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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  May 12, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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"cnn newsroom" starts now. happening now in the "newsroom," nepal rocked again. another powerful earthquake hitting the already devastated country triggering landslides buildings collapsing as people run into the streets. as the minutes go by the death toll is rising. also -- >> four games is excessive. >> it's excessive. i don't think he really knew about it. >> i don't want to see a game without brady. >> brady benched and pats' fans fired up. did the league inflate the penalty to send a message? plus a city on edge awaiting a decision on whether a madison police officer will face charges in a deadly shooting. let's talk live in the "cnn newsroom." good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me.
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we begin with another powerful earthquake devastating nepal. this latest one measuring 7.3 in magnitude striking some 11 miles deep near the border with china. buildings that were already teetering toppled. at least 39 people killed. more than 1,000 more injured. and panic in kathmandu. people flooding into the streets as the violent shaking began. and then came the aftershocks. some measuring up to 6.3 triggering landslides across the region. it's only been three weeks since a quake killed 8,000 people across this region. our senior international correspondent ivan watson is in hong kong with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. the sun has recently set in kathmandu and i think it's safe to say that there are a lot of people in nepal who are either sleeping out in the streets in tents tonight, in the open or in their cars after this frightening repeat experience. the second very powerful
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earthquake to strike this impoverished country in a little bit more than two weeks and coming so soon after the initial april 25th earthquake was the deadliest earthquake that nepal had seen in generations. so we've been witnessing this video of people in the halls of parliament fleeing as the earth began to shake this afternoon in nepal, fleeing out into the streets. we've also been talking to eyewitnesses on the ground who described these terrifying moments. now, the nepalese government says at least 36 people have been killed. more than 1,100 injured. nepalese search and rescue teams are out trying to recover some of the wounded. they are helped by the international aid organizations and rescue teams that flooded into nepal after the april 25th earthquake. the indian air force has had helicopters in the air
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evacuating wounded people from the surrounding countryside. this has been still a very frightening experience for people still just beginning to cope with the trauma of the natural disaster that not only killed thousands but also destroyed some of nepal's most treasured religious and historic mounts just a little bit more than two weeks ago. >> it's so tragic. ivan watson many thanks to you. on the phone is paul dillon. he's in kathmandu. paul can you describe what it's like on the ground there? >> as ivan said many people in kathmandu this evening have moved from their homes into parks. there is a lot of tarp going up. a lot of large families settling in for another night outdoors. one of our concerns here is the last few nights we've had some
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extremely intense electrical storms and pre-monsoon rains and we're all waiting to see that repeat itself again today just adding to the general misery of the people here and trauma that they've suffered over the last few hours. >> is there enough shelter for people? >> i think that there are enough places to shelter. for example, i just have come back from one of the nepalese army's parade grounds where there's a large set of properly manufactured tents and things like that. many of the people have moved in there have brought bamboo and tarps that have been distributed over the last couple weeks. there are some large viewing stands and so on so people are crammed in under there as well. clearly there's still a need in kathmandu. you can only imagine what the situation is like out on the
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countryside, carol. >> paul dillon thank you so much for being with me. i appreciate it. i appreciate all of your fine work there, too. back here at home families continue sifting through debris following a deadly tornado outbreak. in all five people died and dozens more were injured. two of those deaths were here in van, texas. the twister damaged more than 30% of the homes in this tight knit community. in arkansas two people lost their lives in this trailer park. their young daughter found near them still alive. to find out how you can help the victims from both of these tragedies, the tornado outbreak and nepal earthquake head to let's talk football. sidelined and slapped with a $1 million fine the new england patriots standing by tom brady after the nfl issues a four-game suspension over the deflategate controversy. in addition to $1 million penalty, the patriots forfeit the first round draft pick next
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year. brady's agent calling it ridiculous with no legitimate basis. cnn's john berman is here. i feel sorry for you. i do. >> don't feel sorry for me. feel sorry for america that they don't get to see tom brady for four games. >> they get to see jimmy garoppolo who is easy on the eyes. >> the normal penalty for an infraction dealing with tampering of footballs is $25,000. can't be more than that. the league went way beyond that. why? they deem the fact that tom brady was aware that someone took air out of the footballs was so egregious that it threatens the integrity of the game. the unprecedented penalties including four-game suspension for tom brady came less than a week after the bombshell 243-page report undeflategate. >> i don't have really any reaction. i haven't had much time to digest it fully.
