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tv   Wolf  CNN  May 21, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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p.m. in lebanon, wherever you're watching from around the world thanks for joining us. just in in a written interview president obama insisted isis is not winning on the battlefield. first, the iconic fall in sierra to advancing isis forces. andrew the fear is that isis
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fighters will destroy the ruins, the city is gateway for isis troops to advance on two biggest cities controlled by troops. also with gains in sierrayria, isis now controls 54% of the country, the rest of the country led by president and rebel forces seeking his removal. nick you just came back from syria, tell us what you saw. >> many here in lebanon are concerned potentially at the growth of extremists in the mountainous border that separates lebanon from syria.
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lebanon is peaceful despite million refugees coming into it. militants fighting against those linked to al qaeda and some to isis, to a group u.s. wouldn't normally consider an ally hezbollah, they took us on a rare towerur of the areas they have fighting in. >> it is just a man on a hill but to let us film is that is remarkable. hezbollah is one of the secret governments on a list of terrorists organizations, taking us on a tour. they have linked al qaeda to terrorist group in the u.s. to these peaceful mountains where they are fighting with the syrian regime inside syria. shots that perhaps distant
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enemies or maybe for cameras who were told no faces, no voices, no phones. they have about 200 square miles cleared out in syria, they say nearly half ahead, toughest in the distance ahead. this was the fight recently and it is a complex security operation they insist is vital for lebanon's safety. critics say they risk starting a wider fire in lebanon to help the syrian regime. the tour takes an unexpected turn to cross the border in syria. >> hezbollah has been in a gruel fight in syria for years but here are keen to show us they are going to take the tour inside syrian territory. we are just across the border here. deserted mountains they say they cleaned out the rebels until you reach the syrian military.
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>> yet more surprises. a here's the what is left of a life once scratching out in caves lit by generators. we hear what might we syrian army tanks, we move on. will this offensive hezbollah bid bring themselves out of the shadows. >> now you can see really how the tectonic plates are shifting with american tv taken on a tour by hezbollah who u.s. still says is terrorists. they show us who are the terrorists who they say are theal can kwiedthe al al qaeda link fight in that area. you can see the welcome they came to us restrictive but
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cooperative trying to i think, play into the information war that is happening in this region right now and many i think, consider that campaign in the mountains to be controversial, there are many here who are at risk stirring up violence in side lebanon particularly if hezbollah rebels choose to strike back but what you saw there was hezbollah trying to show they are on the front victorious in clearing out this mountainous region to keep lebanon safer. >> thank you for that exclusive, excellent report really showing us not only what it is like on the battlefield but illustrating how incredibly complicated it all is in that country and in that region of course. let's turn now to iraq and the fall of ramadi for the first time since the city was taken by isis forces we hear president obama's reaction saying quote, no i don't think we're losing.
