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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  August 3, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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month. never has a dirt bike been cleaner. jeanne moos cnn, new york. >> can you imagine when he turns to his friend. you guys i have this awesome idea. i am going to surf with my dirt bike. i would love to have win in the room then. thank you for joining us. and "ac 360" starts now. >> thank you for joining us. we have breaking news that could decide to which ten republican presidential hopefuls make it on stage for the first debate of campaign 2016. it may also say a lot about donald trump's staying power. there is new polling just out from fox news which is of course running the debate. you can see it there. mr. trump leading by a lot. 26% to 15% over jeb bush with scott walker third. and john kasich who happens to be governor of state where the debate takes place. he barely squeaks in. the latest monmouth survey showing donald trump with 26% support. governor bush second. governor walker third.
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again kasich makes it into the top ten. we could get several more national polls between now and when fox news is going to make their debate decision. tom foreman has more on all of that. he joins us now. tom? >> hi andersen. i can guarantee you everybody in washington is looking at this tonight. 10 of 17 candidates get to be in the race. fox has not told us which polls they will rely on. we have taken this new poll from fox that you just mentioned. we folded it into our national average of polls, the cnn poll of polls. we can say with pretty good probability here who will be on the stage. and yes, right up top, donald trump. jeb bush. scott walker. double digits. they're all in. the next level down. you get ted cruz at 7%. you get ben carson. 6%. mike huckabee, 6%. last group of in here rand paul 5%. marco rubio. 5%. john kasich 4%. chris christie squekz in at 3%. based on the average of national
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polls. this is likely the lineup. now for a while, it did look like rick perry might be able to squeeze in there, but these latest numbers tonight, bump him down to the bottom group here. the people who in all likelihood, anderson will not be on stage unless we have some big surprise in the next few hours. >> tom, fox has said that there is going to be a second debate on the same night for all candidates who don't make it into the main debate which will give them a chance of basically trying to claw their way on to the main stage in future debates. >> yeah that's what the folks are going to hope for. they're going to look at everybody on the main stage. and hope that somebody stumbles somehow and in doing so opens up a slot for them. there is a begig caveat here. 2/3 of the people on stage statistically are already long shots. you can argue who they are. if you look at history, by this time in the race the person who will be the party's eventual nominee is traditionally already polling in the double digits. that doesn't necessarily say
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that's what will happen this time. but what happened in the past. that's why at the top, anderson everybody in washington is going over these numbers tonight. >> no doubt. tom, thanks very much. given that kind of pressure to make the cut. candidates have been doing almost anything for an edge. governor kasich chose to enter the race a couple weeks before the debate to take advantage of the polling bump most new candidates enjoy. others are dishing up red meat that's not a figure of speech. ted cruz frying bacon on a gun barrel. >> rand paul as you know made a
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video taking a chain saw to the federal tax code. lindsey graham torched his cell phone and other things. donald trump has planes and chopper. as for how long his lead may last and how challengers may have to rethink their campaigns. former reagan white house director, and cnn political commentator anna navaro jeb bush supporter and fred of maushgo rubio. and donna brazil. >> two polls today putting donald trump at 26%. way ahead of the others. as you know a lot of people say ignore donald trump at the debate. how can the other candidates ignore the guy with 26% support? >> you know anderson. at this point, poll after poll after poll after poll. show some variation. he is ahead, by a lot. or at least a regional sized margin. which says these things are not outliers. these are measuring real sentiment out there. i think now the candidates are
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beginning to take him seriously. i think governor bush has come around on that. interestingly, i found something today that rupert murdoch who sent something out the other day that -- the other week he should stop embarrassing his friends and the country. suddenly said today we need to be paying attention to what is happening here. there is something in these numbers. >> anna what about that. there are those who said all along, this is in large part because donald trump is a celebrity. huge name recognition to. be fair jeb bush who you are supporting certainly has high name recognition. >> yeah i don't think he is a celebrity to the same level. i don't think the name id is to the same level. i think jeb has high name id when it comes to his last name. people are just getting to know jeb bush the person the governor and his record. look i think most definitely at this point, it is necessary to take trump seriously. and if not trump, certainly his message. and the message that voters
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republican voters and the people responding on these polls are sending. by supporting him. >> what is that message? >> they are fed up with washington. they're fed up with the dysfunction. they're fed up with things not getting solved. not getting adressed. they're angry. they're frustrated. and they have had enough of it. and he is channelling that. i think anybody on that stage, anybody running on either side is is should frankly heed that message. >> donna, i know you have talked about it. enjoying every news story about donald trump, getting popcorn, watching it every single night waiting to see what he will say. but might it be a case of, be careful what you wish for. if trump has a great night at the debates thursday. he is measured. substantive, or however, a great night, whatever great night means for him and for his supporters, won't you, will you have to take him more seriously. isn't it possible you could be facing a, a very strong candidate?
