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tv   The Situation Room  CNN  May 21, 2015 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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public is watching them closer to see how they discipline. you have to think they'll have harder discipline from here on out. >> rachel nichols, great to have you on. thank you so much. we've told you, baltimore's state's attorney marilyn mosby is about to speak with an update in the freddie gray case. that conference slightly delayed. should start any minute. that's it for "the lead." i'm jake tapper. brianna keilar is in for wolf in "the situation room" tonight. happening now breaking news. the freddie gray case the baltimore prosecutor is about to hold a news conference on new developments in the death and custody case that tore her city apart. we are going to bring that to you live. military meltdown. isis advances further in iraq and captures an ancient city in syria, but president obama says the u.s. and its allies are not losing the war against the terror croup. a reality check from baghdad. murder suspect, an east coast manhunt for the suspect in the gruesome murder of a washington, d.c. family as dna
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found on a pizza crust puts police on his trail. kim unveiled. an insider takes us behind the scenes of a brutal and most dangerous regime on earth. like it's like a personal kingdom for kim jong-un. wolf blitzer is on vacation. i'm brianna keilar. you're in "the situation room." cnn breaking news -- we have breaking news. new developments in the investigation of baltimore's freddie gray death in custody case. this specifically pertains to the grand jury. states attorney marilyn mosby about to hold a news conference. we're standing by to bring that to you live. correspondents analysts and guests also standing by with full coverage and i want to go first now to cnn's miguel marquez, he's 0 in baltimore. miguel, tell us what we're learning. a sense of what to expect from marilyn mosby when she begins? >> reporter: we do. we're in the room where the
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press conference will be held any moment now. the baltimore states attorney marilyn mosby we believe will announce the grand jury has come back with charges. we don't know how many or against which police officers those charges exist. the one thing that is significant about this is that on the 27th, next week we're supposed to have the first hearing in this case. that now given this new development won't go forward and it will be a new process for moving forward. marilyn mosby coming under great pressure from the police union here in baltimore, from police officers and many people from across the country, what they say is her handling of this case. if she comes back with charges from the grand jury, clearly, this will change the trajectory of this case. would give her a much sort of shorer foot to stand on as they move forward with this very very difficult case. brianna? >> all right, miguel. we are standing by with you. we're going to discuss what we're expecting here and get back to you in a moment when this does get underway.
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joining me now in "the situation room" to talk a little more about this we have cnn law enforcement analyst and former fbi assistant director tom fuentes. cnn correspondent brian todd our justice reporter evan perez. anchor don lemon and we are going right back to baltimore where officials are walking into that room and we will discuss it as we come out of this news conference. here's marilyn mosby. as i previously indicated my office conducted an independent investigation into the circumstances surrounding the tragic incident with the death of freddie gray. on may 1st our investigation revealed we had sufficient probable cause to bring charges against six police officers. as our investigation has continued additional information has been discovered and as is often the case during an ongoing investigation charges can and should be revised based
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upon the evidence. these past two weeks my team that been presenting evidence to a grchand jury that just today returned indictments against all six officers for are the following offenses. officer cesar goodson jr., second-degree depraved heart murder. involuntary manslaughter. second-degree negligent assault. manslaughter by vehicle and gross negligence. man slaughter by vehicle, criminal negligence. misconduct in office for failure to perform a duty regarding safety of a prisoner. reckless endangerment. officer william porter involuntary manslaughter. second-degree negligent assault. misconduct in office for failure to perform a duty regarding the safety of a prisoner and reckless endangerment. lieutenant brian rice involuntary manslaughter. second-degree negligent assault. misconduct in office for failure to perform a duty regarding safety of a prisoner and an
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illegal arrest. reckless endangerment. officer edward nero second degree intentional assault. misconduct in office for an illegal arrest, misconduct in office for failure to perform a duty regarding safety of a prisoner and reckless endangerment. officer garrett miller second-degree intentional assault. misconduct in office for an illegal arrest. misconduct in office for failure to perform a duty regarding the safety of a prisoner and reckless endangerment. sergeant alicia white, involuntary manslaughter. second-degree negligent assault. misconduct in office for failure to perform a duty regarding safety of a prisoner and reckless endangerment. now that the grand jury has also found probable cause to charge the aforementioned officers based upon the evidence these officers who are presumed innocent until proven guilty are now scheduled to be arraigned on july 2nd. thank you. thank you all. >> will you recuse yourself from
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this case -- >> states toirn marilyn mosby there in baltimore making some big news. not taking questions there, but this of course pertaining to the death of freddie gray in police custody. i want to go ahead and bring in first don lemon. you're listening to this. we learned that these six officers don, have been indicted. in a that a grand jury said there is evidence to go ahead ap and -- arraign them. right? so how big of a deal is this? is this what we expected? >> this is a big deal. many expected it would change because as previously as migel pointed out, marilyn mosby has been under significant pressure regarding the charges. many saying her statements did not support the charges. she is saying having now done that independent investigation since 5-1, now she has sufficient cause to indict these officers additional information, she said came in.
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the charges had been revised in some way and she's saying now that cesar goodson, secretary-degree depraved heart, some have been revised somewhat but mostly the same charges. still very serious charges, and that second-degree depraved heart murder is the most serious one of them all. again, she's now saying she has sufficient evidence. there was a bit of a controversy earlier in the week regarding the knife. according to city officials, according to city police office folks representing police officers saying that the knife was illegal. therefore, making the arrest legal. the knife illegal, making the arrest legal. she said the knife was legal, making the arrest illegal. and so then came back last week and said it was not that important when it came to the indictment and the chashlgrges against these officers. all six officers now indicted july 2nd, they will be arraigned. that is big news.
