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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  July 30, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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that the evidence shows there was no dragging at all, and it is because we have brought these murder charges because of that video. >> again, it was speaking about her brother saying she knew the video would vindicate her brother. jean casarez, thank you so much. i'm brooke baldwin. thanks for watching. "the lead" with jake tapper starts now. \s. are we about to find out finally what happened to ma missing malaysia airplane? i'm jake tapper, this is "the lead." the world lead -- investigators are now confident the debris found on an island is from a boeing 777, and it might be observed, flight 370 was a 777. after after, the false leads and dashed hopes, loved ones of the 239 people on board during another agonizing wait right now. what comes at the end of this one. the national lead -- the prosecutor cause his actions asini
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asinine, but today the police officer accused of murdering an unarmed black motorist stood before the judge and pleaded not guilty. the new body cameras show us anything to back his side of the story. in the politics lead -- after comments that would have likely sent any ocandidate into the flash in the pan column, a new poll shows donald trump's lead may be growing, and former governor jeb bush is now chasing two candidates. 1239 people missing and presumed dead for 16 months. no one can say for sure exactly what happened to all those souls. but now investigators could be closer to finding out. people cleaning a beach on a remote island off the coast of africa called reunion found this
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piece of debris and source say this broken piece of steel is from a boeing 777. only one boeing 777 has ever disappeared over water in this part of the world. cnn has correspondents around the globe following this story, from reunion island to beijing, to mississippi, to right here in washington, d.c., along with our aviation experts who have been following every development since the plane was first reported missing march 8th, 2014. cnn aviation correspondent rene marsh is going to start us off. now we're going told people saying something reassembling a suitcase washed ashore a tuesday morning. what are we hear? >> and you have entities, they have been in constant communication behind the scenes. confidence is growing, but they have to get their eyes on the part before they were 100% sure.
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so far their assessment has been based on photos, but it's not a matter of if, but when officials will get a closer look. tonight confidence is rising debris found on reunion island is that of a boeing 777, the same type of air krafl as malaysia airlines flight 370. a newspaper on the island publishing images of what it says with a debris with the component number stenciled on it. a source close to the investigation tells cnn boeing engineers have scrutinized photos and say there is a component number that that, quote, corresponds to a 777 part. >> there is a number on the parts, the 370 that is not a serial number or a registration number, but it's possible it can't be a maintenance number. >> reporter: images posted online of a 777 maintenance manual also shows a key section
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of the aircraft wing, and the same component number 657bb, that appears on the debris. the flaperon is what analysts say they believe they have, but does it belong to ma-370. officials in charge of the search acknowledge the race is on to rule the part in or out. >> the french authorities with advisory authorities to do this as quickly as possible, and we are hope something could be done in the next 24 to 48 hours. >> the pilot's last words before the passenger jet vanished en route to beijing? march of 2014, with 239 people on board. while officials publicly express cautious confidence, behind the scenes logic is quickly leading investigators in one direction. only one 777 has crashed in this
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area of the world and remains missing, that's mh-370. thee trying to determine how long it's been in the water and whether that matches the timeline of when mh-370 disappeared. >> that indicates to me that that debris was floating in the ocean for a period of about a year. >> a whole lot of questions have been raised about whether investigators could learn anything substantial from the debris if it does indeed belong to mh370. i spoke with a former accident investigators who said they will analyze the damage, specifically how did the attachments break. that could tell the investigators if the flaps were down. if they were down, that could indicate one of two things. it could indicate that the aircraft was slowing down or that it was preparing to land.
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of course that's just one piece of the puzzle. that doesn't necessarily crack this case wide open. >> but the most promising lead perhaps since this all started. i have to go to nima alma gere. they -- we now hear that officials say there's a suitcase that washed ashore this morning. what can you tell us about that? we've seen pictures of what happens to be a carrying case. of course, until the investigation goes much deeper, we don't know for sure. we have confirmed from police officials, though, that it is being treated as part that's why throughout most of the day
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helicopters have been flying low to keep on everything that's coming onto the shore. it's horrifying to think that a lot of that debris might not have made its way into any of the these investigators hajds if it wasn't for the action of a man named johnny, who was part of the cleanup crew. he saw the initial 35r9 of that plane, and he felt it was something important. >> translator: i thought perhaps it was from a plane crash, so i said don't touch it anymore. if it's a plane crash, people died, and you have to have respect for them. >> reporter: because of johnny, so much of that crucial evidence we've been hearing about, the barnacles, that will help indicate how long it's been floating, a lot of that is still intact, and we're expecting it to make its way to toulouse in france. >> thank you, nima, so much.
