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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  August 1, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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hello everyone. thanks for joining me. i'm in for fred. breaking news out of france. plain debris wash add shore on the indian ocean, has just arrived, it's thought to be a piece of a plain wing from a boeing boeing 77 may7 may be part of the missing right now mh 370. what can you tell us? >> it's had a long journey here and just a short while ago led by a police escort that hurried it down through these gates with a police car escorting if. it was in a large white van.
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in a sealed box. also seeing a flurry of other people arriving not sure if they are scientists but they are here in this state-of-the-art fast ill the facility. is it from a 777 aircraft experts say they believe it is. is it one that belongs to mh370, we know that's the only missing aircraft in the world at this point and we believe went down in the indian ocean but there are other part that's sometimes get exchange sod they don't want to say they believe it is for sure until they take a closer look at it. and more importantly, once they do confirm it is from mh370 they will take a look at this in depth and find out what really happened. why they can do that is inside those labs they will take a detailed look at the edges of this what we believe to be a
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slapper on of a right wing of a 777 aircraft. the way in which those edges have torn away from the main body can tell expert what's might have happened. did it come off in the air or when it hit the water or was there some kind of explosion. those are the tests going to be carried out. i'm going to let you see it. it's a huge facility but it is shut for the weekend. it won't open until monday morning when scientists and forensics will start looking at it. investigators from around the world, france, malaysia people from boeing all flying in to meet on tuesday and their analysis will start in earnest on wednesday. some time to come. randy? >> i think a lot of people are
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sang anxious for for an answer. thank you for that. let's bring in safety analyst, former faa accident investigator and author of "why planes crash" and author of special projects in massachusetts. david, to you first, why has it taken more than 18 months do you think for any piece of this plain if it is indeed from mh370 to be found? >> well randy, it's a long way, it's over thousands of miles. and the ocean currents even though they move steadily they move slowly and not always in a straight line. so in fact i think early on some of the australian scientists predicted this is about the window of time things would start showing off the west side of the indian ocean so this is about right in terms of
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sometime and place. >> and david, i i'm sure you heard them say they are going to look closely at the edges of this piece and we know the front didn't look like it sustained a lot of damage but the back end is pretty well torn apart. what can this piece of the plain tell us plane might have happened if they do determine it is from that plane. >> from looking at the pictures it is clearly evident to me this part thrks right now surface was not on the aircraft when it hit the water it was separated in the air by an extreme speed or after it skimed across the water it could have been extended in some manner and then pulled off before the front wing, the actual wing hit the water. because if it had it would have made an abrupt stop and this would have been much more damage on the front leading edge of that right now control surface.
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>> so the condition is really key. david thrks piece might have been in the water almost 17 months. so investigators figure that out how long it's been in the water? >> yeah i think probably what they can do is tell us if it's oebl been in the water for two months. but they will be able to biologists will look at this in detail and there is probably a little bit of corrosion, also there are animals growing on that piece like a science experience so they will look at that marine life and resident due on that piece and have some idea whether 500 plus days fits the story, sure. >> and david are you surprised investigators aren't going to start on this until mid week and
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how quickly will they have answers. >> not at all. i'm surpriseed it is going to be that quick because i've been to that lab and just getting cleared, think about it, you got the chain of custody, this could still be a criminal investigation so every piece is to be treated as evidence. chain of custody and record of access who has seen it where it's been all of it has to be documented going forward. it's going to take a while. >> what about this other piece, david, that could be related, this piece of a possible suitcase is that a good league and how much can investigators learn from that. >> my understanding it has gone to a different lab maybe just outside of paris. they will be able to tell fairly quickly whether this is probably
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snag was something that was on the aircraft or not. theres an awful lot of trash in the oceans, wobtuldn't surprise me if it just washed off some dock some place. we'll wait to see on that. >> all right thank you both. >> thanks randy. breaking news now. we're getting new information on two separate terrifying incidents over new york's jfk, drones driving dangerously close to a jet blue airliner and so close the unmanned craft could have been sucked into an engine. one drone cited within 100 feet of a delta right now when it was about to land at jfk with 154 people on board and just hours earlier turns out a jet blue plane in route of haiti reported unmanned aircraft also while on approach to jfk. this is pretty scary what is the latest?
