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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  August 10, 2015 11:00am-1:01pm PDT

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16. the candidates will gather in simi valley, california, and cnn will host the first of the six democratic debates on october 13th, live from nevada right here on cnn. that's it for me. i'll be back at 5:00. for our international viewers, "amanpour" is next and for those in north america, newsroom with brooke baldwin starts right now. brianna keilar, thank you so much. i'm brooke baldwin. we're going to begin in ferguson, missouri, where new protests are expected soon after the city became a flash point of violence. [ gunfire ] a barrage of bullets overnight forcing peaceful protesters to run for cover one year after
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unarmed black teenager michael brown was shot to death. what was supposed to be a peaceful weekend of commemorations spiralled into this. chaos on the streets of ferguson. at least four people behind bars after multiple shootings. i want to warn you, we're about to show you new and graphic video showing you video of one of those shootings. police surrounding a suspect's body after police say the man in his 20s used a stolen handgun to fire, quote, a remarkable amount of bullets at plain-clothed officers. he's listed in critical condition. i will go to my colleague sara sidner. first question, you were there. you tell me what you saw last night and what the streets look like right now. >> i was at a function and just coming back from a church where a lot of people had gathered who had come here to remember what
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happened here with michael brown and remember that this really did create a new civil rights movement. going down the street and suddenly i was stopped. there were a lot of police around. i got out of the car to see what was going on and we noticed a line of people in front of police protesting back and forth face-to-face with the police. i'm speaking to the chief, listening to what he's saying and this is what happened. >> we just want to be as patient as possible. [ gunfire ] >> reporter: gunfire.
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[ gunfire ] >> reporter: gunfire. you could hear me saying, "that's gunfire." it was a barrage going over and over and over. about a few minutes later, we heard another round of gunfire which is likely the gunfire of police engaging with the suspect. they went after the suspect and he then turned and tried to shoot at police after being in a confrontation with someone else that began all of this and that police fired back. they say they found a stolen .9 millimeter on him as well. and then there was a third shooting where michael brown was shot and killed. the protesters very upset because police have said this was not protesters, these were criminals trying to take advantage of the protesters used as a smoke screen. >> sara sidner, thank you.
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police battled rocks and bullets as the night turned tense and protesters chanting, we're ready for war. >> we're ready for what? we're ready for war! you're ready for what? we're ready for war! you ready for what? we're ready for war! >> the police chief expressing his frustration. >> there is a small group of people out there that are intent to make sure that we don't have peace that prevails. we can't afford to have this kind of violence not only on a night like this but at any point in time if we're really going to move forward in the right direction. >> the senior digital editor at "ebony" magazine was there. i read your piece. you were there. before we get into what you saw,
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i thought it was really poignant, you wrote, this was a painful reminder of the work that has only just begun. do you feel progress has been made since michael brown's death? >> i think we're having a conversation in terms of african-american citizens is a sign of process. there's been a change in how media reports officer-involved shootings. at one point in history, the police account of a shooting was an official account of a shooting and the media took that to be law without interrogating police officers in the way that journalists should. that's completely changed since michael brown was shot. >> i think it's not just the media but people taking the officers at their word. sometimes we have to go beyond the police report. you were there. tell me what you saw. >> you know, i saw a lot of young people, mostly young people out there who were very upset and very frustrated. we arrived sometime after the
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young man had been shot. people thought that he was dead. there was a lot of confusion and rumors about his condition and so people were very upset and hurt that allegedly the police had killed another black man on the one-year anniversary of michael brown's death. protesters who have been doing this work for the last year, the general sentiment was a frustration. people wanted answers. and instead they felt that they were being met, once again, with a very militarized police force. there were various chemical agents being used, police officers carrying large rifles. it was a very tense and uncomfortable situation for all parties. >> at the same time, there was looting that occurred, there was this criminal element. they were burglarizing some of these businesses that had been burglarized before. how frustrating for the protesters and michael brown's
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family knowing one year later this has happened on the very same streets. how frustrating is that from a peaceful protesting perspective? >> i would imagine that it's incredibly frustrating that there were small incidents of looting. that is not to diminish what it means to a business owner but it's being used to define what happened last night and other news coverage around this story as opposed to people saying, there's a large crowd gathered to have a conversation with the police, to stand up and say, hey, we have a problem with how you treat us and we want to be heard. so the looters get to define the story when they make up maybe a handful of the people that were out there, it's what we saw this time last year. it's a very erie and unfortunate reminder that we have a long way to go not just in how law enforcement interacts but how we cover this story. >> let me ask you about this new police chief. how seriously do you think he's
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taking these lessons that -- not only the ferguson community but communities nationwide learned or in the process of learning since what happened in 2014, how much faith, jamilah, do you have in him? >> i think it's difficult to have faith in local law enforcement. i'm not a member of the st. louis or ferguson communities. i think it's obvious that there have been some measures that have appeared to be an air of transparency, that people did not get last year when they waited hours to find out details on the shooting of michael brown and the name of the person responsible or the person who shot him and that wasn't done. however, i think that the community is still feeling very frustrated and feeling that things have not changed enough. >> how much faith is there? is there any faith moving forward? >> i have not observed anything. i have not observed reason to have faith at this point.
