the united states died from criminal action. that was 89% jump from 2013 when 27 officers were killed which was the fewest in 35s years. on average, 64 police officers lose their lives each year from criminal actions. alina machado is in hattiesburg standing by for the vigil they're getting ready to hold for the two slain police officers. alina, you had a chance to speak with the mother of these --
10:17 am
mother of two of the suspects. what did she have to say? >> wolf the woman's name is mary smith. her son curtis banks is charged with accessory after the fact of capital murder. curtis' older brother melvin banks is facing -- is one of the suspects facing the capital murder charges. she told us she is deeply sorry for what has happened and had this to say about her sons. >> he real nice and he was trying to get curtis to come to my house to turn himself in. my son they don't like police. they don't like police. >> how tough is it on you as a mom to be going through this? it must be difficult for you. why do you think marvin did this? >> i don't know. he was out of his mind. he wasn't the same marvin. >> because he was on drugs? >> on those drugs. he wasn't the same marvin. >> again, that's what she said
10:18 am
was the reason she thought for the shooting her sopshe thought how her son melvin was on drugs, has psychiatric problems that have not been diagnosed. offered to take him to rehab at one point and he refused the help. she has not spoken with melvin banks since the shooting but she did speak to curtis banks, the younger brother, and he says he told her he had nothing to do with this police shooting. wolf? >> when will the arraignment be held alina? >> well all four suspects are expected to go before a judge in just a few hours here in hattiesburg, mississippi. authorities have not yet released by the way, many details about the traffic stop. it's unclear if we will get some of those details today but just to recap all we know that has happened so far, one of the officers initiated the stop called for a backup the other officer arrived. what happens next remains unclear and in terms of the
10:19 am
charges, i want to go through those. there are two other suspects who as i mentioned will be in court along with the banks' brothers. 22-year-old joanie calloway is charged with capital murder, cornelius clark charged with obstruction of justice, in addition to these court appearances, here in this community, people will be getting together gathering right before those court appearances, in a memorial in a vigil to remember these two fallen officers. wolf? >> thank you very much. still ahead, one journalist now challenging the account of the raid that killed osama bin laden. we're going to get the reaction from the white house. and with these scenes out of yemen you wouldn't know a cease-fire is only a day away the attacks are intensifying, details, stay with us. woman: as much as i sweat, i always wore black. other clinical antiperspirants didn't work. then i tried certain dri. it's different. it stops sweat before it starts. add some color to your life with certain dri.
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yemen's houthi rebel say they shot down a saudi coalition fightinger jet sunday when morocco reports it lost contact with one of its jets. nick paton walsh is joining us. the houthis claim they shot down a fighter jet. saudi arabia has intensified its attacks against the houthi rebels at least over the past three days. yemen stiofficials say 25 strikes hit a houthi weapons depot ten minutes earlier today. the question why is there ans escalation of hostilities just before a cease-fire is supposed to go into effect tomorrow? >> well we don't know if this escalation in saudi moves is
10:24 am
because of the f-16 it may be because you've seen the conflicts with a cease-fire looming often militaries move quickly to try to establish the facts on the ground they have to live with for weeks or days. this may be the saudis upping their moves ahead 27 hours ahead of this cease-fire because there's certain targets they've yet to sit, realities they want to establish military but the oh ploigs in sanaa right remarkable. enormous mushroom cloud, arms depot hit at the military base. we are hearing from police officials at least 25 dead possibly over 100 injured. these are preliminary figures. we've been told they may rise but that coupled with the air strikes against the key province to the north of sanaa the capital houthi stronghold which the saudi says they're hitting because it's been used as a launch pad on southern saudi arabia gives a broader picture of how violent the last three
10:25 am
days have been. many are saying they suggest the cease-fire are in jeopardy others cast more caution saying that's what you see before many cease-fires if you look at warfare. a tense time. many civilians being caught in this. the cease-fire called a humanitarian pause by some saudi officials. they accept international pressure to get aid in as quickly as possible will the guns fall silent to let that happen? >> if there is a cease-fire supposed to go into effect tomorrow what are the chances it will exist, that it will be honored? >> well i think if you saw john kerry next to his saudi counterpart a few days ago, it was clear that the saudis felt that the american pressure to put in this five-day cease-fire now that the americans and saudis are clear small infractions won't cause the whole thing fall apart and want it see humanitarian aid in as quickly as possible. the problem those fighting on