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ramadi had been vulnerable for a long time these are not iraq security forces we have trained. we are live in baghdad now, troops outnumber isis fighters in ramadi but still ended up retreating from the city. do you think the president's optimism is appropriate? >> reporter: it's not about being optimistic or pestimmistic it's about being realistic. we have been reporting on this situation in ramadi and the calls from top officials there and top security officials there as well for more reenforcements more u.s.-led coalition air strikes as far back as november and since then, especially in the last few months we've been seeing attempts -- >> okay we are having technical problems and will try to get back to her in just a short while. we're going to stay on the
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issue of iraq. do we have may with us? okay. so we're going go stick with iraq but come back to the united states because it is a hot political problem here for republicans and democrats and an open question how they are going to deal with this particularly on the subject of ground troops potential gop contenders are using their words very very carefully, including jeb bush who previously got tripped up trying to defend his brother's decision to invade iraq in 2003 this time he said quote, make the decisions based on conditions on the ground not for some political purpose, whether we need more than 3,000 which is what we have now i would base that on what the military advisers say. may reston joining us now, good to see you, you have a really good piece on diving
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deeper on what we've been talking about in the past week or so about the issue that republicans have on the trail grappling with their positions on iraq. tell us about that. >> it's so fascinating that we're seeing several of the republican would-be candidates like george p former governor of new york coming out and talking about a need for more ground troops and having covered these past presidential campaigns, it is just amazing that we're hearing candidates actually call for a potentially new wave of ground troops because it would have been political suicide just a short time ago but you do see public opinion shifting on this particularly most americans are still opposed to having ground troops in iraq but the younger voters is more open to the idea of ground troops in iraq now. >> let's look at that, that's
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one of the many things that fascinated me about your piece, harvard university institute of politics survey released in april showing 57% of 18 to 29 years old support ground troops to fight isis. a year ago 60% of that age said most or all troops should be withdrawn from iraq. i don't know the answer why there is such a shift. certainly is surprising. what do you think? >> i 24i if you . >> i think if you think about these younger voters they didn't live through the dragged out george bush debate over foreign policy and have less of a connection to september 11th it's a less personal connection to september 11th. there's really ab interesting
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question because many favor muscular foreign policy could be good forp candidates like marco rubio. >> we started this discussion in the political dialogue because bush was having trouble answering last week whether he would have gone to war. it is hard to believe this will be the fourth presidential election in a row where iraq could really play big. >> right and part of the reason why all of the candidates are struggling with this including hillary clinton because there are no easy answers how to go after isis. how many casualties would you be willing to take in the u.s. to eliminate isis and how far should you go with air strikes. the candidates will have to answer all those questions as we go farther along in the
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presidential race and it is a very uncomfortable position to be in. >> it sure is. thank you so much. great to see you. just ahead rand paul ten hour rant against the patriots act is over now congress has to decide whether they should keep collecting phone records, an independent senator weighs in. and later making clint'sonclinton's e-mails public. my nutrition heart health mix is for you. it's a wholesome blend of peanuts, pecans and other delicious nuts specially mixed for people with hearts. i said people with hearts. because hearts health is important. that's why i've researched optimized and packaged this mix just for you. not you. so if you have a heart start optimizing your nutrition with my nutrition. planters. nutrition starts with nut. vo: today's the day. more and more people with type 2 diabetes are learning about long-acting levemir®.
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congress is wrangling over where the national security agency should continue collecting the bulk phone records of millions of americans, the program is set to expire at the end of is this
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month. kentucky senator rand paul took to the senate floor for ten and half hours to oppose the program saying it violates the privacy rights of americans. joining us to talk about that and a lot more is senator king from maine who sits on the intelligence committee. should congress renew or revise the sections of the patriot act to allow the nsa these phone records. >> it should be reformed but also not lost all together. it strikes me as ironic at a time when risks are escalating when we face lone wolf terrorists in the united states that we're talking about unilatterle aly disarming our intelligence committee. i've been in the senate to protect privacy rights and i
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think scrapping it all together would be a huge mistake and we will be back here in months or a year and there will be an attack and people will say where were you to prevent this. >> and as congress is known, we are up against the deadline for these provisions to expire june 1, not only that justice department sent a memo talking about this could pose problems may 22nd, toll, saying the national security agency will need to take steps to wind down the bulk telephone metadata program in anticipation of possible sunsen in order to en engage in any unauthorized data gathering. so got to get stuff together or the programs could continue to unwind. >> we had a briefing on that