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>> terrifying i'm sure for the passengers on bird if they had a clue clue. two incidents at jfk airport involving drones close calls have more than doubled since last year. >> two incident in one day. cnn has learned about a second close call between a drone and commercial airline in the skies above new york city. jet blue 834 reported seeing an unmanned aircraft on approach to jfk. less than three hours later a second encounter, this time by delta right now with 154 people on board when the pilot spots a drone about 100 feet below the plane. the pilot immediately contacts air traffic control.
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>> did you by any chance get the color or type. >> no it's not close enough to be able to tell. >> then jfk warned other pilots of the possible danger. >> right now ahead of you reported a drone bennett field you might see that. >> yeah we're watching out for it. >> phil weighed in saying without a doubt, this was a close call. he explains a drone flying within 100 feet of a plane could easily be sucked into an engine. >> these drones are made with aircraft aluminum going into an engine could destroy an engine even injure or kill a i pilot. >> scares like the one happened at jfk happen more often than you think, at least two drone
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incidents each day, 60 a month. in terms of these two both planes landed safely and faa is investigating both incident. >> the faa is looking for whoever operated the drone or drones not sure if it is the same drone or not. whoever was plating that drone or drones could face federal charges. >> and the faa certainly have rules governing drone use. how are they going to enforce these? >> the fact 6 the matter drones are becoming increasingly popular for personal use. faa has put restribs where's they could go. restrictions where they could go. not supposed to fly beabove 400 feet -- all of the rules have been violated in this incident. >> thank you very much. >> you bet. next one american dentist
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mmm, it is real milk. see? delicious. hoof bump! oh. right here girl, boom. lactaid®. 100% real milk. no discomfort. and for a creamy and delicious treat, try lactaid® ice cream. >> unfortunately it was too late to apprehend as he has already absconded to his country to origin we're therefore appealing for his extradiction so he be
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made accountable. >> the lion was a huge tourist draw hupters lured him out before wounding him with a crossbow and finishing two days later. good news his cubs will probably survive. they are being defended by his brother. let's bring in our legal guides civil rights attorney in cleveland and richard herman new york law professor joining us from vegas. a lot to talk about. richard is it is legal to hant lion in africa and ziplock bobmbabwezimbabwe. >> personally i think it is barbaric to hunt big game like this but it is legal in zimbabwe and they like it.
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again is it illegal? here i am telling you randy that they're going to have major problems. there's no way that the united states is going to allow this united states citizen -- >> that's the only thing that i agree with. that's the only thing. >> we will get into the extradition in a moment.
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wasn't it the fact that the land owner did not have a quote for 2015. isn't that what's going to make it illegal? >> one does not have to commit the crime and prove it in the united states to get extradition. the bottom line as horrible as this is and i agree what they did this really was not a hunt they killed an animal. lured cecil the lion out. i guess that they thought that it was an appetizer and shot him with a bow arrow and then shot him. an extradition, the experience of the united states we have treaties with similarthem and france and did we get lance back? did italy get amanda knox back? an extradition in this case is
9:18 am
null. the united states can still go after him under what is called the act and that prohiebtbits crimes in other countries. the fish & wildlife are not crazy about the individual. they may very well go after him. >> how could the lacy act work? how would the u.s. go after him? >> it's the u.s. department of justice and the agency is the united states fish & wildlife agoly. agency. in 2009 they convicted him according to the chief of that agency lying about a bear hunt. federal officials have their eye on him, and they may well go after him. >> the lacy law surrounds taking the carcass from africa and bringing it back go theto the united states. he never did that.
9:19 am
the fact that poaching is illegal in the united states as well as zimbabwe that's true. however, this is going to come down by the department of state and not the department of jous justice. you have to think would the united states really send an american into that for justice. >> if he comes out of hiding. >> we want to agree on that one point. that's it. >> we will leave it there. thanks guys. >> good to see you. take care. take care randy. next a highly and personal opening message from the founder of facebook. making a big revelation about his marriage in a topic that needs to be talked about more. keeping an eye on the hurricane with hawaii in the path. and donald trump chats with cnn before the big debate and has a message for putin. >> you you mentioned russia
9:20 am
yesterday and make friends with putin. >> putin has no respect for president obama. he will respect me i tell you.
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hey, in my city raleigh, north carolina. >> starting here in my park. >> one ride for the carousel please. >> it dates back to 1911. it has 52 animals and all carved. >> a little big for this i think.