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>> reporter: players throughout the league are reacting to the punishment. >> we have full belief and faith in our quarterback and tom and it's been like that for me for six years and that's not going to change now. >> someone is breaking rules, i understand you're going to get punished for it. >> reporter: the report led the league to not only bench the star quarterback but also slapped the patriots with a $1 million fine. the highest ever. and in another staggering blow the team has to give up its 2016 first-round draft pick and fourth round pick in 2017. >> the nfl is on a mission right now to repair some of the mistakes that they made in the past. the nfl league office on this one out of control. >> reporter: brady's agent is blasting the decision saying in a statement we will appeal and that the discipline is ridiculous and has no legitimate basis. new england fans are showing their support online and beyond.
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there's a hashtag no brady, no banner waiting to raise the championship banner until brady is back on the field. the patriots owner is sticking by his player stating tom brady has our unconditional support. our belief in him has not waive wavered. the league says tom brady, patriots not as cooperative as they could have been. tom brady didn't turn over his cell phone or e-mails and also history matters here. the league says the patriots have a history of bending or breaking the rules depending honor you look at it and it has to be taken into consideration. >> john berman many thanks. i know that was difficult for you. you can't blame the patriots fans for being wicked mad. would you want to take a chance on -- how do you pronounce his name?
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>> jimmy gorearoppolo. >> he's expected to be the team's starting quarterback in brady's absence. joining us to talk about more important issues former defensive end for the atlanta falcons tim green. a lawyer and "the new york times" bestselling author of football genius part of a sports based novels for young readers. thank you for joining me. tim, i'll start with you. why do you think that this punishment is too severe? >> well i don't think it's wildly severe. i just think it's heavy handed. i understand why the league is doing what they're doing. it's because it's tom brady. he's a super bowl mvp. the patriots are this great franchise with all of these wins. and he's a superstar. otherwise i don't think you would see this kind of
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punishment because the thing that surprises me about it is that it's in line with punishments for drug use and spousal abuse and the bounty gate that you had down in new orleans several years ago. the team is punished to the same effect first round and now in a fourth down there it was a first and third. and bounty gate to me was just deplorable. i don't like it. tom brady was involved in this cheating. i don't condone it. what i'm saying is that it doesn't seem to me it has magnitude of some of the other infractions. >> so, dan, do you agree with that? had tom brady turned over his texts as asked, perhaps this wouldn't have happened. >> i think that it goes to several areas with the patriots noncompliance noncompliance. the lead doesn't like that. you have the brady issue with his cell phones and his data. and the team did not make mcnally available for the last
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interview they wanted after they discovered the texts. the team lawyered up and said no, he's not available to you. the league doesn't like that and also the idea of detrimental to integrity. they feel strongly about rule violations because of the integrity of the game and fair play. they set the bar in a bad way with the ray rice thing. they'll never recover from that but i think they're trying too hard to create new standards and the patriots were the victims of this hammer that was dropped. >> so in light of all that tim, there's an appeals process. how do you think that will work out? >> well commissioner goodell is the appellate court so i don't think it's going to go well. i think the league is justified in their position. again, it's not because -- i don't think it's because of what was done. i think it was -- i don't think it's that much about them not
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cooperating because you can understand someone not turning over their cell phone as something with privacy issues. it's because it is tom brady. he is a superstar of the league. and the nfl wants to go back and they want to reset how their perceived and even though it's a minor cheating infraction they hit him really hard. i don't think commissioner goodell is going to hear anything in that meeting or that appeals process that is going to make him change his mind. i don't see it. >> okay. so dan, on pure emotion, i know that all of the state of massachusetts and actually even outside of the state of massachusetts, there are many people who love tom brady and look up to him. he's a fabulous quarterback. there's nothing he can do about that now. >> he wasn't totally forthcoming in the press conference after this was first discovered afc championship and i think there was an interview with bob costas during the super bowl and even
7:13 am
last week given a chance to say i never did that. he really didn't do it. his agent is defending him. he'll appeal. i think he'll get it cut from four to two games. >> thank you for your insight. i appreciate it. still to come under review and on edge. will a wisconsin police officer face charges today in the killing of an unarmed teenager? we'll take you to madison next.