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that ill-fated flight's intended destination was beijing. for months families of the passengers on that plane waited in beijing outside a makeshift crisis center, now, this new development has stirred the suffering of those families all over again. our will ripley is in beijing. will, are the families getting any information from the government? from the airlines? is anyone helping them? >> reporter: that's what's so troubling, jake. they're not getting any updates or information from anything other than news reports. that's how they learned about this. they've been talking to each other using the is popular there is app we-chat. the government and the airline is not communicating with them. they don't even have the hotline number available. they don't have any psychological assistance, so they are really going at this on
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their own. after so many false leads, the family members continue to be suspicious about whether anybody is telling them the truth, and many of them, a large number of them do believe their loved ones are still alive. i want you to listen to john wii, and his views summarize what a lot are think iing. >> translator: everyone consoled together, and everyone thought there was no need to believe it. even if we find out this piece of debris belongs to mh370, there's no way to prove that our people were with the plane. >> reporter: so jake, here we are some 500 days on. they still don't have the remains, the proof that they would need to have closure. >> all right. will ripley, thank you solve. sources telling cnn this part
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appears to have come from a boeing 777, potential from malaysian flight 370. that stunned people, because this piece of debris was suffered so very far from the original search areas that teams have been exploring for months. tom foreman is standing by for us. to find this 2300 miles away from the original search area, but experts say it's perfectly possible debris did drift that far? >> it sounds impossible, and 2300 is the smallest measurement. remember we've been talking about search areas over here off the coast of australia, and now we're talking about finding this debris over here. yes, at least 2300 miles away. the width of the united states or more, and yet take a look at this animation that scientists put together. if you were to drop something in here, what would the natural currents do? the natural currents in fact do push steadily over this
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direction, yes they may meander about, but as a program something dropped in here is going to start flowing this way. we know this plane has been missing for about 500 daze. what that translates to and what were you dropped there would need to moffat a rate of 4 1/2 miles a day to be here by this time. well, some of the currents out here can moffat 5 miles an hour, so the math works out, the physics work out. yes, there's reason to believe this is possible. >> the other thing that's so surprising, tom, after 500 days plus, anything would still be floating from this wreck. if this is in fact proven to be part of the malaysia airplane, should investigators expect to find even more pieces? >> there is good reason for them to be looking off that shore. think about what airplanes are. they have to be light, airworthy and durable. what that means is there are
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many parts of the plane, the wings and the tail notably that are very tough, and can be buoyant. can be buoyant for a long time. the other big parts can float on top of which, yes, there can be in the belly of the plane, in the baggage areas, there could be plenty of things that might float for a while. on top of which go into a cabin. think about this. we're told the seat cushions all float. there will be all manner of things that people would brings on board, water bottles, toiletries, chips, cookies, that might be sealed in bags that have air in them. all of which could float for a very long time. so keep searching the shore, because if this has now arrived, there could be a lot more, and important, this will not float. the voice and data recorders, that's what they need to to understand to get the answers, and investigators fully believe those are still at the bottom of
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the ocean. >> tom foreman, thanks so much. what exactly are we seeing when we look at this piece of debris. our own cnn reporter gets an up-close look at the boeing 777. that story is next. big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy.
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see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern.
