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tv   New Day Saturday  CNN  July 11, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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according to the leon county sheriff's office, he turned himself into police hours after the warrant was issued for his arrest. but he denies the allegations. last year cook was named in an aggravated assault case. he was charged with criminal mischief then. remember, fsu made video when this video of andre johnson striking a woman at a bar was released. he's charged with misdemeanor battery. a bit of a trend there when carlos williams was involved in a battery investigation last year but never charged. also, last year's jameis winston was accused of sexual assault in 2013 and never charged either. we asked you if fsu has an institutional problem or they just have a lot of bad apples. here's what you said, this problem is an ongoing thing, the problem is the institution
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doesn't know how to stop it. catherine says, managing conflict is learned at home. if mom/dad hit, children learn to hit/become adults like them. "new day" starts right now. donald trump pushing an immigration message hard today in the southwest. overflowing crowds expected to greet him today. how much in the singular issue, singular focus that rallied the republican base and his supporters all at the expense of possibly alienating the latino vote. and user cancer patients as a money-making opportunity. a michigan doctor now heads to prison for 45 years. victims are outraged saying that is not long enough. and big crowds following
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pope francis. he makes an unprecedented trip to the community. so glad to have you here. i'm christi paul. >> and i'm victor blackwell. >> an isis leader has been killed in a u.s. drone strike. 30 others were killed in the compound as well. the former taliban leader is believed to have joined isis. we'll bring in lieutenant colonel james reese. colonel, i want to identify who this man was. there was a man who had a $10 million bounty on his head. do we know if this is the same person? >> good morning, christi. that's what is going on, this strike happened two days ago in afghanistan. intelligence was brought in by
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the afghan national director of the security, the nds. it is a very capable security and intelligence agency for president ghani and chief executive abdullah. there were reports that the same gentleman from the pakistan area came over to join isis and killed himself by placing an ied. we'll see what shakes out here over the next couple of days. >> everything is on social media. how big of a blow could this be to isis? >> it's a big piece for isis. especially with their movement into other areas, especially afghanistan. what is interesting is that i know a lot of people don't keep their eyes on afghanistan with all the american forces there, still trying to support the afghan government.
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the taliban border between pakistan and afghanistan, a lot are disillusioned and not successful pushing back to kabul. and a lot of them are trying to find a new banner to fly and we are seeing that in afghanistan with the isis flag. so if this strike is confirmed, because back in april it was never confirmed that hamiz was killed. it will be a big blow to isis in afghanistan and a great win for the afghan government. >> all righty. lu lieutenant colonel james reese. we are so grateful for your insight. thank you, sir. >> thank you, christi. today the 2016 presidential candidate donald trump is expected thousands of people here in phoenix. organizers had to change the venue because of the unexpected number of people to show up at
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the rally. this comes after the comments came that trump reinforced that mexicans crossing the border are murderists and rapists. after the meeting trump said this. >> we are housing people from all over the world that other countries don't want. they are sending criminals to s us. and we are putting the criminals in jail. oftentimes after they kill somebody or hurt somebody. >> we have on the phone with us, cnn political reporter m.j. lee. m.j., what are we expecting
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today at the rally? >> reporter: good morning, victor. as you mentioned, we are expecting a very large crowd in arizona according to his campaign i campaign. they were expecting as many as 4,000 people and then heard a number of 7500 people. so we are sure this is going to be a massive turnout on 7 the concept of trump's speech -- we'll hear him doubling down. this is not a situation where we have heard mr. trump take bag anything he has said or retract his information.
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he will continue to talk about immigration in the way he has so far. he has talked about building this wall along the southern border of the he believes people coming into the country are going to cause problems. >> i think for sure we are going to see protestors show up to this arizona event as we did yesterday in los angeles. i think their presence will certainly be noticeable. they are standing outside of this event holding up signs and telling him that his signs are extremely offensive. they are inappropriate.
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i think they are likely to show up to protest his candidacy and speak comments on the background that is likely to be sandy as well. >> a long list of the no-shows. also, republican leaders across the state and congressional leaders there in the republican party. mj lee, thank you so much for joining us. we'll speak closer as we get to t the time. so we're going to see donald trump in the context of the comments made, at least alongside sheriff joe arpao. this has to be troubling for the republican leadership?