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ever two months of questions and simmering tension, prosecutors in madison, wisconsin, will announce today whether a police officer will face criminal charges in the killing of an unarmed biracial teenager. killing triggered days of large but peaceful protests. some supporting law enforcement and others claiming excessive force. this shooting is being investigated by an outside agency as is required by the law in wisconsin. last hour we heard from a lawmaker who co-sponsored that measure. >> we thought it was incredibly important to make sure that investigations when there is an officer-involved death are done independently and unbiassed as possible. several years before this shooting there was an officer-involved shooting not two blocks from where this
7:18 am
incident occurred and that's really led myself and another lawmaker to take a look at these investigations and to make sure that they were done as independently as possible so that the public had confidence in the outcome. >> let's bring in cnn's ryan young live in madison, wisconsin, this morning. ryan what do you expect to happen today? >> reporter: good morning, carol. people are bracing for it. several people have walked by us asking us questions do we have any idea what will happen today. protests are planned regardless of this decision. one thing we should mention is the way that the madison police department handled this in the initial says. so much information was given the family was calling for peace. when people started to walk in the street and take over the capitol, you had someone there always in the crowd making sure the situation didn't get out of hand. now here at the site where this shooting happened what we've learned of course is tony
7:19 am
robinson was running through the streets. the officer arrived to this apartment behind me. heard a noise on the other side of the door and said he had to go in because he thought someone was in danger. that's where the encounter happened. hopefully we'll get more information from the d.a.'s office about what happened but the officer did suffer a concussion. he pulled his weapon and fired three times killing for tony robin robinson. the officer's attorney spoke days ago about what he thinks should happen in the next coming days. >> they are cognizant of the fact that tony robinson's family has suffered a tragic loss. that weighs on them. since the incident occurred to hear officer kenny referred to as a racist and murderer when there's been so little information that's been in the public view i think has been very difficult. >> reporter: now a lot of people have been talking about this investigation and why the
7:20 am
officer did not use a taser. i can tell you in madison officers are not allowed to pull their taser unless they have backup. the officer felt like his life was in danger. we heard those 911 calls that he had to respond once he went in and that struggle started and people want to know information and what happens today and once again protests are expected again. >> all right. we'll get back to you. thanks so much. at the top of the hour we're expecting to learn more on another high profile police shooting. this one in cleveland, ohio. the sheriff will update the investigation into the death of tamir rice. police shot and killed him and discovered the gun he had was a bb gun. his still to come isis supporters are threatening cyberattacks on america. what's being done to stop it next.
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saudi led air strikes continue to pound cities across yemen in the hours before a humanitarian cease-fire kicks in. a five-day break is expected to begin in about seven hours. a rocket strike in the country's capital killed at least 90 people overnight. "the new york times" reporting that more than 1,400 people most of them civilians, have been killed since saudi arabia began air strikes back in march. all sides warn they'll retaliate if the truce is broken. online recruiting may be the
7:25 am
most dangerous aspect of isis. that's the warning from the head of the nsa who says the terror group's violent message is spreading in america over social media. cnn's nick paton walsh has more for you. hi nick. >> reporter: it's a stark warning from the director of the national security agency michael rogers admiral michael rogers in which he makes it clear and this is something perhaps which many americans have heard about since the attacks were claimed by isis after the fact and the attack pledged allegiance to isis' leader before them. admiral rogers suggesting that the internet and the threat from isis ideology spreading over that and gaining traction in the u.s. is growing. here's what he had to say. >> this concern about individuals within the united states resonated with the idea of just acting violently, din
7:26 am
indiscriminately is a concern. it's a trend that's increasing and not decreasing. >> reporter: that's a key issue dealing with the isis threat outside of the middle east. it's exactly how do you prevent ideology from spreading over social media. there seems less occasions to be a direct link between the isis chain of command and isis attackers. lone wolves as they are often called. that used to be the traditional model for extremism which investigators could try and latch onto and then interdict at a later stage. the fear being lone wolves need to be inspired and then get their training and tactics from perhaps manuals set online. there are other important contexts behind admiral rogers stadium. he's talking to a cybersecurity forum at a time where in the weeks ahead the nsa who took substantial criticism after revelations of snowden will try
7:27 am
to renew powers they have to look into internet traffic on a broad, sweeping level. this is statement which will add fuel to claims they need to look into communication and stop isis who are increasingly according to the former deputy director of the cia use encrypted technology to hide their communications. a growing and evolving threat and one in which u.s. officials are trying to seek a compromise they say and the need to combat this complex changing extremist threat. nick paton walsh, cnn, beirut. >> all right. still to come in the "newsroom," the number of americans identifying themselves as christians is dropping. how will it affect the 2016 presidential race? we'll talk about that next.