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that's serious news brianna. >> justice reporter evan perez. you were listening to these charges, and what the grand jury has said about them. so actually the grand jury changed, they found evidence of greater charges? >> well she changed some of the charges, and really what the grand jury does is bring the charges that the state prosecutor asks them to bring. they're not operating on their own. they're bringing charges that she's asking. >> and she adjusted. that's what she said it's often charges are revised based on the evidence. >> clearly, brianna, she's heard the criticism about the knife. heard criticism that under maryland law, she was saying the knife was legal. these officers had no reason to arrest or to pursue freddie gray. and so what she's done now is that she's made it more about the conduct of the officers with regard to the transportation of the, of freddie gray in the prisoner van. also in their treatment of him, and so what she's now made it
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less about the knife and more about what they did, whether they rendered aid properly to him which obviously they did not, because he died, and so now -- the second-degree murder depraved heart murder against the driver of the van. that remains, that's the most serious charge but the most significant thing that's happened now is that she has made it less about this controversy over the knife are and more about the failure to render aid to freddie gray and causing his death, because they simply did not treat him properly. >> i want to bring in senator ben cardin of maryland. senator, this happening in your state. you -- i hope you were able to hear the press conference that marilyn mosby just gave. certainly you've been able to hear some of the analysis here so far and the explanations of it. what's your reaction to what you heard? >> well i don't think we're surprised. the state's attorney made the presentation to the grand jury. it's now up to the criminal
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justice system to deal with these issues as the state's attorney said the officers have a presumption of innocence. i don't think any of us are surprised by today's announcement. what we're doing in baltimore, we started a healing process, and yesterday we had a meeting at the white house with our congressional delegation looking at ways that we can help baltimore rebuild, not only the businesses that were destroyed and damaged, but also the core problems in our city. so i know that we're all very much focused on making sure there's justice. justice for freddie gray. and i think the state's attorney today brought forward what was expected and now it's up to our court system to process this. >> marilyn moses buyby senator, has been some critics, especially in the corner of some of these officers their lawyers, is really what i'm talking about, they've criticized her saying there's a conflict of interest. whether that her husband is a
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city council member in the ward where freddie gray lived 0or whether it's that she appeared after the riot at a concert onstage with prince, or that she has talked to "vogue" magazine and some critics say that this is sort of a chance for her to capitalize in a way that helps her career. what do you say to those critics who say there's a conflict of interest? >> well i think the state's attorney has brought forward, with the information she had, did an independent investigation. she's brought forward her best judgment as to proceedings. we will see what happens in the courts, but i think that it's not unusual for those who have been charged with crimes to take a look at how objective the person who's in the state's attorney office may be butality the end of the day the people of baltimore want justice for freddie gray. they want our police department and our community to work
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together. so we understand we have problems. now it's up to the court system and i don't think it's about any one person including the state's attorney. it's about justice prevailing and it's about the officers having their right of presumption of innocence, but also there's a responsibility and we want to make sure that the court system works. >> do you think the officers i wonder -- actually let me ask you this -- the atf released at this point several screen shots of suspects that they think intentionally set several fires in baltimore during the riots. do you have any information who they might be looking for? are these believed to be local residents? >> we don't know. we know that at least initially the violence and damage in our community had something to do about trying to find drugs. we also know that there was a small group of people that participated in the looting. we know that there were tens of thousands of marylanders who took to streets in a responsible way, to try to preserve peace and order in our city. we love baltimore. and we obviously want to find
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out what happened. we want to make sure there's justice, but we also want to make sure that our city's future is moving forward in the right way and that's what we did yesterday in the white house with secretaries of major departments at the federal level to help rebuild our city. >> senator ben cardin of maryland. thanks so much for chatting with us, really appreciate it. >> thank you. >> i want to bring in cnn legal analyst, i should say hln legal analyst joey jackson. joey you watched this press conference and now what we're seeing is something that comes out of some criticism, and debate back and forth, over the last days. this issue of the knife that freddie gray was carrying when he was arrested. is it a legal knife? is it an ill leaf knifeegal knife? does it really matter. seems marilyn mosby going in the direction of you know what? whether that knife was legal or illegal or the arrest was legal or illegal, the concentration certainly rhetorically more on how he was treated once in
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custody? >> it appears so. good evening, brianna. absolutely. we should talk about what an indictment is all about. understand as defense lawyers love to point out, an indictment is an accusation. what it really means, there were 23 members assembled and we all should keep in mind the state's attorney is the one who delivered that evidence. in the grand jury they conduct the whole proceeding. there is no judge, no defense attorney. and there's no real cross-examination as to the witnesses, and so what the state's attorney did was present the evidence just enough evidence brianna, to establish that there's probable cause to believe that a crime was committed, and that these specific officers committed it. and so based upon that presentation the grand jury of which there are 23 a majority of which, not unanimous like a trial jury but a majority. that is 12 of the 23 we don't know the count in the grand jury but they've concluded that there's probable cause to believe a crime committed and they committed it. in terms of the issue of the
2:15 pm
knife. is it significant? of course. every bit of evidence is significant but it moves the discussion away from was the knife legal, illegal, was he falsely imprisoned too? he's dead. what was the cause of that? was there criminal negligence involveded? grand jury believes yes and as for the driver more than criminal negligence failing to perceive 0 a risk carelessness. they believe depravity. that is you knew someone was dying and what did you do? you went and sought another passenger to get in the car instead of assisting the partner or rather freddie gray who was in there. so a lot of it will be unveiled as we move forward. >> you said with "depraved." they must have known somebody was dying, especially what they're saying. could it be you knew somebody was hurt not just gravely injured? >> well it has to can do with the gravity of the injury because in the event, brianna, someone is simply ailing and you don't believe that ailing to be significant, then it doesn't move the needle to the charge of
2:16 pm
depraved indifference. because, remember what needs to be established, what needs to be established is a that you knew that this person was under serious distress. you knew this person needed dire medical attention, and you just didn't care. why? because you were inhumane. you lacked compassion. that you lacked all human emotion to actually assist them. so it has to be more than oh they may have needed some help. you knew they needed help and went and picked up another passenger instead of rendering-aid and it took you 40 minutes instead are the two minutes to get to the precinct. a lot will be said moving forward. the attorneys for the defense, and coming up we know there's an arraignment, where the officers will be officially apprised of what the charges are. there may be change. the conditions or there may not be change certainly the defense will have an opportunity to dispute the evidence moving forward. >> joey we'll talk more ahead. everyone stand by. getting a lot more information into "the situation room" on this indictment of the six officers in the freddie gray case. we will have much more breaking news after this quick break.
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we're following breaking nougz right now. prosecutor marilyn mosby of baltimore announced a grand jury indicted six police officers in the death of freddie gray. these officers are scheduled to be arraigned july 2nd. gray's death last month in police custody set off rioting and days of intense demonstrations in baltimore. i bring in cnn anchor don lemon. what did you think about marilyn mosby and how she delivered his announcement. someone not known for a neutral delivery of an announcement. having spoken with her and met
2:22 pm
with her what did you take away from this? >> well, you know i saw the initial press conference. remember when she first announced that these officers would be arrested. right? that charges would be brought against these officers and then minutes after that i found myself sitting in her at her office not in her personal office but at her office doing an interview with her. listen it should not be underestimated and not give short ho the body language and emphatic in talking about these indictments. >> let me stop you. i said not known for giving a neutral delivery. i mean in tone. a definite a little bit of an edge to her. >> yeah. i know what you're saying and i understand you don't want it to be misconstrued and i understand that. i think, though that she was very emphatic saying listen additional information is discovered and says as is normal, paraphraseing, however she said it very emphatic about it. i have heard the criticism of me
2:23 pm
and i'm over it. i'm not dealing with it. i'm not changing this because of your criticism, what i'm doing is normal. announcing these charges. i'm changing some of the charges because additional information has been discovered. it was almost defiant, and so this is the marilyn mosby that the people who are representing the officerless have to deal with going -- officers will have to deal with going forward. and too many conflicts of interest there was a conflict of interest and her charging statements didn't support the charges she had, and then another state's attorney saying that was frivolous and premature. the night freddie gray was arrested long before they even knew he had a knife. she's not backing down and she also has a support of other people in office and government there. this is going to be a tough slog ahead for the officers and for her. >> brian todd you were watching this press conference. what was your takeaway? >> i thought she came across as
2:24 pm
being very confident here. feels the grand jury is going to bolster her case. interesting she add add dhoorged a charge. reckless endangerment. evan and i were talking be moving away from focus on the knife. the defense attorneys trying to poke holes that the arrest was illegal because the knife freddie gray carried was legal. well the defense attorneys for the officers are trying to make a case that the knife was, in fact illegal. they'll probably continue to try to make that case and also of the depraved heart murder charge, we talked about that. joey jackson talked how tough to prove. legal analysts in baltimore saying that's going to be the toughest charge for her to get a conviction on. she's got to not only prove that he knew this person was in distress as joey said. she's got to prove that the officer in question here cesar goodson, knew this person could die and still behaved in a
2:25 pm
certain way. these defense attorneys in baltimore, who have a long history dealing with cases like this toll ud that's going to be her toughest charge to get a conviction on. >> brianna, we know as reported before that the police investigation was headed in a different direction. it doesn't necessarily back up everything that she has brought here in court, and certainly before this grand jury. so that's the other challenge that she has, which is, that the police investigation, which the homicide investigation, we have seasoned investigators working on this for weeks and they arrived at some different con clupgs s conclusions. investigators doing independent work. the investigators will figure out, who are those people? how much work did they actually do? i believe he was relying on police work. an opportunity -- >> how do you mix using the independent and the police work? >> exactly. >> talk about the knife, because there is this question of whether -- so he runs away from police. freddie gray does.
