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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  May 21, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> if you are to comedy what i am to comedy -- [ laughter ] >> thanks for finally proving, men can be funny. [ laughter ] >> i'll never have the money i owe you. >> ah, yes, it does make you wonder, who would read your top ten list if you could choose? george clooney, wolf blitzer, i don't know they would all be in there. thanks for joining us at this hour. this is cnn breaking news. >> hello everyone i'm ashleigh banfield, welcome to "legal review." you need to look closely at your screen, because the man identified by the washington, d.c. police as daron dylon wint is said to be a maryland resident, 34 years old, is a very dangerous person. one week to the day after an arson fire in one of d.c.'s most
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exclusive neighborhoods, we know fire was probably the least of the horrors that took place in that lavish home and daron dylon wint is believed to be the person responsibility for much of it, if not all of it. wint has been traced to the new york city area. we hope to learn more in a news conference in washington, d.c. about 15 minutes from now. of course we will bring you that live the moment it happens. in the meantime my cnn colleague tells a story of murder, torture, extortion and then that telltale pizza. >> a bizarre twist in the brutal quadruple murder and arson in an up scale d.c. neighborhood. a prominent ceo and house keeper. daron dylon wint went in.
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the break in the case not coming from the grainy surveillance video released days ago but from dna found on the crust of a domino's pizza that was ordered to the house as the victims were being held. ceo of iron works, his wife and ten-year-old son and a woman veralicia figueroa, their 57-year-old house keeper, all found dead in their mansion that was set on fire. their blue porsche went missing found ditched in a maryland church parking lot where it was torched. more details of their grew some murder, the victims were held captive with signs of torture. meanwhile one of the employees came to the mansion and dropped off a package with $40,000
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inside, the assailant making off with the cash. the case riddling investigators. hours before the home was torched one of the house keepers received a bizarre test, reading, make sure you do not come today. no motive for the killings was released but police believe money was a prime factor. >> the author of that report is live with me now and also join the by cnn analyst and retired police detective. first to you joe, on the candy, what is the latest in efforts to track this person and get him in handcuffs? >> reporter: well we do know that united states marshalls who track fugitives across the country are aggressively working this case flight in the new york area. the the cususpect has been tracd to the new york area. obviously not clear if he is
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still there. we also know new york police department is involved as well. this individual's last known address to our knowledge was in lanum, maryland and last night authorities also visited that house with a search warrant and checked it out as well. so this man hunt continues on many fronts as does the investigation in new york and here in washington, d.c. and in maryland and even in virginia where the father of this family actually was trying to start up a marshall art studio. so a lot of moving pieces on this right now. >> i want to get harry on this. harry you got sources in the new york police department you've been speaking with. >> correct. >> i want to get a couple things from you. number one they are suggesting they traced him here. is there just one though. the big question could there be more? >> that's the thing, we don't
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know if there's a second person involved. i in the beginning thought it was only one person but there's information that the washington, d.c. police department put out that there is a second per traitor in this case and we're not hearing much about that. >> what are they saying about tracing him here? what do you know about that? >> i checked my sources in new york city and as far as i know there's not been an arrest in new york city but new york is a big state. >> yeah. >> and then were talking he was tracked in new york and so something could be happening outside the city we wouldn't be aware of it. >> joe, the detail so remarkable in this story was the fact there were pizza's ordered during this lengthy overnight ordeal. there was money left on the doorstep so the delivery man would leave the pizzas and not see anybody. but ultimately we're learning there was a pizza crust left behind with that dna and that is what led authorities to start
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looking for daron dylon wint, 34 years old, what about the potential for others, though, are they saying anything yet about what is left behind in that home that would lead them to other suspects? >> they are not. and quite frankly, i have to tell you, it was an extensive crime scene search here that lasted over several days. the technicians came and went, and had to recover a lot of evidence, that said, there are concerns about the state of the evidence, particularly on the second floor and towards the attic which is where most of the fire was. so there's a question about the quality of the evidence that they were able to get out of there. but yes, we expect there's a lot of information, the authorities have been not releasing. they've been very selective about it simply because they are still trying to get hold of this individual and their concerned about releasing information because they don't want to get
