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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  August 11, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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away. it's tse so dependent on the individual's responsibility. but people say, you know, how safe is the system? am i one in a million chance of getting hurt? no, more like one in a billion at the current rate. a u.s. airliner has not been in a collision since 1978. so it's working well. but that said these concerns need to continue to be addressed? >> steven wallace, thank you so much. thank you all very much for joining me "at this hour." "legal view" with ashleigh ban field starts right now. hello, everyone, i'm ashleigh banfield. welcome to "legal view." our top story just into cnn, some very chilling new details from the highway crash that almost killed actor and comedian tracy morgan and did kill a close friend and fellow passenger 14 months ago in new
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jersey. investigators from the national transportation safety board are releasing their findings and cnn's rene marsh is watching them closely and there are some real surprises i do not expect to see, rene. >> right, ashleigh. this meeting is happening at this point as we speak. they're determining official probable cause in that deadly collision on the new jersey turnpike that happened just last june. it killed one and injured others, including comedian tracy morgan. now, again, the meeting is ongoing but here's what we've learned so far. we know that walmart driver kevin roeper was awake for 28 hours prior to crash. he was driving 25 miles an hour over the speed limit. traffic had slowed to less than 10 miles an hour because of
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construction. the t ntsb says this walmart driver could have prevented the crash had he been driving the speed limitment and when he did strike that mercedes limo, which was carrying tracy morgan, at that point he was driving 47 to 53 miles per hour. that was the speed at the moment of impact. you're looking at an an mission done by the ntsb illustrating how they say this accident occurred. now we do know that seven people total were inside of the limo but only one was wearing a seat belt. and another startling detail coming out of this meeting, ashlei ashleigh, the ntsb says emergency crews were dispatched in a timely manner but they had poor execution. emergency responders, they failed to recognize the number of victims and they didn't have the right amount of resources on the scene so a combination of confusion and inexperience amongst the emergency responders according to the ntsb that led to poor triage and a delay in
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the delivery of patients to the trauma center. ashleigh? >> i know it's early, rene, but, look, we're dealing with someone who died and others badly injured. you will until now we had not heard this kind of criticism was in the hopper. i'm wondering if they're ascribing blame to particular emts with particular cases because with the death comes the potential of liability as well, we have been the injuries, too. >> absolutely. we know this is ongoing. i do not hear specific names mentioned but at one point the chairman of the ntsb, chairman hart, asked the question, you know, how many of these individuals who responded to the scene, how many of them were professionally trained and how many were volunteers? and it was revealed in this meeting that the majority of these responders were, indeed, volunteers. the way it was described was that there were so many
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jurisdictions that were responding and there was no clear understanding of who was the leader here, who was supposed to make the decision as to which hospital these individuals would be taken to. which is just very troubling to hear that on such a busy thoroughfare like the new jersey turnpike that if there is an accident that you would have a situation where emergency responders are in the words of the ntsb inexperienced to handle the situation. very, very troubling and, like i said, just moments before they went to recess they were drilling down on that particular issue as well. >> it's astounding to see this that they failed to recognize the number of victim, didn't have the right resources and that it led to poor triage and a delay in delivering them to the trauma center. god forbid that caused a death and even more serious injury. rene, let us know when you hear more about this ongoing meeting and the developments as well. rene marsh, thank you so much