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call the number on your screen to learn more. welcome back to "the lead." more in our world lead. french officials are saying they cannot confirm anything yet, but it could be excluded that the possibility this debris could be from a boeing 77, and the boeing 777 in questions could be the mh370. our own nick valencia is in tupelo, mississippi, at a place that could help us understand. where are you? >> universal asset management
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here in tupelo, mississippi, a place that knows a lot about aviation, has a lot of experts tied to this boeing 777, the expert resident michael kinney. thank you. we're standing in front of the boeing 777s. explain where this flapperon would be? >> you can see it -- >> that six-foot part there? >> they're called flaps. a flopperen is a combination of a flap and allerens. aher rons. we have one just eye level to was that us through what investigators will be looking at. this part is important. >> this is from a 777. this is an exact piece that's in discussion right now. this is the data off of the aircraft. the data plates shows part
1:19 pm
number and serial number. >> but that's missing in the photographs we have, so how are investigators going to tie the debris these found bag to mh flight 370. >> this is actual pictures from reunion itself. with the data plate missing, they can try to use other part number that may be found. >> other rene marsh were talking about numbers found on the surface of there flaperon. you were pointing on the something as well. this certainly distinguishes as a part of being from a boeing 777. walk us through what we have here. >> another picture here. every airplane part is different on how it attaches to the aircraft. in the case it attaches with an actuator here, that's specific. >> so this gives you confidence and some would hope this debris
1:20 pm
could be attached to a boeing 777. >> i'm confidence this is a 777 flaperon. >> and the mh flight 370 is the only known boeing 777 to go down in this part of the world. so experts are very hopeful and optimistic this could be tied to the missing malaysian airlines flight. thanks so much. let's talk about this with les abend, mary schiavo, and submersible expert -- the reunion island prosecutor says this piece of debris has not yet left for france. once french investigators have that part, how long do you think it will be before they can identify if it definitively came from a boeing 777, or more specifically from flight 370? >> the serial parts numbers are
1:21 pm
on the inside as well. they may have to do some destructive testic and take it apart to see that. hopefully the boeing engineers are en route as well. the 777 was a wholly new redesigned plane, so this was a very unique development. if they have to take it apart, they will do a lot of testing and examining before they that do, but i think the boeing engineers will be able to identify it almost instantly. >> australian officials are saying the search area is not going to relocate. can you explain that to us? >> this has drifted across the ocean. the currents are such that it has to have come from a long ways away. it possibly could have gone around the gyre twice, as long as it's been. they did the math earlier, it only has to move a couple thousand feet a day and it can
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move this distance. so the search area is where it started. this is where it ended many. looking for more debris in this possible landfall is probably the next best thing, and really this is the first evidence of the plane. >> les, if this is confirmed as a piece of flight 370, it would rule out some conspiracy theories, such as that it was hijacked. what can investigators learn specifically from the wing flap in terms of what happened? >> well s. if you look at the wing at the flaperon itself, jake, it's impossible to determine whether it's a high speed or low speed, whether it was a high angle or low angle. the fact that this thing ripped off might be a possible indication, speculative at best, that the airport was banking in
1:23 pm
a specific direction. in this particular case the airplane -- this was on a right wing is my understanding, which may indicate the airplane was bavging to the left. maybe human intervention was involved, or more likely the autopilot itself was just in command of that aircraft until both engines flamed out because of abu exhaustion. looking at that piece, there are some aspects that can be determined. i think it could be more helpful to get our pieces to collaborate with. >> mary, is there anything in particular about the flaperon that investigators could use to determine what led to this crash? >> yes, they'll be looking at a lot of things, particularly how it detached from the aircraft. as les just mentioned, he's absolutely right, when the engines flame out, they don't
1:24 pm
usually do it at the same time. one would have gone before the other. the 777 trying to maintain stability, it trying to keep itself flying. it's very advanced, and it could have been banks. if that's the case, sometimes you can tell in a crash sequence and tell from the parts, if the plane was in a turn when it hit, you can see the detachments. they'll want to rule out any sign of explosion, any putting of the deposits. any possible trace of residues. this will be a very, very xad piece of wreckage. >> tim, we heard tom foreman explain there could be other pieces found. do you expect that there will be? >> i would expect so, and i would expect there would be a dedicated search. now that one item has been found, it kind of alerts everybody to keep an eye out. debris is debris, and people could walk past not even
1:25 pm
thinking about it. now that the bells have been alarmed, they're on watch. this -- this is a -- this big piece of plane that was found, the big question i think i have is how long was it on the beach? it could have been there for six months. i would wait for the forensics on the biological life that is on it to firchd out how long it's been sitting there and people have been walking past it. that's important. >> thank you all of you for being here. in our politics lead, even in scotland donald trump is being asked about his campaign, and he got another bump in a brand-new poll. plus new police body cam videos released after an officer is indicted for murder in cincinnati. we will show that to you, ahead. . sure can. so i could get a faulty light switch fixed? yup! or make a backyard pizza oven? oh yeah. i can almost taste it now. tastes like victory. and pepperoni...