2:26 pm
police pursue him. they detain him. they discover he has a knife. at first it appeared that it was an illegal knife. then when marilyn mosby came out they were saying no it wasn't a switchblade. it was a legal knife. there wasn't a basis for arrest. now it seems seize saying knife illegal or legal, doesn't matter. what matters, how he was treated in custody. you think differently? >> no. it does matter. 9 foundation of the case why he was even taken into custody ins first place. if she didn't get that right, what else didn't she have right? the rest of the case could have a domino effect if she loses that part of it. it's either legal or illegal. >> is it? >> i don't know. why isn't it. >> another state's attorney in her office is saying brought in a motion on may 8th. a rebuttal to a motion on may 8th, to have her recused. and here's what it says. instead, this is another state's attorney. asserting that the statement of
2:27 pm
probable cause against the officers makes clear that mr. gray was arrested well before the arresting officers knew he possessed a knife. that is where you're going to get into legality there. it may may not be the spring-loaded knife, big enough small enough or legal. it's whether or not the officers knew he had the knife before or after he was arrested. that's where it's going to -- >> i don't think he was arrested first. i don't thich it's correct to say it that way. they have the right under supreme court r50u8ings to chase him down when he runs away from them and the right to frisk him for weapon or contraband. they find the knife and places him under arrest. in that sequence of events if the knife is illegal, what they've done not wrong. false imprisonment is serious to get wrong. >> leave it there for the moment. gentlemen, much more ahead. don, thank you so much. brian, evan todd thank you. and coming up a suspect in the washington, d.c. murder of a
2:28 pm
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its fighters going door to door beheading government loyalists. united nations fearing they will destroy the city's 2,000-year-old ruins. isis controls now more than half of syria and isis is also advancing in iraq pushing out of the captured city of ramadi on the road towards baghdad as frightened refugees pour into the capital under harsh criticism from lawmakers, president obama calls ramadi a setback but says he doesn't think the u.s. is losing the war against isis. i want to go live now to cnn pentagon correspondent barbara starr, with the latest. barbara? >> reporter: you bree -- bree jana brianna, the question is how much are they gaining? intense fighting near the 2,000-year-old roots,ecutions are under way.
2:34 pm
the ancient city of palmyra in the firm grip of isis. the world holding its breath worrying isis may destroy these priceless ruins. it's already destroyed artifacts in iraq. isis controls 50% of syrian territory, an activist group says. the state department and the u.s. intelligence community now focusing on how to get ramadi back and save anbar province in iraq a key approach to bagbaghdad. pressure is mounting after the administration's earlier somewhat unconcerned views on the fall of ramadi. >> i am absolutely confident in the days ahead that will be reversed. >> are we going to -- to light our hair on fire every time there is is a set wac? >> reporter: congressional republicans heavily disagree. >> isil gives it an appearance of strength and 3w50679s its ability to recruit nor fighters. >> reporter: u.s. intelligence officials are looking for any
2:35 pm
new indications isis could attempt to assault baghdad. >> we have to do everything in our power to stop the momentum from going forward for isis. >> reporter: ramadi's fall another disturbing failure of iraqi forces -- ripping holes in the u.s. assertion isis is on the defensive. >> there is no way that the reality of the battlefield conforms with that world view. what we have here is an isis that is very much on the offensive. >> reporter: the chairman of the joint chiefs general martin dempsey, said isf was not driven out of ramadi. they drove out of ramadi. in other words, quit despite a 10-1 troop advantage over isis. the pentagon believes iraqi troops had poor morale and thought u.s. air strikes were not coming through. u.s. officials say they were. the plan now -- rush new weapons to iraqi
2:36 pm
forces including 1,084 shoulder-fired tank rounds. those capable of destroying isis suicide vehicle bombs. now, pentagon officials tell me they will step up reconnaissance and air strikes over ramadi in the coming days to help those iraqi forces get back in control, but the iraqi forces have to be able to stay and fight. brianna? >> they certainly do. that's the question. barbara starr at the pentagon. thank you. joining me now cnn counterterrorism analyst and cnn national security analyst with us the former homeland security advisor to president bush. so we see what's happening now in syria, isis controls half of it phil this includes a key syrian border crossing. we know that the air strikes aren't enough, there fleeds toneeds to be boots on the ground. the solution moderate rebels be the boots on the ground. where are they in this training process and is it going to be
2:37 pm
enough? >> we're not far along in the process. they've started modest training. you have to look at two timelines not synchronized. the president, assad, of syria, talking in more serious tones about the opposition he's facing. hasn't seen that in past years. an insurgency several years old. a militancy we don't like and years into the insurgency we're starting to say with partners we're going to train. the timeline for the demise of assad accelerated. the timeline the u.s. is using to train people is slow. not synchronized. it's not enough. >> not synchronized. fran i wonder the residences in the area where isis is pushing into, is there a point they will reject isis and maybe rise up? >> what they need to see is that u.s. support is there for them. so while the administration has been defensive in saying we were doing air strikes in iraq and israel ramadi they clearly weren't doing enough of them and they weren't sufficiently
2:38 pm
effective or ramadi wouldn't have fallen's so. so iffy want the indigenous population to rise up and take on some of this they've got to know somebody's got their back. some rests with iraqi security forces as general dempsey said drove out, and gave up. those are not forces that the u.s. trained. so there's a bunch of problems here. there's a lack of u.s. training, as phil says it's not fast enough. whether that's in iraq or syria, and the level of effort we're putting in including with the air strikes, has clearly been insuffer and outrageous to call this a mere tactical setback, as the president does when we should have been doing more to prevent it from happening in the first place. >> quick before we go a few seconds. as we see isis expanding further, what does that do to the threat on the homeland to the u.s.? >> well you know senator mccain made the point, you played the clip. the successes that they're enjoying on the battlefield will increase recruitment, encourage foreign fighters to run to the
2:39 pm
fight and to join the fight. of course once they're there and have experience the threat to the homeland and to our allies in western europe in particular increases. >> increases. fran townsend thank you, phil mudd thanks. coming up dna on a pizza crust. it leads to a big break in a baffling murder case. stand by for breaking news on that manhunt. and later, a rare insider's look at north korea where unquestioning loyalty to kim jong-un comes before all else. the technology changes the design evolves the engineering advances. but the passion to drive a mercedes-benz is something that is common... to every generation of enthusiast. the 2015 dream machines, from mercedes-benz. today's icons. tomorrow's legends. visit the dream machine event today for up to $3,500 towards purchase.
