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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  July 18, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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e. if you know someone who should be a cnn hero let us know. we would love to know that at cnn spend some time with us and make some good memories. for the next hour we turn it over to fredricka whitfield. >> good to see you guys. have a great day. maybe it will be a relaxing one for you. >> oh. >> not you. >> make it good. there is never any relaxation when you have kids but it is all in fun. thanks so much. it is the 11:00 eastern hour. i'm fredricka whitfield. "newsroom" starts right now. this is cnn breaking news. another life lost in the shooting rampage. randall smith, a logistic specialists with the u.s. navy succumbed to his injuries today. his death was confirmed by his stepgrandmother. he was shot three times at the
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attack at the navy operational support center. he is the fifth fatality in the deadly shootings. four u.s. marines why killed lance corporal squir wells. gunnery sergeant thomas sullivan staff sergeant david wyatt and sergeant carson hole can quist. now, electronics, including a cell phone and computer taken from the home of the shooter, mohammad youssuf abdulazeez are en route to a lab in west virginia where they will search for a motive. our sarah ganham is outside the area where the attack happened. what is the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: good morning, fred. you can see behind me there is a very active memorial. members of the community coming through all morning to pay their respects. behind them is that recruiting center where there is also an active investigation. we see investigators looking and walking around and canvassing and going inside and examining
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that bullet-riddled front door of the recruiting center. earlier in the week before randall smith died his family members talked about him. he was a father of three, married, had served his time overseas. his grandmother telling cnn that he that day had tried to warn everyone about you just couldn't get away fast enough before being shot. he was shot three times, hit in the liver, the stomach, and also the cole lonon. he underwent surgery earlier in the week. family members were hoping he would pull through after he stayed at least, in recovery that first night. unfortunately his stepgrandmother telling a cnn affiliate that he died earlier this morning around 4:00 a.m. take a listen to what she told us earlier in the week. >> he was never shipped over there anywhere where the fighting and all that was at. he loved the navy.
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you would think, oh this would never happen to your family by by gum it can. it can happen anywhere. >> randall smith's name was added to a makeshift memorial here just a few moments ago by a member of the chattanooga community who wanted to make sure he was among those that were remembered. the grieving continues here. so does the investigation. investigators looking for a motive. they still do not have one. they are also looking into the details, like where he got those guns. were the guns purchased legally? i was in nashville yesterday where he worked that's about two hours away from here. we know the fbi was on the ground trying to figure out if he had any other connections where he was visiting the day of the attack. >> thanks so much from chattanooga. let's bring in jonathan gill
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am. former fbi and special agent and cnn law enforcement analyst, harry howe. jonathan let's begin with you. we hear that the cell phone and computer of this gunman what are they looking for particularly? what's the equipment they have to try and get any information from it? >> let me just say the cartographers, the computer experts in the fbi. they can get the information if it is there. it doesn't matter if it has been destroyed. they will get it. i haven't heard any reports that he destroyed any of his computer stuff or phones. those cartographers will get in there and get all the information. investigators will go through that and look for clues as to motivations, planning cycles
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where he was motivated and on and on. >> as though they were doing an autopsy. they are going to completely dissect everything. they are looking for clues that would lead them in different directions? where did the guns come from? where was he searching before and after he went overseas. those are the type of things that will give them the full picture. >> how will investigators go about trying to better understand the trips that he took? >> apparently he took multiple trips to juror sdanordan. they say he was going to visit a grandmother. it would seem that would be fairly easy to verify. how do investigators go about the motivation and what may have happened during that trip? >> it is going to be very easy to track when he flew out of the
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country and when he came back. do we know what happened when he was in jordan? when he came back from the long trip, he was a completely different person. how do we know when he gets to jordan do people come and try an radicalize him. is there someone that says we have a mullslim-american, coming into this country and let's target him. maybe while he was there he was approached and they radicalized him so when he comes back to the united states he can commit an attack. >> lots of people are going to jordan. that is not necessarily what is happening to their experience. you can't arbitrarily single somebody out. talk to me about how this makes it much more difficult for counter terrorism efforts too. in this case there doesn't appear to be a really huge trail. so it is getting more difficult. is this becoming the norm
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perhaps for counter terrorism? they are now dealing with people that are being radicalized secretly. it is difficult to detect them. we have to look back at all the attacks that have occurred. we have to develop a pattern. allot of them are involved in mma fighting or kung fu. that's not enough. a lot go overseas and come back. when you see people go to the middle east for a long period of time and come back. his friend knew he had changed. should he have called us and let us know? probably not. we had to develop patterns. we need to develop an effective counter narrative here in the united states to combat the
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message that al qaeda and isis are trying to recruit americans here in the united states. >> do you think this is a new problem that perhaps counter terrorism officials have reached their limit on trying to single out and detect who might be up to no good? >> i don't think they have reached their limit. >> actually doing surveillance inside mosques or sitting down with mosques and actually recruiting the mosques to where they are working with law enforcement. here this is the truth. this is a closed community. i have worked in and around mosques doing surveillance outside the mosques. the fbi now since i have left have tremendous constraint upon them. the nypd's whole surveillance program was stopped. it was purely political.
