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tv   Wolf  CNN  August 10, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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hi there, i'm brianna keeler in for wolf blitzer. it's 1:00 p.m. in washington, 8:00 p.m. in istanbul and 9:30 p.m. in tehran. wherever you're watching from around the world, thanks so much for joining us. up first, a defiant donald trump not only does he refuse to apologize for his comments about a fox news anchor, hemegyn kelly should apologize to him. that's the latest back and forth during this feud that started during the republican primary debate. it exploded over the weekend following trump's so-called blood comment about kelly. despite criticism from fellow republicans, trump is not backing down. cnn's athena jones has the details. >> reporter: donald trump on the offensive. >> all i was doing is referring to that. i said nothing wrong so
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whatever. >> the latest controversy surrounding the billionaire erupted after he said this about fox anchor mel i didn't kngyn k don lemon. >> she starts asking me ridiculous questions and you could see there was blood coming out of their eyes. blood coming out of her wherever. >> trump was upset with what he calls unfair questioning from her during the republican primary debate. >> you've called women you don't like "fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals." >> reporter: the gop front-runner appeared on four sunday shows to defend himself, including cnn's "state of the union" saying he never intended to suggest kelly was having her period as many interpreted his comment. >> i was going to say nose and/or ears because that's a very common statement, blood pouring out of somebody's nose, it's a statement showing anger. do you think i would make a stupid statement like that? who would make a statement like that? only a sick person would even think about it.
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>> reporter: in a sign of growing concern in some quarters, trump was disinvited from a conservative republican gathering over the weekend after the comments about kelly. many, but not all of trump's gop rivals criticized the remarks. >> do we want to win. do we want to insult 53% of all voters. what donald trump said is wrong. >> they were completely inappropriate and offensive comments. period. >> a comment that drew fire from trump on sunday when he tweeted "if you listen to carly fiorina for more than ten minutes straight, you develop a massive headache." trump's defiance has tern add lot of political pundits into armchair psychiatrists. trump himself once wrote "show me someone without an ego and i'll show you a loser." but when does an ego cross the line into narcissism? on, david gergen writes "as narcissistic leaders experience one success after another, they face a danger of believing more and more in their own infallibility and less in the judgment of others.
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they develop thin skin and lash out when questions. in more extreme cases they become relentless and ruthless. their response to critics turns into apparent vengeance. sound familiar?" i want to bring in douglas brinkley, a history professor at rice university and fareed zakaria, the host of "cnn's fareed zakaria gps." talk about this, looking at politicians they have to have a healthy ego at least to get into the spotlight. how dangerous can it be for politicians and do you agree it could be narcissism? >> well, certainly it's narcissism, but a lot of politicians have narcissistic tendencies. you're -- basically when you're running for president you're saying i'm the best person to run the united states of america. the difference is about strategy of narcissism. in other words, is donald trump's narcissism so off the line, so off kilter, so huge
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that he thinks he can get away with saying anything and people are just going to roll over? that becomes fascistic in a way. you see the republican party right now determined to not allow mount trump to grow anymore they're trying to keep him down a size and that's the tension you're playing that occurs over the week wednesday the megyn kelly event. the republican party doesn't want to see this guy gain more momentum. >> fareed, you would have people look at vladimir putin, silvio berlusconi and have people say these are above average sized egos. do you think trump has anything in common with them in? is this silliness? >> putin is a highly
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intelligent, highly focused person who if you talk to him on any policy issue has extraordinary -- is in command of the fax. he has his point of view and he's ruthless in the way in which he conducts russian foreign policy. but that's very different. berlusconi has some similarities but frankly nobody i have seen in the many years i've been watching the world quite is like donald trump. there's a level of almost bizarre narcissism where he doesn't seem to bother to prepare in any way for any comment he's going to make. you don't get the sense he has read a single book, article, briefing paper three paragraphs on the places he's talking about that is sometimes a danger of successful and frankly very rich people that you begin to assume
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that your instincts and your prejudices are wisdom because, you know, look, you've been so successful how could it not be? trump has that multiplied by a thousand it seems to me. it's very strange. i've never seen somebody engage in a political campaign who simply has not bothered to really read even two photographs on any topic he talks about because it's riddled with -- you don't even know when to begin to explain that going into iraq and stealing iraqi oil is not a good idea because it's so fantastical you don't know where to begin. >> douglas, this idea to follow on fareed's point. he says we're going to build a wall in certain parts between the u.s. and mexico and mexico is going to pay for it. is that something that follows from one you see fareed talking about? this idea that he will say something and it will be the law of the land?