10:26 am
the ground are not unified. no saudis fighting on the ground. they're conducting an air campaign. they're not all that cohesive and the other side perhaps more chaotic. the houthis not always that homogenous as a force. they have militia force fighting alongside them tribes in the mix as well local rivalries. a lot could happy to make violence continue, the cease-fire in jeopardy but a lot of international pressure to get the five days in action as a lull in the fighting to get aid in. john kerry called it potentially renewable, we'll have to see. remember that camp david summit happening, diplomacy in the back ground as well. a broader picture here as well wolf. >> nick thanks very much. nick paton walsh reporting from beirut. jeb bush answers this key question would he have invatdsed iraq in 2003 like his brother but will his answer help or hurt him in a republican presidential campaign? it's more than a network and the cloud. it's reliable uptime. and multi-layered security.
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welcome back. i'm wolf blitzer reporting from washington. 1:30 p.m. here 6:30 in london 12:30 a.m. in vietnam. thanks very much for joining us. jeb bush speaking out about his older brother's controversial decision to go to war against iraq in 2003. in a new interview with fox news the likely presidential candidate was asked point blank if he would have gone to war if he had been president.
10:31 am
listen to what he said. >> i would have. so would have hillary clinton. just to remind everybody. so would have almost everybody that was confronted with the intelligence they got. >> you don't think it was a mistake? mistake? in retrospect the intelligence was faulty. >> if the former florida governor runs for president, he still hasn't officially announced but it is expected that comment could draw fire from his rivals and point to the human cost of the war which included nearly 5,000 american lives lost tens of thousands of injured, and billions -- hundreds of billions of dollars if not trillions of dollars that u.s. taxpayers spent over a decade fighting that war and now there's the ongoing bloody battle with isis in iraq that's still going on very much so let's talk about all of this with our chief political analyst gloria borger and chief congressional correspondent dana bash. this comment that he sort of is doubling down supporting the decision that his brother made
10:32 am
in march of 2003 to go to war, how is it going to play? >> it depends on what audience you're talking about. the general election running against hillary clinton who says that the iraq war, her vote on the iraq war was a mistake it could hurt him with some independent voters. the iraq war very unpopular. when you look at the republican party right now, it's grown much more muscular on foreign policy. the american public is looking at the isis beheadings they're seeing what's going on in syria and so it may not hurt him as much in the republican party as you might think. by the way he hasn't been shy about telling people in a closed fund-raiser that w. is one of his chief advisors on foreign policy and a lot of his advisors come from the bush team. >> they're saying he was referring to be one of his chief foreign policy advisors when it comes to israel trying to reassure a pro-israel group in new york but not necessarily
10:33 am
saying he's one of the chief foreign policy advisers on everything. >> that's right. some of the bigger picture issue is like gloria was saying that when it comes to how he's going to separate himself or not from his brother, it's not as it would seem at first blush. iowa the first caucus state. jeb bush's favorability rating is under water, 39% and it's unfavorable is 45%. george w. bush 81%. so to some out there in might seem like really you want to link yourself to your brother, especially since the iraq war was seen as the most controversial decision he made during his presidency but to those who are running, and voting in the republican primary, maybe not so much. >> what's he waiting for? why doesn't he announce like six other republicans have announced. >> i think they're looking for a
10:34 am
way to separate themselves in a which from the field, let everybody else out there first and then jeb will get in. he's out raising an awful lot of money and that's an important thing for him to be doing right now. you know i would assume that some time later this spring we're going to see an official jeb bush announcement but for all intents and purposes wolf everybody knows jeb bush is running. >> is he running away from his record on comprehensive immigration reform in the face of criticism from some republicans that he supports amnesty for 10 or 12 million illegal immigrants here in the united states? >> he claims no that he's not running a away from it that he's still very much believes in that he is not the kind of republican that you saw like mitt romney back in 2012 who talked about self-deportation really leaned into the part of the republican base that was
10:35 am