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i think this will be a make or break point for this police department. yes, once again, it's being thrust into the national spotlight. this is a small area. this is a small midwestern suburb that doesn't have a huge population, they don't have the technology or resources of a place like new york or chicago and, again, the entire world is watching ferguson. what they do now, this isn't a second chance. you know, this isn't an opportunity to get right what was done wrong last year. but it's an opportunity to say we're trying and i think that's what the community is maybe willing to see at this point. are you trying? last night did not feel like trying. >> jamilah lemieux, thank you. appreciate it. senior digital editor at "ebony" magazine. thank you. next, donald trump defiant over comments being called sexist and out of line and moments ago we got word of a leaked memo giving him political advice ahead of that first debate. also, his comments about one of the moderators, megyn kelly, one
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you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. instead of delivering an apology, donald trump is demanding one from fox's megyn kelly. >> she asked me very inappropriate questions. she should really be apologizing to me, if you want to know the truth. >> this is the latest wrinkle and development in the latest controversy that donald trump has found himself immersed in. could this be the issue to sink his run to the candidacy. this all started when donald trump said megyn kelly gave him unfair questions at the debate in cleveland and then he made a comment afterwards saying a comment that referred to a
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woman's period and trump has been making up for it ever since, appearing on four talk shows sunday morning, msnbc today and an interview on fox in the evening. >> you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever. i was going to say nose and/or ears. that's a very common statement. i'm a smart person. i built a tremendous company. who would say such a thing? only a sick person. if i would have said that, it would have been inappropriate. the interesting thing is, i really said nothing because i stopped, because i wanted to get on to jobs or whatever the next subject was. >> with me now, cnn political reporter sara murray. before we get into that, let me get to the latest bit of news. actually, this instagram video,
11:16 am
this jab at jeb bush. tell me about that. >> yeah. it looks like donald trump is setting his sights on a different opponent today. slamming jeb bush for being a legacy candidate. let's take a look. >> read my lips. no new taxes. >> those weapons of mass destruction have got to be somewhere. >> would you have authorized the invasion? >> i would have. whether he did this wrong, my dad did this wrong. >> brooke, i have to say, that's a pretty effective video going after one of the central problems with jeb bush's cann candidacy. i think the question is whether an attack like that can come to the forefront when donald trump is saying so many other controversial things that are drawing attention to him. >> i think it's interesting and i think our debate at the reagan library next month will be fascinating. the gloves will be off. let's go back to this issue with
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megyn kelly and what donald trump said and what he says he meant. despite that, people, women are live tweeting their periods and this is something i never thought i'd be talking about on tv. listen, this is what is making news. let me read for you, sara, some of these tweets. just finished ovulating. should be bleeding soon. on my third day of my period and still a functioning part of society. who new. i may be menstruating but i obviously still have a brain and can make decisions, et cetera. the real question, could this be the beginning of not just women but really the republican base beginning to distance itself from donald trump? >> well, look, we predicted the campaign before and the audience, he's been able to weather attacks more than no other candidate could ever have come out of unscathed. he's still at the top of the polls. we're waiting to see more polls
11:18 am
come out after the debate to see what is happening but there's no way to deny that some people have been offended by his remarks and not just the comments about megyn kelly. a number of people told me they didn't like hearing the comments he's made about women in the past, they didn't like the way that they treated megyn kelly in the debate. to see him go a step further, i think that could alienate some voters. the open question is, how many? >> women is a large voting bloc, as you know. he's been asked how he will help women in the workplace and with equal pay. take a listen. >> as far as questions like that, i'm not going to do it on the show. i'll save it for a debate. but all i can say is on women's issues and women's health issues, there will be nobody better than donald trump. i'll be coming out with policy on that. i just don't want to discuss it
11:19 am
now. >> and it wasn't just that, sara. he was asked about the economy and substance around that and, again, he pushed it off to the next debate. and i'm just wondering, why do you think that is? >> i think there are a couple things going on. one, the problem for donald trump, you can't complain getting unfair questions and say you want to talk about policy and then when you get a policy question say you don't want to talk about policy. but the flip side of this is, look, his advisers are saying that they have policy statements and that they are ready to release them but it's very difficult to predict what donald trump wants to do next even if you're someone working in his campaign. they keep saying we need to let trump be trump. that means he'll release the details whenever he's ready. going into the debate, you expect to hear some specifics on immigration and trade. we clearly didn't get that. if there's one big takeaway from this campaign, it's just
11:20 am
impossible to predict. >> and learning more now with the leaked memo about certain issues that he could hit ahead of that first debate. for now, sara murray, thank you very much. next on cnn, as the city of ferguson marks a year since his death, a college football player was shot and killed in this confrontation at this car lot with police. but as you're seeing here, there are surveillance video. does that tell the full story of what happened? i'm reworking the menu. mayo, corn dogs... you are so out of here! ahh... the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with nine grams of protein... and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in.
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there are a lot of questions here in the fatal police shooting of an unarmed teen. the fbi is being asked to investigate following the death of christian taylor after this surveillance photo shows taylor
11:25 am
wandering around a car dealership lot. he's seen walking on top of cars and kicking out a car windshield. and then, driving a jeep through the front window of the dealership. police arrived and a confrontation happened between the officers and this young man and one of the officers shot taylor four times. the victim's father spoke up. >> you train to take down, you train to take down with your hands. you have your tasers, your clubs, a 19-year-old. shoot to kill. >> i want to begin with cnn's ed lavandera. ed, to you first. i know you talked to the owner of this car dealership.
11:26 am
what did this person tell you? >> reporter: well, the owner of the dealership let us in a while ago to see the scene inside the showroom area where the shooting took place. he wanted -- he let us in because he says he's been kind of criticized on social media with the release of the surveillance video outside of the -- in the parking lot area. he says there are 32 surveillance cameras throughout the area but none of them are inside the showroom floor. we were in there. we did not see any surveillance cameras. he wants people to know that he's not hiding anything because this shooting did apparently take place outside of the range of the 32 cameras that are on that property which captured him there acting erratically. what is interesting, he said that outside in the parking lot area, there is a loud speaker and he was warned through the speaker system, quote, you're
11:27 am
being monitored, please leave. as soon as he started jumping on top of the ford mustang and breaking out the window there, the person warned him again saying, quote, police have been called. and you can -- those warnings were issued, according to the owner of the dealership there through the loud speaker system and then the officers arrived at the scene and everything moved inside the showroom area where there were no cameras. >> ed, stay with me. obviously one question that no one has the answer to thus far is why this young man was walking around on these cars and smashing in car windows, a. b, despite that, why did this officer in training use his gun where the veteran officer pulled out the taser? can you explain the training situation to me? >> well, obviously there was a total lack of training. brooke, where was the officer's life threatened and the public
11:28 am
threatened? what if this individual was on drugs? what if he was intoxicated? what he was mentally ill? you don't shoot people like that. there were other means and other ways to apprehend him. it's a total lack of training. >> so total lack of training, point made. the question, though, is, if you are out and you're training -- i believe it's a 49-year-old officer in training and a veteran officer with you. if something happens, they were called to a scene because someone was acting erratically, is that training officer allowed to immediately function as a full-fledged officer? i'm not saying what he did was appropriate but jumping into officer mode, is that even allowed? >> i'm sure the officer who did the training was a supervisor, at least i would hope so, with many years of experience. any officer, whether a patrolman or supervisor, when he sees an officer in training draw his gun -- i'm not saying he shouldn't have drawn his gun.