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>> sure, that's what we call a populist demagogue. hu huey long used to say "there will be a chicken in every pot." well, there wasn't a chicken in every pot. i think if you want to give donald trump a true comparison, et he's like ross perot, a billionaire with interesting ideas tapping into what we call the third party energy of the united states. but trump at least had -- perot at least had pie charts and was trying to explain in the a real way whereas fareed points out trump wings it. so there hasn't been anybody like donald trump because he's a genius at brand building and very media savvy in his own way, not a traditional way but in the new social media world. i think if the republican party sees him as a danger, a rat snake, a poison toad they have to get rid of somehow because he very well may lurch into a third
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party run if they don't treat him with respect. >> what would it mean, fareed, to think of a donald trump in charge of being the liaison between the u.s. and other countries? >> i think would be so many problems that foreign policy would be the least of our concerns. look, part of what we're trying to figure south is this all an act? does he recognize that he's tapping into a certain kind of anger that is so frustrated with the degree to which politicians are prepared and have tested every comment out and have run them by focus groups that by just being as spontaneous as he is it creates a kind of almost -- kind of existential appeal that goes beyond anything he says or is he just mouthing off? and he's gotten used to idea that he can mouth off and people will say yes, sir and salute. my own view is it's more the
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latter. i think when people spend as much time as a presidential candidate has to in a media context, you usually who the person. is it's difficult to put on an act that long. donald trump is being donald trump and it makes you recognize people can be successful in one field, sometimes a combination of a certain kind of talent and a lot of luck. and what's -- what's surprising to me is he doesn't seem to feel like he needs even pretend that he's actually studying for the presidency of the united states. >> i prefer a politician who doesn't pretend, actually, i think a lot of people do, and that might be his appeal. but you guys are raising the alarms on a number of areas. douglas brinkley, fareed zakaria, thanks so much, really appreciate it. don't miss donald trump on
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cnn's "new day" tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. eastern. plus cnn will host the second republican debate on september 16. the candidates will gather at the ronald reagan library in simi valley, california. cnn will also host the first of the six democratic debates, the october 13 debate will come to you live from nevada. that will be right here on cnn. more discussion of donald trump ahead. i'll speak live with fellow republican candidate lindsey graham. senator graham compares trump to an out-of-control car and says the republican party needs to stop him. stay with us for that. also ahead, the one-year anniversary of michael brown's death in ferguson march bid peaceful vigils, also marked by violence and shootings. we'll go to ferguson for a live report. mily's mouths often need a helping hand. after brushing, listerine® total care helps prevent cavities, strengthens teeth and restores tooth enamel.