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this is where they are going to recruit. the muslims themselves are the ones who can make the biggest difference of all, of everybody. >> jonathan gilliam, harry, we'll leave it there. parts of a scorched interstate are reopening. the flames jumped interstate 15 in san bernardino county and sent terrified drivers running from their cars up a hill to safety. about 20 cars and two semi trucks were destroyed as the flames seared the freeway there. we are also getting new details that the five-person drones being flown in the area had been hampering the fire fighting efforts for about 25 minutes. dan simon is covering the fire from san francisco. very frightening situation. firefighters putting their lives on the line to fight this battle. they have this latest obstacle personal drones.
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>> we were told they had at least five drones in the area preventing helicopters from dropping water on to the cars for as long as 25 minutes. i don't have to tell you, in a case like this you have an emergency situation. 25 minutes is eternity. so this is getting a real hindrance in southern california and in parts of the country where you have firefighters trying to put o's these flames and drones in the area. you have the forest service putting out a statement. they are very clear about this. it says please stop flying hobby drones in the area. we can't risk choppers colliding with them. we could have a loss of life. amplifying that you take a look at this picture that the forest service tweeted. if you fly, we can't. the drones are becoming less expensive and cheaper than the price of an iphone in some cases. they are lots of fun to fly. they take great video. they need to stay away from active fires. fred let's talk about where
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things stand. you talked about the damage toll. you have got 20 vehicles that were destroyed. we just got an update. we are now told you have 64 vehicles impacted in some faction. we gave that number of 20 destroyed. another 44 damaged. you know you had a situation where the flames just advanced so quickly on that freeway. you had people literally running for their lives as those flames came up the hill. what a terrifying situation that was. at this point, 3500 acres charred. 5% contained. the fire does appear to be dying down a bit. not advancing quite aggressively as we saw yesterday. fred? >> frightening stuff. thanks so much dan simon. keep us posted next a horrific bombing on a marketplace in iraq. one of the single deadliest. learn more by calling 844-824-2424.
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defense secretary, ash carter, leaves for the middle east tomorrow after the u.s. and five other countries helped reach a historic nuclear deal with iran. today, iran's supreme leader spoke out and he had some harsh words for the u.s. we are joined live from the white house by sunlen serfade. >> reporter: he underscored the deal and did have some harsh words as expected for the united states saying that iran will uphold its anti-american policies. here is a moment from the speech. note the reaction from the crowd that was translated via a translator.