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in a situation where in litigation, an individual says, well that information got out there and our guy doesn't know anything about it or whatever. >> and it's always so savvy in law enforcement to hold back those details that only a killer would know. that's how you get those sure-fire convictions when dna might seem perfect but may have been mishandled. only a killer would know unless they release it to the press. harry, again, the details that we're finding how about this child ten years old may have been tortured in order to try to extract whatever it was that these absolute monsters were trying to extract, it's thought that it is money. >> right. >> what are the details you usually know, how do you find out when you deal with four bodies and an inferno. >> the autopsy report is key, they will tell you whether or not he was dead. especially if there's no smoke
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in the lungs, tells us he was dead at the time it was said on fire. there are indications he was either sliced or battered and that's how he died but we haven't seen the autopsy report yet so we'll have to wait to see that. >> oerk. if you both can stand by, we are awaiting this briefing from washington, d.c., not only the mayor but also the police chief, they are joining forces on this news conference and update us as to the developments and whether in fact we actually do have someone on the loose in the new york area or perhaps even arrested in the new york area or more. we're just waiting to find out. it's 12:08 eastern time. we'll have that for you soon as it happens. we're also following on the other coast in southern california a state of merof eme
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as promised, it is 12 minutes after the hour and we're waiting for the news conference
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to be held in washington, d.c., right outside headquarters, it is all about this man who is highly sought after and may already be in custody. daron dylon wint is wanted on murder one while armed. sort of an under statement even though it sounds pretty powerful. we have four dead people in an upscale mansion not far from where the vice president lives. a heinous murder where a ten-year-old boy, evidence shows he may have been tortured in front of his own parents in order to extort as much money as the killers or killer may have been able to get, at this early stage it looks like at least $40,000 was dropped off on that doorstep of is that mansion and it is not anywhere to be seen. so we're waiting on that news conference. we're waiting on police chief and mayor any moment now.
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meantime i want to get you up to speed on what is happening on the other coast. in santa barbara, california they are under state of emergency because there was a massive crude oil spill across a nine mile stretch of beach, is this of course just before the memorial weekend. everyone is cleaning up with protection. these are live. look at that. there's only so much you can do when it such an insur mountable task. officials don't know yet just how much oil we're talking about, it is coming up on to the beach. here's the latest worse-case scenario, 105,000 gallons, think about that for a moment, 105,000 gallons, toxic black sludge, all
9:15 am
that wild life calling it home. are they making any head way in the position you are, and did the other beach end up getting hit with the oil slick? >> yes that beach got hit with some ribbons, thin ribbons of oil, myself and producer walked it not long ago, it is also completely shut down. both refugio and elcaptain. here's what happens, the tide comes in and dumps all of this goo right on to the rocks. yesterday at this time frankly the waves themselves were much dirtier and they have been able to rake together and pick up much more of the tar here on shore. many saying this could have been a lot worse. plains all american pipeline
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saying that they kept four-fifths of the spilled oil from going through the culvert and on to the coast. and they were able to do that by sealing it off, this is on ground, this is a rare spill, usually we hear of spills off a platform, in this one the pipeline ruptured here on ground and plains has a dubious reputation. in 2010 the justice department and epa getting plains in their cross hairs got the company to agree to make $40 million in repairs to pipelines, most of them allegedly court reportrowe and $10 million in fines, all connected to spills in texas, louisiana and other areas. >> often time when you have a natural or man made spill is it
9:17 am
opens up specket for money. is there anything else for people who are doing that job? >> i'll telling one thing along those lines, from a legal standpoint, in this county you have the environmental defense center, they are eyeballing this situation carefully going over all of it with a fine-tooth comb. i asked will you sue, i got a you've -- we're collecting material. if they find anything to be at fault. if they think they can hang their legal hat on they will go after plains all american pipeline. >> you can sue anybody at any time, can you win is the bigger question and is it worth the battle. paul, i'm sorry you are having to stand out there in that beautiful environment and look at it the way it is. keep us posted how they are doing and thank those crew
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members. live on the beaches out there. also in the right hand lower corner of the screen, the d.c. mansion murder police briefing was expected to start three minutes ago to start. we expect it at any moment. we will get that information from the d.c. mayor and d.c. police chief as to that man hunt under way, an alleged first degree murderer at this point, murder one with some kind of arma meant, we're not sure if they got him. we are going to give you this news conference right away. by the way out on the coast, back to paul's story, who is to blame and who pays when you have a disaster like this. all of those people suiting up and bagging up dead animals who died from it. should it be a big red. these answers are complex.
