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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  August 12, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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new york. i'm brooke baldwin, thank you so much for being with me. stick around, coming up next, the republican front-runners and all the polls right now, donald trump is on next with jake tapper. "the lead" starts right now. \s hey, folks, we have some brand-new presidential poll numbers from the key stay of iowa, coming to you in jux seconds. i'm jake tapper, this is "the lead." new cnn/orcp polls showing that donald trump is now on top in iowa, too. and that the first republican debate has totally reshaped the rest of the field. we'll have donald trump reacting live. also in politics, as her poll numbers drop, and her trust deficit rises, hillary clinton finally hands over her private e-mail server, after top secret messages were found. the world lead. it looked like a meet i don't hitting. witnesses those it was a nuclear bomb. new video of a massive explosion
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that shook the ground miles away and the rush to save lives right now. good afternoon, everyone, our politics lead lesson number one in candidate training school, at least for right now in this presidential election cycle. i'm going to teach it free of charge -- repeat -- i am not a politician by profession. that worked so well for one guy, he became the standard by which all other reps measure. that was ronald reagan. that pitch is working for candidates right now. perhaps because voters are so angry at washington. you can understand how the three people in the republican field who had never before held office are winning more and pour support.
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donald trump is on top. dr. ben carson and carly fiorina rising up. no apparent damage done? >> the big numbers, all good news for mr. trump. let's look at the number, just releasing now, 22%. moved him up a second place. p third play now, for scott walker. jeb bush is dropping down into the middle of the pack, and the
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mention the carly fiorina, the breakout performance in the second-tier debate, now now in the top. if you said to see one warning sign for mr. trump, it's here, 27% of men, only 15% of women. perhaps some damage here from the showdown with fox's megyn kelly. he likes to tell us he went to the best school. the support, though, the highest and those who have not tanneded colleges. here's an interesting point, jake. mr. trump has spoken favorably about single payer health care, and yet he's leading the pack among those who say they are tea party supporters. if you are mr. trump, thanks so
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much for calling in it doesn't seem to matter who you offend. are you at all surprised? >> i'm not really looking to offend people, jake, it seems to be every once in a while that will happen. i think i was mistreated a bit, but that's okay. i'm honored by your call, and -- so it's a great honor. now he's in third place behind you and behind dr. ben carson. why do you think carson is rising? if you look at wisconsin, they have some problems, some
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deficits. that's a lot different than the billion they were supposed to make. there's been a lot of divisiveness, dissension. it's a great state, i love the state, but it's not been an easy journey. you're right about a month ago, i was actually number two, i think i was number three, now number one by quite a margin. so i'm honored by that. >> we have a target on your back, you and senator rand paul have sparred a bit in the past couple week. his campaign is going hard after you, using some of your own words again you in a new tv ad that they say will begin airing night. we'll run a brief snippet, i'd love your take. >> hillary clinton is a terrific woman. i'm biased, because i've known her for years. i've been around for a long
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time, and it just seems that the economy does better under the democrats than the republicans. >> i wanted to give you an opportunity to respond to rand paul's ad, your words praising hillary clinton -- this is more than ten years ago, but how you identify more as a democrat. >> sure, if you look at hillary clinton, i contribute to everybody. i was a world-class businessman, built a net worst of more more than $10 billion, and i contributed to everybody. frankly, the people in the tea party who i love so much and they seems to like me so much, everybody understands that. i have to go for whatever it is. if i did not -- i'm not saying this is a good things for the country, jake, but if i go in for a meeting and i let's say stuff somebody, as the expression goes, when they come up to my office all of a sudden they don't get treatment. so i don't think it's a great thing for the united states. i'm not sure the system should work that way, but as a businessman, i did what other businessmen did, and i
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contributed to everybody. everybody took my call and i got what i wanted. if i go back in two years, three years, four years, they remember that. that's important. as far as other elements are concerned of, you know, what you're saying, it's all old stuff, all old hat, and i think that's been well vetted. rand paul is failing in the polls, he's weak on the military, pathetic on military. he calls me a year ago, oh, let's play golf, can we go and play golf? i ended up playing golf with him probably seven, eight months ago. he couldn't have been nicer, he wanted my support, he wanted to know if i would contribute to his doctor situation, which is very good, where he helps children with the eyes. i think he's a far better doctor than a senator, and, you know, it's -- i mean, it's fine, they're trying to do a bit of a number. the last two people that did it were lindsey gravm. he's right now at zero, and rick perry was at 4%, he came at me
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really hard, and he went down to 2, and look rand's campaign is failing. hasn't his whole team been indicted? >> i think that's the super-pac supporting him. >> yeah, they've been indicted, so he's a mess, no question about it. >> we're told that you told "the chicago sun times" you would strongly consider a woman as your running mate, should you get the nomination. is there any particular woman or women on your short list? >> no, they asked me the question, and it was a terrific reporter, somebody i have a lot of respect for, and i said very openly i would be very, very delighted if it were the right person, but it would be a great honor to have a woman as a running mate. if we had the right person, i would certainly consider that. it's obviously too soon to think about it. they immediately wanted to know who, but i would certainly consider it. this week hillary clinton responded to news of your campaign. take a listen.