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plus, there are no networks, and virtually no referrals needed. see why millions of people have already enrolled in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp. don't wait. call now. more demonstrations are expected in ferguson, missouri, a day after the one year anniversary of the shooting
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death of michael brown. there were protests last night marred by violence, at least three shootings across the city were reported to police. that included gunfire that broke out during an interview with the interim police chief. >> we just want to be as patient as possible. >> a message to those who are -- >> that's gunfire. >> gunfire! >> one man is in critical condition today. u.s. attorney general loretta lunch condemned the violence in ferguson saying "violence secures any message of peaceful protest and places the community as well as the officers who seek to protect in the harm's way." sara sidner has more for us from ferguson. >> reporter: gunshots ring out on the streets of ferguson on
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the one-year anniversary of michael brown's death. erupted into chaos overnight when gunfire sent protesters and police running for cover. watch as this video captures another angle of the moment the shooting breaks out. >> the suspect engages them with gunfire. the plainclothes detectives return fire from the inside of the van. >> st. louis county police say officers were involved in heavy gunfire in two shootings sunday night, in one incident, police say a suspect shot directly at plainclothes officers with a stolen 9 millimeter. >> there were four officers who were in that van, all four fired at the suspect and the suspect fell there. >> reporter: i captured some gunshots on camera as i interviewed ferguson's interim police chief. >> what is that? >> reporter: this graphic video posted by search for swag on twitter shows a man who was shot while fleeing police.
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police say he had fired at them. police also say a stolen handgun was found on scene. >> he's bleeding, get some help, man. >> we ready for that what? >> we ready for war. >> reporter: police deploying tear gas to disperse the crowds. two businesses were damaged and looted. these images capture bullet holes at unmarked police cruisers caught in the cross fire. the night of unrest following a day of peaceful vigils to remember brown's death and the movement it started. demonstrators marched and observed four and a half minutes of silence. one minute for every hour brown's body lay on the street after he was shot. brown's killing by a white officer sparked protest nationwide, though the officer was later cleared by both the grand jury and department of justice investigation, anger bubbled over. violence then mirroring violence
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now one year later. sara sidner joins us live from ferguson, missouri. what are we expected today, sara? >> there's been a call for civil disobedient. that call coming this weekend that people were supposed to take part in that. basically that meant last year that sometimes people would go and try to shut down streets and certain city governments, try to shut down certain box stores in and act of civil disobedient to get people to see some of the difficulties that black folks faced in front of police. i want to mention this, we have just heard from the governor, jay nixon. he has just sent out on a statement on what happened in ferguson on the one year anniversary of michael brown's death and all that happened -- which a lot of people commemorate as the beginning or the rebirth of a new civil rights movement. i want to read what you mr. nixon has said in part.
10:19 am
he talked about last night and saying after a day of peaceful marches, prayers and healing a number of violent ins dennincid occurred. a reporter was attacked, a drive-by shooting took place and the entire community was put at risk by heavy gun fire exchanged among groups of armed criminals. you're hearing the same wording coming from the police as well. the police chief of st. louis county using the word criminal saying these were criminals, not protesters, that the protesters were protesting and this happened aways away from where protesters were engaging away from florissant. we were hearing this story that sometimes they take cover amidst the protest. i want to go ahead and bring in patricia bynes, a democratic committee woman for ferguson downship. thank you for being here. can you give me a sense of what this incident means to the
10:20 am
larger picture? are people seeing this as my goodness, we have to do something about this or is this completely separate from the movement? >> well, tackling violence has been a key part of what we're trying to deal with. when we're talking about doing outreach, community outreach, working with young people, it's not just about the police. it's about violence in general. but the core of the black lives matter movement has been a strong message against police brutality. but the overall message is our lives matter even to other people who we look alike. >> let me ask you about this. there are people in this town, and we've talked to them over the many months since michael brown was killed and there are folks that say look the dodge report came out, exonerated the officer, officer wilson, and so did the grand jury. on top of that they say there is a sliver of the movement, not the movement as a whole, that is held bent on seeing ferguson destroyed and making race relations even more difficult here. what do you say to people that talk like that?
10:21 am
>> i don't think that that's true. i think there's some people that don't want you talk about racism at all, they want to pretend like it doesn't exist so they think if you continue to confront it and talk about it you're making it worse we're just showing it for what it is and how embedded it is in our everyday institutions of the government and everyday living. >> thank you so much. i appreciate it. and, look, everyone in this town is talking about what happened one year ago. they're looking that the town and the residents that live here want to see the town move forward. people agree that changes need to be made. there have been changes that have been made. a change, for example, in city governments, however, some folks here say those changes are supervisual and they want to see something that impacts the everyday residents, something stronger and lasting. brianna? >> sara sidner in ferguson, great report. thanks so much. still ahead, two women are accused of carrying out an armed attack against the american
10:22 am
consulate in istanbul. this is one of a series of attacks across that city. we will go there live for the latest next.