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for that. we have other breaking news into cnn as well. a mississippi couple now facing charges of attempting to provide material support to isis. again, mississippi. a man and a woman arrested at the airport there on sunday night and they have just been denied bond as well. it's serious. the investigators say they were apparently trying to travel overseas to join the terror group isis and according to the arrest documents, their honeymoon was supposed to be their cover story as to why they were making this kind of trip to europe and then on to syria. joining me is pamela brown from washington, d.c. who is following the story closeliment it reads like a novel but it's upsetting and unsettling to say the least. certainly for them as well, pamela. >> it is. this is a young couple, ashleigh, 20 and 22 years old from mississippi, former students of mississippi state. as you mention, they were arrested over the weekend, charged with attempting to provide material support to
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isis. the man, 22-year-old mohammed dakala and the 20-year-old woman, jehlen young, were arrested at an airport in columbus, mississippi, on saturday. authorities said they were going to board a flight turkey and go into to syria and we've been looking through the complaint that was just released and it says that the investigation into the couple started this past may. they were on social media talking with undercover fbi agents and here's what one of the pages says in the complaint to help with the media group and when the falsehoods. he said muslims are called on their doubts of isis because of what u.s. media says and he wants to assure them the u.s. media is all lies. so that is just one reason authorities say they wanted to join isis. and they say this couple confessed to attempting to join
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the terrorist group. according to the official we've been speaking with, dakala is the son of a local imam and young is the daughter of a vicksburg, mississippi, police officer and a recent convert to islam. we reached out to the mississippi state university and we have confirmed that they are former students at that school. dakhalla graduated with a degree in psychology and young last enrolled in the spring of 2015 as a sophomore studying chemistry. ashleigh, this is a disturbing story and certainly reflective of the concern in law enforcement that young people in the united states are being lured to join the terrorist group in syria. >> i'm getting tired of asking the question over and over as these stories break domestically, but when you see a sting operation in which this young man wrote to the fbi undercover agent, i want to ask about the military experience there. would i be with w people that speak english or put me with
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everyone? i'm excited about coming but i feel i won't know what all i will be doing. answer me this, are there more? are they able to branch snout the concentric circles from these two to others who may be with them in this country? >> you're asking if they have associates? >> yes. >> that's something law enforcement officials look at. it's unclear whether these two people have associates. we have seen where there have been arrests and later on we saw yesterday in new jersey there was a brother arrested of another person who had allegedly attempted to provide material support to isis. this was a group in new jersey and new york and more than a month later the brother is arrested so there could be, ashleigh. at this point they're not saying that, they're just saying this investigation was focused on this couple who seemed to feed off of each other, if you will, and be a part of this endeavor together. >> well, you sometimes have to
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grab them when you can and when they're apt the airport you can't do any more investigation. pamela brown, thank you for that breaking news, we'll update that. we have another big story today, protests in ferguson. we'll take you there live as the city copes with the anniversary of the shooting death of michael brown by a police officer there and yet again state of emergency in place two days running.
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it's day two of a state of emergency in ferguson, missouri. a state of uncertainty has been hanging around a whole lot longer, though, with no end in sight there. just overnight, police made a
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couple dozen arrests while dodging rocks and frozen water bottles but no one was shot. no one seriously hurt, unlike the night before. the unrest growing out of peaceful demonstrations and marches commemorating the one year anniversary and death of michael brown at the hands of now former ferguson police officer darren wilson. a new addition to the clashes last night were some heavily armed white civilians who call themselves "oath keepers." supposedly acting as bodyguards for a reporter from the web site " police called their presence unnecessary and inflammatory. and on that the protesters agreed. i want to get the latest now from my cnn colleague ryan young. so just give me a sense of how things are in this second day of a state of emergency, often times the day is quieter than the night but what's happening? >> i can honestly tell you we're not even seeing protesters on the street this afternoon.