11:29 am
at times, you don't know what is going to happen. but in a case like this, every officer is incumbent to holster that weapon, we don't want to be discharged accidently. now, if someone's life is in danger, that's a different scenario. >> ed, how are police responding to this? >> reporter: the officers at some point today will, if they have not already been, be interviewed formally to figure out whether or not this shooting was justified. we know that that will have taken place by the end of today. what is interesting, the police chief over the weekend said that they are really focusing in on the altercation. they say an altercation took place between christian taylor and the two officers. they couldn't describe if it was verbal or physical. they say that that is a critical component of this investigation. whatever happened in that, quote, altercation, will be scrutinized intensely. >> so let me follow up on that. >> if he had a weapon, that
11:30 am
changes the whole case here. but if the altercation involved verbal or nonweapon, that's problematic. i give credit to the police chief for coming out in front of this. good for him. >> ed lavandera, thank you so much. steve rogers, thank you so much, sir. >> you're welcome. coming up next on cnn, french tourist found dead in one of america's most beautiful yet most dangerous national parks especially at this time of the summer. what these two victims did to save their young son who was found alive by rescuers. plus, arrests under way in ferguson at the courthouse in st. louis as protesters gather there after a night of violence. yes, we are twins. when i went on to ancestry, i just put in the name of my parents and my grandparents. i was getting all these leaves and i was going back generation after generation. you start to see documents and you see signatures of people that you've never met. i mean, you don't know these people, but you feel like you do. you get connected to them. i wish that i could get into a time machine
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all right. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. guys, tell me if these are live pictures out of st. louis? yes, they are. what we're looking at here, i know it's sort of difficult to follow this, but there are currently people being arrested outside of this courthouse. let me step back. not too far away from st. louis you have the city of ferguson and that was just a year ago that michael brown was shot and killed by that police officer darren wilson. darren wilson was not indicted in that whole case but it was certainly a situation that sparked massive protests, the black lives matter protest really sparked there in and of itself becoming its own civil rights movement so people were there for the one year honoring michael brown's death and calling to action how they feel about community/police
11:36 am
relations. now we're seeing these arrests one day after people gathered and it turned violent in ferguson. i have ryan riley on the phone with me. he's a justice reporter for huffington post. if you can hear me, where exactly are you as we look at these pictures that looks like quite a crowd gathered outside of the courthouse there. >> reporter: yeah, we're at the federal courthouse at the u.s. attorney's office and teamed up with the justice department and civil rights division there, investigating the st. louis county police -- i'm sorry. the ferguson police department and some of the practices that they have there, finding evidence of racist e-mails and a court system designed to take money out of people's pockets rather than bring about public safety. so what we have here is a number of demonstrators who hopped over the fence and some of them sat in, there was chanting and there was some drums and at first the response was from the police
11:37 am
officers who guard federal protective service officers, court security. that sort of thing, who were responding to this. at some point we saw a large, massive group of police officers from the city move in and that's when the arrests starting taking place. and as people went through, they were being processed and we had the st. louis police chief on the scene here. at one point, we had some reporters who received permission to go to security and t a better view and when the police chief showed up, we left. now we have a dozen people who have been taken into custody and it's unclear how long they will be in custody and who exactly they will be taking charges from because there's a potential that there will be a federal misdemeanor charge. >> that's right. dozens in custody, by your eyeball estimate. let me back up a second. when you say they hopped the fence, what do you mean?
11:38 am
>> security gate here, sort of the thing that you see, the extra level of security outside the white house, very similar gates to that and people just sort of went over them. they sat in this area right immediately in front of the courthouse here. we had a number of people sitting in and some were standing up and they had their hands up at one point and everyone was taken into custody. >> can you tell me -- i don't know how long you have been there amongst some of these people but who are they? are these similar protesters at ferguson last night? and what exactly are they saying? >> i think this is more of a mix. the people who showed up at this event are protesters. these are all protesters. you're not going to have any mixed in. i think what we've seen in the last couple of nights are kids who were mixed in with the crowd, not dedicated protesters. this is a mix of people locally
11:39 am
and people who saw what happened and came here to bear witness to that and become part of this movement and brought a bunch of change over the past year. >> so the fact that they are being arrested, the fact that they are hopping over the security fence, what sort of statement do you think they are trying to make? what is their message? >> two of the most prominent protesters, netta and duray, this is the first time they've been arrested and they've been doing this for a year. i didn't get to speak with them before any of this took place but this is obviously organized action and i think they knew that arrest was certainly a risk to be taken and so i think this is certainly something that they expected to happen in this situation. >> ryan, i really appreciate you jumping on the phone. ryan reilly for the huffing
11:40 am
tonighuffington post. someone else right there is being handcuffed and taken away. let's move on for now. new mexico rangers find a woman's body on this isolated desert trail at white sands national monument but little did these deputies know that this woman's husband was dead nearby. both overcome with extreme heat and dehydration and next to the husband, the 9-year-old son dehydrated but alive. and it seems this couple had likely saved his life by giving him two sips of water for every one of theirs. joining me now, i have maurice, the superintendent at the white sands national monument. thank you so much for joining me. how absolutely horrible. your staff are the ones who found these bodies and this little boy. let me begin with him. how is this young boy doing? >> well, i don't have
11:41 am
information about him at this time. i do know that he's back with his family in france and i think that's important for everyone to know. and he's doing well. >> how did this happen? >> we do know that the family claim in sort of midday and were determined to hike on the trail. it's a five-mile trail, about eight kilometers long. they did go out on the trail during one of the hotter times of the day. the temperature that day went up to 101. >> 101 degrees. i was reading about it. you all recommend people, if you're out in the heat of the day, you're supposed to be drinking at least a gallon of water. i know this family had two 20-ounce water bottles. can you go into more how dangerous the conditions are. >> one thing that's really important for everyone to remember is it is a desert.