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also i will take you to waco, texas because we're still on alert there for more possible biker gang violence, if you can believe it, almost a week later, that city is trying to figure out how to deal with 170 bikers who were 450i7bd bbehind bars, number is 169, which means one guy has enough money to post a $1 million bond. update in a moment. but when it comes to omega-3s, it's the epa and dha that really matter for heart health. not all omega-3 supplements are the same. introducing bayer pro ultra omega-3 from the heart health experts at bayer. with two times the concentration of epa and dha as the leading omega-3 supplement. plus, it's the only brand with progel technology proven to reduce fish burps. new bayer pro ultra omega-3.
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got some live pictures up for you now courtesy of our affiliate wjla, this is the news conference from this morning mayor and police chief from
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washington, d.c. will address reporters, media assembled now. we're going to watch this for you because the person on the left is the guy they say is responsible or at least one of those responsible for that house of horrors. in washington, d.c. not far from vice president biden's home is where four people were viciously murdered, the house torched and they have been able to determine the ten-year-old boy was tortured and possibly to extract money from his parents. we do know the assistant of the father arrived at that doorstep with $40,000 in an envelope and was instructed to leave it in the envelope on that doorstep. a remarkable series of developments. but now because of a half-eaten pizza, a crust that was left behind, that the killer monsters
9:24 am
or monster, decided to order while exacting all of these herors, you leave your dna behind when you leave a half eaten piece of pizza and the police got that dna and they are looking for him. we're waiting to find out to see if they have caught him. we heard they have traced him to the new york area. i want to move to waco right now. in texas they are not breathing easy and who could blame them because they don't know if their city might end up being another scene of an epic biker show down that could happen. police are still looking for more weapons that might be stashed that were thrown narnd that fog of war where a chaotic shootout left nine people dead two days ago. members of two motorcycle clubs with history of rivalry started fighting and stabbing and shooting one another. police threw 170 of them in the slammer and slapped $1 million
9:25 am
bond on every single one of them. look at this incredible video. holy cow. wow. that is just remarkable stuff. so far, and this is pretty interesting, there is one one of those 170 suspects that was able to make that $1 million bail, posted it, and they're out, rest of them are locked up on organized crime charges, the most serious of which that they are basing that on, capitol murder. i always find it amazing that they got bail at all. . none of the 170 suspects have had a court appearance yet. it is a tough job to process them into the jail let alone get them first appearances and lawyers, they were calling for more yesterday, 24e were shorlt handed in a city the size of waco, texas. i want to bring in now a houston attorney representing members of
9:26 am
the band zellitos motorcycle cl for more than 40 years. thanks for coming on >> thank you for having me. >> have you called by any of the members by the banditos locked up right now. there are untold numbers of potential clients in there. >> yes, i have met with representatives and by the end of today i will be representing one of the banditos who is charges. >> you don't know all the information yet, you haven't gone into any discovery process, but when you talk about 170 people in what looked to me what must have been an incredible melee, it seems like these cases are ripe for a defense attorney to pick and choose all of the different defenses you can use. >> well, there are and i think what you will find over the next few days or weeks is that the prosecutors will have to start pairing down charges. you can't charge 170 people because they happened to be there. so they will have to show that each of the individuals that they charge, that they are able to make the case that this
9:27 am
person did something that was criminal other than merely being present. >> so let me ask you this, i have read some of the comments you have had about the banditos, you say they are misunderstood, they are not all criminal and gang-related players, might be in a few elements, certainly not all, but i got to be honest, the federal government has put out untold statistics. i'm going to break on this. to go live to the mayor. >> the hard working men and women of the metropolitan police department and our fire and medical emergency service that responded last week to the home of savopoulos and attended to
9:28 am