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it's been quiet all morning long since those 22 protesters were arrested. now, of course, you did mention the fact that some protesters showed up with water bottles that were frozen and started hurling them toward police and some people were upset at the fact that police donned their riot gear and had to disperse the crowd. but being here several times, i can tell you the crowd is smaller than what we've seen over the past year. we're talking about less than 200 people. obviously some were there for a confrontation with police. 22 were arrested. not the same kind of violence we saw the night before on sunday. a lot of people are trying to make sure there's a separation between the violence on sunday which happened between a group of men and the protesters in the street and they're talking about the fact that the protesters were trying to just demonstrate and show that they wanted to talk more about michael brown. now, there were people who did walk into the highway and 63 people were arrested. we did see drivers try to push through those protesters who started kicking at the cars. but for the most part it was calm last night. in fact, antonio french, a council member here in town,
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look, obviously people are still upset about what happened with michael brown. we've seen the passion again. just talk about the difference between the two groups in terms of the protests? >> there's a very diverse group out there. you have lots of different people with lots of different thoughts and feelings about the situation. some are angry. but what we also saw the previous night was a small group of people who just were opportunistic, who used the cover of the protests to commit crimes. and so when n this state of emergency, when it was declared, what we hoped is that that would not signal an escalation of the violence. so we had a night that was confrontational but no one got hurt. and what people need to understand that when we have violence and when we have this anger, that's not the space for the kind of healing and the kind of fight for justice and chang that we need to get. >> and i'm glad you brought that up. people were talking about that need for healing. businesses here need to heal as well. talk about the community's efforts to try to step forward as a group. >> so, again, this is a very
9:16 am
small group that has caused the damage. and it's unfortunate. because thousands of people were out here this weekend in peace and in unity and trying to bring some attention to these important issues and that gottor shadowed by the acts of a few fools. so i think most people are unified in that we don't want the violence and we don't want that criminal activity. and so in that we are all together. >> there's been a lot of talk about the building that's just behind us, the ferguson police department. there is a new place chief in place. do you think that building and those officers can survive and have to be able to patrol the streets here? does that police department need to go away? >> well, you know, that's a conversation that's still going on. this has to do a lot with the structure and the system in place and right now the structure and the system in place, even though some faces have changed still depend on a revenue stream that feeds on poor and minorities and that's going to have to change. >> you have a lot of people in this country watching this who say, well, why are they in the streets again? why is this not over yet?
9:17 am
can you give them at home a sense of why people are still so angry and so upset? we see people driving down the streets with their cars covered in signs still to this day. >> the reason is that there hasn't been the kind of change people want. now, we know that the system ha has been ascribed in that doj report has been in place a long time and it will take a long time to change the system but even in the last 367 days now we should have seen more progress and that i think is what keeps people frustrated? >> is it unfair to change an entire system of several years in 367 days? wouldn't change like that take time? >> it does take time. i don't think you can do in the 365 days but the goal was to have a little bit more progress. so what we've seen is some faces change in those positions. you have an african-american in position of chief, an african-american in the position of judge, but that system is still in place that preys on poor people and african-americans. >> you won't stop working? >> no, we're hear for the long haul. >> thank you so much, antonio french. people are obviously waiting to see what happens tonight and
9:18 am
whether or not there will be another round of protests. >> all right. ryan young, thank you for that. appreciate it. we're getting brand new polling out of new hampshire right now and iowa. so what do you think happened? do you think trump is still on top? and what about all those other guys and lady? we'll tell you about it next.
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a brand new iowa poll from suffolk university finding the donald is now ahead of wisconsin governor scott walker. it was not that way before. so big switcheroo i want to