11:42 am
this is a desert park and we're in the heat of the summer right now. we put out as much information as possible for visitors to have and the main point is absolutely a minimum of a gallon or maybe -- and translated, maybe a liter and a half to two leiters of visitors per day. stay covered up. wear the long-sleeve shirt and put sun block on, sunglass,s a hat and take snacks with you. there's no water in the back of the park so you want to fill up before you go out and make sure you have those good safety precautions in place. >> french couple passed away because of how entirely hot and difficult these conditions are. the little boy is okay, at least physically speaking. marie sauter, thank you so much. coming up next, with u.s. f-16 warplanes arriving in
11:43 am
turkey for the first time. this is for the fight against isis. cnn is live with a rare close-up look at the assad regime. we'll take you live there, next. also, we're watching the situation unfolding with a reporter there outside of the federal courthouse in st. louis, missouri, not too far from ferguson. protesters are gathering. the reporter we spoke with said dozens of people so far have been arrested. the latest here coming up on cnn. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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word today of a new terror attack inside turkey.
11:48 am
the united states consulate in istanbul was carried out today by two women armed with long-range weapons. let me bring in our senior international correspondent fred pleitgen live in damascus, syria. fred, just beginning with that news, that we know the u.s. deployed six fighter jets to turkey, what more do we know about that attack? >> reporter: well, as you said, it was carried out by two women. one was apprehended at the scene. the other one, there is a manhunt going on for her. the interesting thing is the group that these two women were affiliated with, this is according to the turkish government. they say it's a marxist left-wing extremist group that in 2013 claimed responsibility for an attack on the u.s. embassy and also has called the u.s. the arch enemy of those in
11:49 am
the middle east. this comes at a very important time of the u.s. and turkish relations. the turks are ramping up their efforts against the ppk as well. >> fred, you are joining me live from damascus in syria. i'm wondering, now that isis is getting closer to the city, what are people in damascus telling you about that? >> reporter: it's been 1 1/2 years since we've been allowed to report here in syria and the mood is a lot more cautious and skeptical and concerned than it was at that time. back then, they couldn't fathom that isis would come close to syria. they lost the town of palmyra
11:50 am
and a couple months ago they were spotted here in a disstrict in syria. people are very, very concerned about what is going on and, at the same time, of course, more and more they are feeling the pinch of the civil war. it takes an hour to fill up your car with gas and people are a lot more concerned than they were 1 1/2 years ago. brooke? >> incredible perspective. shy of 10:00 in the evening. fred pleitgen live in damascus, syria, thank you so much. we're keeping our eyes on the st. louis federal courthouse here. a live report straight ahead here on cnn.
11:51 am
11:52 am
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11:55 am
this may be much to do about nothing but a new study reports that pipes, like the kind that you smoke out of, dug out of william shakespeare's garden found indications of cannabis. they speculate cannabis, marijuana, people, could have inspired some of his works. shakespeare writes, "invention in a noted weed." so did he like to get baked? with me now, james shapiro. it is such a pleasure and honor to have you on talking shakespeare. did shakespeare like to get stoned? >> did shakespeare inhale? >> exactly. >> i hate to disappoint stoners everywhere, there's no evidence
11:56 am
whatsoever that shakespeare smoked pot. just none. >> so the bit about the residue in the pipes, you're not buying it? what's that about? >> if shakespeare wanted to know about cannabis, he would have opened up a book and see those familiar leaves and you see the description. it's good for an earache. nothing about getting high. >> let's read more shakespeare just because i enjoy it and was in macbeth, once upon a time, as a man. "weary with toil i haste me to my bed the dear repose for limits with travel tired but then begins a journey in my head to work my mind when my body's work expired. nothing?
11:57 am
>> here's a guy who spent his morning rehearsing plays and performed them in the afternoon and when actors went off to do whatever they do in the evening, shakespeare sat down and turned to his imagination and wrote late into the night. this is before either tea or coffee had been introduced. >> if you ask me what shakespeare's greatest accomplishment is, it's writing 30 to 45 plays without a double espresso. nothing to stimulate him except his imagination. he didn't need pot, he didn't have coffee. he worked up here and was incredibly hardworking poet. >> how many years have you studied him? >> for the past 25 years. next one out this fall. i love when new stuff is found out about shakespeare but -- >> you have to love it. we're talking about shakespeare on cnn, even though you are
11:58 am
debunking it. >> in central park, opening night tonight, tell everybody, go see great plays across this country. shakespeare lives on stage. >> beyond the fact that he never needed that double espresso for his genius, what is the most fascinating piece about him to you? >> for me, that he was able to create new plays again and again. never the same play. always challenging himself. always figuring out how can i write something that i haven't written before. >> james shapiro, thank you so much for swinging by. >> i'm sorry. i missed you in macbeth. i can't even remember anymore. i played a male figure. i got to have a sword and i played a witch. clearly i did not -- i missed my calling. >> maybe next time. >> deal. >> james shapiro, thank you so much. now this.
11:59 am
top of the hour here, you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. we begin near ferguson, missouri, where more protesters are occurring. you hear these officers saying, go home. showing multiple arrests happening just in the last few minutes. we are also now hearing that this may be just one of dozens of arrests. again, more pictures we're getting. this is the federal courthouse in st. louis where these protests and arrests are happening but let's just step back a bit because this is significant given the fact that not too far from st. louis is ferguson, missouri. this was a city that was, you know, truly rocked by a number of people who were upset and some violence as well. [ gunfire ]
12:00 pm
a barrage of bullets overnight forcing peaceful protesters to run for cover one year after michael brown was shot and killed. it sparked a national movement to protest police treatment of african-americans specifically here, at least four people behind bars after multiple shootings, including one incident that has left one man in critical condition. and we have more video for you but i just have to warn you, it's graphic to watch. it's tough to watch. police here are surrounding a suspect's body after police say he used a stolen handgun to fire at plain-clothed officers. i have ryan reilly on the phone with me now.