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beautiful. >> in north carolina we have a very rich sport's history, so what better place to go than the sport's hall of fame. >> so some of the biggest displays are michael jordan jim and david thompson. >> the north carolina is actually home to nascar and here we have two of the greatest drivers every in in car. the intestimony day or the and one of the driver's uniforms and then richard petty. one of the cars that he raced in back in the day. if you want a great bite to eat, you have to come to the angus barn. we're going to take you down to the wine cellular. we're here in the wild turkey lung can you tell us about the lounge and turkeys. >> well these used to hold wild turkey bourbon in them and we
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have the largest collection in the world. we have over 600. >> goodness gracious. thanks for joining me. i am getting hungry so i am going get a bite. a delta flight preparing to land at jfk airport had a close call with a drone. the tower alerted other flights and they landed safely. it was is second incident of the day. a jet blue reported one earlier in the key. turning off the coast of hawaii and could impact the islands. it's a category two storm with winds at 100 miles an hour. it forces to lose strength but it could cause strong surf wind and rain as well. pro wrestling legend has died. he was one of the best bad guys in propegsal wrestling history.
9:26 am
the 61-year-old passed away in his sleep by cardiac arrest. facebook is becoming one of the most poplar ways the make baby announcements, but this one maybe the most shared ever. mark announce that had he and his wife are expecting a baby girl. he did not stop there. he also reveal that had the couple has had three miscarriages. it's a lonely experience. most don't discuss miscar rarges because you worry that problems will distance you or reflect upon you as if you're defective or did something wrong. so let's talk more about this with cnn common at a or the. >> well i thought that it was a
9:27 am
beautiful and very thendend er and open post. it reminded me of a time in my life when my husband and i were first married and we like so many other couples misscarried, and it's common than you believe, and he is right. most people do not talk about it. >> he described it as a lonely experience. how so? what do you think that he meant by that? >> well so many couples have this three month time line where they design thatcide that they're going to tell anybody because something could go wrong. since 80 percent of miscarriages happen during the first trimester what happens if you have announced it and have a miscarriage miscarriage, it's difficult to tell people that's actually what happened with you, and so while i don't think that society has necessarily a taboo on talking about it i think that we impose
9:28 am
one. it's a very very very personal experience and what he's done by talking about what happened to both himself and her and having three miscarriages is not to say that it's common. so common in fact that they estimate that there's a million a year in the united states alone miscarriages so what he has done is really opened the door to allow people to talk about it and that creates understand and also he sets an example and say that is we've had three and pregnant and expecting a healthy baby girl and so could you. >> yeah, and i guess that he is trying to help woman not feel shame and defected and that's the word that he used and that's so important. >> yeah absolutely. i love the fact that he is writing about it. so many men are going through
9:29 am
this as well with their partners as their partners are losing the pregnancy, but it's also a loss for the man. to have mark talk about it is really interesting. typically when you hear someone talk about it they're a close friend and sharing the experience and usually from the woman's perspective. i love the fact that he was the one writing about it and of course what's happened and it's happened in every single kind of major issue whether people were talking about hiv back in the day or you saw the out pouring for kaitlyncaitlyn jenner online. the truth of the matter is whether it's god or bad, it's part of the human experience and many chances are that others will relate to it. >> some people say that there are too many on facebook that over share. do you think that there's any risk for him here and them. was this over sharing by any chance?