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>> where was secretary of state clinton in all of this? like the president himself, she had opposed the surge, then joined in claiming credit for its success. >> that was jeb bush, and not hillary clinton. i apologize for that, but the democratic -- >> it sort of works, and i'll tell you why. unlike jeb bush, unlike the brother who got us into the whole war, i was totally opposed to the war. you look at 2004 in reuters, headline -- trump opposes war in the iraq. i'm the most militaristic person you will ever meet. however you have to know when to go and how to use it. iran will take over iraq, lots of bad people like isis will take over the oil. that's exactly what happened. and i'm the only one, of all of the candidates running, i am the only one, the absolute only one that opposed the war.
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so, you know, one of those things, and you could call that vision, to be honest with you, jake. you could call that vision. >> i appreciate your rolling with the p punches and responding to the jeb bush video. i want to get your response to something that hillary clinton had to say about the campaign. take a listen. >> it's all entertainment. i think he's having the time of his life, you know, being on the stage, sake whatever he wants to say, getting people excited both for and against him. i didn't know him that well. i mean, i knew him. i happened to be planning to be in florida. i thought it would be fun to go to his wedding, because it's always entertaining. now that he's running for president, it's at more troubling. what is your reaction? >> she right about one thing. i am enjoying it, as you heard, last name we were in michigan. we had 3,000 people and they turned away a tremendous number of people, because the place couldn't hold anymore. it was absolutely fabulous
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evening, and it was, you know, standing ovations all over the place. i talked about the wall, talked about china with the devaluation of their currency, which they did yesterday, which is shocking they can get away with this. what they are doing with us is unbelievable with the devaluation, taking the money right out of our pocket and we have people who don't know what they're doing. we talked about the iran deal, how pathetic that deal is. we had a good time talking about horrible subjects, to be honest with you. there's not a lot 9 good news for the united states. >> any response to hillary clinton saying that you've gone from entertaining to troubling? >> i think the poll numbers indicate that maybe it's troubling for her. i think i would be her worst nightmare in a sense. i think nobody has tougher on hillary. i said a long time to you, long before this came up with the fbi the last few days, what she did is a criminal act. there's no question about the fact that it's a criminal act. you look at general petraeus,
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they destroyed his life over something much less. the documents were much less important, much less high level. what she did is a real problem forrer her. i don't know frankly she'll be able to run, because it looks to me the whole e-mail thing is a very criminal situation, and it could cause problems for years to come. >> i'm being told you have to go. i appreciate your calling in and taking mice questions as always. >> again. and thank john. >> i will. thank you. one man is focused on one early voting state. john kasich is in new hampshire and the way governor talked to cnn just moments ago, sharing his position on a key issue that has divided his party. we will have his conversation, next. big day?
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. welcome back to "the lead." our brand-new poll from the hawkeye state of iowa is restacking the -- governor john kasich is clicking in new hampshire, a poll of likely republican voters in the granite state shows him right on jeb bush's heels, in third place. we want to check in with dana bash. she is in derry, new hampshire. dana, you sat down with governor kasich, i spoke with him on sunday on "state of the union." we spoke about illegal immigration, and you pressed him on that. >> reporter: that's right. there's so many questions to unpack and obviously a lot of differences within the republican parties. i did ask him about that. here's what we talked about. >> imgrace, you talked about granting citizenship to
1:18 pm
ultimately some undocumented -- no, i didn't say that. >> you said i'm not closed to it. explain where your position is. i would prefer for them to be legalized once we find out who they are, because i think they contribute a lot to america. they're hard workers, god-fears, family-oriented. if they committed a crime, they have to be deported or put in prison. i don't favor citizenship. as i teach my kids, you don't jump the line to get into a taylor swift concert. >> uleaving the door open. >> let me be clear, i don't favor it and i'm not sure we would ever have to do that. let's mate citizenship getting -- but i'm not going to pound my table and i'm my way or the highway. you know what. i actually reply what it would be to be president. do you ever know when people run for presidents, they make lots of promises and never keep them.