12:01 pm
he's "the huffington post" reporter. you've witnessed yourself, you told me, several dozen arrests. what are you seeing right now? >> yes. and another group has come up over the fence and many are members of the clergy taking them into custody. this all started when the st. louis county police or the city police moved into the area and originally for the federal courthouse in a better protected services and that sort of thing. so it's unclear right now who they are going to be taking charges from. they were taken into custody by police officers of the city but they were on federal property at the time. >> okay. and then also, this is the federal courthouse and it was their task to investigate the ferguson police department and that is when they covered some pretty racist e-mails. >> they found evidence that
12:02 pm
racist e-mails were exchanged in high-ranking members of the police department, including the court clerk who had a lot of power within the municipal court system, which was a designed revenue source rather than a real courtroom. the way the system works around here, you have people playing different roles with conflict of interest where they play prosecutor in one town and a town next door they are judge and a lot of interpersonal relationships and a lot of law firms essentially run off of the entire situation where they just make all of their money by, you know, working for fining people with baggy pants and arrest warrants when they missed a court date. i think it's extraordinary and somewhat unique although not entirely unique to the rest of the country. >> i know the message from people is that they are
12:03 pm
frustrated. let me bring in sara sidner. you were in ferguson from just about day one when michael brown was shot and killed from the indictment from the police officer and the protesters did in part turn violent. tell me what you saw last night. >> reporter: well, what happened is -- and the police have been clear about this. they do not believe this was part of the protests. they say this was people who got into an altercation. they called them criminals, saying that there was a shooting away from the protests but still along west florissant. as i was talking to and listening to the new interim chief, we suddenly heard the sounds of gunshots. not one or two, not three or four but dozens of gunshots going off over and over and over in very rapid succession. then that stopped. everyone started running and everyone scattered. the police included, who were standing along across ferguson
12:04 pm
telling people to disperse. everyone got out of the way. and then after that we heard another set of gunshots that we believe is when police actually ended up shooting a young man who they have just named, 18-year-old tyrone harris who is in critical condition at this hour, we are told, in the hospital. police are blaming him for a lot of different things but family members say they simply don't believe that and i can tell you that that really ratcheted up people's feelings on the ground and dispersed a lot of people. a lot of people left after that. there were a few left exacting at the police but it really changed the dynamic. there's a lot of frustration within the protest movement because a lot of times when these sorts of things happen, it's not a part of what they want to show the world. they want justice and they want black people to be recognized as equals when it comes to how police see them. brooke? >> sara sidner, my thanks to you and ryan reilly in st. louis
12:05 pm
with "the huffington post," thanks to both of you at the federal courthouse in st. louis. now to the race for the white house. and before thursday's presidential debate, donald trump would not say if in fact he was preparing for it but a leaked memo reveals the nitty gritty of trump's coaching ahead of that debate. deny global warming and go after one specific competitor on that stage, go after jeb bush. all of these details after a hectic weekend of trump trying to explain what many consider a sexist comment he made about a fox news anchor. so i have brian stelter joining me in a moment but, first, to m.j. lee. now we have this leaked memo. what was he told to prepare for, to really hone in on last week? >> so this was a memo prepared by roger stone. the political strategist who, as of this weekend, is no longer
12:06 pm
working for trump. he was either resigned or fired. the first thing is, roger stone tried to coach donald trump on acting more presidential. >> what does that mean? >> essentially his advice was, look, you have two options. one, you can be the attack machine you have always been, others will attack you if you go down that route. if you don't go down the route of being an attack machine, then you have the opportunity to come out looking more presidential. i think it's clear to all of us watching the debate on thursday night that he chose to go the first route, that he wanted to attack and have this performance. second thing, the first thing that really caught everyone's attention when trump raised his hand when the moderator asked everyone. >> right out of the gate? >> right out of the gate. is there anyone here who is not willing to pledge not to run as a third-party candidate, trump was the only person who raised
12:07 pm
his hand. the memo shows that this was planned. the line that stone had in this memo was, when you're asked about a third-party run, say all options are on the table. so this is something that trump was advised by his advisers to say don't rule it out. the third thing is, and you mentioned this, the only republican candidate mentioned in this memo is jeb bush. that shows that bush is the one, in trump's eye, who is at the top tier, the only one that he really feels like, at this point, is worth going after and is real competition. >> and thus we have now this instagram video of trump taking a jab at jeb bush. let me follow with you on this now. apology that donald trump is demanding from megyn kelly from fox, one of the moderators. he thought kelly was too tough on him at the debate and stoked the fire with a comment that seemed to refer to her mens
12:08 pm
straightin menstruating. listen. >> you could see blood coming out of her eyes, blood out of her wherever. i was going to say nose and/or ears. i'm a smart person. i built a tremendous company. who would think of saying something like that. only a sick person would think of it. who would say such a thing? no. if i would have said that, it would have been inappropriate. the interesting thing, i really said nothing because i wanted to stop and get on to jobs. the fact that she asked me a very inappropriate question, she should really be apologizing to me, you want to know the truth. >> megyn kelly is not going to be apologizing. >> i don't think so. >> staying with you m.j., i can't believe we're talking about women's periods on national tv.
12:09 pm
there's always time for something unthinkable. how women are reacting to this and how the base is reacting, there have been a number of missteps thus far might this be the one issue where people do this? >> i know this is the million dollar question. will this be where the campaign starts to decline? we have not seen that happen yet. there are two reasons why i think the megyn kelly moment might be different. one is the fact that she's an extremely popular person, both within the media, she has a large fan base. republican voters, they really love her. she's a very popular and well-known person. the second thing is that she's a woman. jeb bush made the point over the weekend and he asked this question, are we really as a party willing to isolate 53% of voters? women make up 53% of the voting base. do we really want to offend such a big part of the voting bloc
12:10 pm
when the presidency is in line and he seems to be doing that, according to his critics. >> to you, when we see trump go on fox tonight -- i mean, i can't imagine he goes on her show. what are you hearing? >> i'm hearing it's highly, highly unlikely that trump will be on megyn kelly's show. however, he's preparing to go on fox now for the first time in several days. this megyn kelly is a big issue because fox has ignored it entirely. they are disgusted by what he said about one of their star anchors. trump has been attacking fox for days. it seems like now he's starting to cool down. look what he said after this morning. the chairman of fox news had just called him, said he's a great guy, assures me that trump will be treated fairly and his word is always good. i've been peaking at my phone because fox is saying that he will be on the morning show talking about this, presumably talking about his relationship with fox.