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a new jersey man is appearing in court this hour on charges linked to allegedly providing support to isis. the 20-year-old was arrested earlier today. authorities say the man planned to provide material support to the terror group and attempted to travel to syria to join isis. today's address is linked to a series of other arrests and charges in june. there was a new attack in kabul, afghanistan. a bomb blast targeted a checkpoint near the main airport in kabul, the country's capital. today's attack follows friday's bloody violence that left more than 50 people dead. it includes an attack friday at camp integrity that killed one coalition soldier and wounded ten american service members. pentagon correspondent barbara
10:27 am
starr joins me on this story. barbara, what more do we know about this attack on u.s. service members? >> well, what they are telling us, brianna, is there was some sort of initial explosion, some sort of belief to be suicide type attack, not clear if the attackers got inside the base but you can see the number of u.s. casualties there. hard pressed to remember the last attack that resulted in such a track i can outcome. there were ieds. there were grenades. there was small arms fire. our own producer in kabul reported he heard a gun battle raging for over half an hour at this u.s. military base. so why this latest round of violence? officials are telling us there's a lot of talk about ongoing peace talks with the taliban, people perhaps trying to disrupt those talks the president of afghanistan, ashraf ghani, really making a push to get his government up and running and
10:28 am
representative of the people there, insurgents obviously taking advantage of that. but it has been a dreadful couple days in kabul. there are about 10,000 u.s. troops left there, all headed home eventually after the coming year. doesn't look like that will affect that withdrawal but it's getting a lot of attention and concern. brianna? >> sure is, barbara starr at the pentagon, thanks for that report. i want to go to turkey where the u.s. consulate was the target of an attack today. the government says the attack was care reeds out by two women. nick pay con waton walsh is liv istanbul. nick, what more do we know about the attackers here? >> the attack seemed to have limited affect on the building. we are hearing from turkish authorities through state news they blame two women in their 40s who attacked this from a
10:29 am
little known marxist leninist group who had been active here but aren't big politically, known as the revolutionary people's party, or in turkish the dhkpc. the only people injured was one of the gun women who fled to a nearby apartment back and was apprehended. the other is said to be on the loose. it's part of a wave of violence that's hit turkey brianna today. another attack at a police station in northern istanbul left one policeman dead and two attackers. a truck bomb followed by a fire fight. imagine that in this busy commercial capital experiencing in the east of august what is supposed to be the peak tourist season. in the south of the country two attacks blamed on the separatist kurdish groups fighting both isis and the kurds and its more recent bombing campaign. an attack hick one soldier as a helicopter tried to land and four police killed by remote controlled bombs. a very violent day in turkey.