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>> but it's not. donald trump does not represent the republican party. and i think you would be hard-pressed to find a republican candidate or anyone in leadership or a lot of republicans receiving this by the comments that were made. i highly doubt that donald trump will be in the picture a couple months from now. if you look at this time in 2011, november 2011, michele bachmann was polling at 17% and then shortly thereafter she was pulling at 4%. at one point during the 2012 election herman cane was in the race. >> donald trump is forcing other candidates to talk about this issue. and we have seen some
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candidates, ted cruz, salute him for bringing up this issue. >> reporter: that's right, structure. seem to be on an anti-donald trump tricks. this is where the reasons to support a candidate. frankly, a lot of reasons to run that doesn't mean that's -- everybody says let's have a national conversation. we should get used to part of the -- people are angry with
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what has got on with immigration and the lack of progress out of washington. and that is, indeed, part of his presidential race. >> so i hear your argueview. in 2004 george w. bush, 44% of the latino vote. four years later, john mccain, 31%. 2012, mitt romney with 27%. that's of the latino vote. what does the party have to do to increase them. >> i think you are seeing the republican field is representative of the numbers. as i mentioned, we have two in the republican field representative of the numbers. obviously, immigration is an important issue we should discuss, but also that we need
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to talk about legal immigration and democrats avoid wanting to talk about that issue. >> do you expect that marco rubio really wants to talk about immigration considering his history on the issue? >> why not talk about immigration? we are a country with marco rubio has over a million people per year that come to the united states legally. we are a coup industry out of immigration and the country has not done that. >> thank you for being here. >> thank you, victor. at this hour the pope is meeting with sick kids.
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a former vatican official accused of former sexual abuse to minors was hospitalized. and he was also accused of
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pornography and defrocked last year. he's the highest official being tried on charges at the vatican. in paraguay the pope is visiting a children's hospital this morning and holding mass where thousands are expected to attend. we'll go to shasta darlington who is there. shasta? >> reporter: that's right, christi. no doubt, this will be an emotional moment. when you see children around pope francis, it is magnetic. they just lung at him and hug him and don't want to let go. i wouldn't be surprised if we don't see the same reactions at the children's hospital. then he'll head to the first major mass here in paraguay and it's expected to be the biggest one. it's at a most revered shrine here and a popular pilgrimage for immigrants from the region. we should see a lot of
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argentines there. they expect more than a million people. considering this is a country of just 7 million, that says a lot. people are already lining the route and packed into the area around the shrine where he's going to celebrate mass. this should be a very popular event today, christi. >> is he meeting the lgbt community later this afternoon? what do you know about that? >> reporter: that's right. this has the potential to be a historic meeting. here in paraguay gay and lesbian children are violently being thrown out of their homes and the catholic church can work together with the gay community to tell parents to love their children just the way they are. here's really hoping coming out of this meeting, that message will be sent to the conservative catholics here in paraguay.
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so after the worst breach ever against the government, the head of the management resigned. senior white house correspondent jim acosta has more. >> reporter: opm's director resigned on friday morning and president obama believes new leadership is badly needed at the agency. the administration officials believe personal data including social security numbers, health records and in some cases fingerprints of 21.5 million federal employees and relatives were swept up in this act of stolen user name and passwords where all the hackers needed to break into the federal system. the chinese are the leading suspect at this point but the white house has yet to publicly accuse beijing of being responsible. and they standed to reason that the president's personal data
5:24 am
was acquired but the white house will not stay at first. >> we know the president's personal belongings were involved in this. >> i don't have information about the president being involved in this. >> he's been in the presidency since 2000. >> the resignation came 12 hours after she told reporters on a conference call she wanted to stay at opm to upgrade the federal data systems. instead she's replaced by beth covert, a top official that starts next week. jim acosta, cnn, the white house. here's a look at other stories making headlines. a car bomb exploded outside the italian consulate in egypt this morning killing at least one person and injuring seven and significantly damaging the building. egypt has seen attacks by
5:25 am
islamic militants, but no group has claimed responsibility for this attack. and this time we had a shark scare in california. a great white shark nearly 6 feet long bumped a huntington beach surfer yesterday but did not attack. the incident did prompt lifeguards to temporarily keep people out of the water as a precaution. outrage over a michigan doctor who, of course, got rich by tweeting hundreds of patients with cancer medications. even though some of them didn't even have the disease. plus, the fbi admits that dylann roof should not have been allowed to purchase guns tragically used to kill nine people in south carolina. we'll look at how the system failed here. when you're living with diabetes, steady is exciting.
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i'm victor blackwell. good to have you here on "new day." we'll start in detroit where there are people there angry, outraged, understandably, sentenced for giving cancer drugs to over 500 patients who did not need them. some of them didn't even have cancer. dr. fattah was sentenced to prison but many families believe it's not enough. jonathan carlson from our cnn affiliate wxyz was there.