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. welcome back to "the lead." time now for our politics lead. a new poll showing donald trump with a commanding lead over his republican rivals with 20% report from registered republican voters. more surprising, perhaps, to see who is in second place.
1:30 pm
no, now former governor jeb bush, but rather in second place we have wisconsin governor scott walker. this coming as all the kaentsds battle it out for one of the ten coveted spots for it is first public debate next week. dana, trump is on a brief break, attending the women's british open on his golf course in scotland d that stop the break billionaire from boasting or anything while across the pond. >> of course not. he told me he planned a longer trip to scotland, but shortened it to a day and a half. your point, wherever he goes, questions about his campaign go with him, even in the united kingdom. >> one we'll before the first republican presidential debate, the front-runner landed his helicopters at his golf course.
1:31 pm
>> an amazing day and a half in turnberry. >> reporter: he's there for the women's british open. >> i have a big stake in this land. >> reporter: the newest investment in his own campaign is paying dividends. another new national poll shows him with a significant lead. 20%. wisconsin governor scott walker trailing at 13%, and jeb bush at just 10%, half of trump's support. trump is also running first in new hampshire, a close second in iowa, the first two primary contests. one gop candidate said the reason for trump's rise -- simple, an outsized attention. >> if i had a billion dollars worth of advertising on every network going ga, ga, i think we could get ours to rides, too. i think this is a temporary sort
1:32 pm
of loss of sanity. >> reporter: but it isn't all good news for trump. he also has the worst favorable of any candidate in either party. the bombastic billionaire tops the list of candidates that gop voters say they would never vote for. although early state polls are the best test of the primary season, national polls determine which ten of the 17 candidates can participate in next week's first debate. on the stage will almost certainly by donald trump, jeb bush, scott walker and senators rand paul and marco rubio. light to to make the cut, ben carson, ted chris and mike huckabee. that leaves just two more slots for the next three candidates, governor chris christie, john kasich and former governor rick perry. with trump on the stage, it will be must-see tv. >> i'm not a debater.
1:33 pm
i get things done. i i build, create jobs, that's what i do i'm a big job producer, i'm a builder, i do beautiful work. >> he may be true to form talking about what beautiful work he does. that's what makes his lowering expectations for next week's debate so odd and uncharacteristic you know think, that's what politics do, and he prides himself as being different. >> there's also other bad news in this poll for trump. >> that's right. that's what would happen at this point of the game if he were to be the republican nominee, up against hillary clinton, he does very poorly, but it's not just that, even up against bernie sanders, let's just say everything changes on the democratic side, if the election were today, donald trump would even lose to bernie sanders. that is exactly why every democrat i talk to, they just
1:34 pm
want to keep this trump train going, because they think it's great for democrats. >> and sdakts for any questions for hillary clinton or others. exactly. there is another video, although one that tells the difference when his client shot and killed an unarmed black man. a third body cam video has been released. what does that show? we'll show it to you, next. for the best first impression. love loud. live loud. polident. number 1 dentist recommended. ♪ fresher dentures with polident. for those breathless moments. hug loud. live loud. polident. number 1 dentist recommended. rheumatoid arthritis like me... and you're talking to a rheumatologist about a biologic, this is humira.