12:11 pm
maybe trying to reach a truce of some sort. because it's not a winning strategy for the gop front-runner to be bashing the most popular channel among republicans. >> and such a massive voting bloc in that. m.j. lee, brian stelter, thank you both so much. to be continued. next, growing questions in texas after an unarmed college football player was shot and killed at this car lot. but we have the surveillance video. what is happening here? what's the whole story? also, a brutal murder in california. one of the mans behind it is an undocumented immigrant who, by the way, had been arrested four times. why was he out on the streets at all? that's ahead. we got the new tempur-flex and
12:12 pm
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12:16 pm
cnn has new video where the unarmed teenager was shot and killed at a car dealership. taylor is shown wandering around. you can see him here. this is a car dealership lot where he's climbing up on cars and smashing through some of the windshields there. and then we have another video that you can see him in a moment driving this jeep through this window of the dealership itself into the showroom. police did later arrive on the scene. these two officers. and officials say some sort of altercation occurred. we're still waiting for details on that leading the officer to shoot taylor four times. ed lavandera is on this in arlington, texas. you've been there and you've talked to the owner. he's now shown you new video from inside. you tell me what you understand
12:17 pm
happened. >> reporter: we were there a short while ago. you can see the remnants of the boarded-up window, the glass wall that taylor had driven through. police say he had driven through it. and inside, the owner tells us there are 32 cameras on the outside of the building. he allowed us in because he wants to be as transparent as possible with everyone. a lot of people not believing that there weren't cameras, with as many cameras as there are on the outside, that there were none inside. we did not see any cameras inside the showroom area. christian taylor was told to lay down on the ground and he did not follow those commands and then started running off. but what is interesting here, why did one officer react differently from the other? one officer pulling his firearm, 49-year-old brad miller, the rookie police officer, and fired four times. the medical examiner says that
12:18 pm
taylor was hit in the neck, chest and abdomen. the other officer that was with miller, officer miller, pulled out his taser. so that is the big question now and investigators are really looking and focusing in on that altercation they say took place between taylor and the two officers to try to determine whether or not this shooting was justified, brooke. >> and so we still don't know, ed, when we hear altercation from police, are we talking a verbal altercation? do we know any more? >> reporter: they would not specify whether it was physical or verbal and what exactly it was about. if you listen to the police scanner traffic, from the moment where the officers arrived on the scene, they saw someone inside the showroom to where they reported shots being fired was 2:11. it seems like a short amount of time, but if you think about it, 2:11 can be quite long. that's the time frame that they
12:19 pm
are really focusing in on. because whatever happened during that time will go a long way to determining whether or not this shooting was justified. >> and just quickly, do we have any idea why this young man was acting erratically? >> reporter: we don't. the only details released from the medical examiner's report is where he was shot, in the neck, abdomen. no talk about whether he was under the influence of drugs or issue there is that were at play. none of that is really known at this time. >> ed lavandera, thank you so much in arlington. next, strong words from the police chief after a woman was murdered, allegedly, by this undocumented immigrant. next, why the police chief says there is a blood trail that starts from the u.s. capitol. plus, the arrest had been arrested four times in the last six years. why wasn't he still behind bars? that's next.
12:20 pm
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12:24 pm
a second firefighter now has died while battling these wildfires in california. officials say 21-year-old michael was hit by a tree over the weekend. all of this happening during the initial assault on this wildfire that broke out in northern california. more than 10,000 firefighters have been dispatched to fight more than a dozen wildfires across the state. staying in california, where a local police chief is blaming state and federal policy over this one woman's death. authorities say two men broke into marilyn pharis' home last month, sexually assaulted her and beat her with a hammer. she died as a result of those injuries. the men accused in this crime had records and one of them, victor martinez, is an undocumented immigrant who had been arrested four times since
12:25 pm
2009. so first, stephanie elam, i want to go to you with more on this. the police chief in this case is incredib incredib incredibly frustrated over what has happened. how did this happen? >> that's the request he that everyone wants answered, brooke. we know that he's been arrested at least four times in santa barbara county, to be specific about that. and the fact that he has tangled with law enforcement before is what is frustrating to this police chief. let's take a listen to what he had to say after this arrest. >> two weeks before this murder, he was arrested for possession of meth and we had to cite him out. that's the problem with this system. this is a national issue and i am not remiss to say there's a blood trail into the bedroom of
12:26 pm
marilyn pharis. >> very clear how he feels about this. take a look at martinez's history. he was arrested in 2009 but the arrest in 2014 is catching some issue and the reason for that is because it was a felony drug and assault that was changed to misdemeanor battery. i.c.e. at that time did request that local law enforcement hold on to him but they say they didn't find out and he was released before they could get there to detain or take custody of this individual. now, the police department is saying we didn't feel like it met our requirements to detain him so we let him go. as far as the most recent case, brooke, they said that they did not make any efforts, i.c.e. did not make any efforts to detain victor martinez because there was no prior of him having any felony charges. remember, that other one had been reduced. this changes the case and that's
12:27 pm
why some people are saying that the system here needs to be revamped because of that. >> i have so many questions on your final point. stephanie elam, thank you so much. let's go to danny cevallos. to her last point, this is someone she qualified in santa barbara county had been arrested since 2009 and from the 2014 arrest from a felony down to a mis misdemeanor, one group wasn't talking to another, the fact that he wasn't released? how does that happen? >> it's more problematic than that and it's a constitutional crisis. here's why. the federal government is the supreme law of the land but under the anti-come man dearing principle, the federal government cannot force local enforcement to carry out federal policy, no more can they order battle against isis, immigration
12:28 pm
deportation removal is a civil action in nature. it's not a criminal action. so, with that in mind, a lot of people say, why don't these local law enforcement agencies just cooperate and help out so we can avoid these problems. >> right. >> that sounds rational but in practice it's much more complicated than that. first of all, you're asking local law enforcement to basically add an entire addition additional infrastructure. you assume liability and all kinds of additional problems based on just the federal government's please, will you help us do our job? the other part to that is with this federal government detainer, we keep throwing this on. it's not like a detainer in criminal court where you have another case with another judge and they hold to you make sure you make your court date. it's nothing more than a piece of paper saying, gee, local law enforcement, hold this guy and do us a solid and acquire -- and feed him, house him, acquire all
12:29 pm
of this liability and potentially and arguably and most importantly, violate his or hers constitutional rights because you're holding him without cause. look, if he's committed a crime and you have reason to hold him without bail because he's committed a serious crime, then fine. but if he beats his case, you can't hold him that additional 48 hours without a good reason. i know. it sounds like there would be an easy fix. it's really a constitutional problem at its core. >> we have to keep talking about this. thank you so much, danny cevallos, for now. constitutional crisis it sounds like indeed, thank you. next, we have to move on. one of the highest ranking democrats to oppose this nuclear deal with iran. senator chuck schumer explaining how he came to the decision to be a no vote. also, the state of emergency now has been declared in st.