9:22 am
bring in cnn senior political reporter nia with malika henderson. that's not the only polling out. we have new hampshire, too, that shows trump ahead of the pack but has carly fiorina jumping into the top five. can you put into perspective and the significance of them? >> the big news is this iowa poll. you remember scott walker had been leading in iowa. is he has been putting in early work and trump said he was surprised he's no longer second. some people worried trump would take a hit. looks like he's gotten a bounce. if you move over to new hampshire you can kind of see the same thing. he's doing well over there. you see kasich climbing in the
9:23 am
polls 1259%. he clearly did himself some good in that debate. carly fiorina coming in at 9%. she was -- pretty much people thought she won the first debate, the happy hour kiddy table debate so she has to be happy with these numbers and trump has got to be happy, too that he is leading at least in this poll a snapshot some of which was taken after this debate. >> i want to mention as well in case you didn't already, and i'm trying to crunch the math, carly fiorina is also in the top five as well for iowa. let's be super clear. i think people do quick math when they see those graphics popping up and say wow, that wasn't what it looked like last week. the polling is strictly for iowa caucus voters and the new hampshire polling is strictly for the primary voters in new hampshire but they are significant and i also noticed what wasn't there rick perry
9:24 am
wasn't in those top numbers. >> that's right. rick perry wasn't in those top numbers, mike huckabee was nowhere in those top numbers. it looks like he's being supplanted by ben carson in some ways as well as ted cruz. they're holding on to a lot of that vote there. it's something like 7% in iowa. mike huckabee won the iowa caucus in 2008. people thought he would be able to reclaim that. then gaza strip a snapshot. it's just iowa and new hampshire but the top line take away is that trump seems to be doing well. i'm sure he'll be touting these poll numbers at some point soon. >> can i just ask you as well? i'm doing a head shake on this. trump is bombastic and tough talking. tries to push his conservative principles and does very well in both polls but then you have kasich who there the new hampshire poll has jumped into third place and yet during the
9:25 am
debate, so widely watched, he was very moderate. i thought that wouldn't go well with primary voters. primary voters like a lot of read meat, and saying "i went to my friend's gay wedding, i admire him, i may not agree with him" i didn't think that would resonate. >> well, new hampshire is a different state. remember, john mccain did very well in new hampshire. he was a bit of a moderate sort of a maverick, said he would go against his party on a number of different issues. so it's not that surprising he's doing so well there. also he's running a ton of ads in new hampshire he has staked much of his and ccandidacy there chris christie. but also that very good debate performance, he rode that hometown crowd and got cheering for that comment you mentioned. i think he is in some ways framing himself as the compassionate conservative.
9:26 am
also he has that iowa -- the ohio connection that also makes him much more competitive he would say in a general election. he would know how important ohio is if you want to win the presidency. >> he gets so excited when these polls come out. but you and i will laugh at this interview in about two months. >> it's so early. maybe even a few days, who knows. >> tomorrow. nia-malika henderson, thank you. in light of the polls coming up next, kind of an odd comment of the day from donald trump. >> i am the most fabulous whiner. i do whine because i want to win. >> that's interesting. can he whine his way to winning at the white house? he just gave a few hints on how he plans to do that and he tackled everything from abortion to jeb bush in a very candid conversation with cnn's own chris cuomo. you'll hear it next. what do a nascar® driver... a comedian... and a professional golfer have in common? we talked to our doctors
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9:31 am
the top five. now i want to take you to the new hampshire polling of the primary voters there. trump ahead, five points ahead of jeb bush. look who's third, folks, a guy who just squeaked in to the prime time debates. john kasich with his discussion on that debate platform about gay marriage and how while he may not support it he just attended one. he's now popped into third place. look at fiorina up in the top five. those are new hampshire primary voters and iowa caucus voters only. national polls may look different but that you have for now. so donald trump is still winning and his strategy to keep it that way is whine. not drink it, do it. whine your way all the way to the white house. these are his words, folks. the gop front-runner was on "new day" and he told chris cuomo about his whining strategy and he touched on his willingness to launch a third party bid and how he will "take care of women." >> i'm running as a republican. i'm leading in every poll.
