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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  May 27, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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focus on the happy, cool things this morning. it takes 47 seconds to go up 102 stories. does that mean your ears don't pop or do they have one massive popping? >> it feels like you're coming up from about a 60-foot dive and you're swallowing swallowing all of the way up here. absolutely. in that elevator there's a video screen three of them you see new york city being built from 1500s to 1600s and 1700s and where we are now. it's worth the 32 bucks to get in just to watch that. beautiful exhibit. >> thank you for sharing, chad. i appreciate it. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts now. happening now in the "newsroom," a desperate search for a mother and her two young children swept away in deadly flooding. >> tell mom and dad that i love them. i love you.
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and pray. >> we're taking you above texas to survey the scope of the destruction. >> also soccer scandal. accusations of corruption bribery, kickbacks totalling more than $100 million. we go inside the fbi investigation and what it means for future world cups and the irs hacked by the cyber mafia. crooks stealing financial records of more than 100,000 people claiming thousands of tax refunds. is yours one of them? let's talk live in the "cnn newsroom." good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. right now concerns and danger are growing just south of dallas. this is a live image of a dam that could give way at any time. as you can see water is flowing over the top but the concern is about structural damage taking place beneath the water line.
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the threat of collapse has forced the evacuation of 25 homes downstream. houston's flood weary residents are watching the skies and the clock. just minutes from now a flash flood warning is due to expire along with the threat of another 3 inches of rain. here are the latest numbers and they are grim. 18 people confirmed dead. at least 13 missing and with each hour hope fades for those who vanished in the chaos. let's begin our coverage in one of houston's hardest hit neighborhoods. cnn's rosa flores is there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. definitely the worry mounting here in houston. like you mentioned harris county in a flash flood warning. that means that this area could see one to three inches of rain in the next few hours. let me show you why that's an issue here. this city is the bayou city. there are bayous like this running through the city and emptying into the gulf of
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mexico. the water here has been rising steadily since we got here a few hours ago. now, here is the worry. the water levels change very quickly. just 24 hours ago -- let me show you something. i stand probably just shy of six feet. take a look at where the debris is. this is debris from about 24 hours ago. that's where the water level was. now, imagine the power of this water, the surge and then look just over the banks of this bayou. that's where homes are. 200 feet from where we're standing families living. i talked to them inside and they told me got three feet of water. they got very little warning. all they could do was try to find high ground within their house, which meant literally sitting on their kitchen counters to stay dry. as for their dogs they have two
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dogs. they have so set their dineing table on dining chairs and had the dogs on top of that mountain makeshift table just to keep their dogs safe. now, again, they are very worried because of this. take a look. it's raining like i said. we're under a flash flood warning. one to three inches of rain but that can multiply when these bayous that run from north houston all of the way through the city when that water accumulates and these bayous swell. i talked to these folks. they tell me that it's flood here before. they've never seen it like this however. carol? >> rosa flores reporting from houston this morning. as rosa said the threat is not over yet. new potentially dangerous storms could slam flood ravaged areas with more torrential rain. jennifer gray has more on that part of the story from
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wimberley, texas. >> reporter: 11 people are still missing. three have tied. one adult female two adult males. we haven't identified them yet though. we are looking at the blanco river. this is where it all started. the water that's now lowered significantly came up. it would have been over my head over the weekend and you can see it now still raging. you can see the water coming over that hump. it's actually a concrete bridge. it does give you perspective as to how high the water still is. look at the debris. all of the trees just littering the banks. these were once cabins. we're at seven acres resort. they had over 20 cabins. close to 30. a lot of these on the front row have been completely swept away. you can see this green building right here. this was under water. you can see the water mark on the very very top of that building. then if you follow me over here this is another one of the
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cabins. these are up high. more than 40 feet above where the river sits. you can see the water marks. so water in these cabins were chest deep. they had 450 people here the night of the flood. they evacuated all of them. everyone is okay. that's the good news. they couldn't see anything. it happened at night. all they could do was hear the water. they heard it getting closer and closer and closer. they heard trees snapping limbs breaking and heard cabins going away. that's what they were listening to know they needed to seek higher ground. everyone is okay. the big concern now is more rain. we are expected to see more rain later thursday friday and through the weekend. luckily around this area less than an inch is expected. as we all know we can get caught in heavy downpours and water can rise again. the main concern is more flooding across the hill country of texas and so everyone is on high alert here to make sure that they get to higher ground
