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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  May 12, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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emeralds. all good for him right? wrong. he picked up the dresser at an estate sale, and he is giving the find all of it to the former owner's son. >> wonderful. >> and rare. >> legally and ethically, rare. >> nice. let's carry on with the day. >> good morning. "newsroom" starts now. happening now in the "newsroom," not again. another powerful earthquake hits nepal. this is what it looked like the moment the 7.3 quake hit. we're monitoring the situation on the ground. >> also somebody shot at george zimmerman. >> he said i do not have a phone, i have a gun, i shot george zimmerman, please call 911. >> the former neighborhood watch man injured by flying glass. what is up with this?
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plus suspending a superstar. >> the greatest of all-time. are you kidding me. >> it's wrong. >> in excess. >> pats' fans sound off after learning quarterback tom brady will not start. >> they will punish him by making him stay at home in his mansion and stay with his supermodel wife and think about what he did wrong. >> do you think the punishment is fair? let's talk about it in the "cnn newsroom"s. good morning, i am carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. another powerful earthquake rocks nepal. the 7.3 magma to the quake striking some 11 miles deep this time near the border with china. panic in katmandu. people flooding the streets as the violent shaking began. one man was giving a speech in parliament at the time, and
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terrified audience members seen fleeing the building. it's only been weeks since thousands were in that the earthquake. ivan watson is in hong con. >> reporter: this is sad news to have to report. two weeks ago nepal had the deadliest earthquake it has seen in generations and a little more than two weeks later, boom a 7.3 magnitude earthquake hitting the impoverished mountainous country. their government has already counted at least 36 dead and some 1,100 or more wounded. i was there two weeks ago and i saw how frightened people were and they were sleeping outdoors in makeshift tents and when there would be an aftershock you
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would hear the entire city of katmandu screaming in fear so people that just started to get more comfortable and they just started to trust their homes and buildings again, and boom this thing hits and it has brought down buildings that were already damaged and made vulnerable by the initial earthquake, and there have already been a series of frightening aftershocks, and it has triggered landslides and avalanches but there is maybe a silver lining here and that is that the search and rescue teams were already mobilized, and there was help from other countries, and the u.s. marines were there and the indian air force is there, and they have people from surrounding towns and villages and disaster relief material is already there to help nepal through the real time of crisis. >> all right, thank you so much. now to the secretary general
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who is in nepal right now. welcome. >> thank you. >> tell us what it's like on the ground there. >> i am now in the field, about two miles from the epicenter, and people here are in shock, and here at the hospital it has been rough, a lot of injured people coming in all the time. we have a lot of patients today. the buildings have collapsed, the building -- people are afraid and scared. they have no place to go and so we have people camping outside the hospital. we have peoplethatere.
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>> ivan watson says there is help on the ground. is there enough help? >> well the red cross, there is a lot of people that need help and the helicopters are flying in with wounded people to the hospital so our doctors and nurses they are try to treat as many as possible. it's important that we help the people and release them and they will need help for a long time. >> thank you so much and thank you for your fine work on the ground. find out how you can help victims of both earthquakes in nepal, head to and families continue sifting through debris in
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tornadoes. two of the deaths were here in van, texas. the twister damaging homes in the tight-knit community. three of the people who were not accounted for have been found alive. the new england patriots standing by tom brady after the nfl decides to issue a four-game suspension over the deflate gate controversy. in addition to the $1 million penalty, they will forfeit their first round draft pick, and brady's agency calling it ridiculous with no legitimate basis. >> the nfl is hitting tom brady with the unprecedented suspension, and the league says they are handing down the suspension because they must protect the integrity of the game. brady's action as they were described in the wells report
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were considered conduct detrimental to the game of football. and tom brady's agency says they will appeal the decision and this is not the fault of tom or the patriots. we will appeal. now, vincent's letter mentions spy gate and that was a factor in determining the punishment and the patriots are the only franchise since 1980 to be stripped of a first-round pick and now it's happened to them twice. the nfl quadtphflnfl give them the fine. kraft is not happy. he condemned the league's action saying the punishment far exceeded any reasonable
