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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  May 26, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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on coming lately. >> pretty bothersome reporting you're getting. i really appreciate it. that does it for me. i'm brooke baldwin here in new york. i'll see you back here same time tomorrow. in the meantime let's go to washington. the lead with jake tapper starts right now. much of america's fourth largest city is currently under water. i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." the national lead houston in utter chaos. nine people have been killed in this crush of severe weather. rescue officials scouring cars cutting across streets turned rivers searching for people potentially trapped and those still missing. also in national the bloodiest month in baltimore since 1999 and there's still five days left before the calendar turns over. 35 homicides, crime scene across the city. residents now demanding to know
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where did all of the cops go? and the pop culture lead. first came appear idea of mourning. now a mystery after losing b.b. king two of his daughters claim their dad was murdered. ♪ good afternoon, everyone. welcome to the lead. breaking news in our national lead. at least five people have been killed by the flooding in texas. your others by extreme weather in oklahoma. there's so much water on the ground it has krooe yated a purr pech chul high tide that has much of the city of houston submerged under shoulder high water. texas state officials mobilizing a fire and police and dispatching them in zodiac boats to pull anyone stranded in the waters. it's unclear how many people need help as roads are saturated, driveways swirled
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thick with mud. in many areas only evidence of cars is the windshields. there is no trace after 12 people in central texas, including a mother and her two children. they were last seen in their cabin by the river with several other families now also missing, ralph and sue carrie randy and michelle and their baby boy, before the flood current swept the house downsteam. another 30 people also unaccounted for. and the stories of those killed are quite heartbreaking. marissa ramirez, driving home from ore senior prom the flood was too grate. jennifer gray is live now. what's going on? >> reporter: it's hard to believe that less than two days ago water was above my head. the flood stage rose to 43 feet.
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that's when the gauge broke. you can see houses behind me wiped clear off their foundation up to 400 homes destroyed, about 1,000 more damaged. and the stories coming out of wimberly and the surrounding areas are just devastating. tonight devastating images of destruction and heartbreaking stories of those lost and still missing after relentless severe weather cripples texas and oklahoma. hundreds of homes washed away in hayes, county texas, in flood waters that have left some of america's largest cities under water. >> we've got a loss of life cars littered all over the city. as the flood waters go down that's one of the things we're doing to make sure no one was trapped in those vehicles. >> reporter: president obama spoke to texas governor greg abbott on tuesday offering the support of the federal government. >> our thoughts and prayers are with the families and the communities who have been
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affected by some of these record-breaking floods. >> reporter: several communities dealing with loss remembering the lives of those lost to rushing waters. like homecoming queen, alyssa ramirez killed on her way from prom. >> she did the right things. she called 911. she called her father. but it was too much and too quick. >> laura mccomb and her two young children still missing after the cabin where they were staying literally split in half. her father-in-law telling cnn rescue efforts have been challenging. >> the volume of water that came down as a result of the flood, i mean it just covered hundreds of thousands of acres. seems to be impossible but there are people dedicated to their mission. we remain eternally optimistic. >> one was rescued from the cabin. with more rain on the way at the
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end of the week, the texas governor worries more lives can be loss. >> the challenges are not over yet. there's going to be more rain to come. this is a huge challenge across the entire state. >> reporter: now the river has gone don considerably. but as you can see the water rushing at an incredible pace the volume moving through unbelievable. and the concern with all of the rivers, the creeks, everything saturated and running high the concern is more rain later in the week and the weekend for more potential flash flooding. >> thank you so much. this storm is overwhelming rivers and essentially erasing embankments from the texas landscape. the relentless lane has called the blanco river to surge unchecked washing away some 400 homes in hayes county. let's bring in the mayor of wimberly texas.
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steve thur burr. thanks for joining us. what's the latest you can tell us about the rescue efforts? >> reporter: the search and rescue efforts are ongoing. we have texas team one here on the water, air and on the land. supplemented by the national guard that we have here as well. it's ongoing. we have two confirmed fatalities in this part of the river. like you said, 30 are unaccounted for. >> what can you tell us about the mccombs the kerrys the char bas,'s the latest on effort to find them? >> that is the primary concern. we have all of our search and rescue efforts are focused in that area. they were actually in a house that was right behind us here that was swept off the foundation and into the river. we understand that one of the ladies in the house at the time it was in the water was in contact with family members telling them where they were that they were floating down the river. >> tell us about your part of the world there.