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welcome back to "the lead." the national lead now, a new video is giving us even more insight into what prosecutors are calling the murder of an unarmed driver shot in the head by a university of if cincinnati police officers. the attorney for says he was not wrong, and video from a second body camera is key to their case. >> it clearly shows officer tensing laying in the street
1:39 pm
some distance from mr. dubose as car was initially stopped. he didn't crawl up there, somehow he got up there. he says he was dragged. >> he pled not get as bail was set at $1 million. he walked into court shackled, his arms handcuffed. it was july 19th, 11 days ago when he body camera capture tensing pulling over dubose for a missing front license plate. prosecutors insist the driver was not being aggressive. and he repeatedly telling his colleagues that he was forced to fire the gun. what did the third body camera show. >> i think the best way to
1:40 pm
answer is what it did not show, what none of the body cam videos have thoun. none of them show tensing being dragged by dubose's car. it simply is not there. what you do hear on the third tape, you hear some audio of one of the responding officers say, quote, i think i saw you being dragged. >> the bond is $1 million anyway. [ applause ] >> ladies and gentlemens this is a courtroom. you will conduct yourselves at all times appropriately. >> the judge admonishing the court as observers cheered after setting the bail at $1 million. the charges murder and voluntary manslaughter for the shooting of
1:41 pm
samuel dubose, during a routine traffic stop. prosecutor joe deters called the shooting senseless. >> this is the most asinine active ever seen a police officer is make. totally unwarranted. >> reporter: video from the camera shows him pulling dubose over for a missing license plate. the tension elevates quickly as tensing repeatedly asked dubose for his driver's license, which he does not have. >> do you have your license? i have a license. >> reporter: he was driving with a suspended license, on separate body cameras attached to two officers on the scene, tensing repeatedly explaining wee hi
1:42 pm
shot dubose. >> he it almost drove me over. >> reporter: his attorney says he feared for his life. >> i think it's accurate and bears that out. >> it is it is camera angle f. it shows him not putting his hands up and saying, what are you doing? i would ask hi attorney to go get those angles, and show me the angles that show where my brother did not -- why couldn't he have -- what part of that leads to i'm shooting you, even though you're doing this? >> very difficult interview, the family extremely upset. the dubose family cease that not only should tensing be held accountable, but at the very least, at least one of the responding officers corroborated
1:43 pm
his story of being dragged. they believe that officer should be held accountable as well, we can tell you reporting to the university, both of those responding officers are now on desk duty pending the outcome of an investigation. jake? >> jason carroll, thank you so much. the dubose family and supporters are applauding the charges against this former officer. many gathered in peaceful protest when word of the indictment came down. city leaders in cincinnati are calling for those rally toss remain nonviolent as more information is released. joining me is harry black, the city manager of cincinnati. thank you for joining us. one other officer said that tensing's injuries are consistent with hi being dragged. do you know of any evidence that dubose was trying to drive away or did the car start moving only after he was shot. >> you've seen the videotape,
1:44 pm
and i think it's clear. i'm concerned about the second officer's incident reporting his contribution to the incident report, which was written after the incident. it seems to be somewhat inconsistent with what's displayed in the video. >> let me ask you about that. the focus, as i understand it in cincinnati is shifting to these other officers and their accounts, and how those accounts don't match up with what is seen on the body cameras. are there investigators looking into those other officers? >> well, i can't say one way or the other in terms of what the prosecutor's office is doing with respect to the other individuals on the scene, as officers with the university of cincinnati police department, but again the video that's the primary video is self-explanato self-explanatory. i think it paints a vivid picture, whereas incident records written by these
1:45 pm
officers are inconsistent, i'm assuming the prosecutor and court system will deal with that appropriately. >> you've watched this video again and again. there is one point where it appears tensing, the officer, his hand is in the car. it's unclean if it stuck. he says he was dragged. do you think that we know the whole story? >> i think the video lays it all out in graphic visual terms. there appear to be quite a few inconsistencies between what the officer has reported and what the video itself is demonstrating. >> is training adequate for officers on that campus who carry guns? >> i can't speak to the level of at quasi-in terms of training as it relates to the campus environment itself. if they're going to come off campus, clearly there's a need for significant -- significantly more training as it relates to operating in an urban
1:46 pm
environment. >> harry black, city manager for cincinnati, we bresht your time. a story 70 years in the making, dozens of american marines finally brought back to the united states after losing their lives in a deadly world war ii battle. that's next. plus hundreds of people on the run as california wildfires spread. hot dry conditions making it near impossible to battle the flames. that's coming up. i have type 2 diabetes.