9:30 am
>> well you know randy it's an interesting question. i think that given the platform and his reach and how private that he and she are and that she is a doctor i don't think as f of over sharing but use the platform to start an important conversation and give people permission to come out of the shadows and privacy and relationships and get connected not necessarily on facebook but with each other and friends and family on the things that you normally keep private and grieve about. i think that's a powerful thing that he has done randy. >> yeah he struck a nerve. if you read the comments and so many woman can relate and he has moved quit a few of them. >> absolutely. i was certainly one of them. >> all right. mel robins we appreciate you sharing your story and talking
9:31 am
about it. >> always great to see you randy randy. cnn catches up with donald trump up in scott land ahead of the debate. who else will join him on the debate stage and how will they prepare. >> it will all change. interestingly on the poll leadership it said that trump is the best. with economy trump is the best. some people said that is he a nice person? i don't think that matters. i am a nice person. people do like me. the ball. gentlemen. you look well. what's new, flo? well, a name your price tool went missing last week. name your what, now? it gives you coverage options based on your budget. i just hope whoever stole it knows that it only works at so, you can't use it to just buy stuff? no. i'm sorry, gustav. we have to go back to the pet store. [ gustav squawks ]
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. hello every and thanks for joining me. i am randy k in. donald trump attended the woman's british open. he did not hold back during the only interview that they gave and that was to our maximum foster. >> i used to be 100 percent loved and now 55 percent probably. i gave up 45 percent. i am leading in all of the polls and your poll. that's an honor. >> does it survive you in the success of the polls. >> well i have to be hard. we're talking of the legal
9:36 am
immigration and taking care of the vets is such an important thing. the veterans in the country are treated so poorly and i would make sure that stops. i bring up things like that and other things trade. trade is so big. i would be so good on trade. we're falling behind china. we're falling behind so many other countries. in education we're 25. if you think of it we're number 25 in education. we have third world countries that are better than us. we have a long way to go this country. we will do something i think spectacular if i win. >> you can put a lot of money in defense spending. where is the money going to come from? you say that you're going to make friends with russia. >> it's going come from the economy. we probably have a 21 percent real unemployment rate. i heard somebody the other day say that it's 43 percent unemployment. now if you think about it, that's ridiculous.
9:37 am
so many people aren't looking for jobs. >> you're going to create jobs. >> we're going create greatness and going to bring back jobs from china and japan and from mexico. we're going to bring back jobs. >> all of the prices go up. >> they won't go up. people will make more money. with me it will all change. interestly in your poll cnn kid a poll and in leadership trump is by far the best. in the economy, trump is by far the best. i have a couple of weakndnessesweaknesses. people say is he a nice person. i am a nice person. you need respect. you need respect on a country. >> you mentioned russia yesterday and how you're going to make friends with putin and work with him. >> he has no respect for president obama but he will respect me and our country.
9:38 am
>> reporter: do you set that -- >> let me explain. first of all, this is europe's problem. europe is not complaining as much as we are. this is a europe problem. when they come to us and say that he want your help but they're not doing that. they're dealing with rush wrasia and taking in the gas and oil. they're not doing that. we're making a big deal out of that but why is germmyany not leading this. why aren't they dealing with it more so? >> reporter: before you got off all of them were pombombarding you about immigration. >> yeah, many people agreed that i was right. many people said that i was right. do me a favor. what i said is that mexico is sending. that's truement. people are coming from the
9:39 am
border. we have a border that you can just walk into the country, and you can not do that. to have a country, you have to have a strong border. you have to have a really strong border and this has to stop. what's going on now has to stop. >> who will build the wall and how will it make. >> i will build the wall and mexico is going to pay for it. mexico is making so much money from the united states that's going to be peanuts. all of them say that they won't pay, but they don't know how to me gosh negotiate. >> he is back on the campaigning trail here today. let's bring those to talk about trump. the republican debate a few days away. trump has not taking a lot of stances, but what does he need to do to stay fresh before thursday's debate. >> from the point of view
9:40 am
winning the debate he does not have to do anything at all. he put a couple of issues on and we just heard him talk about the issue of the care of veterans and so forth. on a stage with nine other candidates and it's a nine minute debate he does not have to go into too much at all. what he is advised to do is go beyond the issues and talk with some about what he would do about the taxes and trade policy and things that really matter to try to get the economy moving if that is a promise that he in indeeds to keep. >> now, we said that he would do a lot of these things and make mexico pay for the wall at the u.s. pord er. can he really accomplish these thing sns. >> well the specific question is really can he convince people that he can do these things. one stricking thing about the trump campaign so far is that he does not act like someone that was auditioning for a job.
9:41 am
if someone went and said that i would be really good i would be the greatest on this. i am not going tell you how or why i can do it and nobody else could, but your going have to truts trust me on that. you're not going hire on that person. we're going need to hear a lot more details, and soon er the better. >> okay. bryan, jeb bush called it a rise in the polls and then a temporary loss of sanity. how do you think that they're preparing for the debate behind the scenes? >> well i have heard one of the chief strategists say that it's preparing for a nascar race. i guess that's one way of doing it. i think that these guys need to take a page out of trumps playbook playbook. i have been hard on the donald but these guys and ladies are successful and they should be having a lot more fun. look how donald is doing it.