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>> look i'm not laughing at donald trump. i'm laughing at the process that we're undergoing to determine who should sit at the table so to speak. that's the gift. that donald trump has taken ahold of this process. and he is really done himself well. if you look at the polls, his favorability continues to go up. i don't think it any just washington. the fact is that he is campaigning as a nonpolitician. the person who will get up and say what he believes. to be true. even if we don't have the substance behind the sound bites. i think people are responding to someone who is just basically calling it as he sees it. >> well donna, then you look at the democrats. can anybody say that about hillary clinton? >> you know she is not campaigning like donald trump. she is not going out there and calling people idiots are going to the border and saying mexico should pay for this and not have a plan. look, she is campaigning with substance. criminal justice reforeign minister plan.
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immigration plan. her climate change plan. look when you are a democrat you often campaign with plans and programs. when you are a republican, sound bites work. tomorrow night it will be interesting, i'm sorry, later this week it will be interesting to see if mr. trump is there any substance behind some of the thing he's maz been saying. >> jeffrey, what about that? do you think the democrats have a problem here if donald trump is doing well because people say he is anti-washington telling it like he is. do you see anybody on the democratic side who can compete with that? >> i think to be candid. i think hillary clinton has the same problem some of the republicans have. seen as a approximately tigs first. and that's part of her problem. that's part of the problem some of the republicans have. >> anna a story in "the new york times," that jeb bush and his team like the trump surge. if and when trump implodes. bush will emerge as the best option. everyone else will have been drowned out by donald trump. donald trump says that's false. and that bush is miserable.
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what do you have to say? >> you know i don't know. i don't know i see him out on the campaign trail being frankly joyful. something he set out to do. he wanted to be a positive campaigner, a happy warrior for the cause. what i do think is -- it's hard to argue that trump is not hurting a lot of the candidates on the right lane of the republican party. if you see bobby jindal marco rubio's numbers, rand paul's numbers. frankly donald trump has taken the air out of the tires. let me tell you something, i want to tell you something, to my friend donna. yeah you know the trump phenomena has been very entertaining on the republican side. let's see what comes of it. but girl i am going to be popping some popcorn when joe biden gets into the race. time for me to come on to the air with my bag of skinny girl popcorn. >> whatever you need to enjoy this process, as far as i'm
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concerned as long as it is legal. enjoy yourself. here's the one thing. >> depend on what state you are in what's legal? >> true. >> i live in d.c. >> done na we are doing a lot more of this later in the show. you are well sourced within the democratic party. i would be remiss if i didn't ask you about whether you think vice president biden will jump into the race? >> you know i think he is still deciding. the vice president has a lot of good will he is a natural leader, a beloved figure. he decided he-- by the end of the summer. he has done a terrific job as vice president. there is a lane open for him. if if. >> donna, you know when this plays out. when does he have to decide? end of summer. is that the cutoff date? >> yes, no question. two things. the largest number of delegates will be eating at the end of this month in minneapolis.
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democratic national committee. and then end of october, they're there are filing deadlines. it costs a lot to fly air force two to political events. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> just ahead tonight. we'll dig deeper on what we mentioned. the joe biden factor and huh he scud could shake up the race. and how hillary clinton will answer. the breaking news in a police shooting of african-american man, samuel duboze the officer charged with murder. part of the stop involved a liquor bottle that mr. duboze said did not contain liquor. tonight we know the answer out what was really inside. s. start shopping online... ...from a list of top rated providers. visit today. the signs are everywhere. the lincoln summer invitation is on.