8:16 am
>> narrator: our policies will not change vis-a-vis the arrogant government of the united states at all. we have repeated multiple times with the united states. we have no talks vis-a-vis regional issues. >> this was a televised address to mark the end of the holy month of ramadan. this was the first real comments since the deal was struck. he is a supreme leader. he is the one that gets the final say within iran whether this deal goes through. a lot of people watching each and every word including here at the white house. >> secretary carter is going to be israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu, a harsh critic. crowds in iran could be heard singing death to america, death to israel. what does carter hope to accomplish by visiting israel? >> reporter: this is fred part
8:17 am
of the big white house push to sell this nuclear deal here and abroad dispatching secretary carter. the region certainly first and foremost it is about reassuring iran netanyahu has called this deal a stunning and historic mistake. defense officials say while carter is over there meeting with netanyahu, he will reiterate the u.s. and israeli roe best defense relationship. he will discuss more intelligent sharing and more coordination aimed at reassuring the israelis of what this deal with iran could potentially mean for their own security. fred? >> thanks so much. coming up we'll talk more about the iran deal with former state department adviser, aaron david miller. we'll be right back. ♪ while you're watching this
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breaking news out of iraq. a sue site bomber killed at least 120 at a busy outdoor marketplace. 140 are injured, including children. it is one of the deadliest attacks claimed by isis in iraq. nick paton walsh is in imam jordan. police say the bomber set a trap for these victims. explain. >> reporter: we're talking about
8:22 am
the equivalent in the muslim calendar of christmas eve to some extent. this was after the lengthy fast of ramadan when they prepare for the holiday. northeast of baghdad people flooded in looking to buy ice. a man drives in with an outdoor drug laden with ice, the price significantly lower. they flood towards the truck and try to buy it. inside the ice is hidden a large quantity of explosives. as soon as people are gathered there are hundreds around trying to make that purchase of the ice. the ice is detonated. let's pause on the number of 120. we rattle these numbers off a lot without necessarily thinking how many lives that has been
8:23 am
taken. 140 wounded as well in that one single blast. 13 children 14 women, mostly shia. this is isis the predominantly sunni group in the sectarian divides sweeping the violence in the middle east. mostly shia. to end the ramadan holy month with extraordinary violence isis has been perpetrating with this one shocking episode. go back in your mind to maybe ten years. a spectacular bombing that killed over 100. all qaeda and iraq were wreaking the most havoc they could. >> nick, you mentioned. 120 dead but with so many injured. the expectation is very high is it not, that more will die. is there the medical
8:24 am
infrastructure to assist those more than 100 wounded? >> reporter: it is very hard to tell. very hard for an area like this to bring in the assistance required. it is hard to know. that could possibly occur again. 120 still in itself so shocking. i think the worst single bombing that isis claims. even the loss of life in yemen. i don't think it has quite reached that devastating toll. still, breathtakingly similar how they managed to lure people toward their death. >> luring them with ice after the end of ramadan. keep us posted from jordan. straight ahead, new you details on the victims of the shooting rampage in chattanooga, tennessee. look a the heroes tragically
8:25 am
killed right here on american soil. big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy. see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern.
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good morning, again, everyone. thanks so much for joining me. i'm fredricka whitfield. a fifth person has died as a result of this week's shooting rampage in chattanooga, tennessee. randall smith, a logistic specialists with the navy sum succumbed to gunshot injuries. he was in the hospital after being shot three times. he is the fifth. federal investigators are combing through electronics taken from the home of the shooter, mohammad youssuf abdulazeez. they have been sent to an fbi lab in virginia. questions on what the killer's motives were could be revealed. the hunt is also focused on
8:29 am
abdulazeez' trips overseas. his friend said he was not the same after he came back to the u.s. i want to take a moment and talk more about the victims, randall smith, in particular. the sailor in his mid 20s, leaves behind a wife and three children. his grandmother, linda wallace, tells us that before he was shot three times, he saw abdulazeez and tried to warn everyone. his stepgrandmother, says the mass shooting was specially difficult because she never had to worry about smith's safety because he was on u.s. soil. >> you think this will never happen to your family but, by gum, it can. it can happen anywhere. >> that grieve is shared with the four other families that