9:32 am
i think you report all these polls. in fact, in the cnn poll i'm leading very big and iowa just came out yesterday where i'm leading substantially in iowa. we're leading all over the place. i want to run as a republican. i want to be the republican candidate, i think that's absolutely the best chance for winning. the way it's going right now i'm being treated nicely. i want to be treated fairly. if i am treated fairly, that's the way it will be. but i want to keep that door open. i have to keep that door open. because if something happens where i'm not treated fairly i may very well use that door. so anybody that says anything -- you know, i hear all of these so-called advisors and i think you know me well enough to know about all of the advisors that everybody's talking about that don't even exist. so i will tell you, i'll keep the door open but it's not something i want to do. i want to run as a republican and i want to win as a republican and take it back for the republicans for the country and make america great again. you know, my whole campaign is based on making america great again. it's so simple but it's hard to
9:33 am
do. it takes a certain person to do it and i'll be able to do it and i look at my competition, they will not be able to do it. when jeb bush made the statement on women's health issues that, you know, he wouldn't fund them, you wouldn't need the kind of money that we're talking about, $500 billion, he wouldn't need that kind of money. when that actually relatively speaking is peanuts compared to the kind of money spent on lots of other things, i think that was a terrible mistake that he made and i think he's the one that has to apologize to women. now, i will say this -- he has gone back, he said "i misspoke." he said -- meaning not me, he, he said that he misspoke. well, that's an awfully big issue to misspeak. i will be so good to women. i cherish women. i will be so good to women. i will work hard to protect women and i'll tell you what, work hard to protect everybody, but biggest problem i have with planned parenthood is the abortion situation. i mean, it's like an abortion factory, frankly. and you can't have it and you just shouldn't be funding it and
9:34 am
that should not be funded by the government and i feel strongly about that. and that's my biggest problem with planned parenthood because it really, if you look at it and you look at the work they do, it really has become so heavily centered on abortion and you can't have that. i am the most fabulous whiner. i do whine because i want to win. >> are whiners winners? >> i keep winnihining and whini until i win. and i'll whine for the country and mare our country great again. >> that's very interesting but you need to fact check when you get those comments, especially the one about planned parenthood because there is a fact that was misstated. planned parenthood cannot and does not use any federal funds for abortion. let's be clear. cannot, does not use federal funds for abortion. that's against the law. with that said, cnn's going to host three republican debates. in october cnn will host the first democratic presidential debate. stay with cnn for the latest on
9:35 am
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so the legal fallout from last year's protests in ferguson, missouri not over, not by a long shot. st. louis county in one instance -- just one instance -- is now pressing charges against two reporters. you might remember when they were arrested inside a
9:39 am
mcdonald's where they were working in ferguson last august. now they've been charged with trespassing on private property and interfering with the police officer. but guess that? you might also remember it was all caught on tape. i'm going to speak that american a moment but in the meantime i want to show the incident as the "washington post" cameras caught it. >> please don't tell me not to use that. >> time to go, let's go. we're about 45 seconds. letz's go. >> you'll be subject to arrest after i give the word. >> now can i ask you -- >> let's go. no time to ask question. >> can i move my car? >> you can move your car if your car is out here. let's go. >> that's what i was asking. you didn't have time to answer that or just being mean? >> let's go. >> i'm working, sir. >> there's a door over here. let's go. >> i'm going to -- >> let's go. you can move. let's go. move.
9:40 am
let's move. let's move this way. here's the door, this way or this way. >> and joining me from ferguson, one of the people in the center of all of that. ryan riley, the justice reporter for the huffington post. thanks for coming back on the program. i remember speaking to you a year ago right after that happened. at the time you were worried you might get charged with it. here you are a year later under the statute of limitations and you're being charged. are you surprised? >> you know, i think it would have been a year ago but after having reported on how things work in st. louis county over the past year, especially dealing with their municipal court system and some of the abuses that happen there, i'm not that surprised and i think that from a legal perspective what's interesting here is the same office which it chose to prosecute us and accepted the recommendations of the st. louis county police department is the same -- very same department defending the county from lawsuits from other journalists
9:41 am