1:19 pm
>> no, i never knowed that. >> i noticed it. i know better. you've been doing away from birthrite citizenship. >> i've learned a lot. >> my question is why? why have you moved on from it? >> because i think it's -- because i'm -- when i think about it, i don't believe it should be a fundamental part of this whole thing. i think it remains dividing, to be honest with you. look, congressman from ohio, somebody says that somebody comes in illegally and they have a kid, i think we need to get over that. these people who were born here, be citizens and that's the end of it. >> you know, sometimes -- what made you change. >> knowledge. >> was there a moment? >> no, no don't make too much about it. >> i'm just curious.
1:20 pm
>> i'm telling you it's not a big deal. it doesn't strike me as the right thing to do now, that i better understand the whole issue. >> reporter: so the way that mol politicians say it, he evolved on that issue, but watching him in his town hall which he had just before our interview, which was a classic setting in a new hampshire diner, he's having a great time. obviously it helps to be doing well in the polls. as you mentioned, he went from almost not register to third, almost second in new hampshire thanks to the debate performance he had last week, but he really does talk -- as somebody who has been in politics for a very long time, he tends to talk like a person, if people out there understands what that means and that allows him to connect with people. >> dana bash, thank you so much. let's bring in jeff zeleny, the odds-on establishment favorite, hillary clinton and
1:21 pm
jeb bush a few months ago. this is not playing out the way they thought it would, and they're going to have to start addressing the candidates that they initially regarded, and i don't know that they can anymore, as spoilers. >> i think it's definitely fair to say by now the script has been flipped on this 2016 campaign. it's important to remember it's only summer, but for now at least the establishment candidates are having a bumpy, bumpy ride. soaring summer for bernie sanders, front-page news today, vaulting over hillary clinton in new hampshire. his populist cry is catching on. >> we have a message to the billionaire class, and that message is -- you can't have it all. >> reporter: his candidacy is taking off. for the first time, a new
1:22 pm
franklin pierce university poll shows him with a seven-point edge over clinton, all this as clinton faces new questions about the private e-mail server. she's agreed to surrender it to the justice department. it's given sanders an opening to be a potential spoiler of the 2016 campaign, and he's not alone. >> the president of the united states. these spoilers are upsending the race, sending them to the back burner, at least for now. >> jeb and hillary on the same day said donald trump has too strong a tone. the world is cracking up, and they're worry about my tone. >> bush turned his attacks to clinton last night in a speech
1:23 pm
on iraq at the reagan library. >> where was secretary of state clinton in all of this? like the president himself, she had opposed the surge, then joined in claiming credit for its success. >> instead of challenging sanders, clinton is fixated on bush and the gop field. >> i have to draw a contrast with the candidates on the other side of the aisle. >> while trump is used to the spotlight, it's a new phenomenon for sanders, the 73-year-old vermont senator, who proudly calls himself a democratic socialist. he rallies draw more than 100,000 people in recent weeks are the biggest of any 2016 candidates. >> are they underestimating bernie sanders? >> people have often underestimated me. i'm in this race and we're running to win. bernie sanders is smiling a lot these days, drawings some of the biggest crowds yet, but it's important to remember it's not only a national campaign that starts, so sanders, trump and
1:24 pm
other surging candidates must build an organization to sustain them into the winter months when it really counts, but both sanders and trump heading to iowa this weekend. they're on the to a pretty good start. >> i like the fatherly pat. they always underestimate me. thank solve. is this e-mail and private server situation hurting hillary clinton's chance toss win the white house? we will discuss that, next. this allergy season, will you be a sound sleeper, or a mouth breather. well, put on a breathe right strip and instantly open your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicines alone. so you can breathe and sleep. shut your mouth and sleep right. breathe right.