veralicia figueroa their house keeper. so we're grateful to their responsiveness and to our atf and secret service who have been working on this case 24/7 since last thursday. all of us are focused on finding the perpet rater in this act of evil in our ward three community. i also know you are all away that mpd identified a suspect, daron dylon wint, he is 34 years old, currently at large and continue to seek the public's assistance in locating him. black male 5'7", weighing approximately 155 pounds. if you see wint or know anything about his whereabouts we ask that all members call
9:29 am
202-727-9099. you can also send any information to the text line at 50411. if you're seeing something we beg you to say something, to call law enforcement. any bit of information can lead to a breakthrough and can lead to us solving this heinous crime in the district of columbia. again metropolitan police department seeks daron dylon wint, black male 5'7" in height, weigh ago proximately 155 pounds. i'm going to ask the chief of police to provide more information she can about the investigative efforts about her department and our department agencies since we spoke last friday. if . >> i will start off by saying, i
9:30 am
know that many of you have a variety of different bits and pieces of information coming from different sources. i just want to caution you that i know that there's a lot of inaccurate information that is getting leaked out to the media and i caution you to be careful about what you report. i am not able to comment on any evidence related to the case at this time. i'm trying to provide as much as i possibly can to the public while still not jeopardizing this case so i appreciate your understanding in my inability to comment at all on the evidence related to this case. i will start off, most of you know, we did obtain an arrest warrant for first degree felony murder for first degree murder of four victims. at this time we do not have t
9:31 am
suspect in custody. daron dylon wint is approximately 34 years old, 5'7" and 155 pounds, last seen with blue jeans, white shirt and blue hoodie. we've been looking for mr. wint, information gained from inform e. interviews and new information from the past few hours we believe mr. wint is currently in the brooklyn, new york area. the task force is continuing to search for mr. wint. i've been in contact with the commissioner of the nypd and they are providing all the assistance we need. and working with all our
9:32 am
partners, helping us process a very large volume of information, evidence and leads has been tremendous and we would not be we are without their support so i want to thank them. for the residents of the district who are rightfully cared and want answers as to why and how this family may have been involved, we want to give you as many answers as we can but we can tell you right now is that we do believe there is a connection between this suspect in this case through the business. so right now it doesn't appear this is a random crime but there is a connection through the business of the suspect and the savopoulos family business. so again soon as we can give you more information we will, i apologize my inability to answer specific questions about evidence in the case.
9:33 am
s ska. >> do you believe there are multiple suspects. >> we haven't ruled it out. i can't comment more about that. >> what business are you referring to? >> the iron works business. >> did he work for american iron workers at one time. >> we have recent information that he did work at american iron works at one time in the past. >> did he leave? was he fired? >> i don't have that information, pat. >> [ inaudible question ]. >> in the video we put out? >> yes, ma'am. >> we do. yes. >> [ inaudible question ]. >> we believe he was the american person we put out last week. >> [ inaudible question ]. >> i can't comment on that. i don't have is that information. >> [ inaudible question ]. >> we don't have any vehicle
9:34 am
information associated with mr. wint right now. we've had different sources of information. possibly a bus. but we don't, we just don't know. >> can you speak specifically to the evidence at the scene, it retires a match to evidence you already had on the suspect, the evidence you have of the dna in your possession where did that come from. >> i'm not going to comment on any evidence we have at all. >> [ inaudible question ]. >> i can't comment on that. >> if he's watching right now, he's broadcast across the country, you have a chance to speak to him, what do you say to him? >> well, i mean, right now you have just about every law enforcement officer across the country aware of his open warrant and are looking for him. i think even his family has made pleas for him to turn himself in. i would reiterate if it is much easier if he turns himself in. >> have you had any contact with
9:35 am
him since the murders took place. >> i'm not going to comment on that. >> [ inaudible question ]. >> i can't comment on that at this time. >> [ inaudible question ]. >> i'm not allowed to comment on that as well. >> [ inaudible question ]. >> well, right now, again, i think we have now established that there is some specific connection to between the suspect and the victims here. so this was not random. we hopefully will have mr. wint in our custody very soon but we are distributing his photograph as widely as possible and we encourage people to call us, not to take action, just dial 9-1-1 whatever jurisdiction you're in and have local police respond. >> [ inaudible question ]. >> obviously we have a person that's wanted for four horrible murders. i'm not going to say he's not a danger. >> [ inaudible question ]. >> i can't comment on details in the case. >> is he likely carrying with