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donald trump beating all contenders in the polls by a lot. mentioned surprise two before the break the possibility of a big name democratic challenge uh to hillary clinton, namely vice president joe biden. mr. biden is weighing a run. to date informal draft biden movement got a boost. >> reporter: looking for a job, but the question for joe biden is which one? he is long eyed the presidency and is still considering joining the 2016 race. the summertime speculation has suddenly hit full boil. over whether he'll challenge hillary clinton for the
5:16 pm
democratic nomination. one factor weighing heavy. his son beau biden urged his father to run before dying of brain cancer in may. and now, one of beau biden's close advisers is joining a grassroots movement called draft biden. and the vice president is holding political meetings of his own with his old network of supporters to see if there is interest in backing a new campaign. questions about clinton's candidacy hang over the biden boom. a recent poll showed 37% viewed clinton as honest and trust worthy. while 57% did not. for biden it was the reverse. 58% found him honest and trust worthy. 34% did not. new hampshire democrat mary foley is but begging biden to run. >> hillary clinton has a problem with trust in the country now. and i do believe if and when he decides to run, joe will add a new dimension to this race.
5:17 pm
>> biden has run for president twice before. he has never ruled out a third time. if he did, the gaffes would follow him into the race. like this famous expletive. >> [ bleep ]. >> he told gloria borger last year he would make his own decision. >> will you run if she runs? >> absolutely. that's not the reason not to run or to run. the question is am i convinced i am best positioned of anyone else to lead the country. >> reporter: but clinton has a big head start. she is airing her first tv commercials tomorrow. >> i believe that when families are strong america is strong. it's your time. >> jeff joins me now. the first tv ad airing tomorrow. just a coincidence this is all happening biden news is bubbling over right? >> anderson the ad were filmed two months ago aides tell me. they're not in direct response to the flurry of speculation
5:18 pm
about the vice president. but like most things in politics they also aren't entirely unrelated. this whole biden discussion might not be happening at all if some democrats didn't perceive an opening and vulnerabilities for clinton. now these ads, $2 million, in iowa and new hampshire, are designed to soften her image and remind voters of why she is running for president. anderson. >> jeff thank you very much. want to bring in cnn commentator, dan pfifer former campaign manager for hillary clinton patty doyle, former democratic party chairman dick harpertuli. >> do you want to see joe biden get in the race? >> i think, joe biden would be a formidable candidate. i think he is a sitting vice president. he has been the vice president in the room with barack obama when the tough decisions get made. he has incredible relationships with congress on both sides of
5:19 pm
the aisle. he is incredibly relatable and likable. in this particular climate, in 2016 where tell it like it is candidates are prevailing, i think what was once a negative for him, his tendency for gaffes can be a real positive this time around. >> do you think he will get in the race? >> you know that is a really personal decision. i can't even imagine nor will i presume to speculate about how the death of his son is impacting that decision. what steve rashetti, his chief of staff has to answer questions. can he raise the money? can he recruit the staff needed as a political talent? can he set up an organization in the early states? and if the answers to those questions are yes, then you know, why not? >> dan, you obviously read the maureen dowd column that gave focus to the conversation, beau biden wanted his president to
5:20 pm
run for president. do you think that will factor into the vice president's decision? >> like i said. i think that is a very personal decision. hesitant to imagine what the vice president has been going through or how that can affect the decision. look i don't know if he will run. i think i will be surprised if he did. he has more than earned the right to run. if he did he would be a formidable candidate. >> why surprised? >> it is awfully late in the game. i think hillary clinton would have an advantage in large part. had months to be organized in the early states raising money. supporters. if there is any candidate that could get in and have a shot the vice president would be the only one. >> you are a staunch biden supporter. you think he should run against clinton. you are not concerned about the number of supporters she has locked up to dan's point? >> no. there are a couple things going on. josh alcom beau biden's chief of staff, announced yesterday. talked to him this morning. going with the draft biden
5:21 pm
movement. calling, soliciting supporters and soliciting money. i made a commitment today to a substantial contribution to the draft biden effort. so there is an effort going on. i do think joe biden ought to run if he can put, look the loss of him, he lost two children, the loss of this child, this recently, is something he has got to decide whether he can put that aside and run for president. i mean he has a very been through a very very traumatic process and period. so that is a decision he a personal decision he has to make. if he makes that decision i believe heave will be the next president of the united states. >> is it that you support biden so much? or you don't believe hillary clinton can win? or would be a good president? >> well i think there is a combination of both. i think hillary clinton, you know i supported barack obama over her in '07, '08. i don't think she is a very good candidate. i don't think she has that relatability factor that patty
5:22 pm
talked a moment ago. we see in her delivery. she checks off the points. but i am getting calls from people all over the state or committed said they will support hillary but switch tomorrow if joe got in the race. simply because joe inspires them. joe magnetizes them. he has that charisma. he has got that connectivity that she does not have. so i don't think she can win in november of '016. i think joe biden can. >> patty, what do you make about that? are you concerned. the controversy over hillary clinton's e-mails, you know the criticisms of her on the campaign trail, her unfavor unfavorability ratings have gotten worse. are those warning signs to you? >> i disagree. hillary clinton would make a fantastic president. and i think she -- is very charismatic. when she is on the job. secretary of state, u.s. senator when she was first lady.