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if need be in the coming days carol. >> jennifer gray reporting live from wimberley, texas. the rain is falling there. raining in much of texas including san marco, texas, one of the hardest hit communities. bring me up to date. is it raining there now? >> the clouds are coming in and it's dark outside and we're taking a look at it and kind of starting to plan to make sure we're ready in case we get more bad weather coming in this way. >> latest reporting is that three people are still missing in san marcos. can you give us an update? >> our latest report i just stepped out of a briefing and we actually have 11 people that are missing. we are trying to recover those people. we're presuming that they have lost their lives. we put out their photos and names to try to get attention
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and maybe see if we can locate those people. additionally we have recovered three bodies here in our area in our county and our neighboring counties and we have not been able to identify those people at this time yet. it's just very heartbreaking that we have this loss of life here. we have these people suffering with not only losing their homes and everything that's valuable to them but also losing our community members. >> that's just so three dead 11 people still missing. do you know how those people came to be missing? were they driving or in their homes? >> i don't have a good confirmation of that. we do believe that some of those people were in a home together celebrating the holidays and they were swept away in storm water. i don't have information on the other victims but i do have that information on those people and
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so just a terrible situation where you come together with your family and your friends to honor the people who served our country and celebrate what our country is built on and to lose your life. on the flip side i do have to tell you that the community outpouring has been so grand. i know that people have been waiting for us to open our volunteer centers and our donation centers but it's been a monumental task because we've gotten calls from all over the country. we have people showing up at our eoc and people showing up at our city facilities wanting to give and trying to organize that is a massive effort. so we're working as quickly as we can. we just want to thank those people of those community and church organizations able to step up and do that for us in some perspective. that lets us be able to focus on the recovery effort here. >> all right. thank you so much for joining me this morning. i know it's been -- it's a busy
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right now a fierce fight is under way to try to drive out terrorists and take back two key iraqi provinces.
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this new video shows iraqi troops firing weapons towards isis targets in ramadi the capital of anbar province. iraqi forces entered the southern most edge of the city according to two sunni sheikhs. soldiers were killed after a triple suicide attack near fallujah. arwa damon is in baghdad with a firsthand look at how troops are trying to maintain their positions. tell us more. >> reporter: hi carol. key in all of this with ramadi being the main goal in this entire massive operation is cutting off the isis logistical supply routes to prevent them from being able to regroup and move their weapons and fighters around the battlefield. the area that we were in the forces that were there, that's exactly what they were trying to
7:15 am
do. it's a mass mobilization across multiple fronts. in two key iraqi provinces. fueled by the fall of ramadi in anbar. this territory was recaptured just hours before we arrived. when the force moved in here earlier in the day there were a number of ieds that isis fighters had buried right along this route. a number of them exploding on some of these units and there were at least 11 casualties. isis used to move with ease through these lands transporting fighters and weapons between areas they control. anbar province is in that direction and their main aim here right now is to make sure that they hold this defensive position to keep isis from recapturing this territory as other elements of their unit advance further that way.
7:16 am
the commander of this brigade within the shia military force that is leading this joint operation with iraq security forces. we cut off their supply routes into anbar and we surrounded the enemy in this area. it is a critical line of defense that also runs along a vital south to north oil pipeline. throughout the battlefield is a patchwork of isis strong holds and logistical lines. we see but are not allowed to film or speak to iranian advisers. iraq's powerful neighbor a much more reliable ally in the war against isis. anyone who demends onpends is one of the reasons we lost ramadi.
7:17 am
that won't happen here all of the men vow. more forces and reinforcements arrive. through a scope one fighter pinpoints two suspected isis vehicles in the distance. along the berm others watch and wait preparing for isis to strike back. and holding those front lines is very difficult to say the least given the type of tactics that isis does employ with that triple suicide bombing that took out at least 30 iraqi soldiers and suicide bombings are the ideal tactic that isis does use in all of this. that's exactly how they manage to capture ramadi. >> all right. arwa damon reporting live from baghdad. thanks so much. the white house appears to be steering clear of the controversial comments made by defense secretary ash carter that iraqi troops lacked the will to fight when ramadi fell. >> i think we've seen some issues in the past.