highly highly highly highly against any form never mind citizenship, but legal status that he's not like that. but the one thing that i want to say about what you mentioned, and you asked, why is he not running you hit the nail on the head. it's about money. they can raise so much more money now before he's a declared cap date hand over fist you can raise literally by the millions because it is not capped until you're a federal candidate and once -- when raising money for a super pac or pac as he is now before a declared federal candidate he can raise -- they want him to raise about $100 million and want to push the envelope as long as they can to raise those big dollar amounts until they can't. >> that's why you hear all these candidates speak gobbledegook and say if i were to run, legally they can't say i'm running because then they're subject to fund-raising caps. they have to speak this phony
10:36 am
language that makes everybody sort of scratch their head and say why don't you come out and say you're running. >> he will at some point. >> we'll be there. >> dana will be there. >> thanks very much. still ahead, explosive allegations surrounding the killing of sblaud.osama bin laden. one journalist says we don't know the whole story. the white house has just reacted. new fears nouk is pushing ahead with a sub-based missile system. a former pentagon official will stand by to join us live with his analysis. tempur-pedic for awhile but now that we have the adjustable base, it's even better. when i put my feet up on this bed, my stress just goes away. i go up... heeeeyyyy. our tempur-pedic is the best thing in our house...'cept for my husband. wait, wait, where are you going? (vo): discover how tempur-pedic can move you. and now through may 31st save hundreds on a tempur-breeze mattress and adjustable base.
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. four years after the the death of osama bin laden, there's a new claim about the circumstances surrounding the raid that killed him. the pulitzer-prize winning journalist seymour herb says what we've been told about it is
10:40 am
false. he said top pakistani officials knew the navy s.e.a.l.s. were coming which contradicts the white house version saying the pakistanis were kept in the dark. >> the story was this -- it would have been a good clean mission, if we hadn't gone public that night and said we did it. instead of waiting the week as we were supposed to. that was the game. think about it that way, you realize it makes more sense. the pakistanis were confronted with the fact we knew something they didn't want us to know no choice but to cooperate because we have economic leverage on them the generals we put money in the pakistani -- >> the white house is totally dismissing the controversial article. let's go to michele kaczynski. tell us about the white house reaction michele. >> it may have take an limb time for the white house to respond to this formally. one of the things he mentioned on our air today saying the white house isn't denying this almost using it as a defense. the white house is not just denying his accounting of what happened that night, but they're
10:41 am
pouring water all over it. here's the press secretary just now. >> i can tell you that the obama white house is not the only one to observe that the story is riddled with inaccuracies and outright falsehoods. the former deputy director of the cia mike morel has said that every sentence was wrong and jim, i thought one of your colleagues at cnn put it best peter bergen security analyst for cnn, described the story as being about 10,000 words in length and he said based on reading it that what's true in the story isn't new, and what's new in the story isn't true. so i thought that was a god way of describing why no one here is politically concerned about it. >> and he didn't go into any of the specific items detailed in
10:42 am
hersh's reporting. one of the assertions at the heart of it all the pakistani government knew and koortsed with or had to cooperate with the u.s. government on the raid. but what analysts have in the short time since the story has been out there poked hole through this the premise this would have had to entail a cover story that would have lasted year and years, that would have made the pakistanis look terrible and bad for them ultimately. earlier the national security council did respond to the premise and what they said and equally strong language what you heard from the press secretary staying there are too many inaccuracies and baseless assertions in this piece to fact check each one. nevertheless the notion that operation that killed osama bin laden was anything but a unilateral u.s. mission is patently false. as we said at the time knowledge of the operation was confined to a small circle of senior u.s. officials. the president decided early on not to inform any other government including the
10:43 am
pakistani government which was not notified until after the raid occurred. so, you know blowing a big hole in one of the primary assertions that hersh is making there, wolf. >> thank you very much coming up a flood of migrants overwhelming parts of asia and europe. the crisis and controersial idea to address it. what's on the secretary of state john kerry's agenda as he heads to russia to meet with russia's president?