5:23 pm
her numbers were incredible. were very high. so when you put yourself. >> what's going wrong now? >> she is running for president. she inserted herself into the political arena being attacked. and her numbers logically fall. i think if joe biden got in the race, his numbers would fall too. that's just that's just life in politics. >> dan, as a campaigner she has come under criticism. there are people who say she gets better as campaigns go along. perhaps even the entrance of a joe biden would actually be good for, for her if she does in fact become the nominee. >> look i think, i thought for a long time competitive democratic primary would be the best thing for hillary clinton. >> that would help her? >> if we have a scum president tiff primary, whether bernie sanders martin o'malley or others that's good. the hillary clinton facing barack obama in 2008, towards the end when we pretty much locked it up was a formidable candidate.
5:24 pm
she would have been great. won in 2008 if she had won the nomination -- i didn't say that hillary clinton would be a bad president. i said i don't think she can get elected in november because of states, north carolina virginia, colorado new mexico states. that obama carried in '08 and some in '12. i don't think she has the appeal. that joe biden does have to independents. >> dick appreciate you being on. dan, patty, thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> just ahead. breaking news out of cincinnati where. officials have release nude information about the gin bottle found in a man's car during what started as a routine traffic stop the police officer shot him to death. shot him in the head point-blank. what was in the bottle? the answer coming up. also the man suspected in the shooting death of a memphis, tennessee police officer turned him self in. details on that next.
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stop, the police officer shot
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think of it as a way to take more control over your operating costs. and yet another energy saving opportunity from pg&e. find new ways to save energy and money with pg&e's business energy check-up. breaking news out of cincinnati, about the gin bottle
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confiscated during a traffic stop. the incident of course captured on the officer's body camera. here's the part where there is new information about it. [ indiscernible ] >> the bottle said gin. the driver said a bottle of air frishenner. turned out mr. dubose was right. there was not any gin in the bottle. after the incident mr. tensing shot mr. dubose in the head. >> go had and take off your seatbelt. stop. stop. [ gunfire ] >> the car rolls off and crashes to a stop. officer tensing as you know has been charged with murder. cnn's jeanne kcasarez joins us
5:30 pm
and sunny hostin. >> it is actually compound associated with fragrance or perfumes that. 's what that's what he said. that's what's interesting. they're doing toxicology testing, items in the car being tested. they will not come out with results until they have conclusionary results on all of them. why did they come out with this? a preliminary result. more likely true. >> sunny, does this change anything, really? at issue isn't so much what came before? it was the moment whether, what point you believe things started to -- to lead to the shooting. but the car was started. the officer reached in. and the gun want off. >> yeah i think it certainly changes the complexion of the stop. you are stopping someone as an officer you think perhaps there is alcohol or drugs in the car. it's clear to me and i think
5:31 pm
everyone when you look at the bottle. it was filled with a yellow liquid. gin is clear, transparent. so i think the officer knew right away it wasn't gin. it may have changed the stop. ratcheted things up. >> the officer didn't make a big, he didn't mention it looked at it. held it to the camera. then he moved on. mr. dubose didn't tell the truth about having a suspended license. again. off he did tell the truth about having the air freshener. it's not illegal to have a closed bottle of alcohol in our car. many of us have gone to the wine shop bought wine and are driving back. that in and of itself isn't illegal. it may have changed the conton yum of the traffic -- continuum of the traffic stop. he was fishing, asking questions looking for things in plain view in a car that is perfectly legal. again to jeanne's point it is interesting that he was being very transparent about that particular issue what was in the
5:32 pm
car. >> jean there is a lot we don't know about the grand jury what went into the decision to end up going for murder of the police officer we talked sunny you were on the program. we talked to the attorney for the police officer who said that he believes a closer analysis of this video justifies the officer's shooting that the officer was a lot of people see it don't necessarily see that. we don't know whether, how closely the grand jury watched the video, do we? >> no we don't. but we do know the other two officers that were the assisting officers, that the grand jury met, last week on them. they decided not to return an indictment. those two officers actually testified before the grand jury and in their statements and we learned this late on friday they said they did not observe a dragging. so that is something that really hurts the defense here. they initially had said or alluded to the report was written in a way to appear as though those officers. >> not what they told the grand jury. >> correct.