8:30 am
loss the their loved ones last thursday. alexandra field hon horses the marines. >> reporter: gunnery sergeant thomas sullivan fought two wars in iraq. in springfield, flags lowered to half-staff. >> my hearts went down to my toes. i said my god. when things hit home close to this area it effects you a lot deeper. >> reporter: he was our hero he will never be forgotten. thank you, tommy, for protecting us. from massachusetts governor charlie baker, terror comes home to massachusetts. god bless tom sullivan and his family and his friends. sullivan's last day of duty spend in chattanooga, tennessee at the naval reserve center. his marine brothers by his side. sergeant carson holmquist, a decorated marine from wisconsin served two tours of duty in
8:31 am
afghanistan before being killed here at home. he leaves behind a wife and son. the youngest victim, 21-year-old lance corporal "skip" wells graduated three years ago from high school in marietta, georgia. >> he loved this country. his mama served in the military. i believe she was a marine also. i figured he just wanted to follow in her footsteps. he was rotc in high school. he loved that. i just think that was a calling that he had. >> reporter: wells recently took a trip to disney world with his mom. she said, my son died doing what he loved for the love of his country and his family a decorated 11-year veteran who served multiple tours staff sergeant david wyatt is pictured with his two children. there is no sleep tonight, someone writes. wyatt was from arkansas but he lived in chattanooga where they are honoring the fallin and the
8:32 am
families left behind. >> we want to talk with someone who knew the victims rather well. joining me now is marie corporate james gore gone idon. i understand you were a friend and bunkmate with sergeant tom sullivan. when you saw the images and heard the details, what was you initial reaction? >> extremely frustrating. the fact that we have that kind of violence occurring on american soil is very troubling. tom sullivan was an amazing man a great leader in the marines. we were stationed the second time together. he was a great squad leader, great leader. he was always the gentleman that you just wanted to go talk to. he lived in the barracks with all the other troops. any time there was any problem,
8:33 am
his door was always open. he was always the person to lean on. to lose that, it is hard to even talk about. >> he is a recipient of two purple hearts and just knowing as a friend knowing what he had been through, the duty that he has served and then give me an idea of just feeling of specially when our armed service men and women have been abroad have been in combat and hardship places to come home there must be a real feeling of relief and guard down. that something like this would occur catching so many by surprise in a place where they would feel safe and comfortable. give me your thoughts on that. >> it is -- when you are in iraq
8:34 am
and you are deployed you are expecting to be put in harm's way. you are expecting for there to be a direct threat. we call it keeping your head on a swivel. you go into a place when you involved in being overseas where you are doing your job as a service member. you are expecting these threats to come. when you are back in the united states, yes, you are still at all times at some level on guard but, this violence is just -- it's frustrating. it's hard for anyone to understand. it's incomprehensible. family members and friends are grieving the loss of your loved ones here. you are hearing soft targets,
8:35 am
recruiting stations being soft targets, a place where anybody can come and go and inquire about whether they want to join the military. in large part that's why these armed service men and women are not armed. do you think that should be reconsidered now? what do you think an answer to this is? >> i don't know that i have an actual answer. the marine corps when they are recruiting they highly train the individuals to become recruiters. they want to put forward a certain image in attracting new recruits. to go into a more armed appearance may or may not be appropriate. there are gentlemen in leadership that i am sure will make all the decisions. the ability to defend ourselves
8:36 am
within america i feel is something that needs to be looked at. >> corporate james gordon thank you so much for your time. of course our hearts are extended to you and the family members of gunnery sergeant thomas sullivan and the other four american heroes that lost their lives. straight ahead, a breakthrough for u.s. and international ties with iran as a nuclear deal is struck. what does it mean for longer term u.s./iranian relations. the supreme leader calling the u.s. negotiations leader an exception. this could make an even tougher sell for critics of the deal.