10:44 am
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to share the burden of accepting migrants from north africa. the flood of migrants is creating a crisis in europe particularly if italy, which can't handle them all. the plan would distribute those looking for asylum based on the country's size unemployment rate and ability to handle the cost but the u.k. already is saying it won't be forced to take any more. at the same time indonesia is coping with refugees trying to escape the bo poverty of bangladesh and myanmar. the indonesian government rescuing thousands at sea as hundreds more die. here's ivan watson. >> indonesian and malaysian authorities say more than 2,000 high grants have been rescued at sea in a period of just 48 hours. more than a thousand of those migrants landing at the malaysian tourist resort island
10:48 am
and the rest apparently arriving on the other side of the malacca straits around the indonesia district of north acha. officials tell cnn many of the migrants include women and children and they were exhausted after apparently being adrift at sea for days with very limited supplies of food and water. the united states high commissioner for refugees is calling this part of a larger trend that unhcr has been documenting with some 25,000 people embarking on this dangerous journey by sea, just in the first three months of this year alone. and that's an increase of more than two times the number that the unhcr documented in the same period of 2014. the unhcr says 40 to 60% of the people making this dangerous
10:49 am
journey come from the muslim community in myanmar, an ethnic and religious minority that is largely denied citizenship and equal rights by the government in myanmar. we traveled in the fall of last year to myanmar's state where we met some of the more than 100,000 muslims who have been made homeless by simmering conflict in that region in the last couple of years. people who said they had been evicted from their homes and confined to displaced person camps, every person we talked to said they knew somebody who you with planning to or who had previously embarked on this dangerous naval journey to escape the difficult conditions there in myanmar. the unhcr says at least 300 people were killed died according -- due to difficult conditions on that perilous maritime voyage in the beginning of 2015 and increasingly it
10:50 am
appears that smugglers are turning away from over land routes to the naval route. they say the migrants suffer extortion nary rates at the hands of smugglers they're also subjected to human rights abuses by the smugglers, including rape. ivan watson, cnn, hong kong. >> thank you, ivan. secretary of state john kerry is headed to sochi, russia his first visit to the country since the start of the ukraine crisis. he'll meet with the russian president vladimir putin and the foreign minister sergei lavrov. iran syria, ukraine, will certainly be on to of the agenda agenda. still to come dire warnings that north korea is getting closer to a sub-based missile system that could have a global reach. time, there was a nice house that lived with a family. one day, it started to rain and rain. water got inside and ruined everybody's everythings.