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following breaking news. a horrifying murder case, police
2:44 pm
along the east coast searching for a killer blamed for the deaths of four people whose bodies were found in a burning mansion. the suspect got away with tens of thousands of dollars. thanks to dna evidence on a pizza crust police not only identified the suspect accord fog law enforcement, investigators have spoken with his girlfriend. cnn justice correspondent pamela brown is at the scene of the crime here in washington, d.c. pamela? >> reporter: well brianna, according to law enforcement officials we've been speaking with investigators believe that 34-year-old suspect, daron wint took a bus from the d.c. area to brooklyn to visit his girlfriend and told his girlfriend he would turn himself in. that hasn't happened yet. that information coming from an interview police had whipith the girlfriend today. a massive manhunt is under way for wint. d.c. police chief cathy lanier saying he is armed an dangerous.
2:45 pm
>> right now you have just about every law enforcement officer across the country aware of his open warrant and are looking for him. i think even his family made pleas for him to turn himself in and i would reiterate it's much easier if he just turns himself in. >> reporter: d.c. police say wint is the a suspect in a brutal slayings of amy and savvas savopoulos their 10-year-old son philip and housekeeper. police said it was not a random crime. he apparently worked at the family-owned company, the american iron works, where savvas savopoulos was the ceo of that company. he had worked there some time in the past we don't know exactly when. police at this stage are not giving a motive but we've learned from sources that someone dropped off $40,000 to the home while the family was being held hostage. so it's believed that money at least played a role as a motive.
2:46 pm
also a big break in this case came on wednesday from a pizza crust, the dna of wint was found on that pizza krufrt.crust. apparently a pizza was ordered during the family in hostage. that was recovered by atf specialists. the manhunt is under way and the d.c. police chief is not rules out more suspects may be involved. >> pamela brown in washington. more on the story next hour. thank you. coming up life in one of the world's most isolated nations. where unquestioning devotion to a seemingly irrational leader is in demand.
2:47 pm
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2:51 pm
we continue following this hour's breaking news. a prosecutor announcing a grand jury has indicted six baltimore police officers in connection with the death of freddie gray. also tonight, an insider is giving us a closer than ever look at the most paranoid brutal regimes on the planet. he's believed to have executed 15 top officials so far this year. will ripley who just returned to tokyo from pyongyang has been in touch with an expert who's made more than 50 trips into north korea. and you're learning some interesting new things about the power structure there in this very secretive county. >> reporter: that's right. hunt park is prapts one of the few americans who has witnessed kim jong-un in action. he helped negotiate the release
2:52 pm
of two american journalists detained in north korea. but he revealed some interesting information about how exactly this regime is run. ♪ north korean north korean propaganda urges hatred for america. undying love for the supreme leader. >> north korea is a kingdom. the. >> the kingdom of kim jong-un, even described as a socialist monarch. ruling a militarized nation with a long tris of of dynasties. the leader is not chosen he is given. >> we met hung park. he was born in china and is now a u.s. citizen and he's made for than 50 trips to north korea in the last 35 years.
2:53 pm
>> if we understand north korea, we have to understand the system. >> park knows pyongyang's elite inner circle. >> who controls north korea? >> the park. >> kim commands nearly 25 million north koreans who have no individual freedom. but park says experienced and knowledgeable party leaders influence the decisions. >> kim jong-un used to ask them still he is asking questions about factual information about the world outside here. >> royal intrigue can be a bloody business. sort korea's spy agencies say top advisers who fall out of favor, including kim's own family are at risk. >> the fact that this young man executed his uncle, i really don't know how to explain that. >> kim's accused of ordering at least 15 executions this year
2:54 pm
alone. allegations a top north korean insider told me are malicious slander though not denying that executions take place. kim projects himself as the people's leader building water parks, hospitals. an orphanage in the capital of pyongyang where the elite and most loyal citizens live. even there infrastructure is poor and such luxuries are not existent in the rest of the country where daily living can be a struggle. remarkably few details of jim's life are shared. his own people don't know he was educated for several years abroad. they don't know the names of his brothers and sisters or that he has a child. even kim's age is a mystery. but north koreans don't ask questions. the kim dynasty continues to project an image of absolute
2:55 pm
power, demanding the people's absolute devotion. >> there is trouble though in the kingdom of king young un. even the elite living in the capital have to deal with food rations and those further out in the country, as many as half of north koreans are going hungry. even though he projects this image of power and bestows gifts on the people in the capital, there are a lot of people in his country struggle a lot. >> thank you so much. coming up we have much more breaking news. a baltimore grand jury indiets all six police officers in the case of freddie gray. one of those counts is second degree murder. an east coast manhunt puts the police on a trail of a suspect in the gruesome murder in washington, d.c. they can transform it with the new angie's list app you can you can get projects done in a snap. take a photo of your project
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happening now, police indicted. grand jury finds evidence to charge six baltimore police officers in the death of freddie gray. what happens next. stand by for the breaking news. isis onslaught. the terrorists seized more land in iraq and syria, beheading opponents along the way. why is president obama defending his isis strategy instead of changing it. after the fiery and mysterious slaughter of a prominent washington, d.c. family police may be closing in on a suspect just because he had a taste for pizza. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. wolf blitzer is on assignment.