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south carolina senator lindsey graham says donald trump is inflicting permanent and possible fatal damage on the republican party. graham has been one of the billionaire businessman's one of the most vocal critics and he tells the "washington post" it's time for others to stop tiptoeing around trump. senator and republican presidential candidate lindsey graham is joining us now live from greenville, south carolina. senator, thanks so much for being with us and explain your
10:35 am
thoughts on this about how damaging, how long lasting trump's comments about megyn kelly, the fox news anchor, who asked him this question about women is to the party's effort to attract female voters? >> well, we're a party that has two problems. a problem with women voters, and i think we can do much better with women voters. we have a problem with his styx. i think mr. trump's approach, with all due respect, is not helping our party with women, particularly young women and his rhetoric about illegal immigration is so over the top. if i was a young woman or a hispanic watching this debate i think i'd have been pretty turned off by mr. trump and the question is does it bleed over to all of us. >> so you obviously think republicans need to take him on. but i also wonder if he were to, say, become the nominee of the
10:36 am
party, what would you do? would you support him? >> i told you i'd hold my nose and vote for him but we'd get killed. hillary clinton would beat him like a drum. this message of his, 62% of the people said they would not vote for donald trump you should any circumstance. i think that's probably an accurate poll and over time will grow. but it's up to the party to decide how to deal with this. i really think to be in the next debate you ought to commit you're not going to run as an independent. why would we want to give a spot to somebody who's not sure if they'll wind up running against us or not. this is up to party leadership? that regard. >> you have also had some suggestions, i think, about how donald trump should be covered. you've been critical of how fax news handled the questions in this debate for donald trump. on msnbc you said "at the end of the day, ask the man a question that explains his positions and solutions rather than a ten-minute question that describes him as the biggest --
10:37 am
your word -- bastard on the planet." you feel he's drowning out the talk of issues? >> well, the way i would handle mr. trump if i were in your business is show me the evidence mexico is sending all the illegal immigrants here, the government of mexico. tell me again how you would defeat or destroy isil. >> but senator with all due respect, he was asked that during the debate and he said he was down talking to -- >> no, he wasn't. >> he said he had talked to border patrol, i'm assuming on his visit to the border and that he was getting this from the horse's mouth, from people there on the border. >> no, he said he had evidence and chris wallace to his credit said show it. so all i'm suggesting is we know mr. trump's personality is what it is. we need to understand what he would do as president. you build this giant wall with a big door, do you think 11 million people are going to walk
10:38 am
back to wherever they come from and then we decide who comes back? it's not a viable plan. so i hope the republican party will do two things -- we'll distance ourselves from this rhetoric. people have been tiptoeing around criticizing mr. trump. i think we should say this is not who we are as a party when it comes to women and it's not a viable approach to immigration to keep the party viable in 2016 in a time when i think we have a good chance to win. but if i were a young woman i would be offended. if i were hispanic, i would think well, our party really doesn't like us if we don't push back against this rhetoric. i don't think most illegal immigrants are rapist or drug dealers, i thinker that ear good hardworking people and we need to create order out of chaos. >> you said you would hold your nose and vote for donald trump but i wonder when you look at let's say a hillary clinton, if they were to be the nominee, versus donald trump, you believe in a pathway to citizenship, she believes in a pathway to citizenship. >> i do. >> you have some things in common.
10:39 am
would it be a tough choice for vote for him over hillary clinton? >> i can can't have it both ways. i can't say i'm a loyal republican. if i got to be president of the united states i would do what's best for us all. i would take my party on on immigration. the house is -- every bill from the senate goes to the house to die. but i'm trying to articulate why i'd be the best commander-in-chief, what i would do with isil, how i could get a better deal with iran. all these issues are being lost. but if i'm saying i would support the republican nominee, i need to mean it. and i'm being honest. i would support the republican nominee. but if it's donald trump she wins in a landslide. >> getting to the issues now. with your point of view as a senator very prominent on foreign relations, talk about how you see this wave of attacks we have seen in afghanistan, specifically in kabul. we've seen a u.s. coalition soldier killed, we've seen several u.s. service members
10:40 am
injured and also what nick paton walsh just reported about what we're seeing in turkey, right in istanb istanbul. >> well, let's go to afghanistan first. all of our commanders have suggested our withdrawal from afghanistan should be conditions-based. the taliban and other terrorist groups are testing the new afghan army. they ever gotten better but they're not where they need to be. if we pull down to -- withdraw to a thousand troops in 2017, we're going to lose ground along the afghan/pakistan border. we're going to lose ground in the south and it will be a platform to hit america again. so president obama's withdrawal plan is too far too fast and you'll have iraq all over again if you withdraw from afghanis n afghanistan. this should be conditions-based. you see a resurgence of the taliban testing the afghan army. it's not in our national security interest to leave afghanistan too soon like we did with iraq.