5:33 pm
>> that's interesting. wow, which could be a big development. all along the officers theoretically had backed up with this -- >> absolutely. quite a departure. we first thought there was a blue code of silence going on. blue wall of see if lense where they were backing up what seemingly is a false report filed by officer tensing. but i think the bottom line is this is going to come down to the video. and it is going to come down to whether or not a jury believes that he was dragged. when i see it there is just no way that this officer was acting in self defense. that just doesn't make sense. i think that jurors will ask themselves, are my eyes lying? are my eyes deceiving me? that's why it is so important this officer was wearing a body camera. >> hive has a body cam, why don't we see the body cam showing he is being dragged. >> again, we will see what the attorney, whether he does closer analysis and can show anything which a lot of people don't see. sunny, thank you. jean casarez, thank you very much. >> officials in tennessee say,
5:34 pm
tremaine wilbourn has now turned himself in. the tennessee bureau of investigation put him on their top ten most wanted list earlier today. the officer, he allegedly killed, 33-year-old sean bolton shot during a routine traffic stop as he approached an illegally parked car. nick valencia has more. >> memphis police tonight announcing the man wanted for killing the police officer is now in custody. 29-year-old tremaine wilbourn turned himself in this evening following a two-day manhunt. it began saturday night when officer sean bolton spotted an illegally parked car. as he approaches police say he is confronted by wilbourn who opens fire. a citizen uses the officer's raidy to call for help. but it ties late. but it is too late. [ indiscernible ] >> this is just a reminder how
5:35 pm
dangerous this job is. >> bolton a former marine who served in iraq had been on the force nearly five years. investigators believe he interrupted a drug deal saturday night and that's why wilbourn, a convicted felon, shot the officer multiple times. memphis police director tony armstrong visibly emotional shortly after the shooting. >> as a community we say so often there is a theme that do black lives matter? and at the end of the day, we have to ask ourselves, do all lives matter? regardless of race creed, color economic status, what profession that person holds, all lives matter. >> reporter: in the last four years three memphis police officers including bolton have been shot and killed in the loon of -- in the line of duty. >> when you look at this individual, you are looking at a coward. he is a coward. >> nick joins us. nick the suspect turned himself
5:36 pm
in. where is he snow. >> shortly before 5:00 p.m. he turned himself over to the u.s. marshal service, immediately handed over to local authorities. we believe, he is in custody, homicide detectives where he is being interrogated. we were told by police during the initial interrogation he told them quote, i am not a cold-blooded killer i'm not a coward. his arraignment is schedule ford tomorrow. anderson. >> nick thank you for the reporting. nick valencia. thank you. busy day and weekend for firefighters across california. this is what they're facing. fires burning up and down the golden state. they're getting a bit of a break from cooler weather. they could face new danger if thunderstorms erupt. more on the challenge now. >> reporter: california burning. at least 21 major fires are raging in the parched state. the bone dry landscape, gusty winds and low humidity are creating a tinderbox of sorts fueled by lightning.
5:37 pm
daunting conditions for the 10,000 firefighters battling the fires. a u.s. forest service fire fighter from south dakota was killed while working a fire. the married father of two, scouting ways to attack burning fire when he became trapped by flames. as the the fire ravages anything in its path. >> it looked like a bomb had went off over here. it's scary. >> reporter: the largest blaze, the rocky fire burned 60,000 acres in three counties north of wine country. >> there are firefighters that have 20 25 30 years on the job, that have never seen fire behavior like we have seen the last couple days here on the rocky fire. >> reporter: the reason fire officials say four years of drought and 100 d heat have created conditions perfect for explosive growth. so far two dozen homes have been destroyed. governor jerry brown declaring a state of emergency and evacuations have been ordered for more than 13,000 californians.