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expectation and it was based on circumstantial rather than hard and conclusive evidence and tom brady has our support and our belief in him has not wavered. and pats nation stand up. one of the best defenders, patrick peterson backed the league tweeting well done nfl. and steve weatherford suggested some of the rhetoric surrounding the suspension. they are comparing it to steroid use. preposterous. and brady's agent said he will appeal the suspension, and this conversation is not going to go anywhere carol. >> what can we expect out of the appeals process? >> they have three days to appeal so we could see it happen today, and the big question is who will over see the appeals
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process? will it be goodell, who is one of the 32 men that employ and pay goodell's salary or will it be a judge, and likely consider any challenges to the investigation. we have david cornwell coming on. >> let's say a lot of patriots fans are wicked mad, already taking to twitter defending brady saying it goes too far. the message do not raise the championship banner until brady is back on the field. you can't blame them. come on would you want to take a chance on jimmy garoppolo, and he is expected to be the team's starting quarterback in brady's absence. new york giants quarterback, eli manning, says while he is not
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happy to see brady suspended the nfl has the responsibility to uphold the integrity of the game. >> you know, the football i think it is about spweg tau raeintegrity and you have to follow the rules, and if somebody is breaking rules, i understand you need to be punished for it. >> and joining me now, chad brown, and sports attorney david cornwell who is in atlanta. chad you are a patriots guy. of course you think the penalty goes too far? >> i am not saying that in a sense that i think this is an absurd punishment. i understand the league has to do something when the team and tom has not fully cooperated with the investigation. this punishment is not so much about the inflation or deflation of footballs, this punishment is about when roger goodell calls
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to you to the principal's office to new york, and if you don't go you are interfering with the integrity of the league. >> what do you think should have been a fair punishment chad? >> after the appeal process, if tom does appeal which i am expecting him to do if he goes up there and has some sort of admission, the suspension would be brought down to two games, which seems right for the circumstances. >> let's pretend you are tom brady's agent, what is your next step? >> you make the appeal, and listen i understand the importance of the integrity of the game but i didn't do this. the problem is tom didn't cooperate, so they can challenge the integrity of the process and call people names all he wants, but until tom comes forward with the information ted wells asked him to during the investigation, nobody in the league office is going to pay much attention of
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them stomping their feet and holding their breath. tom deserves a fair hearing on appeal. when he comes on his appeal he has to give the information that contra srurts or rebuts that he was involved. >> he should turnover his texts, right? why didn't he do that? and the second part is who should be in charge of the appeals process, that hearing? >> i think they will spend good time talking about finding the right person to hear the appeal so that the integrity of the appeal process is protected just as troy protected the integrity of the game. but tom says i didn't do it and ted wells says let pea see your text messages i think those are important. tom doesn't turn them over. the presumption is until he does those text messages are incriminating. the first thing he has to do is either turn over the text messages or i think he is going
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to have to take his medicine. >> chad brown and david cornwell thanks to both of you. still to come was the head of isis injured in an air strike? there are reports out there suggesting he was terribly injured, but was he? we'll talk about that next. financial noise financial noise financial noise
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for weeks rumors have been circulating that the leader of isis was seriously injured in an air strike and abu bakr al baghdadi was hit with shrapnel and has spinal injuries back in march, and barbara starr has
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more on this. >> this has gotten our attention because these reports keep circulating in the media and circulating online and the ground truth may be difficult to determine, but we spent time talking to a number of u.s. officials, and here is what they tell us. right now they say they have no intelligence in the u.s. intelligence community that al baghdadi is injured, and the rumor was he was hurt in an air strike in march but u.s. officials say they have no information to back that up. what they do say, however, is they have current intelligence showing them that al baghdadi remains very much in charge of isis and he is issuing orders and he is ordering operations that he is in charge day-to-day and he is the key player in isis. but there is an interesting wrinkle here as there always is. look at the picture of these four men. these are the men that a few days ago, the u.s. government
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put a bounty on their heads. millions of dollars in rewards. these are top isis operatives and top isis planners and leaders. anyone of these guys might some day be the successor to al baghdadi if he is taken out in a u.s. air coalition strike. >> thank you. a five-daybreak from the bloodshed expected to begin in about seven hours, but there are reports that a rocket strike in the country's capital killed 90 people overnight, and the new york times reports more than 1,400 people most of them civilians, have been killed since saudi arabia began air strikes in march. still to come in the "newsroom" -- >> i just shot george zimmerman. please call 911.