3:01 pm
ie brianna keilar. you're in "the situation room." a grand jury in baltimore returning criminal indictments against all six police officers accused in the death of freddie gray. and that includes a second degree murder charge against the driver of the police van. the officers are now scheduled to be arraigned on july 2nd. also breaking stunning new gains by isis. terrorists just seized the last border crossing between iraq and syria. a monitoring group estimates that isis now controls more than half of syria, and that includes the city of pal myra that was conquered hours ago. i'll be asking james lang ford about that. he's a member of the homeland security and intelligence committees. our correspondents and analysts are also standing by as we cover all of the news breaking right now. first i want to go to baltimore. that's where we find cnn's
3:02 pm
miguel marquez with the latest on the big news coming from the state's attorney. >> reporter: yeah it is big. another stunner out of baltimore. another stunner from the baltimore city state's attorney marilyn mosby. just when many thought she may be on the defensive and worried about the charge she had announced earlier in the month. now she says that a grand jury has heard evidence on the six officers that are alleged to have engaged in part of the death of freddie gray and she's come back with indictments of all of them. not only indictments, but the same number the original number of indictments that she brought was 28. the grand jury also brought 28 indictments. the worst of them or the most serious indictment is one second degree murder charge against the driver of that vehicle that mr. gray was in that's cedar goodson, the officer charged there. there were additional six manslaughter charges, six assault charges, nine mus conduct charges and six reckless
3:03 pm
endangerment charges. those reckless endangerment charges are the only ones that have changed. previously officers have been charged with false imprisonment. now all of the charges have been changed to reckless endangerment. as you know there were calls for ms. mosby to stand down, to recuse herself, that she was not fit the try the officers. this basically cuts through the argument. there was a compliant filed asking the judge to remove her from this case. that was in the district court. now that a grand jury charged, it bumps everything up to the circuit charge an end run around the motion that has been filed against her and now everything moves to the circuit court. a whole different venue and a much firmer footing by the state's attorney here. now that she has a grand jury having heard evidence and charged those officers. brianna? >> miguel marquez in baltimore.
3:04 pm
i want to talk more about the new indictments of these baltimore police officers. what all of this means for the prosecutor's case against them. let's bring in our justice reporter evan perez. where does this go? we know they're arraigned july 2nd. but between now and then what will we expect? >> well we now begin to see what the legal strategy will be for the officers for the defense of these officers. i expect that we're going to see motions by these officers to try to get this case moved out of baltimore. now, their chances of getting convicted are much higher if this is tried before a jury from baltimore city. it's very common in this area for any officers who are ever charged withing anything to try to get it out of there. they would frankly find a better jury at least in favor of the officers outside of baltimore city either baltimore county or perhaps one of the other county counties further away from the
3:05 pm
city. what miguel was pointing out, in the charges, the reckless endangerment has now replaced -- >> yeah falls imprisonment goes to reckless endangerment. >> that's a significant change because part of the controversy has centered upon whether or not these officers even had the right to arrest freddie gray. >> because he had a knife, right? >> that's what she hung the case on initially. and now what she is doing is taking all of the attention and all of the pressure for her case away from the subject of the knife. now it's all about the treatment of freddie gray after he's arrested either in the van or in the custody of these officers. >> can you explain the timing of this? is this just a matter of the grand jury has wrapped up and so this is when the announcement comes. or is in any strategy to the timing of the announce snmt. >> she's under pressure to do this quickly. the officers have a right to a speedy trial. one of the things that happens in these cases is that officers
3:06 pm
try -- the lawyers certainly representing the officers want to make the government move as fast as possible increases the chance they're going to make mistake and increases the chance that these officer wills be able to go free. that's one of the strategies at work. she certainly had more time to work with but she also was under a lot of pressure to defend her case. as you know, beyond the first day, it's been nothing but bad press for her since then. >> a lot of criticism. and do you think the case might get moved? >> there's a really big chance of that because this is a jury that's going to be a very strong case made by the officers that in baltimore city they're not going to get a fair trial. this happens a lot in maryland actually. >> we'll be waiting to see july 2 nd not too far off. thanks so much. and stand by for more on the baltimore police indictments. right now let's turn to the other breaking story.
3:07 pm
new victories for isis in syria and iraq. i want to go to barbara starr. tell us the latest on syria, barbara. this is really bad news for the u.s. and its allies and also for syria. >> it is really extraordinary what is happening right now. isis has now essentially taken over a town and adjacent to that town are 2,000-year-old ruins. the united nations sounding the alarm now that isis has moved in. the world is holding its breath. the belief is that isis will try to destroy the ruins. they're moflg through the area executing people loyal to the syria regime. in recent weeks isis has made some gains and the syrian malitias have made gains. all of this opening the door for isis to move against president
3:08 pm
assad. really extraordinary. it's causing a lot of concern in the u.s. intelligence community. a bigger vacuum if you will is opening up in syria and there could be even more instability, more violence. isis very much on the move there brianna. >> some are questioned if baghdad, barbara, could really be at risk here after the capture of ramadi. what is the sense that you're getting? is that a reality that it's at risk? >> well you have the victory that isis had in syria we just talked about. you had the victory they are overtaken ramadi in iraq. very much a route into baghdad. the u.s. intelligence community watching this carefully. they don't think about this point it will happen. but it's being watched around the clock because if isis were to suddenly make a breakout move break out of their traditional sunni areas in a iraq and aim for baghdad which
3:09 pm
is shia controlled massive concern at this point if they are able to make the move. the u.s. cannot have baghdad fall to isis. it becomes the ultimate game changer. i think the bottom line here is now all of these scenarios being watched closely because of the isis victories. >> barbara starr at the pentagon. thanks. >> while isis is claiming more victory, president obama says he doesn't think the u.s. is losing to the terrorists. let's bring in senior white house woornt jimcorrespondent jim acosta. >> despite what the white house calls setbacks in iraq and syria, aides to the president insists that the u.s. plan is working. >> thank you very much everybody. >> at a cabinet meeting president obama ignored questions about his strategy for isis. instead defending his plan in an interview released today by the atlantic magazine, minimizing
3:10 pm
the terrorist's group conquest of the key city of ramadi the president said no, i don't think we're losing. there's no doubt it was a tactical setback. >> we know now that the conception chul plan is fundamentally flawed. >> lawmakers and experts spent the day poking holes in the president's approach. >> it's failing in iraq syria, and across the board and the region. >> unmoved, the president is doubling down on his strategy brushing aside gop critics who say u.s. combat troops should now be considered telling the atlantic if the iraqis are not willing or capable to arrive at the political accommodations necessary to govern if they're not willing to fight for the security of their country, we cannot do that for them. >> for those calling on a change in strategy i would encourage them to be specific. >> the white house claims the u.s.-led coalition is actually
3:11 pm
pushing isis back, despite an assessment from a syrian human rights group that found the terror group controls more than half of syria. >> they do control some territory, less than they used to. >> but even as top republicans tear into the president's strategy -- >> the white house still insists that no new strategy is needed says the president's policies have been a success. it just isn't credible. things need to change. >> few in congress appear willing to take ownership of the war. nine months into the battle congress has yet to authorize the use of force against isis. >> when we've got all of these people overseas who are risking their lives every day, we have been silent. it's congress who is the spectators. >> as for the president's goal to degrade and destroy isis, the white house said the mission is still in the degrade phase. as for beefing up that phase with cam bat troops in iraq he
3:12 pm