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breaking the rules of design. can't get your hands on it because you're locked down by a carrier? break free t-mobile will pay every penny of your switching fees. get ahead of the curve and get your hands on the galaxy s6 edge for $0 down at t-mobile today. good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. the republican race may be heating up but jeb bush isn't sweating his recent lag in the polls. this is what he told fox news. >> you were off to a fast start initially. it slowed a little. why is that? just in the polls. >> polls are totally irrelevant. >> why is that? can you get it going again?
7:32 am
>> i am not a candidate yet. polls are -- i think everybody needs to take a chill pill on the polls until it gets closer. >> bush has not officially announced but he sure sounds like a candidate. there's one issue that he championed that could hurt him. dana bash is in washington with more on this. good morning. >> good morning, carol. do you feel better now that you have taken that chill pill? everybody relax. that was kind of a classic there. yes. look. jeb bush is doing fine in the national polls but at this point especially when you talk about a primary race those are irrelevant. and when you talk about the specific state polls and the states where you're going to have voters go and determine whether or not he'll be the republican nominee, he haven't broken away from the pack. one issues that's holding him back is something that's relatively new in this election cycle and that is common core.
7:33 am
it's a set of education standards that is run and determined by the states but still has a lot of people out there especially conservatives very upset because they are very worried that it's a slippery slope to what they call basically a federal school board, which they say is simply not the way to go but jeb bush has made common core very much a part of who he is well before he even thought about running for president again he's been focusing on these issues and defended his support for these standards in this interview. listen to this. >> common core means a lot of things to different people. they could be right based on what is in front of them. i respect people having a view. the simple fact is we need higher standards. they need to be state driven. the federal government should play no role in this either in the creation of standards, content or curriculum. that's what i believe. if we don't have high standards and assess to them faithfully
7:34 am
we get what we have today which is a third of kids being college or career ready and we spend more per student than any other country in the world other than a two or three. i'll show you the record in florida where we led the nation in terms of learning gains. we ended social promotion and had dynamic school choice programs. when people see the florida record and see the learning gains that have taken place where we were at the bottom in graduation rate and moved up. >> reporter: you hear that he's unapologetic about his support for these common core education standards. if you're not really focused on this issue, maybe if you're not a parent or a conservative voter who is very concerned about the federal hand of government coming down even if it's just with standards, maybe you're not attune to this. it's very very very important
7:35 am
when it comes to these critical voters who are going to be going to the caucuses in iowa to the polls in new hampshire and south carolina and so forth down the road and down the calendar in 2016 who will determine who the republican nominee is for president. >> dana bash stick around. i want to talk to you after i get done reading this next story and use your fine political mind. another possible challenge for jeb bush and the rest of the republican field. the number of americans identifying themselves as christians is dropping. fast. take a look. according to pew research the number of americans who consider themselves christian dropped approximately 8% in seven years. that means 71% identify themselves as christians. 23% consider themselves religious unaffiliated. the drop in christian affiliation is pronounced among young adults it's occurring among americans of all ages and ethnic backgrounds.