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really. i am like what? >> george zimmerman shot at and the man that pulled the trigger next. ♪ ♪ ♪
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george zimmerman, i am sure more than one person is out there asking, what is up with him? this time a fluid coupled with road rage with a gun sent
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zimmerman to the hospital. it began in florida, and the alleged shooter said zimmerman pulled up next to him and waved a gun, and he pulled out his own gun and shot him. >> please call 911. i short george zimmerman. >> well he missed but he still miffed and that's his blowing cigarette smoke into a camera and zimmerman's attorney says he is taunting him. >> in any event, when george recognized him and realized who he was and what he was saying he rolled his window up and decided to get away, and not to provoke it whatsoever. >> joining me to talk about this legal analyst, joey
6:24 am
jackson. >> good morning, carol. you are not surprised we are talking about this, are you? >> no because george zimmerman has been in a lot of trouble as of late. >> yes, he has. he has brushes with the law before and i have them here september 2013 domestic incident with ex-wife, and all the stuff you see on the screen here. the issue is going to be if he is charged could it be used in the case? here is a point. the person is judged by what you did today. character evidence is not admissible and you have to prove on the merits that i did what i did. the important points is not those old cases, but what will be important is what happened here? was there a background? was there a past? that's important because it goes to the issue of state of mind. in the event this other person fired a shot we want to know
6:25 am
why? did he feel he was in fear? if we have a past history, it may show that i was in imminent fear. >> he is saying zimmerman waved a gun? couldn't he use stand your ground as a defense, which would be totally ironic? >> of course it will depend upon was there a gun found, because if you are making a claim there was a gun being waved, and the waving of the gun alone is not going to carry the day, it's whether or not you feared he would use that gun against you, the state of mind is going to be critical and based upon him shooting in that car, was he justified or not? we shall see moving forward. >> it's just -- i don't know it boggles the mind because george zimmerman previous to the trayvon martin trial, right, he was never in any trouble?
6:26 am
what happened? you have ever represented a client like that? >> not quite like george zimmerman. i have represented clients who buy the grace of whatever they end up getting acquitted and they feel because they are acquitted they have a license and they can come back to you and ask you to get them out of trouble again when sometimes with your skill, that may do it and other times it's happen and circumstance and it has nothing to do at all with your skill. we hope he engages and doesn't engage in actions like this and we're not here talking about it. >> there is gun play on a public roadway, and whether zimmerman was threatening or not, he shot through a car window on an open road. >> yeah you see the truck he had, and you see a bullet hole. it's not clear whether the window was rolled down or what
6:27 am
level it was, but when the window was rolled up you see the hole and it could have been worse than what it was, so what i want to know when they piece it together the authorities, who gets charged doesthis all needs to be sorted out and it will be yet to be seen who is charged, if anybody, in this particular case. >> many thanks. appreciate it. still to come in the "newsroom," under review and on edge. a wisconsin police officer facing charges today in the killing of an unarmed teenager. for months people want to know what the investigation would reveal. the shooting happening just behind us. protesters are already getting ready, and we will have the story coming up in a live report. you could sit at your computer and read all about zero-turn mowers. click. scroll. tweet. or you could just sit on a john deere z435 eztrak
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good morning. i am carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. we are continuing to follow the devastation in nepal, new devastation, another powerful earthquake this time measuring 7.3 and striking the border of china. it involved avalanches and 39 people have died in nepal and india, and more than 1,000 were injured today.