7:18 am
we need to address those. i remind you also and we talked about this a year ago that prime minister abadi came in in a situation where there was a lot of division a lot of work needed to be done to better unite the forces to better bring them together to equip them. he's done that work. his security forces have done that work. it takes some time. >> psaki says the united states needs to adapt its strategy. let's bring in a former cia operative. good morning. >> good morning, carol. >> so how should the united states switch things up then? >> well, you know frankly the white house isn't going to say this but we're really in a bind in iraq. what we have to look at is offensive against ramadi is in effect a shia jihad. they called for a jihad against isis. the iraqi government failed in ramadi.
7:19 am
and now you have the shia militias which are believers. they are sectarian. they're going into an area that's 100% sunni. this reverberations -- if they manage to take ramadi and march through one town to another, the reverberations across the middle east will be dire. i can guarantee you that. what washington is trying to do is walk a fine line here between two jihads the sunni one and the shia one and it's not easy to do and iran has stepped in to the void and is trying to control the shia and leading this in many ways either by arms or having advisers on the ground and we are playing a very much minor role in that country now. i'm not sure what we can do. >> so this will perhaps turn into a regional sectarian war? >> you know i just got back from europe and talked to a lot
7:20 am
of people that deal with saudi arabia. they are worried about its future because of the war in yemen, which is another sectarian war and war in iraq. what saudis on the street are saying is the royal family hasn't done enough to protect sunnis. they've allowed, for instance ramadi to be under siege by a shia jihad and stability of the country is in question. i don't know that it's that bad. i don't keep that good of touch with saudi arabia but it's something we should consider as the seesaw battle continues in the middle east and what effect it will have on the gulf states and if it brings those states down the consequences i can't even imagine what they would be. >> all right. bob, thank you for your insight. i appreciate it. investigators made one arrest in torcher ertorture and murder of a family in a d.c. mansion. following the trail of money could lead to more suspects. that's next. is getting relief. only nicorette mini has a
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checking top stories at 24 minutes past the hour pope francis speaking out today about the importance of marriage between a man and a woman. the pope says that it's "an alliance for life and cannot be improvised and is not made in a day" his comments come after his top deputy called ireland's vote to legalize gay marriage a defeat for humanity. police in north dakota say an airman is behind a deadly shooting at a walmart that killed three people. willis opened fire outside of the store killing two people
7:25 am
before going inside and taking his own life. he had no connection to any of his victims. follow the money trail is what investigators are doing as they try to determine if their chief suspect had help in the killing of two parents, their son and their housekeeper. >> reporter: cnn learned two of the five people with daron wint cashed money orders believed to be from the $40,000 dropped off at the savopoulos home while they were held hostage. >> we know where they work. we know their cell phone numbers. we know where they live and where the family is. the police officers probably felt pretty confident they can release them. let them know listen you know you're still under investigation and there may be charges to come in this case. >> reporter: this as we're learning police continue to investigate an individual
7:26 am
described in police records as assistant and driver of savvas savopoulos. according to court documents, the assistant changed his story about what his boss contacted him to pick up the $40,000. revised details about the car he left the money in at the mansion and admitted he lied by not initially telling police the cash was in a red bag. >> there's no reason for somebody like that to lie. detectives are taking a very close look at him to figure out whether that money was dropped off or not and going through records to see if he was connected to wint in this case. >> reporter: so far no one else beside daron wint has been named as a suspect in the case. after the murders in washington, d.c. wint took a bus to new york to stay with his girlfriend. once he was publicly named as a suspect, wint paid $1,000 to hire an uber car service to drive him back to d.c. according to a law enforcement source. pamela brown, cnn, washington.