repeated that could be a mistake, repeating their mistakes of the previous administration. >> jim acosta at the white house. thank you. joining me now, senator jam lankford republican of oklahoma. he is on both the homeland security committee and the intelligence committee. thanks so much for taking the time to talk to us about this. we know congress has been kept apprised of this quickly moving situation. you were just in a briefing. can you share with us anything that you're learning? >> actually, your oversight there that you gave on some of the media reports are very well done. what's happened in ramadi a small group of fighters moving in and taking a fairly large city. it must have taken thousands of fighters. it didn't. it was a fairly small group of fighters that went in. it's a sunni environment. some individuals gave them very little resistance. that's what made it significant. iraqi army did not hold in that area np when you look at the
3:13 pm
communities in syria, i know there's a lot of conversation about the ancient sites there, but there are people involved. while there's great concern about an ancient site the more important thing are the individuals on the ground that are being beheaded killed and brutally attacked by ie sas in the movement they have through syria. >> when you look at this, isis controlling half of syria, the advancements in iraq is isis winning here? >> isis is on the move. the springtime is when the fighting picks up in greater movement in that region. i'm not surprised they're on the move. we're not taking out their command in control. we're not limiting their communication and ability to plan these well-coordinated attacks. we've dmot put pressure needed to take assad out. assad is still there. and after years now the administration saying assad has to go, the pressure is not being applied to russia, to iran the
3:14 pm
folks propping up assad. that's become a prime element that's still a major problem in that region. >> what do you see the answer to be to that situation? >> assad has to go. i mean the way that isis can recruit and the rebels that are in the north and all of the chaos that' happening through a lot of syria circles around a lot of people that do not like assad. assad has to be removed and you have to put someone in that is a qualified leader that can build trust in the area. that stops some of the recruiting to that area. that's a key aspect. we have to remove command and control. i was surprised, the president talked a lot about not putting boots on the ground an, then last week he put boots on the ground in syria. >> let me stop you real quick. you say someone else needs to be put in place. does that person exist? who is that? do you know who that is? >> that is the responsibility of the administration to work with the individuals in the probably
3:15 pm
southern part of syria to be able to coordinate raise up leaders there to be able to build up the coalitions and get that done. we can't have a rebellion that's happening and not work with individuals on the ground. that is the responsibility of the administration to work through, identify leaders that can be accepted in the region and start to rebuild a coalition. there is no one leader that's going to unify all of syria that everyone is going to go yes, that's logical. they're not unified. >> but pulling assad out of the picture, don't you run a risk of yating a void that isis can exploit, especially if the answer is a u.s.-hand hikd leader to try to lead the nation? >> it can't be a u.s. designated puppet. for years we've said we're going to help them transition. we haven't done that. that has to be front and center. so while the fight is on and we seem to be holding them and
3:16 pm
keeping them from winning, the strategy doesn't seem to be to win. it's to keep them from winning. it's on all defense strategy. we're not doing the move that needs to be done to push a leader into place. you don't want to have a void in syria but we have to transition that because with assad there's natural recruiting that's still happening. >> stay with me. many more questions ahead after a quick break. it's a cash back win-win. with 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay. with two ways to earn on purchases, it makes a lot of other cards seem one-sided. (woman) you want to eat... want to eat, who wants to eat... (dog) do i want to eat? yes, i want to eat. (woman) do you want to eat? (dog) do i want to eat, yes. that's like nine times you've asked...yes. i mean it's beneful. i can actually see the meaty chunks and carrots right there...look at it. it's beautiful. mmmmmmm, thank you so much... but you know tomorrow night...
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3:21 pm
we are following the breaking news out of baltimore. a grand jury indictments returned just a short time ago against the six officers accused in the death of freddie gray. but right now i want to take more with senator james langeford of oklahoma about another breaking story we're following. the major new gains for isis in iraq and syria. you heard president obama's assessment today saying that his strategy against isis isn't failing. he said quote, i don't think we're losing. i asked you before if isis was winning. you said they're on the move. do you agree with the president's assessment then that the u.s. is not losing. >> that's a difficult call. he wants to degrade isis capability. we're flying over hitting a hum
3:22 pm
vie that's an american hum vie that was given to the iraqi army then stolen by isis. some isis fighters are driving it now. we're degraded their capability. under that standard if we hit a truck, one of their vehicles, a machine gun nest we're degrading their units. that ear training. we should be engaged in training. we should be engaged in equipping the iraqi army. we walked away from the iraqi army and left them exposed. they're not performing well obviously at this point and walk away from community they should be able to hold. several hundred isis fighters can push out several thousand iraqi army from ramadi we know they're not well equipped and not well-supported. the president commenting on they. he said, iraqi fighters need to fight for themselves.
3:23 pm
it's not a battle the u.s. can undertake. recently we've heard from a number of your colleagues in the republican party there in the senator and they say they want u.s. combat troops on the ground in iraq. do you ie agree with that? >> i do not. there's not a push to have a large push. that becomes divisive again. we doe need to help equip people. the president is right to do a lot of the air strikes to try to do some question upping. but we're going to have to get closer into the fight to help provide coordination for what's happening on the ground. we can't fight it from such a distance. if isis establish as safe haven for terrorism in syria and iraq that becomes a may jr. issue for not just the united states but all of the western world and all of the region. this is a fight that will come to our door that we need to be able to take on there, not pretend it won't happen again
3:24 pm
like it did in afghanistan. so allowing a safe haven for terrorism anywhere in the world is a direct threat to the united states and we need to be prepared to defend ousts. >> i want to turn you and talk to you about china. we have some fascinating pictures from a report that jim sciutto filed from the air. this is a man made island hundreds of miles off of china's shore. you can see the runway there. this is what appears to be a dplaifl base a military installment very far from china's coast. you have the former deputy of the cia mike morrell saying that war between the u.s. and china is a real risk. do you agree? i should also mention that a u.s. spy plane, it had a little interaction with what appears to be a navy installment there. duping this is a risk a
3:25 pm
conflict here in. >> it is a conflict. it's been around for a very long time. they're trying to establish their dominance. it's no secret that cha that wants to run the pacific rim. and to say we're the dominant sfors, the americans aren't going to be here. one we need to express again, one of the united states aircraft coming in needs to fly in that area. we need to continue to reinforce, these are international waters with not chinese waters. we need to be able to put our ships nearby and let everyone know these are international waters. all of the neighbors need to hear that. we need to continue to engage in trade. this conversation does have an effect on what's happening with china to be able to say to china the united states and the pacific, we're going to cooperate together. china tries to say we're the big dog with the most active economy, we're going to run the economy. we need to let them know you
3:26 pm
can't push everyone around in the pacific. >> thank you so much. appreciate your time today. we have breaking news next. more on the indictment of six baltimore police officers in the death of freddie gray. plus the manhunt for a support in a quadruple fire here in washington. is he about to surrender? this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira giving me new perspective. doctors have been prescribing humira for ten years. humira works for many adults. it targets and helps to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers including lymphoma have happened, as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal
3:27 pm
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we with following the
3:31 pm
breaking news out of baltimore, indictments against the six officers accused in the death of freddie gray. we'll have much more of that in just a moment. first we're covering another breaking story today. isis forces making sweeping gains in syria with international monitors saying that the terrorists control more than half of the country as more cities are falling to a bloody isis offensive. i want to dig deeper with former cia official phillip mud. you're going to map this out for us. >> i feel like a counter terrorism kid in a candy store. let's go. give it a shot. one of the reasons you worry about sigh sis solidifying control, is the ideology we see from them has spread into north africa. i would say if isis stays over the course of years, there are other areas that might be under threat. here's where al shabaab