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earlier in the week and that's the expectation we had. frankly it is disappointing to me that here we are at the deadline and the only excuse is who among us did our book report before sunday night. this is serious stuff. we've known about this deadline for years. this should have been taken care of a long time ago but here we are. and i think the problem now is that i don't hi that there are enough votes for the u.s.a. freedom act which is the bill that essentially passed the house. so we got to try to find the votes for a short-term extension. there are productive discussions going on that we can reach some consensus on but it's going to take some time but flightright now it's anybody's guess where the votes are. >> can you give us some insight on where you're focussing on those discussions, a potential compromise. >> i can tell you my problem, i'm uncomfortable with all this
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data held by the government even though there's a lot of protections and standards and few people have access to it it makes me nervous that the government has a big trove of data. so i always thought it should be left with an independent third party or left with phone companies. the problem with the bill the house passed is there's no limit hon the data retention by the phone companies so they could say we're only going to keep it two weeks, a month or six weeks and then it is of no intelligence value. that's where we're trying to find areas of compromise. >> going to turn to what you voted on in the last hour or so which is the ability to give the president or guess technically congress a trade promotion authority, you voted against that. before i ask but that i want to play what the president said because president obama is very much for it. listen to this. >> i would not be promoting any
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agreement that i didn't think at the end of the day was going to be creating jobs in the united states and giving us more of an opportunity to create ladders of success, higher incomes and higher wages for the american people. >> this is the president who obviously you support, saying that he is in favor of this because he thinks it will help americans with jobs but you voted against it why? >> well i can remember saying in my campaign two years ago when people say do you support the president i said i will support him when i think he's right and oppose him when i think he's wrong on this i haven't been convinced he is right. it is simp. i don't know how i go back to maine and look at a worker or small manufacturer company and say you're supposed to compete with a company in vietnam that doesn't have standards act, no epa, no osha and pay their people 60 cents an hour but you
10:20 am
got to compete with them i can't make that argument with a straight face and nobody has yet satisfied me that there are sufficient protections in place to really protect american jobs. i just don't think the argument is there. sure it will help some companies, 134 of the companies that that operate all over the world but when you talk about american manufacturing this has been the heart of the middle class, the heart of what has prop peled this country and i just think we shouldn't be giving it away. >> i should say despite the split in the democrat caucus in this vote about an hour or so ago the supporters were able to over come the philibuster with two votes to spare, so looks like it is headed toward approval in the senate and we'll see what happens in the house. senator king thank you for joining me i appreciate it. >> thank you, always a pleasure. >> you too. still ahead. a cnn exclusive on a stand off in the sky.
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now to a cnn exclusive, an american spy plane confronted by the chinese navy. our correspondent was on that u.s. surveillance flight when it was ordered by china to evacuate an area above the china sea. the confrontation is around
10:25 am
man-made islands raising concerns with the pentagon. >> this is chinese navy please go away quickly. >> it's the stand off in the skies between china and the u.s. as beijing makes a massive and unprecedented land grab 600 miles from its coast. >> cnn got exclusive access to classified u.s. surveillance flights over the islands. first time journalists have been allowed on an operational mission by state-of-the-art pseidon. >> we just arrived on station above the three islands that are target of today's mission, it is the focus of china's building in the south china seas. >> in two years china expanded these by 2,000 acres, equal to 1500 football fields and counting. >> if you're a military man is
10:26 am
there any doubt that's a future military installation. >> it appears to be a build up of military infrastructure. >> for china, foreign minister calls his commitment unshakeable and defends the new islands closely patrolling with coast guard and navy war ships and noting them out of the airspace eight times on this one mission alone. >> i'm a united states military aircraft i'm operating with due regard as required under internation law. >> china responding with frustration. >> you are approaching our military alert zone. leave immediately. >> the stand off is military to military but civilian aircraft can be caught in the middle. >> you heard over the intercom this is the chinese navy and what was interesting is that there are also civilian aircraft there was a delta
10:27 am
flight that heard that challenge and piped into the frequency to say what's going on the chinese navy then reassuring them but as the flight crew tells me it could he could be nerve wracking. >> china says this territory is part of their history claiming honer owner ship back 2,000 years. >> recognize that as anything to do with accordance with internation law. >> many see economic motives as the islands are rich in oil. and natural products. cnn. above the south china sea. the iraq military is on a major losing streak as isis takes more and more ground. coming up a large number of
10:28 am
american soldiers will they be needed to stop the islamic fighters from inching closer to baghdad. we'll talk with congressman ed royce up next.