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in surprising ways to help companies simplify the way work gets done and life gets lived. with xerox, you're ready for real business. good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. happening right now in brooklyn
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the fbi director james comey and newly appointed attorney general loretta lynch holding a news conference to detail this investigation on charges into corruption and allegations against world soccer's governing body. earlier today the world of soccer was rocked as it learned twin raids on two continents targeted fifa. we'll learn more about the charges in a moment because they're not behind the podium quite yet. but the charges kind of read like a mafia transcript. money laundering fraud, racketeering bribes and kickbacks totalling more than $150 million. evan perez is about to cover that news conference in brooklyn on the phone with me now. what do you expect to hear? >> reporter: carol, the charges you just read are exactly what are behind what the justice
7:32 am
department says with a criminal enterprise for the last couple decades. the world body that governs soccer and 200 representatives were gathering in zurich for an election on friday. the longtime president and this morning and several of these officials were woken up out of their luxury hotel in zurich to be arrested which swiss police working with the fbi. in all 14 people are indicted in the charges being announced very shortly in brooklyn. seven people arrested in zurich. we expect there will be arrests made in trinidad and other countries as well. this is an investigation that's gone on for about four years the fbi has been looking into these allegations that not only were some of the elections being fixed at fifa but some of the selections for world cups. if you remember five years ago the u.s. lost out to qatar in a bid to host 2022 world cup.
7:33 am
that's how this investigation has got started and now here we are today with these unusually incredible charges against a very large organization that runs soccer around the world. >> evan why is the u.s. spearheading this? i know soccer is important in the united states but it's much bigger in europe and other places around the globe. >> reporter: that's a good question. we asked about this in december when we first previewed this investigation was heating up and the fbi was looking at bringing charges. the answer we got from officials is it looks like soccer is not able to police itself. they tried to do an internal investigation and came up that there was nothing wrong there. it became the responsibility of prosecutors to try to fix some of these corruption problems that people have been talking about in fifa for years and years. some of the alleged bribery took place inside the united states. some of the officials live here in the united states. and u.s. networks are some of
7:34 am
the biggest funders for the world cup, the television rights. that's one reason why the u.s. feels it has jurisdiction to bring these charges. >> all right. evan perez, let's see -- this nice young lady is announcing that the press conference will start in just about five minutes and when it begins of course we'll get right back to brooklyn. just minutes ago in houston, a flash flood warning expired. for much of the warning flood weary residents cringed at the idea of seeing three more inches of rain. while the amount has not materialized there have been thunderstorms in and around houston this morning and we have new details for you right now. we're talking about that breached dam southwest of dallas. we showed you these images of this dam. floodwaters topping the structure which means the dam has been breached. the real danger is out of view. an official with the army corps
7:35 am
of engineering says the structure may be weakened to the point of clap. 20 homes downstream have been evacuated. we'll keep you posted. another hard hit area is hays county. hundreds of homes are damaged as houses flee to shelters. general gonzalez's home sits just outside of that county and it's barely recognizable. you can see some of the walls are gone. the roof is close to collapsing. jennifer joins me now on the phone. hi jennifer. >> hello. >> you and your family were inside this home on sunday and had to be rescued. tell me what it was like to feel that rain coming down and the floodwaters rising. >> well we got a knock on the door about 11:30 wanting us to evacuate. i have my dad who is disabled. he was out in safety and the water was just coming too fast and we got whatever we could.
7:36 am
my neighbors also lost things. several of our families did lose a lot of their stuff. we got seven or eight feet of water in our house. we lost everything. my dad is disabled. my daughter and her 4-month-old baby were not home but also lost everything in the flood. right now we're staying with family members. >> were you rescued by boat? how did the rescue go down? >> actually we were able to get out but it was very fast. we had to get whatever and just leave. we didn't have time to do anything. >> i just can't imagine, jennifer looking at my home like this. i just can't imagine how you're feeling right now.
7:37 am
>> yes. it's very overwhelming but we have community help. our family and also several families that were also -- my next door neighbors my cousins down the street also had water in their house and we had several families that were affected by the flood. it's just very overwhelming. >> jennifer gonzalez thanks for sharing your story. we appreciate it. still to come in the "newsroom," more republicans jumping into the race for the white house but who is standing out? you might be surprised next.