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welcome back to "the lead." the polls showing the question being her use of a private
1:29 pm
e-mail server might indeed be hurting, and with voters saying they want a president they can trust. former secretary of state hillary clinton has finally agreed to tern over to the justice department the private e-mail services. elise labott is live for us. was she handing over the server willingly, or did the department of justice or someone else say you have to hand this over? >> the justice department asked for it, as part of a security referral by the intelligence community to ensure there was no compromise of sensitive information, so clinton handed it over before it was taken, but it is something she had initially resisted. answering justice department concerns about the security of her private e-mail serve, hillary clinton is now turn it over along with a thumb drive of work-related e-mails. her spokesman says the former
1:30 pm
secretary of state pledged to cooperate with the inquiry and will answer any remaining questions. in march, a defiant clinton refused to turn it over to a house panel. >> the server contains personal communication from my husband and me, and sfep i believe i have met all of my responsibilities, and the server will remain private. >> today the republican chair of that committee was unimpressed. >> about damned time was my initial reaction. we asked her in march to turn it over to a neutral, detached arbiter. >> this amid new disclosures from the intelligence community. two e-mails contained top secret information, but the info was never moarked classified, and clinton may not have known it should remain on a secure
1:31 pm
server. >> i did not e-mail any classified material to anyone on my e-mail. there's no classified material. >> clinton told cnn last month the controversy would not damage her presidential campaign. >> i trust the american voter 100%, because i think, you know, the american voter will weigh these kinds of accusations. >> but as the e-mail probe expands to her former state department staff, a new monmouth university poll finds that more than half the registered voters think the e-mail should be sunday to an investigation. an opportunity for concerneder to excite their base, governor scott walker saying, quote -- hillary clinton put her own personal convenience ahead of the safety and security of the american people. >> and tonight the clinton camp sent out a message to supporters, trying to clear up what they call misinformation, and asking them to help set the
1:32 pm
record straight. clinton has said she wiped the server clean. that does not mean there is not recoverable information. that's what the justice department wants to determine, as well as what kind of system it was, and whether there was any indication any information was improperly secured. >> all right. elite labott, thanks so much. let's talk about this with co-host of the podcast the pollsters, margie, and kevin -- margie, you just had a baby seven weeks ago. look at you, already in the studio, you look fantastic. congratulations. let me start with you, do you think the clinton team has handled it well? >> i think they have. you see them cooperating with the fbi, you see them being open and talking about it. i think the challenge here, a lot of folks want to tie what's happened today with what's going on with polls numbers, with what's going on in new hampshire, and what's going on with bernie sanders. i'm not sure they're all related.
1:33 pm
it's not really how a lot of voters are processing the race. >> kevin, you would disagree i imagine? >> they are absolutely related. when hillary clinton, when this news first broke, she was riding high, not even the presumptive gnome near. what we are seeing steadily the trendline is more and more americans question her trust worthiness, question whether or not she's hiding something. as a result, you see bernie sanders bleeding in the pohe -- leading in the polls. the clinton campaign has done two things in the beginning. they tried to demonize anyone who was a critic, and then tried to distract. look at the polls. americans care about this. >> margie, i just spoke with donald trump. he said he would be
1:34 pm
hillary clinton's largest nightmare. who do you think she would least like to face? >> i don't know. i think right now you have a field that's having a hard time getting traction. you have donald trump leading, just a sign of how unhappy people are with the field, the fact that something has no experience, a former democrat who says completely outrageous things about women, recently, regularly, is leading the field just shows how lackluster the field currently is. >> and a socialist leading the democrat field in one state. so i'm actually surprised that -- i think most of the democrats are worried about marco rubio. hillary clinton seems tore trying to put together that coalition that obama was so successful with. >> also some something of a washington republican establishment figure. what's going on? donald trump is cleaning the clock of everyone.
1:35 pm
and like all of them must be sitting here going what in the heck is going on? >> yeah, you mentioned it at the top of the show. it's anti-politician. so many voters right now, they want something that's counter to the status quo. the other thing, too, is they're putting a premium on someone who is a fighter. right now donald trump seems to have the most fight, seems to be the most disruptive to the political system. many americans look unfavorably upon that. >> do you think this is part of the sanders phenomenon, in places like new hampshire, where he's drawing the biggest crowds? >> it is cnn poll that just capes out, 15% of republicans say they have decided. there's still a lot of time for people to move around. if you look at" the boston herald" there they had two thirds of sanders ease voters saying they support him, because they support his positions on the issues.