7:36 am
let's talk about how that may play into the 2016 presidential election and more with david carol. a university of maryland political science professor also co-wrote a book on the primary process called party decides. welcome, david. thank you for being here. i'll bring in dana bash as well to add her two cents. i want to ask you, david, how will religion play into the republican primary this time around? >> i think all of the republican candidates will support what we call socially conservative positions on issues like abortion and same-sex marriage and so the base of the republican party hasn't changed that much. the change that you're reporting from that poll doesn't really alter their calculus for 2016. >> should it though? >> i don't think it necessarily should. this is -- a lot of people -- i think what's actually happened
7:37 am
is a lot of people who were sort of nominally religious before are now feeling maybe it's okay to identify as nonreligious or secular and the younger people among whom this is especially common is less likely to vote. people under 30 turn out at lower rates. we don't expect republican candidates to say i'm not christian either. >> i don't think so. of course jeb bush would totally agree with you because he just spoke at liberty university to polish his religious credentials. but nate silver says bush is the least conservative in the republican field on par with his father. so dana if that's true will it help? will it hurt? >> you know it kind of depends on how he continues to frame himself and how he's perceived in that vain by republican primary voters. you're right. he spoke to liberty university
7:38 am
in virginia. classic evangelical university founded by jerry falwell. a place where the bush family have gone. he noted that in his speech. it's certainly kind of a right of passage for a lot of republicans especially for a bush. but i do think just being out on the campaign trail and listening to whether it's jeb bush or marco rubio or ted cruz they talk about their faith very openly very aggressively. and in the case of those and hike huckabee who is a pastor is authentic. they genuinely from what i understand behind the scenes have strong faith and they are able to talk about it in a way that does connect with voters because i think that the professor is right that when it comes to the people who matter to them politically, that is absolutely key. the people who are dropping off and saying that they're not as -- they don't feel as
7:39 am
christian are probably less likely to vote especially in a republican primary and going to a republican caucus. >> on a slightly different topic, jeb bush is front and center. he's out there talking. he hasn't officially declared his intention to run for president. what does that signal to you? >> i think that is really not very meaningful. he's been a presidential candidate in all but name for quite a while. it's kind of a legal technicality. he has a super pac and he can work closely with it as long as he's not a formal candidate. mitt romney smoked him out several months ago when romney was getting into the race making moves and again not officially a candidate and all that. at that point jeb bush cleared his throat and said i'm interested in this job and showed more support than romney had. he's running. that's the questions about is hillary running or is hillary not running? she was running for years and jeb has been running for quite some time.
7:40 am
>> and carol, i have an official political term to describe why jeb bush is not announcing yet. chaching. the strategy is to raise as much money in big dollar amounts which you can do before you're a federal candidate and an official candidate for president. you have strict and relatively low by today's standards amounts that you can raise from individuals and so forth. before you're a candidate, like jeb bush is right now, he can raise unlimited amounts if he wants to. he personally decided that he'll limit it at $1 million per person. that's still a way to really rack up the dollars in your coffers even for a super pac as much as possible before he becomes a federal candidate where he can't personally ask for those big dollar amounts anymore. >> last observation here. no republican governor or senator has actually jumped on the bush bandwagon and said we
7:41 am
support you wholeheartedly. david, should we read anything into that? >> i think so. i mean it's true that he's not a formal candidate yet and i would expect he will get some endorsements when he formalizes his candidacy. the bottom line is he's not in a dominant position his brother was. he's not yet shown that he's the candidate who can unify the republican party elite and all of the wings of the party. he's one of the major candidates but no more than that at this stage. >> and one thing i want to say, i'm not sure if people realize this but very early on before jeb bush even made any public whispers about wanting to run, john boehner encouraged him to run. he hasn't endorsed him but he's all but done that. very supportive of his candidacy. >> thanks to both of you. i appreciate it. still to come in the "newsroom," images of suffering. fresh wounds for quake ravaged nepal hit with another earthquake.