9:36 am
him more than a knife? a gun or some other weapon that people should be aware of in case they have some interaction with him? >> we've asked if anyone sees this person to assume he is maybe armed an dangerous and to contact local police. thank you. >> well, there you have it police chief wrapping up the nus conference. she told us they do not have that suspect. call 202-727-7999. this man is wanted serious felony murder while armed. it is extraordinarily serious. there is death penalty in the
9:37 am
district of columbia that would qualify for it. with four victims and torture, a lot of people will say this is what the death penalty is created for. this kind of crime. he is on the loose, folks, currently at large as she said and believed to be in the new york area and specifically brooklyn. harry, you said it, you called your sources earlier and said had been traced here. >> right and we didn't know anything about an arrest. but the fact is they got him in a specific burrow. they got some pretty good information. i'm sure nypd is flooding all of the radio cars, unmarked radio cars, everyone in the brooklyn area, the task force, they're going through this area to use all their sources to track this guy down. >> they're going to get him. >> yeah they're going to get him. last i heard there's $100,000 reward for this guy. he's got nowhere to go, he's
9:38 am
just going to drive around. he's got some contact in brooklyn that's how they traced him there. >> clearly not surprised, he left his dna all over the pizza he ordered. the reason i'm so innocencsens when you hear about a child tortured to get more money, this is what they call the worse of the worse. i hope your right, i hope there's no honor among thieves and whoever he is running with they say $100,000 is more than anything he could give them. we've contacted an attorney who has represented many banditos from texas, after the break i'm
9:39 am
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due to your first accident. learn more by calling switch to liberty mutual and you can save up to $423. for a free quote today,call liberty mutual insurance at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. before the break and before that live news conference in washington wa, d.c., i was speag with mr. schaffer representing banditos motorcycle club in texas. the question i asked you before that newsli news conference.
9:43 am
if you talk to any task force member or department of justice, they will tell you it is organized crime, a group of thugs, drug dealers and in this instance will say it is a bunch of murders. >> that's because in large part motorcycle clubs are the boogie man of federal law enforcement always talking about being involved in all these activities but never see prosecutions, i've never seen human trafficking, i've seen one racketeering and one guy got three or four years in prison. >> wait a second there's lots of prosecutions, in fact biker wars killed 150 peoples. >> not of the banditos. >> we have information that they were involved. it is a long way to texas to go to quebec but they were there. >> where was that? >> let me get my team on it,
9:44 am
where banditos were allegedly involved in those biker wars. you and i can argue until we're blue in the face, just because you put on a jacket doesn't mean you're a criminal but you can't tell me it is all hollywood and that bikers are gentle souls. >> i will tell you at the end of last year i filed a writ challenging the texas gang statutes and we had a hearing on the writ and presented evidence that showed in the last five years in houston, texas where there was majority of banditos. [ overlapping speakers ] >> the founder was convicted of murder. >> in 1960 -- something. >> you said there was never a conviction of this and the founder was convictd. >> i never said that. i said federal prosecutions,
9:45 am
look at the federal prosecutions over the years of the banditos. it's very few. >> i guess, when we're talking about a criminal element or brushing people with the same stroke, are people so wrong, maybe it wasn't a federal crime but state crime could be just as ugly, if you want to talk sem antics, crime is, crime, and there's plenty to go around among banditos and one percenters, the one percent, the worse of the worse, they actually love that moniker. >> they love the stigma and image of being independent and free-spirited and some of them are scary looking guys, but there are so many banditos i know of in houston and around dallas, guys that are
9:46 am
professional engineers, one is a paramedic with houston fire department. they have never been arrested or charged with a crime yet because they joined an organization where hey lot of the members do have criminal records now they become criminals themselves. that's not the way it should work. there should be a freedom to a on or aboutiate. there should be a freedom to associate. >> i'm on your side. if you throw 170 guys in jail all with the same crime, you got a lot of guys in a melee, they are all looking alike, a guy in a leather with patches and tattoo and goate, you got a lot of guys that look alike, running, there's a frenzy of bullets, people hiding, how could do the testimony or video be, just because you're wearing