1:36 pm
i don't think that's why trump is doing well. the other polls i've seen is the attitude they like. for sanders, at least from the polls i've seen, they like his position. >> i think they feel he's more authentic progressive. given the fact that hillary clinton spent the last year giving speeches on wall stre street, she has a hard problem getting to the relatability and connecting with a lot of voters where the energy is on the left. let me play a little bite from donald trump. he was asked about the incident over the weekend when two black lives matters protesters interrupted a rally in seattle? >> yes, sir, gave up a microphone. >> i would never give up my microphone. i thought that was disgusting. that showed such weakness, the way he was taken away by two young women. they just -- i felt badly for
1:37 pm
him. but it showed that he's weak. you know what? he's getting the biggest crowds and i am. we're the two getting the crowds, but believe me that's not going to happen to trump. >> i don't know that donald trump is feeling the burn, as they say, but going after bernie sanders pretty hard there. >> look, sanders had -- he wanted to be inclusive. trump is looking at this in terms of who's got the power in this interaction and what's my media strategy and what's my tactic, which is not how voters want their president to be. whoever the candidate, they want people who are going to be wanting to hear what people have to say, what voters have to say. >> margie omehra, kevin, thank you so much. what an interesting election season. new images from china showing the force of a major explosion. we know one strong blast triggered a series of others. now we are learn of several people hurt, if not worse.
1:38 pm
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we have some breaking and rather somber news into cnn, a former president facing a potential health crisis. 90-year-old president carter says cancer has spread to other parts of his body. he said doctors operating on his liver has discovered cancer had radiated outwards. he did not give an indication of how serious this cancer is, but the former president did say he is shuffling his schedule so he can undergo treatment at emory health care. for nour or prayers and best wishes to president carter and his family. the political world consumed by discussions tied to the
1:43 pm
debate, there's an actual war going on that our political leaders seem to be ignoring, and it's heating up right now. ukraine is accusing russia-backed separatists and russian forces, launching dozens of attacks? direct violation of the february cease-fire, the escalating violence sparking fears of a full-scale confrontation between kiev and moscow. let's go to jim scuitto. jim, the chief of staff of the army, general ray odierno today talking about this at length. what did he have to say. >> this is a guy who served the last ten years in iraq, commands dealing with afghanistan, certainly the isis threat. when we asked him what he thinking the number threat is, he's not talking about trimpl or iran, he's talking about moscow. >> i believe russia is the most dangerous. they have shown some significant capability in ukraine to do operations that are fairly
1:44 pm
sophisticated. so for me i think we should pay a lot of attention. >> they call this hybrid war fare where they're not rolling tanks across the border, but they have the troops russian but not wearing uniforms. masses worrisome, he says, only one third of u.s. military brigades are currently up to the task of deterring that kind of war with russia. >> obviously, jim, this is a very serious situation, even more serious for those cunning, and united states has a deal with the nato countries, an attack on one is an attack on all. how much of a risk does this pose to nato and the european members? >> to this point it has been talked about theory kale. could russia use the same tact irs against the lat have iy, estonia. we have a defense pact with them. i asked him is he concerned about russia using the same tactics there?
1:45 pm
here's what he had to say. do you have any evidence that the strategy in the administration policy deterring russia is working? >> we have a long way to go. i think we have to continue toing in our ability to move quickly there. if people are worried, there will be some level of response. i think we have to continue to improve what level of response that is, so we can deter. >> in his words, he said it greatly concerns him that russia may use the same tactics. he says the u.s. and nato are taking steps, triple the size of a rapid reaction force, but in his words, he says the u.s. deterrent is not up to speed. >> very conr concerning. jim scuitto, thank you so much. boil anger hat toxins turn a arrive in the u.s. bright orange. the possible long-term damage with us the waters clear, as the communities demand someone pay for the disaster.