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congress is set to review the hits stork deal with iran. the white house is trying to pitch the merits to israel and saudi arabia. defense secretary, ash carter travels to the middle east to try to say the deal will give iran more wealth and power and do little to curb the nuclear program. >> let's bring in aaron david miller e is vice-president at the woodrow international center and spent more than two decades as an adviser on middle east affairs. good to see you. >> good to see you fred. >> i want to talk to you about some reaction coming out of iran. you write that this really is a
8:41 am
big deal in large part because it also means new patterns in behavior as you put it when it comes to talks, patience and expectations. explain. >> you are talking about an american policy over the last four decades that was based on containing and countering and even confronting iran. that paradigm has clearly shifted. you have had 20 months longer of negotiations personal relationships have formed between american negotiators at a senior level, including the secretary of state. there is no way. it is like turning an aircraft carrier around. it is going to be very difficult to do. we have set something into motion. the real question is is this a business deal a transaction or is this going to set the stage for a more fundamental transformation primarily in the iranian regime's behavior and its repressive character at home? i think over time the bed of the administration is that that
8:42 am
is a possibility. for now, i think we are left pretty much with a business proposition. they accept constraints on their nuclear infrastructure for 10-15 years. in exchange, they are going to end up getting billions of dollars in unfrozen oil revenues and an open for business sign in tehran that will bring them a lot more money. i think that troubles a good many critics. the nuclear deal will not change iran's policies towards the united states. our policies towards the arrogant government of the united states will not be changed at all. as you look at what he said what does that mean as it pertains to the deal. >> the cheerleaders of the court will argue that at least he didn't blast an agreement that his own negotiators just
8:43 am
concluded. the critics will say, however. we have to remind ourselves, this isn't a peace treaty. >> this is not about friendship though. >> no it is not. >> when you think about what you are saying and how you are deciphering what the ayatollah said. this is about a deal of peace, not just for the region. from a global perspective. maybe the americans. in exchange we paid a very high
8:44 am
price. we have to be very clear-eyed about what it is we have done. the essence of the deal is the iranians are going to get an enormous amount of money, part of which will be used to fuel their bad behavior in the region. >> because of having the sanctions lifted. >> in exchange for accepting limitations on an already illegal and elicit nuclear program they shouldn't have been involved in. i am not worried much they are going to cheat on this and violate this. on balance, this is a pretty good deal for iran. i think they will want to maintain it. >> do you think anything is missing from this deal? >> the critics would argue a lot is missing. the critics would argue it is too short, 10-15 years is nothing. i measured my home life in government in four to eight-year increments. after ten years, many of the constraints on iran's capacity to enrich disappear.
8:45 am
critics would argue that the verification regime the monitoring regime is simply too lax. the critics will argue that the iranians are going to have a lot of money to throw around the region to support assad, hezbollah and iraqi/shia militias. in essence, that is going to reinforce the reality that iran is a rising power in the region. forget the arab spring. we are, i think, going to witness a persian spring as the arab world melts down and iran begins to increase its influence in the region. all of these things trouble the critics an the administration concedes some of it would argue that the alternatives are simply worse. that may or may not be. we'll never know. all we know is what we have. >> all right. aaron david miller thank you so much. good to see you. >> always a pleasure. >> straight ahead two competing political events one featuring
8:46 am
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presidential candidates are out in force. ten of the republican contenders are in the family leadership summit in ames iowa including donald trump and scott walker
8:50 am
frontrunners and in phoenix, arizona, democrats, bernie sanders and martin o'malley will be attending a progressive group's annual conference. we are covering both live events right now. chris moony is in phoenix and mark press sonton is in ames iowa. mark let me begin with you. donald trump has been dominating the news and the polls. the format will allow for some other voices to be heard. explain. you know donald trump comes up from arkansas where he had some very harsh things to say about others running, including jeb bush. he will be taking questions from a moderator but unscripted questions out of the audience. this audience are social conservatives. they are the engine that fuels the republican side of the iowa caucuses. very important folks. about 2000 of them here today. if donald trump is really serious about trying to run for president, he needs to do well here in iowa fred.