5:30 am
watch. >> dr. fattah got a 45-year sentence but cause d a life-lon problem for many. >> you're amazing. >> reporter: they are bound by tragic circumstances, each one a victim in some former fashion of a cancer doctor prosecutors say did the unthinkable. >> we believe this to be the most serious fraud case in the history of the country. >> reporter: but it was so much more than fraud to these folks. they loved their caregivers. lives altered or interested. the victims began to share their stories of pain and finished with dr. sobba before the judge
5:31 am
asking for leniency. but it didn't seem to matter. the judge went by the book telling the mandating sentences that go with the crime. 45 years in jail. >> 45 years for the lives he took. >> that was not enough. all of the victims -- my sister is gone. it just wasn't enough. >> prosecutors wanted the family wanted. >> we believe nothing short of alliance is necessary in this ca case. >> we can't bring any of them back. you can't heal the hurt. >> reporter: so where do the men and women go from here? well, they are still trying to figure that out. >> hopefully we move on, somewhat, or try to. >> it's been a very long road and a very long journey for all
5:32 am
of us. >> doctor fadda also has the chance to essentially see a death sentence. >> good morning, christi. mat ultimately when you are a victim in this, think about this. think about someone you love and care about, a mother, brother, sister or father, being misdiagnosed. and it is not something that is based upon a doctor's flenleeli and intent for the purpose of using you to make money. and now you have a victim impact
5:33 am
statement, several victim impact statements, and they are talking to the judge about how this just destroyed their family but because the death sentence doesn't happen too often. why? his attorney is hoping to get leniency by talking about the state of his own health, as if that matters. and you're talking about serving 85 to 87% of that sentence. so that's bringing him close to 90 when released. >> there's a restitution hearing that has yet to be held. but there's about 17 million dollars that he could be liable
5:34 am
for. what is the pact that this is making? >> just backing up for a minute, there's a federal whistleblower statute. under the act you can see a private individual on behalf of this. and if you look at the indictment, it looks at him doing this from 2007 to 2013. he's been in jail for two years, of course, but with the action that will bring about a significant amount of money. if you are entitled to see the money is set up for the families, there's insurance that can certainly get the money back in any of his assets will also
5:35 am
be frozen and seized. and that will be a way to compensate people for behavior that's wrong, but there will be money coming shortly to the victims of this from the person who is remaining in prison. thank you, joey jackson. >> thank you. pope francis is arriving at a children's hospital in leon. they are from south america. you can see the crowds in each
5:36 am
stop here across his tour of the continent. we know in an hour the pope will fold arrive at the children's hospital. and he should not have been able to get a gun that he used in the fatal shootings in south carolina last month. the background checks failed in this case. we'll examine how, next. hey terry stop they have a special! so, what did you guys think of the test drive? i love the jetta. but what about a deal? terry, stop! it's quite alright... ok, you know what? we want to make a deal with you. we're twins, so could you give us two for the price of one? come on, give us a deal. look at how old i am. do you come here often? he works here, terry!
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39 minutes past the hour. developing right now, the fbi is investigating what it says is a heartbreaking mistake. they are trying to determine how clerical oversight at the federal and local level put a gun in the hands of accused shooter dylann roof. the gun was used to allegedly kill nine people, as you know. we'll sort this all out for you now. >> reporter: good morning to you, christi. this contradicts what the fbi said in the past. that the background check on dylann roof was done properly. now the fbi director reveals this bombshell of an error was on their part and that makes them all sick that it happened. the man who confessed to gunning down nine people inside a south carolina church should never have been able to buy the .45-caliber gun used in the
5:41 am
slaughter. that omission coming from the fbi director james comey who said his bureau made a mistake during dylann roof's background check in a statement that says, quote, rips all of our hearts out. end quote. they suspect that roof's record should have prohibited the gun purchase. >> it just shows how a bureaucratic mistake can cause human life. >> reporter: during roof's background check they didn't discover that roof admitted to illegally possessing drugs when arrested in late february. that information would have prevented roof from the passing the test. >> there was an abundant amount of information for the fbi to have had that information. had they had it, no gun sale and possibly no shooting here. >> reporter: comey says the fbi
5:42 am
investigator failed to make contact to the south carolina police department. in part of a clerical issue. after three days of waiting for the bkd results, charles grassley said, quote, it's disastrous that this bureaucratic mistake prevented existing laws from working and blocking an illegal gun sale, end quote. >> i thought it was an fbi check and very thorough. so i was surprised they were not very thorough. but i know people make mistakes. >> and fbi officials met with the victims of the family this week to explain in person the mistake and promised to try to fix the system.