3:32 pm
operates. isis talks about going over into southeast asia. they're going to say we want new groups on countries like we see on the map here. he's take a quick look. we talk about rack ka as the headquarters for isis. you mentioned they're moving into palmyra. we saw the loss of ramadi a few days ago. let's look at where we with in terms of geographic control. a couple of things to look at this over the next weeks and months. again we mentioned rack ka. this is anbar province sunni area of iraq. what you want to watch is are these lines of control solidify solidifying. in other words, does isis start to feel comfortable enough to spread the revolution into other countries because it has to worry less about fighting the battle in iraq. one other things to note. big gray area here big gray area here. isis is not going to own iraq because this is shia this is
3:33 pm
kurd. this is the sunni area. this is where the fighting is going to happen. >> thanks for illustrating that. stand by for us because we want to bring in cnn global affairs analyst lieutenant colonel james reese and we have retired general mark hertling our cnn analyst. we saw it there on the map, it's controlling more than 50% of syria. it has the vast majority of the gas and oil fields in that country. how did this happen? how did we get to this place where isis has made so much progress? >> well brianna, you have to look at the history of isis. we've talked about this really over the last year about where they come from. the former al qaeda. and when the u.s. forces pretty much drove everyone back one place they were able to go to and hide and lay out was in
3:34 pm
western syria because syria itself just became a safe haven and you had all of these forces trying to fight assad and his folks circled the wagons and protected the regime there. once the u.s. left iraq, it allowed the former al qaeda folks really to get together and start coming together and pushing in. and we saw last summer when isis came across and caught everybody off guard. that's what's happening now. >> phil, do you think isis could become spread too thin? obviously you said it's going to be confined by some of the shia areas surrounding the places that isis has already taken over. >> we talk about the control of cities like ramadi means for the war itself. i look at this as a counter ir surgeoncy guy and have a couple of questions. america has a short view of time. we looked at what happened yesterday and last week.
3:35 pm
the average length of time for insurgency is ten years. the reason that's important is as isis gains territory, it's not just an advantage for them it's a vulnerability. one of the biggest problems you see for insurgency in terrorists group is the ability to go from intimidating a population to governing a population medicine schools, city council. if you measure in years, you'll find isis has a real problem in stepping back saying we know how to behead people. do we know how to run primary schools. i don't think they'll be able toe make that leap. >> general hertling the answer is boots on the ground. the question is whose boots. the obama administration strategy is not u.s. boots on the ground in ear gentleman. we're training moderate syrian rebels. that's the plan. give us your assessment if the situation is so far past this
3:36 pm
solution are these moderate rebels going to be ready anytime soon and if they are, are they going to be effective? >> i'm going to refute your premise there a little bit and say the answer isn't boots on the ground. everything that jim and phil talked about are places with government is not providing security. that's what we're say tempting to help iraq do. you asked the good senator some very good questions about who is going to take the place of assad if he is deposed. that's the key question. we have prime al baddy who is attempting to get government security but he's being thwarted by mr. maliki who is still in parliament and others. you get a good government in place which the iraqi parliament is attempting to do having challenges doing it which president obama is attempting to
3:37 pm
push, then you say what about the forces? you have to retrain forces provide leadership. and i got to tell you, i'm hearing all of the debate. i'm hearing about send 10,000 more forces in there. we had 160,000 forces the last time i was there and we were having trouble with the government. they've got to want it. they've got to want it more than we do and withe are not going to provide security to counter the things that isis the bringing into these area. >> thank you so much. really appreciate it. coming up, we have some breaking news. new details out of baltimore on the indictment of six police officers in the death of freddie gray. plus a suspect wanted in a fiery quadruple murder may be on the verge of turning himself in. the breaking news continues next. i've lived my whole life here in fairbanks, alaska. i love the outdoors, spending time with my family. i have a family history of prostate cancer.
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3:42 pm
prosecutors just announced that six police officers have been dieted in the death of freddie gray who suffered a fatal spinal injury in police custody. i want to get more with the former fbi director tom funentes. we have cnn legal analyst sunny hostin criminal defense attorney joey jackson and cnn anchor don lemon. put this into context for us. what does the indictment mean for us? >> what this means now is they can start getting ready to try to go to trial to start attack attacking this case. the crucial thing she's done is
3:43 pm
removed some of the controversy, at least tried to remove some of the controversy over the knife which was the center of her case the idea that these officers had nop reason to even arrest freddie gray, that this was an illegal arrest from the beginning. that now is gone because now she's charging with them with reckless endangerment instead of false imprisonment which is one of the charges that she brought in the beginning of the case. >> joey what do you think of that move? is this knife going to be important? >> i think everything is important. but i think it was certainly important for her to remove that from the table. even if there was the falls imprisonment charge and this knife was legal, it whould explain and clear them of falls imprisonment but it doesn't answer the ultimate question of how he died. now the question is was there carelessness was there negligence. if so what degree and how exactly did he die in officer's
3:44 pm
hands. that's what discussion is going to be about. >> tom, you think the knife really matters? >> everything starts from the arrest for the knife. that's one of the key issues. secondly if those officers are later charged with reckless endangerment if they made a legal arrest and didn't do all of that we do know that he died in custody. for a civil trying there's in question. he's in police custody and died from injury while he was in police custody. it may not be to probecause surgeons tried to save his life and tampered with the crime scene by trying to work on his neck. >> what do we expect from the arraignment and moving forward? >> i think the arraignment is going to be pro forma. we're not going to see any fireworks, anything like that. and so that's just going to be really the beginning of the criminal trial process.
3:45 pm
like joey jackson just mentioned. so we will probably be seeing a lot of motions from the defense. i think the biggest motion that we're going see from the defense is a change of venue. no defense attorney wants to try this case at this point in baltimore city given all of the media attention on baltimore city. i think that is going to be the next thing we see. marilyn mosby doesn't want to give up this case. this is a make your career case. she's come out swinging forcefully and i think they're really going to challenge a change of venue. >> but it could happen. you've interviewed marilyn mosby. what do you think if that were to happen, if the venue were changed? >> it's tougher to convict the officers because they will say that they believe that the city of baltimore and the prosecutor possibly and the jury pool is tainted and that it wouldn't be a fair case for the officers there. and i think the members of the
3:46 pm
community will be upset because they want to see this take place in the community where it happened. there's also some concern as well that marilyn mosby may have set up a false expectation that the officers would be dieted and then you know would receive jail time and what have you. if that doesn't happen here the concern is there will be further unrest because people there will feel that justice has not been served. i think sunny is right when she said she doesn't want to lose the case. this is a career make or break case for her. and she was very emphatic in her language today and her mannerisming and did not take questions. this is what happens. when we get new information, this is not out of the ordinary. basically saying i've heard your criticism, i don't care i'm proceeding. >> she did have veracity there. thanks to all of you. just ahead, new leads in a
3:47 pm
massive manhunt, a mysterious quadruple homicide and arson case here in washington, d.c. not far from the vice president's home. why do we do it? why do we spend every waking moment, thinking about people? why are we so committed to keeping you connected? why combine performance with a conscience? why innovate for a future without accidents? why do any of it? why do all of it? because if it matters to you it's everything to us. the xc60 crossover. from volvo. lease the well equiped volvo xc60 today. visit your local volvo showroom for details.