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is this kind of flooding rare? does it happen -- has it happened before? have you ever seen anything like that? that? >> no not to this magnitude. we have flash flooding in the hill county but not to this magnitude. we had a 3.5 surge come through, the highest in record and this was topped out at 44.5 feet before we lost communications with the gauge. >> mr. mayor, is there anything that you town needs right now that you're not getting? >> i can't think of a thing. we've had tremendous response from the city, the county and the state and now president obama declared a national disaster area for this area. we're grateful for that area because it means financial support for the community which they need. >> thanks for joining us. our thoughts and prayers go to you and your town. let's go to joe mccomb, the father-in-law of the missing
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texas mom, laura mccomb and the grandfather of her two children. thanks for joining us. i cannot imagine how trying these times must be for you and your family. how is your family doing? how are you holding up? >> caller: well there's no question that it's challenging times. we're all still cautiously optimistic that by a miracle the families will be found. but as the clock ticks, that percentage obviously is diminishing. we're a strong family based in faith, and, you know you don't -- you really can't handle a situation like this in my opinion unless you've got a good ground of faith and a relationship with the lord. so we're depending on him and we're depending on the first responders second responders the volunteers do everything they possibly can. but this horrific experience
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that many families are going through. >> we just heard from the mayor of wimberly texas. what have rescue officials told you about their efforts? are you satisfied that everything that needs to be done to find your loved ones is being done? >> caller: i've not talked directly to any of the rescuers. my wife and i were out of town when this happened. we got back in monday night and have been at the hospital pretty much sense. others that are out, my other sons that are out with the rescuers. i think everybody is doing as much as they can. you're talking about huge areas of land once the river exceeds the regular river route, well then it just flows to thousands and thousands of acres. and it just you know takes debris and people and whatever is in its path with them. so you really don't know. my son -- one report says when he was finally able to make it out of the river he was nine
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miles down from where the house was at the time. another report has him about 12 miles down. so i really don't know the width and the breadth of where all of this water is going. so the search area is just huge. and then the amount of debris that is being taken with this flood between the uprooted trees and the houses and everything else. you can just imagine trying to find a small person or an adult person in all of that. it's a difficult situation for everybody. the responders are doing their best. they know the clock is ticking. those of us who are out waiting hoping to get some positive reports, it's quite an anxious time for all. >> you mentioned your son jonathon who almost got swept away but managed to cling to an embankment. how is she doing? >> he's doing fine.
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he's responding physically to the treatment. he had a punctured lung and a collapsed lung and broken rib and his sternum was fractured. i think he said he remembers hitting a big rock or something. i think that's probably when the sternum got fractured and the rib got broken. he never did lose consciousness while he was being tossed around out there. he's got some good-sized knots on his head. but he said there were times while he was under the water swimming, he didn't know whether he was swimming up or down. he kept moving his arms hoping he would find air. he ultimately did and was able to somehow get over to -- i guess get some footing and put himself up. he saw a light on somebody's porch and was able to crawl up there, he said knocked on the door and just said i need help. and that's when they got the emergency 911 out to him.
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>> mr. mccomb, thank you so much for joining us. we're going to keep praying if ur your daughter-in-law and your grandchildren and hope for that miracle that you referred to. hope for their safe return. >> caller: thank you very much. appreciate it. in other national news today an american arrested accused of trying to join isis. the story the family told him to get him home, that's next. big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy.
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see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern.