6:32 am
india's military is flying out some that were hurt, and several aftershocks measuring as high as 6.8. today's quake comes three weeks after another quake killed 8,000 people across the region. in wisconsin, nerves on edge as prosecutors get to make a critical ruling on a case. will a police officer be charged with the shooting of an unarmed teenager. others rallying behind law enforcement and some saying unlawful force. >> scanner traffic gives us a glimpse. >> look for a male black, outside yelling in front of cars 19 years of age, and his name is tony robinson. >> another call said robinson was trying to strangle somebody
6:33 am
and the first officer on scene reports he made a commotion in the apartment, and he forced his way through the door and a fight started and he was hit in the head by robinson. 30 seconds later. >> shots fired. >> robinson died after being shot. >> he was unarmed, and that's going to make this all the more complicated for the investigators, for the public to accept and understand that deadly force had to be used. >> this is not the first time officer keating has been involved in a deadly shooting. in 2007 he shot and killed a man in what the police chief described as suicide by cop, and he was exonerated of any wrong doing. >> i want to bring in cnn's ryan young who is live. how are they preparing for the announcement? >> reporter: you know people are talking about protesting regardless of what happens, and so people are looking forward to
6:34 am
that and police shut down the streets, and you remember when they took over the capitol a few months ago chanting black lives matter. a man was working on the door about five minutes ago, and that's where the shooting happened, and the officer heard a noise on the other side of the door and went on the inside and shot three times killing tony robinson. there are a lot of questions as to whether or not a taser should have been used and in madison you cannot use a taser unless you have backup and the officer said he heard a noise and thought somebody was in trouble and that's why he went in and the fight happened and the officer did suffer a concussion. we will hear evidence from the da's office and robinson's mother was heartbroken. >> my son was the most loving and playful kid, and he played games all day long and he loved his family and friends.
6:35 am
he was never, never, he would never hurt a person. he was 6'4" 220 pounds, but never fights. >> carol, i think it's important to note the days after this happened the family was actually calling for calm. they have wanted peace and protesters to remain peaceful in this and as people march in the street for the most part everybody did listen to them, and they did take over the streets and that will probably happen again today, and we are waiting to see what the da decides to do. >> my next guest is a state lawmaker that co-hosted a bill that required an outside investigation of all officer-involved shootings. she joins me too, from madison. good morning. >> good morning and thanks for having me. >> thanks for being here. wisconsin became the first state to pass such a requirement.
6:36 am
tell us why it was important? >> that's right, we were the first state. we thought it was incredibly important to make sure in the investigation when there is a officer-involved death that the investigation is done independently and unbiassed as possible and before this there was a shooting two blocks where this incident occurred and that led myself and another lawmaker to take a look at these investigations and to make sure they were done as independently as possible so the public had confidence in the outcome. >> representative are you comfortable that madison police have things under control? they gave a two-day warning the announcement would be coming out, and how are they preparing today, do you know? >> well, look i think that it was good to get some notice that this was coming. nobody does peaceful protests better than madison, wisconsin.
6:37 am
we have a strong tradition in madison, wisconsin, of peacefully raising our voices. i am confident, whatever happens today, the people of this city my community, they will handle themselves in a peaceful and law until manner. >> i hear you were near where tony robinson was shot. can you tell us about that? >> well i was across the street at the gas station and pulled into the gas station and saw a commotion on the other side of the street, and saw people yelling, and a squad car with the lights on and saw people in the gas station squatting behind their cars, and they yelled to me to stay in my car. so i arrived on the scene, you know in the midst, i think, of the conversation, and subsequently heard sirens and got out of my car and unfortunately was able to see police leaning over a body on the other side of the street. it was an awful tragedy.