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a frightening new development in one of the most feared and dangerous regimes on earth. south korea raising the possibility that north korea is only a few years away from developing submarine-based missiles that could be difficult to track and strike anywhere. images from north korea seem to back up its claim of a successful underwater test launch with the leader kim jong-un apparently looking on. the south korean military
10:55 am
believes the toephotos are authentic. pentagon officials are not so sure. they're looking at whether these images were photoshopped. let's bring in peter brooks. he's a former assistant secretary of defense. one u.s. official telling cnn, and i'm reading here a direct quote, this was not a test but a simulated firing. what does that mean? >> well they really didn't have much of an objective here in terms of test and operation. it was probably a simulation to push up the missile through the water column to get it out. i'm very skeptical about that one picture there. would you really put the north korean leader that close to a missile coming out of the water? and there's a possibility the missile didn't go that far, even if there was some sort of test firing of the engine. but it's certainly not good news. only the latest in a series of pieces of bad news. some chinese told some americans that north korea may have double
10:56 am
the number of nuclear weapons we have. we're saying about 20. we were thinking 10 to 15. they're saying 20. an american general -- sorry, an admiral, has said north korea might have road mobile intercontinental missile with a warhead to put on top of that. and of course this. >> so they have the capability already already, you believe, to deliver a nuclear bomb? >> that's what the commander of north com said. he said this publicly. some people dispute it, but it is big news if it's true. the fact s we believe for a while that north korea could potentially hit the west coast of the united states with an intercontinental ballistic missile. >> and you think they have maybe as many as 20 already? >> this is what the chinese are telling us. the other news is perhaps they've started the nuclear facility restarted that facility which would give them more material for more nuclear bombs. it's an interesting possibility in the fact the chinese decided to tell this to some american
10:57 am
interlocketers. >> there's been a strain in that north korea-china relationship lately. >> absolutely. in fact it was a possibility that kim jong-un was going to go to russia. he's balancing -- >> for the anniversary. >> right. he decided not to go. but he's playing russia off china a little bit. he's got this very large neighbor. they have a history of a relationship with the soviet union. i think they're balancing that big neighbor to the north with moscow. >> so you think he wants to improve the north korean relationship with russia at the expense of what had been the most important relationship north korea had with china. >> it still is but the fact is that north korea likes to look independent. >> is he in charge kim jong-un, of what's going on in north korea right now? he's still obviously in his early 30s, relatively young. >> no doubt in my mind especially if these reports about the purges are true. we're hearing about a lot of purges of senior political officials and military officials. i think he's firmly in charge. >> and the reason he didn't go to moscow if he wants to
10:58 am
improve relationships with russia was? >> possibility of a coup in north korea. >> so he's afraid to leave the country. >> absolutely that's the case. he's not traveled outside the country since he's taken charge. there's always a possibility he might travel to some places in china, but traveling all the way to russia i think, is probably something he's not comfortable with. >> what do you anticipate let's let's say, over the next several months in terms of north korea, its relationship with south korea, with china, potentially with the u.s.? any improvement, or is it simply going to continue to deteriorate? >> the obama administration calls it strategic patience. i'm not sure to what end that strategic patience is but there have been no talks. i think the american with the highest visibility is dennis rodman to have met with kim jong-un. >> i think he's the only american. >> well yeah and there's talk about jane fonda, right. >> she hasn't been there. >> right, but she may actually -- there's talk about her crossing the dmz at some point. >> there is a delegation of women. i don't know if she's on that trip but there are others going
10:59 am
there. they'll go to north korea and then go across that border. apparently north korea and south korea have agreed to let them do. >> it will be interesting to see if they meet with senior leadership for propaganda purposes. this is a very interesting regime. it's a wild card and something we need to be concerned about, especially this newest development, although i don't think it's in the near future they're going to have an intercontinental ballistic missile. >> peter brooks thanks very much. there's also breaking news coming in from the pentagon which is now costing serious doubt on earlier reports that the isis leader al baghdadi was wounded in an air strike back in march. a u.s. official telling cnn there's not intelligence that al baghdadi was at that strike location. the pentagon spokesman saying it has, quote, no reason to believe al baghdadi has been injured in a coalition air strike. the new information contradicts published reports that al baghdadi was seriously wounded and no longer running isis.
11:00 am
so that just coming in from our sources at the pentagon. that's it for me. thanks very much for watching. i'll be back 5:00 p.m. eastern in "the situation room." for our international viewers, "amanpour" is next. for our viewers in north america, "newsroom" with brooke baldwin starts right now. here we go. breaking news on this monday. i'm brooke baldwin. communities all across the midwest and the plains are really now in recovery mode after this deadly line of storms including more than 70 reported tornadoes hit across multiple states. at least five deaths have been confirmed with many more people injured. let's focus right now in this area in texas. so much of this devastation hit the northeastern texas town of van. this is just east of dallas. i can tell you two people there are dead eight others are missing. officials say at least a third