8:51 am
>> you mentioned jeb bush. he is not there. what's on his schedule? what's going on. nor is chris christie or rand paul here. jeb bush was in the state a couple of days ago. chris christie we expect next week and rand paul later in the month. it does say something that jeb bush is not courting the social conservatives as donald trump, marco rubio, ted cruz and michael huckabee. jeb bush will be trying to thread the needle and reach out to the broad-based part of the party. >> bernie sanders is drawing bigger crowds. what's expected today? >> reporter: if republicans are talking to the true believers in iowa. democrats are talking to their true believers. martin o'malley and bernie sanders are attending the net roots nation conference. liberal progressives are going to be marching knocking on
8:52 am
doors rallying for democrats. just as jeb bush is not there in iowa. hillary clinton is not here this year. she came to this conference in the 2008 primary, 2007. she was booed afterwards when she defended corporate lob byists. she made a decision to not attend. they said it was a scheduling conflict but people don't buy it. >> thank you. appreciate it. we'll be right back right after this. your baby's chubby little hand latches onto your finger so hard it's like she's saying i love you. that's why aveeno's oat formula is designed for your baby's sensitive skin. aveeno®. naturally beautiful babies.
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checking our top stories, officials say boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev has been moved into the most secure prison. he was held in florence at a separate prison. a federal jury sentenced him to death in may for his involvement in the 2013 deadly attack. one person is dead and four others are recovering this morning after their small plane crashed on an alaskan hillside. one of the passengers was able to call 911 and notify the police the plane went down. they were flown to juno where their injuries are being treated. officials have not yet said anything about the condition of the survivors. banks in greece will reopen
8:57 am
on monday after being closed three weeks during the financial crisis. a deal was reached this week to give greece nearly $100 billion. right now, greece owes more than $300 billion to its creditors. >> it sounds like a movie plot. a plane crashing into the side of the mountain and you are the only survivor. stranded in the middle of nowhere. that's what happened to 16-year-old autumn veach this past saturday while she was flying home to washington state with her grandparents. sara sidner sat down with the teenager to get her story firsthand. >> reporter: 16-year-old autumn veach was excited when her grandparents offered her a chance to be flown home in a private plane instead of driven home. that excitement turned into sheer terror from the plane began to have problems. >> we almost crashed the first time we went through some clouds. he took a really sharp turn and was like that was a close one.
8:58 am
>> reporter: it happened again and this time the plane crashed in the remote wilderness. i'm still panicking and freaking out and they both started freaking out an yelling, turn the gps back on. i can't see anything that's going on. he started to go up and then it was a light and then it was all trees and then it was all fire. >> she got out and tried to save her stepgrandparents. >> they were both screaming. there was no way i could get to grandma, because she was on the far side. if i got grandpa out first, then maybe she would come out. i was trying to pull him out and i just couldn't do it. there was a lot of fire. >> sobbing, she eventually realize she would die too if she stayed put. >> you must have been so incredibly stressed out scared sad. >> scared to be alone in the middle of absolutely nowhere. i didn't even know where i was, what city it was.
8:59 am
>> reporter: she began walking, her hand, face, and hair burned. her body bruised. >> did you think at some point, i'm not being going to make it? i'm going to die. >> i was freezing. it didn't seem likely i would make it. what are the odds. i don't know anything about outdoor survival. >> reporter: she did make it after two nights and three days in the wilderness. she credits a tip from the survival shows her dad watches. follow the water and live. sara sidner snn, bellingham washington d.c. we have so much more ahead in the "newsroom." it starts right now. hello again, thanks so much for joining me. i'm fredricka whitfield. a fifth person has died from the shooting rampage in chattanooga, tennessee. randall smith succumbed to his injuries this morning. his death was confirm by his step grandmother e was shot three times at the navy
9:00 am
operational support center. four marines were also killed lance corporal squir wells and staff sergeant david wyatt and sergeant thomas sullivan and sergeant carson holmquist. they are combing through items taken from the home of the shooter. they have been sent to an fbi lab in virginia. the hunt for his motive is focused on a trip he took to the middle east. a friend of his tells cnn he was, quote, certain that something happened over there. that abdulazeez wasn't the same when he came back to the united states. a scene for the makeshift memorial set up for the victims outside the recruiting center where the shooting took place. all day, people have been stopping by with flowers, messages of love


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