7:38 am
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>> we want to check back at that news conference about to take place in brooklyn. we expect the fbi director james comey and the attorney general loretta lynch to be behind the podium very soon. they're going to talk about this investigation into charges of corruption against soccer's governing body fifa. you see loretta lynch approaching the podium now. let's listen. >> good morning, everyone. thank you all for being here
7:42 am
today. before we begin with today's announcement i do have a brief comment to make on the situation regarding fisa. as attorney general i'm committed to ensuring this nation protects the civil liberties of every american while keeping our country safe and secure. unfortunately some of the vital and noncontroversial tools that we use to combat terrorism and crime are scheduled to shutdown on sunday making this not an ordinary weekend. the house of representatives has passed a bipartisan bill called the usa freedom act that would extend these tools while addressing important and valid concerns about other aspects of the government's ability to protect data. without action from the senate we will experience a serious lapse in our ability to protect the american people. today i join the president in urging the senate to work through the current recess in order to make sure that we can continue to appropriately safeguard this country and protect its citizens. now, for today's announcement.
7:43 am
i am honored to be joined by director james comey of the fbi by acting u.s. attorney kelly curry in the eastern district of new york and chief of investigation richard weber of the irs' criminal investigation division. we're here to announce the unsealing of charges and arrest of individuals as part of our long running investigation into bribery and corruption in the world of organized soccer. many of the individuals and organizations we will describe today were entrusted with keeping soccer open and assessable to all. they held important responsibilities at every level from building soccer fields for children in developing countryies to organizing the world cup. they were expected to uphold the rules that keep soccer honest and to protect the integrity of the game. instead they corrupted the business of worldwide soccer to serve their interests and to enrich themselves. this department of justice is determined to end these
7:44 am
practices to root out corruption and bring wrongdoers to justice. the 14 defendants charged in the indictment we're unsealing today include high ranking officials of fifa the international organization responsible for regulating and promoting soccer. leaders of regional and other governing bodies under the fifa umbrella and sports marketing executives who according to the indictment paid millions of dollars in bribes and kickbacks to obtain lucrative media and marketing rights to international soccer tournaments. the 47-count indictment against these individuals includes charges of racketeering wire fraud, and money laundering conspiracies spanning two decades. fifa and the regional bodies under its umbrella make money in part by selling commercial rights to their soccer tournaments to sports marketing companies. often through multiyear contracts covering multiple editions of tournaments.
7:45 am
the sports marketing companies sell rights downstream to other tv and broadcasts networks to corporate sponsors and to other entities for significant sums of money. beginning in 1991 two generations of soccer officials including the then presidents of two regional soccer confederations under fifa one being the confederation of north central america and caribbean association football which includes the u.s. and the south american football confederation which represents organized soccer in south america used their positions of trust within their respective organizations to solicit bribes from sports marketers in exchange for the commercial rights to their soccer tournaments. they did this over and over. year after year tournament after tournament. in just one example, in 2016 here in the united states we are scheduled to host the
7:46 am
centennial edition of a tournament first time it will be held outside of south america. our investigation revealed that what should have been an expression of international sportsmanship was used to line executive pockets targeting $110 million. nearly a third of the legitimate cost of the rights to the tournaments involved. now, the criminal activity that we've identified did not solely involve sports marketing. around 2004 bidding began for the opportunity to host the 2010 world cup, which is ultimately awarded to south africa. the first time the tournament would be held on the african continent. but even for this historic event, fifa executives and others corrupted the process by using bribes to influence the hosting decision. the indictment also alleges that corruption and bribery extended to the 2011 presidential fifa
7:47 am
election and to agreements regarding sponsorship of the brazilian national soccer team by a major u.s. sportswear company. in short, these individuals through these organizations engaged in bribery to decide who would televise games, where the games would be held and who would run the organization overseeing organized soccer worldwide. one of the most popular sports around the globe. while at least one fifa executive served as president without pay, he alone is alleged to have taken more than $10 million in bribes over a 19-year period and amassed a personal fortune. in many instances the defendants and co-conspirators planned aspects of this long running scheme in meetings held in the united states. they used banking and wire facilities in the u.s. to distribute their bribe payments and they planned to profit from their scheme in large part
7:48 am
through promotional efforts directed at the growing u.s. market for soccer. in addition to the indictment unsealed today, the charging instruments of four individuals and two corporate defendants who have already pleaded guilty to their involvement in racketeering activity and other criminal conduct. among these defendants are a u.s. sports marketing company, a briz u.s. citizen in addition to being the former general secretary and a member of the fifa executive committee, was a beneficiary of the 2010 world cup bribery scheme. >> all right. we're going to step away from this news conference because as you can see the complaint against soccer's governing body is quite lengthy. that's attorney general loretta lynch outlining the charges. we'll have more ahead on cnn. i have to take a break. i'll be back with more in the "newsroom." people are switching to t-mobile. even verizon customers are jumping to america's fastest 4g lte network. from the bay area to the big apple.