9:47 am
a jacket doesn't mean you're a killer. >> it will bhe extremely difficult for the state and will be more difficult if it turns out if all individuals were shot by police as opposed to other gang or club members, i think they will have a hard time getting people who will testify in this case, as to the individual acts of any one defendant, but i do think because there were so many police officers present outside before the problems began that there will be officers who can identify what individuals did out in the parking lot. the problem is a lot of the individuals who had weapons were shot so there will be pay lot of guys prosecuted who dchidn't ha a gun in their hand. >> it's amazing how defendants can be, they may have brotherly blood that runs thick but when staring down the gun of death penalty that could change things
9:48 am
for those folks. will you stay with us and keep us posted on that client you're looking to sign up and how the case is going? >> absolutely. >> say hello to my friends in houston. >> i'll do that. >> up next i took you to california where all of the workers are cleaning up. it is just an awful job. so who is responsible? that's a big one. california oil spill. was it an accident waiting to happen? what is the pipeline company safety record like. i'm going to tell you exactly what it was like. we're going to talk liability in a moment. you're driving along,
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the oil spill in california is shining a white hot spot light on the company that's responsible for the ruptured pipeline. it's called plains all american pipeline, a large texas-based company that operates pipelines throughout the country and has a checkered safety record. in 2010 the company was fined by the justice department $40 million for ten oil spins between '04 and '07, plains all american pipeline has accumulated 175 safety and maintenance infractions since 2006. that if you're wondering if it is relative, yeah, well it is
9:53 am
more than three times the national average. joining me now to talk about potential fall out, analyst and defensive attorney. i always like to say, everybody gets the presumption of innocence but when you have checkered safety record do your prior bad acts play into what might have happened in this instan instance. >> here's one way they could under negligence per se, they could be sued for negotiation which is the breach of a legal duty, not to let your oil go all over the place, but in negligence when you violate statutes or laws or regulations and they are designed to protect against exactly this kind of activity then you can plead that in your complaint and makes it much easier for plaintiffs to win. so when you ask do these violations of any state or federal laws leading up to this incident, do they matter?
9:54 am
sure they could. because they show that they are not only aware of what they were doing before hand but that this may be negligence, where negligence is all but established. >> bp was the largest oil spill and there was so much afterwards, eleven people died, does it set a pattern by which attorneys can jump on to say this is a simple road to follow to claim damages in this case? >> i think it does. lawyers are always looking for that case that provides the blue print. how are we going to a juidjudic this case and file lawsuits. i think the bp case sets the standard how attorneys go forward in suing. is it wreckless conduct or gross
9:55 am
negligence. plain report the $43 billion in revenue $878 million in pure prof profit. how are they having problems maintaining 18,000 miles of pipeline. good question. >> it is. is it ever a case of accidents will happen or danny, is it yeah, sure accidents might happen but that mess is not our fault it is your fault and you need to pay, ultimately is that a case of settling or suing? >> there's common law theories of negligence but also federal law that addresses exactly this issue. the oil pollution acts and similar state laws take the fundamental view that if you're an oil company in the business of making a lot of money from oil than you have a duty to use very reasonable care in transporting that oil to and fro, if you don't and it spills than you can be liable not only
9:56 am
under federal law but under state things like negligence. >> thank you for that. did you hear me saying that video was remarkable when i was talking about waco, it looked like a crazy scene, it turns out there was a reason i hadn't seen it before, we made a mistake. i want to make a mistake. the video was an arrest in baltimore, that's why i was so shocked when i seen the pictures and thoult, wow, i haven't seen that before. unfortunately we sometimes get tapes mixed up. whoever was in those tapes was absolutely nowhere near waco. it was an arrest in baltimore. you can imagine the scene in waco was pretty phonetic. we don't have the video from waco. thanks for being with us everyone. please stay tuned off this break. "wolf" is going to take over. lets sweat pass through and evaporate so skin stays comfortable, while clinically proven protection
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