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we're following breaking news. the manhunt for a suspect in a fiery quadruple murder. cnn is learning that he may be ready to surrender. daron dylon wint is wanted for the slaying of a family and their housekeeper. it was dna on a piece of pizza crust that led them to them. pamela proun is at the scene.
3:52 pm
what are you hearing from your sources. >> reporter: we're learned from sources that darren wint's girlfriend friend told her that he was going to turn himself in but as far as we know that has not happened. police saying he is armed and dangerous ar the massive manhunt for him continue continues. >> he's a suspect in the brutal killing of the savvas and amy savopoulos. wint's girlfriend told police that he fled to new york on a bus wednesday night according to a source familiar with the investigation. >> just about every law enforcement officer across the country are looking for him. even his family made pleas for him to turn himself in. >> we're learning more tonight about wint's past. he's had numerous run-ins with police and more recently worked at american ironworks with the
3:53 pm
construction company with savvas savopoulos was ceo. >> there is a connection through the business of the suspect and the savopoulos family business. >> a mayor break in the case came wednesday when specialisted recovered wint's dna on a pizza crust. a nearby domino's franchise says it delivered pizzas to the home that night and left the food at the door unaware that the family was bound with duck tape inside. >> it's incredibly brazen. it shows an element of calm that the person didn't feel rushed. >> invest dparts say savopoulos's assistant dropped off $40,000 in cash to the family's house. the assistant was told not to come inside. this as we learn more grisly details about the murders. phillip savopoulos had stabbed wounds and was killed before he
3:54 pm
was burned beyond recognition. >> the son might have been used as the tool to make sure that the parents were compliant. >> reporter: and the d.c. police chief saying she cannot rule out more suspects who may be involved with the killings. >> pamela brown, thank you so much. i want to get more now with our law enforcement analyst tom fuentes fuentes. we're going to walk through this. this begins on wednesday, may 13th. this is the house of the savopoulos. what happens is the per traitor enters the home. >> right. they probably knock at the door and as soon as it opens force their way in or force his way in and take control of the family that's in the residence at the time. >> then at some point it's on this evening that police say wint ordered pizza from dominos and it's left on the steps with cash sitting out there on the steps as we understand.
3:55 pm
>> that seems you know like a typical psychopath. he can commit the worst crimes possible, torturing the family have them bound up in the process of murdering them order a pizza, have dinner, no problem. >> and the first sign there's something maybe wrong, i think the woman, the other housekeeper in retrospect obviously realizes something was wrong. but we're told on the evening of wednesday savopoulos calls the housekeeper, tells her we don't need you on thursday. then on the morning of thursday this is the text that she gets from the wife i'm making sure you do not come in today. >> apparently at the time she thinks it unusual but not enough so the investigate or call the police or look any further into it. as far as she knows she's being given a day off and takes that. even though she gets two messages about it which is unusual. but at the end of the day she takes the day off. >> she tells the husband at the request of the family the husband of the housekeeper who
3:56 pm
ultimately died that her phone didn't charge and so she's not going to be able to contact him. but she's staying overnight. he shows up this morning as well to check on things. but it's not until 1:30 p.m. that it becomes apparent that something is wrong. the house is set on fire. firefighters respond. if we're talking about a blaze that is taking really the upper levels of the house here how long considering there was accelerant could this have been burning between basically when the perpetrator left and firefighter arrived. >> it could be less than ten minutes if he's using an accelerant and the inside of the house has wooden furniture and structure to it. it can happen very fast. >> this is the porsche that we understand he would have left with the police say the suspect left with. this was at 5:00 p.m. that thursday was found torched in a parking lot at a church.
3:57 pm
also police released this video of a suspect running. what might he be holding is really the question? what do you think police are thinking? >> i think they're assumeing it would be the $40,000 payment that came to the house and that might be been a big part of why he committed the crime in the first place, was to extort from the family from his former boss the $40,000 in cash that he took from the scene. and you would think still have with him. >> let's just give people a sense of this is washington, d.c. this is maryland. this is the crime scene, not far from the vice president's office. the capitol just for perspective. this is where the car is found where we now know wint's father lives. >> right. >> this is where he has been scene and the girlfriend says turning himself over. do you think that he will turn himself over to police? >> i think he's had plenty of opportunity to do it. we don't know if the girlfriend is covering for him and he's halfway to mexico or canada or
3:58 pm
who knows where in the united states. we have her word for it that he was going to turn himself in. they're still questioning her in new york. but we don't any that for a fact. unless he turns himself in that's how we'll find out if that happens. >> or might it be a decoy. we'll see. thanks for walking through this. and there's a breaking news in the shootout that left nine people dead in texas. what are you hearing? >> reporter: this is a new and different warning from one that came to law enforcement right immediately after the shootout. in that one there was a concern that bikers were headed into waco for reinforcement to attack police officers. this is a new warning that went out from the texas department of public safety and it warns that members of the bandidos and black widows motorcycle gang were plotting to attack law enforcement officials in texas. they were planning to obtain grenades c 4 explosives to attack not only high level members of law enforcement but
3:59 pm
also their family members, brianna. the question here for law enforcement is is there a chance of another flare-up of violence with the coming memorial day weekend. that's a big weekend for gatherings of motorcycle clubs. that is something that they're very much on guard for. >> where does this move forward next evan? >> well the concern right now is that they're trying to figure out how to bring the tensions down between these -- the various gangs that were involved in this shootout. and there's also a concern that some f these gang members believe that police were massacring members of the gang. police were the aggressors in this shootout. as we know we've also reported in the last couple of days that perhaps at least four of the people who died at least four of the nine who died were shot by police. that is something that the police are still investigating.
4:00 pm
they have not officially confirmed that. but that is something that is feeding into the tension that we have in waco. >> thank you so much. thank you so much for watching. i'm brianna keilar here in washington. erin burnett outfront is next. outfront next breaking news a baltimore grand jury indicting six police officers in the death of freddie gray and now new charges announced tonight. we have a live report on this breaking news in just a moment. a manhunt on for the suspect in the murders of a wealthy washington, d.c. family. >> and isis taking over another key city where president obama says the united states is not using the war. let's go outfront.