5:43 am
chris? thank you very much. >> we'll bring in former mary o'toole who worked for the government. when you hear this, what is your reaction? >> well, it's a devastating mistake. but i think it's very important in order to have people really understand what happened here, this system is what is called an interconnected system. and the fbi depends on police reports, arrest reports from state, local and agency photos in current and accurate information should they respond to. the fbi would not automatically have that information and then
5:44 am
they may not have that information immediately. when you have an interconnected system, i'm not making excuses, but at this point when you have this kind of a system, you have to look at each part of the system so you know where to report, where to repair it. it does not good. by saying this horrible mistake was a made. let's look at the communications bro broken down. the fbi is bearing the brunt of the mistake. but these systems are built on a relationship between all agencies to get that piece of information. in a perfect world we would like everything to be automated including the police reports. people have said it is not a
5:45 am
perfect world. we don't have all that information automated. and oftentimes people can write down up correct information and you scurry to get the correct information by phone. so it's -- in an interconnected system, we'll look at what happened, where it broke down and not condemn the entire system. >> mary ellen, quickly, as a former senior profiler with the krb, are there indicators that the gun shop owners can look for to avoid selling if they can a gun to the next they are warn signs to this kind of events.
5:46 am
and whether or not season who works in a gunshot case. and that would depend on a case by case basis. but at this point if there would be the ability to do some training for people that are on the front lines, that are selling these guns, i think they would love to have some kind of training. and i think the training could be very effective. not for them to say yes or no clearly, but they no they cannot contact this person. >> we'll continue with the review. hopefully we'll have more made
5:47 am
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breaking news out of greece at this hour. eurodone leaders are gathering to decide greece's fate looking to approve reforms to end the financial creek crisis. this could include increasing sales taxes, but voters rejected
5:51 am
this in a referendum just last sunday. richard quest is all over this. so what are you hearing this morning from brussels, richard? >> reporter: well, good afternoon. good morning from brussels. the ministers have just been arriving, the finance ministers. and before them they have the document from the imf or the european central bank. and what they really have to decide is can we do business? are the greek proposals the basis for negotiation? and while everybody that we have heard walking in ses yes, it's certainly a great deal better than anything we have seen before. they are also saying it's not there yet. and today i think the big question is, whether they kick the whole thing out of the window or they do decide to have more negotiations. we have yet to hear from the germans. we have yet to hear from the german finance committee.
5:52 am
they won't be the one that -- it is like the classic report of good but could do better. now we have to understand what better actually is. >> all right. richard quest, we appreciate it so much. thank you, sir. well, thousands are lining up in the streets right now in paraguay outside a children's hospital where pope francis is meeting with the children and blessing them right now. there will be a mass in a little less than an hour. we'll bring you live coverage of that. also, today we'll have a live from wimbledon, next. the culinary chef who
5:53 am
combined inspiration from contemporary art with italy's rich heritage. >> reporter: our journey starts in the heart of italy. with cobbled streets of medieval italy, on this quiet side street an unremarkable door opens to one of the most es claim ed. >> and this is the triple mission and star chef. >> every single thing that comes out, i have to taste, touch, develop and approve. >> my mussels are made by
5:54 am
parmesian vinegar. this is all based on amazing ingredients. and the simplicity is so difficult to make. >> you can see more of these stories on and we'll be right back.
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let's talk tennis. this morning serena williams could be on the verge of making sports history again. everybody's watching wimbledon center court. we'll see if the number one seed can win her sixth tidal in a row. >> in serena wins she will be the first woman to hold all four totals twice. what are you seeing there? >> reporter: it's a big day here at wimbledon. 15,000 people are packed onto center court behind me because this will be a huge match. serena williams' 24th grand slam final. and this event has so much at stake for her today as she goes for the second time in her career for the serena slam. that means holding all four consecutive slams at one time. but she was also hit at a historical grand slam.
5:59 am
she won the french open, australia open. if she wins wimbledon she only needs to win the u.s. open in a month. that is so rare and hasn't been achieved since 1988 when stephi g graf did that. >> let's talk about that a-game. she has been successful against serena williams in the past. does she have a chance today? >> the bottom line is she does stand a chance. that's why serena is taking this very seriously. she has beat in a grand slam before and put her foot in the
6:00 am
french government. we'll see if she can do it today. >> thank you very much. i'm michael smerconish. we have a great program plan. a computer image of this little girl found dead two weeks ago in boston garnering millions of views. we'll take a look at the growing mystery of baby doe. plus, a man is brutally murdered in broad daylight on a metro train in d.c. as almost a dozen stood by and watched. should they have done more to stop the killer? and i'll give my take on bill cosby and the court documents released by a judge this week. i'm glad that cosby is outed but i'm questioning the process. but first, i want to drill down on what i consider to be the biggest story of the week. the


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