6:38 am
my heart goes out to the family. i am proud of my community. i think we have responded in a very appropriate way, and i am very confident that today, whatever happens, whatever the outcome is the people of this city and of the state are going to respond extremely peacefully and very appropriately. >> wisconsin state representative chris taylor thank you for joining me this morning. i appreciate it. >> thank you. still to come in the "newsroom," there is nothing like being in a stadium full of fans and seeing the heartfelt military tributes but did you know they are costing you millions of dollars? that's next. ♪ ♪
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it has become part of the game day experience touching military tributes that solute america's arm forced at football games, but you may not know the ceremonies are costing you, the taxpayer a pretty penny. fans are under the assumption nfl teams are paying for the tributes directly and instead they are being used as a form of advertising. according to documents obtained by, now senator
6:43 am
flake is demanding answers. he joins me now. welcome, sir. >> thanks for having me on. >> senator, when you found out about this what went through your mind? >> you know you go to these games and you have these feel-good moments, and you think, oh, what a nice thing you have done and you find out it's probably paid for by the taxpayer, and it kind of leaves an empty feeling in your stomach. we just kind of stumbled on to this and it turns out we are paying a lot of money, some accounts of $5 million over two years, and $5 million in one year for one account, and we are trying to figure out what they are used for, and it was stipulated this is what the money was to be used for, these paid tributes. >> i want to read a statement from the pittsburgh steelers quote, like many other advertisers desiring to get
6:44 am
their message to large audiences, the military has contracted with the steelers and it's to advance its recruiting efforts has nothing to do with the programs we have that provide an opportunity for our fans to salute our military veterans as well as active service members. if i could go through this because it's hard to understand. sure the military pays for tiesing to recruit its soldiers right, but there are some advertisements that come free of charge is that what you are finding? >> well some maybe, and we are in the middle of trying to find out more information. let me just say, i don't begrudge any nfl team or any other team for getting these contracts, if the department of
6:45 am
defense is going to give them out, then shoot, i don't begrudge them for getting them i just question whether or not we ought to be doing that. a couple years ago we found out that we were paying a lot of money for nascar sponsorships for example, and the national guard was, and then they couldn't demonstrate at all any link between that and recruitment, and so i don't begrudge like i said the national guard or others for wanting to find a venue where they can recruit and help in the recruiting efforts, but i think that's altogether different when the feel-good moments when everybody assumes that's because of the nfl team or another sport team out of the goodness of their heart. >> right, so you are saying they should be a little more transparent about what exactly it is they are doing. >> you bet. >> my final question, and i want to go back to the recruiting question because the u.s. army is having a tough time recruiting qualified soldiers.
6:46 am
is it possible these ceremonies at nfl games work because, let's face it you are getting to the right audience by doing this right? >> that's what we want to find out. let's find out. they are spending a lot of money, and, you know money is hard to come by now with see questation and our budget crunch. unless they can demonstrate some ability to actually recruit with this money, then they should not the be spending it. i, myself i am pretty skeptical. maybe to set up a recruitment tent at a sporting event, maybe that's a good thing, but that's altogether different than paying them and spelling out here is what you have to do with this money and it includes saluting hometown heroes, and i think that's wrong. >> senator jeff flake, thank you for being with me this morning, i appreciate it. >> thank you for having me on. still to come in the
6:47 am
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four suspects are charged in the saturday shooting of two police officers in hattiesburg, mississippi. marvin banks is facing capital murder charges. his half brother charged with accessory after the fact. their mother heartbroken says she still loves them. she talked to cnn about their troubled past. >> reporter: good morning, carol. the mother's name is mary smith. we talked to her a few hours before both of her sons faced a judge on those charges. she was very upset as you can
6:51 am
imagine. she also apologized. she said she was very sorry for what happened and she had this to say about her sons. >> all of my children we live in a black and white neighborhood. all of this racist stuff. it's not racist. the boy was out of his mind. >> reporter: what do you think happened? >> he was out of his mind on those drugs. i tried to get him help. i tried. >> reporter: she was referring to marvin banks. he's the one charged with capital murder. she does not believe that her other son, curtis banks, was involved at all in the shooting carol. >> did she have any idea why these men would allegedly open fire on these two police officers? >> reporter: she doesn't know. that's the big question that everyone still has.