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with health records to treat, predict and in many cases, prevent, cancer. with the vital understanding that cancer moves fast. and we have to move faster. to learn more or support the cause, go to welcome back to the lead. we have some breaks news in the national lead. another american charged today with trying to join the terrorist group isis in syria. let's get to evan perez who is tracking the late breaking details. what do we know about this case? >> for months the fbi has been urging families to tell them
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when they know of a family member who might be trying to join isis. well in this case the family was very key in having this guy arrested. he's 20 years old. he was living in australia for the last couple of years. he was trying to join isis and join a friend who list in houston, texas. both of them were supposed to join u up in turkey and travel to join. well in this case his family his family tricked him, told him something was wrong with his family's health so he flew her to houston where the fbi arrested him. now he's facing up to 15 years in prison. his friend who did travel and went on to join isis in syria, he's believed to be with the terrorist group. here we have a family members who played a key role in stop this guy from going to join isis. >> also in the national lead today, an incredibly bloody
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weekend in baltimore. the month has been the deadliest for charm city in 16 years. 35 people have been killed in may alone. the spike started almost immediately after the top prosecutor announced charges against six police officers in the freddie gray case the 25-year-old who died in police custody. his death sparked days of protests and even a riot with businesses looted and burned. suzanne malveaux joins me live. a police officer told miguel marquez that officers have stopped being proactive. is that what's going on here? >> reporter: jake it has been absolutely horrific absolutely horrific for this community. we're talking about the last 24 hours, police saying now that a nine-year-old boy was shot in the leg. you had a male who was graced by a bullet in his head somebody
1:19 pm
else to shot in the torso. i talked to a small group of protesters who were disrupting traffic this morning and they want to make it clear that they believe this is part of a smaller drug violent culture that is part of the city that shootings happen all the time. but the number of shooting just extraordinary over the past three-day weekend in this past month. very worrisome to them. and they believe in part this is due to police who are not really policing in their community, turning this into potentially the wild wild west. just take a listen. >> i don't think the police are doing their jobs but i do not think that it's all of the police. we do have some police officers that are doing their jobs. >> it's almost akin to having a substitute teach near the middle of the semester who turns a blind eye, doesn't know the students and is not in fact giving a grade. it's a very dangerous time in our city when crime is going up but arrests are going down.
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>> reporter: and jam, those were two people who i talked to earlier this morning. the pastor jamal bryant very close friend of the freddie gray family as well as ma lake ka reid. and both of them saying look they acknowledge that they don't believe policing is really happening aggressively in their neighborhood. this is something the community had been complaining about before overpolicing too aggressive. but they acknowledge there's an element in the community that's taking advantage of the opportunity here and that they also have to be held accountable. >> thank you so much. . coming up new leads in the murder of a family and its housekeeper right here in washington, d.c. with we're just now learning about potential suspects and what the alleged killer did in the days after those horrific murders. that's next. russia amassing thousands of troops along with combat planes and weapons. just what is president vladimir putin up to now?
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big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy. see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern.
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welcome back to the lead. i'm jack tapper. new clues emerging today in that tragic murder misry in washington, d.c. detectives following a trail of money that could lead to new arrests in the mansion murders. the latest involves the $40,000 delivered to the home where the family was being held hostage before daron wint brutally killed the family. police now investigating new details just about what daron wint did in the days after the murder. pamela brown joins me now. place may know what happened to
1:26 pm
some f that $40,000. >> some of it that's right. what we're learning is that investigators believe two people in the car with daron wint purchased thousands of dollars in money orders with the $40,000. even though they're no longer in police custody, sources say the investigation into them and others in the car with wint is still very active. cnn has learned two of the five people with daron wint during his arrest cashed money orders for $2500 each money believed by investigators to be from the $40,000 dropped off at the savopoulos family home while they were held hostage, according to a law enforcement official. when you release them you've identified all of the information. we know where they work they know cell phone numbers, where they live. the police officers felt pretty confident that they can release them. all right. and let them know you're still under investigation and there might be some charges to come in the case. >> this saz we're learning police continued to investigate
1:27 pm
an individual described in police records abz an assistant and driver of salve vas savopoulos who facilitated the money dropoff at the home. the assistant changed his story about when his boss contacted him to pick up the $40,000, revised details about the car he had left the money in at the mansion and admitted he lied by not initially telling the police the cash was in a red bag. >> there's no reason for somebody like that to lie. the detectives are taking a close look at him to find out whether or not money was dropped off of not, going through all of his record to see if he was connected to wint at all. >> so far no one else beside daron wint has been named as a suspect in the case. after the murders in washington, d.c. wint allegedly took a bus to new york to see his girlfriend. he paid $1,000 to hiesh an uber car service to drive him back to d.c. according to a law
1:28 pm
enforcement source. >> and the source i've been speaking with say police have been in touch with that uber driver. it's interesting, jake, because as you know, uber you usually have to have an account and purchase it oz an credit card. we don't know whether he purchase it or someone he knew. there's a lot of unanswered questions about that particular aspect. >> thank you so much. this just in the associated press reporting that more than 100,000 taxpayers had their information hacked and stole frn the irs. the report says thieves used an online service provided by the agency a system called get transcript as a backdoor to steal personal data ranging from names, addresses to social security numbers. the irs told the associated press it shut down the service while it shores up its security. the agency is notifying taxpayers whose information was compromised. our world lead now, isis marched through ramadi last week
1:29 pm
and the u.s. officials said the iraqi forces did not put up much of a fight. but after being acaused of running scared the iraqis say they're on the verge of a turn around and hours away from retaking ramadi. does the pentagon believe them? that's next. hey, what are you doing? you said you were going to find out about plenti, the new rewards program. i did. in fact, i'm earning plenti points right now. but you're not doing anything right now. lily? he's right. sign up, and you could earn plenti points just for being a wireless customer. in the meantime, i just kick back and watch the points roll in. where did you get those noodles? at&t cafeteria.