5:38 pm
leading many worried that their homes main be in the fire's path. >> hopefully the fire doesn't come this far and burn our stuff down. so we'll come back to at least something. you know our house still here. >> reporter: from the air you can see the intensity as the wall of flames moving across the tree lined mountains. crews on the scene bigging control lines, setting controlled burns hoping to stop the fire in its tracks by lighting brush and fuel in the blaze's path. >> to see conditions burning like they are right now is definitely concerning. that's why it is so important that we get the public's help. prevent sparking a fire is what we need. really one less spark this summer means one less wildfire. >> just ahead tonight i will talk to world class surfer nick fanning about his close call with a great white shark during a surfing competition. attack played out on live television as millions watched and held their breath. we have the real story ahead. big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars.
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well tonight three time world surf league champion nick fanning sharing details of his terrifying brush with a great white shark. as you know it happened during a
5:43 pm
live broadcast of a surfing competition. everyone watching saw the dorsal fin moments before fanning himself saw the danger. amazingly managed to get away without a scratch. he recently went back into the water for the first time since at take. and "60 minutes" australia was filming. >> unbelievable as the it might seem. on his very first surf since the attack. nick sees a fin and races back to shore. >> then we saw a tiny little fin. yeah i swear to god. >> first time back in the water sees a fin. nick fanning joins me tonight. nick take me back to the day. competing in south africa. on the board. you felt something behind you. what was the moment you noticed there was a shark there? >> yeah, i sort of felt like there was a -- a splash on me.
5:44 pm
when that happens. i sort of felt something start pulling on my leg. i guess that when it was stucken my leg rope. i knew something was wrong then. >> have you seen sharks out there before? >> i haven't seen sharks out there at that time. but yeah not, not so much that close. you know, a bit of a bait fish around and stuff look that. i hadn't seen many sharks up until then. >> so when the fin of the shark comes out of the water that's when the viewers realized what was going on. was that the first kind of actual glimpse you got of it? >> yeah pretty much. the viewers saw it. exactly how i first saw it too. you know i think if i saw it earlier i would have raised my arms and came in. unfortunately it was too quick, too fast. yeah we all got to see what happens. >> seemed like it kept coming back.
5:45 pm
what was the sequence of events? you see the fin. then what? >> yeah so the first time when it came through. it sort of -- that's when everything that you could see. but then as it knocked me off the board. it circled back again. and that's where i was like oh do i swim for my board. or swim for shore. it came right next to me. and -- and, luckily it didn't go for me. it just went for my board. but i stopped. turned around just to make sure i could see what was coming. the best i could anyway. not that i could do much. >> yeah i was curious about that. because is seeing it better than not seeing it at that point? i mean? >> well i guess so you know. like you never know how you are going to react. >> sure of course. >> and you speak to divers or speak to other people that have that situation. and you know get a shot on its nose or something look that. might deter it. so that's sort of how i was
5:46 pm
thinking. but, yeah i didn't, i didn't know if i would have had enough time to react. or whatever. i just thought, well you know kind can't go down without a fight. >> there was a time when a wave blocks the view. and, and the viewers, we can't see what's happening. at that point, were you separated from your board? >> yeah i had been knocked off my board. and, yeah that's when the -- the shark bit through my leg rope. and -- but, yeah it circled back around. that's when it, yeah, just came straight past me. i was just push might way away from it. you know? and, just trying to just trying to get out of its way really. and then yeah i had that decision to either go for my board or or go for shore, and i figured the shark was closer to my board. i want to shore. >> i understand you got back to the water pretty quickly? >> yeah i took a week out.