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i'm going to cabo! [ music plays ] don't settle for u-verse. xfinity is perfect for people who want more entertainment for their money. welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. you'll forgive the terminology, but if this next story is not a buried lead, i don't know what is. it is a remarkable tale of heroism and perseverance, and a history homecoming seven decades in the making. earlier this week the remains of dozens of u.s. marines, who battled with the japanese in world war ii were finally returned to the nation for which they so greatly gave their lives, all to the efforts of a small nonprofit dedicated to honoring the sacrifice of each of the 84,000 service americans
1:51 pm
still missing in action. more than 36 american service men finally arrived home this week, no longer missing in action. among them a medal of honor recipient first lieutenant is bonnyman jr., whose family has waited nearly 72 years. he perished on this remote atoll in 1943. he was fighting valiantly to take this strategic land from the japanese. records show he crawled exposed ahead of the front line to advance his team's position under heavy fire. he killed at least three enemy soldiering before being killed himself. after three bloody days on tarawa, americans regained control of the island. dozens unaccounted for ever since. many marines were buried battleside in cemetery 27, that
1:52 pm
was eventually lost track of. a multimillion project by the nonprofit history flight, helped to find it, when they announced the discovery, the lieutenant among them. his grandson clay bonnyman evans was there to witness this all firsthand. he had had film, and though it gets graphic, he wanted us to see the powerful image. this is a big deal for me. i grew one that medal on the wall, and the citation, and you know, he's always been my hero. >> a tarnished memento, hand carved with his initial was found next to the remains. >> this is the cigarette righter that was in his pocket. >> evans has been there five times in serve of his grandfather working with marines and history flight to finally bring him home. >> i can just see how dedicated they were. they were kind of the little organization that could.
1:53 pm
>> history flight has been senting expert archaeologists and surveyors to these beaches for a decade. department of defense is now helping to identify those from cemetery 27 and notify families that their loved ones have been found and are finally coming home. welcome home. coming up, a dentist still in hiding as outrage mounts over his killing of a beloved lion. now even the u.s. government is saying it cannot find walter palmer. stay with us. shopping online is as easy as it gets. wouldn't it be great if hiring plumbers, carpenters and piano tuners were just as simple? thanks to angie's list, now it is. we're making hiring anyone from a handyman to a dog walker
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oh, thank you,i like your place. make yourself at home i'll be right back. hm. she's got x1. alright. huh, hm, ohh... monster? she seemed so nice at dinner. i'm back! ahh! uhh... whatcha doing? ohh, just... watchin' law & order. awww, you're nervous. that's so cute. call and upgrade to get x1 today. ♪ welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper, breaking national news today, an antiabortion group leaks a fourth undercover group, this time with the if medical planner for fees for fetal tissue as
1:58 pm
organs a. as well as trying to avoid any appearance of xwro prity. the disturbing video also cuts to the doctor sorting through body parts from aborted fetuses while a medical technician claims it's another boy. planned parenthood has defended itself many times since these came out, insisting the tapes are highly edited, insisting it's not el legal to sell for profits, only charging to cover for expenses, such as shipping for medical. >> reporter: inch republicans are pushing for defunding planned parenthood, none of which the organization claims is spend on abortion procedures. democratic front-runner hillary clinton told "the new hampshire leader" that she had seen pictures and, quote, obviously finds them disturbing. heat, dry brush and windy weather together, it's a destructive combination for wildfires that have taken over some 8,000 acres in northern
1:59 pm
california. firefighters are working to contain at least 14 fires burning out of control. hundreds of people have evacuated the homes trying to escape the flames. temperatures are in the triple digits. add to that the state's extreme drought. crews expect the same devastating conditions again tomorrow. u.s. authorities want to talk to the american dentist who hunted and helped killed the iconic animal cecil the lion. they're asking him to contact them immediately. palmer traveled to zimbabwe earlier this month on one of the many trophy is -- and palmer issued a statement of his own, say he did not know that the kill was illegal or the 200,000 people have signed multiple white house petitions, they want the u.s. to extra died palmer to zimbabwe. he apparently has been in hiding for days, even shutting down
2:00 pm
his -- police announced they're stepping up securities as demonstrators flood his neighborhood. be sure to follow me on facebook and twitter. that's it for "the lead." i'm jake tapper. i turn you over to wolf blitzer. he's next door in a place we call "the situation room." \s happening now, breaking news, growing confidence, boeing investigators not said to believe that a plane part that washed ashore on a remote island is from one of their 777 jets. now the discovery of a suitcase nearby is officially part of the investigation. el this is remnants of flight 370. on the scene, cnn is lived on reunion island, even before investigators arrive. we're talking to people searching on and offshore for more debris. will more plane parts be found in. million dollar bond. a