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welcome back to our viewers in the united states and around the world i'm dana bash in for wolf blitzer.
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let's turn to iraq and fall for ramadi called a setback from the obama administration. we saw a reaction from the president, saying if the iraqis are not willing to fight for the security of their country we cannot do that for them. joining me now from capitol hill is california congressman ed royce, first a reaction to the president's comments. >> well it is a true statement that iraqis have to bewilling and able to defend themselves and their citizens. at the same time we in the united states need to be certain that the sunni tribes and kurds have the weapons they need to fight isis. remember those weapons are being held in baghdad from a lot of pressure from the neighboring iranian regime not to allow the
10:33 am
sunni men to have the equipment they needed and lastly we wrnlt up with the air strikes as requested. a little more than two a day average from what i saw over the last couple weeks of the air campaign. so there was a critique about u.s. air support and we don't have any forward deploy personnel to assist on making sure those air strikes hit the isis targets. so there's a little bit of criticism to go around here. >> and certainly has been frustration on capitol hill that the administration is not taking the fall of ramadi seriously enough. in fact john mccain was on the floor ripping white house spokes man. >> we have to sort of decide what our approach to these issues are going to be. are we going to light our hair on fire every time there is a setback in the campaign against
10:34 am
isil or are we going to take responsibility to evaluate the eras with suck said. >> in the response to ramadi the answer seems to be quote let's not set our hair on fire by the president's statesman. where is our morality our decency, our concern about these thousands of people that are being slaughtered and displaced and their lives destroyed and we shouldn't set our hair on fire? outrageous. >> what's your reaction and more specifically what's you're view on the way that the administration is treating the fall of ramadi? >> i think they are treating it in the same way that they are treating the setbacks in syria in the war against isis right now as well. as isis continues to take towns and destroy antiquities, the
10:35 am
roman ruins, the syrian ruins, they are blotting it out and massacring civilians. the sunni tribesmen, their had children were slatered their wives were killed and in the face of this kind of assault where they used 30 suicide bombings ten of those were as big as what we saw in oklahoma city in the bombing that we experienced here in the united states so that gives you some idea of what is going on. so my reaction to that is that we need more air support, closer air support, air strikes called in and we need to force the issue of arming the kurds and sunni tribesmen. i know the she i know i know the shii don't like that idea but it is necessary to defend themselves. >> back to what the president said in that atlantic interview
10:36 am
talking about the fact we can't do it for them. the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, offered criticism saying they weren't driven out of ramadi instead they drove out of ramadi meaning, they were out of there. they fled. >> yeah. >> so there's only so much the u.s. can do back to the president's point, right? >> remember hear me out on this the baghdad officer, you know baghdad-appointed officer there retreated, okay, he pulled out. but the soonunni tribesmen stayed and fought and they died there. and the reality is that more support forcing the issue of having a government in baghdad that protects all of the citizens and recruits from the entire pool instead of just trying to make the shia-leaning government which leans to iran
10:37 am
flight happy, we need to do that. i would make that point. we don't need u.s. brig aids on the ground we need to exert our considerable influence and get the weapons to the kurds and sunni tribesmen that they need. it is a serious issue. >> so you don't is this there should be u.s. troops. there's a lot of talk suddenly about 10,000 u.s. troops in iraq you disagree? >> i 24ithink what you need on the ground the commandos carried out the operation the other day in syria to take out the oil and gas, those kind of operations you can do forward deployed spotters special ones to call in air strikes so the air strikes can be effective so you can actually hit the isis targets, those are the kind of things to do you don't need brigades on the ground. you have an army of 180,000 kurds who have been trying for
10:38 am
months and months to get the weaponry the artillery, the mortgager mortars, anti-tank that they need to confront isis. and you have the same problem with the sunni tribes fighting isis. so we need an overall strategy that will also give them air support. that's what we should be doing. >> we will obviously be continuing this conversation. thank you ed recognize, chairman of the foreign affairs committee. >> thank you. now coming up a closer look at the african my grants risking their lives to make it to american shores we will be joined live from italy next. and later, hillary clinton and those e-mails on her private
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extraordinary. the italian coast guard said in just one day, just one day, 900 migrants were rescued at sea. look at the overall numbers, more than 12,000 my grants arrived by sea to italy just this month alone, bringing the total number of my grants since january, more than 38,000. look at some of the key my grant routes thousands flee north africa attempting dangerous sea crossing. christiane amanpour joins us now from italy. you were on an italian navy
10:43 am