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welcome back to the lead. i'm jack tapper. our world lead today, iraqi forces say they've launched an offensive to retake major isis strong hold and cut off supply forces aaround anbar province. this comes after the u.s. second taur of defense ash carter criticized the iraqi forces and their will to fight in an exclusive interview on cnn. let's get to barbara starr who conducted the interview joining us live from the pentagon. the iraqi prime minister says the liberation of anbar province is eminent. what does the pet gone say is the reality on the grown. >> here at the pentagon officials are not backing off one bit of what the secretary of
1:34 pm
defense had to say. and when they look at the ground in iraq they're asking a lot of questions. as sand storms rolled in, iraq said it's launched a major military operation to take back ramadi. >> we were pleased to see today that the iraqi government announced the beginning of the mission to retake ramadi and drive isil out of anbar province. >> far different from defense secretary ash carter when he spoke to cnn. >> it is very concerning that they showed that failure of a will to fight. >> after watching the chaotic final moments before ramadi fell top pentagon officials remain skeptical. u.s. military officials say so far the iraqi units are just conducting probing attacking against isis. isis for its part, is improving
1:35 pm
its battlefield tacking using snipers and suicide bombs in new way using tunnel to get in. >> they're scouting the iraqi security forces and gang intelligence from reconnaissance. they're understanding the capability of the iraqi security forces to include coalition air power. and they are adjusting their tactics to counter that. >> moving in small groups making it harder for u.s. war planes to find them and stay off social media. >> they've seen there can be operational consequences to live tweeting or live posting regarding their operations. >> if the iraqis are going to win, they will need help. the shia militias already beginning to move into position. but carter hinting sit the sunni tribes of anbar that the pentagon is quiet he focusing
1:36 pm
on looking for way to provide them with more weapons. >> they're the ones that have to get in the fight and win the fight. >> now, look you know the white house language may be a bit more diplomatic than the secretary of defenses was, but we now know he had good reason for saying whatever he said. carter received classified briefings about how bad the situation had back in ramadi. >> thanks so much. let's talk now about the war on isis and we'll do so cnn national commentator mike rogers. we're also joined by admiral james. let me start with you. do you think that iraq security forces are up for the task of retaking anbar province in ramadi? >> not by themselves. i think it's going the take jake first of all, getting the peshmerga in the game, pressing on isis from the north.
1:37 pm
we've got to get on the ground with them not with 100,000 or 150,000 troops. but what we have there now, 2 to 3,000 is not going to get it. we are going to need to add five six, 7,000 troops. with the iraqi troops are lacking is not so much will as it is courage. and kurjs comes with having leadership leadership on the battlefield. that's where yes can bet the most helpful. >> congressman what do you think of secretary carter's comments. do you think he was trying to proed the iraqis into action? that's a harsh statement to say about an allied's army they don't have the will to fight. i think he was more honest than prodding and you see a little frustration from the secretary who is going to get ever bad briefing that comes across his desk on what happened leading up to ramadi during ramadi and afterward. there's been in command in control, no command leadership on the ground. you had special forces units in
1:38 pm
ramadi fighting alongside with what would be poorly trained police officers trying to hold areas of the city. and on top 06 that the sectarian problem with the notion that we're going into a city like ramadi with iranian backed shia malitia is a huge problem. that whole stew if you will is leading to very very poor performance on the battlefield. admiral, iraq's interior minister fired back saying there isn't enough u.s. support to defeat isis and that their military is ill-equipped. they need more equipment from the u.s. does the u.s. need to do more? you said up to 7,000 more u.s. troops. is there more than the u.s. needs to do in your view? >> i think we need more advisers mentors and trainers to upgun the courage factor in the iraqi forces.