10:41 am
>> senator graham, thanks so much. i want to certainly get your sense on turkey but we have to wrap it up. thanks so much for joining us. appreciate it. for more on senator lindsey graham as well as all the other presidential contenders, check him and the others out at you can learn about the issues there and where they stand. coming up, iran holds its fourth and final hearing for detained "washington post" reporter jason rez scion. we'll talk about what happens next. listerine® total care strengthens teeth, after brushing, helps prevent cavities and restores tooth enamel. it's an easy way to give listerine® total care to the total family. listerine® total care. one bottle, six benefits. power to your mouth™.
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today the final hearing was
10:46 am
held in a "washington post" reporter being held in iran it remains unclear what happens next. jason rezaian has been held by the iranian government since 2014. the "washington post" calls the trial a sham and denies all of the allegations. we have chief national security correspondent jim sciutto joining us now on this. what happened, do we know? >> the system is so oe peak we don't know a lot. we know his defense lawyer read a 20-page statement of defense. we know jason spoke in his defense. and we know that the read now from the lawyers and others involved in the case is they think you will have an answer in about a week on the verdict and the sentence as well. the greatest hope is they sentence him to about a year so he gets time served so his release comes quickly afterwards but there are no guarantees. there's so many factions in iran and it's the hard-liners who tend to control the judiciary so
10:47 am
they'll be the toughest ones you want to -- you don't want to be dealing with in that country. >> what is his family saying? they've been so involved. >> enormous frustration, deep hurt. they're worried about his physical health. his mother obviously wants her son to come home. his brother wants him to come home. the "washington post" ed toward says he never should have been put in prison and it's been dragging on for more than a year now. we have a statement from his brother ali who says his unlawful detention has carried on for far too long, he deserves to be vindicated and set free without further delay. that's been consistent from them. >> if the best case scenario seems to be one year and he gets time served, that's best case but how likely is it? >> i asked everybody involved and no one wants to make a bet because you can be surprised. there's an optimistic point of view. this is the way it often happens
10:48 am
in iran. he's about outlived his usefulness for the hard-liners. the deal has been made, the nuclear agreement so there is some hope with that in mind they're ready to release him. but there are forces in iran who aren't ready or who want to give him a stronger message by giving him a longer term. >> jim sciutto, appreciate it. still ahead, democratic candidate bernie sanders draws the biggest crowd so far of any 2016 campaign rally. can hillary clinton attract that same level of enthusiasm? we'll talk about it next. boy: once upon a time, there was a nice house that lived with a family. one day, it started to rain and rain. water got inside and ruined everybody's everythings. the house thought she let the family down. but the family just didn't think a flood could ever happen. the reality is, floods do happen. protect what matters. get flood insurance. visit to learn more.
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comments may be hogging the headline but democrats are campaigning in their own battle. hillary clinton is rolling out a major proposal on student loan reform. her ambitious plan is worth $350
10:53 am
billion would transform how students pay for college. we have senior political reporter nia-malika henderson. tell us who she's trying to appeal to here. >> it's pretty big. progressives have been waiting for her to weigh in on this. it's pretty significant. $350 billion over ten years. it would make college much more affordable. if you go to a public university, that you could graduate loan-free and also incentivizes states for putting more money into education. there have been a lot of cuts across the country because of the recession. this plays well not only with young people but also really well with women, independent voting, you know, swing voter women. it kind of lights up when they are in focus groups talking
10:54 am
about this. this is what they want to hear about college affordability. >> it's a big issue with broad appeal, david. i want to talk about how much hillary clinton is appealing. the fervor with which they are supporting her. bernie sanders had 19,000 people inside, 9,000 outside. hillary clinton has had intimate events and even at her launch speech, she didn't use the overflow. it was empty. what does that say to you? >> that's the largest crowd of the entire campaign, republican or democratic candidate. >> anyone. >> that is it. he's drawn the largest crowd at this campaign. so that is a feather in his cap. congratulations for that. where does he go now? with the message about taking on the billionaire class which he believes is corrupting american
10:55 am
politics, he strikes a chord. now he's got to make the case that he can carry this through and go the distance. huge crowd. we should also note, in another event this weekend, he also had protesters come up with black lives matter movement. >> that's correct. >> with the good comes the contentious as bernie sanders continues to fire up the energy. >> i want to talk about black lives matter. it's very key. but you also said you have to be able to channel it. hillary clinton, if you talk to her campaign, sure, bernie sanders is surging but she is organizing. >> that's right. >> she's organizing in iowa, in new hampshire. she's really not squandering the chance to organize the heck out of both of those states. enthusiasm is nice. >> heavy crowds don't necessarily vote.