and other protesters who in my opinion were also wrongfully arrested in ferguson last year. basically the implication would be that if our arrests were illegitimate, that could have an impact on these ongoing lawsuits. >> i'm going to talk to you more about that tape and the whole process but i want to let our viewers know that you're covering this on a regular basis. in fact, you were out there on the one-year anniversary of the protests and last night you had a run in with the police officers. i want to show that clip and take a look at it. >> let's go! hey, hey! get back! >> hey, get back! >> so what happened? what was going on in that tape? >> sure. so i mean all through that i was live streaming a lot of scenes from the location and i was actually sort of coordinating and making sure police officers knew who i was and where i was and what position i was in and i made a very, very, very
9:42 am
concentrated effort to politely and quickly obey every order that i was given throughout the entire night in that case, as soon as that officer said "back up, back up" i started backing up, you can see me. and that officer grabbed me, shoved me and as i tried to show him my press credential, he grabbed it and threw it to the ground as is very clear. i turned around, put my hands behind my back and yelled "i'm media" because i wanted to make clear i was not resisting or doing anything wrong, simply recording and that's what happened. because they were grabbing people randomly from the crowd. there wasn't a situation where, oh, we're identifying this individual who threw something at us. no, they -- what happened was people briefly came into the street and the police surged over to the crowd and basically whoever they could catch, whoever couldn't run quickly enough was arrested and many of them have been charged with interfering with a police officer. just because they ran when this scary group of officers surged at them. i don't know what any reasonable
9:43 am
person is expected to do in that situatio situation. >> i know you and wes lowry are both going to be facing charges from a year ago. it will be interesting to see how they turn out. i hope you let us know what happens in the process. i know huffington post backs you, so dawyo you, so does the "washington post." will you keep us updated? >> we'll fight the charges. it's important to note that we have the backing of large media companies so it won't be an issue for us but there are a ton of people in very similar situations. >> all right. well, thanks so much for being with us. appreciate it ryan reilly. up next, another big criticism against ferguson police documented by the justice department six months ago -- officers have been targeting minorities and jailing them and fining them for petty things like -- and i'm not kidding here -- parking your car in your own driveway. just to boost the city budget. so why are people in ferguson facing arrests for things like that? there's a good explanation, but does that fly with the people
9:44 am
there? coming up next. big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy. see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern.
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9:48 am
our senior investigative correspondent drew griffin went to find out. >> reporter: the number is astounding. the small st. louis suburb of ferguson has a population of just 21,000 people. in march, it had outstanding arrest warrants for 16,000 -- including veronica ortega, technically wanted by the law. for what? >> over a parked car that i had in my driveway. >> reporter: a warrant has been hanging over her head for three years. when she moved into this house three years ago, this new york city transplant finally decided to buy a car. the single mother of three living on fixed income, she could afford the $500 car, but not, she says, the registration, license, and insurance. so she sparked it right here in her driveway. and within weeks, a code enforcement officer had written not one but two citations that led to a ticket. >> it was $102. so now because it's been three years now, because i haven't
9:49 am
paid that, they kept my i.d. as hostage. so now in order for me to get my i.d. because my i.d. is old i would have to pay that are $102. >> reporter: ortega admits she could have solved the problem by registering her car in the first place. she could have saved up by now and paid the ticket. but ortega says she's standing on principle, willing to face arrest over a parked car she no longer owns and she's not alone. in ferguson and many other small communities surrounding st. louis, thousands face arrest for what initially were violations as small as owning delinquent cars, jaywalking, or even having an overgrown lawn. in ferguson, if you were arrested for an outstanding warrant, it's almost certain you were black. the department of justice found 96% of those arrested due to an outstanding warrant were african-american. critics call it policing for profit and despite a scathing report by the justice department, which found the policing practices used in
9:50 am
ferguson have sewn deep mistrust, it continues. the city has issued 2,300 new arrest warrants just this year. a cnn money analysis over a two-month period found 80% of the tickets resulting in arrest warrants stem from the most minor offenses. failing to wear a seat belt, speeding, even having that overgrown yard or playing loud music. >> even though it may not be like a warrant, say, because i assaulted somebody or stole $55-000 worth of something in the store, no, i have a warrant for a delinquent car. it makes me feel like i'm a criminal even though i'm not. >> reporter: the u.s. justice department report on ferguson released in march aalleges a racially biased practice that targets ferguson's black community instead of protecting it and uses tickets, arrests and code enforcement mostly against black people as a source of
9:51 am