7:42 am
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i want to update you on the earthquake in nepal. 53 people have now been killed in nepal and india in this latest quake. it struck near the border with kiena. violental -- china. the moment the quake hit caught on camera during a speech on parliament. terrified audience members running out of the building. this just three weeks since nepal's massive quake that killed 8,000 people across the region. joining me now, cnn meteorologist chad myers. it's just hard to believe that another earthquake of that
7:46 am
magnitude struck nepal that soon. >> likely induced by the other earthquake. i heard it called the aftershock. it's right along the same fault. this is kind of how it works. the plate has been crashing for millions of years. and that's why we have the mountains there in the first place. that's why mt. everest exists. here you go. here's the earthquake today. here's the earthquake a couple weeks ago. here's kathmandu. and just to give you an idea right up through here is the trek all of the way up to mt. everest. this earthquake was closer toest everest than the last one. farther you get away from the epicenter, the lighter the shaking is but kathmandu really got hit here. and here's what we're seeing. we're seeing this topography created by the crashing plates getting pushed up into the
7:47 am
mountains. and very very rugged terrain through here. as these landslides that we've been seeing have continued for most of the day, these landslides will continue all of the way down even especially in the shaking where more aftershocks are coming. here's the numbers here. 7.3 the earthquake here. depth of 15 kilometers is where we were. that's somewhere around ten miles. ten miles deep. it was a major quake. even on its own, even if it truly is the earthquake aftershock it's in itself a major earthquake. about 3.8 million people actually felt the shock from that very heavy shock from that and the data saying 35% chance that there will be a hundred or more fatalities. not much more than a chance of 1,000 with this. think of the first earthquake. big 7.8. it ruptured a crack in the earth like tearing apart a zipper carol. now the zipper didn't tear all of the way down. the rest of the zipper today did tear all of the way down.
7:48 am
it got to 7.3. the longer the fracture and the deeper and more quaking, bigger the movement the higher the number. we had 7.8 then 7.3. 7.3 is significantly less than 7.8. that 7.8 was a horrific quake for those people. that 7.3, we have to understand what it's doing is shaking buildings that are already broken and that's why they are falling down more. 5.3 aftershock now will bring down more buildings because again they are broken even more than they were. carol? >> chad myers, thanks so much. still to come in the "newsroom," kanye west almost smiling. i know it's ridiculous. jeanne moos has to do it don't you know it. when you're living with diabetes
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quote today,call liberty mutual insurance at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. checking top stories at 52 minutes past, george zimmerman involved in another violent confrontation. the other driver says he fired in self-defense after zimmerman waved a gun at him. the two have a history including tense encounters last year. zimmerman was acquitted of murder in the 2012 killing of unarmed teenager trayvon martin. obama's presidential library and museum will be built in chicago. the university of chicago beating out columbia the
7:53 am
university of illinois and the university of hawaii to host that presidential center. telecom giant verizon is buying aol for 4.4 billion or 50 bucks a share combining verizon's mobile network with aol's production capability. verizon's long-term goal to dominate content delivery to an increasingly mobile consumer base. check out this blue sunset on the red planet. this is what a sunset looks like from mars. nasa says it was the first ever observed in color by the curiosity rover. fine particles in the thin martian atmosphere create that look. kanye west does smile. he just doesn't want you to see it. >> kanye west was caught in the unforgivable act of almost smile before he managed to smother it.
7:54 am
there's no smiling in kanye world. this is the face he puts on to face the press and chicago versus cleveland basketball game almost chuckling with scotty pippen. the mask slipped and crap they spotted me read one caption. it happened before. for instance on "ellen" and again while he was being interviewed by his mother-in-law, kris jenner. >> he would photo shop himself into the card as a joke. >> off with the smile and on with a look one commentator described as overgrown man baby someone just put into time-out. why doesn't kanye smile? he once framed the explanation this way. when you see paintings in an old castle people are not smiling because it wouldn't look as cool which kanye looks cooler this one or that one? kanye is following the model set by models. every face is a bummer.
7:55 am
>> are you going to smile at all today? >> no. >> are you going to smile today? >> i tried to a little bit. >> you didn't try at all. >> at least kanye isn't in denial. he himself tweeted out the vine that's gone viral referring himself to ye almost let y'all catch me with a smile. when kanye gets caught without his trademark scowl, we howl. ♪ don't you sweat it ♪ >> reporter: jeanne moos cnn, new york. >> thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour" after a break.
7:56 am
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tragedy on top of devastation. a new powerful earthquake hits nepal. dozens dead at least. more than 1,000 injured. we have a live report from the
8:00 am
ground. what happened in the shooting death of tony robinson jr.? soon a decision is expected and whether to charge the police officer that shot and killed the unarmed teenager. it could bring to an end weeks of uncertainty in madison, wisconsin, but how will the community react? the most severe penalty ever issued for being generally aware that something probably happened to a football. has the nfl lost its senses? just throwing that out there. hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. >> i'm john berman. the breaking news this morning. a new powerful earthquake rocks nepal. this one magnitude 7.3. triggered widespread panic as buildings and mountains began to crumble. the quake was


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