vessel as it rescued hundreds of these my grantieg grants tell us about it. >> it was extraordinary and we were there as they rescued nearly 300 of those 900 you were stalking about. that was yesterday. today it is really windy. seas are high. interest therehave been no most migrants coming from syria but a lot of them from africa. it was extraordinary because there are five naval vessels in an area about the size of the uk about 80,000 square miles and about a thousand personnel are there from responding to melee calls. the method of traffickers is get people into rickety boats into international waters and radio for help knowing the laws of the sea is vessels have to help
10:44 am
anybody in distress. so that's what we witnessed. 290 people crapped on to one of these blue wooden boats, luckily were intercepted by the italians and taken on to the warship and given water and came today into land not far from here. one of the people died three were very ill, but the others were really happy to be rescued by the italians. >> i'm sure they were. but then what happen gz? once the refugees come and are processed where do they go? >> well that's the big, big question and that's caused a huge dilemma because what is happening is these traffickers are putting italy right in the front line of taking on all these people and basically dumping them in italy for italy to deal with. so the eu as you know is trying
10:45 am
to have a beefed up military mission to stop the smugglers and destroy the smuggling boats, also talking about quotas of mieg rants but some of the eu countries are denying taking in any of them or abiding by quotas. once they are on land it is a long slow bureau kratic process to get them through maybe to grant asylum or temporary homes or jobs until someone else can take them. it is a long and torturous journey and will only get worse as the wars continue that is what is increasing the flow of mieg rants across the medditer an ian. >> absolutely. and thank you. look forward to seeing more of your reports. just ahead, hillary clinton's e-mails on benghazi
10:46 am
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we could be just days away from the release of hillary clinton's e-mails related to the terror attack in benghazi libya. the state department is expected to make the first batch public in the coming days. now, clinton turned over about 30,000 e-mails from the private account she used as secretary of state. the state department says the documents amounted to about 55,000 pages delivered in 12
10:50 am
bankers boxes. 296 e-mails, about 850 pages, were sent to the house select committee that investigated the benghazi attack. brianna keilar is joining me now to talk about what we're learning so far. >> yeah we're going to be learning a lot. particularly let's focus in on a couple dozen of these e-mails that are coming from sidney blumenthal a former aide to both hillary clinton and also back in bill clinton's administration. what we see in the e-mails that "the new york times" got ahold of and describes is memos on -- and keeping in mind that at this point sidney blumenthal is not working for the state department. he's sort of outside advising hillary clinton and sending her memos about what's going on in libya, to her private e-mail which as we know the e-mails were stored on her private server. so these are memos about what's going on. hillary clinton takes them she forwards them to one of her
10:51 am
top -- or really her top foreign policy aide jake sullivan who remains in the same position on her campaign as we speak. then they would be circulated as we understand from "the new york times" without any evidence that they were coming from sidney blumenthal. a couple key points "the times" zooms in on here. the day after the benghazi attacks, in blumenthal's memo, there's this prevailing theory that it was protesters who were demonstrating over a video, an internet video about prophet muhammad, and that was really where this attack happened in benghazi libya. the next day, though another memo was sent from blumenthal. he says that sharia took advantage of what is really this protester situation in libya. at that point, iran countered what the obama administration was saying. hillary clinton has said, you know, i have a lot of old friends. i was talking to an old friend. i'm not going to stop. but critics will look at the role of sidney blumenthal in
10:52 am
this and say he's a hatchet man for the clintons. >> there's so many things to unpack here. one is the process by which she was e-mailing and getting information. another is who she was getting information from. maybe some of the millennials out there don't know who sidney blumenthal was, but he was a controversial player in the clinton administration in the '90s. >> he was a very big player. actually once a journalist and came over and was very key to the clintons in many different ways through many different sagas they went through. there's also this question of if hillary clinton was using her e-mail account for sensitive but unclassified information. was there any classified information? we have learned, we understand it, from -- it's really about a third of these 850 pages that we're expecting soon that "the new york times" got to look at. we understand that there isn't classified information, but there is some sensitive but unclassified information a year and a half before the attack information about whether chris
10:53 am
stephens where he was at a certain point in time when he was thinking about leaving benghazi because of the deteriorating security situation there, even a year and a half before. >> and we're going to continue to be talking about this because the judge ruled they can be released on a rolling basis, which is, as you know not good for the clinton campaign. >> politically dribs and drabs. not good for her. >> thanks so much. see you soon. still ahead, a new u.s. agreement with cuba makes it easier for citizens to travel there, but u.s. diplomats may not be able to move around so freely. that story next.