revenue. those fines paid for 16% of the city's budget last year. >> the vast majority are for failure to pay or failure to appear in court. >> reporter: brendan ruteger, a law professor at st. louis university who represents plaintiffs in two lawsuits against ferguson says the ferguson court system is still policing for profit and when mostly poor african-americans can't pay their fines, the city courts put out a warrant for their arrest. >> i don't know how to measure how outrageous something is. i think it's a tragedy. i think it ruins people's lives. i think that it creates homelessness. i think it discourages people from seeking help when they need help. >> reporter: hold on, says ferguson's mayor james knowles. >> now, does it seem extreme? unfortunately if you get a speeding ticket or whatever and you don't even show up to court to explain to the judge why you can't pay they do issue a
9:52 am
warrant for you. that's the way the courts -- all the courts in missouri have been operating for many years. >> reporter: that is true. and while some surrounding communities have far fewer arrest warrants being issued than ferguson, some have even more. knowles says in the wake of last year's unrest the city has moved to reduce fines, set up payment options for those who can't pay and offer amnesty for those carrying arrest warrants. >> we've told people if you want to come in and get your warrant taken care of, we can take that warrant out, we can go back to what the original fine and fee was, you can make your case to the judge, we have a new judge and the judge can work with you to make sure you have no -- you no longer have any warrants. >> reporter: what the city will not do is just do away with them. no wiping the slate clean. city of st. louis and several other neighboring towns are erasing old warrants, stopping the process all together. not so in ferguson, where
9:53 am
tickets are still owed and arrest warrants are still being issued. and thousands of people like veronica ortega could technically be arrested just about any moment for something that started out as a delinquent car in a driveway. so really any time a cop could come by here -- >> and give you a ticket. >> reporter: -- and arrest you. >> yeah. yeah. oh, yeah. i'm joined by cnn law enforcement analyst cedric alexander. while i see this a very stressful and very frustrating for a lot of these people who are facing these arrest warrants for petty things like that poor woman parked in her driveway, i also see it like everybody's subject to the same law, just do what the mayor said, just show up, show up for court is that such an oppressive law. >> well, it is considering the history of ferguson and that scathing report came from the u.s. government. it certainly feels very unfair to a lot of people. and a lot of people, quite
9:54 am
frankly, ashleigh, maybe be frightened to go down and take care of those problems that they do have in fear of being arreste arrested. >> is the problem then -- do they need to change the laws or communicate the way the system works better? if they're afraid to go to court to take care of the warrant, that won't help anything. >> a couple things need to happen. first they need to do what their adjoining municipalities have done, they need to wipe the slate clean on some of these case has are very, very minor such as growing your grass too tall or jaywalking. that's just not an opportunity for this community to move forward when you have the scathing reports that clearly, clearly indicates that that community or that leadership, that judicial system there has been rprejudiced towards a grou of people, 96% of the people were african-american. there are things they can do different to give people a new beginning. >> let's be clear, with that
9:55 am
statistic drew just showed us, 96% of the arrests for outstanding warrants are black people but the community is only 67.4% black. so there's definitely something wrong and the doj said so and said clang your ways. so cedric alexander, what's wrong? we've been months and months since that report came out. the doj has to have people in place to oversee the process and make it better. does it take a long time? are expectations too high that a year later things would change? >> well, let's consider the fact of this. there appears to be from us on the outside looking in -- and i'll speak for myself and the organization which i used to be president, there's a stubbornness coming from inside of ferguson's leadership there in terms of really trying to mend some real bridges. there's a lot of work that has to be done. not just with the police department but with the judicial system itself because they's got to be changes and there has to be some letting down of this
9:56 am
tough posture, the leadership there is taking so people can feel more engaged and begin to work towards something different. >> it's always a treat to talk to you. cedric alexander, thank you. >> thank you for having me, ashleigh. >> and thank you everyone for watching. brianna keilar, my colleague, sits in for wolf blitzer and starts after this quick break. see you again tomorrow. i brought in some protein to get us moving. i'm new ensure active high protein. i help you recharge with nutritious energy and strength. i'll take that. yeeeeeah! new ensure active high protein. 16 grams of protein and 23 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in. having a perfectly nice day, when out of nowhere a pick-up truck slams into your brand new car. one second it wasn't there and the next second...boom, you had your first accident. now you have to make your first claim. so you talk to your insurance company and...boom, you're blindsided for a second time. they won't give you enough money to replace your brand new car.
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