10:56 am
if you remember in 2008, barack obama drew 35,000 people to a rally in philadelphia on the eve of that primary and hillary clinton still won by something like nine points. it doesn't always translate. they always say they are running their race. it's all about being on the ground organizing that they learned from barack obama in 2008 and a lot of staffers are working for her this go around. >> let's not kid ourselves. if they look at the local news clips and see these pictures, that gives them some pause. >> some pause for sure. >> i mean, they are aware and they have been seeing sanders rise for quite some time. they don't feel threatened by it for the nomination but they do, as you see today -- i'm not saying she's out there on college affordability, i'm sure they would have had a plan but you see the clinton campaign is doubling down on the base.
10:57 am
>> bernie sanders made a mistake that actually hillary clinton made significantly before he did and martin o'malley did as well saying all lives matter and that did not go over well because that's not what the black lives matter folks want to hear. to them, that is sort of an oppositional retort to them saying black lives matter. >> it doesn't acknowledge that there's a specific problem when it comes to the criminal justice system and african-americans. hillary clinton, in her defense, did say black lives matter in december 2014. >> to be clear, i think they all stepped in it. i don't think they meant to do it. at the same time, we've seen bernie sanders perhaps struggle saying it's all economic. hillary clinton has hit back with him on that. how big of an issue is this for bernie sanders and hillary clinton, how worried is she about it?
10:58 am
>> i think it's a big problem for bernie sanders. you saw, of course, his rally there disrupted and if you look at those crowds, they look more like a republican party convention than a democratic convention because most of those crowds are overwhelmingly white. he has had real trouble expanding his message what he's trying to do is talk more about race, sort of a plan and functioning and introducing him at his rallies. they are very aware when it comes to the states like new hampshire, they will probably do well. americans are going to be so crucial, they could have a problem. and on wall street on the left, there's an energy and a growing movement inside the base of your
10:59 am
supporters, that's why we saw the protest this is weekend. >> bernie sanders, to be clear, who is he attracting? the liberal white part of the democratic party, whereas hillary clinton is making this very strong play when she talks about race a lot, a path to citizenship. she's making a play for the barack obama coalition for hispanics, young people, african-americans, right? >> that's right. we know in states like pennsylvania, michigan, florida, african-american voters are going to be key to trying to win those electoral votes that obama was able to win and clinton knows this. she spent a lot of time in south carolina and talking about these issues because she knows that's where her fortunes rise or fall. >> nia, david, thank you so much to both of you. appreciate it. cnn will be hosting the second republican debate on september
11:00 am
16. the candidates will gather in simi valley, california, and cnn will host the first of the six democratic debates on october 13th, live from nevada right here on cnn. that's it for me. i'll be back at 5:00. for our international viewers, "amanpour" is next and for those in north america, newsroom with brooke baldwin starts right now. brianna keilar, thank you so much. i'm brooke baldwin. we're going to begin in ferguson, missouri, where new protests are expected soon after the city became a flash point of violence. [ gunfire ] a barrage of bullets overnight forcing peaceful protesters to run for