1:39 pm
we need to be a little more aggressive and less cautionary and collateral damage. we're going to have to step it up. we need special forces on the ground to help us do that so our smart bombs can land where they need to. yes, we need to do more. but at the end of the day this is a bt l that the iraqis are going to have to take and win. and in ramadi it's going to be the famous urban three-block war. that's tough fighting when you get into that urban setting. >> i asked richard clark, the counter terrorisms to both bush and clinton what he thought about the calls for more u.s. troops in iraq. we're hearing a lot of them from republicans on the hill especially those running for president. he said we tried that already, it didn't work out so well. what would you say to a skeptic who says you know we sent 150,000 u.s. troops into iraq. that's not our problem to solve? >> well again, i would argue the premise of the question is not exactly right. did the pullout have an impact?
1:40 pm
were the troops ready and trained before we pulled out with no residual force to give the command, training control and direction. all that went away in a hurry. that created the problem we have today. i believe that special capability forces the admiral referenced that kind of operation, need to be on the ground. what we found in any engagement afghanistan, iraq, smol ya 'em yemen, they get all of the lo git ticks that go with that, including medevac, those soldiers will stay and fight to the bitter end. they've lost that part. without regaining that control on the battlefield, you didn't get -- you don't need 100,000, you don't need 150,000. you need to supplant the forces or you're going to get into a sectarian bat wl iraq shia militias sue
1:41 pm
militias,. >> the details we're hearing now about the way that they captured the city even though iraqi forces outnumbered them ten to one, remarkable and chilling. do you think there's a real chance of baghdad falling to isis? >> i do not. i think principally because of the shia malitias who are very ingrained in the baghdad area. secondly because despite what we saw the failures of ramadi and a couple of other engagements prior to that there are still probably 20 to 40,000 iraqi troops in and around baghdad who can fight quite capably. i think what you saw in ramadi is the enemy gets a vote. they're clever, they respond, they adjust their tactic. we need to put them under three. hoint pressure get the security
1:42 pm
forces in the game coming up from the south. we'll see they're not ten-feet tall. >> as long as i have you here i want to ask you about russian president vladimir putin. there's this military exercise quote unquote, with 12,000 russian troops deployed along with numerous aircrafts, weapon systems to the northwest part of the country. putin calling it a military exercise. what do you read into this? >> i think the really concerning aspect is that these are so-called snap exercises, done without warning, they're instantaneous. whenever nato does a comparable exercise we let everybody in the neighborhood know. we invite the russians to come observe. we do that to make sure we keep tension down. the russians undertaking these snap exercises raises tensions. we ought to remember it was a snap exercise in the southwest that was the prelude to the
1:43 pm
taking of cry mecrimea. they're not the rating way for putin to be acting if he's trying to reduce tensions. >> well he's obviously not. gentleman, thank you so much. good to have both of you here. following the philadelphia derailment that killed eight people amtrak says they're taking a big step to try to improve passenger safety. but will train engineers object to plan. the surprising twist in the death of b.b. king. two of his daughters say he was poisoned and the coroner in las vegas is taking the claim serious. that story is next.
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welcome back to the lead. i'm jack tapper. in the money lead today, just two weeks after the massive
1:48 pm
derailment outside philadelphia killing eight people and injuring more than 200, ab amtrak announced today inward facing cameras and they will be installed in the locomotives to monitor the engineers. although there are outward facing cameras on locomotives, the company ceo said the new cams will help improve safety and serve as a valuable investigative tool. and now to a 35th anniversary. no. i'm not referring to the invention of pac man although that did make it debut in 1980. more important, able news network cnn. the biggest stories cnn has ever covered told through personal accounts of those who covered them. it's the focus of our special report "breaking news 35 years of cnn" airing tonight. her's a sneak peek.