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officials are indicating that the u.s. and cuba are as close as ever to an agreement to fully restoring diplomatic relations and reopening embassies. the fourth round of talks between the two countries resumed today here in washington but these are the first talks since president obama announced on april 14th that he decided to remove cuba from the u.s. list of state sponsored terrorism. cnn's patrick oppman is in havana. what are you hearing about the talks there? how are they viewed in cuba? >> reporter: very positively by cubans. we've seen something we haven't -- at least i haven't seen in the three years i've been living here which is cubans putting on american flags, all types of clothing. they know it's coming.
10:58 am
it's very close. they're celebrating if their own way. there's no flag over the american embassy. for cubanss they are putting on flags. they're celebrating. the cuban government is about to declare victory next week as they're taken off the list of countries that support terrorism. things are slowly moving forward. perhaps as early as today, an announcement about when that embassy could open here in havana. >> then of course they're going to have to deal with the beat i normally cover, which is congress and whether or not they're going to provide funding for that. but that's a different story. i want to ask about the financial implications. i'm guessing that it would just be a boon to cuban economy and businesses when it comes to normalizing these relations. >> reporter: we're already seeing changes. the cuban government says since december they've seen a 15% increase in tourism. that's a major industry here. a lot of it is more than americans comes now that you have more avenues for legal
10:59 am
travel. a lot of it is europeans and others who want to get here before the americans come. so they are seeing an increase. there are not enough hotels and cars. of course, there are shortages of just about everything in cuba. even with that increase in tourism, it's not going to be enough to get cuba out of the very deep economic hole it's in. it'll take the cuban government opening up more of their economy, more foreign businesses coming here. of course the u.s. embargo is still very much in place. that's something the cuban government very much wants to negotiate with the u.s., lifting those economic restrictions that really still have a major impact on this country. >> and real quick before i let you go the ban on ferries between neighboring countries, it was lifted but what about the service? when is it going to start? >> reporter: well, you know no ferries here just yet. people were very excited to hear that the u.s. state department said that you could have ferry service between the united states and cuba. the cuban government said we're still studying the issue. this really comes back to the idea that, you know the cuban government has to open up as
11:00 am
well. we're just not seeing that happen at least not yet. >> patrick oppmann from cuba. thank you so much. that's it for me. our international viewers, stay tuned for "amanpour." for our viewers in north america, "newsrooms with the" with poppy harlow starts right now. i'm poppy harlow in today for brooke baldwin. breaking developments in the man hunt for the prime suspect in the killing of a family and their housekeeper. sources telling us here at cnn, the suspect told his girlfriend that he does plan to surrender. daron dylon wint now has an arrest warrant for murder. washington, d.c. police say dna found on a pizza crust belongs to wint. an intense manhunt is now focused on brooklyn new york. >>