12:30 pm
louis, missouri, as more and more people are gathering outside of the federal courthouse in st. louis to protest. stay here. if you have moderate to severe
12:31 pm
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12:34 pm
he is poised to be a top ally to president barack obama. senator chuck schumer is speaking for the first time about why he's going to go against the president when it comes to the iran nuclear deal. he said last week in a statement that the u.s. cannot trust and he now thinks the negotiations should start over. >> first, let me say this. this was one of the most difficult decisions that i had to make. i studied it long and hard, read
12:35 pm
the agreement a whole bunch of times, had many, many, many meetings and interviews with people on both sides, including three classified briefings where you can ask questions that are not in the confines of the document but very relevant to making a decision and i have found when it's such a difficult decision as this one has been, you've got to study it carefully, come up with a conclusion, not let pressure, politics or party influence your decision and then do the right thing as one sees it. well, that's what i've done. with iran, i found the inspections regime not anywhere anytime but with lots of holes in it. particularly trouble sosome, yo have to wait 24 to 48 hours. that will allow some of the radioactivity to be seen but not
12:36 pm
the nonradioactivity that goes into building a bomb, all of the other things that you need. >> senator schumer is expected to become the next leader of the senate. with me now, host of "state of the union" and "the lead," jake tapper. we found out the timing of it. it was around the time of the republican debate and we knew he would be a "no" vote. hearing from him for the first time, a, your reaction to finally hearing from him and, b, would the president still have the votes? >> well, it's unclear and, to be honest, even though the white house is trying to downplay this, this is a very significant moment because senator schumer, what he does is provide cover for other democrats. he is the third-ranking democrat in the senate right now. he aspires to be the number one ranking democrat in the senate and by coming out, the way he has come out, there are a lot of other democrats who might be inclined to vote that way as
12:37 pm
well. all the republicans need to do is pick off 13 democrats in the senate and 44 in the house, assuming all republicans vote against the deal, which i think is a fair assumption, and they can defeat this deal with a veto-proof majority. it's very significant development. there are those who say that schumer would not have come out this way unless he knew ahead of time that there was a way to make sure that this was not going to be veto-proof. i don't know that for a fact but a lot of people are providing that as conjecture given that schumer aspires to be the top democrat. look, it's going to be very difficult for republicans to pick off 44 democrats in the house to vote against president obama's signature foreign policy accomplishment but i do think it make it is more difficult. after schumer came out, you saw elliott engle and brad sherman who we are going to talk to on "the lead" in a few minutes come out and oppose the president's
12:38 pm
deal as well. >> so it's brad sherman will be on "the lead." we'll look for that. jake tapper, thank you so much. >> thank you. and now, coming up on cnn here, just in to us, hillary clinton is taking questions from reporters as i speak. she's talking about a range of issues. she's also apparently taking on the issue of donald trump's recent comments head-on. wait until you hear what she had to say about that, about the republican debate. we'll talk about that and share it quickly, next. technology empowers us to achieve more. it pushes us to go further. special olympics has almost five million athletes in 170 countries. the microsoft cloud allows us to immediately be able to access information, wherever we are. information for an athlete's medical care, or information to track their personal best. with microsoft cloud, we save millions of man hours, and that's time that we can invest in our athletes and changing the world.
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12:42 pm
just a few moments ago, hillary clinton stood with a
12:43 pm
number of reporters and did something she doesn't actually often do. she answered a number of questions from members of the media and spoke for quite a while. she addressed a wide spectrum of issues from taking donald trump on to talking about the republican debate which happened last week in cleveland to the possibility that vice president joe biden could run for president. here she is. hillary clinton. >> i said it was outrageous. i stand by that. i think more people should say the same thing. the republican party is going to have to deal with him. but i just want to remind us that what they say about women, not one woman who is perfectly capable and incredibly impressive, able to take care of herself, but all these women that i have fought for, worked for, stood up for, advocated for and want to be a president for who may not have the opportunity to defend themselves, who may
12:44 pm
lose the right to exercise a personal choice if certain of the republicans were to be successful, i don't want that forgotten. so, yes, i know it makes great tv. i think the guy went way overboard, offensive, outrageous, pick your adjective. but what marco rubio has said has much of an impact in terms of where the republican party is today as anybody else on that stage and it is deeply troubling and it should be to the press, not just to those of us who have been doing this work for so long. >> [ inaudible ]. did you take offense to that? >> you know, it's entertainment. i mean, look, it's all entertainment. you know, i think he's having the time of his life, you know, being up on that stage, saying whatever he wants to say, getting people excited, both for
12:45 pm
and against him. >> [ inaudible ]. >> i didn't know him that well. i mean, i knew him. i knew him and i happened to be planning to be in florida and i thought it would be fun to go to his wedding because it's always entertaining. now that he's running for president, it's a little more troubling. >> one more. [ inaudible ] do you have any reaction to that and does it have any impact on you seeking endorsements? >> not at all. i was proud to be endorsed by the american federation of teachers. i'm proud -- i've been proud to work with nurses for many, many years on health care and better treatment for nurses. i'm a strong advocate for nurses and i look forward to working for them when i'm president. >> [ inaudible ]. >> nick is the man. i'm sorry. he's the man.