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you can save up to $423. for a free quote today,call liberty mutual insurance at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. then there were seven. seven republicans who want to be the next occupant of the white house. the newest candidate, rick santorum. the former pennsylvania senator expected to jump into the race later today. rick santorum has a lot of company and as the contenders try to find a way to stand out in a crowded field, at least one of them says it is time for the republican party to revamp. i mean revamp. check out this passage from rand paul's new book called "taking a
7:53 am
stand, moving beyond partisan politics to unite america." this comes from chapter 16 and chapter 16 is called "tree hugger." paul writes the new gop has a place for those that want to provide for a cleaner future for our planet. in the new gop it will be okay to watch jon stewart and just as admirable to defend the fourth amendment, searches and seizures as the second amendment. in the new gop it will be cool to compost and shop at farmer markets. that's the gop i hope to lead. let's talk about that. ana is a supporter of jeb bush and friend of marco rubio and we have representative from the independent women's forum. welcome to both of you. >> thank you for having me. >> sabrina, a republican tree hugger. is rand paul out of his mind or is he ahead of his time? >> i would say that he's maybe just right in step with time. i'm so excited about this
7:54 am
political season because of the diversity of perspectives and ideas and different backgrounds and people that we have out there. if you really look at who is jumping into the field right now, we have people of different ages establishment, nonestablishment we have people like santorum today talking about raising the minimum wage and someone like george petataki talking about the environment as is rand paul. a range of different perspectives which will lead to a healthy debate in months moving forward. >> rand paul sounds like a democrat. >> why? why are we -- you know i hate labeling. i hate painting everything just black and white. i don't think republicans should concede the environmental issue to democrats. i think there are some tree hugging republicans. i'm not sure you can get me to compost any time soon but there
7:55 am
are a lot of republicans who care enormously about the environment. i can tell you john mccain is one of the leaders on that. when jeb bush was governor of florida, he spent a lot of time and resources on things like saving the everglades. it is not a democrat or republican issue. >> sabrina, other candidates aren't going quite as far. they are saying some stuff but they are appealing strongly to conservatives. >> i think what rand paul is getting at is this idea that often progressives and media like to portray conservatives and republican party by extension as one dimensional. when in fact we're a big country where a lot of different people many republicans live in cities. others live in the country. some are married. some unmarried. we're a diverse group of people and most of the common theme is that these are people who believe in limited government. that doesn't mean that we can't have different preferences and taste and interest of where we want to go to dinner or what
7:56 am
movies to watch. rand paul is smart to point out that we can have that diversity and should encourage that diversity and that's only a good thing for the party. >> to sum it up on a scale of one to ten, where does rand paul rate at becoming president with this message to voters? >> i think -- it's not just about this message to voters. it's about his experience and his foreign policy views. you just don't take one angle when you are voting for president. certainly most people don't. i think he appeals to a certain segment. i don't think he has broad appeal in the republican party. i think his foreign policy views put him out of step with a lot of us in the party. i think he does a lot to broaden the tent. he shows up in places that are uncomfortable for some republicans to go to. i give him a lot of credit for that. where do i rank him?
7:57 am
i would say bottom five. >> all right. thanks so much. thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour" after a break. you know the importance of heart health. you watch your diet, excercise... and may take an omega-3 supplement, such as fish oil. but when it comes to omega-3s, it's the epa and dha that really matter for heart health. not all omega-3 supplements are the same. introducing bayer pro ultra omega-3 from the heart health experts at bayer. with two times the concentration of epa and dha as the leading omega-3 supplement. plus, it's the only brand with progel technology proven to reduce fish burps. new bayer pro ultra omega-3. ♪ color is a beautiful thing.. ♪ ♪ i know, i know... ♪
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