6:52 am
we don't know what led -- what happened in the moments right before the shooting happened. police here have not released that information just yet. what we do know carol, is that the suspect's car was initially stopped for speeding. the officer found probable cause to do a search and that's when he called for backup. what happened in those moments between the time the second officer arrived and the time shots rang out, that still has not been released carol. >> it's just hard to get by the fact that these -- one of the two men allegedly shot these police officers and left them lying there in the street and drove away in the police car. >> reporter: it's definitely something that's difficult to wrap your head around and that's something that we've heard just from talking to people in the community. we went to the memorial service yesterday. you can see the heavy hearts. this is a community that's really pulling together coming together for these two officers for the families of these two officers. they are all in mourning.
6:53 am
they're all grieving this tremendous loss carol. >> all right. thank you. checking other top stories for you at 52 minutes past. aaron hernandez is facing charges in yet another shooting. prosecutors announcing hernandez's indictment monday for allegedly shooting his former right-hand man alexander bradley in 2013. bradley, who survived is expected to be a key witness in hernandez's upcoming trial for a 2012 double homicide. the judge sentenced hernandez to life in prison last month for the 2013 killing of odin lloyd. the barack obama foundation made it official this morning. obama's presidential library and museum will be built in chicago. the university of chicago beating out columbia university. the university of illinois and the university of hawaii to host the presidential center. still to come in the "newsroom," with u.s./russian relations at a post-cold war low, john kerry makes a rare visit to russia for a one-on-one
6:54 am
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and find answers to your questions. you can even check your connection status on your phone. now it's easier than ever to manage your account. get started at secretary of state john kerry and the russian president vladimir putin will meet face to face in russia this morning. u.s. russian relations as you know have deteriorated to a post-cold war low but there's no shortage of critical issues on the table for the two world powers including iran syria, isis and ukraine. cnn's matthew chance live in moscow can more. good morning, matthew. >> reporter: good morning, carol. this meeting with john kerry the u.s. secretary of state, and vladimir putin, the russian
6:58 am
president was to take place two hours ago. it's not happened though. we understand now that john kerry is on his way from the lunch meeting he's been having with the russian foreign minister towards vladimir putin's residence in sochi in southern russia where meetings and talks are taking place. there's a whole lot between these two countries to discuss. you mentioned relations between america and moscow at the worst level since the cold war mainly over the crisis in ukraine. the u.s. accuses russia of taking part in the conflict in eastern ukraine and there have been sanctions impose against russia by the united states and its allies for annexation of crimea last year. they've got all of these problems but they have to try to work out some kind of relationship. some working relationship because they've got all of these
6:59 am
other mutual interests, mutual areas they need to cooperate over. iran syria, yemen. perhaps this is a first step toward trying to normalize the very frosty relations between these two countries. >> you say it's a first step. is a meeting of the minds possible? >> reporter: i don't think so in fairness. that's just my opinion given that so much has been said by the russian side about what they will and won't do over ukraine and so many sanctions put out by the u.s. side as well. it's going to be very difficult for them to find common ground. certainly from a russian point of view i don't expect to see any compromises being offered by the kremlin at this stage to john kerry. they'll be listening to hear what washington is prepared to do to meet russia's demands as we go forward. >> all right. matthew chance reporting live from moscow. many thanks to you. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts now.
7:00 am
happening now in the "newsroom," nepal rocked again. another powerful earthquake hitting the already devastated country triggering landslides buildings collapsing as people run into the streets. as the minutes go by the death toll is rising. also -- >> four games is excessive. >> it's excessive. i don't think he really knew about it. >> i don't want to see a game without brady. >> brady benched and pats' fans fired up. did the league inflate the penalty to send a message? plus a city on edge awaiting a decision on whether a madison police officer will face charges in a deadly shooting. let's talk live in the "cnn newsroom." good morning. i'm


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