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this is an anderson cooper on the sadness of covering the aftermath of hurricane katrina. ♪ >> a powerful hurricane appears to be setting its sights on the central gulf coast. >> this may be the easy side of the storm but it does not feel easy right here on the banks of the mississippi river. i just want to show you -- >> it's a very strange feeling covering a hurricane, particularly one that was this size. >> i ghuz a walmart earlier in the day and people come up to you in the walmart and they're like have you heard about my town. >> a come at the watt matter said to me you should go to gulf coast, mississippi because we haven't been in touch with our relatives in waveland and no one is reporting from there. when i got to waveland that was unlike anything i had seen before. >> i want to show you a few shots around me. just the complete devastation. >> i went out with a fema body recovery team. we went to the house of a family their last name was bane. once you stepped on their porch,
1:50 pm
you could smell them. everything was ripped apart, things were on the floor, it was very chaotic and then they found them. a and wife and two children have died in this home. they had drowned in their lfg room a husband and a wife and two of their kids were special needs kids. there was nothing they could do. they marked an x on the door and they put the number four for the number of bodies on the door that were inside and then they closed the door and they left. >> wolf blitzer joins me now. "the situation room" had just launched right around the time of hurricane katrina, that must have been a challenge to ko the story. i remember covering it for abc news. it was horrific. >> i was so poignant and anderson did an amazing job. sanjay gupta. our whole team were watching what was going on. you were there. it's hard to believe it's been ten years since that occurred. it's one of the many stories
1:51 pm
we're going to feature on tonight in our 35th anniversary special report. for all of the news junkies who are out there watching us toright now they'll want to watch tonight, some of the biggest stories we've covered. >> and you've been there for 25 of those? >> 25 of the 35 years. >> what was your first day like? >> i sat at the assignment desk and the then washington bureau chief said to me watch veto see what he does to get a little feeling of what television news was all about. i went to the pentagon became the pentagon correspondent. that was may 8 wth, 1990 and august 1 wst 1990 saddam hussein invaded kuwait and all all of the sudden cnn came of age. >> is there any story that has really stuck with you? >> all of them have really been powerful. but obviously 9/11. you know when we saw has was going on.
1:52 pm
and i remember vividly that morning, i saw on television what was going on, i got in my car immediately started driving downtown to get to the bureau. and people were driving away from washington. they were trying to get at as the plane landed at the pentagon. it was hard getting there. when i heard about the pentagon i had been the pentagon correspondent. i knew exactly where the plane landed. i knew what was going on. i knew this was an act of terror and i said to myself, this is going the change all of us forever. >> nothing was the same. thank you so much mr. wolf blitzer whose show starts in eight minutes. make sure to tune in tonight for our special report "breaking news 35 years of cnn." was blues legend b.b. king murdered? his daughters claim they are sure he was poisoned. that story next.
1:53 pm
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♪ welcome back to the lead. the pop culture lead now. fans of b.b. king may be just now coming to peace with his passing. but two of his children are stirring up some serious questions and allegations about how he may have died. they claim he was murdered. poisoned by his closest business associates and the coroner's office in nevada it's taking the claim seriously and they're conducting an autopsy this weekend. we have more. what is the current stated cause 0 death? >> the current one as listed right now, natural causes. b.b. king 89 years old struggled with diabetes for decades and he died from complications of them. but this is now being reexamined after the allegations by the
1:58 pm
daughters. ♪ just days after b.b. king's death, a stunning allegation two of his daughters now say their father was murdered. the women, karen williams and patty king claim that king's long time business agent laverne toe tony and personal assistant myron johnson administered foreign substances to induce his premature death. that the indisputable king of blues was poisoned. >> they didn't see their father die. they didn't see him for a week before he died. they want to know and be at peace. >> they are conducted an investigation on sunday. the coroner adds so flar's no evidence to substantiate the allegations. earlier this year a judge tossed out another case brought by the daughters with another sister. they accused the business agent of elder abuse and neglect.
1:59 pm
the judge said the women backed evidence to back their claims >> today was not the final chapter in the b.b. king story. >> it is an ugly post stript seen too often in celebrity deaths. michael jack soon's case spurred long legal battles. family members publicly battled over the con sesh toreship of radio legend casey kay sum for his assets. james brown, the god father of soul left his tens of thousands of dollars for scholarship to needy children. those children and partner still battling over the money. attorneys say the b.b. king case followed a familiar pattern. >> there's this estate a pot of money that these folks are going to be fighting over. this is their attempt to fire a shot across the bow saying we're
2:00 pm
aggressive we're going to accuse you of this and we want a place at the table. >> attorney for b.b. king's business agent calls these claims absolutely ridiculous. and the they say it comes down to one thing. money. >> thank you so much. that's it for the lead. i'm jack tapper turning you over to wolf blitzer right next door in the situation room. hope is fading for those washed away. can rescuers find them in time. cold war games, russia and nato staging large scale military exercises at a time of heightened tension raising the specter of the cold war. could it lead to another military con front station. a young man in texas is charged with trying to join the terrorist forces almost reaching the battlefield. how dud