12:46 pm
i've got to let nick do what he does here. that's his job. okay, guys. >> all right. so that's a wrap from hillary clinton on that. but we have to talk about her big plan when it comes to education. college costs have soared 16% from one year ago. hillary clinton rolled out a $350 billion plan to make college more affordable. sandra block is here. thank you so much, sandra, for joining me. and when i first read this this morning and saw no loans, i thought, what? how does this work? explain this to me. >> well, this is really a very broad proposal. much more sweeping than anything i think anybody has introduced so far. and one of the ways that she wants to eliminate loans is by giving states federal grants that they can use to pay for public colleges but only if the states agree to continue to
12:47 pm
subsidize colleges, so there's a lot of carrot and stick in here. as i said, this is so broad. it's really a very wide-ranging look at all of the problems that people have complained about with respect to the costs of higher education. >> so when we're talking federal grants, my question is, who foots that bill? >> hillary's proposal is that would be paid for by -- she calls it closing tax loopholes. basically, it would limit the amount of itemized deductions high taxpayers will be able to take. that's come up before in various tax reform proposals. that's how she would pay for this. >> bottom line, do you think this could fly? >> i think it's going to get a lot of -- i hate to say this, but retraction from progressives and conservatives. there's accountability in here for colleges, refinancing of
12:48 pm
college loans which will be hugely popular with millennials and get them out to vote and simplification. right now, just the process of applying for college is insanely complicated and she has made a stab at making it easier. >> sandra block, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> hillary clinton's chief rival, bernie sanders, he had a huge weekend. ♪ >> this portland, oregon, crowd, some 19,000 strong, this is his biggest so far. not just for bernie sanders but for any single candidate running for president right now. and from portland, let's head north to seattle, a crowd of 12,000 packing a university of washington rally. the size of his crowds was overshadowed by a couple of activists shoved him aside, took his microphone.
12:49 pm
this is how it happened. >> thank you, seattle, for being one of the most progressive cities in the united states of america. [cheers and applause ] >> sanders eventually left the event without giving his speech and this theme about black lives matter is something that has come up with the candidates. next, you see these pictures? it looks next, these pictures, slime sliding down the colorado river. whats heck is this? where does it come from? that's next. we got the new tempur-flex and it's got the spring and bounce of a traditional mattress.
12:50 pm
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12:54 pm
i want to take you back to new hampshire, specifically about donald trump and the republicans. >> whale, would donald trump said about megyn kelley is outrageous, what the rest of the republicans saying about women is also outrageous. they brag about slashing women's health care funding. they say they would force women who have been raped to carry their rapist 'child. we don't hear any of them supporting raising the minimum wage, paid leave for new parents, equal pay for women, or anything else that will help to give women a chance to get ahead. megyn kelly is a strong woman,
12:55 pm
more than capable of defending herself against donald trump. i'm worried about what republican policies would do to the rest of the women, and will continue to city ute about that today and through the rest of this campaign and in the white house. so with that, my thoughts are once again with the people of ferguson, as they mark this painful anniversary, and in light of the continuing violence that we saw last night. you know, violence has no place in our streets, and we should ought be working for peace and justice there, and everything where in our country. >> so that was hillary clinton just a few moments ago there in new hampshire. i have had sara sidner standing by for you. the last few minutes of our show, this is the one year since michael brown was shot and
12:56 pm
killed right around where you are, and not too far from where you are, we've been learning of these arrests just outside of the st. louis courthouse. let's start there. >> reporter: we knew this would happen, because they had planned to do civil disobedience. it was part of the protest. and indeed it has been. we know some high-profile people have been arrested in the name of justice, they say, including dr. cornel west, and someone who has been a big figure figure in this movement. but what happened last night is something the protesters did not appreciate, there was a shooting, not one, but three. one that started, according to police, between one down away from the protesters who had nothing to do with the protesters, that started
12:57 pm
shooting, and then successive shootouts. one was the police with one of the suspects, and then after that another shooting that is the place where michael brown was shot and killed by a police officer there, who was later exonerated by the doj and grand jury. the protesters says that's not part of our movement. they get frustrated when there's a violent act done in their name. >> we'll watch for your reporting through the evening here. sara sidner, thank you so much. meantime, before i let you go, we have to talk about what's happened in the colorado river. the epa safe crew was supposed to be cleaning up this mine, accidentally sent more than 3 million dollars of chemical-filled wastewater pouring into the river. it's this ugly orange brew of heavy metals, is now flowing down -- it's the animus river,
12:58 pm
across the state line into new mexico. cnn's tom seder, how do they figure this? >> they've been pretty tight-lipped about this, but again in durango, the tourist industry and recreational industry is now shut down. the river is shut down because of high levels of arsenic. it's not just zinc, copper and lead. originally when the epa went to investigate this mine, which has been shut down since the 1920s, they were there to try to take care of a small leak. we know possibly this leak has been spilling maybe 50 to 250 gallons per minute for many, many years. they said 1 million gallons were
12:59 pm
dispersed by accident. now we now from the usga, who has better ways of determining the debris and flow saying, no, it's the it's the gold king mountain, it's called the cement that creek into the animas river, abu into new mexico where it means the san juan river. new mexico is under a state of emergency as well. if it continues, it makes its way, of course to the colorado river. even further from that it's lake powell which is drinking wall for cities such as vegas and san diego and l.a. thunderstorms are starting to help disperse some of it. we know it's getting better in some regions, but think of personal water wells right now, they're being tested. irrigation for farmers, not to mention hundreds of thousands of livestock that use this and irrigation for the farmers. the gold mine had a leak. -- or this the leak for years,
1:00 pm
but this went in and it's a problem, now they're not sure what they're going to do and not sure how bad the water levels really are. it's starting to get better in durango and silverton, and starting to get better in new mexico, but it's unsure. >> they've got to get in there and contain it. that is not a good situation. tom, thank you. i'm brooke baldwin, thanks for being with me. "the lead" with jake tapper starts now. \s. the phrase that which does not kill the trump campaign, only makes it stronger. where will the latest controversy send his poll numbers? i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." just moments ago, hillary clinton weighing in on trump's remark from last week. we'll tell what you she had to say. the national lead, happening right now. new arrests, new clashes and a state of emergency declared in