1:46 pm
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. a mush room cloud of fire. that's breaking news in our world lead. a series of explosion have rocked china's eastern coast, in a container port that storing flammable material. will ripley is head indeed that direction. he joins me live on the phone. will? >> reporter: jake, at daylight starts to break here, we are -- a very grim scene in a constituent of some 15 million people hours in beijing that was jolted awarrick and rocked by this huge explosion. you're seeing the videos of people, and the scope of this. there is potentially hundreds of people in hospitals right now. not necessarily from the blast itself, but because of the glass
1:51 pm
in their homes smashing in and being blown violently inside. at least seven people are reported dead now from chinese state media. 18 firefightering teams are still trying to put out the flames from the chemical fire. we think there were they at least explosions, possibly more, and the cause of this is still unknown, james. >> will ripley, thank you very much. brand-new images, this is the sort of that river that turned bright over out west. that's the problem, toxins flowing right into the fresh water. now the outrage directed at the federal agency that could soon be forced to pay up. that's next. if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.
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did we just decide to buy a house? i think so. yay. find your way home, zillow. welcome back to "the lead." it looks to be returning to normal, but questioning linger whether this river that turned a shade of orange because of a toxic waste spill earlier this week is actually safe. a short time ago, the administrator of the epa said the agency takes full responsibility for the spill. parts of the river are getting the all-clear today after preliminary tests show the water in durango, quote, doesn't appear to pose any health risks, but would you want to be the first to take a sip? dan simon is in silverton, colorado, following the story for us. dan? >> reporter: hey, jake, the community of silverton is closer to the mine. this creek has a bit of that
1:56 pm
familiar yellow hue to it, because it's closest to the mine. what is dramatic is we took a drive up there, and saw all that water still pewing out. the takeaway is the epa still that is a significant challenge on its hand. new images of water still rushing from the mine. it's breathtaking as they work to treat and contain the flow of contaminated water. we're about a mine from the mine. you can see the water is continuing to pour out at a very steady pak. it has that familiar yellow mustardy chloro. they're collecting all the water, and putting them into these pools, anded why the is to treat the water before it ends up downstream. >> we now hoe serious this issue is and how much epa is working hard throughout the night and
1:57 pm
days to actually take responsibility for this action. >> epa administrator tried to quell the anger directed at her agency after it caused 3 million gallons of spill wastewater to contaminate the animas river. officials are voicing optimism about the public health threat, saying heavy metals have returned to pre-spill levels. >> we are getting close with regard to crossing off those first couple things on the list as it relates to human health and use of the river as it relates to recreational purposes. >> reporter: the potential for long-term danger remains. many residents are still concerned. >> this woman says she's staying clear of city water, even though official have assured the community that the pumps were
1:58 pm
shut off before it reached the reservoir. she's getting her drinking water from a community center. >> we're being cautious. i've had containers, so i said let's go and get some water. >> reporter: one positive sign, jake, that things might be safe is officials have been looking for any signs of dead wildlife. they haven't seen in. we've been looking around and we haven't seen anything. toxicologists worry about the long-term impact of having all those heavy metals in the water, jake. >> i bet they do. what's next for the members of the community? what's next for the epa? >> reporter: well, the epa is pledging total transparency. they have taken in hits in terms of public opinion, in terms of not disclosing things quickly enough. they say they're going to try to get this area as clune up as fast as they can, and they say plans to clean up other
1:59 pm
abandoned mines will be on hold while they're investigating this incident. of course, that may make residents feel a bit better, but we'll have to talk to them. >> dan simon, thank. our money lead, you could be at around airport sitting with a bag that i pray isn't too big to put on, and waiting and waiting. guess what is taking off? passengers complaints are up 20% in the first half of this year, despite better airline performance. the department of transportation says more people are complaining about cost, up 194%, misleading ads, up 42%, customer service up 35%, and of course those flight delays, up 15%. in terms of which airline grinds the most passengers' gears, it is spirit airlines, according to the monitor. spirit had the least flights get travelers to their destination on time in may and in june. spirit's ceo tells the cnn the
2:00 pm
tropical storm that slammed texas caused the majority of those delays. the airline with the least complaints, southwest airlines. that's it for "the lead." i'm turning you over for with you brianna keilar, who's in for wolf blitzer next door in "the situation room." \s a new cnn poll just released this how shows donald trump maintaining his latest lead. and tonight he fires off again in an interview with cnn. what is he saying about hillary clinton? most dangerous threat. the top pentagon leaders says russia is now the greatest menace, with allegations of russian computer attacks, and attempts to expand in europe, is vladimir putin trying to heat up the cold war? wall of flames, a massive explosion, a giant blast seen and felt for miles,