9:42 am
he says what he feels and does not mix words. do you see the other candidates sort of cautionness and guardedness is a weaknd. i think that they can really take an example from trump, and lighten the mood here in the campaign. you're going a humbling experience and that's citizen asking you how you can help them. that's extremely satisfying. you're going meet the most fascinating people across america. put a smile on your face and that's something that trump can offer the other candidates. that's the way to respond. you can not respond with being angry. i disagree that he is a cancer. having pursed lips and a fraudulent frown is not going to make voters like you. you have to smile. >> he has a big personality and people worry that he is going suck up all of the air in the room that night. is there anyone bryan that could shine?
9:43 am
>> i think that they're all going try to. in a 90 minute debate each of them is going to have less than ten minutes to speak. thanks to trump the ratings are going to be huge. the goal i think is going to be conveying the maybe two or three ideas that each candidate has and that defines a vote for him. a vote for me is x. that's pretty much what you're going get out of this. it's an elevator pitch that they're going get out of this debate. >> it's going to be intertaking entertaining. thank you guys again. see you next hour. saying good bye to bobbi kristina brown. funeral services today six months after she was found unresponsive in a bathtub. an update on the investigation as well. plus new individual wrote revideo released before the moments of a shooter opening fire. two dangerously close calls
9:44 am
between airliners and drones. keep it on cnn.
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funeral services are under way for bobbi kristina brown. she died last sunday six months after being found responsive in a bathtub in her home.
9:48 am
joining me from new york with more on this sean we're seeing a service like no other. >> no media inside. the family wanted to keep it really really private. the last six months are hounding media around and what is happening with bobbi kristina and the latest updates. there were not fans as they expected because the security was so high but we do know that the funeral services are wrapping up now and bobbi kristina will then move on to new jersey where she will be laid to rest alongside her mom. >> what's the latest on the investigation into her death? we know that she was found in the home with nick gordon that she
9:49 am
shared the home with. >> yes, it came out shortly after that she was not married to nick gordon. that he was just more of a significant others. there's a $10 million civil lawsuit against him that alleges that he not only took money in her back account and transferred to his own, but that he was a wildly abusive man, so we're starting to see more and more traction on the case against him not that bobbi kristina is finally being laid to rest. >> she was the sole air, so we know that she gets some money already, but what happens next there? >> well i believe that a lot of the money is in bobbi brown's hand. there's been a lot of fighting and continuing to this day. there have been a lot of fights on what they want to do laying
9:50 am
her to rest we will see where the money goes, and it will go to pat houston that's close with whitney and is the wife of whitney's brother. >> thanks if were clearing that up. appreciate it. >> thank you. next osama bin ladens family killed in a plane crash. understands the life behind it. those who have served our nation. have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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it's described as chilling. a dash cam video from the louviere shooting and it revealed the chaos as people scrambled for their lives. as it reports it clearly captures the gunman the moments just before he opened fire. >> chilling new video shows him buying his movie ticket and walking past a concession down and down the hall to theater 15. less than 15 minutes later he pulls out a 45 caliber handgun and fires off 13 rounds. these are the frantic 911 calls that came in.
9:55 am
>> there's a shooting. >> he shoot at people. >> there's people inside. >> police raced to the scene. >> we need everybody over here. >> he tried to escape by blending into the crowd. >> he is inside and reloading. he has a weapon and we have an active shooter in here. >> he turned the gun on himself but not before killing two woman and injuries more. >> we have several victims inside with gunshot wounds. >> thursday on lafayette. hundreds attended a celebration in remembrance of the victims just one week of the tragic death. >> i just want to say thank you for everybody involved on finding my daughter on that horrible day. >> you night, honor and here. >> in god's grace lead me
9:56 am
home ♪ next breaking news out of jfk airport. two dangerously close call between airliners and drones. the piece of wreckage that could belong to mh 370 just arrived in a lab where they will quickly identify it. hilly clinton releases a big statement of the health and income. details right ahead. if you want a paint with no harsh fumes. if you want a paint without harmful chemicals. if you want a paint that's safer for your family, and the environment... only this can. natura from benjamin moore. paint like no other. certified asthma and allergy friendly by the asthma and allergy foundation
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hello everyone and thanks for joining me. breaking news now news of two separate extremely frightening incidents on is very same day. drones flying close to a jet blue airliner while on approach to jfk. they were sited within 100 feet of each flight. first one bound for haiti and telling controllers that a drone popped up below it's nose. less than 3 hours later a


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