5:47 pm
and then went back in. and that was a -- another funny story in itself. i think we saw a fin, first surf back. >> wait you go back to the water your first time back in the water you see another fin? >> yeah yeah. luckily i was on a jet ski at that stage. >> i mean what are the chances of seeing another shark, that's crazy? >> yeah. i don't know. i think, i was in my head at that time i was like is this a sign to maybe give up? >> i don't know if this means you are the luckiest guy or unluckiest guy? >> i'll take the glass half full. >> probably wise. and you are going to continue surfing, it's not stopping you? >> no, definitely not. you know i have been surfing a little bit more over the last week or so. and i got up to an event in tahiti in a week. yeah really i need to get over there and hopefully get some good waves. yeah you know get back into the
5:48 pm
events. >> well mick really great to talk to you. glad you are doing okay. getting back out there. >> see you, anderson. take it easy. >> coming up next. remembering a 9-year-old bat boy after a batter accidentally hit him in the head. when his father and teammates spoke today there were obviously a lot of tears and a lot of smiles to see how kaiser car carlisle touched so many lives when we continue. get exceptional offers on the mkz sedan... the luxury small utility mkc ...the iconic navigator. and get a first look at the entirely new 2016 mid-size utility lincoln mkx. your choice of mkc mkz gas or hybrid for $369 a month with zero due at signing. vo: today's the day. more and more people with type 2 diabetes are learning about long-acting levemir®.
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>> a lot of tears and heartache in kansas tonight for a 9-year-old bat boy, his name kaiser carlile. accidentally hit in the head by a practice swing at the national baseball congress world series in wach tau overichita. he was warring a healthearing a helmet. tournament organizers suspended the use of bat boys and girls. the tournament will go on. kaiser's family and teammates say that's what he would have wanted. the little buy who would have been a 4th grader idolized his team beejays of liberal, kansas. the feeling was mutual. gary tuchman reports. >> reporter: there is no
5:53 pm
shortage of 9-year-olds who love baseball and dream of being a bat boy. kaiser carlile was one of them. and he got to live the dream out with the liberal kansas beejays one of the teams in the amateur national baseball congress a summer league for mostly college players. adam anderson is the team's head coach. >> he was as much of a part of the team as any one out here. >> reporter: the beejays made it to the world series. on saturday a freak horrifying accident. a player took a practice swing, not seeing that kaiser had come out to retrieve a bat. kirz had a helmet. it wasn't enough to protect him when he got hit in the head. the home plate umpire who was a paramedic started treating him. as other medical personnel arrived players on the field parade for the bat boy who was critically hurt and rushed to the hospital. the next day the team had another game in the tournament and won. but right after it ended, they found out their bat boy kaiser carlile had died.
5:54 pm
kaden simmons is a pitcher on the team. >> it is amazing how much someone can touch your life in a shrt time and how like, just how, how big of an influence someone can make on you. players and coaches talked with report ears but their love for this young man. but they were also addressing kaiser's family. third baseman brady cox talked about one game where kaiser was a bit under the weather and lying down on the bench. >> i asked him what was wrong. man, i'm not feeling well. i was like i feel your pain man, i'm overdue. i understand. he was just like man it's all right. you got more bats. i appreciate it. he gave me a high five. and i went to bat. i hit a home run. >> never had a little brother that i could, be a guy with. and, i just want to thank you guys for that. >> he wasn't planning on talking. but kaiser's father made the decision to do so after hearing what players and coaches had to say about his son. he did not want them to feel
5:55 pm
guilty. >> i just feel bad for the team. i have my love for my son. it's just as hurtful for them. kaiser was one to bring a smile to everyone's face. i'm not saying i actually was one that taught him. i tried to raise him the best i could to be that type of person. i never knew how much he actually touched people until now. >> chad carlile wichd the beejay players good luck as they finished the series and hugged his daughter kaiser's little sister. and the members of the team who cared for kaiser so much wanted his family to know just how much. >> hutch he touched me in the short amount of time i have known him. and i can't imagine what his family is going through. and you will always be in my hafrt for that. and, kaiser will always hold a special place in my heart. i will never step on the field and not think of him.
5:56 pm
i just want to say thank you for blessing us with him. >> reporter: gary tuchman, cnn, atlanta. >> the team has recreated a gofundme page. go to ac for a link and all the details. still to come our breaking news. donald trump surging in new polling. skipping a candidates forum in new hampshire tonight. others are attending. we'll have latest on that. thank you. ladies your belts all snugged up? why do we have to buckle up? the pick up stinks with diesel. [ding] you've got to be kidding! oh please! ah! this is the end! oh my god! [brakes screech] we need resuscitation. mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. hurry up! [laughing] shopping online... as easy as it gets.
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